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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 28, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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the president took center stage as he addressed the nation on what turned out to be a historic night for women. i'll explain. and a landlord tenant despite. what the family is now saying about the man who died. calling it quits, what leaders say forced them to quit a committee focused on police reform and public safety. it's feeling more like spring, i'll tell you when summer weather will come around. on abc 7 news. i was just shocked because i mean, who knows that something like this would ever happen. tonight we're learning new details about a deadly shooting in antioch. police say a man was killed on his front lawn in an apparent
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landlord dispute. good evening, thank you for joining us i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. police say someone called them to anna drive this morning. mark boone spoke to the victim's daughter who says what led up to the shooting is still unclear. >> reporter: police arrived to this home on the 3500 drive of garo drive. the usually quiet street now a murder season. >> both ends of the block block closed off. >> i didn't know what the whole situation was because i didn't hear anything prior to the gunshots. but i knew they were gunshots. >> reporter: the neighbor who did not want to be identified says the man with the gun stood there until police arrived. i wasn't afraid i was just shocked that it happened right here. >> reporter: family identified
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the victim as cosmo vajaso who was renting the home with wife and two sons. his daughter says that she drove two hours. >> two years isn't enough, i wish i had more time. >> reporter: she says he had been unemployed due to an injury but wasn't aware of any dispute with the landlord but says there's probably more she doesn't know about. police say they detained a 50- year-old man at the scene for questioning but so far have not said if he has been arrested. in antioch, matt boone, abc 7 news. moving on now in a special and historic joint session of congress. president joe biden tonight layed out his policy agenda during a prime time address. speaking directly to the american people. the president focused on how america will move forward from the pandemic and new
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legislative proposals he says will help in that regard. abc news reporter, andrew dimbert begins our team coverage from capitol hill. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: reflects on his first 100 days in office, joe biden addressing a special joint session of congress. >> 100 days ago, america's house was on fire. we act to act. >> reporter: with a coronavirus pandemic and scars from capital insurrection, biden's message unlike any other. >> the worse attack on our democracy since the civil war. >> reporter: there were no guests, the chamber largely empty only 200 people instead of the usual 1,600. no full cabinet and those in attendance socially distanced and wearing masks. the president's address making history and braking barriers beyond the confines. for the first time ever, two
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women sitting over the president's shoulder. vice president kamala harris and house speaker nancy pelosi. >> and it's about time. >> reporter: his $2 trillion infrastructure may not have bipartisan report but is urging the congress to get it done. >> it's a blueprint to build america. >> reporter: while insisting for gun reform. >> i will do everything in my power to protect the pherp people from this epidemic but it's time for congress to act as well, protect the american people from this epidemic but it's time for congress to act as well. >> 12 weeks of paid family leave for a cost of $1.8 trillion. >> we also need to make a once in a generation investment in our families and our children. >> reporter: the only black republican in the senate, tim scott delivering the gop response. >> the actions of the the the t
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and his party are pulling us farther and farther apart. >> reporter: in an an an an an n leverage on some of those initiatives. the unprecedented moment of two women sharing the center stage tonight held a special significance for the abc 7s j.r. stone spoke about tonight's historic moment. >> ma'am speaker, ma'am ma'am m president. no president has ever said those words from this podium. >> reporter: historic moments to start president joe biden's prime time speech. while most of the presidents comments center ndid- wathat opening when he addressed kamala harris and speaker pelosi both with bay
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area ties that meant so much for women like congresswoman lee. >> it really reminded me of the individuals, those people, those women who fought so hard and paid such a deep price just to get to this point today. so this was quite the moment for reflection just for me personallys are congresswoman lee was there in the house chambers. others watched from across the nation. those like children's of san francisco's ceo gina frommer who was in charge of the plans president biden spoke of. >> millions of dollars in support of a universal prek and extended subsidies for child care, game changer for families. this will it wasn't all smiles. the spending also means taxing. while the plan is to tax the
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top 12% many republicans are skeptical. >> i wrote about his idea to raise taxes. the economy is now just recovering. siphoning money from the private sector is not a good idea. >> abc 7 news insider phil matir joined us after biden's the address. and says the plan to richest residents would have a negative effect. >> that might prompt some of them to relocate. >> for a full wrap up of president buy dean's speech as well as a fact check of what was said, head to abc 7 new developments in the death of a man while in alameda police custody. the interim police chief is now
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talking about the case and a warning some may find the following images disturbing. police camera shows mario gonzalez restrained on his stomach for more than 6 minutes then losing consciousness. officers were responding to a call about a theft and intoxicated person. >> while the videos give us a lot of information, it's not the entire story. it's only part of the story. the information is so critical. >> the cause of gonzalez' death ha not yet been determined. building a better bay area is certainly not an easy especially when it comes to reform. abc 7 news reporter amdadel castillo is in san jose to explain exactly why.
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>> reporter: the city of san jose is reimagining community safety with at least 7 fewer people. prominent community leaders behind this resignation letter left the group to address reform. >> those who stepped away have been fighting this fight some time. >> reporter: silicon valley naacp president jethro moore says three meetings is all all took for him to find that police reform did not exist. those who quit expected to have the police involved but didn't imagine the conversation would be led by them. rios felt the commission created room to confront injustice and systemic racism. >> we're committed to do that but it's going to take time,
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patience and sitting through perspectives you may not want to hear. >> reporter: justice studies professor jay woods weighed in saying it takes representation from across the community to seriously reimagine community safety. >> we must be able to sit at the table with those individuals who can actually influence such change. that change that was dreamed of. that brought these best and brightest minds from our community together. >> reporter: rios says the advisory group will be reaching back out to those who resigned saying they're central to the conversation. but reverend moore tells me the group of 7 have already started a new committee. part of building a better bay area is fighting for racial and social justice. while we don't have all the answers clearly we do have a lot of vetted local resources to help you. to find out more about how you can find action and be an ally, head to abc 7 action. a live saving mission
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taking off from travis base. supplies on their way to help india's crisis. and san jose faces a critical vote. what's at stake for the tech giant and the south bay. the biggest fire fighting tool on earth is now grounded. what it could mean for for for wildfire season. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. summer came early today. i'll tell you know how long the warmth stuck around. all of that is ahead for you. but first here is what is coming up on jimmy >> tonight the my pillow cometh. >> liberals and conservatives told me not to have you on my show and they told you not to come on
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>> don: tonight it's a big night for the president as he addresses the nation. tomorrow morning abcs good morning america. new developments, police say the deadly markly wildfire started a a cover up to a killing. last year's fire was part the nlu complex wildfires. the police also discovered a body of a woman from vallejo. that woman the suspect is facing new murder and arson charges. the united states is shipping a huge amount of covid- 19 supplies to the country
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currently hit hardest by the pandemic and it's being sent from the bay area. >> humanitarian aid now heading to indiana travis air force base. a massive c 5 military aircraft loaded with more than 30 30 pallets of supplies. >> there's no bigger sign out there in the world that can say we're out here to help you when that aid lands and this humanitarian aid. >> more than 400 oxygen tanks all set to arrive by friday. in hawaii a boy under the age of 10 vacations with his family died from the virus health officials say he had underlying health conditions. his parents were vaccinated and had tested negative before traveling. >> i've heard a lot of stuff and i'm afraid. >> reporter: across the country, vaccination sites running out of willing arms. this despite a new cdc study of pfizer and moderna finding
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fully vaccinated results 65 and older are 95% less likely to be hospitalized with covid-19. the cdc director encouraging message. >> i'm cautiously optimistic that we're turning the corner. the johnson & johnson vaccine is being used in the bay area once again. it was offered today at a pop up clinic. however some people walked away when they found out their only option was the one and done shot. the u.s. resumed the vaccine after it was paused due to several reports of blood clots. >> i don't know i would rather take the double one more. i know a lot of people who took it. so it's fine. >> i knew it was going to be johnson since i walked in. so i don't mind. i think it's fine. >> the clinic is offering the pfizer vaccine tomorrow and friday. >> new developments the san jose planning commission voted
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tonight to approve google's proposed mega campus. city council will now take that up on may 25th. the project features more than 4,000 housing units and officer space. google says it will also benefit san jose with a community center and more than a dozen parks. critics say it will drive up rent and the san jose sharks say it will limit access to the sap center. calfire is losing a big asset. the world's largest fire fighting plane. it's owners are grounding it saying it's unprofitable. the 474 super tanker carries 8,700-gallons of fire retardant. it was >> i believe the resides ste california should
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be confident that the fire departments are prepared and we will fight vegetation fires the way we always have. >> and a strong vendor poor to pull additional resources have been put in place. which is nice to hear because it's already getting so much warmer. >> and we worry about the fire season to come. and sandhya patel with the weather. and it got kind of warm today. >> it did. and we're not just dealing with the drought. we're already seeing a reversal of the moisture in the fuels because of the dry conditions and the heat. so that's not good from a fire weather standpoint. i do want to show you how warm it got today. well above the average for this time of year. felt like summer there. 71 in san francisco,
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oakland, 83 san rafael. it is still warm especially away from the coast. half-moon bay you've dropped down into the 40s. here's what brought the warmth. high pressure and been diverting the rain track. a little bit of fog starting to creep in along the coastline here and as we head into the morning hours that fog is going to continue to move down along the coast. half-moon bay is reporting reduced visibility as we move on. looking back toward san francisco. high clouds. we're looking at slightly cooler at the coast. cooler everywhere and windier friday and saturday. here's a live picture from santa cruz and just in case you want to get away from the warm weather and head to the coast
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tomorrow. here's a look at the forecast. fog and high clouds very high uv index. so make sure you have the sunscreen. 76 in santa cruz. 60 degrees at half-moon bay and ocean beach. here's a live look from our east bay hills camera. the air quality will be good not just tat beaches but other parts of the bay area as well for most of the bay area. moderate for pockets and friday, saturday sunday you're looking at moderate air quality but still fine to get outside and enjoy any activities you enjoy on the weekend. here's a look at the temperatures, 40s, 50s, mild inland. along the coastline comfortable. tomorrow afternoon getting you up to 82 degrees in the south bay and los gatos. 80 in san jose. it's still going to be warm there. 77 in redwood city. 60 degrees in half-moon bay and breezy there. fog will be around near the coastline 58 in daly city. 65 downtown san francisco. temperatures above average today. that's going to continue in the north bay tomorrow.
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low 80s napa, santa rosa. 79 in san rafael and the east bay. 71 oakland. 76 freemont. inland areas 84 in livermore and concord. warm bay inland but cooler at the coast. everyone cools off friday and saturday by a few degrees. then we'll bump those temperatures back up a we start a new workweek near 90 degrees again monday ama and dion. >> thank you so much sandhya. >> thank you so much we'll be right back. get your spring on at ross. yes! with brand-name looks at prices that say it's on. yeah, it is! get this season's styles for you...
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organizers say it will be reimagined because of the pandemic. the festival will be held over two weekend, july 23rd and july 30th. so lots of fun to be had there. >> nice to see it return. stay with us, sports director larry beal is next. >> are the 49ers really going to take matt jones with the third round pick tomorrow? or
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i have the pleasure to present to you... dr. martin luther king. sometimes, this is what it takes. facing down hate. facing down bias. as we step out, bay area, lets step up our march towards social justice and health equity. join aids walk san francisco live at home, streaming on may 16. register today
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good evening the nfl draft is tomorrow at 5:00 right here on abc 7. seems like everybody has an opinion on which quarterback the 49ers should take with that third over all
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pick. many believe it's going to be mack jones out of alabama. limited athletically but sees the field well. he led the crimson tide to the national championship. justin fields has a bigger arm, bigger, stronger, faster, he was tremendous at ohio state. then you have trey lance ohio state. state. state. state even warriors coach steve kerr was asked. >> you know i'm coach. >> i would go you would go diff >> i don't know what to do? i am trying to figure out how to beat minnesota.
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>> alex wood he went 6 plus -rblgs struck out nine and the giants roll to victory 7-3. >> let's get to the a's on the road in tampa. a bunch of fans, a 's's fans out there in florida. a deep drive off kole irving it bounces off one of the cat walks on the run and they have goofy rules there. that's a home run. and a drive to center field. have no fear kevin is here. 8 shut outs for the season. 2-0 is the final score. to the ice we go. sj sharkey having fun. he's got the bubble machine. on monday's game tonight it took a whole minute evan first shark to score. and salute to patrick marlow skating in his 1600 game with
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>> for all of us, we appreciate your time. hope you enjoy the rest of your evening. jimmy kimmel is next. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, justin theroux. the ceo of mypillow, mike lindell. and music from tom jones. and now, jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: well, hi, everyone. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. [ cheers and applause ] how do i get myself into these? wow, it's -- thank you. this should be an interesting show. all the way from an undisclosed location, the mypillow man, mike lindell, is here. [ cheers and applause ] somehow, a simple pillow salesman from minnesota got to the bottom of the deepest conspiracy in the history of american politics! it's so crazy. it's almost hard to believe! [ laughter ]
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this was a big day for friends of donald trump. the feds raided the


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