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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  April 24, 2021 1:06am-1:42am PDT

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and a programming note. you can watch the "20/20" special, "george floyd: a man, a moment, america changed" on hulu. that's "nightline" for tonight. we'll see you the same time next week. thanks for staying up with us. good night, america. have a great weekend.
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the cdc votes to unpause
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the johnson & johnson vaccine, but it comes with a warning. now that the pause has been lifted bay area counties are gearing up to receive more johnson & johnson vaccines, but how will this impact vaccine hesitancy among women? the warriors welcome back fans the first time in over a year. we'll give you the vibe at chase center. a storm arrives this weekend. timeline and totals coming up. abc7 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. in the end this vaccine was shown to be safe and effective for the vast majority of people. >> in just hours johnson & johnson's one-shot vaccine could be going into arms around the bay area once again. late today the cdc and fda lifted the pause of its use after several women developed a rare and dangerous type of blood clot. good evening. thank you for joining
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i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. we'll begin with kate larson who spoke to a voting member of the cdc committee. >> reporter: the cdc and fda say the single shot johnson & johnson vaccine must now come with a warning and medical fact sheet about the risk of a rare blood clot disorder identified only in women so far. >> we are seeing what appears to be an elevated risk of this complication called tts in women under age 50. it seems to be different and higher particularly in women in their 30s. >> reporter: cdc immunization committee member stanford's dr. grace lee voted friday to lift the ten-day j&j pause and use the vaccine in all adults with a caveat. >> for women under age 50 we want to make sure they're aware of the potential risk and that there are other available vaccines in the u.s. that they can receive. >> reporter: the vaccine was
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paused after six women came down with severe blood clots within two weeks of getting the shot. there are now 15 of these cases, most of them with severe clots near the brain. all of the patients are women between 18 and 59 years old. three of them have died and seven are still hospitalized. these cases are out of 8 million americans who have safely received the vaccine. >> for every 1 million doses of this vaccine the j&j vaccine could prevent over 650 hospitalizations and 12 deaths among women age 18 to 49. >> reporter: dr. chris colwell is chief of emergency medicine at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital. >> with all this new information about the clotting disorder how are you incorporating that in the e.r. when it comes to patient care? >> we see patients that come in with things like headaches or abdominal pain or chest pain and if they've recently gotten the vaccine, it adds that level of concern, but we are already
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fairly suspicious in those situations anyway because there's a relatively higher risk in young women of clots, particularly if they're on birth control pills or they might be early in pregnancy even if they don't realize it. >> reporter: people who experience pain or breathing issues in the weeks after getting a shot should get medical help right away. kate larson, abc7 news. >> with the lifting of the pause on j and j's vaccine bay area counties are preparing resume administering that one- dose shot. abc7 news reporter luz pena with how vaccine hesitancy could affect women. >> reporter: after ten days the fda gave the johnson & johnson vaccine the green light. with that comes more supply to the bay area. contra costa county has administered14,000 doses of the j&j vaccine and next week they're expecting more. your county will give people an option to choose? >> yes. if there is johnson & johnson
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available, there will always be a backup of either pfizer or moderna for them to take. >> reporter: san francisco mayor london breed tweeted, "san francisco is planning to renew the use of the j and j vaccine. we will resume the use of the vaccine as early as this weekend." medical doctors say there's still a slight risk within the first two weeks of getting the johnson & johnson vaccine and that one out of 100,000 people per year can still develop blood clots without the vaccine. >> why is really going to be the question that we have to continue to look at. >> reporter: stanford's infectious disease specialist dr. haley ginz sits on the fda's committee that authorized the johnson & johnson vaccine for emergency use. she's concerned the pause will impact vaccine hesitancy among women. >> by providing this vaccine we're saving thousands of lives that would be lost to covid. >> reporter: these two friends
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are both vaccinated. neither got the johnson & johnson vaccine. so when we asked if they would opt for this option, they had mixed reactions. >> so given a choice i would not prefer it. >> i'd take a one in a 1 million chance of getting a blood clot which i think is something that i can risk. >> reporter: marcella diaz and her parents get the johnson & johnson vaccine two weeks ago. she said they would do it again. >> yeah. i would still choose that. i felt fine after my shot. >> reporter: the j&j vaccine will now include a label that warns of the rare blood clots. in san francisco, luz pena, abc7 news. there is another big development from the cdc. it's now recommending pregnant women get vaccinated. early clinical trials didn't include anyone who was pregnant, but recent studies found that the pfizer and moderna vaccines were safe and effective for those who are pregnant or nursing. in the south bay the bay area's largest county has reached a milestone in the
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fight against covid-19. santa clara county has administered 1 million doses, nearly a third of the county's eligible population fully vaccinated. still county officials are reminding the public to not let their guard down. >> the more people that get vaccinate haded, the safer it's going to be, the less chance for viral spread, the less chance for mutations and additional variants. so the closer we get, the safer we are. >> to help close vaccine equity gaps in hard hit areas such as east san jose, the county said more walk-ups will be made available at certain sites starting next week. officials will focus on expanding weekend and evening time slots. on the subject of things getting back to the way they used to be, the first time since last march the warriors could see and hear real hometown fans tonight at chase center. real people, granted there were only about 1,700 of them, but as abc7 sports anchor chris alvarez found, it was certainly a welcome semblance of normal. >> reporter: the first time
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since march 10th, 2020, fans will be inside chase center. health and safety protocols are everywhere around the building, but fans tell me they're just excited to be back. signs everywhere were a constant reminder health and safety is the top priority here at chase center. in order to enter you had to have proof of a negative covid test or full vaccination. >> i'm content with the safety protocols and the at-home testing was a pretty short process. >> seeing my friend i haven't seen since last november and the atmosphere of people. >> reporter: anthony c alvo was the first warriors fan to enter chase center. >> the team needs us. now we're here and after a long, long year we're able to go in, just super exciting. >> reporter: why was it so important to be back the first game you could? >> because we've been missing it for so long. we've just been itching and aching and dancing and prancing and just can't wait. >> reporter: how long have you
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waited for this game, this night? >> i've been waiting forever, feels like forever. >> reporter: what is your message to fans to come out here and get them back at chase center? >> my message is i hope you guys have a good day and stay safe. >> reporter: after tonight eight more home games remain here at chase center in the regular season. we'll have the highlights coming up in sports from this game tonight. back to you. >> love all the excitement, dan. it's so great. >> it is great. they did such a nice job at the chase center. step by step we're getting back to normal. let's talk a little bit about the weather forecast because we are finally getting some much needed rain. >> yeah. i'd like to say it's about time. >> yes. >> not that it's your fault. >> just like the fans have been waiting to go to the game, we've been waiting for that rain well over a month, but it's coming. it's a light level one system, a spring storm we are tracking
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with live doppler 7 and it's long overdue. let's take a look at when you can expect some wet weather. a little drizzle along the coast at 9 a.m., can't rule out a spotty shower in the north bay tomorrow, but the real main event comes in sunday. so early sunday it will get wet. use caution with that late season storm. you might not be used to driving on the slippery roadways, so pockets of moderate rain, low visibility. i'll be back with a look at the rest of the hour-by-hour forecast including what you can expect for the second half of your weekend beyond sunday morning coming right up. >> thank you. to track this weekend's storm you can access live doppler 7 on demand on your tv. download the abc7 bay area connected tv app wherever you stream. well, new details from fremont police on what happened when police shot a suspect in a hotel parking lot earlier this month, the department released a detailed video analysis of the moments leading up to that
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shooting. the video begins with suspect steven mosley leaving the hyatt place hotel. police say they were waiting outside to arrest him on four warrants, but mosley apparently sees the officers and makes a run for it. officers release a k-9 officer who you sue here chasing mosley. fremont officers are not far behind. the video you're watching is from five different police body cams and hotel surveillance cameras. you can see the k-9 attacking mosley as officers yell at him to put down his gun. >> put down your [ bleep ] gun! >> at one point they say mosley appears to point the gun at the k-9. moments later mosley points the gun at them and they open fire. >> drop the gun! drop the gun! >> mosley was declared dead at the scene. in a video statement it's said the officers were unable to stop the dog from attacking the suspect even after using verbal commands and an electronic collar. >> we have now replaced the e- collar and we're retraining and recertifying the k-9 to insure we're able to recall the dog
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effectively from a distance. however, it is possible and i believe that the use of the k-9 may have saved officer lives on this day. >> the k-9 officer suffered minor injuries from being hit by the suspect. the other officers were not injured. caitlyn jenner says she's running to replace governor newsom, but the former olympian and reality tv star faces several hurdles. tiger woods woods shares the first photo since the accident, what he's saying about his recovery. this sunday's oscars will look ve new pronamel mineral boost helps protect teeth against everyday acids. pronamel boosts enamel's natural absorption of calcium and phosphate - helping keep teeth strong, white and protected from sensitivity. new pronamel mineral boost
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the republican field hoping to channel governor newsom in a recall election got some reality power today. caitlyn jenner announced her candidacy. she calls herself a disrupter and is hoping for a campaign boosted by her celebrity. >> you cannot count out someone with as much name recognition and as much wealth as caitlyn jenner and the fact that she's consulted with people involved in the trump campaign. >> jenner has not made it clear whether she still supports the former president. even so the newsom camp responded saying, "we always knew the recall would be full of trump supporters which only reinforces how much californians appreciate governor newsom's leadership." you can learn more about the last california recall on abc7 original's total recall that's streaming now on our abc7 connected app wherever you
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stream abc7 news. today governor newsom swore in assemblyman rob bonta as the state's new attorney general. >> congratulations, mr. attorney general. well done. >> with an elbow bump will be nominated. he will succeed xavier becerra who resigned to become president biden's health and human services secretary. there are new details on the building of a ballpark at oakland. an open letter was sent to oakland city council saying the price tag is $12 million. the team plans to privately fund $1 billion toward construction. the letter calls on council to vote on the howard terminal project. hollywood's biggest night is this sunday, the academy awards airing right here on abc7. this year producers have reimagined the ceremony for a world still dealing with the
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pandemic. abc news reporter sandy kenyon has a look at the changes. >> the oscar goes to renee zellweger. >> reporter: the oscars have been given out for 93 years, but they've never been given out in a train station. >> i shot at union station once. it's really cool. it's an amazing very interesting venue. >> reporter: andra day is one of an unprecedented nine performers of color who are up for oscars this year. >> diversity in film, in everything is not a trendy thing. it is where we're headed. everyone sees that that is really better for all of us. ♪speak now speak now. ♪ >> reporter: each of the songs nominated as the year's best will be prerecorded and played during the preshow. that's just one of the changes due to the pandemic. >> you're going to have the nominees and one guest each and they'll be separated not in the
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same room at the same time. >> reporter: 300 news outlets typically cover hollywood's biggest night. on the red carpet this time there will be just 30. >> that's a sacrifice that seems entirely legitimate for this year. >> reporter: steve pond wrote a book about all the goings-on backstage at the oscars. >> this is the fourth oscar show to be delayed, the first one to be delayed by a full two months. >> reporter: given how tough it's been for all of us, less here could still mean more. >> it's going to be a bigger deal. it's going to mean so much more this year than it ever has. we miss each other. we miss each other in the biggest way. >> reporter: i'm sandy kenyon, abc news, new york. >> again, right here on abc7 live coverage begins sunday morning at 10:00 and continues all day with special on the red carpet coverage leading up to the 93rd academy awards ceremony at 5 p.m. after the last award is handed out stay with on the red carpet
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for continuing coverage of oscars, hollywood's biggest day, the oscars always so much fun. the academy award for best forecast goes to? >> is >> just stay in your slippers sunday and enjoy the oscars and the rain outside. level one storm is coming in. it's finally rolling back to winter. i know it's spring, but we need that wet weather. let's look at live doppler 7 locally. we do have a lot of cloud cover with the exception of san jose partly cloudy. the rest of you are looking at cloudy skies now. the clouds are all stacked up, 40s and 50s and as you look from the top of the transamerica pyramid, barely visible as we are seeing that deep marine layer place.
1:27 am
sunday light to moderate rain arrives, slight possibility of thunder with hail and we're looking at a tenth to a half inch of rain, higher for the hills, could see up to a half inch to an inch for those wettest locations. 7:00 tomorrow morning if you have early plans, be prepared for coastal drizzle, 1:00 in the afternoon a pop-up shower in the north bay not out of the question, but it's not going to be a wet saturday. it's really going to be sunday when that storm arrives and starts to spread the rain. the yellow indicates moderate rain. so it gets here before sunrise and then spreads into the afternoon hours. the rain will continue for the southern and eastern end of our viewing area sunday night before it tapers. an isolated shower or two on monday can't be ruled out over the higher terrain, but at this point it looks like the rain will be primarily done by sunday night. let's look at the rainfall totals in the rain shadow of of
1:28 am
the santa cruz mountains, about0.09 in livermore, 0.29 in san francisco. in the mountains it's turning to snow, winter storm warning 11 p.m. tomorrow till 11 p.m. monday. so the sierra expecting up to 2 feet of snow for the highest peaks. because of the gusty winds and snow that could be moderate to heavy at times, best not to go up there. travel is not recommended until the storm passes. so it will be best to go maybe after the storm is done tuesday, wednesday next week if you have some days off. 40s, 50s in the morning. it will be a little drizzly tomorrow afternoon. you're looking at a cooler day. today those temperatures came up. tomorrow they're going back down, mid-50s to the upper 60s, a lot of cloud cover for your saturday. if you're going to the giants game tomorrow, it should be fine. grab a hoodie, cool out there, cloudy, 53 degrees. at game time as they take on the marlins dropping to about 50. sunday's game will include rain. so you will need your raincoats, 52 degrees at 1:05
1:29 am
and then coming up to maybe about 54 degrees. i don't think it's going to be a complete cancellation of the game on sunday. i know people are asking about, but there could be some times where they may need to stop for a minute or two. accuweather seven-day forecast, drizzle or sprinkles saturday, wet and cooler sunday with a level one storm on oscar sunday. they'll we'll go to drying out and warming up, spring warmth returning middle of the week with mid-80s inland. enjoy the weather, the oscars and staying
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tiger woods posted the first photo of himself since his car accident in southern california. it shows the golf legend on crutches with his dog on a golf course. he captioned, "my course is coming along faster than i am, but it's nice to have a faithful rehab partner, man's best friend." woods is recovering from the february crash.
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it looks like
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sports on abc7 is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> good evening. for the first time since the pandemic started the warriors welcomed fans back to the chase center after a 409 day wait. steph curry thanked them for coming out. >> all we got to say is it's great to see you guys in the stands. we miss your energy. we miss your passion and thank you for your patience sticking with us through this unprecedented situation, great to see you all back. >> about 2,000 fans in the house. they got a scare early. steph went to the locker room three minutes in only to get retaped. juan toscano-anderson back from that concussion without authority blocked by the backboard there. draymond green handing out assists like santa at christmas. andrew wiggins there, draymond and steph in complete sync. green had 19 assists and two points. curry on the reload three from
1:34 am
the corner knocks it down and kelly oubre jr. had 23 off the bench. he can attack the rim as he does right here with authority. warriors in control. curry goes for 32 points. you can see this, the step back, three plus the foul, four- point play, love the reaction here. warriors beat denver, 118-97. yes, fans are back! the a's trying to keep riding that wave, 11 game winning streak. they're in baltimore. cole ervin said the a's were going tubular, helps to have ha matt chapman making plays like that. two days ago laureano said he could smell victory. that wave is gnarly, dude, 12 in a row for the a's, final. no live
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tonight. cool and crisp, jazz chisolm wearing a hoodie. giants answer in the third, mike yazstremski, a two-run jack. watch the catch by the fan. oh, yeah. 2-1 giants. i got that ball! buster posey in his 1,000th game, first for any giants catcher and it was painful. chisholm cracks him in the head. they call it tools of ignorance for a reason. buster is okay. next pitch back to alex wood who went seven innings, allowed managing type 2 diabetes? you're on it. staying active and eating right? yup, on it there, too. you may think you're doing all you can to manage type 2 diabetes and heart disease but could your medication do more to lower your heart risk? jardiance can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who also have known heart disease. so, it could help save your life from a heart attack or stroke. and jardiance lowers a1c. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration,
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right now on jimmy kimmel anderson cooper. have a great weekend! enjoy the oscars ♪ >> hey, bay area. it's time to share some amazing stories and feel good. we could all use some inspiration right now, and you've come to the right place. this show is all about good food, good people, and good living. on today's show, a helpful app for pet owners... >> petcode is sort of like an
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what gender, what race you are, it is something that you need. and no matter who gives it to you, especially if you're hungry, you're willing to receive. i started cooking out with my mom when i was five years old. i was a fat little boy in the kitchen and had this amazing obsession with her food, and i would stand and watch her cook all the time, and because i was in her kitchen, she would let me taste things, and that's how i learned how to taste things, not just cook. i grew up in oakland. we grew up very, very poor. and i think for many, many years, i had a self-shame about my identity and my own story, and, given the fact that my parents have been laborers their whole life, i don't think they felt any pride. i think, if anything, they felt shame, and they were working just to be equal with everyone else. and i've always felt that weight from them ever since i was little, and the beautiful and amazing thing was, whether it was bravo "top chef" or san francisco rising star chef,
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whatever it is, or, you know, kqed pbs, i get overwhelmed with emotion and joy from me telling my truth, and the fact that i'm telling my truth, which is filled with, like, pain and heart, that people resonate with that. it's extremely difficult to be vulnerable. i continually feel very, very blessed, you know, for every opportunity. ♪ i've always loved cooking. like, going into junior high, going to high school, i became more and more obsessed with food. coming out of high school, i told my mom. i was like, "i don't want to go to college. i want to go to culinary school." it caught her off-guard, but i deeply appreciate her support, and because it caught her off-guard, it made me want to be that more serious in cooking and prove to myself that it was a worthy investment. from culinary school, it opened a whole new world for me on what food could be. i think, in my adolescent years, naturally, of course, i just knew of vietnamese food and what
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my mom cooked, and i wanted to know the limits and boundaries of my palate beyond that. there was something missing 15 years, 10 years into my career. i wanted to cook vietnamese food. i want to go back to what my mom cooked. and digging deeper and further into that, i started to realize that it wasn't just vietnamese food that she was cooking, but it was vietnamese diaspora. she was cooking the food of her refugee experience and the places she's been and the adaptation and innovation of that, of her being a woman of color in oakland, california. i am convinced that food and food stories connecting back to identity, culture, and heritage is a universal thing. today i'll be sharing -- one of my favorite dishes is fried rice. fried rice is probably one of the most iconic dishes you would find in hawker centers. what are hawker centers? in asia, traditionally, they didn't have restaurants. they have hawker centers. hawker centers are basically food stalls you would find on the street. each stall would do one, maybe two things expertly. and the thing that you would find the most is fried rice.


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