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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  April 23, 2021 1:06am-1:40am PDT

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trash is another man's treasure. >> look at what i found! >> on the hunt, 5-year-old oliver caver of gulf shores, alabama, searching for garbage left behind on beaches. oliver and his dad picking up more than, get this, 3,500 pounds of waste, inspiring neighbors to also keep the earth clean and healthy while protecting friends on land and in the sea. happy effort day, everybody. we only get one. that's "nightline" for this evening. see you back here tomorrow, same
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it's the one thing most bay area college students will be required to have before he back to class in the fall. >> the giants offer two different kinds of tickets. what it means for capacity. >> a storm arriving this weekend. the timeline coming up. it's really important to keep people safe when they do return. >> california college students heading back to class in person this fall will need more than school supplies. the uc, cal state university systems, as well as stanford, say tonight that student, staff be requireda vaccine shot. thank you for joining us. >> students are pushing back. >> i think that it's really a
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no-brainer. >> reporter: after a year of zoom classes, berkeley students weren't surprised to hear they'll need a covid vaccination when in-person learning resumes. >> i think it's important to look at the numbers. getting the vaccine is also protecting other people. >> reporter: officials say it will require vaccinations for all students faculty and staff on campus this fall. uc president, michael drake, said in a statement "it is a key step people can take to protect themselves, their friends and family and our campus communities." >> i think it's positively the right thing to do. >> reporter: the former state superintendent of public instructions believes the vaccine requirement is common
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sense. >> mark twain said the problem with common sense is it's not very common. >> i wouldn't have expected it to be a requirement. >> reporte ccerns and questions. >> i was never a i was never a a the vaccine. >> i hope there's some sort of other option, like a hybrid uniy plans provide more information about the requirement in the future. stanford says it will require its students to be vaccinated come fall. >> kate larsen was at tonight's game and spoke with fans in one of the park's first vaccine-only areas. >> the more fans the better.
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this is a safe place. >> reporter: vaccinated or not, giants fans feel like they're winning. >> it's great being here. >>as airst for two different types of bas tickets. vaccine only sections or socially distanced sections. limited to two or four people. the giants president expects the new vaccine sections will allow them to increase capacity. >> you can be with an unlimited number of others in a vaccinated section. so it allows us to have groups. >> reporter: they hope the vaccinated groups can s together without separating them and allow oracle to go from 25% capacity to 50% capacity in may.
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>> did you know you were in a vaccine section? >> yeah. i didn't really know what that many. i thought it's probably safer. >> we were all vaccinated. so we want to go to the game, they had a vaccine section and we said let's do it. >> we had a gripe of five and it was the only way for us to all be able to sit together. >> reporter: dr. gandy approved the section in privately owned spaces. >> you get to go back to life as we knew it. >> reporter: if you don't have the vaccine, you can still go to a giants game. you just have to show proof of a negative covid test withi72 fans will be inside the center tomorrow night for the first time since last march. to get in, they'll have to have been fully vaccinated for at least two weeks or have a negative covid test within 48 hours of tamano
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be tested cha.f surface cleanid fresh air will be pumped in about every 15 minutes. the oakland coliseum vaccination site has temporarily switched to drive-up only. walkup appointments will resume on may third. california may have turned the tide on the pandemic. the state has gone from having the highest case count following the holidays to having the lowest in the nation. that's according to data compiled by john's hopkins university. during the winter surge, we were seeing 40,000 new daily covid cases and more than 500 deaths. those numbers have dropped to 2,300 daily cases and 68 deaths. an important tool in the fight against the coronavirus could be given the green light again. it now appears the federal government is leaning toward resuming the use of the johnson & johnson single-shot
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vaccine as early as tomorrow. >> we need to make a decision quickly, and i'm hopeful we'll be able to use the vaccine soon. >> reporter: u.s. health officials put use o ton aft sixn developed rare blood clots after getting the shots. they decided the benefits outweigh the risks and the vaccine can be used with a safety warning. the daily average of shots arms has fallen below three million a day. >> reporter: scientists have put together this map. the areas in darker blue show where americans are resisting the vaccine the most. and is it so necessary to wear masks outdoors? pfizer and the cdc said they might revisit their mask guidelines. it'se will be looking atuestio also i the ccept of the fact that we still havef covid.
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>> reporter: and today the usd department expanded its do not travel list because of the pandemic. now added to the list, canada, mexico, germany and the u.k. a danville police officer facing charges for an on the job shooting turned himself in today. felony charges against officer andrew hall yesterday and issued an arrest warrant. the district attorney's office says hall was booked into jail this evening. prosecutors say hall used unnecessary force in the 2018 shooting. hall's attorney says it was self-defense. the state's first urban carpool lane will be built in san francisco. this week the board approved love lanes along lombard street, highway 101 and highway 1 on the west side of the city.
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>> what thisus t runore efficiently and reliably as traffic comes back. >> the lanes could be installed in the next few weeks. for now, it's temporary. the lanes will be removed 120 days after the emergency order unless a plan to play-make it permanent is brought forward for a hearing. drivers can head down highway 1 in big surthis weekend. storms caused the hillside to collapse washing away the highway. caltrans worked 12-hour shis days a week to get this rat creek area open. san francisco city hall was lit up green tonight to celebrate earth day. today the mayor announced the city is ahead of meeting its monummal goal. >> i don't want the next generation of young people to look back and say what did they
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do? why didn't they act sooner? >> they seek to become carbon-neutral by 2045 instead of 2050. abc 17 and nat geo is highlighting how the climate is impacting our commune. history is on the line at this sunday's oscars ceremony. thet cod take home oscar gold. >> plus get off our lawns. another city takes a step toward banning gas-powered leaf blowers.
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the 93rd academy awards show is now just three days away. major nominees this year include a lot of actors who gave really great perform ans. a look at some of the new faces. >> reporter: you may not know their names now, but on sunday, a few first-time nominees could find themselves forever-remembered as oscar-winners. >> reporter: the loveable grandma acting for five decades now nominated for best supporting actress. >> never ever even think about it. >> reporter: andre day is nominated for best actress.
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she brings out artist, billy holiday. >> we're fighting making space and cultures. >> reporter: first-time nominees. bill o'neal with black panther leader black hampton. he was not initially sold on the role. >> of it a very flattering proposition. then i realized there's a myriad of important reasons why this character needs to be expressed. >> and paul racy expressing himself through his past. >> when i first read the script, i was amazed at all the accelerates. i had addiction problems myself. growing up with deaf parents. there were a lot of similarities. >> reporter: there are so many
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newcomers nominated possibly because of the pandemic. >> what we saw last year were a lot of films that were coming out of film festivals that found their way on streaming platforms. therefore give them a bigger audience. >> we'll see, but this isn't what we made this for. >> you can watch the right here on abc 7. all day special on the red carpet coverage. leading up to t ceremonys hip hop artist gregory
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jacobs has died. he cofound which went on to have six albums. jacob sang and played instruments and was known for producing some of tupac's songs. new to new developments. heyward took a step toward reducing noise pollution caused by leaf blowers. the planning commission voted 4-3 tonight to ban gas-powered leaf blowers by january, 2024. noise complaints but also wants to reduce carbon emissions. in the south bay, we spotted a life-sized teddy bear strolling through san jose afrnn.ey larios.
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>> reporter: he began his journey in los angeles. travel big foot. one paw at a time. for the past ten days. everywhere he goes, he seems to attract a following. >> this doesn't happen all the time. we figured why not. >> reporter: this woman was determined to find him. >> we're following the bear. i got an alert and i tracked him down. >> reporter: he is not hard to find. he's documenting the entire trip on instagram. >> reporter: he posted pictures with this group of cyclists. why is he doing it? he says he's doing it for an unnamed nonprofit. like it. so i like it.
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>> and off he goes. bear son is on his way to the golden gate bridge. glad it's a little cooler today in that outfit. >> cooler and windy again. >> today temperatures were just below average for this time of year. the marine layer hung on, the breeze was there. tomorrow we're gonna see those numbers rise but watch what happens to the weekend. we have a weekend storm coming. and it's certainly going to produce much-needed rain here in the bay area. especially for the second half of your weekend. slippery roads, much cooler weather is expected. let's take a look from our camera. we do have live doppler
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7, showing how far that marine layer has pushed. 40s, 50s on those temperatures. because of all the clouds out there it's not gonna get very cold. by morning you're looking at 40s for most of you, a little bit of drizzle along the coastline. some mist. and certainly some areas of low visibility. be careful if you are going to be driving. afternoon highway highs, away from the coast, the 60s and 70s. there will be some high clouds around. but i think that marine layer will break up a little bit more to allow for some more sun and milder weather. don't get too used to that area. a level 1 storm is coming in for sunday, monday. widespread rain on sunday. we are looking at an isolated thunder chance for the north bay, and up to a half inch of rain expected through monday. higher totals in the hills could see about a half an inch to an inch. timing it out for you, saturday morning might see a little drizzle.
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other than that, thickening clouds. most of your saturday is fine for outdoor plans. sent might be a better day to stay inside. we need that rain. for the afternoon it's pretty much widespread rain. then by evening it tapers. a few showers continue on monday before the system gets gets out of here. rainfall tollings from half an inch in calistoga to two tenths of an inch in san jose. most of you will fall in that category. expecting measurable snow for the sierra. gusty winds and difficult travel inform terms of the travel, i'll tell you when your best time is going to be. friday you're good to go. saturday, a slight chance of showers. it's sunday that i would hold off on travel. and monday will be difficult.
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the three-year-old giraffe is already
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giants opened a seven-game home stand tonight hoping for a fish cry again the marlins. we saw two debuts. and the ball park bunny. alex the therapy rabbit. aaron ruff. corey dickerson misjudged it. 1-0 giants. kurt catel had a big dickerson boots this one. both runners score. electric stuff.
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struck out the first too many. giants win 3-0. for the first time sincel have fans in chase center tomorrow as they host the nuggets. this is video from last year. pretty special night for memories. warriors have 13 games left, nine at home. hoping to improve on their ninth-place spot in the standings. >> stay in the moment. we have a good thing going right now, a lot of confidence, a lototot is brewing. this may be the best missed shot in nba history. joel embiid, length of the court. would havga tovertime. d tt much. take mack jones of bama with the
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number three pick? >> mack jones is the player that all the intel is telling us he's gonna be the pick. >> i think tray lance would be a great pick at number three. you do have jimmy garafolo. and you could develop him. >> they're doing all their due diligence. fans are back in the stands but some are rusty at there rus game.
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>> thank you so much for joining us tonight.apprecia your time. stay tuned for jimmy kimmel next.
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