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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 29, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right right now on "america this morning," biden's big plan. >> democracy still works and our government still works. >> the president outlines $4 trillion in new spending on everything from health care to child care, roads and bridges to community college. plus, biden's push for police reform and gun safety. this morning the reaction. is any of it realistic? what our sources on capitol hill are saying. also this morning, rudy giuliani's lawyer speaks out hours after agents raided giuliani's home and office building a case against former president trump's attorney. what we're learning about the evidence. breaking overnight, big news for the cruise
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industry, big news for the cruise industry. what the cdc is now saying about cruise ships setting sail again. plus, the shocking discovery in las vegas as a couple was installing their backyard swimming pool. what's your type? the new push to find the new font of the future. and later, sleepy ted? was ted cruz really sleeping during the president's address? good thursday morning, everyone. we begin with president biden laying out a new plan for american families and workers with a hefty price tag. >> in his first address to a joint session of congress, the president called on lawmakers to reshape the american economy in the wake of the pandemic while also pushing his plans for police reform and immigration policy. >> the speech was delivered without the traditional fanfare. covid restrictions limiting capacity in the house chamber to only 200 people, but this morning reaction is pouring in from across washington. >> that's where abc's ike ejiochi begins our coverage. ike, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kenneth. president biden is asking congress for trillions of dollars of additional funding to help the economy. one republican is comparing
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biden to a kid with a credit card. president biden began his first address to a joint session of congress by noting the historic nature of two women seated behind him, vice president harris and speaker pelosi. >> and it's about time. >> reporter: the president then urged congress to use the country's emergence from the pandemic to rebuild the country. >> turning peril into possibility, crisis to opportunity, setbacks into strength. >> reporter: he called on congress to take action on his massive infrastructre bill while he unveiled a separate sweeping child care and education plan. biden is now asking congress to pass a total of more than $4 trillion in new spending saying he wants to raise taxes on the most wealthy americans to pay for it. >> i think you should be able to become a billionaire and a millionaire, but pay your fair share. >> reporter: the president also welcomed new talks on his infrastructure bill, which faces fierce republican opposition for its $2 trillion price tag and broad scope.
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senator tim scott delivered the republican response to biden's speech. >> less than 6% of the president's plan goes to roads and bridges. it's a liberal wish list of big government waste. >> reporter: former new jersey governor chris christie compared the president to a teenager with a credit card. >> the words of this speech sounded like what you would hear from a 15-year-old if you gave him a credit card with no credit limit on it except the words came out of the mouth of an adult who should know better. >> reporter: as for working with republicans, the president showed some limits to his patience straying from his prepared remarks last night adding the line, i just want to be clear, to this statement. >> i welcome those ideas, but the rest of the world is not waiting for us. i just want to be clear, from my perspective doing nothing is not an option. >> reporter: the president delivering the speech under heightened security. national guard members lining up outside the capitol where biden called january's insurrection an existential crisis. >> i think this is an event that's going to be remembered
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for awhile for the way this looked, was certainly a different event than any we've seen in the past but also for the tone that this president struck, and i think this speech coming as we begin to see the end of this pandemic and as the president starts to see some early successes just an absolutely critical moment. >> reporter: police reform also a major subject of the night. biden urging congress to pass the george floyd justice in policing act, which aims to improve police accountability. >> let's get it done next month by the first anniversary of george floyd's death. [ applause ] >> reporter: lawmakers say they're making progress with expanded bipartisanship talks expected within days. now, president biden is hitting the road today to sell his proposals. he's going to start with a rally in georgia where he'll also meet former president jimmy carter. kenneth. >> the 46th president visiting the 39th. all right, ike, thank you. several protesters were arrested overnight in elizabeth city, north carolina, for violating curfew. marchers hit the street for an eighth consecutive night angry
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that a judge denied public access to body camera video showing the fatal shooting of andrew brown. he was shot in his car last week when they tried to serve a warrant. the district attorney says he drove toward the deputies hitting them twice but his family insists he was driving away. the family has seen only 20 seconds of the video, but the judge says, that's about to change. >> i would consider it somewhat of a partial victory for the family. he ordered a partial disclosure of the video camera recordings to the son of andrew brown. >> to protect the investigation, the judge ruled the body camera footage can't be released publicly for 30 days. three white men accused of chasing down and fatally shooting a black man in georgia last year are now charged with federal hate crimes. ahmaud arbery was jogging on a public street near his home. prosecutors say three men in trucks followed him shouting racial slurs and then tried to detain him before shooting him. the suspects also face murder charges.
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we turn now to the investigation into rudy giuliani, former president trump's personal attorney. federal agents seizing electronic devices from giuliani's home and office, and now we're hearing from his lawyer. this morning, rudy giuliani's lawyer speaking out one day after federal agents raided giuliani's new york apartment waking him up at 6:00 a.m. also raiding his office, his cell phone among the devices seized. his lawyer robert costello saying, quote, the electronics taken are covered by the attorney/client privilege and other constitutional privileges. costello dismissing the raid as politically motivated saying, quote, this behavior of the justice department running roughshod over the constitutional rights of anyone involved in or legally defending former president donald j. trump is becoming the rule rather than the exception. giuliani's at the center of a criminal investigation after trying to dig up dirt on former president trump's political rivals. at issue is giuliani's activities in ukraine in 2019 when he was urging ukraine's government to investigate joe
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biden's son hunter, his business dealings and alleged ties to russia linked associates in the spotlight. giuliani has long defended his actions. >> i started my career and maybe i'll end it rooting out corruption at the highest levels of government. >> reporter: but wednesday's raid is a sign the investigation has taken a serious step forward. >> the bar for getting a search warrant for a lawyer, any lawyer, let alone the lawyer for a president or a former president is quite high. prosecutors in this case would have had to have convinced a judge that a search would likely produce evidence of a crime. >> his lawyer insists that giuliani has done nothing wrong and he accused the justice department of ignoring evidence against hunter biden. a plane carrying u.s. medical supplies is on the way to india as it deals with a record surge of coronavirus cases. more than 200,000 have already died. the shipment includes oxygen tanks, which are desperately needed. some are waiting in line for six hours just trying to get oxygen. back in this country, encouraging news for the cruise
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industry. according to a letter from the cdc obtained by "usa today," cruises could set sail from the u.s. by mid-july as long as 95% of passengers are fully vaccinated, and industry officials say they're cautiously optimistic. a heartbreaking story from hawaii could serve as a warning. a boy from the u.s. mainland no older than 10 died from the virus while vacationing with his family. his parents were fully vaccinated, but the boy had an underlying medical condition. doctors say it's a reminder of the danger that we still face. >> we know that if we are careful and mask and distance, that we can avoid infection, and the disease is not as frequent in children but is not without risks, so we need to take those warnings seriously for all age groups including children. >> about 2 million americans are now getting vaccinated every day, but that's down from a high of 4 million per day. many cities are offering incentives. detroit is paying drivers $50 for each person that they bring to a vaccination site.
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in weather one man who survived a tornado in southern oklahoma says he won't forget how loud it was. the twister barreled through one town damaging a home and several other buildings. no one was injured. meanwhile, flooding is the big problem in parts of missouri and arkansas. more rain today could make flash flooding even more dangerous. let's take a closer look at your thursday weather. that same slow-moving storm system stretches all the way from the south to new england. that means thunderstorms and more flash flooding are possible across the midsouth and into the midwest. heavy rain, flooding and damaging winds are also possible in the northeast, but there's no rain for the west coast where drought conditions are getting worse. los angeles gets to 85 degrees today. same as atlanta and washington, d.c. 70s in the northwest and across the plains. only 55 in boston. coast to coast, 95 in phoenix.
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coming up, the traffic jam caused by an alligator tragic sry a woman a surgery. and a developing story this morning involving the unsolved murders of two indiana girls. the potential break in the
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the fact is, the vaccines are safe and effective. they're going to save lives. to get the latest on the covid-19 vaccines visit because getting back to the moments we miss starts with getting informed. it's up to you. back now with an unusual traffic tie-up in houston. an alligator made its way on to a highway bridge blocking traffic until animal control finally removed it. earlier a cow turned up on a local highway. the sheriff's livestock unit had to relocate it. we turn to the unsolved murder of two girls in indiana. there's a potential break in the case after a man's arrest and a local kidnapping. here's abc's andrea fujii.
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>> reporter: this morning a possible new lead in a double murder case that rocked a small town in indiana. police are looking into whether a man they recently arrested for another crime could be the person who killed two eighth grade girls in 2017. >> i think of abby and libby all the time. i have their names etched in my desk. >> reporter: investigators arrested 42-year-old james chadwell last week for the attempted kidnapping and attempted murder of a 10-year-old girl in lafayette, indiana. police say they found the girl injured and undressed in his locked basement. he's pleaded not guilty, but authorities now say they're looking into whether chadwell could have killed 13-year-old abby williams and 14-year-old libby german in nearby delphi, indiana, four years ago. the sheriff saying there are several factors leading them to look into chadwell but not elaborating. the girls were last seen on this hiking trail snapchatting near a bridge. police say libby recorded part of the encounter on her phone capturing a chilling voice that told the girls to move down a hill.
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>> guys, down the hill. >> reporter: their bodies found on valentine's day at the foot of a hill. investigators initially released this sketch of the suspect, but in 2019 they released a younger looking sketch saying the man is likely between 18 and 40 and likely a local. >> watch the mannerisms as he walks, do you recognize the mannerisms as being someone that you might know? >> reporter: an anonymous donor recently added $100,000 to the reward fund to catch the girls' killer bringing the total amount to $325,000. kenneth, mona. >> andrea, thank you. the family of a california woman who died after getting plastic surgery in mexico is warning others about that risk. keuana weaver traveled to tijuana for a tummy tuck and other cosmetic work. the mother of two died on the operating table after suffering a heart attack and blood clots. her family says the doctor was not licensed. >> they just discarded my daughter like she was a piece of trash.
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they -- no one still has called me to say, oh, you know, i'm sorry. >> weaver's friend, who also had surgery, spent weeks in the hospital. a third woman now suffering from kidney failure. just ahead, the changing face of print, microsoft looks for a new font. but the supreme court weighs in on whether a school can punish a student for something punish a student for something she posted online.ructive sleep apnea and you're often tired during the day, you could be missing out on amazing things. sunosielp you stay awake for them. once daily sunosi improves wakefulness in adults with excessive daytime sleepiness due to obstructive sleep apnea. sunosi worked for up to nine hours at 12 weeks in a clinical study. sunosi does not treat the cause of osa or take the place of your cpap. continue to use any treatments or devices as prescribed by your doctor. don't take sunosi if you've taken an maoi in the last 14 days. sunosi may increase blood pressure and heart rate, which can increase your risk of heart attack, stroke, heart failure, or death.
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here's a reminder to slow down for highway construction zones. you see a worker here then 20 seconds later a car crashes through that same area hitting the guardrail before careening across the highway in albany, new york. thankfully that worker had just returned to his truck, and no one was hurt. the supreme court just heard arguments in what could be a landmark free speech case involving a teenager who posted a critical message on social media about her school. the big issue is, can her school legally punish her? the justices weighing in. this morning, some supreme court justices appear to be sympathetic to a cheerleader at the center of a potentially groundbreaking case involving her foul mouth rant on social media. >> she's competitive. she cares. she blew off steam like millions of other kids have when they're disappointed about being cut from the high school team. >> reporter: when brandi levy failed to make the varsity cheerleading team at her pennsylvania school and was relegated to the jv team, she posted an angry rant on snapchat while she was off school property.
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>> i said f school, f cheer, f softball, f everything. >> reporter: the school suspended levy from cheerleading for one year saying the post violated their code of conduct. she sued the district and won. now the school district's lawyers are hoping to reverse the lower court decision, which rules what students say off campus and after hours is punishable by schools. >> off-campus speech particularly on social media can be disruptive. >> reporter: justices elena kagan and amy coney barrett did question potential threats of violence from a student that could take place on social media off campus but justice sonia sotomayor wrestled with where to draw the line. >> can you punish the student for cursing at home or at her parents? >> absolutely not. >> if you can't punish them for doing that, you're punishing her here because she went on the internet and cursed -- and used a curse word related to what? >> yes, she berated her coaches, the sport and other teammates.
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>> i'm told by my law clerks that among certain population, a certain large percentage of the population, how much you curse is a badge of honor. >> reporter: justice stephen breyer acknowledged the significant stakes in this case for schools, parents and students. >> i'm frightened to death of writing a standard. >> the court is expected to rule by the end of june. coming up, the ancient discovery in las vegas when a couple was installing a pool. also ahead, the invasion of the birds. was that your great-grandmother, keeping the family together? was that your grandfather, paving the way for change. did they brave mother nature... and walk away stronger? did they face the unknown, with resolve...and triumph. ♪ there's strength in every family story.
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trending all night. here's why. biden was discussing immigration reform when cameras cut to the texas senator who appeared to be very sleepy. >> another moment getting attention is second gentleman doug emhoff enthusiastically waving and bowing, blowing kisses to his wife vice president kamala harris. >> the second gentleman is really loving his job. >> just a proud husband. next a shocking discovery for a couple who just bought a new home in las vegas. >> okay, get this, workers installing a pool found a set of old bones buried in the backyard. very, very old bones. the bones turned out to be 14,000 years old dating back to the ice age. scientists think they belong to a prehistoric horse. >> no need to call law and order, maybe just bill nye, the science guy. well, next, a scene straight out of an alfred hitchcock movie. >> thousands of birds invaded this quiet suburban neighborhood in australia. the cockatoos swooped down on homes and lawns. >> fortunately for the residents things did not play out like hitchcock would have imagined
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but i'm sure the cleanup process was just as big as a nightmare. >> get the power washer out. >> yeah. next something we see every day, fonts, the style of text we read and type. >> microsoft says it's time for a change. the company wants to change the default font for word documents and outlook emails. right now the default font is calibri that has been described as boring. one writer said, it's the tofu of the type world. >> that's my favorite. so microsoft test designed these five new options slightly different and asking for public feedback to pick the best one. >> i got one. finally, a rare sight in major league baseball. >> it happened during the braves/cubs game, huascar ynoa hit a home run. what's unusual is he's also a pitcher on the team. >> when ynoa returned to the dugout, the others had fun giving him the silent treatment. yeah, they eventually celebrated. >> he does it all. he pitches, he hits home runs, even collects the bats at the end.
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