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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 27, 2021 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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>> however, if you want to attend a crowded outdoor events, wearing a mask is recommended. even if you have been avd door th you e vaccinated the you e fei outdoor gatherings or large events even when wearing a mask. governor newsome said california will align with the new cdc guidelines you are fully vaccinated outdoors and not in a large crowd you do not need to wear a mask. we want to know your opinion. what you think about this? will you stop wearing your mask outdoors? yes, can't wait? eventually? no way. those are your options. go to wayne friedman has bay area reaction to these new >> reporter: this may go down in history as mask liberation day. >> do you felt better walking around without a mask? >> i felt great.
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>> starting today if you are fully vaccinated and you are outdoors you and not in a big crowd, you no longer need to wear a mask. >> though technically in california the old rules remain in place while under direction from the governor. state health began drafting their new roles which they refused to give an estimated time of arrival. >> less restrict than the state. >> dr. matt willison said that an setart today. this will change for fully vaccinated americans as long as they are not a big crowd especially indoors. >> it feels like we are starting to turn the corner. it does. >> new old habits die hard in a world where masks have provided a sense of security. >> i feel like i like to let
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things settle a little bit. >> i am not too sure about the vaccination itself. >> the president addressed that too. >> this is another great reason to go get vaccinated. now! now! >> so someday, maybe we can talk about covid as >> a lot of you are weighing in. it is interesting. 45% of people say i support this lifting of the outer mask mandate and 49% are saying it is too soon. 6% say it is about time. last week i did a story on the debate. almost everybody i spoke to felt more comfortable having the mask on. >> that is interesting. i would have thought it is about time and it would be much higher than 6%. it depends. i think it also depends on
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whether you vaccinated or not. i have to shots and i feel pretty comfortable amongst most people whether it is indoors or outdoors but a lot of people haven't had their shots yet. that could be a factor. we will keep this poll going to the afternoon. is a bring in an expert in the field. dr., would you think of the recommendations? is it too soon? is it just right? what is your feeling on this? >> larry, i am with you. the 6% caught me offguard. i would have thought it was higher as well. i sit with the science. the science is finally out there based on these new recommendations. one thing i have to say regardless of where people stand it is nice to finally see what we know from science and it aligns with what the cdc is saying. it is safer for you to be outdoors if you are fully vaccinated. it makes sense if you are walking away from crowds you can take your mask off.
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i am looking to see what this does at changing bactine hesitancy. i am not 100%100%100%100%100%10% change just yet. based on the opinions i have seen and what i read on twitter it doesn't look like a lot of people are changing their minds based on the mask changes. >> twitter is where i go for sanity and opinions. >> sometimes insanity.sometimese >> you have been really good at kind of outlining or projecting where you think it will be. last march he said it would take a year to resolve and i almost fell out of my chair. you are right on. when can we expect to ditch the masks for good or is this going to be with us for an extended period of time? >> i think this is a much harder prediction to make compared to what we were talking about last march.
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i do think we will be in this tug-of-war through the summer. we may not be able to completely ditch the masks mask because we have seen what happens in other countries. we have variance out there and we could see more outbreaks. i do see a little more mask liberation the. perhaps in a few months we will see people saying that we don't need to wear masks at all when it comes to being outdoors. we make it clear cut proof that your level of trance mission is so low. i want to jump the gun but i see us getting set forward. i want to make sure we are addressing the population who doesn't want to get vaccinated and liberating -- looking to see if liberating -- wearing a mask -- >> that is one of challenges. you're not going to take a poll of everybody around you asking if got vaccinated. it is not practical. it will cause problems. let me get to my final question. maybe you saw thesaw thesaw thee
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rogan's podcast of the has blown up online basically where he says if you are 21 years old and in good health you don't need the vaccine. i don't typically take my healthcare advice from a guy who used to feed brains to people on fear factor. your reaction to his comments? >> my reaction to your comment is spot on. >> he is completely missing the mark. he has absolutely playing into a false false false false false >>
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where people go for their sources of news. that is a big part of the challenge as we go forward and try to get past covid-19. dr. patel as always, thanks for your time. >> thank you larry. >> good advice as a■lways rom dr. patel. santa clara county health system has announced a new shift in strategy when it comes to covid vaccinations. this week you will not need an appointment at most of their sites. with ample vaccine supply from the federal government santa clara county is doing something new. no appointments are necessary.
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>> in order to really protect our community, keep the case numbers down, the variance away from us. we need everybody to get vaccinated. >> abc 7 news7 news7 news >> appointments are very lip limited. >> the san jose resident glad to be able to walk in without having to wait. >> i appreciate the county making all of the effort. >> the have reached tremendous steps to help educate the public. -- patel is grateful the work is a plate >> it is one of the most rewarding thingsdone in our entire life. it is an honor and a blessing to be able to help the community. >> nearly 65% of eligible
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residents have received their first dose. overall, more than one third have been completely vaccinated. >> was to have a ways to go. >> on locations can be found online. if you have any questions about the vaccine you can had to we have details of side effects after getting a shot and a guide to finding an appointment if you still need one. this card a lot of people by surprise. burning man goes up in smoke for 2021. the and you will festival will not take place this year. instead they are setting their sights on black rock city 2022. that is the location where the event is held. >> organizers were considering a vaccine requirement if the festival were to be held today. the utilities latest report shows its water supply
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from all of the sources is far below normal after a historically dry winter. the shortfall prompted them to call for a voluntary water reduction of 10% for its megan and i have customers starting may 1st. one customer said he is prepared to do his part. >> we live here in california. we understand the drought is something that happens. if we all take some responsibility for that into the cutting back voluntarily at the recommendations we could get. most of the water comes from the snowmelt. they want to keep all of their n war omotsources. nning man. police chief tim gannon for says potential candidates are reaching out to him as the recall battle comes up.
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keep the people the dream alive. >> what do tech giants have in common? they were all created in california. justin dorsey shows leaving, access will >> the story of california's one a risktakers. they tried when no one else was willing to try. technology has been a red basket in silicon valley and throughout the state of california. you can find the largest brands, google to apple to facebook to cisco and newer companies that are spreading out and growing rararararara >> you don't have to be to be of the fraternity of startup
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guys anymore. there is something about california that is a bit more expensive. they are trying to open up the incredible resources here. >> we have been drawn from folks globally. those things have made this the center of innovation in the world. we should try to protect that. >> i don't think we have lost the distinction of being the global leader >> one of the oldest tech giants is moving out of silicon valley. a hewlett-packard enterprises is moving its headquarters to houston. >> that one of bay area companies to move out of state. elon musk said he is moving
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from california to texas because california takes innovators for granted. >> the story is probably a bit overplay. in some ways it is underplay. it is overplay because i talk to tech leaders every day are telling me we are not going anywhere anymore than we ever had. it is underplayed in the sense that this has been going on for a while for the last two decades. intel has employed far more dozens in oregon that it has in california. >> it is so expensive for companies to attract and retain talent especially as the median price home is so high compared to other parts of the country. school and facebook are some examples. they put a lot of their resources into affordable housing. they are actually putting their money where their mouth is.mout. we are problem solvers. at the end of the day i feel very positive that we will work our way through this. a lot of the folks who may have headed to texas at one point i wonder if they are not on their way back already. >> the greatest threat to the and instries would choose to t
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grow. the great people no longer start of the next great idea and a garage here in california. >> our website gave people a way to not only meet other people but to put food on the table in a less expensive way and to do something positive. i think california was the right place for that. i think there is something very idealistic about what we are doing. it is something that is tapping into that california dream. everybody in california hopes to do do do do do do do something more impactful for their lives. people move here because of all of the opportunity. because of all of the potential for success and to be able to achieve their career goalscarees >> silicon valley in california will continue to be the place
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where tech happens. there is much we need to do ea aaffordable from around the world to be able to launch their next great idea and be able to work and achieve the california dream. you can stream all of our california dreaming stories on demand including our 30 minute california dreaming special right now. you will find it on our bay area connected tv app wherever you stream. check this out. the foot hills are alive with the sites of spring. check this eye-popping super balloon at fulsome lake the sacramento. it is gorgeous. the drought has led to a severely drained lake but it is not all bad news. the dry lake bed has made way for waves of these beautiful wildflowers. if you want to see it in person only peed few weeks. there is one silver lining i suppose from the drought but obviously the rain we got over the weeken >> warmer
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temperatures. are in the east ba we have temperatures 10-15 degrees warmer than they were this time yesterday. that is the big story today. 14 degrees warmer in santa rosa compared to yesterday afternoon. the same in concorde. 10 degrees warmer in san jose. 13 degrees warmer in palo alto. this can change into tomorrow. we have got great visibility out there. a live look. you can see mt. diablo all the way on the horizon. the quality is great out there 59 the current temperature. a little warmer in oakland across the bay at 66. right now mountain view 72 in san jose and morgan hill. half moon bay got the sea breeze in full 55 degrees. and live look showing you sun -soaked skies. the silhouette of the golden gate bridge and alcatraz. much warmer in the north bay. santa rosa novato and napa all the way in the 70s. fairfield 81 degrees. 78 in con
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72 is the current temperature in livermore. another afternoon and another windy day. we can see the guests coming in close to 30 miles per hour along the coast. 32 of the current wind gust at sfo. again we will do this tomorrow in the pattern where in the morning it is nice and calm but in the afternoon the breeze kicks up. overnight tonight there is no marine layer. it is compressed and out of here. we have clear skies across the entire region. numbers you can see mainly settling into the 40s. that is over the next 12 hours. hour by hour we talked about the wind. tomorrow at eight a.m. it is really light. in the afternoon the daytime heat kicks in. we get the warm weather moving in. the winds will pick up. we do think the gusts frequently 22 about 25 miles per hour. high pressure firmly in control. this red you see right here that will bring about the warming trend over the next couple of days. highs on your wednyour
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that sea breeze on the coast we stay cool and comfortable in the 60s. 62 for half moon bay. 66 in the tymu ch warmer in the. 87 in fairfield. 82 santa rosa. eighty four cloverdale. along the peninsula a lot of 70s from san mateo. 80 is the high in equality good to go. a little decline the weekend saturday it is a little windy. it stays breezy sunday but there you go. it will warm right backup monday and tuesday. 70s and 80s away from the coast. drew, thank you. a sneak peak ahead of friday's disneyland disneyland
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americans have more time to get there real i.d before the federal government begins new requirements. michael finney is here with details. >> hi liz. a lot more time. the department of homeland security says the october 1st to deadline didn't give enough time for everyone to go get there real i.d. they extended the deadlinethe de until may 3rd of 2023. that is 19 extra months to get your real i.d before the federal government begins enforcing new i.d requirements. the deadline was extended once before because of the pandemic and covid-19 is also the reason for this latest extension. homeland security says dmv offices nationwide are still trying to catch up with ordinary business and that was delayed to the due to the pandemic. so far only 43% of us have drivers licenses with real ids.
4:26 pm
that is across the country. officials said of the october deadline gives everyone more time to get the real i.d which requires an in person visit to the dmv. two years from now you will need a real i.d or a valid passport to board a plane or enter a federal facility. liz, i have a question. you have your real i.d? >> actually do. i got it right before the pandemic. i kind of lucked out. it is quite a process. >> good for you. i don't have mine. i am glad to have the extra time. >> absolutely! i am sure a lot of people are. >> time magazine has its annual list of the most influe companies. bay area companies facebook, twitter, google, apple all madee the list and so did disney for supercharging its franchises through streaming and become netflix's biggest competitor. other california companies that made the list rihanna's savage
4:27 pm
lingerie line. we are closing in on a recall election and potential candidates are turning to somebody who has been there and done that before that before thr what former governor arnold schwarzenegger is telling candidates. >> president joe biden gives his first addres
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the recall election for governor gavin newsom is still months away but potential candidates are emerging. this afternoon actor randy quaid said he is thinking about it. he tweeted here that he is seriously considering running for governor. were no celebrity politicians are nothing new in california. zero last recall election letter to governor arnold schwarzenegger . he is now weighing in on the current erase and offered his thoughts on the candidacy of caitlyn jenner. with a recall election now but certain former governor arnold schwarzenegger is weighing in. in an interview he says he wouldn't discount any candidate who jumps into the race to replace governor newsome including caitlin jenner. >> anyone has a chance. i think the people decided what is going on help as many people as possible are jumping in the race and going for a. >> he knows a little bit about a recall when he ran and won during the 2003 recall of former governor ray davis.
4:31 pm
he was one of 135 candidates and he predicts we can see that now. >> i predict that there will be another 100 candidates. >> wow! >> the california secretary of state announced that more than 1.6 million californians sign the position to recall gavin newsom. 11% of the signature is about 181,000 come from the nine counties that make up the bay area. that is a big difference from 16% of all signatures more than 260,000 come from los angeles county alone. even though l.a. county has the most raw numbers of signatures of any county in the state it is amador county that has the largest percentage of voters. more than 19% of voters sign the petition there. by comparison across the bay area 4% of registered voters sign. still every california voter will be asked to go to the polls to vote in the recall. by then who knows how many
4:32 pm
candidates will be in the race. for those that are he has some advice. >> the key thing is it doesn't matter if it is caitlin or anyone else who has a clear vision. what are the changes you're going to make and why are you qualified to become governor? >> he wouldn't say if he has spoken to jenner. however, he did say almost every single person thinking about running has reached out to him for advice. he also said he is good friends with jenner and he is also good friends with new some. how is he going to vote on the recall? larry, we don't know yet. we will see if he weighs in on that. >> the list of candidates is getting interesting. that is the word i will use. what are the chances? you have been following the totals. what are the chances this doesn't qualify. assuming it does it looks like it probably will how much could this cost? >> the only way it will not qualify is if more than 100,000 people withdraw their
4:33 pm
signatures by june. that is very unlikely. in terms of cost in new report from a group of california election officials estimate the full cost to be around $18 of voter. that is about $400 million. larry not a cheap affair at all. wow! >> we also want to tell you tonight at 6:00, reporters will be talking about the recall live on the news instagram account. you can check us out there and on the bay area instagram account. we hope you join us for that conversation. you can learn more about the last california recall on our abc7 documentary called "total recall. " last week officials say mario gonzalez died of a medical complication. after watching body cam video his family says he was murder.
4:34 pm
police said the 26-year-old died of a medical emergency during a scuffle as they attempted to place his hands behind his back but the family says that is not what the video shows. gonzalez complied with officers. the footage has not been released publicly but his family says it shows officers pinning him to the ground with their weight on his head and back. >> yesterday my family and i saw the footage and we know what really happened. alameda police officers murdered my brother mario. >> the sheriff's office is investigating the incident. they said they are waiting for toxicology and autopsy results. we reached out to police her comment but have not yet heard back. scott peterson made a video appearance in court from san quentin prison this morning.
4:35 pm
that is where he is in prison for the 2003 murder of his wife lacey and their unborn child. attorneys are considering a start date for his upcoming retrial in the death penalty phase after the state supreme court ruled that the trial judge excluded jurors who were opposed to the death penalty. his second appearance relates to a new trial over juror misconduct. decisions on both are expected later this summer. now to privacy on your phone. apple is introducing a feature that can prevent your data from being shared. apple taking a stand on privacy releasing a new feature allowing customers to limit how much of their data is used and shared. it is a feature that gives you a choice. a choice on how apps use and share your data. >> it dubbed the tranced the app tracking transparency lets you choose whether you want your online activity sold. >> how big of a deal is this? >> it is a big move for apple. it has been something that they have been talking about publicly for a long time. they have been prepping the world this could be coming. they finally pulled the trigger
4:36 pm
on it. >> apps commonly tracked data such as your age location spending habits and browsing history. the data can be used for things like tagging photos or mapping runs but it is also sold to advertisers which is why targeted ads have become so popular and lucrative. >> digital has made it easy to track exactly who was watching your ad and what else are they doing and what are they buying and how are they behaving. >> experts say the new feature may be a double-edged sword. it places power in the customers hands in terms of privacy but also may hurt facebook and the small businesses that benefit from ads on facebook and instagram. >> it is difficult for people to find out about what you are selling. by leveraging facebook services a small business owner can pay for advertising and it is actually pretty well. you can target back to the specific type of buyer you're looking for. for those folks they will be really concerned. they have potential customers that could very well
4:37 pm
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61% of those emissions can be traced back to to i don't know. 50 years from now we will probably be replicating beefrepf >> we do it now. we don't even have to wait 50 years. who is giving up their burger and fries? liz? >> i wish i could entirely. i try to limit it. i like vegetarian options. i don't think i could give it up entirely. kudos to them for doing this. i think it is a good statement for epic areas and for consider this as we consume meat. i don't know if i could give it up. >> i am right there with you.
4:44 pm
i am trying and i am with liz. less is better. when you grow up eating something for decades it is kind of hard. i do like the signal epicureans is putting out there. they are trying to be more sustainable but i think it will take a long time before people start giving up this. >> i agree! i agree! >> another sign people are looking for comfort during the pandemic. this is interesting. sales of crocs searched first quarter. they expected their revenue to increase between 40%-50% from its previous guidance of a 20%- 25% increase. how popular are these shoes? disney released a lightning mcqueen inspired crock and they sold out immediately. pairs of the $69 foam footwear are selling for more than $200 on the secondary market. larry, are you a wearer?
4:45 pm
i am trying to envision larry in them. >> i don't even know where to go. what is happening? are we losing our our our our o >> i like -- i am a beach guy. crocs are not my first choice. they are okay but -- all right. whatever. >> chris? >> i have nothing on the crocs but i would like to see larry in hawaii with some sort of disney theme crocs. i would like that. >> i would also like to see larry in hawaii. [ laughter ] >> larry will stay in hawaii with his crocs. >> i can do the news from hawaii too.
4:46 pm
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yes. yeah. if you ride, you get it. yeah, they will. geico motorcycle. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. as the covid-19 vaccines become available you might be asking yourself... should i get it?
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and if i do... will i be able go about life without putting my family at risk? you've got questions. and that's normal. the fact is, the vaccines are safe and effective. they're going to save lives. to get the latest on the covid-19 vaccines visit because getting back to the moments we miss starts with getting informed. it's up to you. as school districts step up efforts to allow students to return to classroom so do procedures to speed up the screening process upon arrival. putting education back on track is a part of building a better bay area. david louis shows us how an app that was originally developed for offices is now being used by a school district in
4:49 pm
jose. this is week 2 for limited classes in san jose's franklin mckinley school district. it is a program in which teachers volunteered to be in the classroom with up to 15 students. to ensure everyone's safety, safety and sanitation protocols are being implemented carefully and parents play an important role checking in their children with an app called "company nurse." we don't want to have anything negatively impact our program. this is crucial to make sure our classes feel safe. >> it is a school specific app. it is to screen office workers. franklin mckinley's serves san jose residents in neighborhoods hard-hit by covid. >> our community -- our zip codes have had higher positive rates of covid
4:50 pm
within our county. this is extremely important. >> to meet the needs of a diverse population the app is available in english, spanish and vietnamese. one set of screening questions can handle multiple children in the same household. >> if they have a green pass, that means they didn't have symptoms or exposure they could present with the green pass to the temperature check station where they would be by a metrically scanned. >> the entire process takes about one minute. >> they may get a reminder at 6:30 reminding them to complete their health screen. one simple click with a one- time password sent via text message would get them into the app. >> franklin mckinley sees this as an importer as an important partnership. if the pandemic has got you overwhelmed you are really not alone. it is not just about covid. there is the mass shoomass racial injustice. even if you have only experienced them through your couch or social media it is called vicarious trauma and can trigger fear anger troubled sleep and increased figgins of depression and heightened ar says it is important to reduce stress. one way of doing that is by
4:51 pm
getting support from others. >> that could be through connecting with others and maybe talk about other things and bring you joy and don't necessarily bring up the stressors. it could be professional help if you are find your really going through some anxiety or depression. >> you can also find st relief through deep breathing and exercise. larry if you like the warm weather which we know you do you will like this week coming up. it will be pretty nice. >> talk about the deep breathing i know drew was talking about the fresh clean air we have out right now. >> it is so fresh out there. the air quality continues tomorrow. for an allergy sufferer we have a high pollen count when it comes to trees. not also high grass pollen. there are your main tree offenders. your uv index is very high this time of the year. overnight tonight plenty of stars and clear skies dropping into the 40s.
4:52 pm
tomorrow the warming trend continues. we felt the warmer weather today. it gets wet warmer tomorrow. it is a breezy coast to the close to the coast. 80 in san jose, 82 in santa rosa. here is the 7-day forecast. we will find the warmer weather that continues into thursday. the marine layer returns. all and all you can see the temperature staying above average. this time of the year we should be in the upper 60s to lower 70s. we will be in the 80s and the warmest spots. we didn't realize that . make you remember the kanye west nike air up for auction? they sold! they are now the most expensive sneakers in the world. the shoe sold for $1.8 million to rares. rares is an investing platform. it makes the crocs we talked about a little bit ago
4:53 pm
--. >> we are days aw hi, i'm pat and i'm 75 years old. we live in the mountains so i like to walk. i'm really busy in my life; i'm always doing something. i'm not a person that's going to sit too long. in the morning, i wake up and the first thing i do is go to my art studio. a couple came up and handed me a brochure on prevagen. i've been taking prevagen for about four years. i feel a little bit brighter
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and my mind just feels sharper. i would recommend it to anyone. it absolutely works. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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welcome to the place where the aroma of authenticity turns into the scent of home. where cacique inspires you to add your own flair. and the warmth of friends and family is in every bite cacique. your auténtico awaits. coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00 p.m. it is pooch perfect, then black- ish, then mixed-ish followed by big sky and don't miss abc 7 at 11:00.
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for the first time st >> reporter: closed since march 2020, cast members were the first. one man got the ticket from a friend for his birthday. another park guest just had a son and is excited to bring him to disneyland for the first time. >> i just had a son and he's about 2 years old. he's never been here. wanting to bring him over here. it's the closure has just been a bummer. >> reporter: this cast member brought her family to the park,
4:57 pm
she says she's happy to get back to making magic for park guests. >> we're glad to have our jobs back. hopefully we'll get everybody back in. they're bringing back everybody slowly by surely so hopefully everybody will get their jobs back. >> reporter: it may not look like the last time you visited disneyland with only 25% capacity. enhanced social distancing and sanitization. also masks are required for all guests. many of the guests at the park today told me that wait lines were incredibly short at about 5 minutes to get on a ride. also the soft opening for employees runs through thursday. and then the general public is invited back into the park on april 30th. reporting from disneyland i'm alex chaney. very excited to get down there. go to space mountain can't wait. right now only california residents can go to disneyland and you must have a reservation in addition to tickets and disney is the parent company of abc 7. s that it for abc 7 news at
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from pfizer or pfizer and moderna. an area woman got a dose of each and describes what happened to her. >> what the guidelines mean for the bay area. droughts that the official word coming from one of the main water companies in the east bay. what other a million customers are going to be asked to do. plus wouldn't it be nice if you could make a scar disappear? the drug being developed by bay area researchers. abc 7 news now. building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. what happens when you mix and match covid vaccines. a south bay woman may have the answer. she says a mistake led to her getting two different doses. >> thank


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