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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 26, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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the post-oscars continue right now right now on "america this morning," history in hollywood for actors of color and more women in oscars spotlight than ever before. but at the end of the night, a shocking upset. >> the biggest moments from the 93rd academy awards. the glitz and glamor and one actress showing up $6 million in jewels, and the interesting and unusual moments on the red carpet. we're live in l.a. also this morning, new evidence that millions of americans are not getting their required second dose of the covid vaccine. our experts weigh in. plus, the encouraging news for americans looking to travel abroad. caught on camera. a virginia sheriff's deputy opens fire on a man who had just called 911. his family saying the man was still on the phone when he was
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shot. what we're learning about the deputy's actions only one hour earlier. plus, the scientific experiment. 15 people living inside a cave for over a month. no technology allowed. what they learned. taking be kind, please rewind to a whole new level. the woman who faced a felony charge for not returning a vhs tape years ago. and gronk makes the guinness book. rob gronkowski's epic world record-breaking catch. ♪ how you like me now ♪ we'll get to last night's historic academy awards in a moment, but we begin with the pandemic and encouraging news. >> it looks like some americans will be allowed to travel to europe this summer, but the race to vaccinate is suffering a
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major setback with millions of americans not getting the required second dose of the pfizer or moderna vaccines. >> also, the white house pledging to send more help to india which is seeing the most dramatic spike in covid cases that we've ever seen, 350,000 on sunday alone. >> abc's ike ejiochi begins our coverage from washington. >> reporter: this morning, good news for americans eager to travel. vaccinated tourists will be allowed to visit europe once again as early as this summer. the head of the european union telling "the new york times" that all 27 member states will accept unconditionally all those who are vaccinated. >> with the vaccination, you should be able to travel, especially domestically. internationally is still a question that we all have in the public health community, especially the european union where you have countries like france, spain, germany and italy which have only just roughly vaccinated 7% of their population. >> reporter: it comes as 31 states begin using the johnson &
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johnson vaccine again after an 11-day pause. out of 8 million administered doses, the cdc found 15 women suffered blood clots after getting the shot, but officials concluded the vaccine's benefits far outweigh the risks, but now a new concern. more than 5 million people, or roughly 8% of people who got their first shot of the pfizer or moderna vaccine may have missed the recommended window for their second crucial dose or skipped it altogether. doctors stress both doses are needed to beat the virus. fraudulent vaccines or cures remain a concern. a florida man and his three sons are under arrest accused of selling thousands of bottles of bleach marketed as a covid cure. court documents show the family sold 28,000 bottles through their church making more than a million dollars. as the weather warms up, dr. fauci expects guidelines on wearing masks outdoors will be revised soon. >> i think it's common sense that the outdoor risk is really, really quite low. >> reporter: overseas this
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morning, india is facing what's described as a tsunami of covid cases. more than 345,000 cases per day. hospitals are turning away people. crematories can't keep up with the bodies. the white house says the u.s. will send india raw materials for vaccines, as well as ppe and ventilators, but critics say the vaccine-rich u.s. needs to do more in the coming days. ike ejiochi, abc news, washington. the u.s. is offering to support iraq after a deadly fire in a hospital in baghdad. 82 people were killed in a section of the hospital where covid patients were being treated. an exploding oxygen canister reportedly started the fire. back in this country, the protests over the fatal police shooting of andrew brown in north carolina, and another shooting which left 32-year-old isaiah brown in critical condition. >> reporter: this morning, new demands in justice police reform after more high profile officer-involved shootings. >> stop. stop.
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>> reporter: body camera shows the shooting of isaiah brown in virginia after he called 911 during an argument with his brother. >> what's the problem? >> i'm about to kill my brother. somebody needs to come here real quick. >> do you have a gun? >> yep. >> you have a gun on you? >> nope. >> reporter: when officers were still outside -- >> he's got a gun to his head. >> drop the gun. stop walking towards me. stop walking towards me. stop. stop. >> reporter: the family's lawyer says the officer mistook the phone for a gun, shooting brown ten times, and in a strange twist, the lawyer says the deputy who shot brown had just given him a ride home one hour earlier after his car broke down on the highway. >> so they had had an opportunity to observe him, interact with him, see that he was not violent. he had no weapons. >> reporter: brown is in critical condition. the deputy who shot him is on administrative leave. >> it was not a situation that needed to result in another shooting of an unarmed black male.
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>> reporter: meanwhile in elizabeth city, north carolina, andrew brown jr.'s family says they plan to view body camera video of his shooting today. authorities have released few details about the incident only saying andrew brown was shot during a drug-related arrest warrant. in dispatch aurd -- audio, responders are heard saying brown was shot in the back. >> sergeant advises ems has got one male, 42 years of age, shot to the back. >> reporter: just two of several during the same week as the derek chauvin verdict in the death of george floyd. the biden administration is now calling on the senate to pass the police reform bill named after floyd. >> there is no question that we've got to put an end to these moments where the public questions whether there's going to be accountability. >> but the george floyd justice and policing act faces an uphill battle. one sticking point is whether to allow civil lawsuits against police. turning to hollywood and the
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93rd academy awards. it wasn't just the location and coronavirus restrictions that made the night historic. it was the winners. >> in the end, diversity was the big winner, but one movie dominated the major awards and there was one big upset that everyone is talking about this morning. >> abc's jade hernandez has it all covered from los angeles. jade, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kenneth and deirdre. this year's oscars ceremony was all about story-telling. we heard the presenters tell their stories. we heard the stories of nominees all while the attendees gathered at union station in los angeles. >> and the oscar goes to -- "nomadland". >> reporter: chloe zhao's "nomadland," a portrait of lives on open roads across the midwest, taking home three academy awards including best picture in a much different
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oscar ceremony this year. the china-born zhao becoming the first woman of color to win best director. >> this is for anyone who has the faith and courage to hold onto the goodness in themselves, and to hold onto the goodness in each other no matter how difficult it is to do that. >> reporter: for the academy awards, no zoom acceptance speeches were allowed and all nominees were required to attend in person or on satellite. >> frances mcdormand. >> reporter: frances mcdormand took home best actress, the third time she won the award, but the night's biggest surprise -- >> anthony hopkins, "the father." >> reporter: sir anthony hopkins winning best actor for his role in the dementia drama, "the father." many believed the award would go to chadwick boseman for his performance in "ma rainey's black bottom." hopkins wasn't in attendance. the academy accepting the award on his behalf. daniel kaluuya took home best supporting actor for his role in
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"judas and the black messiah" while youn made history as the grandmother in "minari."laying - >> finally. nice to meet you. >> reporter: another deviation, best original song nominees performed at a preshow, not during the actual telecast. the coronavirus meant no crowds, physical distancing rules and fewer cameras. it also meant no official oscar parties. kenneth and deirdre? >> all right, jade, and let's get back to that big surprise there. anthony hopkins winning best actor. everyone thought it would be the late chadwick boseman. thought it would be a lot. what's the word there in hollywood this morning? >> reporter: chadwick boseman dominated the lead actor category throughout the awards season for that last incredible role in "ma rainey's black bottom." it was boseman's final film before he died of cancer, and hopkins did win a bafta in the category for his role in "the father." so this is the second academy award.
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hopkins' first came for playing hannibal lecter in "silence of the lambs." he just posted a message on instagram because he was not present at the ceremony. so let's take a listen. >> very grateful today, academy, and thank you. i want to pay tribute to chadwick boseman who was taken from us far too early, and again, thank you all very much. >> reporter: it was nice to hear from anthony hopkins because the academy accepted his award on his behalf at the ceremony. so kenneth and deirdre, so many changes. so many -- so many things to talk about this morning when it comes to the 93rd academy awards in 2021. >> jade hernandez with the big moments from the big night in hollywood. jade, great to have you on "america this morning." we appreciate it. all right. time now for a look at your monday weather. dry, windy conditions are
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fueling a wildfire burning near kingman, arizona. 600 acres have burned and hundreds of homes have been evacuated. fire warnings due to low humidity and heavy winds are posted from southern california to colorado today. farther north, rain and heavy mountain snow is in the forecast for the rockies, and showers for the upper midwest in southern florida. miami gets to 85 degrees today, around 60 in the northeast and 80s from kansas city down to new orleans today. 78, albuquerque. coming up, nfl star rob gronkowski makes history with an amazing catch. also ahead, a woman faces a felony charge for not returning a vhs tape decades ago. how the dispute finally ended. but first, the search for a missing mother of three from texas, and the last known video of her. missi
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welcome back. to texas now, and the reward being offered in the search for a missing mother. see the last known video of her. here's abc's megan tevrizian. >> reporter: this morning, the search intensifying for a missing houston mother of three last seen more than a week ago. this ring video capturing the last time the family of erica hernandez saw her, seen her getting into her car after dropping off food at her brother's house. >> we don't know what happened. we're -- we're, you know, at a loss for words. >> reporter: family and volunteers have spent hours passing out flyers, searching for any clues. now a local congresswoman helping the family. >> i'll be meeting with them upon their request. i will certainly be meeting with them and looking to utilize any resources that we have. >> reporter: authorities say erica's phone is off, and the onstar in her car is no longer sending location signals. the community stepping up,
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offering a $1,000 reward for information. >> just prayers for the family, and people that are willing to help. us unifying together will give us a better chance. >> reporter: the 40-year-old was last seen leaving a friend's house last sunday morning. her family says something doesn't add up. >> we're all frustrated. we're all in disbelief because this is not like her. this is not her routine. her kids are her world and she would never, ever leave her kids for saying i give up or i don't want to do this anymore kind of thing. it's not in her nature. >> reporter: erica's family says nothing seemed out of the ordinary before her disappearance. authorities have not ruled out foul play. kenneth, deirdre? >> megan, thank you. just ahead, an unusual experiment. 15 people living in a cave, isolated from all technology for over a month. what they learned, coming up. also ahead, the wild crash at talladega. we'll hear from the driver who survived it. the wild crash
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what's the #1 retinol brand used most by dermatologists? it's neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair® smooths the look of fine lines in 1-week, deep wrinkles in 4. so you can kiss wrinkles goodbye! neutrogena® back now with an interesting experiment. 15 people volunteered to live inside a cave in france for 40 days to show how well humans can adapt to drastic changes. they were completely unplugged, no clocks, no phones, no contact with the outside world. the volunteers said time seemed to pass more slowly, and they learned that humans do easily adapt. most of them actually wanted to stay underground longer to finish projects they had
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started. >> i can understand that. the dramatic crash in nascar sunday. driver joey logano flipped over, and skidded on his roof. he was not hurt. after the race he said he's angry about the tight conditions that caused the crash. >> it's how do we prevent cars going, you know, bumping and banging so much at 200 miles an hour. we need to figure out how to get a little bit more space between these cars. these crashes i don't think should even start to that extent. >> a crash saturday at talladega left another driver in critical condition. one other sports headline. nfl star rob gronkowski set a new world record this weekend. he caught a ball dropped from a helicopter 600 feet in the air claiming the record for highest altitude pass. there it is. >> all right. a texas woman says she was a wanted felon for two decades because of an unreturned vhs tape.
4:50 am
cara mcbride learned she has been labeled a criminal after trying to change her name after getting married. she rented "sabrina the teenage witch" in 1999 and never returned it. >> i had lived with a young man. this was over 20 years ago. he had two kids, daughters that were 8, 10, 11 years old. i'm thinking he went and got it, and didn't take it back or something. >> the video store is closed now, so the charges have been dropped. coming up, the most unusual moments from the oscars. stay with us.
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be in your moment. ask your doctor about ibrance. ♪ "the pulse" is all about the oscars. >> will ganss has the historic night by the numbers. >> reporter: oscar night by the numbers in three, two, one. fake shot taken by viola davis
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on the red carpet to get the party going. 156 steps taken by regina king in that epic opening sequence. followed by one teeny little wobble. >> live tv, here we go. >> my mom met my dad. they had sex. >> reporter: there were three long seconds between that daniel kaluuya comment and his mom realizing what just happened, and nine lol moments during yuh-jung youn's acceptance speech for supporting actress. >> my name is yuh-jung most people call me youn, and some call me yuh-jung. forgiven. t, you are all - >> reporter: she accepted her award from brad pitt, sporting about five-eighths of a mini man bun. first, chloe zhao becoming the first woman of color to win best director. [ speaking foreign language ]
4:54 am
>> people at birth are inherently good. >> reporter: in another historic first, the team from "ma rainey's black bottom" became the first black women to win an award for hair and makeup. one-half of egot status for her after picking up an award for best original song. lucky number three for actress frances mcdormand is only one oscar behind katherine hepburn. frances also went full-on werewolf for six seconds. [ howling ] glenn close has now lost eight times at the academy awards tying the record for most losses without a single win, but she did twerk for seven incredible seconds. at o antnyop officially st per oscar after winning best actor for his work in "the father."
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news. hollywood's biggest night is a wrap, the glamour and fashion that took center stage at an oscars we have never seen before. we have coverage all morning long. and the bay area is set to resume giving out johnson & johnson vaccines. but sobering news that a logue man is dealing with a blood clot after getting his shot. and this weekend's rain was a welcomed sight but it will not put a dent in the drought. good morning on this april 26th. >> let's start with a look at the forecast with lisa. >> we are looking at maybe 100 of the storms making an impact. it was nice to see some rain. the system is off to the east oe us. the ridge of high pressure will build in for the week ahead. we have a wind chill factor in napa where numbers have dropped to the upper 30s.
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