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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 27, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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much to drink today. that's all. >> mario -- >> mario -- police say the 26-year-old died of a medical emergency during this arrest. alameda police body cam video shows as officers attempted to place his hands behind his back, he lost consciousness. police say they did not use excessive force. the family says that is not with the video shows and gonzales complied with the officers at the scene. put on his head and back is what killed him. >> yesterday my family and i saw the footage. we know what really happened. alameda police officers murdered my brother other other >> the sheriff's office which is investigating the incident said they are waiting for toxicology and autopsy reports. we reached out to alameda police for comment.
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we have not heard back but of course we will stay on top of this for you. now to your health. that is one of the key pillars of building a better bay area. a new study raising concerns about the long-term effects of getting covid-19 even if the disease does not put you in the hospital. stephanie sierra joining us live to first large-scale study of covid-19 of what they call a long haulers. covid-19 long haulers are people who have been diagnosed with covid and survived but are still struggling with severe symptoms month and in some cases a year later. there is no evidence to suggest those who were not hospitalized may be more likely to suffer severe health th th th th >> it is a little bit over a year now. >> bruce wheeler was diagnosed last march. due to a surge of patients he was never hospitalized. >> it was about three months later i began to get a series of symptoms. tiger low energy all the time. >> the native started experiencing shortness of
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breath, nausea, memory loss and severe headaches. >> it appears to my temple like a knife going into into into in >> wheeler is not alone. a new study published in the journal nature involving 75,000 non-hospitalized covid patients from the veteran affairs health system were found to have long- lasting medical problems between 1-6 months of infection. patients experience respiratory issues, cardiovascular problems, gastrointestinal pain and other memory loss. >> the question is how common are these outcomes? dr. brian bach leads the optimal clinic that treats recovering covid patients. wheeler is one of and thankfully is not exhibiting any life-threatening symptoms. >> the major headlines vice that they found in months 2-6 after covid-19 infection people were about 50% more likely to die than the control subjects or people who had not
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19. >> 50% is pretty significant. >> this change in mortality is pretty significant on the population level. if you consider 30 million people in the u.s. having had coronavirus. this could translate into several hundred thousand additional deaths. more than 1600 died or about 2.3%. the specific cause in these cases is still unknown. >> we are trying to understand what leads to these outcomes. that piece of the puzzle is not yet clear. >> what is clear why it is so important to keep tabs. >> it is so comforting to know that i was not alone and it
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wasn't in my head. i wasn't making this stuff up. it was real. >> reporter: thankfully, wheeler is doing better. he joined some support group for patients with long haulers symptoms and said it has changed his life. even one year later he still struggles with most of those same symptoms. stephanie, i am sure doctors will look at the steady and say it is yet another reason why it is so important that everybody get vaccinated. >> reporter: exactly, larry. this study really magnifies the understanding of the risks. to add to your point it is an important message to young people who may feel like they have less of a risk to get infected. the reality is you could have the prolonged or lifelong health issues. all the more reason to get vaccinated and reduce any chance of that. >> there are nba basketball players who are still suffering from the after affects months after they have been infected. we are talking about athletes in peak physical condition. it can happen to anybody. a major change today from
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the cdc on masks. they declared fully vaccinated americans don't need to cover their faces anymore unless they happen to be in a crowd of strangers. the cdc relaxed the guidance for the unvaccinated announcing they too can go outside without their masks some situations. president joe biden held the changes as a sign of progress against covid-19 and an incentive to get vaccinated. >> for those who have not gotten their vaccination yet, especially if you are younger or think you don't need it, this is another great reason to go get vaccinated. now! now! abc7 news vaccine team member dr. patel says he is not sure the guidance will make a difference when it comes to vaccine hesitancy. >> i am looking to see what this does in terms of changing the vaccine hesitancy. does this get more people comfortable and competent to get the vaccine? i am not 100% sure that changed
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just yet. >> governor newsome tweeted that california will be aligning with the new cdc guidelines writing if you are fully vaccinated outdoors and not in a large crowd you do not need to wear a mask. the change comes is more than half of u.s. adults are about 140 million people have received one dose of thththththh . the santa clara county health system has admitted --. you will not need an appointment at most of its vaccine sites. >> reporter: with ample vaccine supply, santa clara county is trying something new. >> trying makeit as easy as we can. >> with the exception of levi stadium, most county rent vaccination sites will accept droppings for vaccines starting today through sunday. that means no appointments necessary. >> in order to really protect our community and have people safe and keep the case numbers
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down and variance away from us we need everybody to get vaccinated. abc7 news met tuan nguyen. he was glad to walk in without having a weight. >> county officials have taken tremendous steps to reach out to local businesses in hard-hit communities to help educate the public. >> it is one of the most rewarding things that myself and our staff have done in our entire life. it truly is an honor and a blessing to be able to help the community. >> nearly 65% of eligible county residents have received their first dose. overall, more than one third have been completely vaccinated. >> was still have a ways to go. >> locations can be found online. there are two new
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walk-in vaccination sites open to those who live in coastal contra costa county. the other is at st. john missionary baptist church in richmond. both sides will be open from nine a clock a.m.-4:00 p.m. through may 2nd. more than 46% of their over 16 population is fully vaccinated. 38% of californians over 16 have received at least one vaccine dose according to our vaccine tracker. within 28 million doses have been administered. you can find this and more at if you were trying to get your real i.d by the october deadline, you can relax. you have a bit more time. the federal government has delayed the requirements again because of: complications. michael finney is joining us. michael, i was just looking at this the other day starting to
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panic thinking i better get on this. >> yeah, you thought you had 5 months. turns out, you will have two years before you need to have the i.d. the department of homeland security says the october 1st a deadline was not giving enough time for everyone to get their real i.d. they extended the deadline until may 3rd, 2023. that is 19 extra months to get your real i.d before the federal government begins enforcing new i.d requirements. the deadline was extended once before due to the pandemic. covid-19 is also the reason for this latest extension. homeland security says dmv offices nationwide are still trying to catch up with ordinary business that was delayed due to the pandemic. so far, only 43% of drivers licenses across the country comply with real i.d standards. officials say the new deadline gives everyone more time to get there real i.d which requires an in person visit to the dmv. two years from now you will need either a real i.d or a
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passport to enter a plane are many federal facilities. that includes the federal courthouse here in san francisco. it is important to get one of these cards. you just don't have to rush right now. you can wait until covid slows down and make your appointment. you have to show up. you have to be there in person to get the real i.d. when i was first looking at this i thought i barely remember real i.d with everything that has been going on. now, all of a sudden, it is back. back to you. >> thank you, michael. former governor arnold schwarzenegger weighs in on the recall as another celebrity pulls a run against governor newsome. plus, another summer of drought. why customers are being asked why customers are being asked to use ♪ tex-mex. tex-mex. ♪ termites.
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a man accused of killing his girlfriend was in court today. on friday, police say elijah cigarette stabbed mattia mattia lopez was taken to the hospital but later died. the victims friends say lopez was considering moving out just before her death. >> she wanted to be with him still but she didn't want to live with him because she felt like it was unhealthy and it was too much for her. she treated the man who did this to her like a child. she loved him so much.s.
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>> he is being charged with murder with an enhancement for using a deadly weapon. today's hearing was continued until thursday. he will be held in jail with no bail. scott peterson made a video appearance in court from san quentin prison. he is in prison for the 2003 murder of his wife lacey and their unborn child. today, the judge gave attorneys more time to prepare for the retrial of the penalty phase. last year, the state supreme court ruled the trial judge excluded jurors who were opposed to the death penalty. peterson is also challenging his conviction because of jury misconduct. decisions on both are expected this summer. here we go again back into another summer of job. east bay mud made it official today. the board discussed plans to ask for voluntary water cutbacks. leslie brinkley has the details. the pandemic fall and winter and spring did not deliver enough rainfall. the east bay municipal utility district faced reality in an online meeting. >> we got a bit of a drizzle
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that amounted to almost no rainfall in april resulting in east bay being the driest year on record. >> most of the water supply comes from sierra snowmelt. it is only at 40%. it is apparent the water supply this year will not be sufficient to meet consumer and storage demands. >> in a unanimous vote, the board decided to declare a stage wind drought. >> a stage wind drought means we would likely ask for voluntary conservation. we would purchase supplemental water supplies through our a freeport water facility near sacramento. >> the emphasis was on learning lessons. the district wants to act sooner to procure extra water supplies and ask sooner to have customers cut back their water usage. >> >> they have not anticipated imposing excessive use these.
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not yet. they intend to start messaging customers next week. they say it is time to get an drought defense mode rain but planning for the worst. that could mean summer 2022 would usher in more severe measures. i am leslie brinkley, abc7 news. this morning, the sonoma county board of supervisors adopted a resolution proclaiming a local drive emergency. they are asking governor newsome to seek a presidential disaster declaration. he already proclaimed a state of emergency there. things are going to be really tough as we heat up around here, drew. >> yeah, we are tracking unfortunately, not any wet weather. the dry pattern will continue and warmer temperatures will continue tomorrow. let's take a look at where we stand when it comes to the drought. you see napa, napa, napa, napa,
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sonoma, contra costa and alameda are in the red extreme category. the rest of the bay area is in the severe category. for reference, back in 2014 when we were at the height of our last drought, much of the bay area was in the worst exceptional route category. we really need rainfall. we are answering the time of the year where the rain is not in the forecast. you likely will not see any improvement to this map over the next several months. 24 hour temperature changes the big story. it is much warmer right now compared to this time yesterday by 15 degrees in santa rosa. five degrees warmer in san francisco. a live look from sutro tower. we have fresh air out out out o great visibility toward the eastern horizon. a light chop on the bay water. a really tranquil picture. temperatures article on the coast and warm in the. our warmest cities made it into
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the 80s. santa rosa made it to 81. we are down to 75. 50 in the city with the breeze. 68 in san jose and concorde. the wind is with us once again gusting to 35 at sfo. right now 25 in the city. close to 20 in oakland. we will repeat this pattern tomorrow afternoon. not only bright again but breezy on you wednesday. overnight tonight, clear skies with numbers falling into the 40s over the next 12 hours. future track wind gust shows the winds calm down. tomorrow morning it is a nice start to the day but then, we have daytime heating. the air gets more at. we expect the winds to gust close to 25 miles per hour. >> starting in the south bay above average. this time of year we typically 70s. 82 of the high in morgan hill. along the peninsula it is mild. 79 for redwood city. it is we do but right on the coast. 62 is the-half moon bay. downtown tampa cisco mild. tomorrow will be 66. 620 daly city. it is comfortably cool at
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stenson. 82 in santa rosa santa rosa. the east bay tomorrow warm with 70 for the high in oakland. 78 in fremont, 77 castro valley. inland it is a warm day in the 80s. 83 walnut creek. >> the next seven days it is looking great as we look forward to the seven-day. here we go. the next seven days sunny and warm on your wednesday. color on the coast but still worth inland. in the weekend at is back to more seasonable conditions. it turns windy saturday but we will warm back up monday into tuesday. >> thank you so much, drew. a phone app created for businesses has adapted. it is now being used by a school district in the south bay. see how it is looking to control the spread of covid and keep kids safe.
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bleeding, bruising, fever, chills, or other symptoms of an infection, a severe or worsening rash, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. avoid grapefruit during treatment. kisqali is not approved for use with tamoxifen. ask your doctor about living longer with kisqali. high school graduates in san francisco will get to walk across lake a real stage during this year's commencement ceremonies. >> where making the stadium available to every high school for their graduation graduation
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>> a lot of kids will love hearing that. mayor london breed posting the announcement on twitter. outdoor commencement will be held at the stadium for larger high schools in the city. ceremonies for large for smaller schools will be at the former maca tear high school. stagger ceremonies will be held during the first three days of june. as more school districts being ring students back to school they are looking for ways to speed up the screening process. david louis shows us how and app originally developed for offices is now being used by a san jose school >> this is week 2 for limited classes at a franklin mckinley school district. it is a program in which teachers volunteered to be in a
6:24 pm
classroom with up to 15 students. to ensure safety, safety and sanitation protocols are being implemented carefully and parents play an important role checking in their children with an app called "company nurse." >> we don't want to have anything negatively impact our program. this is crucial to make sure our classrooms are safe, staff feel so safe, and families feel safe. >> it is a school specific app developed by a company who created a similar solution at the start of the pandemic for 111 companies. franklin mckinley serves se residents covid. >> our community zip codes have had higher rates of positive covid in other areas than an hour county. >> to meet the needs of a diverse population the app is available in english, spanish, and vietnamese. one set of screening questions can handle multiple questions for students in the household. >> they could present with the green pass to the temperature check station where there would be by a metrically scanned. >> the entire process takes about one minute. the app can be customized by
6:25 pm
each school district. >> they may get a reminder at 6:30 reminding them to complete their health screen. one simple click with a one- time password sent via text message would get them into the app. >> franklin mckinley sees this as an important partnership for all 16 school sites. a bay area woman said she got one dose of moderna and another dose of pfizer. tonight, she shares what happened next. plus -- -- -- -- -- -- >> i i i i another 100 candidates. >> 100? former governor arnold schwarzenegger weighing on the recall. hours ago, another celebrity appears ready to jump into this race.
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is a woman in mountain view when into get her second pfizer shot and instead the nurse injected her with a moderna dose. loose and you --you --you --you part of our vaccine team spokes spoke with her about what she experienced. >> it was a second shot she had been waiting for. instead of relief what she felt was panic after the needle was pulled out. >> she asks me did you tell them pfizer? i said yeah, of course i told them pfizer. i got pfizer for the first dose too. she said well your file is being flagged as moderna. >>-what? >> the nurse from el camino health noticed the car said pfizer seconds after injecting her. >> it seemed to be human error. that is why i am about protocols. i told them three different times that it should be pfizer for my shop. obviously it is in their
6:30 pm
medical records because i got my first dose there three weeks before. it was definitely in their computer system. >> she has a phd in pharmaceutical sciences. >> i will just call the cdc myself if anyone received two different doses. >> they received highlights of these vaccines are not interchangeable but told her there was no risk. >> there is certainly no danger to it. >> reporter: dr. monica gandhi says vaccine mixing is already happening in the uk where experts are trying to figure out if combining vaccines will have an increased benefit. >> there was a study in mice that showed if you gave two different types of vaccines that is called an adenovirus vaccine like the johnson & johnson we have here and and mrna we got a better immune response. >> el camino is inveinveinvein and their protocol includes three separate checks and added, "we have administered more than 31,000 vaccines using careful vaccine administration
6:31 pm
and stringent protocols. vina hopes el camino health increases their protocols and that her experience doesn't happen to anyone else without their consent. now, as to her side effects -- >> i did get side effects but honestly i thought they were the same as everybody else. really sore muscles. it is like i had been working out or beat up. a lot of fatigue. some nausea. i slept it off for a few days. in mountain view, luz pena, abc7 news.'s almost 1500 people in california contracted covid-19 despite the fact that they were vaccinated. the so-called breakthrough infections were recorded from january-april. they make up about 1/10 of percent. very small of all covid cases reported in california during that time. the number of these breakthrough infections is not a surprise to health officials with moderna and pfizer vaccines being roughly 90% effective while johnson &
6:32 pm
johnson is around 75%. the recall election for governor newsome is and is months away. actor randy quaid said he is thinking about it. he tweeted that he is seriously considering running for governor. celebrity politicians are nothing new in california. alaska recall election led to arnold schwarzenegger. he weighed in on his thoughts and the race. for the recall elecelecelecc most all but certain in california, former governor arnold schwarzenegger is weighing in. in an interview on jimmy kimmel live he said he wouldn't discount any candidate who gems into the race to replace governor newsome including caitlyn jenner. >> anyone has a chance. the people are dissatisfied with what is going on in california and i hope there are as many people as possible jumping in the race. >> arnold schwarzenegger knows a little bit about a recall given he ran and won during the recall of governor ray date -- ray davis.
6:33 pm
arnold schwarzenegger predicts we would see that now. >> i would predict there will be another 100 candidates. >> on monday, the california secretary of state announced more than 1.6 million californians signed the the petition to recall new some. 11% of the signatures, about 181,000 come from the 9 counties that make up the bay area. that is a big difference from southern california. 16% of all signatures, more than 260,000 come from los angeles county alone. even though l.a. county has the most raw numbers of signatures of any county in the state, it is amador county
6:34 pm
that has the largest percentage of voters. more than 90% of voters signed the petition there. by comparison, across the bay area, just 4% of registered voters sign. still, every california voter will be asked to vote in the recall. by then, who knows how many candidates will be in the race. for those that are, arnold schwarzenegger has advised. >> the key thing is it doesn't matter if it is caitlyn jenner or anyone else, have a clear vision of where you want to go. what are the changes you want to make and why are you qualified to become governor? >> arnold schwarzenegger would not say if he has spoken to caitlyn jenner but he said almost every single person that has thought about running has thought advise. he says he is good friends with caitlyn jenner but he is also good friends with new some. how will he vote in the recall? we don't know. you can learn more about the last california recall on the abc7 documentary "total recall." it is on the appthe appthe apptp stream. now to our special series california dreaming where we examine issues threatening the california dream and the people working to keep that dream alive. what do tech giants like apple, google, facebook have in common? they are all born or were born
6:35 pm
in the state of california. justin dorsey shows us that while some companies are leaving for other states, most notably texas, experts say the assets that california has to offer will keep it as the tech capital. the story of modern california is one of risktakers. it's pioneers who who who who w one else was willing to try. technology has been a breadbasket here in silicon valley and throughout the state of california. you can't find the largest -- you can find the largestthe lart the planet and newer companies sprouting out and growing rapidly. sharing, the new website that lets you share and trade
6:36 pm
anything you grow at home or make in your kitchen and with neighbors. you don't have to be a part of the fraternity of startup guys anymore. there is something about california that is a bit more expensive. they are trying to open up all of the incredible resources. >> we have been a draw for folks from around the country and globally who have want a big who want to have a big success. those things have really made this the center of innovation in the world. we are trying to protect that. i don't pick pick pick pick pic have lost the distinction of being the global leader of innovation but i think the landscape is much more competitive now. >> one of the oldest tech giants is moving out of silicon valley. hewlett-packard enterprises is moving its headquarters to houston. >> oracle is one of many bay area companies to move out of state. elon musk is moving from california to texas because california takes innovators for granted. >> this is probably a bit
6:37 pm
overplayed and in some ways it is underplayed. it is overplayed because i talk to tech leaders every day. and is under underplayed in the sense that this has been going on for a while. >> housing is a really big function of this. it is so expensive for companies to attract and retain talent median price home is so high compared to other parts of the country. google and facebook are good examples. they put a lot of their resources from their treasuries into affordable housing. they are actually putting their money where their mouth is. i don't know that we have seen that in any other part of the country. we are problem solvers. at the end of the day i feel very positive that we will work our way through this. a lot of the folks may have headed to texas at one point, for example, i wonder if they aren't on their way back already. >> the great threat to
6:38 pm
california is innovative people will no longer start the next great idea in a garage in california. >> our website gave people a way to not only meet other people but to put food on the table in a less expensive way and to do something positive. i think california was the right place for that. i think there is something very idealistic about what we are doing. it is something that is tapping into the california dream. everybody in california hopes to do something broader, something more impactful for their lives. people move here because of all of the opportunity and because of all of the potential for success and to be able to achieve their career goals. >> silicon valley in california will continue to be the place where take happens. people can come -- continue to come from around the world to
6:39 pm
be able to launch for the next great idea and be able to work and strive and achieve the california dream. you can stream all of our california dreaming stories on demand including our 30 minute california dreaming special right now. you will find it on our abc7 bay area connect to tv app wherever you stream. the used car market is red ha
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stay strong. spread hope. bay i have opened a summarized investigation into the killing of a black man shot by north carolina sheriff's deputies. andrew brown's family says he was shot five the family got and execution based on on on on were shown yesterday. the county sheriff's is asking for patients on on on on a tinker shirt:jara shortage --. between 20%-25% of trying
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trucks are parked. the pandemic made things worse. many drivers schools closed early and truckers had an week. tracks practice >> i don't think a lot of automakers are suppliers really thought new vehicle sales would be as strong as they have been. a lot of people want cars as they can still maintain their bubble. >> according to edmunds, the 2008 teens are affectinge affecg
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to playgrounds, and at llpa they are available for 30 minute play sections. the rides remain close for now. reservations and masks are required. segment plans to hold outside lands this year continue to move forward. festival announcers show their line of. it is said to be unhallowed hollowing weekend. fridays headliners will be the strokes entitled a creator. saturday little and vampire weekend, j bolles and will headline sunday. single day tickets go on sale thursday at 10 a clock a.m. three day tickets are sold out. can you imagine hollowing? assuming we can have all of those people together? halloween that golden gate park
6:48 pm
will be while. >> i think a lot of people will head out there. >> this week we're talking about dry conditions. by thursday the air becomes a little more stagnant. we go into the moderate category. all in all there are no qualities dropping into the 40s in most cities. a little bit chilly but tomorrow we rebound pretty quickly and nicely. it is a warm day compared to where we should be this time of the year. we are mainly in the upper 60s to 70s. 66 in the city. 80 in san jose and 80 for the high and concorde. unfortunately a dry pattern it will continue. we will take the warmer temperatures. the weekend saturday and sunday
6:49 pm
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now, abc7 sports with chris alvarez. three california teams are tied for the major league teams. it will be the a's, giants and the hated dodgers. the a's represented in tampa bay. randy arose arena ground out. that is 1-09 right out of the gate. top six tied at 1. a run at third. flies it to left. got the centerfielder. matt olson will score easily. it is 2-1 oakland. the raise take the lead right back. phillips to the raise lead. less than 48 hours until the first round in the of the nfl draft right here on abc7 the 49ers have the -- overall pick. they will be taking a quarterback.
6:53 pm
fred warner joined the with authority podcasts early today. is that he can't wait for the upcoming season. >> i think the motivation every year is to when. every year if you don't have the mindset you are not gonna win the super bowl you are doing something wrong as an entire organization. that is always our main goal an organization going into the year. yes, the fact we have in their extremely recently in the past two years and didn't make it it has added fuel to the fire i was a. every year is a new year. i am extremely excited to have the fans back as well. for me, that was a huge part of it. that is and always will be a huge part of the game. last year not having them sucked. it did. having them back and is so much more fun and passion and fire to the game on game days for sure. >> we will actually be able to do this in person at some point. maybe you don't want that.
6:54 pm
i don't know. [ laughter ] >> i am good on zoom with these dudes. i am fine. no need to see them in person. >> zoom is nice. look at you. you are probably in your house relaxed and comfortable. want to get off of the meeting you get to click back in your pajamas and watch a show probably. it is a good deal, right? this isn't bad. i don't mind it. >> with authority. thanks a lot to fred. harris is arguably the best running back in the class coming off of a winning season in alabama. he is ready to make his mark in the nfl. >> here is the handoff. he hurtles the man on the right sideline. just as the soccer star asked him to do. >> megan is my dog. we go back like cadillac. >> i said he did it! you did it for me! obviously it wasn't for me but i will claimant. >> i really look up to her.
6:55 pm
her role outside of sports and playing a big role in the injustices happening and all of the and equal pay. i gave her a out. >> i am liking it. i will still it from her and i will say i did it. [ laughter ] espn will be a lot of fun. not to wonder about what the 49ers will do. larry, do you have football pjs in the bottom? what is going on at home? i don't know what is going on. do i want to know? >> i don't think we want to know. >> i don't think you want to do that. fred warner he knew what was going on. he is also an exercise and wellness major and gave us the tip that if you really want to
6:56 pm
get the abs ready for summer get on the ab wheel. whether you are in your pjs are not you could still get on the ab roller and roll it out. >> he said the ab wheel? not that i am calling you out but we are trying to get clicks and likes, right? >> yeah. that is probably not going to happen but thank you anyway. coming up tonight on abc 7, pooch perfect followed by black is. that is a a a a a a a at 10 a clock and do not miss abc 7 musette 11:00. you can watch all of our newscasts live and on-demand to the connected tv app. it is tv, androion fire tv and that will do it for this edition of abc7 news. thank you for joining us. from all of us here at abc7, thank you for your time. we will see you again tonight
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only at jack in the box. try'em today. ♪ only at jack in the box. this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants. a legal assistant from uncasville, connecticut... an english professor from tecumseh, michigan... and our returning champion, a bank examiner from winthrop, massachusetts... whose 3-day cash winnings total... and now here is the guest host of "jeopardy!", anderson cooper. thank you, johnny gilbert. thanks so much. it's been a thrill to be able to guest host "jeopardy!" it's a dream come true. it's, uh, an incredible experience. i played celebrity jeopardy! several times. i kinda thought i knew the game, but seeing it from the host vantage point,
7:00 pm
it's completely different and it's difficult. alex was so masterful that he made hosting "jeopardy!" look effortless. and i've definitely had a couple moments in the last few days wishing he could maybe whisper some advice in my ear. i miss him as we all do. but let's have a great game. kelly, dana, john, let's play "jeopardy!" here are your categories. starting off with... kelly, our returning champion, your pick. king, $200. kelly. who are the blind? - that is right. - king, $400. dana. - what is cotton? - yes. king for $600.


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