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tv   ABC 7 News 430 PM  ABC  April 24, 2021 4:30pm-4:59pm PDT

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next the johnson & johnso cccoming back. local counties that will be adding it to their supply as soon as monday. >> the increase in buyer demand has gotten worse. bay area city were prospective homeowners waited for a place to call their own. in desperate need of rain there is some on the way. what we can expect this early news starts right now . > budi moving forward finding solutions, this is abc 7 news . an 11 day pause on the johnson & johnson vaccine
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lifted by federal health officials is making its way back into the bay area vaccine supply. with that thank you for joining us. the u.s. has more than 9 million doses of johnson & johnson coronavirus vaccine ready to be administered. here in the bay area counties are gearing up to start giving the johnson & johnson vaccine with a few changes and options. we are live in san rafael where there are lots of opinions about the vaccine. rerter: lots at this vaccine site here. most bay area counties getting ready to roll out the johnson & johnson vaccine once again. some counties will give your choice on what vaccine you want? >> the administration of johnson & johnson can resume immediately. >> reporter: the johnson & johnson vaccine is back after an 11 day pause.
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the fda and cdc saying the benefits out ray outweig the risk. ets r bust standards foeness an quality. this is a medical product use widely. >> reporter: after cdc voted to lift the pause but recommending it come with a label noting the risks of rare blood clots. there been 15 blood clot cases after receiving the one though shot including three deaths, all women out of 8 million people. >> contra contact cass county will start using the johnson & johnson vaccine again. >> reporter: people getting vaccinated will soon have a choice. >> if you don't want johnson & johnson you will have an alternative of the pfizer or moderna vaccine. >> reporter: the county has a surplus of the vaccine and the public may be reluctant. this vaccine clinical sue offer johnson & johnson. >> i heard a couple of bad things about at the pfizer is a
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little bit better. >> reporter: alameda in the city of berkeley will align with other bay area counties and resume the use of its modest supply of johnson & johnson as quickly as possible. san mateo has about des and will start using them again soon. marin county is waiting for new shipments of johnson & johnson. >> we do see it as a valuable tool with those higher risk populations where one doses ideal over the two dose regimen. >> i would get it. >> if i had a preference it would not have been johnson & johnson. >> reporter: napa county says itoe it wi n area in marin county, same-day and next-day appointments were told, widely available. now to the latest covid-19
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vaccination in case numbers in california. case increases are holding steady with 1200 new infections reported today by the state department of public health. 35% of eligible californians are not vaccinated and the state has 17 days worth of vaccine available. the bay area's largest county, santa clara county says it has administered more than 1 million vaccine doses. to help close vaccine equity gaps the counties says more walk ups will be available at certain site starting next week. abc7news has assembled a team dedicated to getting answers and the latest information. if you have vaccination questions you can always ask us at a significant development for the armenian community. president joe biden acknowledged the anniversary of mass killing of e the ottoman turks as genocide. while other presidents have condemned the deaths they have stopped short of using the term
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largely due to turkey objecting to it. the 106th anniversary was marked all over the country including in san francisco where there was a service on mount davidson. armenians ambassador to the u.s. have this reaction to today's announcement. >> this is not an issue only about the past, this is not a issue only about armenian, this is an issue in regard to humanity and this is an issue for the future. >> turkey said today's action could complicate its relationship with the u.s. the governor also put today a day every mender remembrance for the armenian genocide. and east bay pleasanton neighborhood police arrested a man they say was firing a gun from inside his house. it all happened last night on royal court. officer say about 100 shots were fired. several bullets even went ugh neighbs homes. >> we thought it was fireworks at first. i am very sad and
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heartbroken, i hope he gets help. >> the suspect was taken to a mental health evaluation. neighbors say he lived there with his life and wife and three kids. however police say no one was home during the shooting. oh injuries have been reported. in the east bay a rally was called in hayward to take a closer look at the police department budget. activists are demanding the funding of the police department they want 10% of the departments budget reallocated to nonpolice city services and they also want the local school district to cut ties with hayward police which means it ends the schools resource officers. >> we want to take money with the police department and put it back into the community for community affirming services. >> hayward city council/nearly 5% etst whh nd e hidon cers.
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toleowneer t olce , targeting the a api community today. participants say the ride through san francisco is aimed at calling attention to the recent wave of crime targeting asians. they went through the mission district, embarcadero and the civic center. shifting gears you can see a live look out there no rain in sight but we do have some sprinkles on the way. >> we are starting looking at sprinklers with the live doppler, lassie hours you can see the satellite radar image the storm isalready bringing rain to parts of northern california. reading already got 507 inch and the storm is moving in for oscar sunday tomorrow. so get ready for a wet, windy
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and much cooler day. tomorrow are storm impacts scale we rank the storm one out of five, light to moderate rain, slant slight chance of thunder, most areas under half an inch and i'll have all specific details for your neighborhood coming up. looking ahead national drug take back day is unlike any other for one east that story is ahead. take a look at this, a sure tight housing inventory is on the bay area wax what all these people were waiting
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aa ovght. t k id but inbuy a home in santa clara. we were at the scene on keefer road where 18 units became the real estate agent says the crowd is a good indicator of the current market in the bay area given low supply in high demand. >> we have hardly any new construction so anytime there is new construction there is a certain pool of buyers that really values that. >> the unions were selling for 1.2 and $1.9 million. each could have up to 25 potential bidders. volunteers in the south bay
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were hard at work today performing vertical home repairs for uthbay seniors. the group fix up the two houses, one along south 17th street and the other on mount whitney drive. the high-rises had fallen into disrepair during the pandemic and because the homeowners are on a fixed income. that's where the nonprofit stepped in to help. the group is always looking for eligible applicants. private donations help cover the cost of repair work. the city of downhill has set a record for national drug take back day. the city along with police collected 15 boxes filled with unwanted, unused or expired prescription drugs. these boxes will now be taken to be safely disposed of all part of an effort to reduce the chance of drug abuse, theft or accidents. some consider the oscars red carpet fashion the most
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important runway. why some big-name designers, dressing the celebrities got a > heree t morecompe? wesee increasing clouds and we are expecting a storm late ton
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at the oscars, who wears what is almost as important as who winsa scaled-back show how
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people means more pressure for designers. >> reporter: is seems so long ago now. a time and a place before covid- 19 when a galaxy of stars twinkle right, stars like nssona down by oscar de la renta. these two designers are behind the one regina king waking accept her oscar two years ago. they are hoping another star will grace the red carpet in another one of their downs this year. but the show at la's historic union station will be much smaller. >> i do think it'll be more competitive. >> reporter: the pandemic is change the way designers to businesses. >> we've have virtual fittings and it is become routine for stars in the stylus.
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>> we send that down to them, we have a conversation online and then we decide what to do next. we don't have as many person-to- person conversations who perhaps don't connect with the celebrity as much as we did the year prior. but the process is still the same. >> reporter: the return to some semblance of normal is what we all need right now . >> the fashion world cannot wait for a real red carpet. it's going to be so much more impactful than seasons past. >> reporter: could last excess really mean greater success? for hollywood that would be truly historic. >> i can't wait to see the fashion scaled-back or not.
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live coverage begins sunday morning at 10:00 and begins all day with special on the red carpet coverage leading up to the 93rd academy awards ceremony at 5:00 p.m. after the last award is handed out stay with on the red carpet for continuing coverage. a teddy bears journey from los angeles to san francisco ended today at the golden gate bridge. the bear is actually a 33-year- old he had quite a following with him on the last leg of his journey. he says there was an impulsive thing to do and he has documented his travels online. he is raised about $14,000 and is going to post a poll to let people decide which charity should receive thy. >> i can imagine, francis it would be pretty hot in a bear costume walking around? elise it's overcast and a little cooler in san francisco. >> tomorrow you will need the s
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that. here is a you can see the storm approaching it's already bringing rain to parts of northern california. for us it just means increasing clouds today and tonight. the breezes checking out. winds 20 and above, san francisco 26 miles per hour tomorrow. we could see gusts up to 30 miles per hour that's going to help cool things down. from san francisco you can see a cloud back there in the background. that is causing instability in san francisco. it is 59 degrees. oakland and mountain view is 63 degrees, half moon bay is pretty: 55 degrees. this is in san rafael we are seeing the clouds you can see imeplaces. ouncing because of santa rosa upper 50s still hanging on to upper 60s and fairfield.
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we have this storm approaching for oscar sunday tomorrow. it is one out of five on our storm impacts scale with light to moderate rain. there is a slight chance of thunder for the north bay and the east bay and generally about a 10th to half an inch of rain. maybe a little higher for some of the hills. in most neighborhoods we're talking less than a quarter of an inch for tomorrow. here's how the timing plays out, midnight still mostly dry but we will see the clouds thickening up and then early tomorrow morning it will start to hit the north bay first. i 7:00 p.m. we will see rain heading to the peninsula hitting parts of east bay. by lunchtime it continues to slide south and it breaks up. you see more scattered showers and then mostly gone by the evening. rainfall estimates are generally less than a quarter of an inch and maybe higher through parts of the north bay.
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tomorrow's temperatures will also be pretty mild but there is a winter storm warning tonight through 11:00 p.m. you do not want to be driving to ansnow in the highest peaks. overnight lows will be a very narrow band of temperatures. upper 40s to low 50s. tomorrow temperatures will be cooler, 50s on the coast to mid and upper 50s inland. here is a 7-day forecast. it is a windy day tomorrow for oscar sunday. you might want to stay in and just watch it on tv. monday is a drying trend, notice we will have lots of bright sunshine, much warmer by midweek and spring warmth holds into next weekend. >> i think that sounds like a wonderful plan. let's have a preview of sports with chris. >> let's talkouthe
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now abc7 sports with chris alvarez. >> san jose earthquakes 20thsharks will have fans on monday. welcome back they were ready to rock 'n roll, good to see the fans back in san jose. penalty tech kick, first half as well those scores and he's
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fired is ne, dallas on th move. watch carlos hustle and what a nice we show it once ho about twice. it was ruled a no goal, quakes put up two more in the second. that's a great save 3 to 1. >> not only did the a's and giants have identical records only the dodges are better than bay area. oakland going for win number 13 in a row. giants of 15 to 7. warriors fan turning to the chase center since last year. total of 1935 fans they made their presence felt they arfigh thisenbest birthday game ever watching stefan curry,
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warriors one by 21 points the team could definitely feel the nation. >> it made all the difference in the world. it's a big arena, tired of looking at the blue tarp and empty seats and it was noticeable, to the flow of the game. it's not 19,000 but it was meaningful. >> that extra boost definitely helped we could feel their presence, it sounded more likes 1900 people. i was definitely appreciated and nthursday, ne are selectin overall, which quarterback will they choose? most think it'll be mac jones. he led them to a national title feels could be an option as well so could north dako's they caught up with the espn senior analyst to get his thoughts. >> mac jones is e ay tel is tel
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going to be the pick and kyle shanahan wants that joystick if you will. someone who can think the same way that he thinks. he's one of the quarter's smartest quarterbacks i've ever sat down with but he doesn't have the mobility >> i think trey lance would be a great ticket number three because you do have jimmy garrotte below and you can develop him. >> i think they know who he is but they are doing all their due diligence. >> i feel your excitement, are you ready? >> it is so much fun to have the fans back. i had a lot of fun at the chase center yesterday. we need to get more and more people into these buildings. that's it for this edition of abc 7 news. stick around as the lakers take
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50/50 popcorn chicken with both classic and spicy for the best of both worlds. only at jack in the box. ♪ who is ready for a little saturday night hoop action? thght game, but the king in l.a. does have his running mate back on the court. a.d. playing for the second straight time. hoping that they can split that mini series with the mavs, 1-1. but they got to do it against luka doncic who has scored 30 in three straight games and really wants to take two off the lakers. either way it goes, we're counting it down to tipoff between l.a. and the mavs. ♪ >> there's a place west


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