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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 23, 2021 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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better solutions, this is abc7 news. it is decision day for the johnson & johnson vaccine. what can we expect from the cdc advisory panel meeting to talk about that shot today. a new roof for students, staff and faculty risk returning this fall. the worriers return to the chase and to and for the first time in a long time, they will be playing in front of actual fans tonight. the new protocols. good morning. >>-friday, friend. >> this ensemble, i love it. >> let me show you this part. >> please do. spring has sprung! [ laughter ] glad to see all of you, thanks for being here today. we will start with that johnson & johnson vaccine. cdc officials will decide the future of the vaccine and determine if it is still safe for americans to continue receiving that one shot as the nation is experiencing a slowdown of vaccinations being fueled by people who are hesitant about vaccines in general.
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>> good morning. 7 million doses have already been administered when officials made the decision to pause the mandatory vaccine after individuals developed an extremely rare blood clot. >> it looks like we will get back to that in just a moment. first, i want to tell you about part of today's hearing. it will include a discussion about a case of a woman in oregon who died two weeks after getting the j&j vaccine. the cdc cannot say if her death is related to the vaccine until it completes meanwhile in texas, another investigation is underway after a woman was admitted to the hospital after getting the j&j shot tiered health officials say that her symptoms quote, appear to be consistent with those few other reported cases. the cdc says it is considering loosening its outdoor mask recommendation as and more americans are getting vaccinated. researchers are trying to figure out whether
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vaccinated people can still get the virus or transmitted to other people, but officials are reminding that the virus is not gone. america is still seeing more than 50,000 new covid cases every day. let's go back to learn more about the johnson & johnson decision that should be happening today. >> we will try this one more time. 7 million doses had already been administered when officials made the decision 10 days ago to pause administering the j&j vaccine after six women developed extremely rare blood clots. the cdc panel declined to make a decision until it has more data or resume injections immediately with a label warning of adverse reactions. if resumed, the u.s. would be joining europe, where health officials decided days ago the benefits outweigh the risks. more than 134 million americans have received at least one dose of a covid vaccine, 52% of all adults. however, it appears some americans are weary of the vaccines across the country.
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seeing 40,000 new nuers ve drop just 2300 daily cases and 68 deaths. >> good to hear that.
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let's talk sports. the worriers taking on the denver nuggets at jason to tonight and for the first time this season, a limited number of fans will be allowed in the game in-person and there will be covid safety precautions in place. amy hollyfield is live outside the arena in san francisco with all of the excitement and what fans can expect when they get there. >> reporter: feels good to be here again. fans coming here tonight do have some homework. that team actually sent home a covid testing kit to each ticket holder so they can do their tests at home and upload their results. they do need a negative covid test to get here into the game tonight. the chase center will not quite look like this, they can only warrrs havnssince think the fan about it, wait until you hear from the team. >> fans really bring an extra set of passion and emotion to the game, so i am super excited to get back out and perform in front of them.
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also, hear their chance and their cheers. it will be super exciting. >> we will enjoy the atmosphere, like we talked about before, it is deaf an noticeable, even if you have had 1000 fans we have had a whole season now where we have had not had any fans and you are sick of looking at the blue tarp and you want to see somebody's in there. >> everybody is excited about this. back to that required test. it must be taken within 48 hours of the game and those vaccinated can skip the test, they just need to show their vaccine card, unless they are sitting within 30 feet of the court, then they want you tested. any kind of gatherings outside of the arena before and after the game will be discouraged. the team that gets the honor of playing in front of fans for the first time in san francisco this year will be the denver nuggets. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. the oakland coliseum vaccination site has
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temporarily switched to drive up only. alameda county health officials say the pedestrian village has serve a very important function, but people weren't really using it as much as they planned. according to bart, which offerd free rides for people to get shots, walk-up appointments will resume a third. california college students heading back to sc sc fall will need more supplies to get into state university systems. you see, carol, and stanford saying students, faculty and staff will be required to get vaccinated. cornell bernard tells us some are pushing back. >> i think it is really a no- brainer. >> reporter: zoom classes, some you see, berkeley students were not surprised to hear they will need a covid vaccination before setting foot in a classroom next fall, when in-person learning resumes. >> it is important for students to remember while they need tog
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vaccine is important for protecting other people. >> reporter: they will require vaccinations for all students, faculty and staff on campus this fall. currently, pfizer, moderna, and johnson & johnson have immersive emergency authorization. dr. drake receiving a vaccine for the virus that causes covid-19 is a key step people can take to protect themselves, their friends and family, and our campus communities while helping to bring the pandemic to an end. >> i take it is positively the right thing to do. >> reporter: former superintendent of safety and instruction believes the vaccine requirement is common sense. >> mark twain once said problem with common sense is it is not very common. there will be a little pushback. >> i wouldn't have expected it to be a requirement. >> reporter: this student has concerns and questions. >> i was never really a fan of needles and the
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kind of iffy to me. >> i hope that for people who don't want to be vaccinated, there is at least some other option, like a hybrid semester. >> reporter: the university plans to provide more information about the vaccine requirement in the future. stanford says it will also require its students to be vaccinated in the fall. in berkeley, cornell bernard, abc7 news. by monday, san francisco public school students, pre-k through fifth grade will be fully engaged in in-person learning. about 1/5 of staff including teachers will not be back in the classrooms because of medical exceptions. that could mean they are at an increased risk or live with someone at an increased risk for complications of the virus. one teacher has a 9-year-old son who suffers from a respiratory illness. >> i've already had that feeling of me sitting next to him in an emergency when he is knocked out unconscious because he could not breathe. imagine that i can't go in if he has covid, i can't even go in. >> the district needs to fill i
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total of 270 teacher slots and they are hoping to achieve that by monday. california public schools have seen a sharp decline in enrollment this year. data from the department of education shows an enrollment drop by more than 160,000 as the pandemic forced millions into distance learning. the decline was mostly among garden through third graders. tony thurman that the numbers are concerning, but he is optimistic enrollment across the state will rebound as more schools open to end in-person learning. good morning, everyone. here is a live look from live doppler 7, where we have cloud cover around the bay area and we are looking at finally getting some rain that we have been waiting for. last rain was may 18th, so we e. you can see the system queuing up offshore. here is a right now, 52 in alameda, 49 in
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richmond with the clouds arndmpat froe s to about 50, 46 in nevada, 50 in san francisco. waking up to the gray sky and at sunny and a milder afternoon and we will look for the cooler weather to head in tomorrow and write like you for the weekend, bringing in rain for oscar sunday. looking at your cloud cover today, high and mid-level clouds, but it will be milder with peaks of sun out there. we are looking at perhaps an isolated shower on late saturday. here is your saturday with main event arriving early sunday with a warm front and it tansitions into a cold front with showers quickly ending sunday night. it is not a huge system and rainfall amounts will favor the north of a. it is a level one in our system. widespread rain will arrive early sunday morning and we are third of an inch in the far north bay. also going to bring in snow, eight to 16 inches above 7000 feet in the mountains. as for today, 50s to low 70s.
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pretty nice looking day out there, still breezy in some spot we have a signal alert on the bay bridge right now if you're headed in the eastbound direction. according to the chp, someone has climbed a railing at the bay bridge. police are on the scene trying to work with this person. all lanes except for one block right now. if you are headed in the eastbound direction on the bay bridge, this will impact your commute. speeds are currently down to 12 miles per hour. taking a live look at the san mateo bridge, we have traffic getting to pick up for people making their way toward the peninsula already at 5:11 this morning. everything is moving at the limit. also, i want to let you know a section of highway 1 that washed away in storms will be open today at noon. caltrans says it worked nearly 12 hour shifts seven days a week to get this rec creek area ed. that is whencollapse.uary.
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something unusual spotted in the stands at last night's giants game. also ahead this morning, a bay area hip-hop artist has died. we are digging into our archives from when we talked to shock g.
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xiidra. not today, dry eye. a danville police officer facing charges for an on-the- job shooting has turned himself in. the contra costa district attorney announced felony charges against officer andrew hall on wednesday and issued an arrest warrant. he was booked into jail last night. it is unclear if he has already bailed out. prosecutors say holte used unnecessary force in a 2018 ti. s ys itwas lf defense. inatiomonth that left a homeless man dead. may area pop artist gregory jacobs, better known as shock g has died. he cofounded oakland-based rap group digital underground,
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which went on to have six albums. we talked to him in 1991 at a studio in richmond. he was also known for producing some of 2pac 's songs. he was best known for his alter ego, humpty hump. jacob's family confirmed the news to abc yesterday. this morning, a spacex crew of four made history with a predawn launch from the kennedy space center. >> three, two, one, go. mission and lift off! off! off!f >> so now the crew isthe crew i way to the international space station on the dragon capsule, which was its first time being used. abc news transportation correspondent has more on the mission. >> mission and lift off!
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>> vehicle downrange. >> reporter: one of nasa's veteran astronaut launching into space is megan macarthur. her husband, astronaut bob anqing was the pilot on that historic first mission that launched last year. >> it has been really helpful to have him really understand what it is i am doing now and what it is i am going to be doing in the future. it has been really helpful to have a partner who really gets all of that. >> she and her son watched as bob launched into the air last may, this time it will be bob watching with him as megan lies on that very same space dragon and in the same seat, the pilot with her nasa astronaut partner and the japanese astronaut. nasa's acting administrator steve jerve is a telling me the astronauts are ready to go. >> have you been able to speak recently with the astronauts? >> yeah! tuesday morning, very early about 2:00 a.m. i went into crew quarters
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had a chance to talk to the astronauts and they said, we are ready to launch, get up there and get going and do research and technology experiments. >> reporter: the crew is fully vaccinated and on the international space station, they will be conducting research on viruses to help understand the pandemic. but before the work, the fun. just days before the launch, megan macarthur taking her son to the beach for a launch week tradition. they launch rockets before her very own takes off. when i woke up this morning, i saw that one of my friends was there and watched the launch. have you ever been to cape canaveral? >> no, i've never been there. >> me either. it was funny because he put a little map on where you stand if you are a spectator in comparison to where the rockets actually launches at the cape, it is quite far!
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[ laughter ] i did not realize how many miles you are away from it. >> how close do you really want to be? you don't. you literally don't want that smoke. [ laughter ] good morning, lisa. >> hi there, reggie. good morning jobina, kumasi. i am here, but i am behind the maps this morning. we will talk about the rain that is coming our way over the weekend. right now, live doppler 7, a generous layer of low clouds and fog. there is a look at the system queuing up offshore and we've got a couple of dry days before it moves in. right now, we've got cloudy skies, upper 40s, three mile visibility, pacifica half moon bay. ugh the day, they ere's a sout will ramp up a bit. notice the yellow and orange is coming into play. once again, even with the sun, temperatures will be cool, especially around the coast and may where we will see partly
5:19 am
cloudy skies. let's start in the south bay, shall we, with highs in the upper 60s in santa clara to anyone this goddess, mid 60s on the peninsula. we will call it partly cloudy in san mateo. certainly cool with the clouds clinging to the coast today, mid 50s during sunset. in the north may, look for breezy winds. 71 there, 62 in partly cloudy, mid 60s in union city. had inland and we will see temperatures in the lower 70s. more clouds for your saturday with a good 10 degrees drop in temperatures with highs only in the 60s and inland valleys. anywhere from half a tent to a third of inch of rain on sunday and looking at the rest of the week into next week, we will be s icy returning by the middle of next week. coming up, the seven things
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to know this morning. also, the countdown to the oscars. a closer look at the top raitat the . you know we had to figure out what was going on. we will tell you about this animal spotted in the stands. [ laughter ] joined abc7 and professional business women of california to ignite change. this three day virtual conference from pbwcbrigs an incredible lineup of speakers including amanda steinem, and dr. bernice a king, get in diet, learn new
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if you're just joining us, here are the seven things to know. number one, today, ac/dc advisory panel meet to decide whether people should keep using the johnson & johnson vaccine. it has been on hold since last week after six people developed rare blood clots after getting the shots. number two, and faculty will be required to get vaccinated before this fall. it will only be required if one or more vaccines get fully approved by the fda.
5:23 am
number three, the cdc says it is considering loosening outdoor mask mandates. this is coming as more americans are getting vaccinated. number four, warriors fans will be back inside chase center for the first time since march. to get in, you will have to be fully vaccinated for at least two weeks have a negative covid test within 48 hours of the game. number five, waking up to cloudy skies, returning partly cloudy, little milder today. low 70s in concord, still plenty of clouds and cool at the coast. number six, we have a sig alert on the bay bridge right now. according to chp musselman has climbed the railing on the bay bridge. speeds are down to about 9 miles per hour in only one lane is opened. number seven, krispy kreme ringing back its strawberry glaze and a strawberry glaze field donuts, just for 10 days starting on monday. we did check, you know we checked, and these donuts will be available at alton bay area
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connelly has our countdown to the oscars. >> in this morning's gma first look we are digging into oscars top categories and was likely to win on sunday. supporting actor was a return from sasha barra:. "judas and the black messiah." things look less for supporting actress. in best actor, it is anticipated the late chadwick boseman's name will be called for the compelling desperation he brings to "ma rainey's black bottom" and two, for his life's work in film. the upset special will be 83- year-old anthony hopkins, giving all he has got in "the father." coming up at 7:00 a.m., we will show you why this year's winner of the best actress category
5:25 am
could make history. i am chris connelly, abc news los angeles. >> you can watch the oscars right here on abc seven. live coverage begins sunday morning at 10:00 and continues all day with special on the red carpet coverage leading up to the 93rd academy awards ceremony that begins at 5:00 p.m. after the last word is handed out, stay with us because we have more on the red carpet coverage and the morning after, a very special edition of live with kelly and ryan. look at for appearances from arsenio hall, kristin chenoweth, jimmy kimmel and more. the after oscar show is monday at 9:00 a.m. right here on abc7. clearly, you never know where what you will see in a baseball game, but last night may have been a very first at oracle park. look at this video. a giants fan brought her therapy bunny, alex the great. he is 4 1/2 months old and even has his own instagram page. alex belongs to a woman who lost her restaurant during the pandemic and she told the associated press this was alex's first giants game. he has also been to a nascar event . he has gone snow tubing at
5:26 am
lake tahoe and even passed out 400 eggs on easter! alex is busy. >> is that the largest bunny you have ever seen? >> i think so. >> the scale of it is it wearing a bowtie? >> yes! i will have to go get on alex's instagram. >> me too! i also have it pulled up. >> like what else has he been doing? >> and he is only 4 and half months old. >> look at how adorable he looks. >> he looks very comfortable. i am into it. we've got to move on they are telling us. [ laughter ] coming up, a congressman's comments about wrapper, cardi b! >> where americans seem to be the most hesitant about getting the vaccine. this is wild, agent revealed that really scared the neighbors hear the party that could land the dad in some big trouble. taking a live look outside
5:27 am
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future use for the johnson & johnson vaccine. what we can expect. this pop-up vaccine clinic is open today, but they are facing a new problem, the area supply and demand we are seeing around the bay area. good morning. >> we want to start with a look at our weather. good morning, lisa. looking at a good deal of cloud cover across the bay area this morning, it will stay along the san mateo close calls, but we will clear and get mid-level clouds throughout the day. we will call it partly cloudy that wil lead to milder conditions today with our inland and clear coastline. 46 in nevada, 50 in san ramon as well as fremont and san jose. as we get through the midmorning hours, just a few degrees, but by 2:00 we are partly cloudy with low 60s in san ramon valley. 57 in san jose, 68 in concord and it remains in the 50s downtown and warming up in the north bay today. breezy winds will be with us
5:31 am
again today, overall, temperatures a little cooler than average today. we will talk about the rain arriving over the weekend coming up. in a couple of hours, a cdc advisory panel is set to weigh in on the johnson & johnson vaccine that has been on hold since last week after six women developed rare blood clots after getting the shot. one woman died. the cdc says it is investigating a handful of new cases. the panel of experts will decide whether people should keep using the single- dose covid vaccine. this morning on gma, george stephanopoulos talks to francis collins about the vaccines and the risks. >> i think it is important to point out that this is a treatable condition if you recognize it right away. one of the reasons i think it has been good to have this pause is to get everybody apprised of that so that all physicians know, this is something to watch out for and can be prepared to treat it appropriately if it should happen again in the future.
5:32 am
>> the panel could make a number of recommendations and they could decide to keep things the same, join european officials who have cleared the j&j vaccine for use, but added a safety warrant morning, or say only certain populations should use the vaccine. for the first time in weeks, the daily average of shots put into arms has fallen below 3 million doses a day. scientists put together this map and the areas in darker blue show where americans are resisting the vaccine the most. >> obviously, there is an element of vexing hesitancy or concern that we need to address. >> so here is the latest information on vaccine supply and the demand for it in some bay area counties. we have learned san mateo county supply is severely constrained, but is is expected to get more in the coming weeks. san francisco and marin counties are seeing demand for the vaccine. contra costa and solano counties
5:33 am
all tell us the demand is leveling off. and napa county, after two months of struggling to get vaccine supply, they have a new problem, finding enough people who want this surplus of doses. the community center secure 2000 doses from the federal government, today, a pop up clinic will resume. they have vaccinated 7000 people in the last three days and are aiming for 10,000 this weekend. the operation runs so smoothly that people can be in and out in less than half an hour. >> i graduated from medical school 16 years ago and i have given more shots in the last 24 hours than i have in the entire 20 years if you count medical school. >> the resort is open tomorrow from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and you do not need an appointment. this morning, we are expecting an update from ceric santa clara county on vaccinations. 1 million residents have now received at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine. today, officials will be talking about the importance of continuing vaccination activities, including strategies to make
5:34 am
sure that vaccine access and outreach to communities most impacted by the pandemicis preparing for vaccine eligibility expansion for pre- and young teens. the covid command center says it is waiting on the word from the fda to start vaccinating 12 and 15-year-olds. the state will follow the fda's recommendation. the center's goal is to get as many people vaccinated as soon as possible with a focus on ensuring equitable access. it is a big day for warriors fans. they will be allowed inside chase center for the first time this season to watch the game. amy is outside the center with more precautions in place. hi, amy. an yet, they are requiring fans to be tested for covid, have a negative test would be vaccinated. but yes, they are allowing fans inside for the first time since the pandemic started. the arena will not be full, not even close. they can only have 35% of their
5:35 am
capacity. a spokesperson told us that will be about 1700 fans. they will not be able to make as much noise as a typical crowd at a game, but it doesn't matter. it sounds like the team will be very happy to see the small crowd. >> we have got a lot to look forward to. we've got fans coming into our building for the first time. that will give us a lot of energy, a lot of juice. >> in the bay, we've got fans at the chase center. i cannot wait! bring it! let's go! >> reporter: [ laughter ] the team has since test kits to ticket holders so they can take the test at home and upload their results to show when they get here. they had to take that test within 48 hours of the game. fans who are vaccinated don't need a test unless they are within 30 feet of the court, then they will need a test. vaccinated fans will need to show that vaccine card. the game is against the denver nuggets tonight at 7:00 and it
5:36 am
is sold out. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. we are learning more about the designated seating section for vaccinated giants fans. kate larson was a part of our vaccine team. she was at last night's game and spoke with fans at one of oracle park's first vaccinated only areas. >> the more fans, the better. this is a safe place. >> reporter: vaccinated or not, giants fans like they are winning. >> even though people are sectioned off, it is great being here. >> reporter: like so many things during the pandemic, thursday night game was a 1st for 2 different types of baseball tickets in either a vaccinated only section or socially distanced pod section, which are limited to two or four people. giants president and ceo expects the new vexing sections will allow them to increase capacity. >> you can sit with others and be an unlimited number of others in a vaccinated section. it allows us to have groups,
5:37 am
all the kids that want to come back to the ballpark. >> reporter: he hopes the vaccinated groups can sit together and will allow oracle to go from 25% capacity to 50% capacity in may. >> we will get to the mix of socially distant section and vaccinated we. >> reporter: wewallunofthe nigh vaccine sections, 145 here in the bleachers. >> did you know you were in the vaccine action? >> yeah, i did not really know what that meant. i thought it was probably safer, everyone has got the vaccine. >> we were all vaccinated and when we wanted to go to the game, they had a vaccinated section. >> reporter: why was this section appealing to you? >> we had a group of five, it was the only way for all of us to be able to sit together. >> reporter: dr. monica gandhi approves the vaccine sections in privately owned stations. >> we get to go back to life as
5:38 am
we knew it. i think that will be motivating for people to take the vaccine >> reporter: if you don't have the vaccine, you can still go to the giants game, you just have to show proof of a negative covid test within 72 hours. for everything you need eryd covid-19, head to our website. you will find our interactive vaccine tracker, the differences between each vaccine and a place you can submit questions all of this on a motion will be filed today requesting the body camer a deadly police shooting in elizabeth city, north carolin. [ crowd chanting ] >> protests second night in a row after police shot and killed andrew brown junior while they served a search warrant on wednesday. police say officer shot brown, who was unarmed while he tried to drive away. protesters are demanding answers. they said the department is not being transparent about the incident. the department of justice is now investigating a 2017 incident where former minneapolis police officer derek show been knelt on a
5:39 am
black teenage boy for 17 minutes. that is something the jury did not get to hear during chauvin's murder trial. jobina is at the live desk with more information we are learning. >> the confrontation with the black 14-year-old was captured by the cameras and the video was presented to the judge in chauvin's murder trial according to state prosecutor matthew frank , wanted to tell the jury about the case. chauvin was dispatched to a home with for a dispute between a mother and her son. after entering, the officers told the boy to lie on the ground, which he refused. chauvin allegedly hit the 14- year-old in the head so hard he needed stitches, grabbing the boy by the throat and causing him to lose consciousness. he held the boy down with his knee for nearly 17 minutes. the doj may bring federal charges. the jury did not get to hear about this incident. >> i did not think it would affect me as much as it has. it was emotional, it was draining.
5:40 am
>> the jury also did not get to hear that during chauvin's 19 year career he received several commendations and awards, but he was also named in at least 17 complaints, including one alleging excessive force during a traffic stop. only one of those 17 complaints resulted in any type of action, a letter of reprimand. back to you. tonight, make sure you are tuning in with us to a special two hour 2020 special. it is an emotional portrait of george floyd's life told by those closest to him. 2020 goes behind the headlines tonight at 9:00 right here on abc7. coming up, the president's climate pledge here the billionaires who are joining him today to help sell the plan. >> everything was pretty normal at this high school track meet until it wasn't. the unlikely breakout star. first, a check of your weather with lisa arjun. hi, everyone.
5:41 am
starting your friday off with cloudy skies and we are in the low 50s in hayward. 53 in oakland. temperatures are fairly uniform. at the coast, three-mile visibility, pacifica upper 40s in the north bay. here is what we can expect, the high clouds are around, bug n increasing clouds. the rain holds off until late saturday. more cloud cover with a good 10 degrees drop in temperature. by the time we get to sunday, a late-season cold front pushing through the bay area, bringing a line of steady rain throughout the afternoon, and then it clears out by late sunday. rainfall amounts, well, don't get your hopes up too much. we are talking about less than a 10th of an inch in the south bay. the east bay could see a little bit over than that, about a quarter of an inch to maybe a third of an inch in the north bay. we will take anything we can get at this poin d nevada, goin 7000 feet, looking at 16 inches in kirkwood.
5:42 am
that is late saturday into sunday in the mountains. as for today, we are dry, partly cloudy, breezy conditions later in the day. 62 in oakland. look for 71 in the north bay. it will be warmer as we get sunshine a bit sooner today. enjoy it because overall today, it will be warmer than the next several days and we get back into spring showers that we desperately need. good morning, jobina. >> good morning, lisa, thank you! we will go back to that sig alert and it will affect anyone traveling in the eastbound direction. it is on east around 80 before sterling street. we have police activity there and speeds are down to around 9 miles per hour. two lanes are open right now. the.ould be bound deck, you can see it is pretty smooth for people making their way westbound into san francisco and bringing you a live shot and bringing you a live shot from oakland showing you
5:43 am
i have the pleasure to present to you... and bringing you a live shot from oakland showing you dr. martin luther king. sometimes, this is what it takes. as we step out, bay area, lets step up our march towards social justice and health equity. join aids walk san francisco live at home, streaming on may 16. register today managing type 2 diabetes? register today you're on it. staying fit and snacking light? yup, on it there too. you may think you're doing all you can to manage type 2 diabetes and heart disease... ...but could your medication do more to lower your heart risk? jardiance can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who also have known heart disease. so, it could help save your life from a heart attack or stroke. and it lowers a1c. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration, ...genital yeast or urinary tract infections, and sudden kidney problems.
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happening today, president biden wrapping up his two day climate friendly but virtual summit with 40 rolled leaders. billionaires bill gates and mike bloomberg will join him in helping sell his plan for a family transmission of the u.s. economy. executives for solar and other renewable energy are also scheduled to take part. yesterday, the president pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 52% in the u.s. by 2030. the summit is a part of resident biden's commitment to the paris climate agreement. san francisco city hall was a lit up green to celebrate earth day. the city is ahead of meeting its environmental goals according to mayor brady. >> i don't want the next generation to look back and say what did they do? why didn't they act sooner mark >> reporter: clean power sf
5:46 am
will beat its target and give customers 100% renewable energy by 2025. the city will also seek to become carbon neutral by 2045 instead of 2050. the mayor was adjacent to, which has become a certified green business. hayward took a step to reducing noise dilution coming from leaf blowers. the planning commission just voted 4-3 to ban gas powered leaf lowers by january 2024. until then, the blowers will only be allowed between 8:00 and 6:00 on weekdays and 9:00 to 6:00 on saturdays. the city says it has been getting noise complaints from residents and also wants to reduce carbon emissions. the city council will give the final say in june. a life-sized teddy bear walking from l.a. to san francisco. we told you about this. it is expected to arrive at the golden gate bridge tomorrow. we spotted the bear in san jose sunday. the man in the suit is 33-year-
5:47 am
old jesse, an have more on his mission. ♪ ♪ segment thank you! >> welcome to town! >> reporter: he began his journey in los angeles, traveling by foot 10 days, everywhere he goes, he seems to attract a following. >> this does not happen all the time, we figured why not? >> reporter: this moment lives in salinas and was determined to follow him. >> i got out of work and tracked him down. >> reporter: he is not hard to segment i have to go be in san francisco by saturday morning. >> reporter: he posed for pictures with this group of cyclists. so, why is he doing it? he says he is doing it for unnamed nonprofits. it is cool. they like it, so i like it and i love doing it, so, it is good.
5:48 am
♪ ♪ [ laughter ] segment was dan ashley reporting. a dock stole the show at a high school track meet in utah here to keep your eye on the upper left part of the screen. >> it's printed onto the track in the relay race, as you can see, looks like he still has his leash on. this was in logan, utah last saturday. a race in front of all of the participants winning ple . >> i am confused. we need some context. whose dog is this? >> whose dog is this? how did it get out there? >> is it trying to support this girl right here or is it trying
5:49 am
to beat her? >> that dog won, fair and square. look at how far it came. is that embarrassing? >> i feel like the dog is trying to show off and i don't appreciate it. >> when did she realize the dog is trying to beat her? it is right there, but she still cannot give it a little extra gas. and the dog is trying to trip her. >> exactly. after all of that. >> just ran right in front of her in the last possible second. [ laughter ] >> i don't know if that dog loves her or hates her >> that is what i am saying. >> there is a story there, lisa. >> my dog tries to do that all the time. we are just walking and he cuts me off. it is a love-hate thing, i can tell you that. you have got a dog too, reggie. definitely a lot of love there, i know that. good morning, everybody. live doppler 7 with the cloud cover across the bay area. we are advertising welcomed rain, return to went to for the weekend as to purchase drop for oscar sunday. as we look at temperatures now,
5:50 am
mid 40s in sunnyvale, 49 in campbell. overall, temperatures are in a narrow range from the mid 40s in the north bay to about 50. 51 in alameda. here is a look at the cloud cover. we will call it partly cloudy for the bulk of the day. as we get toward the later afternoon, we will see those increasing clouds. with some of that sunshine, 60s and 70s on the way. our level one system arrives on sunday and we will see isolated thunder chance in the north bay, but that is very isolated. anywhere from a tent to about half an inch of rain, otherwise anywhere from a 10th, to a quarter of an inch is more likely for most of us. upper 60s today in the south bay, 62 in san mateo. just mid and upper 50s from the coast and downtown. we will call it partly sunny in the city. 68 in petaluma on the east bay, 51 in berkeley, mid 60s in
5:51 am
fremont. heading inland, near 70 today. we are dry with peaks of sun today, increasing clouds, cooler saturday with our level one system on saturday and wraps a very early monday and back to sunday and much more next week. at 6:00, a record high settlement reaches sonoma county. a republican congressman's comments about cardi b.
5:52 am
♪ tex-mex. tex-mex. ♪ termites. go back up! hang on! i am hanging on. don't mess up your deck with tex-mex. terminix.
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hi. the only way to nix it is to terminix it. i'm not sure if there's anything i can say hi. to my family members to convince them to take the covid-19 vaccine. i'm not even sure if i'm convinced. hi darius, i think that people respond more to what we do than what we say. so after looking at all the data and the science about these vaccines, i got the vaccine. and i made sure my mom and dad got the vaccine. because these vaccines are safe. ♪ ♪ cardi b is responding to a republican congressman's comments on her grammy performance. his office has received complaints, according to him. goffman saysthe perfors st nth
5:54 am
cency. stent with basic heisurng thto ban performances like hers here it's >> i received complaints in my office, and rightfully so about cardi b and the grammys. wake up fcc and begin to do your job. the moral decline of america is partly do to your utter complacency. >> cardi b responded on twitter. she says goffman is ignoring more important issues, like the murder conviction of derek chauvin as she also referenced jacob blake, the man shot by kenosha police officer . she says the men will not get adjustment justice because of lawmakers like goffman. another day and another gender reveal gone wrong. this time, new hampshire, where a couple shook things up quite literally. that was it. that loud explosion sent a shockwave pele cod feelit asfar ngston away as massachusetts. police say 80 pounds of illegal over-the-counter explosive called taniya wright was
5:55 am
detonated. it was done in this large gravel pit. police say the man who set off the explosions that he thought it was a safe tridio my min it was just incredible. >> a gender reveal that was heard not only throughout neighborhoods, but throughout many, many towns. >> okay, so this is where they had it. thankfully, nobody was hurt, but the police are looking into possible charges. if you are wondering, it is a boy. >> i wasn't. there is a celebration out of east bay for a pitbull that needs a forever home. the annual animal rescue through kirk a 12 by the party. he's named after captain kirk o if you would like to adopt kirk , you can get in touch with the animal rescue foundation. he does kind of look like
5:56 am
captain kirk, actually. [ laughter ] >> he does, he is a handsome boy. [ laughter ] good morning, everyone. here is a live look from san jose, 280 where we have got a partly cloudy start to your friday. overcast skies with a little bit of drizzle closer to the coast, but we are looking at sunshine later today and cooler with rain for the weekend. across the state, notice the clouds to the north. we will be only in the upper 50s in monterey, 60s with mostly cloudy skies in los angeles and even mountain snow to come for the sierra nevada. we will talk local and how much rain we will get in a few minutes. new at 6:00, an elaborate opposable on the streets of manhattan. the emergency one-man staged before getting down on one knee. >> california colleges repairing for a regular back to school this fall. the schools are preparing for all faculty and staff to get vaccinated.
5:57 am
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. >> now at 6:00, all eyes on the johnson & johnson vaccine, the cdc expected to decide the vaccine state today pick what we know about some of the women who have experienced blood clots after getting their shots pick a first for nasa and
6:00 am
x. astronauts are heading to space in recycled rocket pick what we know about the crew on board. it's game day at chase center. warriors stands will be allowed inside the arena for the first time this season. the changes in place, because of covid. good morning. welcome to friday, april 23rd. we will start with a look at your accuweather forecast hi, lisa. >> hi, reggie. kumasi, good morning to you. low fog right at the coast, otherwise partly cloudy in concord right now, in the upper 40s in san ramon, 50 in pleasanton with a little bit of fog. four mile visibility in pacific up your there's a brighter look at the south bay. we will get into a lot of sunshine by mid-to-late morning. temperatures will respond. it'll be on the mimimimimimi


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