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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 26, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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check out this video. and shows the rate on the golden gate bridge yesterday. lisa is tracking our days ahead. good morning, monday, april 26th. we are going to start by checking in with lisa. it wasn't a lot of rain, lisa, but it certainly happened. >> that's right, we would need about 100 of those to get to where we should be for this time of the year. mill valley came in with one third of an inch. dublin and danville, a quarter of an inch. the rest of you, well, not so impressive. but those we look at by doppler 7, there is the system and we are looking at a ridge of high pressure, allowing for some warmer days beginning tomorrow. clear skies here, golden gate bridge, where numbers are pretty cool in the north bay. upper 30s in morgan hill, 41 in mountville. another look here, isn't this pretty from the peak camera tonight, it's a full moon. you want to check it out. mid 30s from santa rosa. 43 in concord. and with the cooler start today, you'll need the jacket, and we will look for numbers below average. 50s to low 60s.low 60s.low 60s..
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>> thank you, lisa. all anybody is talking about this morning is the 93rd annual oscars, which took a different approach to deliver a mid-pandemic award ceremony. >> there are some important winners, definitely some surprises, especially toward the end. data hernandez is live from hollywood with the big moments of the night. hello. >> reporter: good morning, reggie. kumasi, the oscars ceremony this year was all about storytelling. the presenters told our stories. we heard stories about the nominees. all while attendees gathered at union station in los angeles. >> and the oscar goes to nomadland. >> chloe zhao is nomadland , crossing the american west, taking home three academy awards, including best picture and a much bigger different picture this year. the first woman of color to win
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best director. >> this is for anyone the faith and courage to hold onto the goodness in themselves and to hold onto the goodness in each other, no matter how difficult it is to do that. >> no acceptance speeches were allowed and all nominees were required to appear in person or on satellite. >> frances mcdormand, nomadland. >> reporter: frances mcdormand taking home best actress, the third time she won the award. at the ninth biggest surprise. >> anthony hopkins, the father. >> reporter: for anthony hopkins winning best actor for his role in the drama, the father. many believe the award would go to chadwick boseman for his final performance in ma rainey's black bottom. hopkins wasn't in attendance. the academy accepting the award on his behalf. daniel kaluuya took home best supporting actor for judas and the black messiah. the history for the first
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screen actress ever to win in an acting category for playing a grandmother in minari. >> finally, nice to meet you. >> reporter: original song nominees performed at a preshow, not during the actual telecast. the coronavirus met no crowds, that also meant physical distancing and fewer cameras. it did also mean there were no official oscar parties this year. in hollywood, jade hernandez, abc seven news. >> i'm glad you added official. back to the big surprise, the final award for best actor, you know so many people were talking about this. really thinking chadwick boseman would win. it didn't happen, so what's the word right now in hollywood on that? >> reporter: well, sir anthony hopkins was not in attendance, and on instagram, he posted a short speech and a tribute to chadwick boseman. i think that really goes to show just exactly how much sir
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anthony hopkins felt that he needed to kind of address the fact that chadwick boseman was maybe the favorite in this category, but that is what sir anthony hopkins did this morning, by posting on instagram a small tribute to bozeman. >> thank you, jade. we should note, talent from the bay area brought home oscar gold, emory based pixar won two oscars for soul. they won best animated film and for the trio behind the music, the first oscar for jazz artists john batiste and second for musicians trent as her and atticus ross. vallejo singer-songwriter her to go home oscar for fight for you, from the film judas and the black messiah. frances mcdormand won twice best actress for nomad land and producing for the same film.
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we have the best moments from this year's oscars in one place, just download the trend to bay area app on your smart tv right now. is available for roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and android tv. experience every star-studded moment, just go to on the red carpet oscars 2021 him and you will see it all. the bay area is set to start giving out the johnson & johnson covid-19 vaccine again this week, but it's coming is we're learning a man from the bay area suffered from a blood clot after getting that vaccine. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield live at ucsf medical center with what researchers are saying about this, amy? >> reporter: hi there. ucsf is saying this is the first known case in amman in the united states this is according to the san francisco chronicle, they are recording reporting that the man is in his 30s becky got a call in his leg and is in the hospital. the chronicle quotes his ucsf dr. saying, he is doing well and expected to leave the hospital in the next few days. this comes as the j&j vaccine has just been cleared to be used again in the united
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states. the dr. is quoted saying this should not discourage people from getting the j&j shot. eight bay area counties and the city of berkeley have released a joint statement, saying the risk of blood clots is low and the j&j vaccine can safely give it again. the federal government pause the use of the j&j vaccine for two weeks, after 15 women reported getting blood clots. 7 million j&j shots have been given. the cdc gave the all clear on writing for the j&j vaccine to be used again. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. thank you, amy. millions of americans are not getting their second doses of the covid-19 vaccine. the new numbers from the cdc show about 8% of americans have missed the second shot. this is about 5 million people. that is more than double the rate among people who got vaccinated in the first several weeks of the nationwide campaign. the cdc says, their research
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shows, the reasons varied from people who were afraid of side effects, to some people who feel that they are protected enough after just getting one shot. but that does go against recommended guidance. for more information about the race to vaccinate, just go to . we put this interactive tracker there. it shows you how many people have gotten the shot where you live. there's been several deadly encounters between police and members of the public since derek chauvin was convicted of murder last week. this morning, a virginia man is in critical condition after being shot by police during a domestic disturbance call. jobina is out the live desk with more on what the family is now saying. >> the family of isaiah brown says police mistook a cordless house phone for a gun. some of the video you are about to see is hard to watch. early monday morning, brown placed a call to 911 in the midst of an argument with his brother over his car. he walked outside when a sheriff's deputy arrived, body camera footage captured part of the interaction. >> show me your hands, now.
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show me your hands. drop the gun. she's got a gun to his head. drop the gun now. stop, stop, stop. >> the deputy fired several shots at brown, then performed life-saving measures before brown was taken to the hospital in critical condition. >> this is an incident that clearly should've been de- escalated. it was not a situation that needed to result in another shooting of an unarmed black male. >> the attorney is also asking for the dispatch audio, with the deputy before the shooting to be released. he said there was a failure of communication between dispatch and the officer. reggie? >> reporter: jobina, thank you. today, the family of daniel andrew brown junior watch the body camera video showing him being shot and killed by north alanna deputy last week. the 42-year-old father of seven died on wednesday. they tried serving a search warrant for his arrest on
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felony drug charges. protests pressured for the release of the body can video. north carolina's governor even during those calls. the family lawyer claimed brown was unarmed. so far, seven deputies have been placed on administered of leave. still ahead, more restrictions could be coming to the bay area this week. the next agency asking people to reduce their water use. and a look at elton john's virtual oscars after party. the funds raised cause. good monday morning to you. gorgeous look, golden gate bridge, just a little bit of logout there.
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santa clara county. stay strong. spread hope. today's ways of working may work differently tomorrow. but you can work out anything with comcast business. get fast internet on the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businees. like wi-fi you control.onth . and expert advice here, here, or even here. be fast. be flexible. bounce forward with comcast business. get started with a powerful internet and voice solution for just $64.90 a month. plus, for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. switch today. a majority of california dealing with drought
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conditions, and that could lead to some voluntary water restrictions as soon as this week. east bay municipal utility district lance about tomorrow on declaring a state one drought. that would mean it would be a 10% voluntary reduction of water use, but would not impact cost. >> it is looking like the driest year ever for us. right now, there is no added financial burden to our customers. >> 85% of california is in severe, extreme, or exceptional drought. compare that to last year, only 12% of the state was at that same level. >> and in the north bay, santa rosa fire department says, it is likely to officially declare an early start to fire season in just a matter of weeks. firefighters say they are anticipating a long and dry summer. tough to hear, lisa. >> we are almost like los angeles, with the year-round fire season now with back to
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back dry seasons, and a week of temperatures anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees above beginning tomorrow. as we look live outside our exploratory in camera, nice and sunny, low 40s mountain vi40s san jose. 40 in san francisco. from mount tam, beautiful view here. on the cooler side of average today as we are behind that system. mid 30s in santa rosa and napa. definitely a colder start out there. the winds are going to pick up today, 4:00, 20 to 30 mile an hour winds, half moon bay to san francisco. tuesday, even though we begin the mortise modest warm-up, we will look for numbers on tuesday to reach the 70s, even 80s inland. look what happens wednesday, reds coming into playinto playiy numbers well above average. 60 in san mateo, 58 in richmond, breezy today around the bay.
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jobina? thank you, lisa. at morning, everyone. update on the five car crash we were covering in new work, thankfully it has cleared, but they're such a big backup in the area. speeds down to around 7 miles per hour. past geneva avenue, heading over to san francisco, because we have a far car fire right now past geneva avenue. painfully there is no backup there and it doesn't appear injuries were involved. metering lights on earlier than usual today and 5:58. so that is about normal. i will keep an eye on that backup as you can see this forming come but things are looking good in oakland, chanute 880 at the coliseum camera. reggie and kumasi? thank you, jobyou, jobyou, o joe crackdown, stopping the disturbances. president biden's push for gun control and police reform. the speech he
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oakland police are cracking down on sideshow activity.
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>> if you think you've gotten away with sideshow in the past, there are those that will tell you, we have come to their homes and taken their vehicles after a sideshow. department our tyjoy it. announced they are adding patrol dedicated to sideshow enforcement. police are also asking the public to report sideshows by sending them an email at sideshow tips at opopopopopop this week, president biden is going to push for gun control and police reform. it comes on the hills of the guilty verdict in derek chauvin's trial and several mass shootings. jobina is at the live desk with details on this key address expected from the president. for my thank you, reggie. president biden will be speaking before a joint session of congress for the first time on wednesday. has speaker nancy pelosi extended him the invitation earlier this month. ending gun violence will be at the forefront of that address.
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the speech comes just before the president 100th day in office, a wave of mass killings in several high-profile poli shootings black americans have pushed the issue to the forefront. the biden administration is calling on congress to do its part. >> we actually, as administration, have taken action. the president issued executive orders, congress has asked. wednesdays address comes as the george floyd justice in policing act remains on the senate floor. it aims to limit bias in policing, and weed out police misconduct. but only requires those changes were federal officers. the president's speech will also give him a chance to make the case for his $2.3 trillion infrastructure package. the house is aiming to pass that by july 4th. kumasi? thanks, jobina. vice president kamala harris calling for action on gun control. >> we should have background checks. that's just reasonable gun safety laws. we should have an assault weapons ban, assault weapons have been designed to kill a lot of people, quickly.
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they are weapons of war. congress has asked. has aske >> speaking yesterday, vice sa, she thought the sandy hook elementary school shooting in 2012 would be the turning point for congress. she emphasized, it is now a white house priority. good morning america is coming up in 7:00 right here on abc7. >> ginger z has a look at what's ahead. >> great to be with you both this morning. i'm glad you like this, i'm giving you not old-time hollywood feel in jeje the jersey theater, really cool story, i will tell you about it later. but first we have course how to bring you to southern california and hollywood, where we've got folks live, talking about the big surprises from the oscars, and the unforgettable moments. we will go behind the scenes with the winners, and also, we got a talk about coronavirus. at least 31 states are resuming the johnson & johnson vaccine. that is after i got the green light from federal regulators, but there is growing concern
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about the millions of americans who are not getting thei second moderna or pfizer shots. we will have the latest on that. than the terrifying nascar crash, joey o'donnell, i worked with him before on a nascar thing, wow, walking away unharmed, thankfully, after his car flipped. this morning, he is calling for changes. we always do it big, the oscars after party, even in a pandemic. three top stylist with their favorite red carpet looks, the top trends of the night, plus what you can do to bring some of those fashion influences into your everyday wardrobe. i feel like tomorrow i show up in a giant gold skirt and i know you two will support it, reggie and kumasi. >> see, there is that skirt again. out that i was talking about earlier. if you were a huge thing like that, you will be in every shot. >> listen, she knows we will support it. >> she is a fashion even anyway. >> we will support you. >> what about the feathers
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though. know? reggie is not into i don't know, let ginger go first, she can definitely wear it. good morning, everyone. ridge of high pressure offshore, hasn't built in yet. when it does, it'll begin the warming trend. hears from the east bay health camera, a chilly morning for some of you, upper 40s in san francisco and oakland, 41 in san jose. and at the beach. speaking of the beach, temperatures in the low 40s here in santa cruz winds up to 20 miles an hour. it'll be breezy. number is barely at 60 degrees down in santa cruz. so you know that means 50s closer to home around ocean beach and look at those 30s from santa rosa to napa. as much as 13 degrees colder behind that exiting cold front, 43 in concord and livermore. and look at that colder start, all across the bay area. 9 degrees colder in concord. chile to start. the winds will pick up, especially along the coast in the afternoon and a mix of
6:22 am
clouds and sun out there. you only the jackets, 16 cupertino, sunnyvale this afternoon, redwood 60 and looking at mid-50s from sunset. those winds kicking up throughout the afternoon, even about a 30 mile an hour gusts as we get into the late afternoon. 62 in santa rosa, 61 vallejo and upper 50s as we get towards oakland and san leandro. heading inland, you think it would be warmer, just about 2 to 3 degrees warmer. a springlike afternoon in san ramon at 62. accuweather seven-day forecast, more sometime tomorrow with a good 10 degrees jump inland. that continues with the numbers 5 to 10 degrees warmer for bayside communities, and
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happy monday to you. mike has the day off. as we look at the golden gate bridge, the sun was up five minutes ago, sets at 7:55.
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we will be looking at a partly cloudy day, just a little bit of fog out there this morning. we have a drier and sunnier pattern giving set for tomorrow into friday and looking at a big warmup with numbers 5 to 10 degrees above average by wednesday. so no more snow in the sierra nevada. that system has departed. will temperatures in the 40s though. a little rain along the north coast, and even cool down through southern california. tomasi? thank you, lisa. a ups driver in chicago, in that area, lived up to his name and rescued a boy trapped under a 90 pound box. look at this. surveillance video shows a four- year-old boy going to get the boped off. the box toppled over and trapped the youngster underneath it. so the driver, marco angel, heard the boy yelling for help and immediately got out of his truck, sprinted across the street. >> i was scared i was going to fall down the stairs. >> as soon as i saw the package tilt, i started running back to
6:26 am
it. i pictured my boys in his situation. obviously you going to kind of full parent mode for that moment. >> the family and the driver finally got to meet over zoom, giving them a chance to thank the real-life angel. the covid-19 pandemic meant there were no in person oscar after party this year. usually elton john has, you know, the party of the year. it did happen this year, but it just happened in a much different way. the rocket man and do a leap hour jamming out for the 29th annual elton john aids foundation academy awards viewing party. things were virtual this year, hosted by neil patrick harris. the night raise around $3 million for the growth global effort to end aids. >> dual leiva looks so pretty. >> i know, love her. that looks fun.
6:27 am
>> it did. >> next to 6:30, more students in san francisco heading back to the classroom today, grade levels returning to in person learning, also the effort to keep students and teachers safe with covid test, and the announcement from state officials. apple promising tens of thousands of new jobs, but many of them are not going to be in silicon valley. where the company is putting much of its in
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♪ (build me up) ♪ ♪ buttercup, baby ♪ ♪ just to let me down ♪ ♪ (let me down) ♪ ♪ and mess me around ♪ ♪ and then worst of all ♪ ♪ (worst of all) ♪ ♪ you never call, baby ♪ ♪ when you... ♪ ♪ say you will... ♪ carl. what have you done? think anyone will notice? yes. yeah. if you ride, you get it. yeah, they will. geico motorcycle. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. >> now at six:30, the positives lifted, the johnson & johnson vaccine is ready for combat, how soon shot could be going into arms, once again. are you ready to travel to europe? now you can, but it will be rules you have to follow, breaking down what you need to know before you fly.
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hollywood's biggest night is now wrap. glitz and glamour taking center stage at oscars like we have never seen before. if you missed the moment, we have everything from the big winners to the red carpet fashion. good morning, everybody. it is monday, april 26th. we want to check in with lisa for a look at the forecast. >> beautiful view here from the sutro tower camera. a lot of sunshine, numbers on the cool side. upper 30s in morgan hill, 48 and oakland and san francisco and from san rafael, cleared out yesterday, so the second half of the day wasn't too bad, while the rain really took its time lingering in the south bay. mid-30s in napa as well as derosa. partly cloudy today. we are done with the rain. the winds will pick up as we get towards our 2:00 hour. notice, still some 50s and 60s out there. we will be below average today. the only day throughout the work week that we will be below average. reggie? thank you. a bay area man may be the first
6:31 am
in the country to experience a blood clot issue after getting the johnson & johnson vaccine. should not deter you from getting that one does protection? the ucsf dr. said no, it shouldn't. amy hollyfield is live with more on this unusual case. amy? >> reporter: we are hearing that this morning, reggie, officials are saying this should not discourage people from getting the j&j vaccine, which has been cleared to be used again. the san francisco chronicle is reporting a bay area man in his 30s god clot in his leg, and is in the hospital. the chronicle quotes his at ucsf things he is doing well and should be out of the hospital in a few days and is saying people should still feel safe getting the j&j shot. we also checked in with a san mateo county supervisor this morning, who has been very involved with the vaccine rollout. we asked him what he would tell people this morning about what they learn with this new blood clot. >> we've got to trust the science, not just the data,
6:32 am
that adjuster doctors. is this the greatest news? absolutely not? should it stop us from moving forward with j&j? which is basically going to save lives during >> reporter: he said he hopes this does not create vaccine habits and see. pointing out there have been about 16 cases of blood clots that we know of, while 7 million j&j shots have been given. the cdc did put in place a two week pause on the j&j vaccine, while they investigated the blood clot situation. but on friday, they cleared the way for the j&j shot to be given again. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. thank you for your california using the coronavirus transmission mate dip again. the sign it is going. the seven-day rate is at 1.3%. california did report a slight increase in the number of new
6:33 am
cases yesterday with more than 1700. the number of fully vaccinated people also jumped substantially, and is now at more than 11 1/2 million. the state reports having a 17 day inventory of vaccines. now you can pack your bags for europe, but only if you are fully vaccinated. jobina at the live desk looking into what i had european union is looking to. >> what we know here, it's been more than a year since nonessential travel was allowed in the european union. american to have been vaccinated against covid-19 should and the keyword and should, be able to travel to europe by summer, according to the new york times, talks between the u.s. and eu advanced due to the base of covid-19 vaccinations in america, of course. there are many specifics to be ironed out. the main one, how to prove you are vaccinated. the main idea is to present a green vaccine passport. that would be a negative covid test, a positive antibody test, or eval and vaccine card from the cdc. >> if you have been vaccinated
6:34 am
or have access to the easy pass lane on a tollroad. you can breeze right through. >> the head of the eu did not elaborate on an exact date for reopening nonessential travel to americans. she noted, the u.s. was, quote, making huge progress in its pain to reach so-called herd immunity or vaccinating 70% of all adult by mid-june. thank you, jobina. today san francisco public and middle high schools will be welcoming back some students for in person learning. the school district says classrooms will be opening for priority populations. that includes newcomer students, those demonstrating limited online engagement, students, foster youth, students in public housing, and special needs students. all other middle and high schoolers won't be going back to class e ll. contra costa unununununun recruiting retirees, grad student tutors, and others, to help meet the needs of thousands of students. the district reports staffing shortages are affecting their interventions and their hubs.
6:35 am
interventions are for high need students and in person hubs are for students to do distance- learning in a supervised setting. some 6300 students return for in person learning a week ago. california will now be providing covid-19 testing kits for any school district or charter school through the summer and likely into the fall. a contract with san francisco company private health will give the state 5 million kits for students and staff. the deal also covers testing for homeless shelters and long- term care facilities. school staff will be taught how to run those covid test, to eliminate the many logistical and cost obstacles that districts have faced.vf from the 93rd annual oscars, giving us plenty to talk about this morning from the unexpected upset at the end, to glenn close's dance moves. >> front and center, the night was a celebration of diversity. >> just looking out the amount of representation from everyone, it's really encouraging. as special as this award is, it is so great that more people have the opportunity to have it.
6:36 am
i'm really proud of that, because i remember mcdaniels having to sit in the back of the theater. >> that is tyler perry, of course. here are some of the big winners of the night. nomadland won for best picture, chloe zhao, the first woman of color, to win best director. marin county's frances mcdormand winning her third best actress award and anthony hopkins, a surprise upset for best actor. daniel kaluuya, winning his first ever oscar for his role as fred hampton in judas and the black messiah. yuh-jung youn, the first ever korean actress to win an aw and diane now have weights you got status at age 23, winning for best song. the internet really went wild over that perceived best actor snubbed. anthony hopkins won over the presumed front runner, chadwick boseman. many predicted boseman would win for his role in ma rainey's black bottom. it seemed like even the oscars producers thought that was
6:37 am
likely to happen, because they made it the last award of the night. and with hopkins not there, the show abruptly ended with nothing, essentially. boseman would've been only the third actor to win posthumously. earlier this morning, hopkin posted this video online in response to the conversation. >> at 83 years of age, i did not expect to get this award. i want to pay tribute to chadwick boseman, who was taken from us far too early. and again, thank you all, much. >> anthony hopkins filmed this video in wales. he went on to say, he felt privileged and honored to receive that best actor award. the oscars isn't just films biggest night, but also fashions biggest night. there's always talk about who was the best dressed. so we want to show you some of the most talked about looks. oakland native than day of valentino was trending on twitter.
6:38 am
angela bassett made a statement in alberta, that is not her, but just follow along with me here. there is angela. okay. and carey mulligan, with this gold number, looking like an oscar statuette, this is valentino as well. coleman domingo, kind of got twitter buzzing in valentino. wiki stanfield, this is coleman indistinct get up that i kind of like, reggie. >> make a statement. >> now one of the youngest artists of the night wore on brown. finally, some of the men are doing something. doing somen >> how did you feel about the pink? >> i like it. >> i like it too. >> bringing some color. >> there was gold crocs. >> you know i don't approve of that. crocs over children, nurses and people who work in the canoe industry. >> not canoe. >> those are the three exceptions to the rule.
6:39 am
the gold, that was on point, i will agree. stunning. >> it was stunning. as you know, you also put out a stunning performance. >> that was my movie, i was waiting for her to win something. i wanted her to win, i wanted her to get up in that dress. >> everyone should see her movie. that was good. have you seen nomadland yet? >> not yet. >> totally not expecting a plot, i warned you about that before. >> my teacher won.teacher won.t. >> the man who made friends with the octopus wasn't even there. >> he didn't even show up. >> he wasn't there. the octopus wasn't there either. but no spoiler alerts. still ahead on abc7 morning, help wanted , to sign some restaurant chains are offering to attract employees. let's take a lighter look at the big board, new york stock exchange up right now by about 80 points. another update on the market, next. apple making a big investment into the tens of
6:40 am
thousands of tech jobs. you won't find them in silicon valley. we will get all the stories in a moment, but first checking in with jobina for a look at the commute. >> good morning. we will start with an update on the crash in the work that we were following, involving five cars. you will run into some stop and go traffic in the area on southbound 80, before stevenson boulevard. also, the car fire in san francisco has cleared, and everything is moving there on north on 280 past geneva avenue. we want to bring you to a live picture showing off the bay bridge toll plaza, where metering lights came on earlier than usual at 5:58. the back of isn't too bad there. i'm also bringing you a live picture showing off the richmond san rafael bridge. the clouds moving out of the way, but they were very pretty earlier there this morning, lisa, how are you? >> good morning, jobina. you are absolutely right with that morning sun coming up. fewer clouds throughout the afternoon. live doppler 7 showing you the ridge of high pressure that's going to build in and bring us warmth. another view for you from the camera, beautiful view and this flag will be blowing 20 to 30
6:41 am
miles an hour today. as that afternoon sea breeze kicks up 40 in san francisco, oakland, 49 view, 39 in morgan hill. clouds drifting over san bruno mountain there, where the peninsula is just barely at 60 today. so a cool one for you as well. 30 in santa rosa, napa, check it out. numbers continue to drop, coldest numbers are right before, i should say an hour after sunrise. that is exactly what's happening right now. clouds will be visiting us. high clouds. but overall, a mix of clouds and sun. and the breeze picking houtthe 2:00 to 3:00, 20 to 30 mile an hour winds, closer to the coast. even though we begin our warm- up on tuesday, it is still going to be breezy out there, but numbers on tuesday are going to be in the 70s around the bay. the delta could hit 80. look what happens on wednesday. that warmth moved to the west, and we got 70s and 80s from the
6:42 am
bayside communities to inland and one of the warmest days will be on thursday. but still, seasonal at the coast. so you'll notice as we get through tuesday and wednesday, more sun and temperatures responded to that with 70s with 80s. it is going to be a warm week ahead. but by the weekend, we are going to cool off a little bit. so now here's a look at some more temperatures around the bay area, sponsored by visit california. this california family is on the job, helping our states recovery. you see, by keeping their vacation in california, they are supporting our local businesses and communities. so you could say, every juice box enjoyed on our beaches is also bringing nourishment to our states economy. that's the taste of recovery. calling all californians, keep your vacation here, and help chevy is america's fastest-growing full-line brand. and people are taking it everywhere. taking trailblazer outdoors. confidently taking on new places with equinox. and taking on more with silverado.
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we really need to be paying attention to these covert cases that are skyrocketing in india. is prompting one of our local congresspeople to intervene and ask the federal government for help. over the weekend, india reached a staggering record, 2600 people died from the virus in just 24 hours. only 9% of the country is vaccinated, and there have been nearly 1 million cases in three days. ucsf infectious disease dr. says, there needs to be an urgent global effort to help. >> all eyes need to be on india right now. any place that is doing well impacts us here in the u.s.. it's not over until it's over for everyone. the country opened up. there was a very large festival. there was a very large hindu festival. lots of mingling. and the virus totototototo >> president biden said the u.s. wilson supplies and resources, including a team of public health advisors from the cdc to work in collaboration
6:46 am
with india. google is stepping up to help the crisis. they will donate $18 million to help families cover everyday expensive in india. part of the donation will go toward unicef to get badly needed medical supplies, like oxygen. google is also giving out grants to health authorities in india to connect people with covert testing resources and the vaccines. now to the morning money report, apple has announced a new investment in america, the cupertino-based company will be spending $1 billion to build a new hub in north carolina. apple made the announcement this morning, saying it plans to invest more than $430 billion in the u.s. the company also plans to add 20,000 new jobs nationwide over the next five years. people are starting to eat inside restaurants again, and now some chains are trying to lure people to come work for them. according to the wall street journal, jimmy john's is offering signing bonuses now for new workers. chipotle is offering free college tuition for employees who work at least 15 hours a week after four months on the job. taco bell is getting paid
6:47 am
family leave for corporate store managers. lipstick alive look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway this morning. you can see, we are up right now by about 95 points. this year's oscar ceremony wasted no time making a social statement. regina king kicked it off with a powerful commentary on the derek chauvin verdict. not as an actress or as a director, but as a black mother. >> i have to be honest, if things had gone differently this past week in minneapolis, i might have traded in my heels for marching boots. >> she mirrored and addressed some of the racial understandings the country is now going through. after years of calling for more diversity, the academy voting members are now reflecting the nation's background. one expert says the pandemic fear of streaming is partially responsible. >> these movies were on netflix and amazon prime and, you know, when they don't go through the
6:48 am
theatrical system, you see diversity. >> many of the groundbreaking award winners saying they hope the need for groundbreaking becomes a thing of the past. oscar buzz has not worn off just yet. in fact, it'll be all the talk throughout the day here on abc 7. kelly reppert, ryan seacrest will be celebrating hollywood's biggest event during live with kelly and ryan's after oscars show. now this is the rehearsal for the show. kelly and ryan will be skipping the trip to hollywood. instead, they will be in new york, because of the pandemic. the show's executive producer says, one thing that will not change in the live team's excitement. >> we had the first stop, when the celebrities win, they come to us. so we get that excitement. this year, the only difference is, it is going to be, they will be on a camera. we are going to be on a camera. we will have to talk to them in a distance way. >> this is actually the 10th year for the after oscars show. you can watch it right here on
6:49 am
abc7, live with kelly and ryan after oscars show starts at 9:00 am. >> i thought we haven't talked enough about glenn clos >> we need like slo-mo video of the whole breakdown. >> in case you didn't see, glenn close came out and was part of a bit, but it didn't seem like a bit, but then it revealed that it was a bit anna but. because she did do the butt. >> she didn't. >> she gave shout outs to all the music behind that song. it was funny. >> that was a cute moment. >> it was a cute moment. there wasn't a lot of humor in the ceremony last night. that was the only one i can think of, to be honest. >> it was a good one. hi, lisa. >> i didn't get to see it all, but looking forward to what i missed, coming up. yeah, the outfits are always fun, and the weather, well, we are going into a 180, by the time we get to tomorrow. yesterday, boy, didn't feel
6:50 am
like winter? we have the clouds and the rain. some of you did a lot better, but high pressure is offshore. it's still for the week ahead, bringing a warming trend. as we look live from the east bay health camera, you can see how clear it is here. we will get a few clouds today, upper 40s in san francisco, or when, 41. san jose, 49 in oakland hill. exploratory in camera, nice, clear view now. temperatures have dropped into the 30s from santa rosa, with some fog, quarter-mile visibility. 41 in nevada, 36 in napa by the delta, in the upper 30s and low 40s for concord and livermore. so with the departure of that front, the northwesterly wind behind it, the cooler air mouth, the chilly start, the wind is picking up later on today, and a few more clouds around. so you can expect partly cloudy and breezy afternoon, drier and sunnier pattern tomorrow through friday, bringing numbers up about 10 degrees in length, and that is going to be a return to the 80s around the inland valleys. 61 today in santa clara, that's
6:51 am
about 6 degrees below average on the peninsula. ill get ready, 60 in san mateo, 59 in palo alto. downtown only in the mid-50s. you'll see the jacket here. up in north bay, 8 degrees where we should be. 62 in santa rosa, 61 in vallejo. hayward, san leandro, union city this afternoon at about 60. and you had inland, just a few degrees warmer in the lower 60s here. we should be near 70. the accuweather seven-day forecast, looking at the warm- up getting tomorrow. then the 80s inland. much of the work week, 70s around the bay. staying comfortable at the coast. kumasi? thank you, lisa. today is the 35th anniversary of the worst nuclear disaster in history. on april 26 of 1986, a 1986, at the nuclear power plant, what is now ukraine, then part of the soviet union, exploded. it forced a regionwide evacuation, sending radioactive fallout billing across europe. the authorities medic' even
6:52 am
worse by failing to tell the public what happened. the world learned of the disaster only after heightened radiation was detected in sweden. a soppy community member gathered for a large stop asian hate rally over the weekend to bring ended the violence throughout cesar chavez plaza in downtown san jose. they wanted to send a message. they say the violence is disheartening, but they are encouraged by the solidarity across the countr >> what we are doing is bringing awareness and telling the community, they are not alone. we are showing and telling the community, we are standing here with them. we are here to move forward. >> to stop aapi hate reporting center has logged nearly 3800 instances of discrimination since it launched less than a year ago. and in santa clara, religious and clinical leaders join together today or i should say yesterday, to fight racism with
6:53 am
faith. the united we stand a prayer rally at life christian church included a diverse group of church leaders and area mayors, including freon mayor lily. >> we can release the power of love from heaven. amen? god bless you. >> i think all of us who are here would agree that black lives do matter. we agree that all lives matter. and we agree that god has no one that he doesn't love. and we agree there is no one that god cannot save. every person is important. >> the rally included a blessing for all ethnic groups in our our starting today, you are going to need to be patient if you are flying out of sfo. construction is set to begin on the airport longest runway. that could mean some delays. the runway will be closed for about four months and crews are planning to repave it's to add better lighting and build two new taxiways. officials say most of the
6:54 am
delays will happen on flights that are set to take off between 5:00 and 8:e evening. all them kids needed with cardboard to create some pretty amazing inventions. the tech challenge is run by the tech interactive in san jose. they gave us this video of the stem projects, which were made by students in fourth through 12th grades. they have the design any item using cardboard and transform it, the ultimate and up cycling. organizers say, the pendant may have actually helped the competition. >> usually most orchids are local. because we went virtual, we had kids signing up from all across the country including actually other countries. we had a team from pakistan. we have a fund partnership to support engineers helping kids in detroit, as well as some kids here. >> awards are going to be given out next sunday. >> sometimes there's nothing better to do then dip into some clear blue water on a nice sunny day. that is exactly what a cat named fisher in florida
6:55 am
adjusted.'s dad shared this video. it shows fisher taking a ti lifejacket. che a y west. he has also enjoys paddle boarding and riding around on boats.on boats. >> we know you have woodstock, the dog. have you ever had a cat? >> i've never had a cat. >> i didn't know they liked water like that. >> i thought they hated water. i think that's why this cat is part human. >> i can see that. >> this is my opinion, the evolution is happening. we had the octopus obviously part human and won best documentary last night. i know you felt that octopus. >> i love that octopus. >> i don't want to ruin it for everybody, but it does not end well. >> that part. anyway, up next, the seven things you need to know today. >> you can watch all of our newscast live and on-demand through the abc7 bay area connected tv app. available for apple tv,
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i did what i could to keep my family safe. i will say, i did my part. while covid-19 is in the air, please, protect yourself and others. wear a mask, keep your distance, and get vaccinated when it's your turn. santa clara county. stay strong. spread hope.
6:58 am
resuming in the bay area this week after nearly a two week pause. it comes as the chronicle is reporting ucsf set a bay area man had to be hospitalized after a blood clot from getting the j&j vaccine. number two, the head of the european union is indicating american tourists will be allowed to travel to europe as early as this summer, with proof of vaccination. number three, a virginia man is in critical condition after being shot by a police officer during a domestic disturbance call. the family of isaiah brown says, a deputy mistook a cordless house phone for a gun. expect delays flying out of sfo. starting today, they are starting construction on the longest runway. this is going to go on for four
6:59 am
months. number five, 30s and 40s this morning. partly cloudy with 50s and 60s. a little breezy today. number six, bring you a live picture from emeryville right now. things are moving nicely pretty much across the bay area. metering lights came on the bay bridge toll plaza at 5:58. number seven, nomadland won big at the 93rd annual oscars, right here on abc7. gma is catching us all up on the biggest moments in the storylines, coming up at 7:00 am. >> you know what i really like last night? this director, always out, who won, and only is the second woman to another win. she said people are born inherently good. i love that. >> that's resonating a lot with people this morning. >> it should. it was such a good message. that's basically the message for the movie nomadland too. >> that should be a mantra, monday morning mantra. back that's what i'm saying. >> people are inherently good,
7:00 am
people are inherently good. except for that one person in the good morning, america. a night of firsts and surprises. >> anthony hopkins, "the father." >> at an oscars like no other. daniel kaluuya's powerful performance earning him best supporting actor. >> you got to celebrate life, man. we're breathing. we're walking. it's incredible. >> yuh-jung youn, the oldest -- the first korean woman to win best supporting actress. >> mr. pitt, finally. nice to meet you. >> chloe zhao, the first woman of color to be named best director. >> what a crazy once in a lifetime journey we're on together. >> frances mcdormand, "nomadland." >> frances mcdormand winning her third best actress oscar. "nomadland" winning the top prize of the night. "gma" is taking you backstage


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