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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 28, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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only at jack in the box. next at 5:00, alameda police identify the officers involved in a fatal struggle of a 26-year-old man. tonight a mental health professional and someone who trains police look at the video and describe what went right and what did not. plus, back up for grabs. a pop up clinic resumes using the johnson & johnson vaccine but not everyone thinks it's a good idea. also tonight, news about women and the covid-19 vaccine. a following up on the side effect now one thought to look into. and what the drought might force us to them. mario put your hand behind your back okay. please. please put your hand behind your back.
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>> all right, there. >> reporter: there are new questions tonight over what happened after these moments when one man died after alameda police pinned him to ground. and a day after it happened it's on the new york washington times. >> we warn you the video is hard to watch as reaction continues to pour in over the release of this footage. three officers involved in the fatal struggle to take him into custody. they are james lehey and eric mckinley. stephanie sierra is looking into all of this, she's in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: i spoke with a mental health expert and a former police officer today. i think it goes without saying,
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watching this footage was difficult for everyone. and both experts agree the worse part is knowing mario gonzalez' death could and should have been prevented. >> i didn't catch your name yet though. >> reporter: from casual questioning to screams of pain. 26-year-old mario gonzalez fought for his life as two alameda police officers pinned him face first on the ground for roughly 6 minutes and 17 seconds before he died. >> does he have a pulse? >> no. >> reporter: officers got a call about a disorderly and possibly intoxicated person. after getting out of their car the officers talked to gonzalez for roughly 5 minutes asking general questions about his identity. >> what's your name. >> reporter: before forcing him to the ground. >> they didn't really have any information before they laid hands on him. >> reporter: for the past 17 years, she's streeted thousands of patients in the bay area struggling with trauma, anxiety
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and substance abuse. >> what was your initial reaction after watching that video. >> i was having a hard time believing it and seeing it because there was nothing there that said to me this person should have been put on the ground. >> taken to the ground didn't have to happen. >> reporter: detective timothy t. williams agrees. he owns a firm that investigates wrongful convictions. >> they stayed on his back. >> mario, calm down please. >> it wasn't resisting. he was trying to position himself to breathe. >> reporter: williams says the officers had several opportunities to avoid this situation. >> mario. >> everything doesn't have to be a wrestling match. you take your time. time is on your side. you get some advice along with proper resources and you wouldn't see what you saw. >> reporter: around 28 second before gonzalez died. >> you think we can roll him on his side. >> i don't don't don't don't do
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>> the officer who asked the question should have been proactive and rolled him on his side and he would have been alive today. >> they didn't know anything about this guy's health. >> gonzalez was fighting to breathe. for around 6 minutes and 17 seconds. >> reporter: now the alameda county sheriff's office is conducting a formal investigation. we're told the toxicology and autopsy reports will be available in three to six weeks. for the eye team, stephanie sierra, abc 7 news. stephanie thank you. we have breaking news out of antioch. a man is dead after being shot during what police are calling a landlord-tenant dispute. police say someone called them to a residence on garrow garrow just after 11:00 this morning. when they arrived they found a man with a gunshot wound.
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they detained another man at the residence who was armed he's now being questioned. investigators did not specify whether the person killed was the landlord or the tenant. new developments. the moderna and pfizer vaccines are proving successful at keeping older people out of the hospital. the vaccines are 94% effective at preventing hospitalizations in adults 55 years of age and older. the vaccines are proving to be 64% effective among the same age groups of those who received the same dose. findings from clinical trial were found before the drug companies received authorization for use. the johnston & johnson vaccines are going back into arms in the bay area this week after a two week cause because of concerns of very rare clotting. the j&j version of the vaccine
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was offered and being offered today. are people able to get it? >> reporter: it wasn't long ago we would show location like this and were clambering at getting the johnson & johnson one shot. >> reporter: it happened several times today. when people found out the johnson & johnson vaccine was being given. they turned away. >> i don't know. i would rather just take the double one. >> reporter: for some people that's a nonstarter. >> i've heard a lot of negative things about it. on top of their talcum powder issue. so i was just a little leery. >> reporter: they will return tomorrow when the same clinic will offer the pfizer vaccine.
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others can make an appointment at another location. >> we will book them an appointment and they have the option of returning tomorrow. tomorrow and friday doing pfizer. >> reporter: j&j has been linked to several blood clots in women of child baring age. >> up to 2,000 icu emissions up to 1,000 deaths can be prevented. >> reporter: torrez told us he's not worried about the j&j. >> i hope for the best for always. i knew it was going to be johnson walking in. i don't mind. i think it's fine. >> reporter: now some of those who left today after they found out it was j&j can come back here tomorrow on stoneman
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avenue between 9:00 and 4:00 they'll have the pfizer vaccine. if someone wants to have a choice between vaccines they can go to water world in concord or dvc those do require an appointment. in pittsburgh, laura anthony. some women are noticing changes in their menstrual cycles after getting the vaccine. we asked why these changes may be taking place and why research may be needed. >> reporter: since monday, hundreds of people have commented on my report about changes in women's menstrual cycles after the covid-19 vaccine. i've received messages from so many women longer and heavier menstrual cycles since the vaccine.
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>> we know that because many including myself after the second vaccine develop some mild flu like symptoms. >> reporter: dr. shane is a hemotologist at the school of medicine. he specializes in bleeding disorders in adolescent women. cells triggered by could enhance bleeding. women experiencing heavy bleeding should see their doctor for a complete blood count and estrogen test. >> it's an easily fixable problem. >> there's a lot of history of not doing a good job in studies women because of this complexity. >> reporter: dr. huddley wishes
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the vaccine makers had collected data about menstrual cycles during the randomized trial. since our first story aired, she's been thinking about ways to collect new data via apps that women use to track their cycles. >> noticing whether we're noticing changes in the women that got the vaccine in the last few months. >> do you think the vaccine is harmful to women who are experiencing these cycle changes and does it affect fertility. >> no it's not an indication of any permanent harm or damage. >> reporter: women should continue to get vaccinated. kate larsson, abc 7 news. the u.s. military is gauging in a fight against the coronavirus sending supplies from travis airport. a huge shipment was loaded today on a c 5 aircraft. it is the air forces largest airplane nicknamed the galaxy. so big it can carry five helicopters.
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it was filled with more than 30 pallets of masks. test kits and energy kits. >> this is the number one mission at travis for team travis is this. so right now we approximately had 60, 70 people just focusing on that one aircraft. this is a bigger thing than u.s. this is a mankind thing. >> a mankind thing indeed. covid has claimed 200,000 lives in india as the country battles a devastating surge of infections. the shipment is expected to deliver in two days. a new push to is taking place. >> there's a school where this redwood tree enters and ends in
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that pool. >> reporter: he's talking about salmon smelt making their way through sea in lowered water flow. 20% of california's native coho come from this watershed. >> well in an average year which is the past 25 years, we get about 500 fish. but historically we would get 5,000 fish. so, if we're lucky, we can barely scrape by. >> reporter: salmon have been fighting an upstream battle in this stream for 500 years. drought does not make it any easier. and this is a problem throughout the state. >> the water that the salmon need is the same water that a city need to stay healthy. >> reporter: they're asking
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governor newsom to protect water flow. if the salmon fade away in this coming drought they worry about cultural and ecological homicide. they're worried about the sierra going dry across this state, surviveing the drought will be a matter of finding balance, surviving the drought will be a matter of finding balance. >> we need to stop watering big baseball fields, and golf courses and give it to the salmon. you could say that the salmon deserve a seat at the table and that's what we're here to do. >> it's the little things. wade freedman, abc 7 news. still ahead here, it's like a who's who in the race against governor newsom and his recall election.
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now to the latest of the recall election of governor newsom. it's already peaked the attention of several candidates. they will likely be outnumbered by those seeking publicity and fame. a few thousand dollars, a signature and a dream. >> reporter: buckle up california, the race to recall governor gavin newsom is already becoming a circus. dozens of people have announced they're running or hinting they could be. >> you have the important stars, you have the pastors. you've got the conservative activists. you've got progressive activists and you're going to have a lot of >> reporter: caytlin jenner the first celebrity to say they
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will be running. >> if only for the array of people who will be looking for fame and fortune by running for the california governor. >> reporter: it's something we explored in our abc 7 total recall which looks back at the 2003 recall of governor gray davis when 135 candidates ran. >> i'm gary coleman, i'm the smallest candidate running. >> you had so many people just for vanity and publicity putting their name on the ballot thinking. hey i can run for governor if i wrote a check. >> reporter: and there was former adult film star mary carry who ran in 2003 and running again. >> my biggest push is same-sex marriage. >> you have to be a u.s. citizen, registered to vote in california and not convicted of
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a felony involving bribery. the entry fee is just under $4,000 plus 65 signatures. if you collect 7, 7,000 signatures there's no fee at all. >> running for governor in california is the best way to seek fame and fortune. it only costs $7,000 and that gets your message in front california voters. >> reporter: and this time around maybe followers too. navy veteran ana espicia became homeless when the house she shared with her mother was sold. ana turned to home first services the county's largest provider for veterans. the organization partnered with republic urban properties to provide anna with a new apartment where she will live rent free for a year with
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dog harley. >> it's just amazing. it's, i've been saying this to my friends that i went through hell to get to heaven. i'm in heaven. i really am. >> it's progress like this that will help us get to end homelessness for every american veteran in the nation. >> of course more work still needs to be done. needs to be done. still ahead, ♪ tex-mex. tex-mex. ♪ termites. go back up! hang on! i am hanging on. don't mess up your deck with tex-mex.
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up to 92 high so far. half-moon bay in the 50s. and if you were in santa cruz it was in the 60s. i have to be honest i would rather be over there. but i'm bringing you the forecast. 65 in san francisco right now. it got up into the 70s there. 73 oakland, san jose 81 degrees. here's a live look from our emeryville camera and skies are clear as we look back at the city at this hour. that's going to change. low 80s santa rosa, napa. 83 in livermore. if you're stepping out to go grab some dinner or run some errands, i think you are going to get away with short sleeves. live doppler 7 showing a couple of patches of fog at least the first signs of it beginning to appear to our south. we had a few patches of fog this morning around the monterey bay. but it really burned off
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quickly. here's a look at the sierra nevada. unfortunately as we're in this dry pattern the snow pack is still dwindling. as you take a look at this live picture from tahoe just absolutely gorgeous. sunshine here as well with a gentle breeze. not nearly as windy as it was yesterday. high clouds and coastal fog in the morning. the wind will hold for bay and inland yet temperatures will come down. cooler at the coast tomorrow. cooler and windier for your friday and saturday. tonight at 7:00. patches of fog begin to expand. high clouds move in above it. and so we are going to be left with a little bit more cloud cover tomorrow afternoon and evening and those temperatures will begin to fall first tat beaches and eventually around the bay and inland. speaking of the beaches, watch out for that fog in the morning. temperatures will be in the 40s, 50s. afternoon highs in the south
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bay. 80 degrees in san jose. cupertino 68. it's going to be warm. on the peninsula a mix of sun and clouds. downtown san francisco 65 degrees north bay temperatures 79 in san rafael. low 80s, napa, santa rosa. in the east bay 71 in oakland getting you up to 76 freemont. 88 in fairfield. your accu weather, temperatures coming down everywhere for friday, saturday and the winds picking up temperatures will continue to remain in the 80s category inland for the next seven days. ama and dan. >> all right, thank you sandhya.
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quick programming note before we move on. due to the presidential address and draft, both wheel of fortune and jeopardy will be seen later this week. you can catch wheel at 10:00, jeopardy at 10:30 through friday. it will get back to normal next week. three different creatures all creates problems in
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different ways today. >> yeah, so in houston it was an alligator napping on the shoulder of the fred hartman bridge. no one knows how he got there or hour long he was there before anyone even noticed. earlier in houston a cow stopped drivers in their tracks. this was in a different spot. the cow's owner says it arrived yesterday and today escaped through a weak spot in the fence. >> and no one was mooving. >> an australian suburb found itself overrun by a huge of native cockatoos. how about this, some people say this is like a scene out horror movie. the birds filmed here in the bay area. >> think about the clean up after all of that. >> that's a lot of windshields that are going to need some work. we appreciate your time.
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...and you... and you... with the best bargains ever... ross. yes for less! tonight, new reporting just in. what to expect from president biden tonight. his historic address to congress and the nation. today.e developing headline - the federal raid at rudy giuliani's home. but first, president biden tonight and his address to a joint session of congress. 99 days into his presidency. and tonight, we have just learned some of what he'll say to congress and to the american people. also tonight, how the house chamber will look different, just 200 lawmakers and dignitaries distanced in this pandemic. the first lady, but no guests. and the history that will be made right behind the president. and the president aware most americans support his handling of the pandemic. now he tries to sell the next part of his agenda. infrastructure, jobs, universal pre-k and paid leave. but tonight, the cost and the questions. mary bruce live t


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