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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 23, 2021 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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nonprofit. >> as a former mascot of many di good morning, america. decision day. the cdc set to determine the future of the johnson & johnson vaccine. should the u.s. keep using the one shot on hold after six women developed rare blood clots. this 18-year-old just starting to recover. the cdc also looking at whether to issue new guidelines on mask wearing. nih director dr. francis collins here live only on "gma." behind bars, as derek chauvin awaits sentencing, the department of justice looking into a september 2017 incident involving a black teenager that was caught on camera. chauvin allegedly using excessive force causing the boy to lose consciousness and need stitches. what the jury didn't know as one of the alternate jurors in his trial speaks out. are we headed for a historic raise in taxes?
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the president set to reveal his plan for a major tax hike to fund child care and education. severe weather on the move. damaging winds, large hail and tornadoes. more than 50 million on alert across the south. ginger has the latest. running out of time. the urgent hunt for a missing submarine. 53 people on board and just a few hours of oxygen left. what we know right now. blastoff. >> and liftoff. >> we have liftoff. the spacex rocket just launched with four astronauts on board and headed for the space station. commander megan mcarthur and the pilot's seat right where her astronaut husband was sitting to lead the last launch. ♪ don't stop me now ♪ and don't stop us now. as we speed into the weekend, look at this dog breaking free and running for the gold. freeze that frame.
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we'll show you would won. ♪ good morning, america. throw a treat down and the dog stops and you can win the race. >> exactly. >> hey, thank you for joining us on this friday morning, everyone. just before air there was a successful spacex launch. >> it was really spectacular. those four astronauts headed to the international space station and we're going to have a lot more on that coming up. >> looking forward to that. we begin with the latest on the pandemic. a cdc advisory panel set to meet this morning to weigh in on the johnson & johnson vaccine. as you know it has been on hold after six women developed rare blood clots. >> the cdc says it is also looking into new mask guidelines. we're going to get into that with nih director dr. francis collins, but first steve osunsami starts us off at cdc
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headquarters in atlanta. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, michael. the health officials here who are making this decision today are in a tough spot, trying to put safety first but at the same time trying not to scare americans away from using these vaccines. today is the day a panel of experts put together by the cdc is expected to decide whether people should keep using the single dose johnson & johnson covid vaccine. it's a key tool in ending the pandemic, but u.s. health officials put use of the vaccine on hold last week when six women got sick with rare blood clots after getting the shot and this morning, the cdc says it's investigating a handful of new cases. 18-year-old emma burkey from clark county, nevada, is one of the six who struggled with blood clots after getting the vaccine. a family spokesperson says she's just now starting to recover. >> she's improving. her condition is improving day by day. it's going to be long. it's going to be slow and it's going to be incremental. >> reporter: she had several seizures days after her shot. in the hospital, they had to put
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her in a medically induced coma, and she needed three brain surgeries, but the doctors underlying that it's not clear if this was caused by the johnson & johnson vaccine. despite it all, her family says they still want americans to get vaccinated. the family understands that these blood clots are rare, just 6 cases out of nearly 7 million americans who have gotten this particular vaccine. >> keep in mind that's less than one in a million rate. smaller than your rate of your likelihood of actually getting hit by lightning. >> reporter: fewer americans are now rushing to get vaccinated. the daily average of shots put into as is now below 3 million a day for the first time in weeks and scientists have put together this map, the areas in darker blue show where americans are resisting the vaccine the most. the panel today could make a number of recommendations. they could decide to keep things the same or they could join european officials who have cleared the johnson & johnson vaccine for use but put a safety warning or they could say that
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only certain populations should use this vaccine. george. >> okay, steve, thanks very much. let's bring in the director of the national institutes of health, dr. francis collins. dr. collins, thanks for coming back this morning. i know you don't want to get ahead of the advisory panel but give us your thoughts on the johnson & johnson vaccine and the risks. >> well, since two of my grandchildren have received it, i'm very much hoping that we will come forward with a really positive sense here of how this vaccine can save lives and as you just heard in the lead-up to this, this is a one in a million kind of risk that's been identified of this rare blood clotting problem and yet at the same time the cdc's advisory committee is going to look seriously at all the data and try to make a recommendation. the fact that the europeans already did so a couple of days ago and decided it was okay to proceed just with a warning on the vaccine so that everybody knows is encouraging that maybe the u.s. will decide to do the same but i don't want to judge what their consequence might be here of their decisions. i think it is important to point
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out that this is a treatable condition if you recognize it right away and one of the reasons i think it's been good to have this pause is to get everybody apprised of that so that all physicians know this is something to watch out for and can be prepared to treat it appropriately if it should happen again in the future. >> vaccines continue to ramp up. we've got approaching 30% of the adult population vaccinated right now but now coming to the hard part. we might have the supply outstripping the demand. what do you say to a friend or neighbor still saying i don't want to get it? >> you know, one of the things i don't want to do is shake my finger and get judgmental about people because people have legitimate questions so i'm doing a lot of listening to what people's concerns are. one of the things, though, that i'd like to share, now that my wife and i have both been immunized and she's gone through her phase and me too, we know we are fully protected we invited another couple to have dinner
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with us in our own home around our own dining room table with masks off and have a comfortable conversation and hug each other at the end of the evening. it was marvelous. it was liberating. you felt like this fear that we've all walked around with for 15 months is starting to lift. so for people who haven't gotten to that point yet think about that part. this is going to give you a wonderful boost of reassurance or as oprah said you'll feel like a superwoman after you have the chance to have your immune system revved up to take this on. >> you mentioned masks. let's talk about masks. talking about the two out of three rule this morning. if you're outdoors you either need to be distanced or masked. if you're indoors you need to be distanced and masked. is that the right guideline now? >> you know, that's really the cdc's call and they are seriously looking at what to recommend, particularly for outside now with so many people now being immunized, if you are immunized, do you need to wear a mask outside or is it time to say that's no long ernest?
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-- longer necessary? watch them and see what they have to say. but let me come back to what we can all do, if you're somebody listening to this who has been immunized you could be an ambassador to explain how this is changing your life. yeah, maybe you had a little bit of a sore arm or even a little bit of feeling fatigued and feverish after that first or second dose, but now how do you feel? go to a website and look up we can do this on google and you can join the covid community corps. they'll send you information and you can be part of the source of answers to questions that people have and help us all get through this because that's how we're going to get through this is by getting that last 125 million people who haven't started yet to get vaccinated to do so. the trends are all looking good. people who were resistant, waiting to see what happened are beginning to say, yeah, i guess it's time. the sooner we get there, the sooner we'll have this virus packing and sending itself off somewhere elsewhere we can go back to living a life that we all had hoped to get to.
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>> that's important advice. everyone can play a part in this. dr. collins, thanks for your time. >> everyone. >> cecilia. we turn to the launch of the spacex rocket just earlier this morning carrying four astronauts, two of them american to the international space station. our transportation correspondent gio benitez was right there at cape canaveral. i'll put you on the spot. i saw you earlier right before liftoff on our overnight show. i don't think i've ever seen a bigger smile from you, my friend. >> reporter: listen, it's just too exciting. when you see that it is just something you feel in your bones, okay. the sound is just incredible. i got to tell you, cecilia, this launch was a stunner, just lighting up that predawn sky here at the kennedy space center. now those four astronauts are on that long journey to the international space station. >> and liftoff, godspeed, endeavor and crew-2. >> reporter: this morning a spectacular predawn launch carrying four astronauts into space aboard a spacex crew
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dragon. >> now making their way to the one and only international space station. >> reporter: a flawless launch. you can see the space capsule flying through the air. >> stage one throttle up. >> reporter: then there was the breathtaking sight in the sky after the rockets separated from the dragon looking like a pulsing hallow. -- halo. >> trajectory nominal. >> reporter: it'll take the team 23 hours to reach the international space station. central to this mission on the space station, medical research. nasa's acting administrator telling me that's key for understanding viruses and treatments especially crucial during the pandemic and they're doing it all in almost no gravity. >> which then helps us to determine how better they respond on earth and to develop treatments for diseases and to help things like mitigation viruses. >> reporter: among the four veteran astronauts and sitting in the pilot's seat is megan mcarthur, her husband bob behnken was the pilot on the very first crew dragon mission last may.
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now megan sitting in that very same spot on that same spaceship. >> it's been really helpful to have him really understand what it is that i'm doing now and what it is that i'm going to be doing in the future. that's been really helpful to have a partner who really gets all that. >> reporter: back then megan and her son theo giving bob an air hug before launch. now bob and theo have done the same for mom. but before the work, the fun. just days ago, megan taking little theo to the beach for a launch week tradition. such a sweet moment right there and we should tell you that history was made here yet again because spacex was able to reuse that spaceship for the very first time, cecilia. >> so cool. gio, in the past we know astronauts have brought toys that their children selected with them up into space. did that happen this time around? >> reporter: so we know that megan brought a toy with her.
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we just learned it serves a real purpose because they actually released that to see if it fit in zero gravity. that's really cool. >> wow, all right, thanks so much. michael. we turn now to washington where president biden is set to reveal his next big agenda item and his plan to pay for it with a major tax hike for the wealthy. senior white house correspondent mary bruce has all the details on that. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, michael. well, we're told the president will reveal the details of this plan next week at his big address before congress. this is the second part of his ambitious and costly infrastructure plan and it is expected to focus on education and child care. things like family leave, universal pre-k and tuition-free community college. these are measures that the white house refers to as human infrastructure and this plan is expected to cost at least another trillion dollars, now, to pay for all of this the president is reportedly going to propose raising taxes on the most wealthy americans and wealthy investors considering raising the top income tax
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bracket from 37% to 39.6%. as well as nearly doubling the capital gains tax on top earners. now, the white house isn't talking specifics or details about this just yet and say this is all still in flux but stressing the president's commitment not to raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 a year, but this plan is likely to face stiff opposition on capitol hill from republicans who have made it clear they are against these kinds of tax increases. >> all right, mary, thank you so much for that. george. we'll turn to the search for a missing submarine that disappeared. more than 50 people on board. with hours of oxygen left the u.s. joined the search and chief global affairs anchor martha raddatz has the latest. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. this morning, the pentagon is sending aircraft to help in the search for the submarine joining so many other nations in a race with the clock. this morning, the desperate search for the missing indonesian submarine with 53 sailors on board.
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the last transmission with the sub more than 60 hours ago. the crew requesting permission to make a deeper dive to test-fire torpedoes, but it never resurfaced and never another word. today mere hours of oxygen left on the vessel and the only sign of the submarine, a wide swath of oil at the last known location near the island of bali. >> the real worry here, an oil slick was discovered above the area where the submarine started its descent which would suggest that there was some sort of a catastrophic failure in the dive. this submarine was only certified to go about 800 feet deep, but the depth of the water that it dove in is over 2,000 feet. if the submarine lost power and continued its dive, it would not survive the depths of the bottom of the ocean at that point. >> reporter: the rescue efforts taking place by air and sea. the u.s. will join teams from
7:15 am
singapore and malaysia with several other countries also offering to assist. but even if the submarine did not implode, the chance that the crew will survive gets slimmer by the hour. >> the real problem here is time. if there was a chance to save the crew or if the crew were still alive, time is of the essence. >> reporter: and at this point the searchers have not positively located the sub so with just hours left and the oxygen supply, the indonesians are truly hoping for a miracle, george. >> oh, man, okay, martha, thanks very much. cecilia. we turn to that severe weather on the move this morning with damaging winds, large hail and tornadoes, more than 50 million people are on alert across the south. ginger zee is tracking that for us. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, cecilia. it's a serious severe weather setup that we've got here. it starts late this afternoon into tonight and the folks included in what we call a level 3 so 3 out of 5 severe weather threat, shreveport, lufkin, tyler, texas, alexandria, many
7:16 am
folks including baton rouge tonight, but then this moves east. that was tornadoes and damaging winds, but you also have a flash flood threat, and that's what i really want to emphasize as we go through birmingham, atlanta, into south carolina, even wilmington, north carolina, tomorrow. so saturday it's going to be more of a daytime and then into the evening as it goes east. keeping that in mind, remember, it's got a lot of power. this deep trough with all of that cold weather. this was at a fruit farm in southwest michigan where they saved the fruit by putting water on it. kind of insulating it from what was the mid-20s but you know it's cold and that spring cold blast is sticking around still this morning. freeze warnings, columbia up to new york. all right. michael. >> all right, thank you, ginger. see all the ice, oh, boy, not what we're looking for. we're going to turn now to what may be the catch of the year from the broadcast booth. take a look at this. texas tech infielder chase young ripping a foul ball straight into the broadcasting booth.
7:17 am
that's geoff haxton, everybody. geoff haxton is the announcer. he caught it barehanded while calling the game. that is some skill. >> give that man a job on the field. >> his reaction. my hand hurts so bad right now. >> yeah. >> looks like a superhero. >> yeah. >> like fake. >> very thanos of you, geoff. >> bet his hand does hurt. following a lot of other headlines including what we know about the department of justice's criminal investigation of derek chauvin as one of the alternate jurors in his trial is speaking out. we are also counting down to the oscars. some of the biggest races and who could be taking home the oscar gold but first let's head back to ginger. >> and, cecilia, i have to give you good news, raleigh in the 30s today will flirt with the 90s by next week. your local weather in 30 seconds. first though, we've got the weekend forecast sponsored by progressive insurance.
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good friday morning. welcome to the weekend. we are starting out with some overcast in the city around the bay. the low clouds with us, but it will turn partly cloudy this afternoon. a mix of some sun and clouds, but we are cooler for the weekend, with rain arriving very early on sunday. mid 50s at the coast, look for upper 50s downtown, more sun as you get away from
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and i think we've got some images to share with you from yellowstone. i can't wait to travel again. that's the type of thing i want to see. that is what makes this winter touch okay, right, michael? >> i want to see that when the snow is gone and it's nice and hot, yeah. all right. thank you for that, ginger. everybody, stay right there. we're just getting started. it is friday. we'll be right back. it is frida. we'll be right back. if you have obstructive sleep apnea and you're often tired during the day, you could be missing out on amazing things. sunosi can help you stay awake for them. once daily sunosi improves wakefulness in adults with excessive daytime sleepiness due to obstructive sleep apnea. sunosi worked for up to nine hours at 12 weeks in a clinical study. sunosi does not treat the cause of osa or take the place of your cpap.
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, i'm reggie aqui from abc7 morning. alameda police say that will likely release body camera video next week of an incident where a man died after a scuffle with officers. we talked about this earlier. 100 people attended a vigil for 26-year-old mario gonzalez. investigators say they responded to a call monday for a theft, and possible intoxicated person. they came across gonzales and at one point, there was a scuffle as they attempted to place his hands behind his back. that is when police say gonzalez suffered some kind of medical emergency. lee say there was no significant use of force or weapons used. we will turn to jobina for a look at traffic. jobina? thank you, reggie. morning, everyone. he will start with the slow
7:24 am
spot we have right now in well, we have a slow spot in antioch on highway 4, in between bay point and it looks like pittsburgh there. anyway, giving you a live picture here at the bay bridge, traffic is falling as people make their way into the city. but it is a clear at the toll plaza. we do not have on metering lights and i will bring you a you can't put wings on a car. you can't see an accident coming. or walk away from one like this. you can't make a car talk. how can i help you? you can't fight gravity. and you can't make one of the world's best suvs even better. go on. tell us what else we "can't" do. the 2021 gls. are we ready to go? possibly the safest, most spacious, most "mercedes" suv ever made. ♪ ♪ ♪ when it comes to your financial health,
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you've made it to friday. this is a look at the roof camera, we have 50 downtown, 53 in oakland. also 50 in the south bay, pier 39 with a lot of clouds right now. we will break out into partly cloudy conditions. upper 40s in santa rosa. 52 in concord. today, mix of clouds and sun.
7:27 am
62 in oakland, low 70s inland. rain arrives sunday. lisa, thank you. coming up on gma, the new warning about fake vaccine card
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it's like a flavor festival on an almond. zest fest. -zest fest. blue diamond almonds, super flavor all on a superfood. ♪ and michael is dancing off to my right here. welcome back to "gma." this is, of course, the credits of "slumdog millionaire" the movie taking home the trophy for best picture at the 2009 oscars. you'll remember that's the whole cast dancing to "jai ho" at a train station. this year the oscars are also at a train station. that's the connection, full circle. stay with me, "gma," train station, oscars. >> it was fun to see even without the connection. >> thank you. see, simone. that's coming up.
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that is, right now we're following other headlines including a cdc advisory panel set to meet to weigh in on the johnson & johnson vaccine. as you know it's been on hold after six women developed rare blood clots and the cdc is looking into new mask guidelines. hundreds gathered for the funeral of daunte wright. the 20-year-old was killed during a traffic stop in minneapolis. the city already on edge amid that historic trial of the death of george floyd. also right now we have a new administrator of people m the senate confirming deanne criswell last night, the first woman to serve in that role before taking the top job at fema. criswell ran new york city emergency management and we've got a lot more ahead including the new warning about fake vaccine cards. how it's creating a public health risk. that's coming up, cecilia. we begin with the department of justice criminal investigation of derek chauvin looking now into an alleged incident from 2017 involving a 14-year-old boy. t.j. holmes is here with the story. good morning, t.j.
7:32 am
>> good morning to you. we know chauvin knelt on top of george floyd for 9 minutes and 29 seconds. he allegedly knelt on top of a teenage boy for 17 minutes. the jury didn't get to hear about that. nor about a lot of the other incidents and complaints in chauvin's personnel file but now even after the guilty verdicts, chauvin's past life and behavior are under scrutiny. >> reporter: on the hole -- heels of that doj announcement of an investigation into the minneapolis police department's practices as a whole, sources now tell us that the doj's ongoing criminal investigation of convicted murderer derek chauvin is also looking at a september 2017 incident involving a black teenager. the confrontation was captured by body cameras and video presented to the judge in chauvin's just concluded murder trial. that's according to the state prosecutor matthew frank who wanted to tell the jury about the case. chauvin was dispatched to a home between a mother and her son. after entering the home officers told the son to lie on the ground which he refused. chauvin allegedly then hit the 14-year-old boy in the head so hard he needed stitches grabbing
7:33 am
the teen by the throat causing him to lose consciousness and fall to the ground. frank wrote, noting the teen's ear began bleeding and after a minute going to the ground, the child repeatedly telling the officer he could not breathe and allegedly held him down with his knee for nearly 17 minutes. the u.s. justice department is weighing whether to bring federal charges against chauvin. we also have more information this morning about chauvin's life on the force and off. despite several commendations and awards, he was named in at least 17 complaints including one alleging excessive force during a traffic stop. the jury was not privy to that. an alternate juror is speaking out about the toll the trial took on her. >> i didn't think it would affect me as much as it has. it was emotional. it was draining. >> reporter: she said she believes chauvin is guilty and
7:34 am
says the doctor was a key witness for the state. >> i feel like we could actually point out through the video and say, hey. this instance right here is when mr. floyd lost his life. >> we mentioned 17 complaints against him in his file. only one resulted in any type of action, any discipline and those were simply letters of reprimand. we want to mention a brand-new abc news/"washington post" poll finds 60% of americans say the country should do more to hold police accountable for mistreatment of blacks in this country. 63% say black people and other minorities do not receive equal treatment, and a reminder, the sentencing for chauvin is expected in june. >> okay, t.j. thanks. >> we'll talk about this with chief legal analyst dan abrams. dan, let's just go there with what t.j. was saying. he had this case allegedly using had is knee to hold down a teenager for nearly 17 minutes. why wouldn't the jury have heard about a case like that?
7:35 am
>> so, typically you don't admit in what are called bad acts, prior incidents, even prior crimes against the defendant in a trial, because you want the jury to decide the case based on the evidence in front of it. you don't want them saying, well, he seems like the kind of guy who would do x, y or z. there's certain exceptions. if you can show, for example, that it shows -- it's his m.o., this is the way he deals with things, if there's a specific reason related to the case, the judge did allow prosecutors to present certain limited information about chauvin's past but not this incident. >> you think back to the trial and think how much of george floyd's past particularly his struggles with addiction came up in that trial. but you don't hear in-depth details about chauvin's policing history. is that unusual? could it come up in sentencing? >> yes, it will come up in sentencing meaning at sentencing, you have a much bigger opportunity, a broader opportunity to present evidence
7:36 am
about who the person is and that's going to come in front of the judge and i think a lot of what we're talking about is going to be heard by the judge in the context of sentencing. with regard to george floyd, again, the judge did not allow in a lot of evidence that the defense wanted about george floyd but in this case, the defense was that it could have been a drug overdose and there were drugs found in his system in this case, not that it was some other case or not that he used drugs and that therefore shows something. it was related specifically the judge ruled in this case, and that's why you heard some of that information about george floyd's past drug use. from the prosecution by the way as well in an effort to say that this was not the cause of his death here. >> okay, dan, thank you so much. tonight on a two-hour special of "20/20" intimate portrait of george floyd's life by those closest to him on abc. michael. cecilia, we're really going to switch gears and we're going to turn to the countdown to the oscars with the ceremony just
7:37 am
two days away, chris connelly is at one of the sites of the show, l.a.'s union station going to give us more insight. good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning, michael. in a pandemic in a historic l.a. train station it'll be an academy awards night unlike any other, yet passing out oscars just like every other. who is going to win, that's the big question. the top categories at the oscars still up for grabs. supporting actor boasts an eye opening turn from "chicago 7's" sacha baron cohen, but this oscar is going to daniel kaluuya for "judas and the black messiah." >> i am. [ crowd chanting "i am" ] >> a revolutionary. [ crowd chanting "a revolutionary" ] >> reporter: things look less certain in supporting actress. youn yuh-jung, a gloriously disruptive force in "minari." in best actor it's anticipated that the late chadwick boseman's name will be called. >> i got talent. >> reporter: for the compelling desperation he brings to "ma rainey's black bottom" and, two, for his life's work in film.
7:38 am
the upset special would be 83-year-old anthony hopkins giving all he's got in "the father." and then there's best actress, the year's best category where anyone could win. >> i am facing this. >> reporter: vanessa kirby "pieces of a woman." phenomenal. andra day, "the united states vs. billie holiday." welcome to the movie, superstar. that leaves the very best of the best, viola davis for "ma rainey's black bottom." if she does win, she'll be breathing in some rare oscar air becoming the first black female actor to earn two academy awards. best picture and best director look like a twofer for "nomadland" and chloe zhao. she'd be just the second woman to win best director and the first woman of color. a filmmaker from china telling this on the road in america saga, star frances mcdormand winning as well, one of the
7:39 am
film's producers. and don't forget carey mulligan from "promising young woman" in best actress. she won the independent spirit award last night as did "nomadland" now, we eagerly await oscar night. michael. >> eager, nervously, i know -- i'm nervous and i know they got to be more nervous than we are. thank you so much for that. we have a lot more ahead on the oscars. that's coming up in our next hour. but right next, the fake vaccine card warning with sales surging online, a new concern about public health and how some scammers are taking advantage. we'll be right back. taking adva. we'll be right back. ♪ here's to the very first influencer in your life... mom! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ this is how mom shines. find the perfect mother's day gift... zales. the diamond store.
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7:43 am
we are back with a new warning about fake vaccine cards. sales are surging online creating a public health risk and an opportunity for scammers. erielle reshef has the details. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning, to you, george. officials tell us they are seeing that disturbing rise in counterfeit cards and also say you should be aware about the potential for fraud. vaccine cards, they're quickly becoming a ticket back to normalcy but this morning, authorities warning those cards are a growing target for scammers. how susceptible to fraud are these paper vaccine cards? >> anything on paper is subsequently capable of being reproduced ripe for fraud just because of the very nature of its ease to reproduce. >> reporter: officials across the country say they're seeing a major increase in the sale of fake vaccine cards online. >> this is incredibly problematic because it will
7:44 am
damage people's health, more people will get the virus, pass it on to others if there's widespread use of fake vaccine cards. >> reporter: 48 attorneys general now taking action issuing letters to ebay, twitter, shopify and offerup urging them to help combat the problem. "gma" finding these two listings for blank vaccine cards on offerup site. >> we heard back from the four we contacted. they all indicated they want to cooperate and rid their websites of these cards. >> reporter: the posts have since been taken down and all four companies telling "gma" they're working to block or swiftly remove fraudulent offers but officials say the surge in counterfeit cards is creating an urgent need for a more secure solution. one option being considered, digital vaccine passports. >> i think having some form of electronic record makes a lot of sense so that people don't have to take this paper document with them wherever they go when it's easily lost or easily forged.
7:45 am
>> reporter: and fake vaccine cards not the only concern. the fbi warning that posting photos of your vaccine card on social media could put your information at risk. experts say there are three pieces of information on your vaccine card that fraudsters can use, your date of birth, the lot number and the maker of your vaccine. >> those lot numbers are used to legitimize a fake card. >> how can that information be mnipulated and used against you eventually? >> we've already seen it being used to target people for surveys. they already know the type of vaccine you got and potentially where you received it or what date you received it on. it will lend an air of legitimacy to the fraudulent request which makes it more likely that you're going to fall for it and take the survey and potentially provide your personal information to a fraudster. >> reporter: and the fbi says an important reminder that not only do those counterfeit cards put the public health at risk but
7:46 am
you are also breaking the law if you buy or sell them. george. >> erielle reshef, thanks very much. michael. >> all right, george, coming up we have our exclusive interview with "nip/tuck" star annalynne mccord opening up about her mental health struggle and why she's determined to fight the stigma of her diagnosis and next our friday edition of "play of the day." her diagnosis. friday edition of play of the day. "play of the day." we believe in coffee that opens more eyes to black business. a wave of confidence. a lighter load on the planet. flavors that set a new course and a hundred shades of beautiful. we believe in good we can all afford. at panera, we make dinner easy...
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, i'm reggie aqui from abc7 morning. let's check in with jobina. she has a look at the traffic this morning. >> thank you, good morning, everyone. and your live look from the bay bridge. as you make your way westbound into san francisco, average speeds around 30 miles per hour. it's also busy at the richmond san rafael bridge here, for people making their way towards the north bay. and if i can get my maps to work, there we go. we also have a car fire in sonoma, hinckley, i know no injuries were reported here. hey, lisa. jobina, good morning you. 50s with plenty of cloud cover from the roof camera, golden gate bridge, looking at a great start. we are getting some clearing inland. concord, livermore, and the south bay. a mix of high clouds and sun today. mild low 60s to upper 60s
7:57 am
inland. how clouds cling to the coast, the rain on the way for the weekend, particularly sunday morning. >> thank you. coming up on gma, countdown to the oscars on everything from fashion to food, to recommendations about what to binge before sunday
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. decision day. the cdc set to determine the future of the johnson & johnson vaccine. should the u.s. keep using the one shot on hold after six women developed rare blood clots? this 18-year-old just starting to recover. the cdc also looking at whether to issue new guidelines on mask wearing. nih director dr. francis collins talks to "gma" this morning. severe weather on the move. damaging winds, large hail and tornadoes, more than 50 million on alert across the south. this could be the last chilly morning for the eastern u.s., but could all this cold affect our fruit? "gma" exclusive, "90210" and "nip/tuck" star annalynne mccord
8:01 am
revealing her personality disorder diagnosis. how she found out and how she's fighting the stigma of mental health. calling it quits. country star jana kramer revealing in an emotional post she's divorcing her husband saying, i just can't fight any longer. what she says happened, and w w experts say it's okay to let go. picture perfect, the brand-new photo of little prince louis before his first day of preschool turning 3 and who is behind the camera. we're counting down with our friday oscar party from fashion to food and the new twist on popcorn chicken. plus, our expert revealing which three oscar winning films every movie buff needs to watch this weekend and a very special "pop news" with a 12-time nominee, all that and more as we say, good morning, america. ♪
8:02 am
good morning, america. thanks for being with us on this friday. we keep talking about the oscars because it is only two days away. >> that means we are officially rolling out the red carpet. stylist to the stars joe zee joins us with tips on how to turn some of the most memorable fashion moments from over the years into everyday looks. that is coming up. that is coming up. we have some news to get to this morning starting with the latest on the pandemic. a cdc advisory panel set to meet this morning to weigh in on the johnson & johnson vaccine as the cdc says it is also looking into new mask guidelines. steve osunsami is at cdc headquarters in atlanta. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. the panel meeting today could make a number of different recommendations. one of them is to keep things the way they are, to maintain the hold on using the johnson & johnson vaccine or they could join health officials in europe who have cleared the vaccine for use but are putting a safety warning on the medicine. a panel of experts put together
8:03 am
by the cdc is expected to decide whether people should keep using the single dose johnson & johnson covid vaccine. it's a key tool in ending the pandemic, but u.s. health officials put use of the vaccine on hold last week when six women got sick with rare blood clots after getting the shot and this morning, the cdc says it's investigating a handful of new cases. earlier this morning george spoke to the director of the national institutes of health about what he expects from the announcement today. >> i know you don't want to get into the cdc advisory panel but just give us your thoughts on this johnson & johnson vaccine and the risks. >> well, since two of my grandchildren have received it i'm very much hoping that we will come forward with a really positive sense here of how this vaccine can save lives. this is a one in a million kind of risk that has been identified of this rare blood clotting problem yet at the same time the cdc's advisory committee will look seriously at all the data and try to make a recommendation. >> reporter: 18-year-old emma burkey from clark county, nevada, is one of the six who
8:04 am
struggled with blood clots after getting the vaccine. a family spokesperson says she's just now starting to recover. >> she's improving. her condition is improving day by day. it's going to be long. it's going to be slow and it's going to be incremental. >> reporter: despite it all her family says they still want americans to get vaccinated. the family understands that these blood clots are rare, just 6 cases out of nearly 7 million americans who have gotten this particular vaccine. the government's own figures show that you are two times more likely to get struck by lightning than you are to get a blood clot after using the johnson & johnson vaccine, but now if they agree to continue use of this vaccine, the hard part becomes an issue for the government which is how do you unscare people after scaring them away from using these vaccines? george. >> one of the biggest issues out there. steve, thanks very much. cecilia. we turn to that severe
8:05 am
weather headed for the south expected to bring damaging winds, large hail and tornadoes with more than 50 million on alert. ginger, of course, tracking it all. hey, ginger. >> cecilia, it's a three out of five as we go into the weekend on a severe weather scale and the area that's included tonight mostly late afternoon through tonight includes shreveport, tyler, texas, alexandria, all the way just west of jackson, mississippi, where you could see tornadoes and damaging wind. by tomorrow these will march east and have to look out not just for damaging wind threats so taking down power lines, the type of wind that is 70-mile-per-hour gusts, but also have flash flood threats. in montgomery or birmingham, atlanta, south carolina, even north carolina talking three to four, maybe five inches falling quickly. now, all of the attention this week has been on that cold and rightfully so. in southwest michigan that ice is where they were saving the fruit. so thankfully they saved it and thankfully, michael, things are looking up.
8:06 am
much warmer by next week. >> i like to hear that. thank you so much. this morning we want to wish a happy 3rd birthday to prince louis and a new photo to mark the occasion celebrating by sharing this sweet photo of their youngest child shown just before setting off for his first day of preschool this week. the photo was taken by kate right outside their kensington palace home and i love he's so happy to go to his first day. let's check him out when he's a senior. we have a lot coming up including "90210" and "nip/tuck" star annalynne mccord opening up about her surprise diagnosis and why she's fighting the stigma around mental health. also ahead, country music star jana kramer filing for divorce. can the couple overcome infidelity and when is it time to call it quits? oscar winning dishes with chef daniel lambert but we'll be right back. ♪
8:07 am
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8:11 am
♪ one kiss is all it takes ♪ oscars coming up sunday night. welcome back. tomorrow on saturday "gma" we'll be live at union station with details on all the last-minute preparations for the oscars. >> looking forward to that. also looking forward to "pop news." we don't have to wait any longer. hey, lara. >> hi, you guys. great to see you. you know it's friday so thought we would do things differently. we'll do "pop news" backwards. we will start with a kicker, the fun stuff and then we'll finish with a big oscar exclusive. our first story is about a dog adoption post in texas that has gone super viral and it's not
8:12 am
just the dog that people want to take home and cuddle, the wichita falls animal shelter posted this photo of a sweet husky named sky and employee zach who chose sky to be the highlighted dog of the day. well, the post now has 22,000 likes, 28,000 comment, many of them like this one. love the dog but is zack also looking for a forever home? no word on that but we're happy to tell you that sky was adopted in one day. so zach, great job and keep us posted. also in oscar news elton john is getting ready for his annual oscars party. instead of being celebrity only event, you are all invited. the 29th annual celebration is going virtual. this year co-hosted by neil patrick harris and here are elton and his husband david with a sneak peek. >> for the first time ever, everyone is invited to our
8:13 am
iconic elton john aids foundation oscar party. >> this year we have dua lipa and i'll be joining her on stage so -- >> tickets cost just $19.99. are available now. >> we'll see you on sunday. yes. >> i mean they're having a great time. it looks like it's going to be a good party. the duo posting that infomercial parody on social media encouraging everyone to pick up tickets, all proceeds supporting the elton john aids foundation that has raised so much money for this incredible cause. this special one-hour event, tickets available for it on ticket master. you can start the party early. watch the oscars live right here, 8:00 p.m. eastern this sunday on abc. and finally, last but certainly not least our lead story, the
8:14 am
oscars race, yes, get down. i have more important things to do. you go away. let's focus now because there's one nominee with a very unique perspective on all of this. diane warren has been nominated 12 times for her incredible songwriting. remember the song "because you love me," celine dion sang it. diane wrote it. she's been nominated for songs for movies like "pearl harbor," "armageddon," "marshall," to name a few. won emmy, golden globes but still the oscar eludes her. is this the 12th time the charm? we want to ask the legend herself. good morning, diane, and welcome to "good morning america." you're looking great, girl. good to see you. >> good morning. good morning and good morning, america. >> hey, i know it's just after 5:00 a.m. there in california so thank you so much for getting up early. congratulations on yet another
8:15 am
nomination, so well deserved. we're going to listen and hearing the song you wrote with laura pausini for "the life ahead." so diane, do you think this is it? 12th nomination. is this the song that will finally secure the oscar? >> i hope so. it would be amazing. it's on my dad's birthday, so dad, are you pulling some strings up there? i hope he's pulling some strings up there. i hope he had the voters' hands on that ballot. >> we hope he is pulling some strings too, diane. and we have just been watching you and rooting for you all these years, so what does it feel like, 30 years after -- more than that i think after your first nomination to be raking in the nominations again? do you ever get used to it? >> no, it's so exciting. it's actually 33 years since my
8:16 am
first nomination was "nothing's gonna stop us now" in 1988 and i have to say it's still like -- like i stay up all night waiting for the nominations and i literally count down the seconds, you know, like so i know some people are jaded and it's like, oh, yeah, my agent called me. no, you stayed up all night too, don't lie. like i know -- i've never been cool in my life so i'm not going to start now so it's exciting and literally when they get to the song category like a little further in because that's not the big category, you know, but it is to me, and so you're just waiting like, oh, and it's like, they said three -- i mean i think my song was fourth this time and i was just like having a heart attack and then, you know, i mean jumping for joy when it happened and it never gets old. it's just -- this is the oscars. >> thank you for being so honest about that. that is great.
8:17 am
you know, so much is going to be different this year, of course, because of the pandemic. we just heard a little of the song. how did it go? >> you know, it went great. it's the first time i've ever been -- on an oscar performance but the good thing is it was prerecorded. i don't know if i would have been able to do it if it wasn't because i'm not that good, you know, i wouldn't probably -- would have been nervous. would have found a way to do it. laura is the one who did all the work. she is amazing and did an amazing job and -- i'm excited about it for everybody to hear that. >> well, we are -- we are excited too, diane and we are certainly rooting for you so thank you. everybody, you can tune in to watch diane and all the other oscar nominees during the 93rd academy awards this sunday at 8:00 p.m. on abc, and we'll keep te party going for a special oscars after party on monday
8:18 am
morning right here on "gma." it's going to be a lot of fun. >> all right. thank you for that. we'll turn to our "gma" cover story, an exclusive with "90210" and "nip/tuck" star annalynne mccord who is talking about her mental health struggle. kaylee hartung sat down with the actress who says she feels no shame about her diagnosis. ood morning, kaylee. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, michael. imagine having gaps in your memory to the point that entire years of your life are unaccounted for. for annalynne mccord her brain blocking out her painful past. it was a survival technique and now she's confronting it. >> i'm willing to take that risk. >> reporter: this morning, actress annalynne mccord is opening up about her mental health struggles. in an exclusive interview with "gma" she's revealing her battle with dissociative identity disorder, what's formally known as multiple personality disorder. >> i wanted to die for so much of my life, i didn't want to be here and now i wake up every day and say, thank you, i'm alive again. >> reporter: mcchord who played eden in "nip/tuck." >> i thought we could keep it
8:19 am
our secret. >> reporter: on the set of "90210" in the aftermath of her character being raped that she began to recognize she needed help. >> my whole body went into panic mode as if i was living out my life on camera and these moments were coming to light through my work. i didn't understand anything about the mind or the brain at the time. and i couldn' to do my job - and it was very scary. >> but you learned how to get control? >> i did. i found a way out. >> reporter: but that would take time through treatment for posttraumatic stress mccord worked to unlock the pain she felt but didn't understand. >> when the memories started to come in, i just started saying, no, no, this did not happen. >> reporter: mccord says she's the victim of past sexual abuse. >> it had put into a bubble all of the dangerous, toxic, harmful memories, locked it away. >> reporter: experts say it is most often the result of overwhelming childhood trauma.
8:20 am
>> trauma can impact people in a variety of ways and particularly those who experience sexual abuse or neglect or physical abuse in youth as a complicated way of coping with the trauma. they've identified alters in their personality who take on a variety of personas or personalities. >> reporter: memory gaps to block out the trauma are a common symptom. how do you describe that feeling of those memories flooding back in? >> it's so destabilizing. my whole life means something different now. >> reporter: approximately 2% of the population is experiencing the disorder. but doctors say because it's a complicated and challenging diagnosis, there are likely more people suffering from the condition formerly known as multiple personality disorder. a term mccord takes issue with. >> it is not that. you don't have multiple personalities, you have fragments of yourself. there's annalynne who you're talking to right now and then
8:21 am
there's the part of me that this trauma happened to, if you can imagine trapped in pandora's box and i just opened pandora's box. >> reporter: the 33-year-old says she's now unafraid ready to fight the stigma. >> i wanted my quality of life to get better and that's why i stepped into this healing process. >> you want to do more than just survive. >> yes, i want to thrive. >> reporter: annalynne wants to change the narrative surrounding the stigma of mental health issues and now has a new platform to do it. unzipped is her new podcast with her former "90210" co-star shanay grimes and it launches may 12th. michael. >> good to see her open up, kaylee. i think she will help so many. thanks for bringing that to us. we go to ginger, hey, ginger. >> michael, big change coming for the drought stricken west so one to two feet in the sierra. this was the lava site fire.
8:22 am
there are evacuations in place good friday morning. welcome to the weekend. we are starting out with some overcast in the city around the bay. the low clouds with us, but it will turn partly cloudy this afternoon. a mix of some sun and clouds, but we are cooler for the weekend, with rain arriving very early on sunday. mid 50s at the coast, look for upper 50s downtown, more sun as you get away from we'll turn to country star and actress jana kramer revealing in an emotional post she's divorcing her husband of six years, former nfl player mike caussin. zohreen shah has all the details on what happened. >> reporter: this morning, country singer and actress jana kramer filing for divorce from former nfl player mike caussin.
8:23 am
in an emotional instagram saying, please know that i still believe wholeheartedly in marriage, love and rebuilding. i just can't fight any longer. it's time to heal. ♪ i got the boy ♪ ♪ and she got the man ♪ >> reporter: announcement a surprise after years of publicly struggling to repair their marriage after mike's infidelity shortly after they married in 2015. the couple speaking out in 2019 on their podcast and abc news about caussin seeking treatment for sex addiction. >> what we'll talk about is something pretty deep. i sought treatment for sex addiction at an impatient treatment facility. >> i love he's speaking out about it because i think people want to understand it more. >> it is incredibly challenging to work through infidelity in a relationship, but recent surveys show that up to 70% of couples where there's been one spouse who has cheated is actually able to work through the turmoil. but how do they do it?
8:24 am
it takes two people, both and let me underscore both willing to work through the issues. >> reporter: last fall they released a good "the good fight" sharing how caussin's affairs rocked their world and how therapy kept them together saying -- >> i needed this book. i needed help. i wanted -- we wanted to be able to give people tools and, you know, stories in there that make them feel a little less crazy. >> reporter: a month ago she instagrammed herself crying following a fight writing no relationship is perfect. now, the important thing is in the end are you fighting the good fight together? caussin sharing a different point of view about their fights. >> so i'm not being heard. i'm not being respected and even when i try to say it from a good place it's just being devalued. >> reporter: a source telling abc news he cheated and broke her trust again after fighting for the marriage for so long, she's come to terms with the realization that his patterns
8:25 am
were never going to change. >> when you're in a relationship with someone and their actions are no longer matching their words or they simply have no words, it means they have no effort, that means they have no interest and it's at that point where i say, it's fair to let it go. >> reporter: abc news could not reach caussin for comment on the divorce. as for kramer she wrote a reflection about her husband's affairs for just a few months ago. she has said time does start healing all wounds and happiness is a personal choice, words she will likely keep with her as she moves forward. cecilia. >> okay, zohreen, thank you so much. everybody, we'll be right back. gentleman
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning, everyone. i am kumasi aaron from abc7 mornings. let's get right to the roadways with jobina. >> thank you, kumasi. we have a exclusive look from sky 7 of a major crash in san jose on southbound 101 at the 880 connector, an overturned big rig and injuries are involved according to the chp. you can tell traffic is just getting by off the right hand shoulder. everything will be backed up if you are traveling southbound 101 at the 880 connector as you extend out there. you can see what people are facing. thankfully this is in the counter commute direction, otherwise this would be much worse in terms of traffic. we hope the driver is okay but
8:28 am
we know the chp
8:29 am
all right. welcome to friday! we have a dry start to the weekend. sunshine here above the clouds, but we are breaking out into sun sooner today. 54 in mountain view. cloudy in the city with numbers in the 50s.
8:30 am
today partly cloudy. 60s oakland, near 70 inland and rain arriving late saturday night. a level one system ♪ seasons change ♪ welcome back to gma live from times square. >> we are back now with this week's gma buzz pick called gold diggers by sanjina. identity and how far some will go for the american dream. here's sangina. >> good morning, america. i'm here to tell you about my new coming of age novel "gold digger." it's an indian american who falls in love with high achieving best friend. they get involved in gold stocks and what they do might surprise you. there's some magic involved. enjoy. >> set to adapt for the small
8:31 am
screen. you can read on excerpt on our web site. read along with our instagram on gmabookclub. >> there will be a missing book after this segment. hollywood hits the red carpet. oscar gowns history and what you can expect as we see countdown to sunday with the most glamorous night of the year. the glitz, the glamour and the gowns. all in person this year for the 93rd academy awards. >> fashion at the oscars is so spectacular and so special because it's actually the night where trends are created and born. >> reporter: bold shoulders in the '80s and in 2011. >> givenchy. architecturally important dress and the shoulders were really quite impressive. this is not a dress for red
8:32 am
carpet beginners. this is for the ogs. >> reporter: from regulars to newbies. >> zendaya when she hit the red carpet in a brown. no one wears brown on the red carpet but she did it and did it very well. >> reporter: inspiring and innovating designs always a big hit. >> janelle monet with this ralph lauren gown that had over 160,000 crystals, she set the tone. >> reporter: what to expect this weekend. >> style relies on the old hollywood aesthetic but there are always people out there willing to shock the system and give us a little bit more excitement. >> speaking of excitement. we're all excited for sunday and what's happening right now, joining us now live to show us how we can turn some of the most iconic oscar looks into everyday outfits, the one and only fashion expert josie and right there, you see them all. gma staffers looking gorgeous to tell us about the looking
8:33 am
they're modelling. good morning to you. thank you. >> good morning. >> i don't know about you but i've been living in sweats and comfy clothes for the last year. all of this glitz and glam, super excited. there is a way to turn, take some of this glitz we see on the red carpet and turn it into the everyday lives, even if we're still living in sweats and leggings. >> i think we actually have zoom fatigue. we spent the better part of the year in sweat pants and i think it's time to get done up for real life and what better inspiration than the red carpet. the oscars are this weekend but i think you can take elements of it and do it without breaking the bank. >> let's dive in because we all remember this amazing look. the one and only nicole kidman, 1997. beautiful neon. >> i have to say, this dress, when she wore it, it broke every single rule of what a red carpet dress should be.
8:34 am
first time she wore a runway designer, which you have to think about. no one did that prior to nicole on the red carpet and then it was also neon green. it was embroidered and trimmed in fur. on paper, they would have said, please do not wear this. you're going to get ripped apart and it was something people celebrated and become iconic. look at it 25 plus years later, people are still talking about it. >> we're going to talk about it and see it in real life here with our gma producer. you've got a beautiful neon there. you say we can bring runway to real life with this. >> absolutely. so we actually took a slip dress in the neon green. paired it with with a knit sweater on top to make it super casual and fun, we did it with the sneakers. the easy part of this, you could actually go all out to make a statement as i love this look. or you can actually just do a hint of it. it could be a belt, a bag or a small accessory. if you don't want to go bold but the great way to wear something like neon is just to really jump in. >> we've got another one up
8:35 am
here. my girl j.lo we're going to next. i mean, we all remember this, 2019. break it down. >> tom ford dress straight off the runway and for tom, it was inspired about being the end of the night at an incredible party. a broken disco ball. pieces of glass all shard and put together into this incredible couture custom dress. look at how much he shimmers in it but also you can do this for day. >> jessica standing by modelling her inner j.lo. you say for less than $100? >> oh my gosh. absolutely. so we found this dress at zara which i love. the idea of doing sequins for day. don't think it's only for night or special occasions. we went all out with the shine. casual and easy. i love the shape.
8:36 am
it's just a t-shirt dress shape and keeping it casual and fun. you can have j.lo or you can have this for under 100. >> especially after all the sweats and the leggings we've been living in. it's a nice change. over here, the famous gwyneth ca capelet. >> this is the famous capelet dress. gwyneth showed up with this at the oscars and i think there were mixed critical review at the moment. no one had worn this sort of long super hero cape hook before but gone on to be something by many people and it's a really flattering red carpet look but a great way to also wear everyday. >> okay, speaking of everyday. angela, there she is. the one and only giving gwyneth a run for her money. you say you can do a cape let in real life. >> this is a blazer but strong shoulder and it's fun. it's something you can wear. you can throw over a t-shirt and put it here with a pair of black
8:37 am
jeans. it's just an easy thing. i know a lot of people who styled want to keep their arms covered but don't have a heavy sleeve. this is a great alternative. we see women like meghan markle wear silhouettes like this. incredible. >> they look incredible. i'll commute over here to the one and only woman who needs no introduction. viola davis nominated for best actress again. she does not shy away from a pop of red color on the red carpet? >> i think she's the queen of bright. i'm so obsessed with viola davis' style. i think what she does well is she can make it look so incredibly classic. if you're going to wear bright pops of color like that, you can end up looking like preschool or cartoon. there's so many incredible ways you can do this every single day. >> okay, and case in point, let's see the one and only. that's lovelovely, a green suit.
8:38 am
you can do this in the real world. >> it's old and statement making but so fresh and feels like summer is coming. we did the green suit with the blue shirt and accented it with the yellow bag. it's fun. when you want to do bright colors, layer, layer, layer. throw it on and have fun. you can do the whole thing of complementary colors or monotones. you can do a pink shirt with the red suit. it's about being daring. >> you ladies are giving all of these celebrities a serious run for their money. you look amazing. a special oscars edition of binge this with the best in oscar history in the film you have to see this weekend.
8:39 am
i have the pleasure to present to you... dr. martin luther king. sometimes, this is what it takes. facing down hate. facing down bias. as we step out, bay area, lets step up our march towards social justice and health equity. join aids walk san francisco live at home, streaming on may 16. register today
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8:41 am
we're back with a special. counting down to the oscars with some of the biggest movies and moments throughout the decades. we start with the history-making moment that you guys remember monster's ball. that film made history in 2002, best actress. becoming the first black actress to win in that category. berry starred alongside billy bob thornton. this moment is so much bigger than me. she was definitely right about that.
8:42 am
>> this needs no introduction. take a look. >> "la la land." >> you remember, we're all cringing here. "moonlight" won the best film category. accidentally said "la la land." two incredible and difficult movies worth a rewatch this weekend. >> that producer stepped up though. that was so great. that reminds me of me and you. two incredibly different but things. me and my brother george right there. there are so many incredible movies that made their mark at the oscars. and actually too hard to choose,
8:43 am
but george, you have some help with that. >> chris ryan, one of the hosts of the rewatchables, a podcast that breaks down the most rewatchable movies and has picks for every movie buff. have a listen. >> go back to the golden age of hollywood with the 1950s best picture award. all about eve, one of the wit wittiest movies. written and directed by joe who plays a part in david fincher's best picture mink. one of the best of all time. best picture winner "silence of the lambs" featuring two pictures. awe inspiring animated film winner "wall-e." >> rewatchables podcast. >> probably the chianti. not going to think about silence of the lambs. finally, there's no way we could talk about oscars history
8:44 am
without the record breaking meryl streep. the most nominated in oscars history. how many nominations do you >> i read the teleprompter before this. >> i think i knew it but i read the teleprompter too. >> they both cheated. it's 21. 21. absolutely amazing. she was most recently nominated for the post in 2018. she starred opposite tom hanks in that movie and, you know, it was also great to watch her and check her out as she was chic against miranda priestly in "the devil wears practida." that's our friday edition of binge this. check out the oscars on sunday and now we're going to roll it to ginger. hey, ginger. >> because of my podcast, i watched them all. i am so ready. can you tell? i got dressed up so i can tell
8:45 am
you about something else. this year's ceremonies will be different from any other in history. the producer saying it's going to be an award show as a movie. the iconic los angeles train station. its stunning design part streamline, modern, spanish revival. the ultimate in california glamour andrew knapp like the enormous star filled audiences in the past, this year's guest list exclusive only 170 people seated at any time but you? you're on the guest list and it's vip for you because this segment is sponsored by verizon which is inviting you to be a special guest. a viewing experience you can't believe. it will bring you right inside the academy awards like never before so you can get to go on
8:46 am
the red carpet. the stars go right after accepting their awards. and the station, just like these 2020 winners etched on the brand-new oscars. the 5g experience will give you unprecedented access to the oscars. just go to starting at 5:00 p.m. eastern good morning to you. cloudy skies to start out for some, but we are partly cloudy with high clouds this afternoon. looking oscar ready and marvelous. up, chef daniel lambert takes over our favorite movie treat and turns it into a meal fit for the oscars.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ our road to the oscars and to the oscars this morning. award worthy snacks this morning. chef daniel, welcome. thank you for joining us this morning. i like how you're bringing the movie theatre home to everybody. >> how are you? yeah. totally bring the movie theatre to your own home. >> we love it. we all miss going to the movie theatre. the first thing you're going to make combines two movie theatre favorites which is popcorn and soda. >> yeah. look. it sounds different but absolutely amazing. i combined popcorn and cola. popcorn chicken and a coca-cola barbecue sauce. just unbelievable. so going to show you how to make it really simple. some chicken, very small. that's kind of the way i do it.
8:50 am
sauce in here as well. okay. some paprika. cayenne pepper and salt. here's the secret here. worcestershire sauce. any sauce you want to make. give that a quick whisk and there you go. what you want to do is save that for when your chicken is cooked. we'll reduce that in the pan, all right. once everything is put together. we go ahead with our flour. so in the flour mix, cayenne pepper. some salt and onion powder and black pepper. that is our coping for the chicken. pan fried and once it's nice and crispy, you're left with this
8:51 am
amazing dish. >> we got kind of caught eating that when we came on to talk to you, it's so good, we couldn't stop. but no trip to the movies is complete without candy. you have to have cancandy. you have a recipe that includes everyone's favorite sweets. what is that recipe? >> so when i go to the movies, i just want all the candy bars. i can't decide what to get. i come up with a recipe to put everything in the same candy. what i've done is actually make a candy brittle. so i've got all the snacks on there. so this is pretty simple. sugar, water, and corn syrup. 325. once it turns a goldeny brown color, you extract your baking powder. that's what gives it the special kind of a texture with the brittleness. you pour it on to your baking
8:52 am
tray. open it right up. whichever you prefer, really. and then cool down for a minute and then all of your favorite candies, just fire everything on to it. >> how do you keep the candy from sinking into the brittle? >> good talk. teaspoon in the freezer. and then if the teaspoon sticks to the brittle, it's not ready for the candy but if it doesn't stick and comes off clean, work away. >> thank you very much. you can get these recipes and others. your cell phone camera at the qr code at the bottom of the screen. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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all right, tory johnson will make her debut tori johnson will make her debut web site. >> naturally sports. that is basketball, folks.
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good morning, everyone. i am kumasi aaron from abc7 mornings. jobina is standing by with a look at traffic. >> thank you and gmo, everyone. i am showing you the map right here but we want to get to the video and show you the sigalert under way in san jose on southbound 101 at the 880 connector according to the chp. injuries involved and traffic is only getting by on the right hand shoulder. oh, we have a new estimated time, two hours is when they expect all of this to reopen. lisa? 49 degrees in santa cruz. sunshine later on. 54 in oakland. sunshine a little sooner today. you can see the clouds here but low to mid-50s in santa rosa, napa, and partly cloudy skies for the rest of you.
9:00 am
60s to low 70s. rain arrives on sunday. >> thank you, lisa. now it is time for "live! >> announcer: who loves movie movies? we'll love movies. today, from the oscar-nominated film, "promising young woman," connie britton. join our celebrity special guests in a game of "know your oscars." smile for the camera, and look like a star. we will show you how to snap the perfect hollywood picture. snacks perfect for your oscar night viewing party. all next on "live!" ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> kelly: walking on the end.


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