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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 28, 2021 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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up clinic where the j&j, one- shot vaccine was a being offered. or people willing to get get ge >> reporter: kristin, it wasn't that long ago we would show up at a location like this and people were telling us they would hold out for the johnson & johnson. they wanted just that one does. this is a pop-up location. they are offering one vaccine a particular type today. today it happens to be johnson & johnson. that reality had some people spinning on their >> it happened more than once. once a person realized the vaccine available today at this pop-up clinic in pittsburgh was the johnson & johnson, they walked away. >> i don't know. i would rather take the double one. took . they are fine. >> reporter: contra costa county's resume use of the j&j
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vaccine in several of its clinics. the several people it is a nonstarter. >> i have heard a lot of things about it on top of their talcum powder issue. >> kim will return tomorrow when the same clinic will offer the pfizer vaccine. others can make an appointment for a different vaccine at another location. >> we will the book appointment and we also informed them they have the option of coming back tomorrow. tomorrow and friday we will be doing pfizer. >> reporter: j&j has been linked to extremely rare instances of blood clotting mostly involving women of childbearing age. the last week the cdc lifted the temporary pause of the single-dose vaccine. >> what they saw that by resuming the vaccine they could prevent up to >> i knew it was going to be
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johnson. i don't mind. i think it is fine. >> reporter: now,reporter: now,, mind getting the j&j but a recent poll by the washington post and abc most unvaccinated americans have given the joys of the johnson & johnson vaccine and said they would decline. >> laura, is contra costa county offering a choice of a vaccine at some of these locations? do they have the ability? >> reporter: they do, kristin. that is one of the few counties in the bay area that can do it. this is a pop-up location. they have the one vaccine per day. today it was johnson and johnson. tomorrow and friday it will be pfizer. folks didn't want johnson and johnson can come back tomorrow and get pfizer. the other option is the permanent vaccine sites and contra costa county. waterworld in concorde, dvc and
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pleasant hill choices. if you show up they may have both. you can ask for winter the other. >> it speaks to progress. that choices possible now. laura, thank you so much. san francisco is workingis g target more neighborhoods hit by covid-19. this vaccination site is now open. the site is for residents of the lakeview, oceanview, merced heights, ingleside and ingleside terrace neighborhoods. you can make an appointment or drop in. the site is open on wednesdays and fridays from 9:00-6:00 and saturdays from nine :00-3:00. in the south bay a group of stanford medical students getting the start of making a difference in the community by vaccinating residence in underserved areas. chris wynn has more on who they effort is
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>> in north san jose, a meaningful project is making a profound impact. >> people are so excited to be able to be a part of this. >> dave belongs to the stanford covid crew. it is a group of nearly 200 medical students who have been trained to administer covid-19 vaccine's. today, they are at a sunrise middle school hoping to reach underserved communities. >> there is a huge variety of people that come in in terms of opinions and hesitancy. some are super gung at. they come and they wanted. other folks, you can tell there is hesitation. >> since launching in february more than 5300 people have taken advantage of the program which offers vaccinations on a walk-in basis. stephanie received her first dose earlier this morning. >> to have been a really good job of makingof makingof makingg fast. it is for the people. >> the program is being done in partnership with roots community health center. it is a local nonprofit that offers culturally sensitive care to low income and uninsured residents throughout the valley. mary alvarez, a nurse practitioner and clinical manager at roots of says it is all about making people
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comfortable. >> we have people here that speak multiple languages. to date all of the different cultures san jose has we want everyone to feel comfortable in getting the vaccinations or when coming for testing. >> next weeknext weeknext weeknk antioch baptist church. stanford faculty adviser dr. pat fast says few medical schools have projects of this kind. >> one woman said i can finally see my mother again. people are just relieved to take some of the idea out of -- the anxiety out of their life. >> a chance to make a difference when vaccination at a time. >> it is important for our community's health as a whole. our abc7 vaccine tracker is keeping tabs around the california area. you can submit your own questions for our vaccine team at >> the environmental protection agency will no longer prioritize requests for the
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approval of new disinfectant products for use against the viruses that cause covid-19. they say that is because of the recent update from the risk of ission from surfaces is low. over the course of the last year, the epa added more than 500 products to its list of approved sars, cob to disinfectants. breaking news in antioch. a man is dead after being shot during a dispute. police say someone called them to a residence just before 11:00 a.m. once there, officers found a 52- year-old man lying outside with gunshot wounds. they detained another man at the scene who they said had a gun. he is now being questioned. the victim died at a hospital. investigators did not specify which of the two men with the tenant and which was the landlord. now, to the ongoing concerns about violence against asian americans. in san francisco police are continuing to have a visible presence in neighborhoods with large asian-american populations. >> i have been working with
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officers to be in the area. i have been adjusting hours to work with the community out here. to get the merchants and the community to get to know the officers that work out here and there could be more of a communication process going on when there is an issue arises. >> police held a community walk on clemenceau treat an inner richmond along with district 1 supervisor connie chan. they distributed flyers to business owners so the community can become aware of sfp's anonymous tip line for mandarin and cantonese speakers. they are in the the the the the expanding into more asian langwood is. there was a police present in san francisco's portola neighborhood. small noisemakers were given out after recent attacks and robberies in the area. most of the victims were elderly asians. the incidents appeared to be crime to be -- crimes of opportunity when people are walking away from main street .
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make a recall election of governor gavin newsom has piqued the interest of dozens of potential candidates. a handful have announced so far and they are serious and they will be those seeking publicity and fame. the barrier to enter the recall race is pretty low. a few thousand dollars, some signatures and a dream. >> buckle of california. the race to recall governor gavin newsom is already becoming a circus. dozens of people have announced their running or hinted they could be. >> you have the stars. you have the pastors. you have the conservative activists. you have progressive activistaci >> caitlyn jenner is the biggest celebrity to officially announce her candidacy. this week, actor randy quaid said he is jumping in too. >> we are talking about a precedent busting, ballot busting election that will be the most-watched in the nation if only because of the array of people who will be looking for fame and fortune by running for
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california governor. >> using a recall election as a platform for publicity is something we explored in our originals documentary total recall to which looks back at the 2000 recall of governor gray davis when 135 candidates ran. >> you have so many people just for vanity and publicity putting their name on the ballot. they said they could run for governor. >> daniel was a college student who ran using money he won on will a fortune. there was mary carey who ran in 2003 and is running again now. >> my big thing is just to legalize marriage. i don't think the government should be able to control who gets married. >> what are the requirements to
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run in the recall? not a lot. that is why a lot of people do it. you have to be a u.s. citizen, registered to vote in california and not convicted of a felony involving bribery. the entry fee is over $4000 +65 signatures. if you collect 7000 signatures there is no fee at all. >> running maybe the best bargain there is in terms of seeking fame and fortune. it only cost $4000 to get on the ballot. that gets you your message before 22 million california voters. >> this time around probably some tick-tock followers to.fol. you can learn more about the last california recall. what do you think? i have a shot? >> yes! you always have a shot. >> yes! minimal. >> we will leave that there. abc 7 originals total recall streaming now on our connect it app wherever you stream your news. >> a surge in spending. that is not all. signs the economyonomythe econoy
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for the first time since the pandemic began americans are feeling good about the economy. a cnn poll shows 54% of americans believe economic conditions are either somewhat or very good. much better than a one year ago when 65% of americans said just the opposite. the poll shows americans also liked the job joe biden is doing. 51% of those surveyed say they approve of the handling of the economy. 42% disapprove. >> it appears the hope impact of the second round of stimulus checks gave a desire to boost. economists say a surge in online spending doesn't mean a shift of rebound is underway. david louis crunch the numbers. online retailers got a big boost when had money to spend. there was a surge during march when an extra $8 billion was spent online during a three- week period with toys, furniture and video video video
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>> people have gotten used to buying their groceries, the close and all sorts of things online. they aren't expecting to change even as vaccines had and the will goes back to something uld sputter depending on how well the pandemic is contained. >> if the pandemic comes back again in a little more force, we could see that come to a halt pretty quickly. >> a more sober forecast by university of chicago researchers continuing remote work will had already hard-hit retailers. >> a project 10% less spending and america's downtowns. that could impact sales tax revenue which cities rely on. where there are losers there can also be winners. >> some of the small towns may end up thriving because they will have invigorated population locally. >> that could give a boost in neighborhood shopping districts.
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adobe says trends emerging in travel. airline bookings shot up in march. hotel bookings were up 50% both compared to december before vaccines were available. that needs to be put in perspective >> there is a gap there between where we want to go and where travel is right now. >> the rebound is starting to look promising. help is on the way from wells fargo for small businesses around the bay area. today the bank announced $13 million in grants to six local community development financial institutions or cdfi's. the funding will help the institutions provide grants, loans, and business coaching for diverse diverse diverse div >> every dollar that they invest in these cdfi's i think
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it is being doubled or tripled. that connection is already there. the small businesses know that they are going to get lots of support and it is not monetary. >> wells fargo says the $420 million program funded through the federal government paycheck protection program is helping 22,000 minority owned small businesses. the gilroy garlic festival will return at the end of july. the first time it has been held since the mass shooting there. the pandemic forced the cancellation of the festival last year. this year, organizers are planning a drive through gourmet alley, companion event at a local business and others done virtually. some plans will need approval by health officials. it feels feels feels feels there today. it is crazy. >> oh yeah! >> we will find those temperatures and the warm weather. it will increase a few degrees depending where you live.
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we are well above average for this time of the year. we should be mainly in the 60s if not around 70 degrees. we are into the 80s and 90s. remember yesterday? it felt warm. it is even warmer today by double digits. san francisco 10 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. 13 degrees warmer in hayward. 10 degrees warmer in ukiah compared to last afternoon yesterday. good visibility. is a gorgeous picture with the warm weather. numbers across the board 67 in the city. 70 early this this this oakland it is 76. 84 in mountain view. the same in morgan hill. the coast we are still comfortably cool at 59 degrees for half moon bay. good afternoon san jose. a live look with nothing but sunshine and warm temperatures. 84 in novato. look frfld. 91 degrees it is hot away from the coast. 85 in concorde.
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84 is a current temperature in livermore. air quality? fresh air. good to go. a little change especially into friday. the air quality much of the region tomorrow is in the green category. a slight decline fridaywhe liay more modern in terms more moderate. >> this is the muscle maker of the forecast. it is in control. it is so far north right now. it is in canada. we are not talking about any rain unfortunately with the forecast. it is all about the warm weather. a little coastal cloud cover perhaps a little bit of fog over the city. that is about it. that marine layer shrinks pretty quickly. it is a lot of sunshine and breezy conditions in the afternoon. overnight we watch the fo return to the coast. a few degrees warmer tonight compared to last night.
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tomorrow again the wide range of very warm temperatures away from the coast. we will see 80s and the hottest spots once again. 84 in concorde. 82 in santa rosa. 71 in oakland. 65 in the city.the city.the cit. 80 and san jose. 60 the high-end half moon bay. i want to fast-forward in the weekend. if you have outdoor plans saturday and again on sunday it does look pretty windy across the bay area. saturday and sunday we expect wind gusts 20-25 miles per hour. here is the forecast. for the next 7 days, morning fog and sunshine. it is a warm day. dusty winds over the weekend but the winds relax and then next week it is more of the same. above average temperatures and dry conditions
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cacique. your auténtico awaits. we have show new robots and delivering food to your homes. now, businesses having difficulty hiring workers returning to robots to serve their customers. look into this changing tech. >> restaurants across the country are struggling to keep up with demand.with demand.with. business is starting to boom but hiring is not. in south florida where the hospitality industry is rebounding to pray pandemic levels, hotels and restaurants say there aren't enough people
4:24 pm
applying for jobs. >> it was interesting to see that there was a slow demand of folks wanting to come back into the workspace. >> the reluctance impacting restaurants nationwide. >> restrictions are loosening across the country. restaurants find themselvesfinds again. >> experts say stimulus checks and and implement benefits are discouraging people to return to work. >> some workers that were laid off during the pandemic moved to other industries. other workers aren't quite work going back to the workplace. >> the hotel industry is also struggling. struggling. >> staffing and ramping up forur the newfound demand has been a challenge. >> staffing shortages has forced businesses to get creative. this restaurant is using robots. three of them to fill in the gaps. >> we have been struggling. we decided these three red
4:25 pm
boxes over here would help us out. >> they help lead guests to tables and even sing happy birthday to the. >> another issue contributing to the staffing shortages the minimum wage. with capacity restrictions workers are getting fewer tips so they have shifted to better paying jobs. speaking of delivery, amazon is expanding the home grocery delivery straight into your garage instead of delivering to your door.your do. the online retailer will deliver into your garage. the services available in 5000 cities. you must have a wi-fi enabled garage ner.door opener.door ope. they will use the scanner for a one-time code to access your garage. a plan for the future. president joe biden addresses congress and america. a preview of what he is
4:26 pm
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building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news. congress is preparing for an extraordinary presidential address to a a a a a a a congress. president joe biden is expected to give his one-day -- is 100 day progress report. we have more on what to expect. tonight, president joe biden addressing a joint session of congress pick the annual speed on the this
4:29 pm
macspeech on the state of the country reshaped by covid-19. a joint congressional address usually draws about 1600 lawmakers from the house and senate but because of thththth pandemic, chamber. >> the speech will look and feel different from past years. >> the president is expected to call on congress to take action on infrastructure plan as well as immigration and gun reform in addition to other policy priorities. despite joe biden's call for unity,, the head of the address have been split down party lines. >> he will be helping us look back on just how difficult and divisive it was. >> the top of the list is $2.3 trillion infrastructure package. democrats and republicans not making much progress. the president also expected to push the american takee case di the american people about the
4:30 pm
vital need >> the white house is looking to raise taxes on the wealthiest americans to pay for some of these plans. it is a nonstarter for gop lawmakers. >> the biden administration seems to have given up on selling actual unity in favor of their liberal base. >> the senate majority leader says biden's leadership style as well as policies are a breath of fresh >> the remarks will be historic. for the first time in u.s. history to women, vice president kamala harris and nancy pelosi will be right behind the president for address. we will touch on that in just a second? joining us now is fill material with the lookahead for tonight's presidential address. let's start here at home in california. how to get think the president's plan could affect us? >> it is going to be very beneficial if it passes. this is what we are seeing.
4:31 pm
we will have a president that comes out and saysand saysand ss back. we are on the move again. we are vaccinated. we are out. we are working. you should use that momentum to pass not only his jobs bill but also what he is calling america's family plan which would greatly enhance early education, universal childcare and possibly even two-year free colleges on the community college level. all of those are ambitious plans but they take a lot of ambitious money. a lot of that will be coming toward california. governor gavin newsom you can expect he may revise to see some of these different rings. california has access money and they will be spending it in the same way. it is a movement to get equity. the idea is we are coming back and the idea is to make it more equitable for the lower lower l for our people what they are calling republicans and democrats the forgotten worker. basically trump and the republicans feel the forgotten workers should be should be shod
4:32 pm
wall street. the democrats are saying it doesn't quite work. we need to remember and help by the federal government. >> as we saw in the previous report, this will be history in the making tonight. we have two women both from the bay area who will be standing behind the president. that is a first. >> it is. hopefully it will not be the last. california lost a congressional seat. nancy pelosi's time as a speaker will probably be finishing up in the next year or so. is going to be a shift change. we have kamala harris and a lot of power. california remains the engine. it is the largest economy in the world. we have our problems. we have our homeless problems. we have our own economic problems and challenges. things will be interesting. this is very popular. in most america here california we get about 50% of general fund revenue from the rich. they get taxed too much between
4:33 pm
the federal than the state. there is a chance they could leave california. if they leave california that could hurt us. we are walking a tight rope between income equity and trying to get the most out of wealthy people to put in these programs as well. >> is a viable when we talk about tax the rich. the proposal that we have heard here the president confirms it. if is anyone making over $1 million? is that likely to pass? >> that remains to be seen. one of the easiest things we do in california is tax the rich. the definition of rich in california is a lot higher than ohio or the vienna. we have a strong tradition of that. it washington is a story. you work that in the halls of congress. what one person may be singing publicly they may say privately in the halls and there will be
4:34 pm
a lot of people and a lot of pressure saying let's not increase the spending. the other question that will be raised, this is where he will have to sell it we are talking about how we pay for the car and how much the car costs. somebody will sit there and say well this plan work? what is it that we will get out of this? on the covid relief we have checks. we have stimulus. when you are talking about equity, childcare and things like that it is a little softer and not necessarily the crisis but it drives tax increases. >> thank you, phil. we will see exactly what mr. biden lays out later tonight. coverage of mr. biden's address to congress and the nation tonight at 6:00. that is on the air. it will also be available for you on all of our connected tv apps. the president's speech will be followed by a special edition of abc7 news at 8:00.
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second time now for the 4 at 4:00. we have dan andrew for the conversation. we will talk about the effort to ban menthol tobacco products. supporters of this band say tobacco use the minty flthe min market the cigarettes to low income youth as well as black and latino communities. the state legislature passed a law banning mental tobacco. now, the issue will go before voters next what do you think, dan? >> we know cigarettes are bad. i am always a little hesitant to police everyone in their behaviors. we know cigarettes are bad. we know menthol cigarettes are particularly attractive to young people and certainly popular in the black and latino communities particularly. partir
4:39 pm
across all groups of people as well. we have seen the benefits of reduced smoking rates. if you take one more step to keep these out of the hands of kids i think that is great. >> drew, do you think so? >> i am with dan. when it goes in front of voters i am interested to see how it goes. we know the health benefits of not smoking. hopefully we will that people enjoy their choices. when you go to the lot of people way with regard to the other. >> that will be an interesting vote. kanye west's new logo for his yeezy brand is a little too close for call for walmart. walmart has filed a complaint with a trademark that says the design looks too much like there's. kanye west wants to use the new logo for a variety of products
4:40 pm
including sneakers, furniture, underwear and modular homes. >> i didn't know kanye west was building modular homes. that is a whole other 4 at 4:00 conversation. i heard you chuckle when we showed the side-by-side logo. what was the take? >> i was thinking walmart logo the epitome of high-fashion. >> i don't think either one of them are particularly good logos to be honest. >> if someone showed me that logo i would say i don't know. >> they both may want to rethink. >> i don't know. >> new artwork. >> i don't know. i can see it is close. as you guys all said neither one of them is particularly outstanding. maybe it is time. >> not at all. >> i am sorry walmart if you are listening. targets logo is visible and recognizable right? >> maybe kanye west will try
4:41 pm
that one. [ laughter ] >> the red and white little dots? >> another major company taking aim at cities. toyota is creating its own town and it will be autonomous. groundbreaking got underway a month ago at the town near the base of mount fuji. it is at the side of a shuttered toyota factory. their hand-picked residents will be chauffeured autonomous vehicles. the city got a boost this week when toyotas announced plans to buy the lift self driving operations. the city will also feature smart homes and everything will be hydrogen powered. >> okay! it looks beautiful. >>ou know what? this idea the cars will be autonomous. i think where i get a little nervous is where you are the autonomous cars amongst many of the people driving their car and you are not in control.
4:42 pm
maybe if they are all on the same grade maybe you are a little bit safe? i would definitely try this town out. >> why not? i would love it if they built one similarly in hawaii or some place warm. >> for the amount of ug view though. about that? >> no question. >> those cars and that rendering reminds me of minority report. >> we could maybe predict crimes ahead of of of of of of >> the warriors getting in on the nonrefundable token or nft craze. they become the first sports
4:43 pm
team to launch their own collection. you can build on on on on on fts including digital versions of franchises and various championship rings. one version includes a physical ring. the high bid is currently around $26,000. there are also tickets from some of the them of the most memorable games including the 2007 victory. i am intrigued by typically the and fts available now are put out by leagues where you can purchase digital highlights. i am not sure. maybe the warriors can't give you the steph curry 3 against okc or the pull-up jumper over lebron james. this whole idea i don't know. i am am am am am am am you can't hold it. it has a perceived
4:44 pm
$26,000? are you ready? >> i am still trying to grasp all of this stuff and understand what it is about. it is such a weird stuff. i don't know if it is popular. >> i -- larry will have to draw me a diagram or fax me something because i am still so far behind. >> fax you something? how old are you? >> yes, grandpa will fax you oh man... let's get you to this moment. is that it? yep, that's it. of relief... [joyfully laughs]
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abc7 has been documenting the challenges of distance learning in oakland after 9 month of online school. teachers and some students were finally able to return to campus. juan carlos guerrero says how they are of adjusting to higher learning in the greatest installment of max,of max,of ma, story. >> today we have students learning. they are our students who are fostered youth and students who are struggling academically. they have the opportunity to come in and get support from their teachers. some of them are excited to be back at school. this is the opportunity for them to come back a being at home with working any longer. they requested to come back. >> you have your chrome books? >> know. you should have brought those. how are you going to do work? >> i didn't think i needed it. >> they didn't tell me i
4:48 pm
it. >> it is a learning process. they think we are back to school and school as normal and not really understand we are going to continue with distance learning. you need to bring your chrome books. today you will get an opportunity to get support from one teacher you are struggling to build up your grades. it is not like they are going from class to classto classto cs opportunity for them to get the specialized and individualized support. >> i am doing some hybrid learning. i have some students that are online and then i have some students that are physically here in school. what's going on people? can you hear me? it is advisory period. i will go ahead and share my screen. you may want to see this too. let me do it like this here. >> you can join me? you want to join? what i can also do is i can transmitted up to the wall. let me do that for you. >> caught on class. let me really do it hybrid
4:49 pm
learning style. >> what is your last name? >> white. >> a welcome sir. >> we can do >> what are the things you guys want to know is you see where these markers are on the desk. >> i am supposed to talk to you from here. some of the safety markers you want to know is that you see those blue lines? you don't want to go across that. >> this is my first time here. i asked to come because i felt like i was struggling. i needed help. i know we still will be on computers and stuff like that but you get more help at the school. you very well could get help at the house like that you barely
4:50 pm
barely can get help at the house at that his parents have stuff to do. >> you we are 5 weeks left in the school year. we are meeting students for the very first time. >> this will make the computer do what you want it to do. >> have been looking at black screens for the i focused in my work thenjustthf gettinbett atwh need to t bette
4:51 pm
able to to to to to to to >> this is pretty much into the end of the school year. in the fall we will be back to school as normal. everyone is looking forward to that. teachers, students, parents. it is time for kids to be back in school. >> the entire 18 minute episode of mac including the teams available on our abc7 streaming apps. >> let's get another check of the forecast. it is getting warmer. >> we will see the warm weather stick around for the extended forecast piglets get an update on where the snowfall in the sierra lies. hours statewide average 27% of average for the state . back at home we are finding cloud cover along the coast and and and
4:52 pm
maybe clear skies. a couple of degrees warmer compared to last night. tomorrow it is another warm one for a lot of us. warm spots going into the 80s. 71 in oakland. 65 in the city. 82 in santa rosa. 80 the high in san jose. the accuweather 7-day forecast a lot of sunshine in the afternoon. it is warm and it starts to cool off by friday. it turns windy as colder air continues. warm right back up for much of early next week. kristin,? >> making music when you can't be together. the music school making music.
4:53 pm
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tonight on abc 7 at8:00 it's a special edition of the news at 8:00. wheel of fortune then jeopardy at 10:30. then stay with us for the news at 11:00. many people are looking for a silver lining during the pandemic. that's exactly what a san francisco business school is doing. melissa pixar met with blue bare school of music to see how they're able to keep the beat going. >> the greatest benefit to playing music is the joy of playing music. it is just a wonderful thing to have in one's life. >> providing music to children
4:56 pm
is a wonderful experience. >> blue bear school of music is a music school in san francisco. we're the original school of rock. we are a nonprofit and besides all of the feed for service programs that we do, we do free programs for kids in certain neighborhoods. >> for in school kids we have two primary programs, private lessons and most instruments and we also have band programs. >> the most recent evolution with the pandemic was the most dramatic ever for the school. we pivoted to all zoom. when we had the idea maybe we could do it in the park and with the city guidelines and keeping social distancing and masks. and we started running programs in the park and within a week we were up to 20 classes. >> we've been very pleasantly surprised at how well private lessons work online. they work quite well. in a way we'll be one of the
4:57 pm
silver linings of this whole thing is sort of figuring out a way to have expanded our model for lessons. >> we're here tod ththe little bears class which is the toddler class. >> it's a real help parents and toddlers. >> we got calls that said this is so important in our lives. this is the only thing we're doing. that's great to give people a spark of joy during the pandemic. just anything to make them happier. >> i think we will continue to offer outdoor classes be they are so popular. it's great to get out and be outdoors. music brings life, it brings joy and it just brings a of excitement. it's really a fantastic experience. >> you know that's a good
4:58 pm
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