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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 22, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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work in the central office had been teachers before. what this meansthis meansthis ma will have to stop doing their jobs in order to go back to the classroom to teach kids.teach k. >> they have been vaccinated. there is plenty of ppe and safety measures. what will it take for these teachers and staff to feel comfortable and want to come back? >> clearly a 9-year-old will not be getting the vaccine before the fall, the start of the school year. i think the teacher we heard from who is a mother a lot more comfortable and safer if more people were vaccinated especially those 16 and up who tends to go out and mingle. i have three of them. dr. fauci has said if we continue to vaccinate people we could approach herd immunity by summers and.
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we'll see. the moment can't come soon enough for students and their parents. take you. theyou. theyou.e announced they will require vaccinations for all students, faculty and staff on campuses this fall. that is once the fda gives formal approval to the vaccines. so far, 55% of eligible californians 16 and up have received at least one dose. tomorrow a panel of cdc advisers is expected to vote on the next steps. it has been on pause after 6 women developed blood blood blo people driving alone will soon have fewer lanes to navigate along to of san francisco's busiest traffic corridors. the san francisco municipal transportation agency board has approved hov lanes on a section of highway wind. matt boone joined us live from park presidio boulevard with a look at this pl
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matt? >> reporter: larry, we are all familiar with hov lanes on freeways but this is really going to be the first time an urban highway will have an hov or carpool lane in it that will be on park presidio boulevard. it is a busy thoroughfare through the city. it will take up the right lane for traffic and hov transit. it is all a part of a project pilot to help manage congestion as more commuters return to the city. park presidio boulevard is technically highway wind. it is what allows the city and caltrans to convert one lane of traffic to an urban hov lane. >> we actually don't anticipate much change at all. for people who are currently driving on the stretches it would hardly notice anything at all. the right lanes fromlanes fromlm
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and lombard street to venice will be converted as well. they are being repaved. the goal is to help ease the crunch on public transit as more people get back on the road. >> it is to run more efficiently and reliably as traffic comes back. congestion is back with a vengeance right now. it allows some time savings for people and cars who carpooling.'s emacs for some local communities the plan could seem a could be beneficial. >> it makes them more accessible for buses.r buses.r . >> >> i think it could result in some traffic for people driving.
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>> expect to see some traffic cones up soup the part of lombard street is expected to be completed next month. this will comewill comewill come this is a pilot project after the emergency order is lifted. they will have 120 days to decide if they want to make this plan permanent. that will require --. matt, thank you. new details crash in texas. engineers are looking at whether teslas autopilot technology could be activated without anybody sitting in the drivers seat. they found the car could be tricked if you use a weight on the steering wheel. >> in our evaluation the system not only failed to make sure the driver was paying attention but also couldn't even tell if the driver was there
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>> tesla has not responded to consumer reports request for comments. the texas crash left two people dead and is still under investigation. the cases of two women brazenly attacked and robbed in different neighborhoods in san francisco illustrate how these crimes can happen anywhere at anytime. they are even happening closing close to what close to where elected officials live. >> what you're watching is the moment a black sedan speeds toward a young asian woman named lisa and her boyfriend in the district. men jump out and grab her designer handbag. >> it was two guys coming at me both with guns. >> lisa says shots were fired and her boyfriend was grazed by a bullet but she held on and was able to escape with her broken handbag as the men sped off. >> my body almost shut down on me because i was really nrvous. >> what is frightening days earlier.
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another similar incident when rt 66-year-old asian woman, who doesn't want to be named, was out for a walk. >> i was scared to death. they said what happened? >> what you don't see on camera -- >> the car stopped in front of me. i said what? it jumped on the path. >> she was robbed of cash and a cell phone. >> in this case the crime happened a few blocks from district attorney from the district attorney's home. had touted for overall crime to be down. although, statistics show robberies are up 40% from january 20 220 21 in the sunset district. for this seniors daughter stacy, who isn't ready to show her face on camera, she is shocked at how crimes can happen anywhere and what has become of her neighborhood. >> i asked if crimes like these happen so close to his home and his own loved ones were
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attacked what we want for the perpetrators? the response? his office says he cares about everyone in san francisco being and feeling safe whether they live in his own community or any other. as for lisa, she hopes her perpetrators pay for their crimes. >> they need to serve time and really be punished for what they did and what they will continue doing. they need to be stopped. >> in san francisco, dion lynn. they have passed legislation to combat the rising asian hate crimes. it would expedite the review of crimes. a california legislature confirmed rob bonta as the new state attorney general. he has announced plans to implement new state law that would require his investigation
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picketed a one-on-one interview explaining this new program and its cost that may be $40 million. >> we need to make sure we have the personnel and the equipment. we need to make sure we gather and store the data. and do we need to do a full evaluation and rob bonta is a democrat. is the first filipino american to service california's get on board with abc 7 insider. earth day combating climate change from
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wait 15 minutes before reinserting contacts. got any room in your eye? talk to an eye doctor about twice-daily xiidra. i prefer you didn't! xiidra. not today, dry eye. president joe biden marking earth day with a summit to tackle the issue of climate change. >> donation can solve the crisis on their own as i know you all fully understand. all of us, all of us, particularly those who represent the world's largest economies, we have to
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>> today, the president kicked off a two-day virtual summit from 40 leaders from around the world pledging to reduce greenhouse emissions by as much as 52% in the u.s. by the year 2030. this is a part of president joe biden's commitment to the paris climate agreement. mayor london breed announced the city is ahead of meeting its environmental goals. clean power sf will beat its target and give customersgive cs renewable energy by 2025. the city will seek to become carbon neutral by 2045 instead of 2050. >> i want the next generation of young people to look back and say, what did they do? why didn't they >> the mayor was that chase center which has become a certified green business. this is a day when the world pauses if even for a moment to think about where we are in terms of protecting the planet. then ashley spoke with a bay
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area man who is on the front lines of the effort to raise awareness about the battle. dan joins us now with the conversation. while we have made great strides in some areas of environmental protection, we are woefully behind in others. i spoke with george jacob, the ceo of the aquarium by the bay about what we should be thinking about this earth day and also about big plans for the future of the aquarium. >> i know it has been a challenging time in terms of being able to offer services. things are looking good. we opened at 25% capacity on march 5th and graduated to 50% capacity. in the last 30 days we have seen a significant jump in visitor attendance and getting the revenue up. things are looking good.
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your marking your 25th anniversary in san francisco. tell me what it means to the community. >> the aquarium started as a for-profit -- in 1996. about 10 years ago it transitioned into a nonprofit. in 25 years we have actually -- is a huge number. hundreds of thousands schoolchildren are served free of cost. >> your impact has been tremendous and the educational opportunity you provide has been invaluable. i know you and i have talked in recent months about a big plans for the future and the aquarium úby the bay as we know it is where the change significantly where what has changed significantly. walk us through the plan. >> the plan and judgment the planet vision is to build a unique concept museum. it has a 2 million gallon aquarium at the core. it serves as a lens to lens the ocean. the story is how animal health
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and human health are closely linked. the safer and more sustainable our practices are, the better it is for everyone and it impacts the -- it has a cascading impact on climate and so many other factors.other fac. >> this will be a reimagined facility? >> it is a reimagined facility which has a footprint of 160,000 square feet. our hope is to tell the story of climate change and climate resilience through an immersive walk-through and engaging exhibit experience. >> i know it personally. you have done similar jobs around the world. why is san francisco so important? >> san francisco has been the help of change for decades. it is with the united born. it is where united nature is born in the city.
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>> excellent! what would you say as we mark earth day and the increasing awareness of the the the the th we are putting on this planet. what would you say to people about what we need to be mindful of on a day like this? >> i think we need to be mindful of consumption habits and carbon footprint and association with natural resources around us. we have to live in sin meiosis with nature. it is key to assisting our planet. >> george, always great to you. all my best as the aquarium gets back to full life and up to speed again. >> sounds good. thank you. >> thank you my friend. >> george jacobs, ceo of the aquarium by the bay. the new museum which will be a crown jewel in the community is scheduled to start construction in 2022 and open in 2025. dan, it looks like it will be spectacular. wow! i can't wait for that.
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abc7 teamed up with nat geo and stations across the country to highlight how climate changes impacting our communities and the innovations to address it. you can stream that a program, "our america: climate of hope" on tv apps. it is an important segue into weather with spencer christian. speaking of hope, the hope for rain. >> the hope will finally be realized or fulfilled this weekend. we are looking at a day that is not really a smiling face. we have gray, windy and chilly conditions and wind gusts right now between 25 and 35 miles per hour. under low clouds across much of the region as well. the 24 hour temperature change shows we have had a rather sharp cooldown in many locations since this time yesterday. 59 at morgan hill and 50 at half moon bay. here is a view of the gray sky
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all over the gate. the sky is still blue. low to mid 60s at fairfield, concorde and livermore. sort of a dreary view of downtown oakland from emeryville as we check out the forecast features. patchy drizzle will be with us tonight as we had last night. dry and mild by afternoon. relatively mild away from the coast. much cooler saturday and the next storm arrived late saturday into sunday. for tonight, we can expect increasing low clouds not only at the coast but across the bay. high clouds will bewill bewill e increase as well as go into the overnight hours. tomorrow morning as the commute gets under way it will be a great start to the day. it will remain that way for much of the day. we will have periods of clearing at times but then, high clouds welcome back. they will get thicker and thicker as the day goes on. overnight tonight, look for low temperatures mainly in the mid
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to upper 40s. high temptress tomorrow will range from about 55 at half moon bay tony 58 in san francisco. 62 will be the high in oakland and san mateo down in the south bay. up to 69 in san jose. 71 livermore. in fairfield a high of about 74. a mixed range in the north bay. 66 in san rafael. 71 at santa rosa. 75 at cloverdale. let's take a look at the storm impacts go. it ranks 1. a intensity. the rain that falls will be sunday and monday. a few showers can begin to fall late saturday. lingering showers monday. rainfall totals will range between a quarter of an inch and three quarters of an inch. here is the forecast animation starting at 7:00 saturday morning. you can see the possibility for stray showers on saturday. the wave of continuous steady rain continues to move in overnight saturday night into sunday. it will be a wet day sunday and then the storm starts to break up monday. we may see some scattered showers monday morning. rainfall totals again a quarter
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of an inch to about three quarters of an inch. in the sierra we expect snowfall up to maybe a foot or a foot and a half in locations around the lake tahoe area. here is the accuweather seven that forecast. try tomorrow with clouds increasing. rain on sunday and monday ending on monday. we have a milder pattern, even a big warm-up at the end of next week. kristin? spencer, thank you. the oscar countdown is on. coming up, how you can enjoy the academy all year long. plus -- >> it is up and running.
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the countdown is on to oscar sunday. the motion picture academy is best known for giving out oscars and its new museum will feature a section devoted to the academy awards. sandy kenyon has a preview of what visitors will see when it opens in the fall. >> it is the stuff that dreams are made of. collected in a museum dedicated to the magic of the movies. >> i hope away in the academy of the museum understanding how much labor and love it takes to make films. >> the idea is to face history
4:26 pm
and ourselves. >> when we look at the history of film making we see tremendous artistry and accomplishment and we also see tradition of misrepresentationon >> for five years we have watched it go up along la's miracle mile. a building once housing a department store is connected to a sphere, to movie theaters inside, a terrace sits onside with a striking view of the hollywood sign. >> it is incredible. >> don hudson and her team have accomplished much since we took a tour in 2018. construction is complete. the galleries are almost ready for items like dorothy's ruby red slippers from the wizard of oz. >> this museum is packed full of objects and information. >> how much of a part of museum is the history of the
4:27 pm
academy awards? >> we have in academy awards history gallery that features screens where we can see some historic oscar-winning speeches. >> we get to share our vision through this museum. we get to share our thoughts film. >> live coverage begins sunday morning at 10 a clock and continues all day with special on the red carpet coverage leading up to the 93rd academy awards ceremony at 5:00. after the last award is handed out, stay with "on the red carpet" for continuing coverage. >> the walt disney museum in san francisco has open. the galleries opened to guests this morning in the presidio. previously, only the exhibition hall reopened after a close during the pandemic. the museum will be open thursday-sunday 10 a clock a.m.- 5:00 p.m .
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building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> b.a.r.t. is proposing to extend service to midnight and reduce the wait time between weekday trains in mid-september. some board members want to consider pushing up the timeline. >> the trigger for the reopening by everybody's agreement will be full return to the classrooms. classrooms start reopening in august. if we can bring our service back up in late august i think we will be doing the public a
4:31 pm
great service. >> board president says the agency needs 330,000 riders a day to reach a balanced budget. yesterday there were about 58,000 writers, well short of that. >> wow! >> be for the, b.a.r.t. was carrying 400,000 passengers per day. then, the pandemic hit and then it dropped how do we build a better bay area and get back on b.a.r.t.? that is the question. phil matier has been asking a number of tough questions about how the transit agency will find the path forward. >> that is right. the path is a bit stalled. b.a.r.t. is the workhorse of the bay
4:32 pm
area commute. there is no question. the pandemic devastated ridership. you just saw the numbers. why? who wants to write impact trains with strangers during a health crisis? not me. no one. that is the hill that b.a.r.t. has to climb to get writers back. have got to make them feel safe. b.a.r.t.'s general manager says that may mean more than clean trains. it may mean giving writers incentives to get back on board. >> welcome to rush-hour at b.a.r.t. station in oakland. normally, this platform would be packed with morning commuters on their way to work. that was before the covid-19 pandemic nearly stopped the b.a.r.t. trains in their tracks. it triggered an unprecedented drop in ridership that has the system currently averaging 15% of normal. on the upside, writing b.a.r.t. these days means everyone gets a seat and a parking spot. infects this lot is so empty there is room to practice tennis. bob powers is the general manager and he spent time with me walking through the stations, on the trains and talking through what is next for b.a.r.t.. >> i guess this parking lot says it all.
4:33 pm
is a partial story. this parking lot used to fill up between the 7:00-7:30. >> i remember people driving around trying to find a parking space. now, i have a guy playing tennis. >> ridership is coming back. this is the anniversary of our lowest point. we went down 96%. >> what is it like running a system that is basically empty? >> it is. our ridership is down, fill. the folks we are moving are essential. they have always b.a.r.t.'s role in the region has not changed. even with our ridership down, it is critical that the b.a.r.t. system continue to run. we have done that. >> before the pandemic, b.a.r.t.'s concerns were crying minutes parking lot and snatching grab robberies on its trains. then, it was the filthy state of equipment psych escalators filled with urine and feces.
4:34 pm
>> there were complaints about b.a.r.t. before in terms of safety and cleanliness. now, you have got health concerns on top of it. >> i would say b.a.r.t. is ready. right now, the steps we have taken and the we are taking to encourage ridership to come back, one take away for me -- you, b.a.r.t. is ready. >> the covid slow down give them an opportunity to reset the problems. >> a year ago the biggest debate going on was that these gates weren't strong enough to keep people from jumping over them. now, the biggest challenge is getting people to come through them and pay. >> we have steps in place to do that. i encourage ridership to come back improving our safety and cleanliness of the >> right now as we speak? what is going on?
4:35 pm
how many more? >> over 30 more cleaners. >> okay. 30 more cleaners. what else are you going to do? >> we have our progressive policing bureau. you will see a presence in the system. ambassadors, community service. here is a b.a.r.t. police officer. they will be paired together with a b.a.r.t. police officer and will be out in the system. >> more cleaners, more cops? >> more presence in the system. >> despite facing an unprecedented budget system, b.a.r.t. has managed to keep every station open during the pandemic and not lay off any employees. thanks largely to the bailout money from the federal government, which is keeping the trains up and running.and r. >> for years, the argument was that it was cheaper and easier and less stress for people to take b.a.r.t. then to drive into work, right? >> right. >> you had two options. either, drive or b.a.r.t. or maybe take a bus. now, there is a third option. with telecommuting, people have the option of staying
4:36 pm
they don't have to get on the freeway. they don't necessarily have to get on b.a.r.t.. you have to make it more attractive for them to want to come here. >> that is right. i have to be more attractive than driving on the freeway. >> not just driving the freeway, that is an easy one to beat. you have to be more attractive than staying at home in some cases. >> or a balance thereof. >> okay. how do you do that? >> to me, it is being more attractive than driving. when people need to come into work, we are therefore them. the other opportunity we have, if you're not coming into work, what about off-peak and weekends? people wanting to a regular routine of life? there is an opportunity for us to get ridership there. >> to do that, people need to feel safe. because covid is spread through the air, being surrounded with people you don't know on a crowded train takes on a whole new meaning. safety starts with masks. >> now, in terms of masks, some people would
4:37 pm
to get on b.a.r.t. unless everybody is masked. the state may not require it but is b.a.r.t. going to require it? >> again, we will take our direction from the health professionals. i am not a medical professional. >> you can take direction from the health officials but you have to sell yourself to the public. >> that is just one sales pitch. the other is i am on time. i am reliable. i changed out the whole ventilation system. by the end of june, every single car has a new filtration system for air handling. >> what does the air filtration system do? >> it is all about breathing and transmission of particulates, right? we have these new filters go in. this air in this car will be circulated and changed out every 70 seconds. >> by the time you have left the station it is already changed? >> in a circulating around. that is the best we can do. that is industry best practice. >> you want this to be visibly clean?
4:38 pm
you're looking you are not looking so much for germs. it has to look clean? >> it has got to look clean and the air has got to be clean. >> to get think the public is ready to get on a crowded train without a mask even in six months? even in six months even if they are vaccinated? >> i do. our ridership is up. >> ridership is slowly picking up but in order to handle the reduced demand, b.a.r.t. had to reduce the operating hours and is currently only running trains every 30 minutes. powers hopes to increase service by this fall to a train every 15 minutes and also provide writers with writers wi trains to space them out. >> a part of the pandemic, there was talk about fair increases for b.a.r.t.. what is the story on >> we are not proposing a fair increase anytime soon. what we want to do is encourage riders to come back. i am going the opposite.
4:39 pm
in september i wanted to be on the lookout for some incentives. >> discounts? >> discounts. may be free fridays. maybe 50% off. something like that. something to bring writers back. i am going the opposite way. >> powers is also promising that when b.a.r.t. returns, it will not return to business as usual. the pandemic changed lives and changed the way we work. it looks like b.a.r.t. is in for some big changes too. >> and some ways causing b.a.r.t. to hit the reset or restart button. what kind of changes would you like to see from the old system to what comes back? >> yeah, i think we need to be more and more customer focused. we need to listen to our writers. i need to be the first option not getting in your car. i need to partner with the this remote work policy. we have got to do a better job of listening to our customour cm >> as terrible as the pandemic has been, this may be an opportunity for b.a.r.t. to get better. but, the question is, will the incentives work? willie encouragements work? will writers have to take a
4:40 pm
long and second look? úwe will that one. >> phil, thanks to you i now know where to go to practice my back and. to b.a.r.t.. plenty of court space of available but more seriomore seo can't imagine people writing b.a.r.t. if they don't have a mask. if the state removes the mask mandate, would b.a.r.t. remove it as well? >> i pressed powers on that and he said they were going to go by the health guidelines. also believes people will feel more comfortable as more people are vaccinated. i have a feeling that if somebody comes on, everything will be be be be be be be sneezes in a crowded b.a.r.t. train and then people will react. it is not just b.a.r.t.. it is caltrain. it is ac transit. it is muni. getting people back, the masks and mask transit, you
4:41 pm
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someday, looking back on the pandemic, you'll want to be proud to say i did everything i could. i found the strength. i looked out for everyone. i did what i could to keep my family safe. i will say, i did my part. while covid-19 is in the air, please, protect yourself and others. wear a mask, keep your distance, and get vaccinated when it's your turn. santa clara county. stay strong. spread hope. time now for the 4
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oracle park will feature sections exclusively for fans who have been fully vaccinated. with those new sections, the giants will be able to sell 1000 additional additional addii will give them nearly 9000 socially distanced fans in the ballpark. a team spokesperson told us that they will have the ability to go to 50% capacity in may those vaccination only sections. it will be a gradual buildup based on demand. spencer, you are a huge baseball fan and you are also completely vaccinated. are you ready to play ball or watch ball? >> i am now, under those conditions. if there is a section set aside for those who have been fully vaccinated, i am in. mark my seat. [ laughter ] >> okay. kristin, are you are you on this? >> in those sections i feel much more comfortable eating my
4:45 pm
gilroy garlic fries that are so good there as you know. yeah! i think that is a great idea. you know i have got to get back out to the ballpark. remember the missed ball i tried to catch with my bare hand only to give myself a big rash and bruise? yeah. yeah. >> can't wait to see that again. >> today is earth day. some of us shared our favorite bay area spots in honor of earth day. this one is mine. the favorite is the beautiful beach off of the northern california coast. i love the sunset views in the bay. that is you. you like the sunset views in the bay, right? >> i didn't know you are posting a sunset view. i would have picked a different one. that is me. i would also go -- you stole my son said. don't tell her. >> favorite favorite favorite f >> you know? it is hard to narrow it down in california. anywhere along the coast seeing the big redwoods or the mountains. it is really hard to narrow it
4:46 pm
down in california. it may be my go to since we are close to the the the the the th >> the coast is definitely beautiful. i love sunsets. i think my favorite single spot to stand and taken the view as the top of mount tam. you can see the whole world. it is incredible. of course, on a sunny day. >> that is a good win. they are all good ones. there is no wrong answer. call it a new twist on the idea of being a wedding crasher. the owner of this lavish estate near ft. lauderdale called authorities when people started showing up for a wedding out of the blue. the problem was the owner did not give anyone permission. in fact, he rejected the groom. wilson and bride out invitations. they look so cute. they even planned a brunch for the next day.
4:47 pm
instead of exchanging vows, they exchanged words with plice. wilson telling officers it was god's plan for them to get married there. >> everybody eventually left. no charges were filed. >> this may be a match made in heaven if they both think that. they could be toto all my is our marriage counseling specialist. >> clearly not god's plan, by the way. why would you do that? if you didn't get authorization, come on. god's plan are >> that is like showing up to work the next day after you have been fired. [ laughter ] >> it is god's >> my new thing for now on is it is god's plan, larry. it is god's plan, larry. >> i like this welcome to jack in the box.
4:48 pm
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and spicy for the bestand show outlds. with our family. now it's time to take the first step that lets us get back to talking smack with a side of mac and cheese. before we can safely come together, we need the facts. as covid-19 vaccines become available, you may have questions. man 1: should i get it? man 2: is it safe? woman: should i wait? narrator: it's smart to question. now get the facts at so you can make an informed decision when vaccines are available to you. nasa is claiming another major accomplishment on mars. they say an instrument called moxie on the perseverance rover converted a sample of mars carbon dioxide rich atmosphere into breathable oxygen. >> that is important because particularly for admissions -- emissions we can't can't can't
4:51 pm
everything with us. it would take too much time and too many launches. we want to generate oxygen for breathable air and fuel from the atmosphere. we also want to maybe generate oxygen and hydrogen from fuel. living off the land for eventual astronaut missions to mars is really important.reallyn >> nasa announced its ingenuity helicopter completed its second successful mars fight today. it hovered higher and higher and longer from nearly 50 says 52 seconds this time and even moved sideways. what will they do next? incredible stuff. >> wow! that is amazing. >> unbelievable! man! i am stunned. what about earthlings? what we have? >> we have some rain here is a look at our storm impact skill. it is
4:52 pm
will move in late saturday. we probably will not see widespread rain until sunday. it will continue into monday. we expect a quarter of an inch to three quarters for most locations. here is a look at the forecast animation. starting saturday you can see how widespread the rain will be with trailing showers on monday. then, it winds down. here is 7-day forecast. one more completely dry day. a few drops will fall saturday as a gets cloudier and colder. it is wet for at least the early part on monday. then, drying out tuesday and warming up wednesday and thursday of next week. >> thank you, spencer. there was a celebration in the east bay today for kirk. kirk is a pit bull that needs a forever home. the animal rescue foundation in walnut creek through kirk a 12th birthday party. it looks like that is his present. he is named after captain kirk. there were gifts, treats and plenty of love. >> kirk is probably the best cuddler you will ever meet. he absolutely loves attention from everybody. >> adopting senior dogs is
4:53 pm
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these are lion's mane, italian oysters. and the interesting part is they all start at about this size. >> i said i think that i am probably the only minority farmer and a person of color that grows mushrooms definitely in the state of california. the beautiful thing about this is i don't have to go spend
4:57 pm
$10,000 an acre at a minimum of ten acres or whatever it may be. this is literally a 900 square foot building. and some of the things, when i started looking and telling people i wanted to grow mushrooms, they had no idea. >> what we grow are blue oysters. a variety of oysters. elm oysters, king oysters, lion's mane, chestnut. i just came out with six new strains i got. so i'm looking forward to growing those. in a month, 45 days. that's a really fast process. if you stay around long enough, you can actually see them grow. >> i'm gonna keep staring because i think watching it grow
4:58 pm
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from zero to 10,000. now napa county ramps up its vaccine plan practically overnight of the headed back to the class. but the teachers may not there. why some san francisco students will still have to learn in front of a screen. >> also ahead, clearing the air. new effort in santa clara county to make sure we are protected indoors and out. getting money fwak you've been scammed. and the local docum oscar. we begin with the changing levels of supply and demand for the covid-19 vaccine. last week we saw shortages. now it's a different


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