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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 24, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. tornado touchdown. twisters tearing through parts of texas. >> oh, my god. oh, no. >> the damage left behind as the storm system now heads east. the severe weather and flooding concerns with millions of americans in the threat zone this morning. the rollout resumes. health officials lifting the pause on johnson & johnson vaccines. >> we're confident that the janssen covid-19 vaccine meets our robust standards for safety. >> the new recommendations and when americans could start rolling up their sleeves again. dr. henry bernstein, a member of that cdc panel behind that decision, joins us right here this morning.
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breaking news, new developments in the search for a missing submarine off the coast of bali. 53 sailors on board. a critical deadline passing overnight. the important update this morning based on what was found in the water. deputies disciplined. seven sheriff's deputies in north carolina placed on leave following the shooting of andrew brown as protesters take to the streets with calls mounting to release the body cam video. and welcome aboard. the spacex crew 2 dragon reaches the international space station after its day-long journey through space. >> this is what we get to see. coming up on madagascar. >> the scare during the trip that sent the astronauts scrambling. plus, how they got in some play time. hey, good morning, everybody. we're going to start here with some breaking weather news
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including multiple tornadoes touching down in texas and the severe weather threat is not over yet. >> millions of americans in the path of a strong storm system that will bring more possible tornadoes, large hail and damaging winds. >> and rob is here with more on what we can expect in the coming hours. rob, good morning. >> hey, good morning, whit. pretty rough day yesterday across parts of north texas. five reported tornadoes in and around the wichita falls area along the red river. this one in vernon, texas, and unfortunately, doing some significant damage to farming structures there. nobody hurt thankfully but very, very dangerous weather here. in lockett, twin tornadoes touching down in this area, one on the left and one on the right and stovepipe tornado. a cone tornado coming close that that farm structure. this morning, that system moved to the east and the threat has not diminished. tornado watches posted includes mobile, dothan, montgomery, just north into birmingham, atlanta, mostly heavy rain there for now but as this warm front lifts up towards the north, we will see the significant weather threat increase into
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valdosta, central georgia and eventually into the carolinas. we'll talk more about this throughout the program. whit, over to you. >> we'll check back with you in a bit. the breaking news, the cdc and fda saying johnson & johnson vaccinations can resume immediately after being halted for more than a week due to concerns over rare blood clots. overall in the vaccine rollout nearly 53% of americans over the age of 18 have received at least one dose, more than 35% are fully vaccinated. abc's elwyn lopez is at cdc headquarters in atlanta with more. elwyn, good morning. >> reporter: whit, good morning. some of those single-dose vaccines could roll out as early as this morning. the u.s. back again to having three tools in the arsenal against the virus. johnson & johnson's covid-19 vaccine can resume immediately. >> reporter: this morning, the johnson & johnson vaccine is back in use after an 11-day pause. the fda and the cdc saying the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks. at least 18 states officially
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saying they'll resume use. >> we're confident that the janssen covid-19 vaccine meets our robust standards for safety, effectiveness and quality for a medical product that's used widely. >> reporter: this after a cdc committee voted 10-4 to lift the pause to resume use, but recommending it come with a label, noting the risk of rare blood clots. the panel, however, declining to provide a warning based on gender or age. this as there are now a reported 15 blood clot cases including three deaths following the one-dose shot, all women. that's out of 8 million doses. 18-year-old emma burkey is 1 of the 15. a week after the arm to needle she suffered seizures and this morning, after three surgeries, she's still in the hospital. >> there is good and gradual improvement, and the family's encouraged. she's still a deeply injured young woman, and she has a long way to go. >> reporter: her family still
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encouraging others to get vaccinated but advising continued conversations. >> we talk about it being one in a million but it's one-to-one to them. people should be careful and should ask questions and not be afraid to do that and make a determination in their own mind what vaccine they want to take. >> reporter: in the race against the variants, the advisory panel saying it is important to act quickly, citing an urgent need to vaccinate the country. >> we anticipate that the areas of lightest vaccine coverage now might be where the virus strikes next. >> reporter: 9 million of its single-dose shots could soon be in the arms of americans starting this morning. and the cdc says there are some unsettling gaps in vaccinations. their concern is that those areas with the lightest vaccination rates might be where the virus strikes next, eva. >> elwyn, thank you. dr. henry bernstein, a pediatrician at kopechne medical center joins us now.
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he's on the cdc advisory panel. the panel voted 10-4 with one abstaining to allow the johnson & johnson to be administered again. you were one of the ten to end the pause. how and why did you and your other colleagues on this panel come to that decision? >> we really felt very strongly that the process had played out rather impressively. it's amazing how the nation's vaccine safety surveillance system identified this signal, which prompted further investigation of the cases. an extensive investigation was done that identified these 15 cases in women, and we felt that it was important for the j&j vaccine to be reinstituted so we could have three covid-19 vaccines because of the significant morbidity and mortality associated with covid-19. it is important, though, that
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there's a warning and that details around the possibility of blood clots and low platelets is conveyed both to providers so they manage these cases well, but also to people receiving the vaccine. >> so the question a lot of people are having this morning is how soon do you expect these shots to be back in use? >> i would think as soon as possible. >> this decision has not been without criticism. the number of instances of these rare blood clots more than doubled from 6 to 15 since the pause began. so what do you say to people who think this was the wrong decision? >> this event of blood clots and low platelets is extraordinarily rare, and the benefits of the vaccine are huge. remember, this is a one-shot vaccine that's incredibly effective and safe, and it only requires refrigeration, so it
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makes it very easy to use in wanting to reach those difficult to reach populations. >> what's the takeaway for people as they've watched what has happened with the johnson & johnson vaccine? >> they really -- the takeaway for me is the fact that we first have an incredibly impressive vaccine safety surveillance system here in the united states. the second thing that people should recognize is that we will continue to monitor the safety of the vaccine as more and more doses are administered. third, i think it's important for people to know and that these events happened and this education and communication around the pause is important for not just the patients, but also for providers so they know how to manage these individuals should they have any adverse events associated with the vaccine in the first couple of weeks.
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and then the last thing is to remember that johnson & johnson's vaccine is incredibly safe and effective. >> a lot of information for people as they weigh whether or not they should get the vaccine this morning. you of course saying they should. thank you so much, dr. bernstein. we really appreciate you being wth us. dan, over to you. >> eva, thank you. we're going to turn to new developments in the search for a missing submarine off the coast of bali. authorities have located debris as a critical deadline passed overnight, and abc's julia macfarlane is tracking it all from london. julia, good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, sad news this morning from indonesia. search authorities confirming everyone's worst fears that the missing submarine and the 53 souls on board are now lost to to the balinese sea. authorities confirming in a press conference this morning that that vessel is believed to have sunk to a depth of 850 meters, far beyond its survivable limits.
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they also, as you say, revealed six pieces of debris including a bottle of lubricant and some plastic sheeting. they believe all of that has come from the sub. this all started on wednesday when the 44-year-old submarine went missing during a torpedo exercise north of the island of bali. it failed to report its findings and then an oil slick was spotted on the water's surface and then began that frantic ill-fated 72-hour rescue effort. that timing based on the estimated oxygen supply that was believed to be on board, a multinational effort and the u.s. sending an aircraft to indonesia to aid the search. defense secretary lloyd austin expressing his heartfelt concern to his indonesian counterpart, but this morning, that news that nobody wanted and now questions over why this happened and if that old sub was no longer fit for purpose, whit. >> julia macfarlane with those sad developments, thank you. we do move now to the governor of north carolina calling for transparency and the release of police body cam video
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in the shooting death of andrew brown. seven sheriff's deputies have been placed on leave after brown was killed on wednesday while authorities were attempting to serve an arrest warrant. abc's mona kosar abdi is on this story for us. mona, good morning. >> reporter: whit, good morning. pressure is mounting this morning on local authorities after officials released few details about what led to the shooting death of andrew brown jr. that shooting taking place as the conversation around policing in america is at the forefront. overnight, demonstrators taking to the streets in protest. and after days of outrage -- [ crowd chanting ] -- elizabeth city, north carolina, is officially requesting that local law enforcement release body camera footage in the police shooting of andrew brown jr. >> law enforcement on scene. advise, shot fired and ems responding on site. >> reporter: the city council meeting coming after seven officers involved in the shooting are placed on administrative leave. >> if any of my deputies broke any laws or violated any
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policies that come out through this investigation, they will be held accountable. >> reporter: throughout the week, protesters have been demanding answers in the deadly incident, which took place at brown's rental home. authorities claiming they were trying to carry out an arrest warrant for felony drug charges. >> mr. brown was a convicted felon with a history of resisting arrest. our training and our policies indicate under certain such circumstances there is a high risk of danger. >> reporter: but at the time of the attempted arrest, it seems the 42-year-old tried to flee and police opened fire. >> sergeant advises ems has got one male 42 years of age. gunshot to the back. >> reporter: brown's neighbor who says she saw the shooting says he didn't pose a threat. >> he was nonviolent. anybody that knew him would tell you that. >> reporter: now tension is rising with many demonstrators asking why police opened fire when a suspect was fleeing. >> he was driving away. why did y'all let off on him like that? >> reporter: and we are also learning that three sheriff's
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deputies have resigned, but the sheriff's office tells abc news that those resignations are not related to the shooting, eva. >> mona kosar abdi for us, thank you so much. turning to politics and president biden is expected to mark a dark anniversary by becoming the first u.s. president to officially recognize the armenian genocide. abc's white house correspondent maryalice parks is on the north lawn and more on the president's agenda. good morning, maryalice. >> reporter: eva. this week the president deeply engaged in diplomacy hosting more than 40 global leaders virtually here at the white house for his climate summit. the president telling even leaders that he has big disagreements with that he hopes they can come together on climate change. the president yesterday had a moment where he found himself agreeing with russia's president, vladimir putin. we've heard biden call putin a killer. yesterday he said he liked an idea that putin was pitching about countries coming together to develop new technology around carbon capture, capturing carbon dioxide
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from the atmosphere. now outside of the summit, we're also tracking reports that the president is considering formally recognizing the armenian genocide. this would be a big deal. president biden would be the first american president to formally recognize the killing of armenians 100 years ago during world war i by the ottoman empire as a genocide. his predecessors have avoided using that word because they don't want to risk antagonizing turkey, which is a strategic nato ally that rejects that label, and we don't know how turkey would respond if the president does, in fact, make this announcement. we know that president biden spoke with turkey's president erdogan. you see him there for the first time since taking office, they spoke yesterday, and this week the white house is also announcing the president's first foreign trip. the president is going to head to the uk and belgium to attend the g7 and nato summits in june. eva. >> maryalice for us there. the president very busy right now.
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and tune in wednesday night for our live coverage of president biden's first address to a joint session of congress starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. dan. >> let's get the latest now on the spacex crew dragon on a historymaking mission. here's a look at the crew as they open the hatch to the international space station after docking there just hours ago, and abc's transportation correspondent gio benitez is covering the story from miami. gio, good morning to you.p>> re morning. yeah, we all watched that launch in awe yesterday. especially here in florida. now, these new images are coming in, and we are hearing from those astronauts in space. >> spacex on the big loop. soft capture confirmed. >> reporter: this morning, contact after more than 23 hours traveling through space -- >> maximum dynamic pressure. >> "endeavour" arriving. >> reporter: -- the four astronaut aboard the crew dragon reaching the international space station. the crew already on the iss
7:16 am
welcoming their new members. for the next week they'll be in tight quarters, 11 astronauts on board at the same time. the crew on the iss even building extra beds. >> and liftoff. >> reporter: the launch friday was picture perfect. lighting up the skies up and down the east coast. >> invasion. >> it's a ufo. >> reporter: but the flight wasn't without drama. space junk threatened the ship. the crew scrambling to get back inside their pressurized suits. the space junk traveling at more than 17,000 miles per hour coming within nearly 28 miles of the crew dragon but missing it. before the scare the astronauts giving a live tour. >> and this is what we get to see. >> coming up on madagascar. >> reporter: and pilot megan mcarthur whose astronaut husband bob behnken sat in that exact same chair last year says it's been a while since she's been in space. >> i'm like a baby bird here relearning how to move around in 46 micro gravity. it feels good but a little weird too. >> reporter: and the children of the four astronauts coming
7:17 am
together to choose a toy to float inside the crew dragon with their parents. a penguin named guin guin. little guin guin right there. now, once they get settled they'll start the research. especially medical research and they're going to focus very heavily on viruses and treatments to help us understand pandemics, really important work, whit. >> absolutely. little guin guin is what we call dan as well, a pet name for our friend. >> only when i'm behaving well. >> that's right. gio, thank you so much for your reporting on this. it's been fun to watch. let's get a check of the weather, rob marciano, there's a lot going on in the south today weatherwise. >> there is, and we had some damage across north texas with those tornadoes and wind damage across south texas in and around the houston area. panorama village there. 70-mile-an-hour winds taking down trees and maybe power lines too and just outside of houston and richardson, they had some big-time hail and flash flooding. that will be a calling card as this pushes off to the east. we'll see a lot more in
7:18 am
the way of hail and flash flooding. flash flood watches posted for southeast louisiana, parts of mississippi. southern alabama and getting into southern georgia as this glob of convection makes its way across the deep south. 2 to 3 inches widespread. could see 3 to 4 in some areas where we'll see training of these storms. i think we'll see multiple rounds throughout the day today and some will have damaging winds as it heads towards the carolinas. good saturday morning. a cloudy and cool start to the weekend this walnut creek, 5 to 7 degrees cooler, possible sprinkles, wet and breezy day tomorrow. 62 oakland. mid-60s in the south bay. we could see a shower late tonight. otherwise level one system arrives tomorrow and ends by sunday evening. i'm like a baby boy on my birthday. can't wait to get my baby face
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back. beard is coming off in the next few minutes. >> yes, we're going to be doing it live, shaving rob's face. >> big day. >> we're going to start calling him big guin guin. >> you'll always be my little guin guin. >> you're the little. he's the big. whatever. we're counting down to the oscars with a preview of what you can expect from the ceremony with a very short guest list. you're looking at a live shot of the dolby theatre where part of the ceremony will be held and our janai is there at l.a.'s historic union station, the primary site of awards show this morning. good morning to you. >> you guys, the only way i was going to miss rob having his beard shaved off was for the oscars. the oscars this year making the most of the pandemic. the pandemic, of course, delaying this year's ceremony from february to april, and it will be produced down to a tee. all with safety top of mind. so, guys, there in times square we're used to getting our covid tests once a week. today i'll be taking my third
7:20 am
covid test. all attendees have to take at least three tests ahead of sunday's ceremony to make sure everything gets off without a hitch and safely. this morning, we're counting down to hollywood's biggest night, and already the 93rd academy awards is shaping up to be one of the oscars' biggest srprises. >> there will be absolutely no nominees, no presenters on zoom, so what that leaves us with is a big question mark of what this show is going to look like. ♪ everybody ♪ >> reporter: one major change that we already know about this year is the location. the ceremony held at the dolby theatre for the last two decades will have multiple locations including union station. the iconic los angeles site seen in films like "the dark knight rises" and "catch me if you can." >> welcome. >> how may i help you? >> my name is frank taylor. i'm a co-pilot. >> reporter: as for the red carpet, it will be an intimate affair, and unlike the star-packed audiences in the past, this year's guest list is very exclusive.
7:21 am
only 170 people can be seated for sunday's ceremony. >> there will be a lot more creative elements here than just your typical awards show. in fact, they are calling the presenters the cast as if they are the cast of a movie. >> reporter: and even before the awards are handed out, this year's field of acting nominees are already making history with 9 of 20 nominations going to actors of color and a record 70 women receiving nominations this year. >> whether it be two female directors or whether it be, you know, three black men nominated in the same category, we want to keep this momentum going. you know, this looks more like what we should be seeing, i think, out of an awards show. >> reporter: and you'll remember back in 2015 in a hashtag oscars so white, with the diversity this year for performers and producers of color as well as women, it has many saying it's
7:22 am
about time. guys. >> all right, janai, thank you very much. we'll come back to you throughout the show for "pop news" and other -- we'll do "binge this," i guess, also from l.a. for our pre-oscar buzz. >> absolutely. coming up on the show, we'll hear from the family of a teenager shot and killed by police. plus, caitlyn jenner announces she's running for governor of california. what some are saying about the impact it could have on transgender and nonconforming communities. "good morning america" is sponsored by the new love your car guarantee from carmax. ♪ ♪ when you really, really want something, it's hard to wait. ♪ ♪ (whispers) come on greg. ♪ ♪ that's why carmax gives you an instant online offer for your car. it's real, good for 7 days and we'll buy your car, even if you don't buy one of ours.
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hi. the only way to nix it is to terminix it. good morning, everybody. i'm liz kreutz. there are new details on the cost of building a ball pack at the port of oakland. the ace president sent an open letter saying the price tag is $12 billion. the team plans to privately
7:28 am
fund $1 billion towards construction. the letter calls on council to vote on the howard terminal project. let's get a check of the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. good morning to you. cloud cover. walnut creek, a few sprinkles near 50 mountain view, 50 san jose. lot of cloud cover, mostly cloudy and cooler afternoon, slight chance of a shower today. numbers about five to eight degrees cooler than yesterday. the rain moves in tomorrow. level one system. thank you. thank you for joining us, the news continues right now with good morning america. we will see you
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all right, welcome back to all right, welcome back to "gma" on this saturday morning. this is the first image we are seeing of tiger woods since his horrific car crash in southern california. woods posted this on instagram standing on crutches in a leg cast in his backyard practice area in florida with his dog buggs right there by his side. >> looks like he's doing well. >> yeah. let's take a look at some of the other big stories we're following this morning. happening right now, the cdc and the fda saying johnson & johnson vaccinations can resume immediately after being halted for more than a week. the single-shot vaccine now coming with a warning about the risk of very rare blood clots. the cdc revealing there are now 15 known reports of blood clots possibly linked to the vaccine pout of nearly 8 million shots given. also right now, ghislaine
7:31 am
maxwell pleading not guilty to two additional sex trafficking charges. the british socialite appearing in a manhattan federal courtroom in person for the first time since her arrest. the new indictment adds a fourth alleged victim prosecutors say was recruited by maxwell for jeffrey epstein. and gymnasts in germany are using their outfits to make a statement against what they call sexualization in gymnastics. gymnasts sara vausse leading the pack by wearing a full body suit instead of the traditional leotard during a competition in switzerland. two teammates later followed suit. until now athletes have only covered their legs for religious reasons. we start this half hour with the family of ma'khia bryant speaking out about the teenager's death at the hands of a columbus, ohio, police officer. abc's trevor ault joins us with more. good morning to you, trevor. >> reporter: good morning, eva. especially given the climate in america right now, this shooting sparked anger and protests
7:32 am
almost immediately as it happened, and i'm told today we could see the largest demonstrations yet. the family of ma'khia bryant tells me whether or not this shooting is found to be justified, the killings have to stop. this morning, the family of ma'khia bryant mourning her death at the hands of a columbus police officer calling for a long-term change in policing. >> what i would like to see is that we as citizens and elected officials across the country seriously take a look at policing in america today and regardless of the situation we have to be able to do better and protecting life. >> reporter: this week the columbus division of police releasing body camera footage showing officer nicholas reardon firing four shots as 16-year-old ma'khia appears to lunge at the woman in pink with a knife. the incident now under investigation though the interim chief of police has said
7:33 am
officers are authorized to fire teir weapons if there is a deadly threat. >> very, very quickly he was faced with a female who was armed with a knife who appeared to be going after and trying to attack another woman at the scene. and he's got to make a decision on how he responds to that. >> reporter: protesters taking to the streets each night since bryant's death. >> say her name. [ crowd chanting "ma'khia bryant" ] >> reporter: the city's public safety director now asking for patience and empathy saying the black community is emotionally exhausted. >> it's one thing to intellectually process and understand the events shown on the body camera videos released this week. that does nothing to ease the pain and grief of ma'khia bryant's loved ones. >> reporter: and in their grief ma'khia bryant's family is adamant this final incident does not define her. >> there's now people across the country that only know her through this video, through this tragedy. >> that's not who she was. >> who was she?
7:34 am
>> she was a very loving girl. she loved her family and her family loved her so much. >> reporter: and this morning, we're learning more about officer nicholas reardon. he is also a u.s. air national guardsman and reportedly the son of a 30-year veteran and sergeant within the columbus division of police. officer reardon is now on administrative leave as this investigation unfolds. dan. >> trevor ault, thank you very much. let's turn now to the weather and check the forecast yet again. rob marciano is upstairs with all of that. rob, good morning once again. >> hi, guys, we've got a fire in idaho, this was about 1200 acres and it did do some damage. destroyed a home and damaged some residences there. they managed to get it under control. today's fire danger will be farther south in the four corners. we have a system that's pretty significant that's coming into the pacific northwest yesterday and it's going to be driving down to central and eventually southern california here in through tomorrow and monday and this could cause some dangerous travel through those mountains obviously higher elevations will
7:35 am
see some snow, rain at the lower elevations, and tuesday, this is finally really a setup to where we'll see maybe a classic day or two of severe weather that could produce some damaging tornadoes right through tornado alley and in response to that the atmosphere on the eastern side of the country will really warm up. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we'll look at temperatures in philadelphia, not just the 70s but potentially the mid-80s on hump day. that's hot. good morning. san rafael, a lot of cloud cover, cooler day for everyone. mist and drizzle, highs today from the mids at the coast to the mid-60s inland. possible this weather report has been this weather report has been sponsored by bed, bath & beyond, and it's been a while since i've been in there but i think they have some shaving accoutrement. >> that's right. i was going to say, has it been a while since you've had a bath or -- both of those could be true.
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>> what will we find in that beard when we shave. >> i know. i know. >> animal control has been alerted. >> that's right. his membership to aarp will be pulled after the big reveal. all right. rob, tune in. speaking of that coming clean, rob's fulfilling that pandemic promise about that lumberjack look, so, again, today is the day. keep it right here. but first, caitlyn jenner makes her intention to become california's governor official. how she's appealing to voters. makes her intention to become california's governor official. how she's appealing to voters. it's not just a place. home is a feeling you live in and when your home is happier, you feel happier. which means, you can celebrate happier or organize happier, or just be happier. every room, every moment, everything you need to home, happier. bed, bath & beyond.
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back now with the newly announced bid by caitlyn jenner to become the next governor of back now with the newly announced bid by caitlyn jenner to become the next governor of california. abc's zohreen shah is right there in los angeles with much more on this story. zohreen, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. caitlyn jenner was previously on one of the biggest reality shows of all time, "keeping up with the kardashians." she has no political experience, now hoping to be california's governor, but, look, there is no publicly released data that suggests that gavin newsom would likely lose a potential recall race but jenner still creating a lot of buzz. she shocked the world when she came out as transgender in 2015. caitlyn jenner now with a new
7:41 am
stunning announcement. she says she's running for california governor intensifying the efforts to unseat gavin newsom in a potential recall election. >> every time i turn around in life, i'm putting myself in these high-pressure situations. >> reporter: the olympic gold medalist and transgender activist tweeting friday, i'm in. california is worth fighting for, #recallnewsom. jenner's candidacy is one of the most prominent bids for office by an openly transgendered american. occurring during a record-breaking year for anti-trans legislation. >> i think her visibility could help the trans community if she uses the spotlight that she's given to foster acceptance. >> reporter: 33 states introducing more than 100 bills with limitations on transgender youth rights including a bathroom and youth sports ban this year alone. jenner stirring up controversy by running on the republican ticket ushering in these bills. initially supporting donald trump when he ran for president,
7:42 am
she stopped backing him after his administration repeatedly attacked transgender rights in 2018. she spoke to "variety" that year. >> on the economic side i'm very conservative. i believe in limited government. i believe in lower taxes. i believe in less regulations. i want a thriving economy. i want americans to be able to succeed. but socially i'm much more progressive. >> reporter: jenner then saying she wanted to be active for for trans rights but did not want the attention of public life. >> i can influence more votes by being on the outside and working everybody. so that's pretty much what i do. >> reporter: her influence coming during a wave of violence with at least 15 transgender people being murdered this year. the most recent in charlotte. but some members of the trans community don't support the campaign. >> defending caitlyn jenner and educating the public on this vanity campaign is less energy, less time, less resources than we can spend protecting trans
7:43 am
children across the country who are under attack right now. >> reporter: now as for governor newsom, he told me a few weeks ago that he feels the recall is an assault on california values. his team telling me yesterday after jenner jumped in the race, quote, we always knew the republican recall would bring out a ridiculous collection of trump-supporting candidates which only reinforces how much californians appreciate governor newsom's competent, compassionate, experienced leadership. dan. >> zohreen shah, thank you very much. coming up on "gma," something much, much lighter. quite literally, here today, gone tomorrow. hair gone today actually. a little shear madness as rob sheds that beard. he will no longer be bewhiskered by the end of the show, it's live right here on "gma." keep it here. live right here on "gma." keep it here. i wasn't going to just back down from moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis.
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show your world what's truly inside. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. we're back now with a moment we're back now with a moment on "gma" that we've all been waiting for. important.t, and it's very - this, of course, is when rob says farewell to that facial foliage, the crumb catcher, the mug rug, whatever you want to call it, but before the clipping begins, a look back at how we got here. ♪ it started out as a noble idea. >> keeping my face warm at least for now. >> but then after months of neglect, rob's facial hair took on a life of its own. we didn't lose sleep over it but it certainly affected our appetites. >> i refuse to call you spicy. >> thank you. >> spicy hair ball. >> yeah. >> something like that. >> you're still giving me heartburn. do we need to wash the beard a little bit, rob? >> yeah, exactly. >> yeah, it could be my breakfast that i'm smelling that's left over. >> reporter: the complaints over
7:48 am
the beard even hit home at times. >> the complaint, the barber is busy at my house, for sure. >> reporter: but now our resident teen wolf is ready to make his own slam dunk. >> aaagh! >> i got vaccinated last week so two weeks from yesterday on air -- >> there we go. >> a drone. there's going to be a blimp, a military flyover. the president will probably call. it's going to be huge. >> a live band. >> i forgot what he looks like. >> i know, i know, it's going to be -- i'm going to miss it a little bit. i got to be honest. >> oh, sweetheart. >> our salty sea captain. rob marciano, thank you very much. >> arrr! >> we need a banner that reads end of an error. >> end of an error, love that. all right, well, speak of the devil, there he is there in the barber's chair, rob, how are things going so far? >> i think the salty sea captain is now a drinking game and there's a lot of viewers that are a little tipsy.
7:49 am
i'm a little bit nervous. i'm here with justin, as you know, one of our hairstylists here and a licensed barber skilled with the straight blade so will help us out with this. i started this like so many americans, you know, stuck in covid and then in the field not being able to shave. not wanting to shave. having for the first in my life a chance to grow something and then decided to keep it until i got vaccinated. kind of like a hockey player, keep the beard through the playoffs. that stage is over and it's time to -- it's time to go back to what used to be. are you guys okay with that? >> i think so. >> i mean, i don't think it's really our choice. i want to know how your wife feels about it. >> yeah, she just doesn't care. [ laughter ] my daughter didn't like it at first, but last night i told her, sweetie, the beard is coming off tomorrow. and she said, oh, really? i was getting used to it so the complaint department will still be open. no matter what you do at home as you guys know, you know, there's always going to be a complaint. >> i wanted to give it a clip myself but the fun department, the fun police is like, nope. >> yeah.
7:50 am
whit was driving this production, that's for sure. you guys ready? i think the president has been clled. he's heading to the situation room and, justin, you may proceed, sir. >> all right, here we go. so we're going to start it now and then update people through the second hour of "gma"? is that how it's going to go? >> there's how it's going to go. oh, i feel my muscles withering away. >> okay. well, everybody will have to stand by and wait for more. >> we will see what the finished product looks like. >> a good first cut. we will be right back with our "play of the day." i've lost count of how many asthma attacks i've had. but my nunormal with nucala? fewer asthma attacks. nucala is a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection-site reactions, back pain, and fatigue.
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7:54 am
and we're back now with our "plays of the day," two of them, and they both involve golf. check it out. first up, as if golfing wasn't tough enough, this guy in pennsylvania is attempting a swing while on a unicycle. great balance. >> oh.
7:55 am
>> he makes the shot. his buddies cheer him on. all right, next one is a golfer in idaho who hits an amazing shot across the lake. you can see the ball flying toward the camera before, boom. hits straight on. going to have to go to the store and get a new camera for that. >> the cameraman appreciated that. >> that's what i want to know. did it hit the person? >> you got to call fore. that's for sure. >> those are the rules. "gma" is two hours on saturdays. coming up, the u.s. lifts its pause on johnson & johnson vaccines. when shots could start up again. also countdown to the oscars, no matter what type of film you like, there's something for everyone. and then it's "deals & steals," eco-friendly items at bargain prices and the latest on rob's beard.
7:56 am
good morning, everybody. i'm liz kreutz. the san jose earthquakes will play home opener at the newly renamed earthquake park. the first sporting event with fans since march of last year. the team decided to limit attendance to 20% capacity to
7:57 am
follow state and local social distancing protocoals, 3600 fans will be allowed to go to the game. gates open at 11:30 this morning and tailgating will be allowed. the match starts at 12:30. it's always the big scramble before hollywood's biggest night. how to watch the best picture nominees in time. you have a chance to see them before tomorrow's 93rd annual oscars airing here on abc 7. cinemark is selling tickets to watch every best picture nominee for 5 bucks per movie. check the times at keep it tuned here all sunday long for coverage before the big show starts at 5:00 p.m. let's get a check of the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> we have a pretty good on shore flow bringing cloud cover and drizzle. see this morning, gray, 53 san
7:58 am
jose. 48 downtown. there is the ap center, 52 navado. numbers are uniform but not budging today. peeks of sun, mid-60s later on and sprinkles. cold front tomorrow for a wet and breezy sunday and a cool start to the workweek. highs from the 50s, 62 oakland. 66 san jose. the accuweather 7 day forecast, rain tomorrow, ends tomorrow nighting as quarter of an inch for most. the managing type 2 diabetes? you're on it. staying fit and snacking light? yup, on it there too. you may think you're doing all you can to manage type 2 diabetes and heart disease... ...but could your medication do more
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good morning, america. it's our second hour. pause lifted after 11 days. the cdc and fda saying johnson & johnson vaccinations can resume immediately. the one and done shot getting a new label noting the risk of rare blood clots after 15 reported cases. what to know as the race to vaccinate hits a critical moment. ♪ it's light, camera, action, and we're throwing an oscars bash of our very own on the eve of the academy awards, your one stop for the must-watch movies to binge. a roundup of the nominees favored to take home some hardware. the final predictions you need to win your family's oscar pool. ♪ larger than life ♪ plus, why marvel fans are paying close attention to the best director go


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