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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 24, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. it's our second hour. pause lifted after 11 days. the cdc and fda saying johnson & johnson vaccinations can resume immediately. the one and done shot getting a new label noting the risk of rare blood clots after 15 reported cases. what to know as the race to vaccinate hits a critical moment. ♪ it's light, camera, action, and we're throwing an oscars bash of our very own on the eve of the academy awards, your one stop for the must-watch movies to binge. a roundup of the nominees favored to take home some hardware. the final predictions you need to win your family's oscar pool. ♪ larger than life ♪ plus, why marvel fans are paying close attention to the best director category.
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whether you're a fan of the indie flicks up for oscar gold, or prefer big budget blockbusters, how tomorrow night will be a celebration for all movie buffs. ♪ nothing's gonna stop us now ♪ and a forecast of the fabulous fashion. our very own weatherman rob marciano getting a red carpet ready makeover live on the air. the countdown to hollywood's biggest night is on as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ ♪ so he's gone from full beard to goatee. where are we going next? >> i don't know but he had like an evil laugh that came with it. did you notice that? >> salty sea captain isn't gone yet. >> that's just his laugh. >> that's right. >> just to be clear. good morning, everybody. very excited for the oscars bash we've got planned including rob marciano's hollywood looks, it's an event so momentous that we
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have a countdown clock to the big reveal of rob's face. rob's shaving off his beard while we're live on the air. that's a live shot of him. >> wait a minute -- >> whoa. handlebars? >> freddie mercury is in the house. >> okay. >> wow, okay. >> we will rock you. but first, we'll get back to rob shortly if you are interested, but first we do have some breaking news overnight on the johnson & johnson vaccine. >> the johnson & johnson vaccine allowed to resume immediately after a cdc advisory panel recommended the pause be lifted. the single-shot vaccine now coming with a warning about the risk of a very rare blood clot and people getting the shot will be told to be aware of symptoms including severe headache or leg pain. >> the cdc panel determining the benefits of the johnson & johnson vaccine outweigh the risks. given the millions of shots
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given out and the rare number of cases involving blood clots. as of this morning, more than 35% of americans are now fully vaccinated. so let's go back to abc's elwyn lopez who is right there at cdc headquarters in atlanta with what this new decision means for the race to vaccinate. elwyn, good morning once again. >> reporter: dan, good morning. some of those single-dose vaccines could roll out as early as this morning. the u.s. back again to having three tools in the arsenal against the virus. >> the administration of johnson & johnson's covid-19 vaccine can resume immediately. >> reporter: this morning, the johnson & johnson vaccine is back in use after an 11-day pause. the fda and the cdc saying the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks. at least 18 states officially saying they'll resume use. >> we're confident that the janssen covid-19 vaccine meets our robust standards for safety, effectiveness and quality for a medical product that is used widely. >> reporter: this after a cdc committee voted 10-4 to lift the
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pause to resume use. but recommending it come with a label, noting the risk of rare blood clots, the panel, however, declining to provide a warning based on gender or age. this as there are now a reported 15 blood clot cases following the one-dose shot including three deaths, all women. that's out of 8 million doses. 18-year-old emma burkey is one of the 15 a week after the arm to needle, she suffered seizures and this morning, after three surgeries, she's still in the hospital. >> there is good and gradual improvement and the family is encouraged. she's still a deeply injured young woman and she has a long way to go. >> reporter: her family still encouraging others to get vaccinated but advising continued conversations. >> we talk about it being one in a million but it's one-to-one to them. people should be careful and ask
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questions and not be afraid to do that and make a determination in their own mind what vaccine they want to take. >> reporter: and the cdc says there are some unsettling gaps in vaccinations and their concern is that the areas with the lightest vaccination rates might be where the virus strikes next, dan. >> elwyn, thank you so much. coming up, we'll lighten the mood a little bit, we'll find out why marvel fans should be paying close attention to the best director oscar race tomorrow night. and up ahead, we're making every day earth day with "deals & steals," eco-friendly finds all from small businesses. plus, janai norman is live at union station, home of this year's academy awards, all the latest from hollywood when we return. at union station, home of this year's academy awards, all the latest from hollywood when we return. just tell me what i need to know. never! (hands hit desk) where is it? it's on the beach. ocean views. it was supposed to be a surprise. (hands hit desk) she doesn't like surprises dave. thanks, captain obvious.
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i want to thank everybody who makes movies. i come from new york. as i little kid i lived in the projects and you're the people i watched. you're the people that made me want to be an actor.
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♪ i'm so proud to be here. i'm proud to be an actor. >> back now with whoopi goldberg's best supporting actress win 30 years ago playing psychic oda mae brown in "ghost." goldberg recently reminiscent with "variety" about that night saying, quote, i looked really good. my hair was cool. dress was cute. yes, whoopi, we agree. >> in fact, we're all big whoopi fans around here, and for all the most memorable moments from this year's academy awards don't miss our "gma" oscars after party. that's monday morning of course right here. however, right now, it is time for "pop news" and we'll send it out to janai right there on the west coast, she's at union station where oscar preps are well under way. janai, good morning to you. >> reporter: hello, good morning. yeah, the oscars are just hours away, but we're already looking forward to a movie that's in the works. in case you haven't heard there
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is a new "father of the bride" headed into production and this morning, the movie has found its mother of the bride, music legend gloria estefan will join the re-imagined film alongside andy garcia on board to play the title character. gloria sharing the news writing in part, a resounding yes was my answer to the invitation to join my good friend, the incredibly talented andy garcia, for this new and wonderfully warm and funny incarnation of the classic "father of the bride." truly part of hollywood history. so this will actually be the third time a "father of the bride" movie has been made. the original debuting all the way back -- all the way back, i'm sorry, but to the 1950s starring spencer tracy and elizabeth taylor and, of course, in the '90s steve martin and kimberly williams-paisley played father and daughter. that was my favorite version growing up. the latest version is set to start filming this summer. also in the news this morning,so touching.
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vanessa bryant and her daughter natalia teaming up for a new campaign along with "vogue" for the jewelry brand bulgari and with mother's day right around the corner the duo are opening up about their special bond. take a look. >> you always look for the positive side of any situation. you taught that to me at a young age and i've always carried that with me. >> you always try to find the goodness in people and in every situation so i admire that. >> you've always been my rock my entire life. >> that's what i really, really cherish. >> so vanessa posting that video to instagram writing, leave a legacy. it's not just a mother's love but the legacy we leave behind. i loved having the opportunity to spend time with my daughter natalia while doing this campaign. vanessa has been very open and honest about leaning on her daughters in the wake of the death of her husband kobe bryant as well as her daughter gianna. vanessa recently telling "people" magazine, quote, my girls give me strength, so we
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continue wishing vanessa and the whole bryant family all of the absolute best. and finally, okay, ladies, let's get in formation. we celebrate the fifth anniversary of beyonce's masterpiece "lemonade." queen bey marking the major milestone on instagram yesterday writing, i'm grateful this body of work has resonated so deeply with so many people. i'm so thankful for all the beautiful souls involved in making one of my favorite pieces of art. as i celebrate five years of "lemonade" i encourage everyone to continue healing, loving, forgiving and uplifting. i hope you find joy today. so this visual album, you will remember, it changed the game with tracks like "formation," "hold up" and "freedom." in their review, "spin" magazine praising the work as bey clearly swinging for the astronomical rafters
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and banging it out of the park, track after track. i couldn't have said it better myself. of course, there was that grammys upset of epic proportions when "lemonade" was passed over for album of the year, but as the millions of likes on beyonce's instagram post prove the album has had a profound effect on fans. including some good lines like, becky with the good hair. i see chris connelly over here. he just did this. we all know it. guys, back to you. >> isn't that the album where she says i woke up like this? >> dan, that is the album where she says, i woke up like this. is it? i woke up like this? >> i think so. >> i don't know. >> i don't know. >> dan, don't quiz me on my beyonce trivia. >> it's hard to believe that it's been five years. we do want to get back to our countdown of rob's big reveal this morning, about a half hour to go, rob marciano shaving the beard. live on the air this morning. let's check in. rob, hulk hogan would be proud. >> right. >> what is happening? >> well, you know, we got the --
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we got the handlebars going, brother. >> are you going to give us the weather -- >> you know, wwf, or go wider, of course, you know. i can't beat him, can i, doc? >> i'm your huckleberry. >> there you go, brother, there you go. so, anyway, doing a great job. no blood yet and we're almost to the full i can't wear this to the oscars so take a look at your bearded cities forecast. here you go, this for all the kids out there. buzzards bay, massachusetts, there you go, we're also looking at -- let me get this up -- shavertown, beard, georgia. i lived in georgia for ten years and never been to beard. i feel obligated to go and razor, texas. that's a check of what's good morning to you. a cloudy and cool stat from san francisco, some drizzle out there. cold front tomorrow that will
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bring welcomed rain to the bay area, it will fall apart by the late afternoon and start out the week cool with an isolated shower possible. most of the activity will be tomorrow, fist part of the day, 62 today. mostly cloudy, 66 in san jose. the accuweather 7- day forecast, warming up through next >> all right, thank you, rob. excited to see what comes next. now, though, to our "gma" cover story. whether you're a fan of indie flicks or big budget blockbusters, the producers of this year's academy awards say the ceremony will be for all movie buffs, chris connelly who janai mentioned just a while ago puffing his hair, joins us from union station in l.a. with chris, good morning to you. >> reporter: and good morning to you, dan. now, a lot of people watch movies, but the movies a lot of people watch, they don't always get nominations. you know the kind of movies i'm talking about, blockbusters so why should those people be sure to check out this year's academy
8:16 am
awards? i asked a couple of oscars people that very question. ♪ if i'm a fan of marvel cinematic universe movies, if i can't wait for "fast & furious 9." >> no one outruns their past. >> reporter: if i love to get online and talk about how rian johnson is the best director in "star wars" history, what does the oscars have for me? >> i can love that and i can love "moonlight" or "nomadland" or "minari." >> reporter: from "django unchained" to "erin brockovich" oscars producer stacey sher has made movies that marry mass and class. academy head david rubin has led the charge to diversify his membership. >> the idea that the achievements of "black panther" are any less than the achievements of "citizen kane" is misguided so -- and i think that people are realizing that. >> reporter: the 93rd oscars hopes to lures viewers by taking
8:17 am
them inside the creative lives of those who made this year's best movies. >> i think audiences will be delighted and surprised at how connected they will feel to the nominees even though they're not the filmmakers of the giant blockbusters of years past. >> reporter: but what if you're interested in giant blockbusters to come. well, in 2018, as she accepted her second best actress oscar, frances mcdormand called on the suits in hollywood to fund movies women wanted to make. >> because we all have stories to tell and projects we need financed. don't talk to us about it at the parties tonight. invite us into your office in a couple of days and we'll tell you all about them. >> reporter: as she spoke mcdormand had a project in mind. it was called "nomadland," 48 hours earlier she had connected with a filmmaker who had done a small breathtakingly intimate movie called "the rider." >> no more riding, no more rodeos. if you don't stop your seizures will get worse.
8:18 am
>> reporter: her name, chloe zhao. they hit it off right away to do "nomadland," three years later "nomadland," zhao and mcdormand are all up for oscars. and guess what, in 2018, you know who else took interest in chloe zhao? that's right, marvel. marvel hired chloe zhao to direct "eternals" due to arrive in theaters at the end of this year. >> every film is a learning curve and i really, really don't want to make a film where i walk away and go, i wasn't strong. >> reporter: it makes sense to watch the oscars where the future of the movies gets revealed whether you like smaller films or the blockbusters. so just all the more reason to be watching sunday. and get a better understanding of the people who might be making your favorite film next. dan. >> great education, chris, thank you so much. you can catch chris along with our janai norman on oscars
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countdown the red carpet live tomorrow at 1:00 eastern right here on abc. whit, over to you. >> dan, thanks. now to "deals & steals," earth day was on thursday, but we're keeping the eco-friendly fun going with major price cuts that help the planet and help you and they're all from small businesses. tory johnson is back with us and what we're saving this morning, of course, you can also get these deals by pointing your cell phone at the little qr code right at the bottom of your screen right there, that will pop up and make it nice and easy, tory, good morning, as always. get us started here with a backpack. >> yes, so, whit, this is really cool, it's a company called notabag and it emerged to solve the dilemma of how to carry a tote bag while riding a bike. that's pretty difficult, so they developed this bag that is a tote bag/backpack hybrid with just a pull of the straps you transform the bag depending on what activity you're doing and how you need to carry that bag. we also have options with reflective straps, we have a
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i'm going to do what i can to have a couple of these after the show for myself. thank you so much. we appreciate it. we partnered with all these companies on these deals and you can get them on where you can also check out tory's deals for mother's day. that's coming up, guys. over to you. >> don't forget it, you have to get your mother's day present soon. >> that's right. coming up, we are ushering a roundup of the oscar nominated movies to binge-watch plus a fashion forecast and oscar-worthy eats including a dessert that's inspired by the "borat" sequel. >> that could go wrong in many ways. we'll see what that is. also, we're counting down the minutes to the big reveal. we can't wait to see it. what is going to happen to rob's face as we get rid of that beard. keep it right here. the clipping, the shearing continues. the clipping, the shearing continues. managing type 2 diabetes? you're on it. staying fit and snacking light? yup, on it there too. you may think you're doing all you can to manage
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good morning, everybody. i'm liz kreutz. there are new details top potential cost of ballpark at the oakland. $12billion. the team plans to privately
8:28 am
fund $1 billion towards construction. the letter call on council to vote on the howard terminal project. let's get a check of the weather now with meteorologist lisa argen. lots of clouds. see the gray behind you. a live look from our tower camera over the city. 53 oakland and san jose. 101s pretty cloudy, 51 nap pa. 52 concord. mostly cloudy skies turning breezy, 50s to 60s. rain tomorrow morning and lasts through the afternoon. thank you for joining us. the
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my sister lisa, my brother-in-law tony, my agent since god was a boy. jeff burke. my mom and just francis and marcus and mike and everybody who is watching at home. kelly, emma, everybody. i love the world. i'm so happy. thank you. [ applause ] >> we're getting oscars ready here, back now with julia roberts' exuberant oscars acceptance speech, she was named best actress in 2001 for playing erin brockovich. 20 years later the real-life erin brockovich bringing justice to the small screen serving as an executive producer on the new abc news thursday night drama "rebel" starring katey sagal. so full circle. >> full circle. circle of life. and this an oscars
8:31 am
edition -- yes, it wouldn't be a saturday morning without "binge this" and janai norman is at the union station in l.a., home of this year's academy awards. janai, we turn it over to you. ♪ >> you guys it's time for "binge this," but first i need to say, when beyonce said i woke up like this it was on "flawless." it was a different album. i just needed to correct myself. if you need to catch up on major movies before the envelops are open tomorrow, we have got you covered. kelley carter, my girl with us, senior entertainment reporter for espn's "the undefeated." check this out. we are loving this. >> i did wake up like this. so -- >> and she's been a part of our "inside the oscars" podcast helping us get ready for the show. before tomorrow, first up, tell us about the movies that are already making history. >> yeah, "judas and the black messiah," i mean i know we both share that -- that's our favorite movie of this cycle, but it's the first time in the 93-year history of the academy awards that an all-black production company or crew, a trio of men are nominated for an
8:32 am
oscar, which is amazing. we also have two female directors going head-to-head. >> first time ever. >> first time ever in 93 years, and also the best supporting actor category, we see three black men, a muslim actor, it feels pretty good this year. >> yes, and that's why so many people are saying, it's about time. >> yes. >> now let's turn to the best animated feature category, if you can only watch one, what are you recommending? >> i would recommend disney pixar's "soul." it's so good and it's heartwarming. even though they created this well in advance of what we've experienced the last 13 months, it feels like they made it last week and resonates. >> i know. we're not just saying that because disney is the parent company of abc. it was so good. my family and i watched it. and finally, the best original song category, filled with phenomenal work. what's your favorite? >> oh, my god. leslie odom jr., he's so good in "one night in miami," and i think that if you're not in a
8:33 am
pool of your own tears by the time he sings sam cooke's "the change is going to come." you are when he brings up the original song that he created for this film up for an oscar, "speak now." a favorite to win that category, so good luck to him. >> not already in a pool of tears like you said by the time he gets to "a change is going to come," and you can catch kelley along with chris connelly and me on "oscars countdown: the red carpet live." set an alarm 1:00 eastern tomorrow. guys, back over to you. >> great job, guys, thank you very much. really looking forward to the show tomorrow. coming up on this show, do you need help filling out your oscar ballot? our experts joe and jacqueline will have a roundup. we'll be right back. and we're just minutes away from the big reveal here at "gma." rob's clean-shaven look. that's not it. don't worry. when we come back, stay with us.
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stylist joe zee, and co-host of rotten tomatoes is wrong podcast, jacqueline thanks for being with us this morning, guys. jacqueline, let's start with you, the golden globes, critic choice awards and screen actors guild awards all led to the oscars. out of all the nominated movies this year, which one are you keeping your eye on? >> i'm keeping my eye on "promising young woman." of course, this film is the one that i think benefited the most from this sort of global box office pandemic pause. it sort of premiered at sundance film festival and it had a great entry, but that doesn't always translate to oscar gold, however it did with this. director emerald fennel on her debut film is nominated for best director, best screenplay and best picture. it's going to be a huge night for her. >> joe, let me bring you in. zoom ceremonies this awards
8:39 am
season. will the oscars' no zoom policy bring out more glamour as the weather forecaster eva predicted in the lead-in here. >> well, i mean, in a nonpandemic year, the oscars have always been the super bowl of fashion anyways, but i think you've seen it from all the award shows starting with the emmys, it's been a real ramp-up to glamour. the first time we're having a full-blown real-life in-person red carpet. i think people have pent-up red carpet energy, ditching hoodies and getting into their gowns. >> yeah, people are -- i mean, we love some sweatpants but we are ready to not be in our sweatpants. >> i'm good with sweatpants. >> let's talk about one of the most buzzed about category, best director, jacqueline, two female directors are up for oscar gold. i mean, we got to talk about this history-making moment. >> yes, the ladies are going to be probably making history in the best director race. this nomination with two for chloe zhao and director emerald fennel ups the academy number of female directors by 29%. either one of them would make history if they won being the first one to pick up the prize
8:40 am
since kathleen bigelow in 2010 and chloe zhao who's favored in the category if she wins would be the first woman of color to do so. >> joe, let's go back to the fashion here. you talked about all the pent-up red carpet energy. whose look are you most excited to see? >> i'm most looking forward to seeing regina king. i think she missed out and got that snub for a nom for "one night in miami" but she's always been an incredible style icon, a little bit under the radar and she always finds interesting silhouettes and textures and great colors but always finds a way to make it her own and accessible. i'm looking forward to seeing her tomorrow night. >> so, jacqueline, "mank" is the most nominated film this year. as people are filling out their oscar ballots at home, is that the one to beat in your view? >> it's a little bit deceptive because it leads all nominations but "mank" is actually only favored in one category and that's production design. it's one of these films like the
8:41 am
"irishman," it's a technical achievement film, and so while it's in black and white and there was clear craftsmanship in every aspect of the filmmaking, it's probably not going to pick up that many trophies come sunday, sorry to say. >> all right. >> what he has been good, he's really great at visual imagery. but costume design, i think you look at someone like amanda seyfried. she looks incredible in that old hollywood glamour of the movie which has always been a prevailing theme of the oscars anyway. she's always been someone who's been a real style icon and been a favorite of givenchy so may see her wearing that on the carpet tomorrow. >> jacqueline, some of the biggest upsets that we might see tomorrow night. >> i think if we're looking for upsets let's look at best picture, and i honestly think although "nomadland" is the clear favorite, they've been running away with all the major prizes this year, be on the lookout for surprises in "the trial of the chicago 7" is one that i'm keeping an eye on. also, "minari" and "promising young woman."
8:42 am
this has been sort of a strange awards season so anything can happen. >> it has been a strange year. >> for sure. >> i think we're all -- anything can happen. thank you both so much for being with us and for more on joe's fashion expertise catch him on "oscars countdown: the red carpet live" sunday starting at 1:00 p.m. and the 93rd oscars are live 8:30 p.m. eastern happening right here on abc. >> whit keeps saying he wants a new "deuce bigalow" movie. >> that's right. it needs number three, right. there was a sequel, wasn't there? okay, now to -- speaking of -- >> don't pretend you don't know. >> i did like "ace ventura 2: when nature calls." i was waiting for part 3. speaking of nature, or maybe nurture in this case, rob marciano, the most highly anticipated reveal of the weekend, not which movie will win best picture, we're talking about the shaving, the shearing of rob and the beard. the moment has finally come, ladies and gentlemen. so here we are on our very own red carpet. rob, before.
8:43 am
there it is. and now, for the winner of best in shave, rob marciano, come on out. >> oh, my god. >> hey. hey. >> look at that. >> wow. >> folks, nice to see you. >> look at this dapper young boy. wow. >> hi, guys. do you recognize me? >> a little bit. >> so nice -- oh, my goodness. >> see. >> oh, this is -- this is a dream come true. >> you like me. you really, really like me. >> well, of course, i'd like to thank the academy of barbers for thank the academy of barbers for this best shave award. my wife for not divorcing me yet. the just for men beard oil. that stuff kept it nice and tidy. justin, where is justin? he's upstairs. >> justin the barber, amazing job. >> oh, not cutting my jugular and having me bleed out on the air. that's amazing.
8:44 am
i know that this is not -- not popular, people feel very strongly about this so we've hired security for justin in the event that he feels his life is in danger and for those who want to exercise your first amendment right, do so peacefully. >> are you going to sell those beard clippings to fans? >> they're down the drain now. they are -- >> not making nfts out of them. >> they are down the drain. >> did you find anything interesting, any old -- >> there was a piece of bacon and a cheerio, i think, but thankfully no animals. >> we should also say this is your first time in the studio in a year. >> it's weird to see you this close. >> i know, when they said we'll have you upstairs, no i got to go downstairs. we can't do that. we can't do that yet. >> long distance elbow bump. >> i lost about five pounds. >> the hug will be less itchy. >> my wife for the record thinks i just did this for attention and that's mostly right. [ laughter ] so enough about the beard and
8:45 am
enough about me. i'm ready to get back to work and get back to normal like the rest of us. >> exactly. >> i got a forecast. i got to work here. i just thought i was partying. here's your oscar forecast. you know they normally do it in february and it nearly rains every year so they postponed because of pandemic to april, and guess what, a chance for showers, cloudy, cool and very februa . good saturday morning, strong on shore flow bringing the cloud cover and cool temperatures today. that santa cruz, numbers in and around 60. mid-60s inland. a possibibibibibibibibibibibibib all right, i'm afraid of bib what he's going to say. let's have an expert weigh in, joe zee, be kind. you think i'm oscar ready, my friend? >> rob, i have to say it's been a long time but you know what, though, the oscars dress code is actually inspirational so you know what, you nailed it. you got it. you're ready to go. you got that red carpet energy. >> love it, joe. love you, man.
8:46 am
>> joe, what did you think of the beard? did you think it was abominable like the way the rest of us did or were you okay with it? >> i'm glad it's gone. [ laughter ] >> that's a gentle way of putting it. thank you. love your honesty, joe. >> exactly. >> good politician. >> joe zee, he'll be doing the weather tomorrow morning, so -- >> yes, i'm happy to have a job. thank you, joe. >> good, rob. >> thank you. coming up, oscar-worthy eats. we have our taste tester in studio and the food soon. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. struggling to manage my type 2 diabetes was knocking me out of my zone, but lowering my a1c with once-weekly ozempic® helped me get back in it. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic® ♪ my zone? lowering my a1c and losing some weight. now, back to the show. ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic®
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the sausage, egg and cheese mcgriddles. ba da ba ba ba can't talk because i have food in my mouth. that is what happens during the commercial break. i can't even blame it on a beard. we're back now with oscar-worthy eats. chef george durant is here with delectable dishes inspired by this year's oscar nominees. chef, good morning to you. audiences fell in love with the
8:50 am
best picture nominee "minari." you've got a tasty recipe that plays off of the themes of that film. tell us about it. >> absolutely, "minari," korean family that comes to arkansas in the '70s, starts with the american dream. we're going to take the flavors of korea and the united states and we're going to make a korean-style pizza. it's a very simple recipe and here's how you'll make it. very simply, first make a sauce with kimchi and mayo, process that until you get a nice creamy drizzle sauce, put that aside, and then take your dough and add a little bit of this marinara sauce but also add what's a korean chilly sauce. you can find it in the asian aisle of your supermarket. mix that up. lay it all across the pizza just like this and on top of that we'll go ahead and add our meat and to that you'll be -- well, you can be very lazy, actually, and find anything that's pulled. in this case i have pulled pork. you can add pulled chicken, pulled beef, whatever you want, just kind of dot that throughout
8:51 am
the pizza. just like that. and on top of that we'll add our cheese. now you want something mild and nutty, something special, i'm using jarlsberg. this is such a simple recipe. just all throughout the pizza. but again, bringing nice flavors of korea right on your pizza. go ahead. put it inside a 450-degree oven. when it comes out you're going to add red onions to it and this is what it's going to look like, ooey-gooey. cheese on top of that. the sauce on that. the jarlsberg is kind of melting. onions will add crunch too and you can add cilantro if you want to. such a fantastic way to combine the taste of both worlds. >> speaking of mild and nutty, i think these guys are getting carpal tunnel syndrome. >> the first time we've been in the studio next to each other in a year. this is trouble. >> getting wacky. >> next up, the hilarious sequel "borat subsequent moviefilm,"
8:52 am
netted two oscar nominations and now it's the inspiration for a dessert. >> everybody has their doughnut. the kazakhs have one too. it's worth the effort in making the dough from scratch. here i pretty much have flour, yeast, egg, butter and salt, little sugar and mix that up with your hand or use a stand mixer. add a little warm milk. in about 30 minutes when that's done it will look like pizza dough actually just like this. and you're going to roll it into little balls like this. that's it. you will fry this up a little, shallow fry it as well. but once you fry it up, it's so simple to serve and again, in kazakhstan it's a very popular dessert. this is what it's going to look like, golden brown, beautiful dough that's been fried. you're going to add powdered sugar to it, guys. heck, add honey too, a lot of kazakhstanis love honey, i'll add caramel sauce to americanize it, and as borat would say, very good. >> very good. thank you so much, george.
8:53 am
i want to remind everybody get the recipes on and check out "good morning america" on instagram where george is sharing his recipe for -- >> it is really good. >>it is. rosebud lemonade inspired by "mank." cheers to that. and we'll be right back. cheers . and we'll be right back. ♪ tex-mex. tex-mex. ♪ termites.
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i want to remind everyone check out the oscars right here on abc tomorrow night at 8:00 eastern and then go behind the
8:56 am
scenes of all the biggest moments monday morning in "gma's" oscar party. janai is going to be out there for us tomorrow morning bringing the glamour, classing us up. i want to remind you one last thing, don't forget to check out whit hosting "world news tonight" tonight. we'll be back here with a beardless rob tomorrow morning. we'll be back here with a beardless rob tomorrow morning. good morning, everybody. i'm liz kreutz. the san jose earthquakes will play home opener at the paypal park. the earthquake's face fc dallas and first professional sporting event the santa clara with fans since march of last year. -- [no audio] -- that means 3600 fans will be
8:57 am
allowed to go to the game. parking gates open at 11:30 this morning, tailgating will be allowed. the match starts at 12:30. it's always the big scramble before hollywood's biggest night. how to watch the best picture nominees in time. off chance to see them before tomorrow's 93rd annual oscars here on abc 7. cinemark is selling tickets at 11 theaters for 5 bucks per movie. check the times at week. keep it tuned in here for the oscar coverage. the show starts at 5:00 p.m. good morning to you. lot of cloud cover, mist and drizzle. this is emeryville, cooler today stronger on shore flow, 54 san jose. look at the mountains, a winter storm warning in effect for
8:58 am
late tonight. see the wind gusting to over 30 miles an hour, getting around half a footing maybe a foot of snow here through monday. 51 napa. 52 santa rosa. this is what we should have seen, the spring showers, they will come back tomorrow. isolated shower today. low 60s in oakland and mid-60s inland. >> thank you. coming up we will have more on the bay area counties gearing up to receive more johnson & johnson vaccines now that the cdc lifted the pause on putting them into arms. them into arms. a look at how this this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance usually forces you to piece together multiple policies. that's why three was created. it's one policy that covers everything you need... leaving those old policies in the dust. three. no nonsense. just common sense.
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9:00 am
. the vaccine was shown to be safe and effective for the vast majority of people. >> the one shot vaccine could be going into arm around the bay area again. it comes after the cdc and fda lifted the pause of its use after several women or six women developed a rare and dangerous type of blood clot. it's saturday. april 24th. thank you for joining us. we have team coverage on the johnson and johnson vaccine and the new warning but first legalities start with a quick look at the weather with lisa. >> good morning to you. we have multilayered clouds out there from the low clouds to the high


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