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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  April 24, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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. the vaccine was shown to be safe and effective for the vast majority of people. >> the one shot vaccine could be going into arm around the bay area again. it comes after the cdc and fda lifted the pause of its use after several women or six women developed a rare and dangerous type of blood clot. it's saturday. april 24th. thank you for joining us. we have team coverage on the johnson and johnson vaccine and the new warning but first legalities start with a quick look at the weather with lisa. >> good morning to you. we have multilayered clouds out there from the low clouds to the high clouds in
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our visible picture shows that nicely. we widen the view and our system is to the north of us. it'll bring a cold front, a late season cold front but colder air. as we look live santa cruz 50 degrees. the clouds 54 in oakland. looking at 50 in morgan hill and walnut creek. mostly cloudy start for you with low 50's santa rosa and livermore this is san rafael. you will get into rain maybe late tonight but we are looking at the popopo isolated showers. a cloudy, much cooler day. 50's and 60's. we will time out the rain and talk about rain totals. the pause on the johnson and johnson vaccine has been historied. the shot can be given as soon as this morning. we have team coverage on that decision from the vaccine team. we are focusing on the impact
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of the bay area. we will start with kay larson who spoke to a voting member of the cdc committee about their decision and now warning. >> the cdc and fda said the single shot vaccine must come with a warning and medical fact sheet about the risk of a rare blood clot disorder identified only in women. >> we are seeing what appears to be elevate risk of this complication in women under the age of 50. seems to be different and higher, particularly in women in their 30's. >> grace lee voted friday to lift the pause and use the vaccine. >> for women under the age of 50 we want to mechanic sure they know of the potential risk and there are other vaccines. >> the vaccine was paused after six women came down with severe blood clots. there are now 15 of these
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cases. most of them with severe clots near the brain. all of the patients are women between 18 and 59, three of them have died and seven are still in the hospital. these cases are out of eight million americans who have safely received the vaccine. >> for every one million doses of this vaccine the j and j vaccine could prevent over 650 hospitalizations and 12 deaths among women aged 18 to 41. >> chief of emergency medicine at zuckerburb general hospital. >> with all of this new information about the clotting disorder how are you incorporate that in the er when it comes to patient care >> we see patients that come in with things like headaches or stomach pain or chest pain. if they have gotten the vaccine it adds that level of concern but we are already fairly suspicious in those situations because of a relatively higher risk in young women of clots.
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particularly on birth control pills or pregnant. >> people who experience pain or breathing issues in the weeks after getting a shot should get medical help. and with the lifting of the pause on the vaccine bay area counties are preparing to resume giving the one dose shot. . >> the cdc and fda gave the vaccine the green light. with that comes more vaccine supply to the bay area. contra costa has given 14,000 doses of the vaccine. >> your county will give people aning to pick. >> yes. if there is johnson and johnson available they will always be a back up of either pfizer or moderna.
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>> san francisco's may roar said san francisco is planning to resume the use of the johnson and johnson vaccine. marin will resume the use as early as this weekend. medical doctors say there is still a slight risk with in the first two risks of getting the vaccine and one out of 100,000 people per year can still develop blood clots without the vaccine. why is really going to be the question that we have to continue to look at. >> stanford's infectious disease specialist sits on the fda's committee that authorized the vaccine for emergency use. she is concerned that's pause will impact vaccine hesitation among women. >> by providing vaccine we are saving thousands of lives that would be lost to coronavirus. >> the two friends are both vaccinated. neither got the johnson and johnson vaccine. when we asked if it would opt for this option they
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had mixed reactions. >> given a choice i would not prefer it. it's like a one in a million chance of getting a blood clot by is -- i think is a -- something that i can risk. >> others got the johnson and johnson vaccine. >> i would still choose that. i felt fine after it. >> the j and j vaccine will now include a label that warns of the rare blood clots. in san francisco, abc7 news. and there was another big development from the cdc. it's recommending pregnant women get vaccinated. early clinical trials did not include anyone who was pregnant but recent studies found the vaccines were safe and effective for those who are pregnant or nursing. if you or someone you know is a family member of a person who works for san francisco unified you have priority access to vaccine
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appointments this weekend. the supervisor shared this information on twitter and said the city is reserving the opportunity for up to 1500sfusd family members age 16 or older. a pintments open for the city college vaccination site. and in the south bay the bay area's largest county has reached a milestone in the fight against coronavirus. santa clara has given a million doses. nearly a third of the county eligible population has been vaccinated. still county officials are reminding the public not to let their guard down. >> the more people that get vaccinated the safer it'll be. the less chance for viral spread, for mutation and variants. the closer we get the safer we are. to help close vaccine equity gaps in hard hit areas like east san jose the county said more walk ups will be made available at certain sites starting next week. officials will also focus on expanding weekend and evening time slots. now for the first time since last march the
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warriors could see and hear real hometown fans at chase center. granted there are only about 1700 of them but still it'll what we can get and as chris found, it's a welcome sight. >> for the first time since march of 2020 fans will be inside chase center. fans say they are excited to be back. >> science everywhere were a constant remind tear health and safety is the top priority here at chase center. >> have your vaccination card. >> in order to enter you had to have a prove of a negative coronavirus test or full vaccination. >> i'm content with the safety protocols and then the at home testing wasn't long. it was a short process. >> seeing my friend i hadn't seen since last november and the atmosphere, people. >> let's go. >> anthony was the first warrior fan to enter chase center on friday night. >> the team needs us. you know we feed off the team
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but the team feeds us and now we are here and after a long year we are able to go in and just super exciting. >> why was it so important >> we have been missing it for so long. i knew we just been itcling and dancing prancing just can't wait. >> how long have you waited toker this game for this night >> i have been waiting forever. feels like forever. >> what is your message to the fans to come out here and get them back at chase center >> it's i hope you have a good day and stay safe. >> so cute. that was chris reporting. larry will have the highlights from last night's game coming up later in sports. wow. that really feels like things are getting back to normal with having fans there at a sporting event. >> right and a familiar sight for winter would be a stronger on shore flow. a lot of cloud cover. we finally have it as we get in to the last week of april. we will see returns to some april showers and even
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some mountain snow, stay towned. my accuweather seven day forecast is next. >> thank you. also ahead public school enroll member in california is the lowest its been in decades. why certain grades and bay area districts have been hit harter than others. and it was the big news yesterday. caitlin jenner is running to replace the governor but faces several hurdles. we will talk
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. here is a live look outside at the bay bridge. it's 52 degrees right now in san francisco. we are awaiting some rain this weekend. we will talk to lisa about when to expect it. it's national drug take back day to clear the communities of unused prescription drugs. today from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. contra costa is accepting unwanted pills in their original containern. is drop offs are in martinez, richmond, and alamo and the danville, lafayette and or ind a police departments. san jose police are taking from ten to two at the station on great in brooklyn. now a step in the debate over the lowell high
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school controversial admissions policy now taking the fight to court. opponents of the new lottery based student admissions plan are now suing the sfusd school board. the chronicle reports the lawsuit was filed yesterday. the lottery system opponents say they were shielded from the decision process with little chance for the public to comment or review. back in february you may remember the school board cited a need for more diversity when they voted to scrap the merit based admission system. and it's the new campaign announcement adding a big name in the likely recall election against the governor. caitlin jenner tweeting i'm into run for california governor. this morning abc news reporter -- is in los angeles with the interesting dynamic this adds to the race. >> she shocked the world when she came out as transgender in 2015. now witha a new stunning announcement, she said she is running for california governor, trying to unseat
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the governor in a potential recall election. >> every time i turn around i'm putting myself in these high pressure situations. >> the activist tweeting friday i'm in. california is worth fighting for, hash tag recall newsom. one of the most prominent bids for office by an openly transgender american, happening during a record breaking year for anti trans legislation. >> i think it could help the trans community if she uses the spotlight to foster acceptance. >> 33 states introducing more than 100 bill was limitations on transgender youth rights including bathroom and youth sports bans this year alone. jenner stirring up controversy by running as a republican. initially supporting trump when he ran for president she stopped backing him after his administration repeatedly attacked transgender rights in 2018. she spoke to variety that year.
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>> on the economic side i'm very conservative. i believe in limited government. i believe in lower taxes. i believe in less regulations. i want a thriving economy. i want americans to be able to succeed. socially i'm much more progressive. >> jenner did not want the attention of public life. >> i can influence more votes by being on the outside and working everybody so that's pretty much what i do. >> her influence coming during a wave of violence with at least 15 transgender people being murdered this year. the most recent in charlotte. some members of the trans community don't support the campaign. >> defending caitlin and educating the public on this vanity campaign is less energy, less time, less resources that we can spend protecting trans children across the country. >> as for the governor he said they feels this recall effort is an assault on
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california values. his team saying yesterday we always knew the republican recall would bring out a ridiculous collection of trump supporting candidates which only reinforces how much california appreciates the governor's experienced leadership. abc news los angeles. >> and you can learn more about the last california recall, the one that happened in 2003 on abc7 original total recall. it's the new documentary streaming noun on the connected tv ap wherever you stream abc7 news. the governor is sworn an east bay assemblyman as the state's new general. >> . >> he will be up for
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election along with other statewide officials next year. he was nominated last month to succeed basara who is the president's health and human services secretary. now a section of highway 1 that washed away is back open. the governor and other state and local leaders attend. 17 inches of rain in january over three days caused a burn scared hillside to collapse. the debris flow wiped out a 150- foot section the highway. >> we are blessed by this coast of dreams and today we are blessed to be back and to see this iconic highway up and operational and back on its feet just as this state is getting back on its feet. >> the repairs weren't cheap. more than $11.5 million but the reopening comes just in time for the summer tourist
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season. aquarium by the bay is celebrating it's 25th anniversary. its been a tough year for the aquarium because of the pandemic. it was closed for nearly 11 months losing critical staff and millions in revenue. the aquarium is finally welcoming people back at 50% capacity. we are gearing up for those 93rd oscars rights here on abc7 tomorrow night. no doubt its movie fans biggest night. for some of the north bay they like their feature films different. the rush to the golden era of rental video stores. joe video in santa rosa said its been a break even business as one of the last of it's kind anywhere. some 25,000 movies, new release, foreign films, suspense, romance, they have it all. joe video has survived by having better movie knowledge. don't forget about that one week late fee. how could we the days of block buster, i don't know. do you miss that
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>> no. that was some good times for sure. >> now we just sit in our bed and school through netflix looking for something. >> that abyss. good morning. starting out with a the love cloud cover. that stronger on shore flow with us this morning. brought some mist and drizzle as that marine later got rung out early but we also could see isolated showers. here say look at live doppler seven and you see all the cloud cover, multilayer clouds out there and as we widen the view there's a system up to the north. it's a cold system and promises to bring rain to the bay area but also mountain snow. the focus will be in extreme northern california and also the pacific northwest. we will be on the tail end of it and look at these gusty winds. we have seen wind from 450 to 60 miles an hour this is mount rose where temperatures in the mid-30s a. 454 in oakland. 451 san francisco.
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mid50's in san jose. still nice to see that snow isn't it we look at carson valley looks beautiful. this is real. looks like its photograph shopped. 545 in nevado with mid50's and breezy winds out toward the delta. a much cooler day for you back home in the north bay. san rafael you can see the clouds and a few peaks of sun. partly sunny if spots and isolated shower, not out of the question. the cold front in tomorrow allowing for the wet breezy conditions and then a cold start to your monday morning as colder air filters in behind this system. that's coming the pacific northwest. the origin with much colder air. for sunday level one system, light to moderate rain. as the cold front moves through, the rain will be more scattered in the afternoon and things should wind down. probably about the dinner hour. here is the way it look early in the morning. you can see the line of rain from the north bay, this is 9:00 sunday and then that front marches
9:22 am
across the bay area, most of the activity will be in the upper elevations, the coastal hills, and we are not going to get all that much as this season as shown us the minute the system gets close to the coast, it kind of under preforms. we will see how it plays out. for the most part we are looking at the rain from a quarter inch much to a thinker of an inch in the favorite locations of the higher elevation. the coast, maybe two tenths, half moon bay a third. the rest of us could just see a trace to maybe a tenth of an inch. not a big rain maker but for the sierra nevada still looking at eight to 15 inches of snow. that's about 4500 feet. you can see down by kirkwood we could pick up a foot. better than a half of a foot there. that will be some good news. 62 in oakland, looking at mid- 60s's today. breezy for inland valleys. even along the coast it. will be chilly in the 50's and the accuweather seven day forecast the level one system tomorrow. it's wet and cooler then as we
9:23 am
start the workweek it'll be chilly with a slight chance of a shower but the sunshine will bring back that warmth. we will be above average with of course 80's returning by midweek. this is some good news out there. >> certainlys. all right. thank you. just ahead tiger woods shares the first photographs since the accident. what he is saying about his recovery.
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9:25 am
. there are new details on the potential cost of building a ballpark at the port of oakland. the a's president sent an open letter saying the price tag is $12 billion.
9:26 am
the team plans to fund a billion dollars toward construction. the letter calls on counsel to vote on the howard terminal project. and you can see it here. tiger woods posted the photograph of himself since i had car accident it. showsthe golf legend on crutches. he captioned my course is coming alongst faster than i am but it's not to have a faithful rehab partner, man's best friend. is he recovering the february crash. police said main causes were believed to be speed and his inability to negotiate a curve. now still to come on abc7 morning the dragon arrive at the international says station. the latest on the mission. the countdown to the oscar is here and viewers may not recognize all of the pieces and parts but
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. good morning. we will start this half hour with a look at the weather with lisa. hey. >> good morning. we do have a lot of cloud cover it. will thin out for the time being. the early afternoon but we will see more cloud cover as our strong on shore flow keep itself cooler and cloudy for the afternoon. 54 in san jose, 52 in morgan hill and half moon bay and there is the tower where it's looking brighter in spots. 52 santa rosa with partly sunny skies in parts of the bay area. 54 in concord. as we go through the next couple of hours, midmorning to late morning we will see some sun. we will see a few break that will boost the temperatures into the 60's. then we will see more of a breeze, more cloud cover and then the warm front arrives followed by a cold front. the count don is on. tomorrow night's oscars airing on abc7 will look like no other.
9:30 am
show prosecute deucers have been drawing up ways to make sure the biggest award show of the year feels all the glamour of old and away from the zoom screens. this morning jade hernandez is live in la. >> good morning. lots of changes at the academy awards. producer, change the venue and they eliminated zoom acceptance speeches this year's theme, bring your movie love. the countdown to the academy awards is on. >> ain't that the truth >> produces of the broadcast promise viewer also feel like they are watching a movie. >> important that such a big show, an event that's entire world is watching, that we show what's possible with science and common sense. >> nominees being encouraged to attend in person with appropriate safety precautions. >> masks are going to play a very important role in the narrative. >> the academy announced will
9:31 am
put in new diversity standards beginning in 2024 but this year's list of nominees appears to already be meeting some of the standards. >> i think the connective tissue with a the love the films is that it's a reflection of what we are experiences now in 2021. >> nine out of the 20 nominations have gone to people of color. >> america's colorful and film is a universal language. it changes and we should welcome the way it looks, the way it's presented and who is in it. >> the front runner for best actor, chadwick boseman nominated for his performance in black bottom. also on the best actor category the first muslim nominee for his performance in sound of metal and the first asian american nominated for his reformance. for the nominees for best
9:32 am
actress viola davis is in contention to take home another statue after her 4th oscar nod and andrew day is also in the running and has already taken home a golden globe for her performance in the united states verses billy holiday. sunday night's ceremony will take place in two locations. people attending the oscars will be here at union station in los angeles while other live elements will take place at the dolby theater in hollywood. jade hernandez. abc7 news. >> sounds like a great night. thank you. here on abc7 live coverage starts tomorrow morning at ten and continues all day with special on the red carpet coverage leading up to the 93rd academy award ceremony at 5:00 p.m. after the last award is handed out, stay with on the red carpet for continuing coverage. new details fremont police on what happened when police shot a suspect in a hotel parking lot earlier this month. the department released a
9:33 am
detailed video analysis of the moments leading up to that shooting. here is dan ashley. >> the video starts with steven mosley leaving the hotel. police were waiting outside to act him. mosley apparently saw them and made a run for it. officers released a k9 officer who you see her chasing mosley. fremont officers are not far behind. the video you are watching is from five different police body cameras and hotel surveillance cameras. you can see the k9 attacking mosley as officers yell at him to put down the gun. at one point they say mosley appears to point the gun at the k9. moments later posely points the gun at them and they open fire. mosley was declared dead at the scenen. a video statement the fremont police chief said the officers were unable to stop the dog from attacking the suspect even after using verbal commands and electric collar. >> we have replaced the collar
9:34 am
and are retraining and recertifying the k9 to make sure we can recall it effectively from a distance. but it's possible and i believe that the use of the k9 may have saved officer lives on this day. >> that was dan ashley reporting. the k9 officer suffered minor injuries from being hit by the suspect. the other officers were not injured. turning now to the nation's vaccine push and the news of the johnson and johnson shot. it was put on pause for more than a week as we said over ties to a rare blood clot disorder. ellen lopez is at cdc headquarters as 35% of americans now vaccinated. >> the administration of johnson and johnson's vaccine can resume immediately. >> this morning the john season and johnson vaccine is back in use after an 11 day pause. the fda and the cdc saying the benefits of the vaccine out weigh the risks. at least 18 states officially saying they will resume use. >> we are confident that the
9:35 am
-- vaccine meets our robust standards for safety, effectiveness and quality for medical product that is used widely. >> this after a cdc committee voted to lift the pause to resume use but recommending come with a label noting the risk of rare blood clots. the panel declining to provide a warning based on gender or age. this as there are now reported 15 blood clot cases following the one dose shot including three deaths. all women. that's out of 8 million doses. an 18-year-old is one of the 15, a week after the arm to needle you're suffered seizures. >> there is good and slow improvement. she is still a deeply injured young woman. she has a long way to go. e. her family encouraging others to get vaccinated
9:36 am
but advising continued conversation. >> we are talk about it being one in a million but it's one to one to them. people should be careful and should ask questions and not be afraid to do that. make a determination in their own mind what vaccine they want to take. >> in the race against the variants the advisory panel saying it's important to act quickly, siting an urgent need to vaccinate the country. >> we anticipate that the areas of lightest vaccine coverage now may be where the virus strikes next. >> nine million of it's single dose shots could soon be in the arms of americans starting this morning. >> ellen lopez, abc news atlanta. new, less than 24 hours after lifting off a space x crew of four has arrived at the international space station. new video shows the crew docking the dragon capsule at 2:08 this morning. it's the second time the dragon has arrived at the space station. this after a close call astronauts on board.
9:37 am
>> and lift off. >> hours after the picture perfect free dawn launch lit up the skies up and down the east coast. >> it's a u if, o. >> a close call for the crew. space junk threatening the ship. the crew rushing to get back inside their suits. the space junk travel going at more than 17,000 miles an hour with in nearly 28 miles of the crew dragon but missing it. before the scare the astronauts giving a live shower. meghan in that same pilot seat her husband sat in just last year. . >> i'm learning how to move around. >> space x making history
9:38 am
reusing the crew dragon space shipment. >> it doesn't take a long object to do a lot of damage. with retalking about more than 17,000 miles an hour. anything could be bat. all right. still ahead on abc mornings, turn the indoor urban farmer who is harvesting mushrooms all year long. >> and let's take a live look as wednesday go out. it's 9:38 on this saturday. we will check in on when the rain is coming. this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance usually forces you to piece together multiple policies. that's why three was created. it's one policy that covers everything you need... leaving those old policies in the dust. three. no nonsense. just common sense.
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. you ask see all the sea lions hanging out. lazy saturday. hope you are enjoying your morning as well. let's talk sports this afternoon. the earthquakes will play their home opener at the new pay pal park. the earthquakes face fc dallas in the first professional sporting event in santa clara county with fans since march of last year. the team decided to limit attendance to 20% capacity to follow state and local social distancing protocols. that means 3600 fans will be allowed to go to the game. parking gates open at 11:30. tailgating will be allows and
9:45 am
the match starts at 12:30. now later today the a's will try to extend their 12 game winning streak. chris takes its mound for oakland at orioles park at camden yards. first pitch is at 4:05 and kevin goss man will start against the marlins. first pitch at 6:45 at oracle park. tomorrow the warriors battle the kings at chase center. last night he had welcome guests. here is lair a beale with the highlights in the sports. >> good morning everybody. first time since the pandemic started the warriors welcomed fans back after a 409 day wait. seth curry thanked them for coming out. >> it's great to he sue guys in the stands. we missed your energy and passion. thank you for being patient and sticking with us through this situation. it's great to he sue back. >> 2,000 fans in the house got a scare. seth went to the locker room about three minutes in
9:46 am
only to get retaped. anderson back from the concussion. blocked by the back board. green handing out assists like santa at christmas. nice pass to wiggins for the layup. they are in complete sync. green 19 assists and two points to seth on the relow three. knocks it down. kelly had 23 off the bench. he attacks the rim with authority. churchy will go to -- all night long this is a 4-point play and love the reaction. warriors beat denver. the fans are back. >> the extra boost help. you can feel the presence. sitting here looking at the -- 1900 people with it sounded like way more than 1900. that was definitely appreciated and much needed. >> the a's trying to keep riding the wave on an 11 game win streak in
9:47 am
the helps to have matt chapman making plays like that. to the 5th. he could smell victory. this is what it smells like. a solo bomb. this wave is narly dude and it's still going. 12 in a row for the athletics. no live rabbits but rally rabbits like the hats. cool and crisp so chaz wearing a hoodie. he may want to wear that all year. maybe not in miami. 1-0 marlins. the giants would answer in the third. here it comes and there it goes. mike, this is a two that's mine. 2-1 giants. buster posey. first for any giant's catcher. buster is okay. next pitch right back to alex wood who went seven
9:48 am
innings. the giant win by a final of 5- 3. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend. i'm larry beale. let's get a check of the weather with lisa. great out there. >> yeah. very gray. just a few holes around the central part of the bay. we are getting some sunshine and it'll be partly sunny but also seeing a little bit of moisture. there's been wet pavement. you can see how the clouds get little more speckled. that indicates the cold air that is to the north of us. this all goes into the bay area, the tail end of it for tomorrow morning. there's a look at mount tap and the cloud cover, 51 in the city. 54 oakland. 56 mountain view and san jose with 52 morgan hill and half moon bay and a look at mount tam with a little bit of blow sky it. will be a breezy day later on. the winds gusty over the east bay hills through the
9:49 am
delta. 52 santa rosa. 55nevado and 53napa. mid50's in our inland valleys and we used to have that on shore flow. the gray days, the much cooler air throughout the wintertime. never had this. this past winter or last winter. looking at the stronger winds coming in to play in some spots in the east bay. despite the cooldown today, we will have a few peaks of sun and then the winds will kick in. here is a look from the east bay hills and you will see hazy. and the camera shaking just a little bit. clouds, maybe drizzle or sprinkles. otherwise it's a gray day and the wet and breezy day tomorrow. certainly to start and then by the afternoon the showers get more scattered. and we will look for some cold air to move in behind this system. it'll be a cold start for your monday and then looking at sunny weather after that with a quick warm up as we get into that last week of april. our level one system for sunday, light to moderate
9:50 am
rain favoring the coastal hills. the north bay, the rest of us anywhere from a 10th of an up much and some areas rain shadow effect perhaps in the south bay could see even less but we are still looking at rain throughout the santa cruz mountains. as we look at the 9:00 computer model tomorrow you will see that we have the rain up to the north. certainly along the coast. maybe some heavier downpours but then as we get toward the second half of the day, the system doesn't look that impressive. we will still see showers out there for sure. east bay, south bay but in to the later afternoon, hours even the clouds start to sweep away from the bay area. here is a look at the current projected rainfall totals with that two tenths along the coast. then looking a little more impressive with some steadier rain. main a third of an inch of rain. from the peninsula, san mateo.
9:51 am
over into the east bay for concord, and brentwood, not looking at all that much. unfortunately that is the news for the rain. for the sierra nevada the snow is a little better news as we move up over the west slopes. the snow, that moisture content gets enhanced and we are looking at anywhere from eight to 16 inches and then in the local ski resorts which are all closed by now, looking at perhaps about i foot around kirkwood. upper 50's, back home throughout the afternoon, in san francisco, low to mid-60s's for the rest of us. it'll be a breezy afternoon. few peeks of sun and then tonight we will see some lighter rain as that warm front gets closer. those are really more tomorrow morning temperatures. it'll be slick if you are out there early and then we will get that cold front that will bring in hopefully a 10th or 2sts of an inch of rain and then temperatures warming up quickly. look at those 80's. >> low. looks like summer is coming.
9:52 am
thank you. now to a california man who isn't your typical farmer. he calls himself an urban farmer and grows mushrooms inside a building. >> right here we have a wall of mushrooms and how they grow. these are lion's manes, italian oysters. blue oysters and interesting part is they all start at about this size. i said i think that i am probably the only minority farmer and a person of color that grows mushrooms in the state of california. the beautiful thing about this is i don't have to go spend $10,000 an acre and a minimum of 10 acres or whatever it may be. this is a 900 square foot building and some of the things you will -- hurdles when i started looking and telling people i wanted to
9:53 am
grow mushrooms they had no idea. we grow a variety of of of of o li, in,'s mane. chestnuts. i came out with six new strains. i'm looking those. . >> in a month, 45 days tops. it's a really fast process. they say if you stare at them long enough you can see them grow. . the oscars just a day away. you can watch all i'm erin. -and i'm margo. we've always done things our own way.
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. a little bit of breaking news overnight. police in pleasanton have taken a man into custody that they say was shooting a gun from inside his house just after ten. about 100 shots were fired off. several bullets went through neighbor's homes. it's always the big rush before the biggest night. how to watch all the best picture nominees in time. happening today you have a chance to see them before tomorrow's 93rd oscars here on abc7. cinemark is selling tickets to watch every nominee for just $5 a movie. you can check the theaters times at week and be sure to keep it here for the oscars coverage. the show starts at 5:00 p.m. and let's get a final check
9:57 am
of the forecast. >> good morning, too high. we have a lot of cloud cover but a few peeks of sun throughout the afternoon. could could see isolated showers. numbers will be cooler the winds will pick up with temperatures in 50's by the coast to the mid-60s's inland. the seven day forecast, the level one system arrives tomorrow for wet and even cooler conditions. cold weather behind the system but we dry out and warm up quickly. so we are looking forward to that rain. all right. thank you. thank you all for joining us here on abc7 mornings. along with lisa. abc7 news continues at 4:30 because of nba saturday prime sometime. nba countdown gets you ready for tonight's big game between the lakers and mavericks. tipoff is at 5:30 at american airlines center and then you can watch toyota after the game with larry beale. all right. thank you for joining us. have a great day.
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jeff: today, on “ocean treks,” i'm diving in to find the ancient treasures of croatia; i'll explore a remarkable wreck, and i'll uncover the secrets hidden inside these ancient walls. this is a serious key. ivan: yeah. jeff: something tells me whatever this unlocks is pretty spectacular. oh, my gosh. and i'll taste and help harvest some of the best oysters on the planet. you don't get a fresher oyster than this. jeff: i'm jeff corwin. i'm on a trip of a lifetime, visiting the greatest port cities on the planet. every week, i'll come ashore at a new port and head out on the best daytrip ever. i'm going to get to do something that no one has


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