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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 23, 2021 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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x. astronauts are heading to space in recycled rocket pick what we know about the crew on board. it's game day at chase center. warriors stands will be allowed inside the arena for the first time this season. the changes in place, because of covid. good morning. welcome to friday, april 23rd. we will start with a look at your accuweather forecast hi, lisa. >> hi, reggie. kumasi, good morning to you. low fog right at the coast, otherwise partly cloudy in concord right now, in the upper 40s in san ramon, 50 in pleasanton with a little bit of fog. four mile visibility in pacific up your there's a brighter look at the south bay. we will get into a lot of sunshine by mid-to-late morning. temperatures will respond. it'll be on the mimimimimimi
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noontime, inland in the mid 60s. we will go to about 70 degrees today and lend with mid 60s around the bay. the clouds will cling to the coast though. we will talk about our rain coming up for the weekend in a few minutes, jobina? thank you, lisa. good morning, everyone we want to get to that a bridge but we do have an alert in effect that'll affect people traveling in the eastbound direction. there is police activity on eastbound 80, past sterling street. you can see there, speeds are still down to around 9 miles per hour and two lanes are blocked. good news, if you are traveling westbound, things are clear at the toll plaza. reggie? thank you. cdc officials will decide the future of the johnson & johnson vaccine, and determine if it's a for americans to continue receiving that one shot vaccine. it comes as the nation is currently experiencing a slowdown of vaccinations, fueled by people who are hesitant about getting the shot. we go back to jobina at the live desk with the details on this. >> 7 million doses have already been administered when officials made the decision 10 days ago deposit administering the j&j vaccine, after six woexemely rare panewi either decline to make a decision until it has more data, or injections immediately, with a label warning of adverse reactions. if resumed, the u.s. would be
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joining europe, where health officials decided days ago, the benefits outweigh the risks. more than 200 million americans have received at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine. however, it appears that some americans are weary of the vaccines. across the country, fewer people are rushing to get immunized. vaccine appointment remain unfilled, like this vaccinations light in fresno. >> when 16 and older open, which reopened two weeks ago, i did expect a rush, and it just never materialized. >> for the first time since april 6th, the daily average of shots and arms have fallen blown million doses a day. the cdc advisory panel meets at amr time a decision is inspected to be made before the date is over. part of today's hearing is going to include discussion about the case of an organ woman who died two weeks after getting the j&j vaccine. the cdc cafe if that death is related to the vaccine, until it completes an investigation.
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now in texas, another investigation is underway, every woman there was admitted to the hospital after getting the j&j j&j j&j j&j health officials there say her symptoms, quote, appear to be consistent with those few other reported cases. california may have turned the tide on the pandemic. the state has gone from having the highest case count, after the holidays, to now having the lowest in the nation. this is according to data compiled by johns hopkins university. during the winter surge, we were seeing 40,000 new covid cases every day. more than 500 people were dying every day. those numbers have now dropped to just 2300 daily cases, and 68 deaths. the warriors are taking on the denver nuggets at chase center tonight for the first time this season, a limited number of will be allowed to watch that game in person. there will of covid. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield, live outside the arena with all the excitement and what fans can expect.
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amy? >> reporter: hi, good morning, kumasi. fans will have a little bit of homework to do, literally. they can do itatho the warriors said covid tests to people's home, ticketholders homes, to so they can take a test to home and up results when they get here to the game. now it won't look like a normal game. the arena will not be quite full. they can only have 35% of the arena's capacity. so that's going to be about 1700 fans. but it is the first time the warriors have had fans since the pandemic started. if you think fans are happy about it, well, wait until you hear from the team. >> fans really, you know, bring an extra set of passion and emotion to the game. i'm super excited to get back out and, you know, perform in front of them, also here's their chance, here is . it'll be super exciting. >> we will enjoy the atmosphere. i think i talked about it before. it's definitely noticeable, if you have just 1000 fans in the seats, and we had a whole season our. kind of taken a lowa to see som
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bodies and there. >> back to the required covid test, it must be taken within 48 hours of the game. those who are vaccinated can skip the test, they just need to show their vaccine card, unless they are sitting within 30 feet of the court, then they want you tested. any kind of gatherings out here in front of the arena before and after the game will be discouraged. they don't want to see that. the game is sold out. the denver nuggets will be here to play the warriors. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. amy, thank you california college students heading back to class for in-person learning this fall will need more than just school supplies. you see and cal state university systems, along with stanford, say students, staff, and faculty have to get vaccinated. however, this will only be required if one or more vaccines gets fully approved the fda. currently pfizer, madonna, and johnson & johnson only have emergency authorization. the announcement is getting mixed reaction. >> it's important for students to remember that while they
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be themselves, the vaccine is protecting other people. >> i wasn't ever really a fan of getting, of needles and the vaccine was kind of iffy to me. >> university says they will provide more information about the vaccine requirement in the future. for more information about the race to vaccinate, had to we've posted an interaction vaccine tracker that shows how many people have gotten the shot where you live. a settlement has been reached in sonoma county over a deadly encounter with police deputies. the county has agreed to pay a record $3.8 million, for the family of a man man 2018. according to the press democrat, the family of david ward claimed two deputies used excessive force against ward in a traffic stop. they were trying to pull a suspect over him who they thought stole the car he was driving, but they didn't know that he was the owner, recovered the car. he died during the altercation.
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one of the deputies has retired since the incident, and the other is back out on a danville police officer facing charges for an on-the- job shooting has turned himself in. the contra costa district attorney's office announced that felony charges against officer andrew hall on wednesday, then issued an arrest warrant. the das office that hall was booked into jail last night. it's unclear if he has already been bailed out. prosecutors say hall used unnecessary force in the shooting. hall's attorney said it was self-defense. hall is under another investigation for a separate on- duty shooting last month that left a homeless man man man man rob is officially california's new attorney general. the state legislator confirmed him yesterday. he has announced plans to implement a state law that would require his office to investigate every police shooting of an unarmed person. one-on-one interview of abc7, he said he wants to devote $40 million to a new officer involved shooting division. >> make sure we have the
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personnel, we need to make sure we have the equipment, we need to make sure we can gather and store the data, and do a full evaluation, and investigation that could lead to a charging decision. all of that requires resources, and we want to make sure we are invited to talk right now to make sure that we can get this done right we are committed to doing that, and >> he has represented alameda county as an assembly meant since 2012 vicki is now the first filipino american to serve as california's attorney general. coming up, hackers target vta. the impact this will have on writers who rely on that. for my contra costa meeting against black employees. th
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format the weekend is here and we are going to start out dry. we are bringing in our storm impact scale. level i system on the way for sunday into late sunday, very early monday. widespread rain showers arriving drop the morning to the afternoon hours, anywhere from a 10 to half an inch of rain. this is how it will play out for your saturday. and see if you showers late in the day, sunday morning we get the warm front and then the cold front sunday afternoon. rainfall amounts will be less in the inland valleys and the south bay with higher amounts of northbay and the coastal hills. we have that to look forward to. for today, partly cloudy skies, mid-50s co-side, low 60 peninsula, east bay rosa and livermore. jobina? thank you, lisa.
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morning, everyone. we've been following the same issue pretty much all morning long. it's an alert on the bay bridge, impacting people that are traveling in the eastbound direction, which is better et we activity of traffic, e un there. only two lanes are open right now, speeds are still down to around 9 miles per hour. heads up to you. we want to give you a view of the upper deck of the day bridge on the moving smoothly and metering lights are not on this morning. starting to pick up at the richmond san rafael bridge, for people making their way westbound into the northbay. also, i want to let you know, a section of highway 1 washed away and storms will be open today at noon. caltrans said they worked nearly 12 hour shifts seven days a week to get this area open. there has been a big transformation since january, when that bad weather caused the hillside to collapse. commodity? thank you, jobina. the santa clarita valley that transportation authori hainn nt attacked. san jose mercury news is reporting hackers on the dark web are now threatening to release data that may have been stolen over the weekend. the buses and light rails still
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running, but many computer systems have been off-line. they are working to find out what kind of information may have been taken. stomach bay area hip-hop artist gregory jacobs, better known as shock g has died. he cofounded rap group digital underground, which went on to have six albums. we talked to him back in 1991 at a studio in richmond. he sang and played instruments. he was also known for producing some of tupac's occurs songs. he was best known by many for his alter ego, humpty hump. his family confirmed the news abc yesterday. he was onforeonfounrefound unren tampa florida hotel room. four astronauts, blasting off into space overnight. what we know an elaborate proposal. the story behind this moment,
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kaiser permanente has reportedly agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit, which claimed it disseminated against black employees, denying them equal pay and promotions. according to our media partner, the mercury news, kaiser will play $11.5 million to settle claims going back 15 years. the report says the alleged bias affected more than 2200 black workers and administered of support and consulting services. most of them worked here in the bay area. the settlement requires court approval. by monday, san francisco public school students pre-k through fifth grade will be fully engaged and in person not be back in the classroom, f because of medical exemptions. that could mean they are at increased risk, or they live with someone who is at increased risk for publications of covid-19. one teacher had a nine-year-old son who suffers from a respiratory illness. >> i artie had had that feeling of me sitting next to him in
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the emergency, when he is like knocked out, unconscious. he couldn't breathe. so imagine i can go in if he has covid, i can't even go in. >> the district needs to fill a total of 270 teachers lots and they hope to achieve that by monday. from the california public schools have seen a sharp decline in enrollment the school year. data from the department of education shows enrollment dropped by more than 160,000 of the pandemic forced millions into distance learning. reed irader id, the numbers are concerning, but he is ss the will rebound as more four made ory nnedy spe center. >> three, two, one. mission and left off.
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>> now the crew is on its way to the international space station on the capsule, which for the first time, is being reused. dragon is the only spacecraft that is currently flying, and capable of returning significant amounts of cargo to earth. one of nasa's veteran astronauts who launched into space is megan mcarthur, and her husband, bob minkin was the pilot on the historic first mission that launched last year. >> it's been really helpful to have him really understand what it is that i'm doing now, and what it is that i'm going to be doing in the future. that's been really helpful to have a partner who really gets all of that. >> the crew is fully vaccinated and on the iss, they will conduct research on viruses, to help understand the pandemic. a new york man is going viral after he staged a wild think emergency to propose to his girlfriend. mike matthews and amy marshall have been together for more than two years. amy is a nicu nurse, which is
6:19 am
how mike got the idea to spotlight the work she does during the proposal. mark found in actual pregnant woman to pretend to go into to pretend to need assistance from a nurse. the couple was in line to get bagels when mike got an alert about the situation nearby, something he had a graphic designer create. >> oh, my gosh. >> at one point, i said, do you feel like the head is coming out? she is like yeah i feel like that is right there and i'm like, can i look and she would like no. the firemen said to me, amy, turnaround. that is why i turned around. >> she turned around, and there was mike, on one knee behind her, ring in hand. ever throwing her glove to the firefighters, amy said, yes. amy. >> mike. that is who we need to talk to. >> but also amy. that was her chance to flee. >> put me in the ambulance. take me away.
6:20 am
>> i mean, the entire script was like a lifetime original movie. >> wasn't it? >> and why do you want to be stressed out on your proposal? don't you want to be relaxed and crying tears of joy, not stress? >> yeah, not because you are relieved an emergency isn't happening in front of you. i can't believe these firefighters agreed to do this. between this and that horrible gender reveal. >> they just got it wrong, didn't they? >> couple doing a lot this morning, ms. lee sergeant. >> we need some then, we need some puppies back here. birthday wehave a late-season c front on the way. that should make a lot of people happy. our last rain was march 18th. some wintertime weather, with a drop in temperatures over the weekend. but today, should be pretty nice out there. upper 40s in santa rosa, novato, 52 down in hayward. here is some sun in the south
6:21 am
bay. we're looking a partly cloudy skies this morning. a mixture of sun and clouds today. and much cooler conditions, 10 degrees cooler with the clouds for a dry saturday. this is sunday. anywhere from about 1/10 to a quarter of an inch for most of you. some of the higher elevations, third to t half aninch. e we get the warm front first, sunday morning. and the cold front by the afternoon, when the oscars are on. then we will be looking at things drying out. in the south bay, upper 60s today, mild afternoon. look for low to mid 60s on the peninsula, san francisco. cloud cover, 58 for you up in the north bay, little breezy, but milder with upper 60s in novato, 68 in napa. about 62 in oakland today. berkley, 61. partly cloudy skies will warm you up into the east bay valleys for one of the warmer locations, 70 in walnut creek. 74 in pittsburgh. the accuweather seven-day forecast, milder today, cool tomorrow, increasing clouds.
6:22 am
rain arrives probably when you wake up on sunday, then we look into a steady rain in the afternoon. the rain ends late, maybe a shower lingering into monday, level i on the storm impact scale, then we are sunnier and even hot into the middle of next week. >> all right, thank you, lisa. checking in with ginger live coming up on gma. good morning, ginger. good morning, kumasi. hi, ready. nice to be with everyone this morning. someone should get to a friday edition of gma, but we will start with the race to vaccinate america. the cdc is just about to get on that panel and the meeting to help determine if the fate of the johnson & johnson vaccine will come out without the pause. so what happens if the nationwide pauses lifted? and how soon could you get a vaccination? anyway, the possible new mask guidelines too. there is so much to with dr. collins, and we will. also ahead, new information on the federal investigation of derek chauvin. what we are learning about a different incident involving
6:23 am
the ex-officer, charged now with killing george floyd. we will have details on that story, then it's gma's road to the oscars, just two days, we've got you covered, of course we do. the food, the fashion, and the three oscar-winning movies that one expert says every film buff should binge this weekend. i know from my podcast on the oscars this year, i have watched all of the nominees. did you all do that? are you ready? we will have your favorites. >> we've been talking about this. kumasi and i are a little bit behind, right? kumasi, go ahead, reveal yours. >> i like promising young woman and i like the billie holiday movie a lot. >> ginger, i really like nomad land. >> yes, i like billie holiday too. really? wow. that threw me off. okay. i think you'll be very pleased this weekend, from what i hear. >> what is your pick? >> i love trial of the chicago seven. i feel like it's the easiest one where it's like yeah, i
6:24 am
think i would watch that again. but of course, i love my rainy. i think i'm already wishing i could see a play. there's so many. there actually are good ones. it's a tough call this year. test of luck to all
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all right, so you never know what you are going to see at a baseball game. last night may have been a first at oracle park. look at this. a giants fan brought her therapy bunny, alex the greathea to the game against the marlins. he is 4 1/2 months old, and even has his own instagram page, which is quite entertaining. alex belongs to a woman who lost her restaurant during the pandemic and she told the associated press, this was alex's first giants game. he has also been to a nascar event. he has gone snow tubing at lake tahoe. he has passed out 400 eggs on
6:27 am
instagram page. he has lived. >> yeah, i'm on it. he has been to more places in his short life that i have been in the same amount of time. >> he looks good while doing it. you see how he can pose? >> he also dressed up, looks like, as peter rabbit. at some event, and he is a giant. >> did you go down that rabbit hole too? >> i see we are on the same page this morning. >> i was like, what is that? they are like the largest, this is just what they do. >> let me save you time, took me forever to find him on instagram. it is alex.the great 100. there is lots of alex grades that are just like them in ohio, there are some who is like a boy oversees somewhere. so it's alex.the great 100. >> this will make your morning, i think. >> it's real cute. bring back the the the the the h next at 6:30, shaping up to be a dry spring. the new program in the south bay, for wildfire preparedness. plus we have coverage vaccine shortages in
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. >> now at six:30, johnson & johnson state in the cdc hands. the agency expects to decide today whether the u.s. will resume using the j&j covid-19 vaccine. the director of the nih is talking about the risk. warriors return home to the chase center and for the first time in a really long time, they are going to be playing in front of fans tonight. the new protocols. every thing you need to know about the oscars this weekend, experts predict who will take them home the most prestigious awards. good morning, everybody. we have made it a friday, it is april, 23rd. we want to start with looking at the forecast with lisa. at morning, lisa. good morning to you.
6:31 am
here's a look at the cloudy tran 25 camera. we will look at the sunshine downtown, 45 in mountain view. 50 at half moon bay, with 4 mile of visibility. 47 in santa cruz, 60 today with breezy, windy in the afternoon, 52 in concord, partly cloudy for you. partly cloudy in livermore, and south bay as we. midmorning sun is on the way, and as we get into your 2:00 hour, we are milder today, with mid and upper 60s east of the s caldecott tunnel, and by the afternoon, we will hold onto the clouds of the coast, but wer rain this sunday, oscar sunday rain, coming up. jobina? thank you, lisa. at morning, everyone. we've been following an alert on the bay bridge all morning long. there is police activity on the lower deck, so this will impact anyone traveling in the eastbound direction. specifically eastbound 80, pastoral street, you can see
6:32 am
speed their tracking around 6 miles per hour. traffic would be this were the cumulate direction. we do not have an estimated time as to when this will all reopen. giving you an overall look at the bay bridge, much better as you make your way westbound. reggie? jobina, thank you. and a couple of hours, cdc advisory panel is set to me to weigh in on the johnson & johnson vaccine. it's been on hold since last week after six women developed a rare blood clot, after getting the shot. one woman died. the cdc says, it is investigating a handful of new cases. this panel of experts will decide whether people should keep using the single-dose covid vaccine. this morning on gma, george stephanopoulos talks to nih director dr. francis collins about the j&j vaccine and risk. >> i think it is important to point out, this is a treatable condition, if you aren't recognizing it right away. one of the reasons i think it's been good to have this pause is to get everybody prize, so that physicians know, this is something to watch out for and can be prepared to
6:33 am
appropriately. >> the panel can make a number of recommendations get big and decided keep things the way they are, they can join european officials, who have cleared the j&j vaccine, but have added his safety warning, or they can say only certain populations should use this vaccine. for the first time in weeks, the daily average of shots but and arms had fallen below 3 million doses a day. scientists put together this map, and the areas that you see in darker blue show where americans are resisting the vaccine the most. >> obviously there is an element of vaccine hesitancy, or concern that we need address. >> so here's the latest information on vaccine supply, and the demand for it in some bay area counties. we've learned san mateo supplies severely constrained. it's expected to get more in the next few weeks. san francisco and marin counties, they are saying
6:34 am
continue demand for the vaccine. contra costa, solano, and sonoma counties tell us the demand is leveling off. after two months of struggling to get enough vaccines, napa county has now been faced with a new problem. they have plenty of vaccine, they wonder if they have enough people to put the vaccine into. lake community health secured 10,000 doses from the federal government. today, a pop up clinic at the mayor taj resort is going to continue. dave vaccinated 7000 people in the last three days. they hope to make that a total of 10,000, once they are through with weekend. the operation runs so smootso st you can get in and out in less than 30 minutes. you do not need an appointment and according to the website, this is open to anyone 16 and up, who lives or works in napa, solano, or neighboring counties. this morning, we are expecting an update from santa clara county on vaccinations and it comes of the county region is a significant milestone. 1 million residents have now received at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine. today, officials will be talking about the importance of continuing vaccine activities, including strategies to ensure vaccine access and outreach to
6:35 am
communities most impacted by the pandemic. the city of san francisco is preparing for vaccine eligibility expansion for pre- and young teens. the covid command center says it is waiting for an announcement from the fda on the timing, to start vaccinating 12 to 15-year-olds. is making plans in anticipation at the state following the er's poss ll alwed inside chase center for the first time season, , , game. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is there this morning with covid precautions they are taking. hi, amy. >> reporter: it feels good to be here, reggie, i have to say. they are requiring fans to be tested for covid or vaccinated , but they are allowing them inside for the first time since the pandemic. now the arena won't be full,
6:36 am
not even close. they are only allowed to have 35% of their capacity inside. a spokesperson told me that will add up to about 1700 fans. they won't be able to make as much noise as the typical crowd at a game, but that doesn't matter. it seems like the team will be very happy to see them. >> we got a lot to look forward to. we've got fans coming into our building for the first time. that's going to give us a lot of energy, a lot of juice. >> we've got fans at the chase center, i cannot wait, bring it, let's go. >> hopefully that'll turnthat'ln a win, right? the team sent covid test gets to ticketn tacovitest at home and upload the results, to show at the gate when they get here. fans who are vaccinated don't need a test, unless they are within 30 feet of the court, then they do want you tested. vaccinated fans will need to show that vaccine card. the game is againstis againstist
6:37 am
good luck to our warriors. >> reporter: reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. thank you, amy. we're learning moore this morning about the designated seating section for vaccinated giants fans at oracle park. last night's game was the first with two different types of baseball tickets. fans leaders vaccinated only section or a socially distance pod section, which is 4 people. larry baird says he expects his new vaccine section or sections will be a way that they can increase capacity from about 25% right now to 50% capacity in may. we spoke with fans who like the idea of a vaccine vaccine vacci n bo got th re all ccated. hen we nted to gameth had a n we said, do it. a spot for us. you a vaccine, you can still go to the giants
6:38 am
game, you just have to show proof of a negative covid test within 72 hours of game tgame t for everything you need to know on the covid-19 vaccine, head to our website, you will find our interactive vaccine tracker, the differences between each of the vaccines, and a place where you can submit your questions. that is at >> santa clara county officials are growing concerned about the lack of rainfall this spring. sky 7 captured blue skies over seneca county yesterday. abc seven news reporter chris wynne explained how a new proposed program could help the public prepare for a busy fire season. >> reporter: with drier than average conditions in the spring, the bay area now faces multiple threats, drought, wildfires, and unhealthy air quality. >> we know we have a lot of people in our community who have asthma and other kinds of reading diseases. they deal with the lungs. >> reporter: that's why the santa clara county board of supervisors wanted to create a $10 million grant program to help provide air filtration systems to small businesses, and nonprofits throughout the valley. officials say it's an essential effort, not only because of the
6:39 am
pandemic, but also the protection it could provide against wildfire smoke. >> unfortunately, wildfires are more frequent and intense, as clcharges wildfires. >> reporter: if approved, they could apply for funding for an upgraded filter, or perhaps a hepa filter, to help great indoor spaces. >> a goes hand in hand trying to get ahead of a catastrophic incident because we all see wildfires burn very quickly, very aggressively and they expand very quickly.very quickl. >> reporter: county supervisors are still trying to decide exactly how to pay for the program, but say they will pursue matching funds from cities, as well as covid-19 relief from the state and federal government. thumb on the board have also suggested reinvesting the covid- 19 health order violation fines that have been collected by the county. >> recognizing the challenge we already had last year, let's not forget that challenge. let's be ready as we get into
6:40 am
the next phase. >> reporter: if all goes as planned, the county hopes to make the grants available by the start of the summer. in saratoga, chris wynne, abc7 news. well, two dry years back to back, yes, a lot of people it, when we transition into y our summertime ing to make an impact for our rainfall or the fire season, maybe just delayed a little bit, but we are looking at some sun this morning in the south bay. it is 50 downtown, 53 oakland, 45 in mountain view with 50s in san jose, morgan hill and half moon bay. pier 39, gray skies here.skies e some sun on the way, midmorning 48 in novato, 52 with partly cloudy skies in concord. livermore too, looking at a mix of clouds and sun. storm impact scale arrives late saturday into sunday, where the rain will start out early. you'll probably wake up to itth steady rain throughout the weend, a rd, but nd d
6:41 am
e ra nevada late saturday into sunday. for late april, anywhere from 1/10 of an inch to a third of an inch for most higherhigherhigher , to see a bit more. looking in maybe 16 inches around kirkwood. highs today come partly cloudy, upper 50 downtown to low 70s inland. problems this morning, jobina. >> yes, lisa. the focus has been on the neighborhood all morning long. i have an update for you, the sig alert we've been following all morning long, because of the police activity on eastbound 80 past sterling street has cleared. but you can see, we have the residual delays there. speeds down to around 6 miles per hour. now we have a new crash, just a little further, i would say east, yes, eastbound 80, before treasure island. unfortunately, those backups are going to continue. bringing you a live look in the south bay, checking out 101 here, very clear there. also, moving at the limit in
6:42 am
emeryville, not as busy. it is friday. i know a lot of people like to hang out at home. that is good news and we do not have on metering lights at the dave a bridge toll let's take a live look at the new york stock exchange, down ri ♪ ♪ ♪ when it comes to your financial health, just a few small steps can make a real difference. ♪ ♪ ♪ guidance on your terms. confidence feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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developing news, a motion will be filed today, requesting the body camera footage be released from a deadly police shooting in elizabeth city, north carolina. >> say his name. >> reporter: protests continued for the second ght in a row after police shot and killed andrew brown junior, while they served a search warrant wednesday. police say officer shot brown, who was unarmed, while he tried to drive away. protesters are demanding answers. they say that apartment is not being transparent about this incident. family, friends and the community remembering daunte wright, the 20-year-old shot and killed by a minnesota
6:45 am
police officer. hundreds turned out for a public viewing yesterday. governor tim walz asked all minnesotans to take a two minute moment of silence for wright, to mark the start of the service. reverend al sharpton delivered the eulogy. >> piece is the presence of justice. you can't tell us to shut up and suffer. we must speak up when there is an injustice. >> wright was stopped for a minor traffic violat he had a warrant for his arrest, they tried to detain him. he moved back to his car and officer kim potter shot him. she said she meant to reach for her taser. par is now charged with second- degree manslaughter. department of justice is now investigating a 2017 incident, where former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin knelt on a black teenage boy for 17 minutes. that is something that the jury didn't get to hear during his murder trial. jobina is up alive desk with
6:46 am
new details we're learning. jobina? neck thank you, kumasi. that confrontation with the black 14-year-old was captured by body cameras and the video was presented to the judge in chauvin's murder trial. matthew frank wanted to tell the jury about the case. chauvin was dispatched to a home for domestic dispute between a mother and her son. after entering the home, officers told the boy to lie on the ground, which he refused. chauvin then allegedly had the 14-year-old boy in the head so hard he needed stitches. grabbing the boy by the throat, and causing him to lose consciousness. he held the boy down with his knee for nearly 17 minutes. the doj may bring federal charges. the jury did not get to hear about this incident. >> i didn't think it would affect me as much as it has. it was emotional. it was draining. >> the jury also did not get to hear that during chauvin's 19 year career, he received al nam excessive force during a traffic stop, only one of those
6:47 am
17 complaints resulted in any type of action. it was a letter of reprimand. thank you, jobina. tonight, tune into a two hour 20/20 special for an emotional portrait of george floyd life, told by those closest to 20/20 goes behind the event tonight at 9:00 on abc 7. from happening today, president biden is wrapping up his two- day climate change virtual summit with 30 world leaders. billionaires, bill gates, and mike bloomberg, will join the president to help sell his plan for a climate from the transportation of the u.s. economy. steelworker and electric and union leaders and executives for solar and other renewable energy are also scheduled to take part. yesterday, president pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 52% in the u.s. by 2030. this is part of president biden's commitment to the paris climate ag >>o moendecle chge s
6:48 am
group of activists pushedactivid wheelbarrows of cow manure to washington, in protest of his plan. protesters with extinction rebellion say the plan doesn't go far enough to protect the environment. the activists dumped that many were onto the street near the white house, where the city eventually had to pick it up. now to your morning money report, bitcoin and other crypto currencies are continuing to plummet, triggered by president biden's proposed capital gains tax hike. bit coin has dropped more than 7% in the last 24 hours, to about $49,000. that is the first time bit coin has sunk below $50,000 since early march. the entire crypto currency market has lost more than $2 billion in value since yesterday. biden is expected to increase the long-term capital gains tax to 43.4% for the americans. let's take a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway this morning, you can see we are down right now by about 60
6:49 am
points. america's largest asian grocery chain is opening a new location in the south bay. 99 ranch market is set to open late summer at san jose's westville oakridge mall. the supermarket will also have dining options, curbside pickup, and in store and take out options. the company says, there also be several sections of hot food, including barbecue, noodles, soup, dim sum with dumplings and buns, and the store is going to be the 54th, here in the u.s. just two days away from the oscars, experts are getting their predictions on who is going to win hollywood's biggest night. still, in the best actor category, it's into the dissipated the late chadwick bozeman will win. if viola davis wins backed asterisk best actress, she will become the first black woman to win two academy awards. best picture and best director are looking pretty good for nomad land and the director, she would be just the second woman to win best director and the first one of color.
6:50 am
you can watch the oscars right here on abc7. live coverage begins sunday morning at 10:00 and it continues all day long with special on the red carpet coverage leading up to the 93rd academy awards ceremony, which starts at 5:00 pm. after the last award is handed out, stay with on the red carpet for continuing coverage, and we are not done yet, because the next morning, a very special edition of live with cara lee and ryan, look out for arsenio hall, jimmy kimmel, and more. life after oscars show is monday at 9:00 am, right here on abc7. another day, another gender reveal gone wrong. this time, it was in new hampshire were a couple shook things up, literally. all right, so this loud explosion sent a shockwave through the town of kingston. people could feel it in massachusetts. police say 80 pounds of illegal over-the-counter explosive called tanner right was used
6:51 am
and designated designated. police say the man who set off the explosion thought that it was a safe location. >> yeah, the word ridiculous came to my mind. it was just just >> a gender reveal that was heard not only throughout neighborhoods, but throughout many, many towns. >> luckily, nobody got hurt, but police are looking into possible charges, and if you are wondering, it's a boy. i was reading more about this and police were talking about how they saw the video, who was, i'm just trying to understand, were there people around? >> i thought picture of it, a still picture of the moment they did this. and here's the thing, it's ugly. they are in that quarry, right? >> you saw pictures of like people around this?
6:52 am
watching him awaiting for this huge explosion? >> yeah, you could see a couple people there and like one of them shooting towards this thing. but if you are going to go to all this length, which, don't, but if you are going to do it, don't you want to at least be like instagram a ball, isn't that why they do this? >> i think he thought it might be. >> it wasn't. it was exactly what you think it is, people with a gun inside of a quarry. >> it's a boy. >> it's a boy, lisa. >> well, you said it, reggie. you don't care, i don't really care either. >> congratulations, i guess. at morning, everybody. we have some fog in the north bay, clear in the east bay, cold front on the way. yes, late april. we are going back to winter this weekend. right now, you can see the clouds holding onto the golden gate bridge. really, no drizzle out there. 50 downtown, as well as san jose, morgan hill and half moon bay. four mile visibility on the coast with 46 in mountain view and above the clouds, isn't this pretty? mount tam, we will get to some
6:53 am
sun today. 40 in santa rosa, nevada with 52. partly cloudy in concord, 50 in livermore. level i system arriving very early sunday. you'll probably wake up to the rain. widespread rain showers with an isolated thunder chance perhaps up in napa county. anywhere from 1/10 of an inch to half-inch in the hills of the higher elevations of the north bay, primarily. here's a look at perhaps your neighborhood, half moon bay, under a quarter of an inch as began to the south bay, you'll see lesser amounts under 1/10 of an inch. conquered conceit over an inch, rounding out to near a quarter of an inch in richmond. so this means snow in the mountains. we are talking about 16 inches in kirkwood, late saturday night into sunday, maybe tenant is in tahoe city. highs today, partly cloudy, mid 50s to low 70s, reggie? thanks, lisa. cardi b responding to republican congressman's comments on her grammy performance. he said his office has received
6:54 am
phone calls about it. he said cardi b's appearance with megan the stallion grammys was inconsistent with basic decency. he is urging the fcc to ban performances like hers. >> i've received complaints in my office, and rightfully so, about cardi b and the grammys. wake up, fcc, and begin to do your job. the moral decline of america is partly due to your utter complacency. >> cardi b responded , she said, grossman is ignoring more important issues, like the murder conviction of derek chauvin. she also referenced jacob blake, the man shot by a kenosha, wisconsin, police officer. she says blake won't get proper justice, because of lawmakers like goffman. let's talk about this dog in utah, which apparently really your eye on the upper l part of your screen.
6:55 am
inhecadog wins. with the lease. this happened in logan, utah, on saturday. as you can see, that dog came out of seemingly nowhere. on the track, was way behind, and then, really made up the difference in the last also ran right in front of her, which is, that is rude. >> now, friend, i have to dig a little bit deeper. >> tell me. >> i found out this dog actually belongs to another runner warming up for her race, then the dog was like oh, it's my turn. and the dog took off. and apparently, she says this dog runs with her, sometimes, but she really didn't know it was about to do that, allegedly. and the other girl thought that like someone was catching up with her and she was like no, it is too small.
6:56 am
>> that is interesting. have you ever seen the movie showgirls? >> know. >> the one showgirl doesn't wa t otrlbe ore, so she adone ss th dog sathing. th dog sathing. in my my my name is trisha. i'm 70 and i live in mill valley, california. my biggest passion is gardening. i love to be outdoors. i have jaybirds that come when i call. i know how important it is to feed your body good nutrition. i heard about prevagen and i heard about the research behind it. taking prevagen, i have noticed that i can think clearly. my memory is better. i can say that prevagen is one of the most outstanding supplements i've ever taken. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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it is 6:58. if you are just joining us, here are the seven things to know this morning. number one, cdc advisory panel is expecting to decide whether people should keep using the johnson & johnson vaccine. it's been on hold after six women who got the shotblood clo number two, uc and cal state university systems, along with stanford, say the students, staff, and faculty will be required to get vaccinated before they go back to school this fall. it'll only be required though if one or more vaccines gets fully approved by the fda. number c three, the cdc is considering loosening outdoor
6:59 am
mask mandate. this is coming as more americans get vaccinated. number four, warrior stands will be back in phytase center for the first time since last march. to get in, they will have to have been fully vaccinated for at least two weeks or have a negative covid test within 48 hours of the game. number five, 40s and 50s to start out, partly cloudy throughout the day. cool numbers in the city, 62 with some sun over in oakland. low 70s inland. rain arrives very early sunday. number six, it does look a little busy on the bay bridge, as far as the western span. is around 36 miles per hour. check it out, the toll plaza is nice and and and number seven, a life-sized teddy bear walking from la to san francisco, expected to arrive at the golden gate bridge, sometime tomorrow. we spotted in san jose, suit is- old jesse larios, and he said that he is doing all of this 400 miles for an
7:00 am
nonprofit. >> as a former mascot of many di good morning, america. decision day. the cdc set to determine the future of the johnson & johnson vaccine. should the u.s. keep using the one shot on hold after six women developed rare blood clots. this 18-year-old just starting to recover. the cdc also looking at whether to issue new guidelines on mask wearing. nih director dr. francis collins here live only on "gma." behind bars, as derek chauvin awaits sentencing, the department of justice looking into a september 2017 incident involving a black teenager that was caught on camera. chauvin allegedly using excessive force causing the boy to lose consciousness and need stitches. wh


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