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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 26, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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update guidelines tomorrow for wearing masks outside. the announcement will likely come from president biden. roger custer county says it has now hit 1 million doses administered. state data shows it is the third bay area county to hit that milestone. the johnson & johnson vaccine is being administered in the bay area. over the weekend, the state allowed vaccinations vaccinatios it makes up a small amount of doses that local counties actually have on hand. abc 7 news reporter stephanie sierra is following the developments with the j&j vaccine for us. as a 16th blood clot case in the u.s. it is rare, but it is right in the bay area. what have you found out? >> reporter: doctors have made it very clear that there could be other cases that have yet to be reported. 15 other cases prior to this have all occurred in women. but this patient out of ucsf is a patient in his 30s. >> reporter: a patient at ucsf
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health is the first case of a rare blood condition following use of the johnson & johnson vaccine. the san francisco resident, currently in his 30s, was diagnosed with tts last wednesday, april 21st. the pain started in his lower back and leg. >> these deep clots will present as pain and swelling. so if it's in one leg versus another, you will get pain and one leg versus another. it hurts. it's like you wake up in the middle of the night and you have a cramp in your leg. it's that kind of pain. >> reporter: the man was admitted to the hospital 13 days after receiving the shot. it is similar to the timeline reported in the other cases reporting women. he is expected to be discharged within a few days. >> he seek -- nature to seek care.
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he got treatment. he will come out of this just fine. >> reporter: while this is the first known male case of emergency use of the windows vaccine, the chief pharmacy executive explains that there was another case reported before. >> there is a mail in the clinical trial who did also have thrombosis. >> reporter: the cdc and fda approved the use of the johnson & johnson vaccine, last friday. shots were administered across the country on sunday. but not in california, yet. >> the department of public health in california would like to look at the data before releasing those doses back. but again, the percentage, what i have seen, it is a very low risk. >> reporter: abcs analysis of cdc data says j&j vaccines make up 4% of the total number of doses administered in california. in the bay bay bay bay three counties that have doses that make up more than that. alameda is at 6.4%. santa clara is at 5.2%. and san francisco is at 4.8%. >> it's going to open up the
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supply chain for us having more j&j vaccine. however, we are already seeing a decrease in demand. the bigger issue, i think, is making the case to people to get vaccinated. >> reporter: there are 2000 j&j vaccine appointments waiting to go live on the states my turn site, as far as when those doses will become available, that data review mentioned is expected to wrap up in a day or two. so we will keep a close eye on those appointments and find out exactly when they are added. >> thank you very much. stephanie sierra, reporting. two thirds of san franciscans have been vaccinated with at least one shot. the health director says he expects that figure to hit 70% by week's end. he says san francisco's vaccination rate is better than most u.s. cities, but there is room for improvement and
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progress. two bay area counties are making a push to vaccinate residents. marin county is fanning out to neighborhoods offering shots, no appointment necessary. santa clara county is offering same-day drop in vaccinations at clinics. appointment are not necessarily there either. the appointments are offering free rides to get to and from vaccination sites with an emphasis on getting older residents their shots. 75% of seniors are fully vaccinated in santa clara county. the focus is on the remaining 25% and eliminating barriers to get a shot. >> are transit services for people who cannot access fixed route transit, like they can't go to the station or the bus stop. >> the free rides will take passengers to any vaccination site in the county, have to be registered with the vta access program first. you can schedule rides by going
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to the website or by calling vta paratransit. in the east bay contra costa county has had a milestone with 1 million vaccine doses administered, that there are signs things may be slowing down. that was evident by what a crew found at an all but empty site in pittsburgh. look at this. laura anthony tells us there is also a growing trend of people skipping their second shot. >> reporter: there was no waiting at this pop-up covid vaccine clinic in pittsburgh. it's quite a contrast to recent images like these, where people waited for hours for that coveted shot. lauren perez didn't wait at all in pittsburgh to get her dose of pfizer. she tells us she will definitely get the second. >> if you get to shop, if that's what it takes to be vaccinated and covered, it's worth getting it done. >> reporter: according to the cdc, as many as 8% of americans who got the first dose have decided not to get the second shot. some don't want to face potential side effects twice, or may feel one dose is good enough. >> if you have gotten one, you need to. you are not going to be able to
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do what you want to do, necessarily, especially in states that are moving past new york state. >> reporter: so far, 2 to 3% of people are not showing up for 2nd doses. >> i am not seeing the hesitancy return for the second dose, but in regards to statistics, i believe there has been miscommunication in regards to where to show up for the second dose. >> reporter: this 51-year-old tells us she will get both doses, but worries about those who won't get vaccinated at all. >> a lot of the younger people i know, they are pretty hesitant. they are like, we don't >> reporter: why do you think that is? >> ignorance. >> if people don't embrace the vaccine and take both shots of
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moderna and pfizer, it will take us longer to get back to normal, if, ever. >> at least one of those we talked with will do their part. they will let friends and family know that there is no waiting. the vaccine is readily available right here in the neighborhood. >> i will post on my facebook page that they are doing pfizer shots, today. >> reporter: laura anthony, abc7 news. if you have any questions on the vaccine, head to our website. we have details after getting your shot and the guide to getting an appointment if you still need one. it is up now at new guidance is expected from the cdc about wearing masks, tomorrow. our abc7 vaccine team told us the changes we >> i'm expecting to hear some clear-cut guidelines that you can go ahead and take the mask off if you are outdoors, especially if you are vaccinated, but also within certain areas, you know? perhaps if you're in the embarcadero, you can take your mask off. it doesn't make sense to me if you see people sitting outdoors at a restaurant next to packed tables with their masks off
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because you are in a restaurant, but then you have to wear it if you are walking alone on a trail. >> more indoor in person events are resuming. the san francisco symphony ci reduced. in order to get in,get in,get i, need proof of vaccination or negative test result. masks will also be required. the symphony plans to hold concerts through june 25th. it has been 14 months14 months1s symphony had a live, in person performance. developing news, with the effort to recall governor newsom. they have enough signatures to move forward with the recall. it is not a done deal just yet. counties have until thursday to submit the rest of the verified signatures. that will be followed by a 30 day period where people can withdraw their signatures. an effort is underway to encourage californians who did sign the petition to remove their names. one governor believes that is unlikely to happen. he put out a tweet criticizing the recall, saying it will undo
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progress that was made during the pandemic, and too much is at stake. california will lose a little political clout. the state is still the most populous in the country with a 39 and half million people who live here, but its growth has stalled. that means our state is going to be one of seven states that will lose one seat in congress. new york needed 89 more people to hold a seat. liz kreutz is live with us with a closer look at what this all means for the most popular state in the union. >> that's right.that's california has lost a seat, including texas, and florida, which gained one. for california, it comes down to slow population growth. it's not that we aren't growing, it's that other places are growing much faster. >> reporter: for the first time in california history, the state has lost a congressional seat.
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instead of 53 house seats, we will have 52. the change comes after the census results, which show slow population growth in california. >> california grew 2 million residents since the the the the in 2011. the state is growing, but it's not growing at the same rate that it was in prior dates. >> reporter: states like texas and florida are growing at a faster pace. but why? >> why california hasn't grown so much in the past? i think there's a number of factors. >> reporter: officials said over the past decade, more people have left the state moved to it. that idea of a california exodus was promoted by the gop, which blamed governor newsom for policies that are driving people away. but paul mitchell with redistricting partners says it is more than that. >> i definitely understand that people want to look at the policy area as a point to
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people moving across the country, but birthrates are a real driving factor in the population change, not being as rapid as it was in the 70s, 80s and 90s. >> reporter: the data team found birthrates have declined in california over the past decade. whatever it is, the combination of factors have resulted in one less house seat in california. now, the collocated job every deck to sing. -- redistricting. it won't be available until this year, the current projections show the bay area could be safe from losing the district. >> the bay area as a whole, the nine county bay area region, right now, it is projected to essentially gain may be a fifth or a 10th -- it's a little political gain for the bay area. >> despite the fact that we are
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losing a house seat, as we mentioned, california still has the largest population of any state and the congressional states, so even though this means we are losing representation and electoral college votes, we still, as a state, will have a lot of political power. live in the newsroom, liz kreutz, abc7 news. >> let's talk about what happens next. tell us how redistricting will work. >> the reality is, one less seat means one less congress member, so somebody is going to lose their job. where in the state that c comes from is still unknown. when we get the population numbers, it is expected to show a shift of people who move from the coastal areas to inland areas, specifically in the l.a. and southern california area. because of that, southern california could be the area that loses a seat. we will see. >> liz, thank you. the people who want to recall windsor's mayor took a key step, today. that's ahead. companies are finding it hard to hire essential workers, some are offering bonuses to attract new help.
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new developments to recall the mayor of windsor, supporters filed paperwork to get the process of removing dominic foppoli rolling. all they needed was 20 signatures, and the town has to verify them. next they need 20% of his voters to put the recall on the ballot. foppoli faces multiple sexual assault challenges, he has refused to resign, but said he will take a step back from his
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roll-on counsel. police are looking for the man caught on surveillance video who casually and clumsily stole a cash register from the euro bar restaurant. it was one of four businesses that was vandalized yesterday morning. police believe the same man is responsible for all four of these. he broke the glassthe glassthe s authorities are not saying how much money he got away with. in the meantime, while we are talking about breaking glass, frustration tonight followed the release of a homeless man suspecting of vandalizing cars and homes with a shovel. as wayne freedman explains, the situation is exacerbated by covid-19 on the jail system, and what that suspect is accused of doing in the city after his release.
6:17 pm
>> reporter: this is the home surveillance video that has much of petaluma angry. it shows a homeless suspect allegedly breaking the window of a car with a shovel, and that was just the beginning. >> this was his favorite car. >> reporter: miranda lives a couple blocks away. she found every window broken in her car and another in the living room. she is one of 11 victims, mostly on bernice court. >> i almost don't care about the damage as much as i feel unsafe. >> this is his third such attack on homes and vehicles. >> reporter: daniel gibbs across the street confirmed the information from petaluma police after finding damage to 2 of her cars and the bedroom window. >> the glass flew all over me and my husband, all over the bed. >> he stood calmly in the street, waited for the police, and asked for a cigarette. >> he looked calm. he looked unperturbed.
6:18 pm
>> reporter: beyond the damage, within hours of his arrest, he was a free man again, released from sonoma county jail without bail. you can blame covid for that, they say. now fast forward to this morning. he was arrested again for assault. >> there were 11 victims for us on the first call car was damaged. an officer was assaulted by him kicking an officer in the stomach. we expect that person to stay in custody. we arrested him in january for the same thing. >> reporter: these are strange, stressful, covid times. technically, it's just property damage. don't expect that to satisfy the residence of bernice court. >> i don't feel safe in my home. i know he's out. i know if he gets the itch and wants to do it again, he can. i know if i call the cops, he will be out that same night. >> reporter: how frustrating is that? >> i don't have words. >> reporter: wayne freedman, abc7 news.
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we hear of signing bonuses for star athletes, now they are being used to attract minimum wage workers. restaurants are having difficulty doing the staff they laid off at the start of a pandemic to return. it's a major hurdle further economy, part of building a better bay area. david louis shows us how much of a problem this actually is. >> reporter: a surging need is evident on online job sites such as indeed and zip recruiter. the response has been disappointing. >> we will set up interviews and get a no call, no show for the interview. >> reporter: employers are dangling bonuses of $500 to attract dishwashers, sometimes even paying above minimum ways. -- wage. >> we can do that right now, there's not enough business. we are trying to make it up in other ways. >> reporter: the owner of this grill says he tries to create a happy work environment. the problem is, these are not full-time jobs, so that means less income and tips. >> they are not going to be getting the tips that they would be getting if we were
6:20 pm
operating at full capacity, right? so it might not be reasonable for them to make the decision to take that job. >> reporter: unemployment benefits can be better than taking part-time work. >> if you take off work for a couple hours a day, it's not going to offset the benefits. and as a result, people are more likely to do that. >> reporter: that is putting the squeeze on restaurant managers who enlist family and friends to fill in gaps in the kitchen and servers in the dining room -- labor economists say that the workers available might take months to resolve. they see hourly workers taking the summer off before kids return to school in the fall, and to live a little under less pandemic restrictions. >> people who might want a job could put it off for a few months if they are in a position to do so to take advantage of being able to travel, and enjoy things for the first time in a while. >> reporter: workplace safety can be a concern.
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all right. it's a nice day outside after a little rain, yesterday. >> that's exactly right. it sounds like regular springtime services about to resume. >> we had a little bit of rain over the weekend. everybody saw the wet weather. we saw the showers set up really minimal, it cleaned out the pollen from the air. we have fresh skies, today. we have one load shower that has popped up around santa rosa 101 a little bit in the area. this is all associated with some instability in the the the atmosphere. there is nothing widespread, unfortunately, when it comes to
6:25 pm
rainfall in the next 24 hours. we have light snow falling around tahoe right now, perhaps a dusting in sosososo that is all associated with this area of low pressure. live doppler 7 is basically spending over nevada right now. you get that peak daytime heating, that instigating factor. it creates showers popping up. once the showers set, it will be all about dry weather for the week let's take a live look showing you fluffy clouds on the horizon, that storm over the weekend helped clear pollutants out of the atmosphere. it is below average for this time of year, 50s on the board from san francisco to oakland to san jose. this time of year, we should be in th60or70s. are not a lot of people at the beach right now. there are more birds than people from this vantage point. right now, it is 57 in novato. you can feel a warm spot at 62, it is breezy out there.
6:26 pm
we have a gust from time to time. it is gusting near 20 miles per hour. and it will happen again, tomorrow. tomorrow morning, the wind will weaken. it will come up in afternoon. expect those breezes from time to time, gusting as high as 30 miles per hour. it will be a bit warmer. we will have cloud cover and a marine layer. it is really compressed right now. we have cool spots in napa and santa rosa. we are more likely in the mid to low 40s for the first thing tomorrow morning. we have a supermoon. it is one of the first this year. that moon is coming up at 7:44 in the eastern horizon. it will be larger and brighter. the moon is closer to the earth right now. it is named for the most pink wildflowers. it will malik pink the -- it
6:27 pm
will look beautiful. it is 71 in , is the high in antioch. here is the seven-day forecast, those numbers keep on climbing. wednesday and thursday, april warmth, slightly cool down for saturday and sunday, but all in all, we are talking about dry weather for the next seven days and temperatures above average for this time of year. >> outstanding, thank you very much. frantic phone calls and narrow escapes, we are getting a look at one of california's largest wildfires through the eyes of those who survived it.
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 our seven on your side team has documented problems that have plagued the edd during the
6:31 pm
pandemic. they range from complaints to fraud. the problems keep coming as we will investigate. tonight, we have another case that our team looked into. legitimate workers are still trying to prove their identities, or they lose their benefits. a bay area woman was thrown out of the system as a possible case of fraud. michael finney is here now. he got to the bottom of this. michael found out, as you do, the truth. >> reporter: it is truly amazing. the state of california, as you know, has tried to protect seniors from having to go out during the pandemic. i.d. me told this woman otherwise. she made a heroic effort to prove her identity and still, it wasn't enough. >> i said, please help me. i don't know what i'm supposed to do. i've been rejected. >> reporter: linda has been trying for months to prove she really is linda green. she's a laid-off legal secretary, and not one of the
6:32 pm
hordes of scammers ripping off the edd. >> i sent them my drivers license plus everything else, social security, birth certificate, everything else. >> reporter: she and 1.4 million others got this notice from the edd back in january, freezing their accounts for possible fraudulent activity. they had 30 days to prove their identity, or lose benefits for good. >> i had to go >> reporter: she was using the online verification tool after waiting 24 hours for a live interview, and agent came online and told linda her drivers license was no good >> she says my license was expired. i said, yes, i know, because i'm over 70. >> reporter: she reminded that the state of california gave everyone over the age of 70 a year to renew so they would not go into dmv offices during the pandemic. she goes, it doesn't matter, you are expired. >> i said, what am i supposed
6:33 pm
to do? get a license, send me the license, you'll be fine. but i have to reject you. >> reporter: linda managed to do what millions of californians cannot do, she got an appointment at the the the t >> they told me they could get me in tomorrow. i said, you're kidding me. i didn't have to take a test. i immediately got my license. >> reporter: she returned two weeks later with her freshly minted drivers license, not just any license, but a federally approved real i.d., meaning homeland security standards, but it wasn't good enough. i.d. niwot and let her back into her account. >> it's not active. >> reporter: by now, she missed the deadline to prove her identity, and edd went ahead and canceled her benefits, saying, you have failed to respond to the department's request to confirm your identity. no she didn't. she had been trying for months. linda contacted seven on your side, and we tried to
6:34 pm
get back into her i.d. me account. >> they are saying it's incorrect. >> reporter: on top of everything, she forgot the password, and fittingly, her dog chewed up or note. >> i can piece it together. why does she have to chew on paper? she must've swallowed what i need. there she is. and you see her? don't kiss me. who did this? >> reporter: instead, we talked it i.d. me. and the ceo responded immediately, saying linda should have never been required to go out to the dmv during the pandemic helped her had been fired. >> the representative involved was wrong. we fell short of the mark. we have guidance and policies to follow the directives from the issuing dmv. we have verified her, now. i am reaching out directly to apologize, and to let her know how badly we feel about it. >> reporter: with uncharacteristic speed, the edd restored linda's benefits. >> yes.
6:35 pm
i'm really thrilled and excited. thank you so much, sososo >> reporter: the edd says it will assume your claims are fraudulent if you do not meet the deadline to prove your identity, or at least show you have responded. our thanks to i.d. me for taking quick action in getting linda's claims back on track. man, i wish they all had this happy ending. >> i wish they did, too. at least this case got resolved satisfactorily. thanks so much. the creek fire raged near fresco, scorching 380,000 acres, making it one of the largest wildfires in state history. it included daring rescues as people got trapped by the flames. now stories are being told in a powerful documentary put together by our sister station and fresco.
6:36 pm
>> we are by the water. we are being told to go. we are safe. i have all of it together. i want you to know we are safe, and i don't know how much longer -- but please know that we are fine, okay? i love you. >> i definitely wasn't expecting to hear those kind of words from my sister while she was camping. >> after burning for 3 weeks, the creek fire is the largest fire in california recorded history. >> those first few days were just terrifying. >> i have been here for 38 years. it has never turned into this before. >> no human, nobody wants to start a fire like that. >> i don't know what else -- >> as soon as we headed toward the area, you could see the intense smoke and flames. >> it was apocalyptic.
6:37 pm
>> we had to keep trying. >> i had been working against it all these years. it hurts so bad. >> i was scared for my life. i thought i was going to die and never see you again. >> the heat was just incredible. >> this fire, all sides, all around us -- >> there are so many unsung heroes of this creek fire. >> just knowing you made a difference in someone else's life -- >> you're serious, right? >> do you think you'll ever leave that message? >> no. it keeps me remembering that that was bad, but it ended good. >> wow. you can watch the full documentary, mountain strong, surviving the creek fire, by downloading the abc7 app on your connected devices. it is available now on roku, amazon fire, and apple tv. all you have did go -- listening to that voicemail throws -- blows you away.
6:38 pm
>> that i'm okay, just know that, and those images are soak eerie and apocalyptic, but the stories you hear in this special are so inspiring and powerful. >> yes. we hope you can take some time to tune into that. for now, we will go on to breakthrough victories and a few surprises. the oscars had it all. so what is next for those who to my name is douglas. i'm a writer/director and i'm still working. in the kind of work that i do, you are surrounded by people who are all younger than you. i had to get help somewhere along the line to stay competitive. i discovered prevagen. i started taking it and after a period of time, my memory improved. it was a game-changer for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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the oscars are in the books. there was an upset for best actor. >> so what is next for those who took home an award? our sister station looks at what the future could hold for the winners. >> reporter: chloe is jumping from the middle of nowhere in nomad land from the middle of the marvel cinematic universe. she is directing an all-star cast in marvels the internals, which introduces a whole new team of superheroes. the film is
6:42 pm
november 5th release. her star and coproducer, frances mcdormand, is set to produce and star in the film adaptation of the novel, women talking. best actor winner, anthony hopkins, is leading the cast of the mystery thriller called, where are you? as for daniel kahlc reunite with get out filmmaker jordan peele, he ishe ishe ishes star in an untitled thriller. they are keeping things close to the vest. reportedly, one costar will be stephen young. as for best original screenplay winner, she has two big productions on the the the the she debuted her baby bump on the red carpet at the 2021 oscars, then she told me about the exciting new writing project she has in the works. >> we we we we we cinderella in the west end. it is me and david andrew lloyd webber.
6:43 pm
it is heaven. it's a romantic comedy. it's got amazing music and a lot of amazing costumes. yeah, i hope everyone loves it. >> reporter: as first the best supporting actress, she is looking for her best supporting movie. she made some inroads with the actor and producer who presented her with her award. >> finally, nice to meet you. >> i don't know about you, but i sure look forward to seeing what she does next. in los angeles, george pataki over abc7 news. in case you missed it, we have all the best moments from this year's oscars in one place. download the abc7 app on your smart tv now. it is available for roku, amazon fire, android tv and apple tv. go to the on the red carpet oscars 2021 section to see it all. san frciscfoitself, quite l
6:44 pm
take a look. eight foot tall letters spelling out bay view were installed on third street near mead avenue. it is a community designed parks project. the engineering from behind it says letters are designed to be visible from the bayshore freeway. >> we wanted to create a special identity for the bayview area. it's one of the biggest areas in the city. it has been historically marginalized and neglected over the years. hopefully, this creates an identity and gateway into this part of san francisco. >> each letter will be covered in mosaic tile that comes from the neighborhood. landscaping will be added to the area, including a grove of
6:45 pm
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after a trying year of distance learning, san francisco is launching an ambitious summer learning program that would be free of charge to students in the city. it is called the summer together initiative. registration began for families living in public housing. they can choose between two programs, each a month long, one is education focused, the
6:48 pm
other is activity heavy, led by san francisco. >> this has never been done in san francisco. we are doing it because of this crisis. the city is funding it with $15 million investments. we received a $25 million deletion from a a a a a a a start. >> they did something similar last month to a high degree of success. programs will require students be masked. they will be kept in small cohorts as a safety measurement. they will have something fun to do this summer. it is starting to feel a little bit like summer. >> it is, after a chilly weekend, our meteorologist is back with a change in the forecast. we are going from breezy weather that we had, today, to above average. warm weather is going to take hold of the forecast for the rest of the week. tonight, coming up at 7:00, if you take a a a a a a a hashtag abc7 now. temperatures drop into the 30s and 40s overnight. first thing, you will wake up
6:49 pm
and need the layers. it might get warmer and breezy her. look at the wind gusts. you might see wind gusting in spots over 30 miles per hour. tomorrow, the wind will bring in nicer weather. these numbers will be in the 50s and and and and and and and the warmest spots are approaching 80 degrees. 62 is a high for tomorrow. it is 71 in san jose. 75 is the hyatt in santa rosa. for the next seven days, that warming trend continues wednesday to thursday. a lot of us away from the coast, 70s and 80s, all in all, saturday and sunday are shaping up pretty nice. >> it does look great. thank you so much, drew. larry beil is here with some 49ers news, larry? >> this is interesting, today. there is a saying amongst coaches, if you listen to advice from the fans, pretty soon you will be sitting in the stands right next to them. kyle shanahan dismissed all of us, saying, well, i may take
6:50 pm
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now, abc7 sports with larry beil. >> with the nfl draft coming up on abc7,
6:53 pm
thing quite clear, today. the niners are going to pick the guy they like regardless of what you think, what i think, what twitter thinks, in other words, he almost said, matt jones,, and down. many expect that they will take the quarterback despite more athletic, sexy your qb is being available. shanahan says family arins wife because he isresponding to their many suggestions or concerns. unless this is a gigantic smokescreen, shanahan says, you know, i may take matt jones, and you just have to deal with it. >> do nuits nuits nuits nuits n want? i don't feel like we need to say that. i think every candidate has gotten stronger. yeah, will probably start with one of mine, but that one got better sense, and so have all the other candidates. >> can you say with certainty that jimmy groff will be on the roster on sunday? >> i can't guarantee that anybody in the world will be alive on sunday. so i can't guarantee will be on the roster -- that goes for all of us. >> that got dark, quickly.
6:54 pm
he promptly tweeted, i will call you on sunday to let you know i am alive, coach. george is the best. for the first time since last march, fans will make their return to the tank. the team held a soft opening for employees and family members on sunday. the sharks were the pro team in the country that and fans, that is when santa clara counclara cn more than 1000 people last year. they are looking for an eight- game skid. tonight's game goes beyond hockey. >> it will be nice to have a little noise and atmosphere. hopefully, that helps us. for me, i think about putting myself in their shoes. being able to get back is a huge achievement for the area and for society. >> when is a no-hitter not a no- hitter? the x giant through a no no in atlanta yesterday, but because it was the second game of a doubleheader, it was only seven
6:55 pm
innings. those are covid rules. officially, it doesn't count as a no-hitter because it didn't go a full nine innings. but major-league baseball made the rule in the first place that the game could only be seven innings. it counts as a shut out. all the other stats count in this game, but not the no, no, which makes sense. the warriors are fighting for a playoff spot. steph curry is playing at the mvp level. he had 31 points and a win over the kings. he has hit 85 threes this month. that is an nba record. he has two more games to add to that, tonight against dallas, then thursday against minnesota. in a recurring theme, he would tweak his ankle again, finish the game, then use the ankle to literally walk off the post game interview podium. >> it's fine. it's another episode of as the ankle turns, so it might bemighe
6:56 pm
it was really good. i like that one. i like that one. that was good. that was off top of the dome, too, you know what i'm saying? we'll see what happens on tuesday. i'm real proud of that one. i got to lock off on that one, sorry, thank you. >> as the ankle turns, mic drops, he's out. we could do a 10 part series on as the ankle ankle ankle ankle l by the way, tampa 2-1 during the night. i will bring highlights of that game at 11:00. i hope, i can't promise that i'll be around at 11:00. who knows? we are all moment to moment. >> all right. that's a great soap opera name, but we don't want to watch that, larry. larry. larry. larr coming up coming up comi it's a two hour special, sesame street, 50 years of sunny days. then at 10:00 p.m., it's the
6:57 pm
good dr., followed by abc7 news at 11:00. we are done from now, i am on the dates. >> from all of us, we appreciate your time, we will see what 11.
6:58 pm
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