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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 25, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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building a better bay area, moving forward finding solutions, this is abc7 news. at last badly needed rain finally returned today to the bay area arriving right around lunchtime. it made for a soggy few hours as much of the bay area got wet to the end of their weekend, but it's not enough to help our drought. úwith that we say good and thank you for joining us. i'm dion lim. the rain today didn't leave a lot behind. experts say a majorit of california is dealing with drought conditions and that applies to the bay area as well. abc7 news reporter j.r. stone talked with fire and water officials who could be taking action as soon as this week. >> reporter: if you blinked on sunday, it's very possible you missed the rain, drizzle or whatever you'd like to call it,
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bad news as places like santa rosa had been expecting half an inch of rain. >> the reality is we ended up with quite a bit less. so we're faced with what potentially is a long, dry summer. >> reporter: the assistant fire marshal says their agency is likely to officially declare an early start to fire season in a matter of weeks. those who crunch the numbers say the outlook is not a good one. >> i just looked at the numbers. 85% of california is in severe, extreme or exceptional drought. compare that to last year, only 12% of the state was at that same level. >> reporter: numbers that haven't been seen since 2015. those with the water agency east bay m.u.d. say their board will vote tuesday on declaring a state one drought that would ask for a 10% voluntary reduction of water use but would not impact the cost of your water. >> so in the east bay it is it
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looking like the dryest year ever for us. right now there is no added financial burden to our customers. >> reporter: much of that water supply comes from the sierra foothills where we are currently at about 50% of average yearly precipitation. some of the recent bay area fires have cleared fire fuels, but in locations where past fires have burned it's a different story. >> there's a lot of those areas that have regrown, have regrown with invasive types of species, scotch broom and other types of things where in some cases it's worse than it was in 2017. >> reporter: as for water conservation, officials agree we are using much less water now than we were before previous droughts and firefighters and homeowners are much better prepared for wildfires. j.r. stone, abc7 news. after a nearly two-week pause the johnson & johnson vaccine will return to vaccination sites in the bay area as early as
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this week. abc7 news reporter dustin dorsey has the response from local health leaders. >> reporter: another vaccine has reentered the fight against covid-19, the johnson & johnson vaccine facing a two-week pause following serious side effects across the country, but in a joint statement today from the eight bay area countries and city of berkeley, health leaders say the risk of the rare clotting disorder is low and that j&j can safely be administered again. the san mateo county supervisor says this is huge. >> this pandemic will be with us for a while, but it gives us greater, greater hope to return back to normalcy. the j&j, putting it into the vaccine mix, is a game changer. >> reporter: he expects the return of j&j and a larger allotment of vaccines from the state will help keep the county mass vax sites open. he adds while residents in san
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mateo county won't get a decision on whether or not they get the j&j at a given location, it will be well advertised when people book an appointment. meanwhile here at levi stadium mass vaccination site in santa clara county residents we spoke to are mixed whether or not it's safe to return to the johnson & johnson vaccine to the public. >> i think it's great. i'm glad that they evaluated its safety. i think that really gives me confidence that all three vaccines are really safe. >> it's a little scary because you don't know the risks and if you would, you know, get a blood clot or not. i mean for me my kind of thinking is if i went in and they were only offering johnson walk away and say i'll come back another way. >> even birth control gives women a bunch of blood clots. so i think there's a lot of other medicine out there that's worse than what we're taking here. so i think there's a lot of conspiracy around, but i think they're fine. >> reporter: when we reached out to the county health department, they told us the single-dose vaccine will resume as soon as educational materials from the state are accessible so community members
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can make an informed decision, a decision hopefully to get the bay area out of the pandemic. >> the governor said we're looking at the june 15th date, the magic date when we're all open. i was really, really concerned that that date was a date that we weren't going to be able to hit, you know, and now as j&j a comes more into play, i feel a lot more optimistic. >> reporter: in the south bay, dustin dorsey, abc7 news. >> for more information about the race to vaccinate, head we've posted this interactive vaccine tracker that shows just how many people have gotten the shot where you live. moving on, it was an oscars unlike any other tonight. a new location, a whole different vibe with the pandemic and some historic wins. abc's zohreen shah joins us live from the dolby theater with the highlights from hollywood's biggest night. by the way, you look totally
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glamorous. i think your outfit is one of the highlights, tort : thank y so good to be with you and what a big night it was. we just learned a little while ago the best picture of the year went to "nomadland," anthony hopkins taking the best actor award, frances mcdormand taking the best actress award, a huge night with a lot of surprises and a historic night as well, of course. >> welcome to the 93rd oscars. >> reporter: the academy awards for the first time at union station in downtown l.a., dramatically different than we've ever seen it. >> this was indeed a hard year for everyone, but our love of movies helped to get us through. it made us feel less isolated and connected us when we were apart. >> reporter: although for motion pictures biggest night, all acceptance speeches required to be given in person or over satellite, no zoom allowed. the best original song nominees
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performing at a preshow, not during the actual telecast. >> and the oscar goes to chloe zhao, "nomadland." >> reporter: best supporting actor going to -- >> daniel kaluuya, "judas and the black messiah." >> reporter: and for best supporting actress? >> yuh-jung youn. >> reporter: and best actress going to? >> frances mcdormand, "nomadland." >> reporter: and best actor? >> anthony hopkins. >> and the oscar goes to "nomadland." >> reporter: so it was a very different oscars this year. one example, there are no official post oscar parties.
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the governor's ball canceled this year, of course, due to the pandemic. reporting live from hollywood, zohreen shah, abc7 news. >> that's so true. there usually would be so many people streaming behind you walking down that red carpet. much appreciation to you, zohreen shah live for us in hollywood. in this history making pandemic year, the oscars made history for being the most diverse year ever. from the voting academy itself to the inclusive list of nominees and winners. the 93rd academy awards didn't waste time making a social statement. >> i have to be honest. if things had gone differently this past week in minneapolis, i might have traded in my heels for marching boots. >> historical films like "the trial of the chicago 7" and "judas and the black messiah" parallelled the social justice message by many winners and presenters. >> i refuse to hate someone because they are a police officer. i refuse to hate someone because they are asian.
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i would hope for me we refuse hate. >> those to me are the most powerful moments to talk about their own identity and how this impacts them and to learn more about the people making these stories. >> after years of calling for more representation the academy's members are more diverse than ever. according to the center for asian-american media, the pandemic is partially responsible. >> these movies were on netflix and on amazon prime and when they don't go through the theatrical system, you see more diversity and stories being kind of connecting and resonating with audiences. >> asians also won big. yuh-jung youn, the first korean nominated and to win best supporting actor, her heartfelt acceptance speech -- >> i cannot believe i'm here. >> -- highlighted how far the oscars has come. >> basically her speech was i watched this as a show and i never thought i'd have the ability to be on the main stage, let alone win one of the
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biggest awards of the night. >> chloe zhao's win for best director also made history. >> she is the first woman of color, a woman filmmaker to win the award. that's a big deal and only the second woman director to actually ever win in 90 years. >> this oscars was just the beginning of more progress, not just for asians, but for all people of all backgrounds in hollywood. >> i see their future brighter now. they see more opportunities. they now have more people that they can look up to as mentors. so it's a good day. >> really nice to see. now the internet is upset tonight over one perceived snub. anthony hopkins won best actor over presumed frontrunner chadwick bozeman. many predicted bowsman bozeman would win for his role in "ma
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rainey's black bottom." bozeman would have been only the third actor to win posthumously. emery-based pixar won two oscars tonight for "soul" best animated film and best original score. for the trio behind the music it was the first academy award for jazz artist jon batiste and the second for musicians trent reznor and atticus ross. while vallejo singer/songwriter h.e.r. took home an oscar for original song with "fight for you" from the film "judas and the black messiah." still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00 if you're feeling inspired by the fashion from the oscars, one bay area woman can help, the business she founded to give you access to celebrity stylists right from your computer. we're entering a drier pattern starting tomorrow and much warmer temperatures midweek. good news, american tourists may be able to return to europe this supper, but it's
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covid cases are skyrocketing in india prompting local congressmen to intervene and ask the federal government for help. abc7 news reporter luz pena spoke to a ucsf medical expert who says to end the global pandemic all eyes need to be on india now. >> reporter: in india hospitals are running out of oxygen and space. over the weekend a new staggering record, 2,600 people died from covid in 24 hours. in the bay area vanda nicali prays her family survives. nine of them have covid in india. >> everybody is afraid to walk out of their house. the minute you step out you
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have to have your guard up. it's almost like you're breathing virus because every other person around you has it. >> reporter: with only 9% of this country vaccinated and nearly 1 million cases in three days ucsf's infectious disease specialist dr. monica gandhi says there needs to be an urgent global effort to help india. >> all eyes need to be to india right now. any place that isn't doing well impacts us here in the u.s. it's not over until it's over for. >> reporter: for a very long time india was doing well. so what happened? >> the country opened up. there was a very large festival. there was a very large festival, lots of mingling and the virus took hold. >> reporter: president biden confirming the u.s. will assist india providing resources and supplies. u.s. representative ro khanna, vice president of the indian caucus, has been advocating for this intervention. >> the administration
11:17 pm
release the extra astrazeneca vaccine. it means we need military support to assist in getting the oxygen and ppe to the hospitals in india that need them. it means that we need to talk to pfizer and moderna about at least a one-year waiver on ip. >> reporter: when will india begin to receive that aid from the u.s.? >> our hope that is it will be in the next few days. >> reporter: the u.s. government also promising to deploy a team of public health officers from the cdc to collaborate with india. in san francisco, luz pena, abc7 news. google is stepping up to th pa naon will toward unicef to get badly needed medical supplies like oxygen. google is also giving ad grants to health authorities in india to connect people with covid testing resources and vaccines. you can start booking that trip to europe as long as
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you're vaccinated. the head of the european commission told "the new york times" today transatlantic travel will be allowed this summer but didn't set a date. part of the reason for lifting the ban on tourists is the rapid pace of vaccinations. even so, it is still not clear how travelers will provide proof, something the eu and united states have begun discussing. shifting now to the weather, a little bit of rain, but that drying out certainly is happening for the next couple days. >> yeah. we're definitely drying out and we're talking meager amounts of rain, dion. many places got less than a tenth of an inch, although san francisco almost got 02. the system is moving east. it brought some thunderstorms to the area near chico, but we are drying out seeing less cloud cover and clearing. as we look out from sutro towards san francisco, you can
11:19 pm
see clear across the bay, oakland 51, san jose 41, half moon bay 39 degrees and from the east bay look at this wide view of the bay bridge and san francisco, all across the bay. so temperatures are in the 40s and low 50s for many areas, santa rosa 45, napa 51 degrees, concord 50, livermore 47 degrees. this time we're looking in the south bay. so this is what you can expect. we'll see partly cloudy conditions develop overnight with some possible patchy fog, more likely in the north bay and then we enter a much drier and very sunny pattern this week. in fact, temperatures will be climbing up well above average tuesday, wednesday, thursda and possibly even into friday. however, this system that has been moving east, there's still a winter storm warning in effect until 11 a.m. tomorrow. avoid driving until then. expect travel delays up to 16 inches at the highest peaks and it will be windy. overnight lows will be a little cooler, mostly 40s with a few 30s out there.
11:20 pm
so santa rosa, napa 39, could see fog develop, mid-40s around the bay and highs tomorrow, although we'll be getting more sunshine we'll still see a sea breeze and this will keep temperatures on the cooler side, a little bit warmer compared to today, but the real warm-up starts on tuesday. so 57 in san francisco, 59 in oakland, 61 in san jose. here's the accuweather seven- day forecast. so our drying trend starts tomorrow and then we warm up much brighter sunshine tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. check out inland temperatures in the mid-80s through the middle part of the week. around the bay low to mid-70s and at the beaches low 60s and then a little bit of some slight cooling but not too much change for next weekend. so you can put the umbrellas away, not that we needed it much today, dion, but we need the sunscreen and sunglasses. >> what a roller coaster. thanks. well, it is not just film's biggest night, but also
11:21 pm
fashions. taking a look at some of oscars best dressed, oakland native zendaya's valentino look was trending on twitter for a while. i love that. angela bassitt made in alberto ferretti and carey mulligan also in valentino. look at that color. lakeith stanfield wore st. laurent and one of the youngest stars of the night, 9-year-old alan kim. look at that pose. he's got so much swagger, those socks, wore tom brown. if you are feeling inspired by the fashion from the oscars, a menlo park woman created a way to give you access to celebrity stylists and makeup artists from your phone or computer. here's style life. >> i enjoy style, but i'm not very good at it. >> reporter: heather hopkins was set to make a speech at an
11:22 pm
upcoming work event and was more concerned about what she would wear than what she would say. >> i was feeling quite nervous about being up on stage and having everyone looking at me. >> reporter: from the comfort of her south bay home heather booked a one-on-one session with a stylist from styled life, a fashion and beauty platform connecting everyday people to celebrity and industry leading stylists and makeup artists virtually. >> i kind of showed her what i had in my closet and then she said okay, yes, use that. now when you go to the store, look for some shoes that have a certain, you know, bling to them at the end or pick out a white shirt that has something dramatic about it. >> reporter: the result? heather looked good and felt good. >> it was great. really i'd never done anything like that before and i just felt much more confident being me up on the stage. >> i honestly feel if you have a passion for something and you love it, then you can learn it.
11:23 pm
>> reporter: julie floyd founded styled life after her own struggles to find personalized styling services. >> i was growing out my natural hair and i couldn't find anyone locally who could help me with that process and i wanted someone, you know, who could look at me, my skin tone, my face shape, my hair type, my body shape and really help me with who i am. >> reporter: this former bond trader turned stay-at-home mom and now entrepreneur says styled life can give clients that personalized experience because of its wide range of diverse stylists and artists, many of whom spend their time crafting red carpet looks. >> they are very busy during awards season, but like most people they work throughout the year and if it's not awards season, they're looking for jobs like anyone else might be looking for jobs. >> reporter: it's perfect timing as we emerge from this pandemic and the fashion choices that came along with it. >> the recommendations are stylists have is do start at
11:24 pm
home. do dress up with what you already have and if it's something you haven't worn for a year, you haven't been out, you're not excited to wear it, then maybe it's time to put that aside. >> reporter: creating your celebrity style with celebrity artists all from the comfort of home. >> styled life has been kind enough to share a discount code for abc7 viewers. you can see it on your screen. that is abc15. it will get you 15% off and if you search, it is
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simplicity feels good. make more of what's yours. all some kids needed was some cardboard to create some amazing inventions. the tech challenge is run by the tech interactive in san jose. they provided abc7 news with video of the s.t.e.m. project made by in grades 4 to 12. they had to design an item using cardboard and transform
11:28 pm
it, the ultimate in up cycling. organizers say the pandemic might have actually helped the competition. >> usually most of our kids are local and because we went virtual we had kids signing up from across the country including actually other countries. we've got a team from pakistan. we've got a fun partnership with some ford engineers helping some kids in detroit and some kids here. >> awards will be given out next sunday. chris alvarez joins us now with a preview of sports. chris. >> coming up in sports the a's try to extend their winning streak to 14 in a row. plus it is playoff mode for the warriors. see how the
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running is the next step in klay thompson's rehab process. steve kerr revealed today klay is on track to be in that portion of rehab in the next few weeks. 12 games left in regular season, eight at chase with fans. there the warriors are running down the floor and the mask goes in the basket and steph curry oddly enough misses the shot. the fans chanted mvp throughout the night for number 30, curry shot clock windinndthe ball goes in the basket there, splash from way downtown. steph lets the ball roll and quick release from distance. he had a game high 37. he's got 85 three's in the month, an nba record. a crazy play here, kevon looney offensive rebounds and finally, if at first you don't succeed, try, try and try again. steve kerr and the bench love.
11:33 pm
that final seconds seconds seco two. former warrior harrison barnes, three off the mark. warriors winning. they've won seven of nine. a's going for their 14th straight win to tie the '88 team for second longest in oakland history. ramon laureano ties the game at one, but that was the last hit until the ninth inning. baltimore's austin hays hit two home runs. he took the loss. a's manage just three hits. oakland falls, 8-1, snapping the win streak at 13. it. giants and marlins from a rainy oracle park. shout out to the grounds crew doing a great job. bottom of the second, mauricio dubon safety squeeze, 1-0 san francisco. next batter, starting pitcher and logan webb helped their own cause, two r.b.i. triple to the gap in right center, first triple by a
11:34 pm
giants pitcher since tim lincecum in 2013, 3-0 san francisco. clearly still the luck of the rabbit at the yard, webb brilliant, eight strikeouts in seven innings. giants win, 4-3. former giant madison bumgarner threw a no hitter for the diamondbacks today in atlanta, but because it was the second game of a doubleheader just seven innings, so officially does not count as a no hitter, but mad bum pitching well. this abc7 news sports report sponsored by your local toyota dealers. in the south bay today how communities from across the region came together in two rallies against hate. a behind the scenes preview a behind the scenes preview of the live this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance usually forces you to piece together multiple policies. that's why three was created. it's one policy that covers everything you need... leaving those old policies in the dust. three. no nonsense. just common sense.
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this is abc7 news. the white house says police reform and gun control will be on president biden's agenda when he speaks to a joint session of congress this week. as the u.s. deals with the surge of mass shootings, many have pressed the white house to do more to curb gun violence, but the administration says there is only so much the president can do and is calling on congress to step up. >> we actually as an administration have taken action. the president issued executive orders. congress has to act. >> president biden is also expected to confront the issues of race and social justice, but today republican senator lindsey graham denied the existence of systemic racism in policing. >> we just elected a two-term
11:39 pm
african-american president. the vice president is of african-american indian descent. so our systems are not racist. america is not a racist country. >> graham went on to call the guilty verdict in the murder trial of derek chauvin a just result but said people should not call all police racist. there have been several deadly police shootings since the guilty verdict of derek chauvin last week. right now a virginia man is in critical condition after being shot by police during a domestic disturbance call. his family says police mistook his phone for a gun. abc news reporter andrew dymbert has the latest. a warning, some of the video you're about to see may be hard to watch. >> reporter: tonight we now know in the 24 hours surrounding the guilty verdict in the trial of derek chauvin there were several law enforcement-involved shootings including ma'khia bryant in ohio, andrew brown jr. in north carolina and now isaiah brown in virginia. authorities say brown was shot
11:40 pm
multiple times by a spots spotssylvania county sheriff's deputy, the body camera video released from the incident. >> you calling the police again? >> isaiah, what's going on? >> reporter: around 3 a.m. isaiah brown places a call to 911 in the midst of an argument with his brother over a car. >> what is the problem? >> i'm about to kill my brother. somebody needs to come here real quick. >> do you have a gun? >> yup. >> you have a gun on you? >> nope. >> reporter: brown unarmed and still on the phone with the 911 dispatcher walks outside and down the road when a sheriff's deputy responds to the scene. body camera footage capturing parts of the interaction. >> show me your hands now! show me your hands now! drop the gun. >> he's got a gun to his head. >> drop the gun now!
11:41 pm
stop walking towards me! stop! stop! >> reporter: the deputy firing several shots at brown. >> several gunshots to the abdomen. >> reporter: the family's attorney saying the officer mistook the phone for a gun. >> this is an incident that clearly should have been deescalated. it was not a situation that needed to result in another shooting of an unarmed black male. >> reporter: the deputy who shot isaiah brown has been placed on administrative leave and an independent investigation is currently being conducted by the virginia state police to determine the next steps. andrew dymbert, abc news, virginia. south bay community member buildings gathered for a large stop asian hate rally dagnwith end to the violence were spotted throughout cesar chavez plaza in downtown san jose. participants wanted to send a message to end the attacks targeting the aapi community. organizers of today's event say the violence is disheartening, but they are encouraged by the show of solidarity across the country. >> what we're doing is bringing
11:42 pm
awareness and telling the community that they're not alone. we're telling the community we're standing here together with them and we're here to move forward. >> the stop aapi hate reporting center has logged nearly 3,800 instances of discrimination since it launched less than a year ago. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00 oscar celebrations aren't over yet. we have a sneak peek of tomorrow's live with kelly and ryan after oscars show. the rainfall was disappointing today, but hopefully you won't be
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call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ a ups driver in the chicago area lived up to his last name and rescued a boy trapped under a 90-pound box. surveillance video shows a 4- year-old boy going to get the box that was just dropped off. the box topples over and traps the young boy underneath.
11:46 pm
the driver marco angel heard the boy yelling for help and immediately got out of his truck and sprinted across the busy street. >> i was scared i was going to fall down the stairs. >> as soon as i saw the package tilt, i just started running back. i just pictured my boys in his situation. obviously you're going to kind of into full parent mode, full dad mode. >> thank goodness for his quick thinking. the family and the driver finally got to meet this week over zoom. the boy's parents say they talked to him about not opening the front door unless an adult is there. good advice. oscar buzz hasn't worn off just yet. in fact, it will be all the talk tomorrow morning. kelly and ryan will celebrate hollywood's biggest event during live with kelly and ryan's after oscar show. you are looking at a show rehearsal video here. kelly and ryan will skip the trip to hollywood and keep the show in new york because of the pandemic. the show's executive producer says one thing that won't change is the live team's
11:47 pm
excitement. >> we're the first stop when the celebrities win. they come to us. so we get that excitement. this year the only difference is it's going to be they're going to be on a camera. we're going to be on a camera. we'll have to talk to them in a distanced way. >> yeah. plus they'll get some sleep as opposed to having to travel back and forth. this is the tenth year for the after oscars show. you can watch it live here on abc7, live with kelly and ryan's after oscar show starting tomorrow at 9 a.m. a final check of weather. r. you delivered the rain. so we watched the oscars indoors, frances, and now it's going to be sunny. >> less than a tenth of an inch for many places. we're under clear conditions now, slightly cooler temperatures tomorrow, 30s for parts of the north bay, santa rosa 36 and along the coast,
11:48 pm
mid- to upper 40s around the bay. tomorrow we will warm up a little. we'll see partly cloudy conditions, but even though we'll get more sunshine the sea breeze will keep things on the cool side, 50s to near 60 around the bay, 57 in san francisco, 61 in san jose, but an offshore pattern will develop much drier and warmer weather. so by wednesday for san jose we'll be 20 degrees warmer and you can see that here with the accuweather seven-day forecast. our drying trend starts tomorrow and then we really warm things up much more sunshine tuesday through the week. we'll see mid-80s inland, low 70s around the bay and low 60s at the coast, dion. >> thanks, frances. let's get to chris now with sports. >> coming up in sports the sharks welcome back fans to the tank tomorrow night. plus we'll look at some potential 49ers draft picks who are california hopeful about
11:49 pm
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the san jose sharks were officially the first pro team in the country to not allow fans when santa clara county banned gatherings of more than 1,000 people last march, but the sharks were on a road trip at the time and the nhl shut down the season before that happened. tomorrow they'll be among the final few pro teams to officially allow fans back when they host the coyotes at the tank. last night the team welcomed family and team employees for take soft reopening at the tank, a special pregame ceremony for the nhl all time games leader, patrick marleau, but despite all that the dropped their eighth straight game. team teal hoping to find the win column with fans back tomorrow night. >> obviously it would be great for us to be playing really well and having wins and be in a great position. we got to finish the season strong with nine games. i think anything's possible. >> the first day to watch play
11:53 pm
in person we stunk it up, nothing for us to have been proud about in that room. >> we got to be sure at the beginning next game we're ready to go and get that first win. it's against a team we're chasing. somehow some way we're still in it. basketball, nets and suns, kevin durant back for brooklyn missed the last three with a thigh bruce. k.d. coming off the bench again, hoop and the foul for k.d. he starts the third off one leg, no problem. he is just so smooth and then watch this. the quick blow-by and the hammer. he scored ten in the third as brooklyn takes the lead. fourth quarter, jumper good and over 30 seconds to go, dribble, drive, hoop and the foul. nets win it 128-119. padres and dodgers, bottom of the sixth, l.a. up 4-1. chris taylor, three-run blast to make it 7-1 and dodgers fans had to be feeling good right here, but san diego
11:54 pm
will come all the way back. former dodger manny machado drives in fernando tatis jr. and we'll go to extras tied at 7-7. bottom of the 11th, padres up 8-7 as he former giant mark melanson trying to close things out. padres win, five-hour game. the first round of the nfl draft begins thursday night. abc7 has your coverage from the first selection to the final pick saturday. i caught up with espn senior draft analyst todd mcshea to get his picks on the california hopefuls that could end up on the 9ers. >> we're going to see you all over the coverage who do you think they'll take at number three, todd? >> mac jones is the player. all the intel is tehe
11:55 pm
will be the pick. >> alabama's mac jones hopes to visit california. he'd like to be bay area bound. >> he's one of the smartest quarterbacks i've ever sat down with and met and he has a great understanding and a determination that very few quarterbacks that i've been around have. >> justin fields is a california hopeful. the ohio state quarterback is also in the mix to be selected by san francisco. >> i think he could be the most physically gifted of all these quarterbacks. i mean you look at him from his height to his weight to the 4:44 he ran at the pro day. he is smart and tough and everything you look for. >> north dakota's trey lance could be the selection at number three with a chance to star in the california spotlight. >> trey lance would be a great pick at number 3 because you do have jimmy garoppolo and you can develop him and kyle shanahan would be great at developing him. if it's mac jones from alabama, you can probably insert him and play with him this year, but if it's trey lance or justin
11:56 pm
fields, i think you want to buy a year. i think it's very smart from this entire staff, john lynch and kyle shanahan, to keep jimmy there in order to basically have >> california hopefuls is sponsored by visit california. dion? >> thanks, chris. don't forget abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5 a.m. and stay tuned at 7:00 for "good morning america." they'll have team coverage live from los angeles with reaction to the oscars and then at 9:00 live with kelly and ryan. now usually they are the first ones to have the interviews with all of the big winners as soon as they get off the stage. this will be pretty interesting to see how they handle all of this when they are doing the show live from new york instead of los angeles. okay. with that that's all we have for tonight. i'm dion lim. for all of us here at abc7 news, thank you so much for
11:57 pm
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because getting back to the moments we miss starts with getting informed. it's up to you. this is "on the red carpet after dark." george: it is getting late, and that means oscar night is about to get more fun. we have seen a lot of firsts this year, from the oscar venue to fashion. we know you do not want hollywood's biggest night to end, so let's start with the biggest moment of the evening, the best picture award. >> and the oscar goes to "nomadland." >> take everyone you know into a theater, shoulder to shoulder in that dark space and watch every film that is represented here tonight. we give this one to our world. >>


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