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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 22, 2021 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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that means we probably wouldn't be able to meet her. >> i know. >> next time. >> next time. good morning, america. spring snap. freezing cold and snow moving across the country. millions waking up to record low temperatures this morning. this moment caught on camera as a semi-truck barrels down the highway in heavy snow, swerving into a snowplow. and the colorado rockies taking the field for a snowy match against the houston astros. ginger is tracking the latest. behind bars. new details about derek chauvin's life in prison. the former officer awaiting sentencing as the justice department considers federal civil rights charges against chauvin and launches a sweeping investigation into the minneapolis police department. anguish and outrage. a deadly police shooting in ohio. >> say her name. [ chanting "ma'khia bryant" ]
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>> a 16-year-old girl appearing to lunge at someone with a knife in her hand killed by an officer. the investigation under way this morning. president biden hitting his gal, 200 million shots in arms before his 100th day in office. now urging everyone over 16 to get a shot. this as concern grows about the slowdown in people getting vaccinated. and this morning, the new study about pregnant women and the vaccines. mystery at sea. the hunt right now for a missing submarine, 53 people on board, disappearing during a torpedo drill with enough oxygen to last until saturday. the urgent search at this hour. ♪ i think we're alone now ♪ here comes the bride and the groom crashing their own wedding? the venue was the something borrowed, but what happened when the guests arrived only to discover they were all real-life wedding crashers. and it's earth day, and we are celebrating our amazing
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planet in all its power and glory from the violent storms te michigan, sending homes crumbling into the water to the secret lives of whales in our oceans. we're up close on land and under the sea only on “gma” this morning. good morning, america. it's great to have you with us on this thursday as we celebrate earth day. >> that's right, and the planet reminding of its power. we're 44 days into spring. lot of the country feeling the cold blast. take a look at this. the rockies and the houston astros taking the field and that snowy match. >> wow, that certainly is something. millions waking up to snow or wind chills and ginger is that starting us off in michigan where she's tracking the very latest for us. good morning, a.lytour
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away. that's not the case. nearly 40 cities tying or breaking record lows this morning. we are feeling the mid-20s above freezing. certainly a windchill. we are in full on spring plus winter or as we like to call it sprinter. a whiteout in wisconsin. a major pile up, at least 22 vehicles involved. with cameras everywhere we have it on dash cam video capturing a semi truck barrelling down the highway. then it starts serving before losing control slamming into a snowplow. the plow flipping over and truck sliding on its side. one person was killed in that wreck. more than 34 days into spring and that record cold and snow settling in from arkansas to ft. wayne, indiana. nearly 2 inches of snow falling in an hour. more than 8 inches in ohio.
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and ahead of the cold front severe storms. hail pelting brooklyn, new york, followed by a nearly 30-degree temperature tumble. back in the blue grass state, horses getting ready for the kentucky derby. in denver, a wreck shutting down interstate 70 for hours. and the rockies taking the field for a snowy win over the houston astros. so let me show you the numbers. fayetteville, arkansas to danbury, connecticut, freeze warnings. i hope people covered those plants. i don't know how the tulips and all those daffodils will do. we have numbers all over the country. we'll be this bottom out feeling for another 24 hours but things will buoy. amy? >> that is good news. ginger, we should point out sp. you're actually there for earth day. >> reporter: yes, celebrating this great lake. i fell in love with the weather and the atmosphere and the world
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on this lake but look what's happened behind me. families living on the edge, severe erosion, we will connect this to climate change and celebrate earth day later on, amy. >> we look forward to all of that, ginger. thank you. michael? >> yes, we do. now, e have new details on derek chauvin's life behind bars as the justice department announces a sweeping investigation of the minneapolis police department after his murder conviction in the killing of george floyd. alex perez is in minneapolis with the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, michael. derek chauvin is beginning his new life as a prisoner, but he could also now face federal charges for violating george floyd's civil rights. derek chauvin issued prison garb and waking up behind bars. >> guilty, guilty, guilty. >> reporter: the former cop now convicted murderer in a cell like this one, segregated from other inmates for his own safety. allowed out of his cell for exercise one hour a day here at minnesota's only maximum security prison, his new reality until sentencing in june.
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>> are these your verdicts so say you one so say you all? >> all: yes. >> reporter: after that guilty verdict, the justice department now weighing whether to bring federal civil rights charges and the attorney general launching a sweeping investigation into the minneapolis police department. >> the investigation i am announcing today will assess whether the minneapolis police department engages in a pattern or practice of using excessive force, including during protests. >> reporter: in minneapolis, an abc news investigation with our own stations found black residents represented only 19% of the city's population in 2018 but 63% of those arrested were black and black drivers here, five times more likely to be pulled over than white drivers. minneapolis police chief arradondo who testified against chauvin saying in a statement he welcomes this investigation and that he and the department will cooperate fully.
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george floyd's death just one of several high-profile police killings in minnesota. >> taser, taser, taser. oh, i just [ bleep ] shot him. >> reporter: just days ago 20-year-old father daunte wright was shot and killed during a traffic stop when a veteran officer said she mistook her handgun for a taser in brooklyn center. kim potter has been charged with second degree manslaughter. former officer mohamed noor was found guilty of third degree murder and manslaughter for shooting justine damond after she called 911 in 2017. and the officer who shot and killed philando castile during a 2016 traffic stop was acquitted of all charges including second degree manslaughter. and the three other officers charged in connection with george floyd's death are set to stand trial in august. michael? >> alex, daunte wright's funeral is today. is the floyd family planning to attend?
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>> reporter: yeah, michael, the family of george floyd says they will be in attendance at daunte wright's funeral. they say they are united in their grief and in their efforts for police reform, michael. >> all right, alex, thank you so much. whit? now to the growing outrage over another deadly police shooting. body camera footage showing a 16-year-old girl killed by an officer after appearing to lunge at someone with a knife in her hand. trevor ault is in columbus with the very latest. trevor, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. this shooting happened just as the derek chauvin verdict was being announced and it played out very quickly. the officer arriving on the scene and opening fire within seonds and now a teenage girl is dead. >> say her name. >> reporter: overnight anguish and outrage in colum after 16-year-old ma'khia bryant was killed by officer nicholas reardon tuesday seconds after he responded to 911 calls of an attempted stabbing. >> it's these grown girls over here trying to fight us, trying
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to stab us, trying to put their hands on our grandma. get her now. we need a police officer here now. >> reporter: the altercation captured on reardon's body camera. >> what's going on? hey, hey, hey. get down. get down. get down. get down. >> reporter: the officer firing four shots at bryant seen in the black t-shirt and jeans as she appears to lunge at the girl in pink with a knife. >> she had a knife and just went at her. >> she's a [ bleep ] kid, man. >> reporter: another officer on the scene then performing cpr. >> wake up, ma'am. come on. come on. stay with us. come on. >> stay with us. >> reporter: bryant later pronounced dead at the hospital. >> it's a tragedy regardless of the circumstances associated with this, a 16-year-old girl lost her life. >> reporter: an independent investigation now under way in part to determine whether deadly force was justified. >> i cannot respond specifically to this specific incident, but what i can say is when officers are faced with someone employing deadly force, deadly force can
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be the response the officer gives. >> reporter: ma'khia's family expressing shock and remembering a fun-loving kid. >> she was a big tiktoker. she liked making videos with her friends and mother and liked doing hair. her mom used to just see the love in her face. >> reporter: the mayor promising accountability. >> this is a failure on part of our community. some are guilty, but all of us are responsible. bci will determine if the officer involved was wrong. if he was, we will hold him accountable. >> reporter: and the interim chief of police here in columbus says in situations like these an officer could use a taser if they have the space and the time but if there's a deadly threat they can use a gun. officer reardon is now on administrative leave as this independent investigation unfolds. wit? >> and as you pointed out, all of it playing out in just seconds. trevor ault for us, thank you. michael? >> thank you, whit.
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now to the latest on the race to vaccinate the country, more than 134 million americans have received at least one dose and president biden touting 200 million doses have been given since taking office, but now concern amid the pace of vaccinations slowing down. take a look at that dip starting just ten days ago. well, steve osunsami is at the cdc in atlanta with the very latest this morning. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, michael. the numbers this morning show that we've turned a corner with lower transmission of the coronavirus and a large number of americans who've gotten vaccinated. when joe biden pledged in december that he was going to put 100 million vaccines into the arms of americans in his first 100 days, it sounded mighty ambitious and this morning, he's more than done it with 200 million shots in arms and more than a week before his 100th day. >> we did it. today we hit 200 million shots. >> reporter: the president is now encouraging everyone over 16 to get vaccinated for covid-19.
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>> put it simply, if you've been waiting for your turn, wait no longer. >> reporter: the number of people who have gotten the vaccine is slightly down this week across america. the government says vaccinations this week are averaging around 3 million shots a day. just the week before, that average was 3.35 million shots a day. the cdc says that the seven-day average started dropping more than a week ago and they underline that this drop in vaccinations started a day before u.s. health officials put a hold on using the johnson & johnson vaccine because of rare blood clots that raise safety concerns. in iowa, nearly half of the state's counties this week turned away additional supplies of the vaccine because of lower demand. iowa's governor is now trying to strongly persuade people who haven't gotten immunized. >> if you're opting to wait and see, what are you waiting for? if you've been a hard no from the start, what is your reason? and if you can't answer those questions, maybe we hope that
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you take the time to reconsider. >> reporter: in new york, a sign that the end of all of this could be near. the state's only remaining field hospital for people sick with covid-19 just closed its doors, more than a thousand patients were treated at the temporary hospital on staten island. and the doctors, nurses and other medical staff applauded as their final patient went home. authorities believe that there are a number of reasons for those lower daily averages of getting vaccines into arms. they're not sure which of those reasons is responsible, but they believe high on the list is vaccine hesitancy, something, michael, that they say the government here needs to work on over these next several weeks. michael? >> absolutely, steve. there is some encouraging news on pregnant women and the vaccine. >> reporter: there is. a new study from "the new england journal of medicine" says that the pfizer and moderna vaccines are likely safe for pregnant women and they were
7:14 am
able to determine this by looking at real world data from about 35,000 pregnant women, michael. >> all right, steve osunsami, thank you so much. amy? michael, this morning, the u.s. senate is set to vote on a bill aimed at fighting the sharp increase in hate crimes against asian-americans. the bill would instruct the justice department to speed up the review of covid-19-related hate crimes and then give local law enforcement more resources to respond to them. if approved by the senate, it will then go to the house. and staying in washington and president biden kicking off a virtual earth day summit with world leaders on the issue of climate change announcing new goals for reducing america's greenhouse gas emissions. chief white house correspondent cecilia vega has the very latest on all that. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hey, amy, good morning. this is basically president biden and the administration here sending a signal, a very strong signal that the u.s. is back after former president trump pulled the country out of the paris climate accords.
7:15 am
the u.s. and china are the world's top two polluters and this is essentially president biden laying out a big target. let me show you what he wants to do. the plan would be to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least half by 2030 compared to 2005 levels and nearly twice what president obama set out in 2015. the administration, they're not offering a lot of details on exactly how they would do this at this point but really so much of this right now is about regaining the trust of the world and credibility when it comes to fighting climate change on the world stage and convincing other big nations around the world that they should try to do the same and make some of these same pushes. this is a virtual summit, amy. 40 world leaders including some of -- some international rivals. you can see china's xi jinping and russia's vladimir putin. >> thank you, cecilia. whit? turning to that mystery at sea, an urgent search for a
7:16 am
missing submarine with more than 50 on board disappearing during a tornado drill. -- a torpedo drill. ian pannell has the latest. ian, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, whit. that's right, the hunt is on for the missing submarine with 53 on board. it went missing wednesday during a torpedo drill where the indian ocean meets the bali sea. three submarines, five airplanes, and more than 20 warships now searching for the navy sub which disappeared after asking for permission to dive. there was an oil spill that could have come from the missing vessel. now, the navy insisting that it was fit for purpose even though it was built, get this, over 40 years ago. the authorities saying there's enough oxygen on board to last until saturday at 3:00 a.m. local, that's about 3:00 p.m. new york time. so the clock is ticking for the missing sub and a really anxious
7:17 am
time for their families. whit? >> a race against time. ian pannell for us, thank you. michael? we'll turn now to "ingenuity's" second flight. this morning, nasa's mars helicopter set to take off again for the red planet, and after the success of that first voyage, when we saw those iconic images sent back to earth, they're going even bigger this time. the helicopter plans to hover 16 feet above the planet's surface. after this, "ingenuity" is planning to fly at least three more times in the next two weeks with each trip getting a little bit more ambitious, kind of like a baby learning to walk, and hopefully they'll send back more spectacular images, looking forward to that. >> 16 feet doesn't seem that ambitious but it is mars after all. >> you ever seen a diving board a platform at 16 feet. >> good point. >> that's too high for me. >> that's true. following a lot of other headlines including prince harry back home in the u.s. after prince philip's funeral. what we're now learning happened behind closed doors when he was in the uk.
7:18 am
and then take a look at this huge bear coming after a jogger. all caught on camera there. how the man's quick thinking and incredible tough talk saved his life. >> quick thinking and maybe quick running. plus, the story of the wedding crashers who crashed their own wedding. what happened when a bride and groom planned their big day at someone else's home. but first, let's go back to ginger. hey, ginger. >> reporter: hey, michael. i know that cold front left us chilly, but it did this. look at this. i don't know if you saw the strong thunderstorms. that's rotation trying right on the state line of new york and connectiseveres and tornado thoo included here. between with that dry line we could see pretty strong damaging winds and tornadoes dallas all the way over into mississippi. let's get those chilly cities sponsored by walmart. those chi sp sponsored by walmart.
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good morning and welcome to earth day. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. slower sometime today with below to advertise from the coast of inland neighborhoods get more of the same tonight and tomorrow, then cooler this weekend with rain sunday. temperatures mid to upper 50s, coast at san francisco, 60s around the bay and if you inland oh, you guys, stay right tere. we'll be right back. ♪ you don't become a runner, who breaks eight world records...
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iffleece situation has changed, only at old navy, and old building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. at morning, i'm reggie aqui from abc7 mornings. alameda police say they will likely release body camera video next week of an incident where a man died after a scuffle with officers. last night, more than 100 people attended a vigil for 26- year-old mario gonzalez. investigators say they responded to a call monday, for a theft and possible intoxicated person. they say they came across gonzalez and at one point, there was a scuffle, as they tended to place his hands behind his back. that is when police say gonzalez suffered some kind of medical emergency. police say there was no significant use of force, or
7:24 am
weapons used. going to bring in jobina now for look at traffic. >> hi, thank you for good morning, everyone. we will start here at the richmond san rafael bridge. you can see it's pretty full as people try to make their way on, traveling westbound. it is packed there.
7:25 am
7:26 am
all right, here's a look at what's going on with your commute planner. you can see that what we are dealing with are some breezy conditions on our bridges and also, they'll create some chop on our
7:27 am
so north of the bay bridge, you gotta be careful of that. look at the pollen that's going to be out there, high
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and return with just one who are you? and how do you do that? ba da ba ba ba ♪ people need something to get behind. >> well, let's get to work. >> welcome back to "gma." that is a scene from "the falcon and the winter soldier," the marvel series' big finale is dropping in the wee hours of tomorrow morning. a lot of big questions to be answered including, what's going to happen to captain america? ooh, cannot wait for that. >> but we have to wait till the wee hours of the morning. did you suddenly become scottish. >> good for our schedules. >> exactly, all right. now the top headlines we are following at this hour, including that spring snap freezing cold weather making its way across the country.
7:31 am
34 days into spring, millions waking up to record low windchills this morning with up to half a foot of heavy snow in some places. also right now, more than a thousand people have been arrested in russia during demonstrations supporting alexei navalny, a fierce critic of vladimir putin. those protesters are demanding navalny's release from prison. this as putin gave a televised speech warning the west not to pick on russia. and the latest on the race to vaccinate the country, more than 134 million americans have released at least one dose. president biden touting 200 million shots have been given since taking office but now growing concern amid the pace of vaccination which is slowing down. and the los angeles dodgers are taking a major step to get more fans back into the stands creating two sections exclusively for fully vaccinated fans for saturday's game at dodgers stadium. children between 2 and 15 have to show proof of a negative test. now there will be no social distancing but everyone in those sections will still have to wear a mask.
7:32 am
so some baby steps, starting to look like real sporting events again. there's a lot more ahead including the story of what happened when a bride and groom planned their big day at someone else's house. plus, why you might get sticker shock the next time you go to the grocery store. that's all ahead. michael. >> but first, prince harry back in america this morning after we learned new details about what went on behind closed doors during his trip to the uk for prince philip's funeral. maggie rulli joins us from buckingham palace with more. good morning, maggie. >> reporter: hey, michael. good morning. yeah, it was a relatively quick trip for harry, nine days here in the uk, five of them had to be spent in quarantine, but he seems to have made the most of it. we saw him speaking with his brother william and made time to meet with his dad and his grandmother, the queen as well. his car seen arriving back to his home in california in this
7:33 am
image captured by and we're getting new details about what went on behind closed doors last week at windsor.ringy spent his time focused on honoring the life of his grandfather, prince philip. ♪ and despite this being the first time harry and his family met face-to-face after that bombshell interview with oprah it appears all talk of the recent rift was put on pause. >> there was much speculation about harry's trip even with reports that peace talks and sums had taken place amongst the family members but his focus was very much on remembering the life and legacy of his grandfather and, of course, supporting the queen. >> reporter: seen after the funeral speaking with his brother prince william and walking side by side with him and kate. prince harry also spoke with prince charles after the service. while in the uk he reportedly also visited his grandmother, the queen, spending time alone with her at least twice.
7:34 am
>> sources confirm that despite megan being over in california for the period of the funeral that she did remain in touch with harry and family over here, even checking in with the queen over zoom with archie alongside her. of course, we know they have a close relationship and it would have been very important for her to make sure that everyone was okay. >> reporter: and he said hello to the newest member, his cousin eugenie's son august. harry is now back in california with his wife megan and new little one on the way, a baby girl due this summer. and we do expect to see harry back here in the uk this summer. he's supposed to be standing side by side with his brother as they unveil a statue dedicated to their mother princess diana. we don't know the exact date yet. it could depend on when harry's new baby girl is born. michael. >> babies first. okay. thank you so much, maggie. amy. from babies to weddings, michael, and in fact, we're talking about wedding crashers. they actually crashed their own
7:35 am
wedding. a bride and groom planning their dream ceremony at someone else's home without asking. faith abubey has that story. this is a doozy of a story we have been talking about it all morning. >> reporter: keeping up with the joneses to a whole new level and it made for an awkward wedding day. here comes the bride, the groom and the trespassers? >> i have people trespassing on my property. >> reporter: courtney wilson and shenita jones had planned the perfect wedding, the lavish event scheduled this past saturday on a sprawling estate near ft. lauderdale, florida. the only problem, the home was their something borrowed and did not have permission to use it. when guests started to arrive the real owner nathan finkel who's heir to the ihop restaurant fortune -- shocked. >> they keep harassing me, calling me and they say they're having a wedding here and it's god's message and i don't know what's going on. all i want is to stop.
7:36 am
>> reporter: the house is for sale for more than $5 million, e 16,000-square-foot mansion has a bowling alley, massive swi800-f. "the florida sun sentinel" reports wilson had posed as a potential buyer, took a tour and asked if he could use the home for his wedding but the owner said no, still, the couple sent out invitations to the big event detailing the ceremony at the house which they called the wilsons' estate along with a red carpet cocktail hour and even brunch the next day. but instead of exchanging vows, the couple exchanging words with police, who were called to the scene and told wilson to leave. he did. and no charges were filed. and as for why wilson chose that particular mansion, he says it was god's plan for him to get married there, guys. >> ah, or not. wow. our jaws are all dropped, faith.
7:37 am
by the way, we do want to tell you welcome to "gma" weekday, this is your first appearance on the weekday show. we know you're a friend of "gma3" and weekend "gma" but we're happy to have you here mnday through friday early in the morning. [ applause ] >> everyone in the studio clapping for you. >> reporter: happy to be here. thank you. >> great to have you. quite the story too. brunch the next morning too. i can't get over it. >> a cocktail hour, you know, okay. i don't get it. >> pushing it to the max. that's for sure. we'll try to top it and a jogger's frightening encounter with a bear in grand teton national park managing to stay calm while capturing it on camera. experts now saying he did everything right to stay safe. kaylee hartung has more. kaylee, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, whit. how long do you think ten minutes would feel if you're being stalked by a bear? i'm going with too long, but here's a textbook example of what to do if you find yourself
7:38 am
facing off with one. >> hey. stay back. hey. >> reporter: this morning, this wildlife guide thankful his training paid off during this close encounter with a bear. >> when he started coming at me, everything got heightened and started breathing faster. heart started beating and realized i needed to take it seriously. >> you stay there. good bear. >> reporter: evan matthews was on a casual run in grand teton national park when he spotted this cinnamon black bear staring him down. >> i don't care if you're hungry. i'm not your food. >> i've had plenty of encounters on trails where the bear looked up, acknowledged me and went back to doing what it was doing, eating berries or whatever, foraging, but this one came straight for me and came pretty fast. >> reporter: he yelled at the bear while slowly backing away. wildlife expert ron magill says in this tense moment matthews did everything right. >> he made sure the bear was aware he was there. he never panicked. >> reporter: experts warn this is the time of year when bears are coming out of hibernation which means there could be more encounters.
7:39 am
with less congestion and noise during the pandemic they've been roaming more freely even into a home in southern california and in romania a bear chasing a skier down the slopes. >> the worst thing you can do is turn and run. put your hands up, speak firmly, make yourself look as large as possible and slowly back up to tell the bear, i'm here, i see you, but i don't want to have anything to do with you. never, never ever turn your back and run. >> reporter: and most attacks by black bears are defensive reactions when people get too close and usually the injuries are minor there and, guys, get this, you're more likely to be killed by a bee than a black bear, guys. >> there you go, news you can use. ank you so much. i appreciate his trash talk back to the bear. staying calm in the moment. >> you don't see the bee coming, though. >> yeah. coming up, everybody, why
7:40 am
you may get sticker shock the next time you go grocery shopping. what to know about those price hikes. we'll be right back. boy: i wish i could wake up and say hi to a giraffe. ride a train in the sky...
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♪ all gold to me ♪ to shoes with a lighter footprint. ♪ yeah, good to me ♪ back now with price hikes at the supermarket. procter & gamble announcing it will join several other major companies in raising prices of popular products over the next few months. gio benitez joins us now with what's behind it and what consumers can do, gio. good morning.
7:44 am
>> reporter: hey, michael, good morning to you. yeah, in this pandemic americans were already spending more on food and household items, but now, even with these companies making so much more money last year, we are still seeing these prices go up. thought you were spending more at the grocery store than ever before? well, brace yourself. there are even more major price hikes on the horizon. procter & gamble announcing they are raising prices on a variety of goods including senior, female and baby care. >> as the global economy is emerging from a year of recession and the pandemic really hitting every economy really hard supply chains are coming back online, that's now first showing up in raw material costs, so the companies that sell those items to you end up charging more. >> reporter: while we don't know the specifics yet, this 27-count of pampers retails for around
7:45 am
$9. a mid to high single-digit increase could see it up go 72 cents per package. kimberly-clark, a company whose products include huggie diapers and scott toilet tissue, also announcing they will raise prices starting in june. >> it's a chain reaction. once they lift their prices, that pretty much gives everyone license to do the same thing. >> reporter: the consumer price index, which measures how many consumers pay for everyday items, jumped 2.6% over last year. that's the biggest increase in three years. from cheerios to peanut butter r going up in cost. analysts say it's not just the price of materials increasing, but also truck driver shortages and issues with freight like this container ship getting stuck in the suez canal. so what can consumers do? >> there are store-brand goods that are often as good quality or better and they're going to cost less. so don't go hoarding because you're concerned you won't be able to find a product.
7:46 am
>> reporter: all right, so what do you do to save money? well, as always, there's an app for that. ibotta will give you cash back and flipp and basket that will help you find the best deals in your areas but, of course, michael, guys, go ahead and science up for coupon emails. you might get them every day but they're worth it. >> gio, thank you so much for that. >> thank you, gio. coming up next, we have our "play of the day."
7:47 am
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♪ hey now ♪ we are with our "play of the day" and this thursday morning we are throwing it back to a "play of the day" star from earlier this week. now on tuesday we introduced you to ellie. you remember her, she failed a guard dog test. her owner showed her a few different sounds and she refused to budge until she heard the sound of that, a potato chip bag. it turns out ellie actually saw herself on "gma" and it was enough to get her off the couch. look at this. >> ellie, you're on tv. >> the golden retriever watching her video on "play of the day" jumping right up, so now we know she responds to the sound of potato chips and michael strahan's voice. ♪ hey now you're an all-star ♪ >> and we've left him speechless. >> poor puppy. >> all right. coming up next, we are headed into the oceans as we celebrate
7:51 am
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7:55 am
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this isthis isthis is >> good morning, i'm reggie aqui from abc7 mornings. jobina is here with a look at the traffic this morning. hi, jobina. >> hi, reggie. at morning, everyone. live look in emeryville showing you 80 right now. it's so busy there. average speed them tracking for you. really, the traffic is backed up from san pablo all the way down, 33 mile-per-hour in richmond. 27 once you get closer to berkeley. picks up to around 37 in emeryville. like look at the toll plaza where metering lights came on at 6:27. hi, mike. hi, jobina. thank you. clouds will be little cooler this afternoon. you may need the heater if you are going to be home, but with afternoon sunshine, grab those sunglasses. 50s at the coast, 60s around the bay, 70s inland.
7:57 am
don't forget for sunday, light to moderate rain. reggie? thank you. coming up on gma, to spank or not to spank. actress eva mendes sparking a fierce debate online. two parenting experts weigh in on disciplining your kids. we will have another abc7 news wei'm morgan, and there's more update to me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with dovato. prescription dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with... just 2 medicines... in 1 pill,... dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable. research shows people who take hiv treatment as prescribed... and get to and stay undetectable... can no longer transmit hiv through sex. don't take dovato if you're allergic to any of its ingredients... or if you take dofetilide. hepatitis b can become harder to treat while taking dovato. do not stop dovato without talking to your doctor,...
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. say it ain't snow. freezing cold and snow moving across the country. millions waking up to record low temperatures this morning. this moment caught on camera as a semi truck barrels down the highway in heavy snow swerving into a snowplow and theolado roieakg the field for a snowy match against the houston astros. ginger is tracking the latest. president biden hitting his goal, 200 million shots in arms before his 100th day in office. now urging everyone over 16 to get a shot. this as concern grows about the slowdown in people getting vaccinated. "gma" exclusive. as we count down to the oscars,
8:01 am
what the academy is doing to ensure safety from covid. the epidemiologist on staff for the ceremony and how she's making sure everyone stays healthy. fierce parenting debate over discipline and kids. eva mendes sparking a big discussion over spanking and advice for parents right now. meet bindi's baby. steve irwin's daughter giving birth to an adorable wildlife warrior and the surprise her mom bindi got in the nursery from her brother and husband going all in on dinosaurs. and it's earth day. we're celebrating our amazing planet, how climate change is reshaping our where peole are living on the edge and we're headed into the ocean for never before seen face-to-face encounters with whales. all ahead as we say, good morning, america. ♪
8:02 am
good morning, america. thank you for being with us on this thursday as we all celebrate earth day today. >> absolutely and we're going big today, tory johnson bringing us a special earth day edition of "deals & steals" with sustainable products all from small businesses. >> as we know celebrating our planet also means focusing on how we can take care of it. this morning we're taking you to michigan where the great lakes have seen their highest water levels on record sending people's homes into the water and ginger is live with the massive rescue effort that is under way. >> that's right but first we do have a lot of news starting with that freezing cold weather making its way across the country. millions waking up to snow or windchills and, yes, ginger is also tracking all of that for us this morningfousy, gi, good mor. >> reporter: amy, good morning. it's the weather that makes you go errrgh. i can make it a little bit longer. there are 40 cities breaking or
8:03 am
tying record lows this morning, freeze warnings all over the place. we're feeling like the mid-20s here and one more day of what we like to call sprinter. a whiteout in wisconsin. a major pileup on interstate 41. at least 22 vehicles involved. and with cameras everywhere we've got it on dash cam video capturing a semi truck barreling down the highway and cars on the side of the road then it starts swerving before losing control, slamming into a snowplow. the plow flipping over and the truck sliding on its side. one person was killed in that wreck. re than 3aysntog and that record cold and snow settling in from arkansas to fort wayne, indiana. nearly two inches falling in an nhe bluegrass state horses out hoofing it in the snow getting ready for the kentucky derby. in denver, a wreck shutting down interstate 70 for hours. and the rockies taking the field for a snowy win over the houston
8:04 am
astros. freeze warnings this morning from kansas city to danbury, connecticut. remember, that came after that front that had all the severe storms with it. but don't worry, we've got about one more day of bottoming out before everything starts to buoy and get back to what feels like a more particular spring. i keep checking my watch. my nonexistent watch, yeah, it's definitely april 22nd. >> indeed, look what you're wearing. i'm trying to channel spring here. thank you very much for that, ginger. we'll be back with you in a bit. michael. >> all right, amy, now to the latest on the race to vaccinate the country. president biden touting 200 million doses have been given since taking office. but now concern about the pace of vaccinations slowing down with the dip starting ten days ago. steve osunsami is at the cdc in atlanta with that. welcome back, steve. >> reporter: good morning, to you, michael. in december then president-elect joe biden promised 100 million vaccines into the arms of 100
8:05 am
million americans within his first 100 days and this morning he has more than done that with 200 million shots in arms and still more than a week before his 100th day. the number of people, however, who are coming in to get the vaccine is slightly down this week across america. the government keeps daily averages and tells us that the average this week for vaccinations is about 3 million shots a day, but the week before that average was 3.35 million shots a day. the cdc says that this seven-day average started dropping a week ago and they underline that this drop in vaccinations started a day before the government announced the pause that was being put on the johnson & johnson vaccine because of rare blood clots that raised safety concerns. they say there are a number of possible reasons for this drop, but high among them, they believe, is vaccine hesitancy. michael. >> all right, steve, hope those numbers get backank you so much
8:06 am
coming up it's our road to the oscars and with just three days to done to keep everyone safe. eva mendes sparking a heated parenting debate online on spanking kids as a form of discipline. our parenting experts are weighing in. and it is earth day and we're live from lake michigan, the race against time to combat the effects of climate change on the lake's famous shoreline. we'll be right back. ♪ if you have moderate to severe psoriasis... or psoriatic arthritis, little things, can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream...'s a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable... ...with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis, ...otezla is proven.... to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain.
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8:11 am
celebrate earth day and we have some special "deals & steals" in that theme coming up. >> tory johnson always brings it. cannot wait for that. the road to the oscars with the ceremony just three days away, producers are working hard to keep everyone safe with extensive protocols and even an in-house epidemiologist, chris connelly at one of the site, union station in los angeles with exclusive new details, good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning, michael. yes, a top epidemiologist from ucla is leading the way in making sure they're safe this sunday. that will affect what nominees will and won't be doing once here. our conversation is maskless because we're six feet apart and because we're in a well ventilated outdoor area. >> it's taking every tool in the toolbox to fight covid-19. i think this is the most ambitious and safest production that i have seen. >> reporter: epidemiologist dr.
8:12 am
anne rimoin brings two decades of work on infectious disease to the academy awards as she puts in place the protocols designed to ensure all will stay safe at the 93rd oscars. what kind of testing will the nominees and will their plus ones have to undergo before they set foot inside union station. >> so, all -- everybody will be tested several times before the event, and within 24 hours of the actual show they will have a pcr. >> reporter: every single nominee, every single plus one. >> every person. every person involved. quarantine rues have been put together. >> one of the things that's interesting about what you're not mentioning is vaccinations. >> the vast majority of people have been e relying on vaccination as a failsafe here. >> even if someone is not vaccinated you are confident they can still be safe coming here. >> because of the testing protocols and in addition to those very, very strong testing protocols, everything else that's going to happen, the
8:13 am
ventilation, the very low density of people being together. >> reporter: come oscar night the emphasis on safety will remain. the attendees, the nominees will they wear masks inside. >> this is reallyhan f minute that the word cut is out there, masks back on. and it's not going to be the standard everybody sitting inside. only people that need to be inside while they are being nominated for an award will be there. everyone else will be outside. >> if i worked on "ma rainey's black bottom" and i see a friend from "nomadland," what am i allowed to do. >> that will be an important piece is keeping people in their own pods. we're going to try to minimize contact as much as possible. >> reporter: dr. rimoin saying i
8:14 am
feel extremely confident in the safety of the show. reat a interesting information. thank you for bringing that to us. tomorrow morning we'll continue our countdown to the oscars with the best snacks, what to binge and the fashion we'll see on hollywood's big night and you can watch the 93rd oscars this sunday at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. i know where to find you. >> i'll be right on my couch watching. now to the parenting debate over spanking. actress and mother of two, eva mendes sparking a firestorm on social media about all of that. take a look. >> are you ready? >> reporter: actress and model eva mendes turning heads. this time sparking a debate about spanking online. the 47-year-old actress posting this photo on instagram writing i'm often ask what had pie favorite red carpet dress is. i'm not often ask what had my favorite parenting quote is. spanking does for a spouse does for marriage. the post drawing compliments and
8:15 am
criticism, mendes who shares two daughters with actor ryan gosling replying to comments on her post. thank you for your comment, so happy to agree to disagree. we all parent in our own way and i have no idea what i'm doing most of the time. this didn't come with a manual. lots of love. and joining us live to talk more about spanking are parenting experts erica suit enand rachel simmons. thanks for being with us. what is the research tell us about spanking? >> well, the research tells us that there are no benefits to spanking. it's just not effective in stopping behavior problems in the long run but what spanking can do is it can create a kid who is scared for their safety and can make it harder for them to learn what we're trying to teach them. the american academy of pediatrics came out a few years ago and said stop spanking your kids. it can lead to mental health problems and kids becoming more aggressive. if you're a pandemic parent at the end of your rope sometimes
8:16 am
and if you happen to spank your kid one time doesn't mean you're an abusive parent. doesn't mean you're a bad parent or your kid will be damaged forever. >> a lot of us are products of spanking and so, you know, this has been a very big hot button issue for parents for a very long time. ericka, where do you fall on the spanking debate? >> well, i think 50% of parents spank, some say. it is important to say there are cultural factors at play. i am african-american, my husband is cuban-american. we both grew up in families that thought spanking was the right way to discipline. it's something that we don't do but i think it's important for everyone to remember that parents who spank don't want to hurt their children, they don't want to scar them but this is the way they have been taught to instill discipline and a sense of right and wrong and to think before you do something wrong. when i talk about spanks i like to offer examples of ways they can discipline without spanking.
8:17 am
you know, where they can help their children learn to be good kids and respect authority without actually hitting them. >> yeah, and speaking to those alternative, rachel what, do you suggest to parents who need to discipline their children and sometimes people say, i spank if they're running out in the street or about to touch something hot, something they'll remember not to do again but what are some alternatives to those moments where it really is a tense situation? >> all right, so the first thing we have to do is we do what we tell them. we have to use our words and not our hands. you catch your kid doing something, you say what you're doing right now isn't okay. i need it to stop. if it doesn't stop there's a consequence. we can explain why, but you also as the parent have the right to say because i said so like let's bring that back but, second, we have to model the behavior we want to see. if i want my child to settle her conflict with her word, i have to give her the tools because cease's going to learn by watching me. we're the 250e67er and discipline doesn't have to be physical.
8:18 am
there's time-outs, taking away privileges, it's not just about consequences but teaching would we want them to be in this world and we set that tone. >> ericka, i know you have tips from parents as well. >> right, you don't want to wing this discipline thing. you want to number one go in have a plan in place. number two, pick a punishment that fits your child. not every child is going to respond to the same punishment. and lastly follow through with the punishment. if, you know, you threaten them, look, you'll lose your ipad if you keep doing that and they keep doing that, take it away. make sure you follow through and that they know that you are serious. >> i think these are all excellent tips for our parent, pandemic parent, it's a whole new level. ericka, rachel, thank you for your time. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> all right, whit. turning to what's being called the yolo economy. the pandemic prompting many to make major changes in their lives because you only live once. yolo as the kids say. a story we first saw in "the new
8:19 am
york times." rebecca jarvis is here with more on that, rebecca, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, whit. yeah, you get one shot at this life and if the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that fresh, new perspective. for those fortunate enough to have financial stability in their lives, embracing yolo has led to some very big changes. by many measures of success, brett williams was thriving, achieving what he thought was his dream becoming a partner at a major law firm. >> i was very comfortable salarywise. we were doing well. >> reporter: but when the pandemic hit, he had a realization. >> i was at home working from my kitchen counter ten hours a day and really miserable and so that's kind of when the dream started to fall apart. >> reporter: this led to a total recalibration of his time. so after saving money during the pandemic, brett quit his high-powered job. it's something "the new york times" dubbed the yolo, you only live once economy.
8:20 am
millenials emboldened by the realities of the pandemic choosing to take a risk or pursue a passion project rather than keep traditional 9 to 5s. >> these are people who are hungry for something new. this last year has shown us that the world is very unpredictable, that jobs are hard, hard to do from home and maybe things might be easier if you were running your own company or doingou rea. >> reporter: brett decided to join a smaller law firm as employee number three. >> really thought i was taking a leap of faith but, boy, it was amazing. >> reporter: before you take the risk, employment experts suggest a few things to consider. have an emergency fund. >> everything is going to cost more than you expect and it's going to take longer to launch or get traction than you are probably expecting. >> reporter: be prepared to build a new network. >> you have to reposition yourself in the market as someone doing something else. you have to put yourself out to start building that network. >> reporter: be ready to explain your intentions. >> you got to start thinking about how the world sees you and start doing it now.
8:21 am
>> reporter: and a reminder here, you don't have to blow the whole thing up in order to make a big change in your life. in fact, you could continue with a side hustle or start one. there's online education through things like where you practice new skills and if you want to change your life consider changing the lives of someone else, another community, others through volunteering and through sites like, whit. you can get lined up with volunteer opportunities in your area that meet your interests. whit. >> great advice. the more i say yolo, the more i sound like a dad. my daughter is rolling her eyes as we speak. thank you so much. let's head over to ginger in michigan. ginger, good morning to you. >> whit, your yolo doesn't sound so bad. we're freezing withchill driven. you can see waves kicking up. look what the front is doing in green county, new york. making the roads all snowy this morning so please be careful on
8:22 am
that commute. line, that dry line could instigate not just damaging winds but tornadoes in the plains to mississippi. tomorrow and saturday extends east. good morning and welcome to earth day. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. slower sometime today with below to advertise from the coast of inland neighborhoods get more of the same tonight and tomorrow, then cooler this weekend with rain sunday. temperatures mid to upper 50s, coast at san francisco, 60s around the bay and if you 70s inland.......................... ♪ you spin me ♪................. our itio "deals & steals" with eco-friendly products from businesses.
8:23 am
point your cell phone camera at the code on your screen and go straight to the deals and tory johnson as always here to help us all go green. good morning, tory. we're going to start with this beautiful display of wall planters and they're great for the environment and look great on your wall. >> what could be better than that? so wallygro is a really cool company. it's easy to transform any room into your plant paradise whether a beginner or plant pro or a home decor enthusiast looking for something to add to your home this, works in any room. it's very easy to hang, comes with everything that's needed and what's great about these is that there's a built-in water channel and breathable front panel for the optimal health of your plants. they come in 15 different colors. they're all made from 100% recycled plastic, completely made in america for indoor and outdoor use. today your choice of colors, $15. >> beautiful. all right, and next we've had
8:24 am
these on before. i love these. they don't just smell good but can grow something. >> they can. that is why it's called the growing candle so answers that question of what do i do with this beautiful vessel after my candle has melted? so you'll enjoy the candle and then the -- it comes with a little label that's seed embedded and you'll plant those seeds right into that vessel to grow wildflowers. it's all from a small business in toledo, ohio, the scents are terrific, zero waste on this product. your choice, they start at $15. >> very nice. just looking at this.% of food fresh paper food saver sheets. tell us about these. >> they're made in america designed to help us keep food fresher longer so there's food wraps that replace baggy, plastic wrap,num foil and sheets and you can just slip one of those wherever you store your fruits and veggies.
8:25 am
whether the crisper, bowl or bag they will extend the life so if you don't use everything it won't go to waste immediately. that's great for everybody to stretch your dollar. the sets come in a rank of sets and start today at $10. >> wow, that's amazing. i spy some honey. tell us about this. >> yes, so you've heard of farm to table freshness. this is sweetness from flower to fork. we've got an assortment of four different products from bumbleberry farms. they've got their delicious honey but their signature products are their caramel cream spreads. it's a honey cream spread that you can use on literally anything from apples to bread, it transforms your dish. this company is a "gma" favorite. the bundle they put together for you guys today is $27.50. >> great. this cookware can help the environment as well. explain. >> greenpan is the original healthy nonstick ceramic cooking
8:26 am
surface so very often with certain nonstick when it overheats it releases toxins that doesn't happen with greenpan. it's designed to withstand even the toughest kitchens. we have two sets for you to choose from today. they start at $65 and then, amy, we have our mannequins decked out in one of our favorites cozy earth, ultra soft bamboo fabric. it is softer than cotton. it is luxurious on the skin, options for men and women and a bonus, you'll find their bedding online. everything today starts at $55 and from cozy earth free shiping. >> all right, thank you so much, tory. we have more deals in the next half hour coming up. we are celebrating earth day all morning long and ginger is live on the shore of lake michigan res a reo combat the effects of climate change. ♪
8:27 am
good morning, everyone. i am kumasi aaron from abc7 mornings. jobina is standing by with a look at fic. good morning, everyone. we have two crashes we are following. the first is in richmond involving two cars here. you can see it is affecting traffic across the board. the first is on westbound 80 before cutty boulevard. speeds are around 30 miles per hour into emoryville. and a crash on 680 at stone valley road causing
8:28 am
8:29 am
north of the bay bridge through the delta it will be breezy. really that is the only issue our commute. try pollen is high. clouds today. uv index down. up again tomorrow and way down this weekend thanks to the chance of rain. sunday is a one on the storm impact scale.
8:30 am
better to be outside. kumasi? >> thank you, mike. we will have another news update in about 30 minutes but you can always find the latest ♪ if you close your eyes ♪ welcome back to "gma" on earth day and earth day is all about celebrating the beauty and wonder of our planet. but with the threat of climate change, it's also about addressing how we can make a difference to try and heal it. this morning, ginger is in holland, michigan, where there is a race against time to combat the devastating effects of coastal erosion. hey, ginger, we've been looking forward to talking to you about this all morning. >> reporter: good morning, michael. good morning, everyone. i'm stdingn e 50 you know what, this cliff did not look like this a year and a half ago. these homes holding on by a thread doing everything they can to make sure their houses don't
8:31 am
fall into lake michigan because it's gone from its record low to record high in just seven years. this erosion a problem not just here, the violent storms all the scientists tell me a symptom of climate change. ♪ rhi is not the ocean. this is lake michigan, one of the five great lakes. the five massive lakes straddle the u.s./canada border. in them more than 20% of all the fresh water on the planet. and in the past year, they've seen the highest water levels ever recorded. and now increasingly violent storms are pushing that high water against the shoreline, eroding it, sending homes crashing into the water. >> you just hold your breath when you feel and hear the winds start to rattle the windows and
8:32 am
you go here it comes. >> reporter: in the last 18 months this gorgeous lake has been torturing the people that live here. the highest water levels in more than 100 years of records. it has families like the grays that live in this house behind me literally living on the edge. concerned with each storm that their home will go down. >> it just collapsed. >> and it keeps collapsing? >> oh, absolutely. when we bought it, as jo said, it was about a 45-degree angle. all vegetation, we had a deck cantilevered out over the bluff which was beautiful and now it looks terrible. it looks, you know, looks like a garbage field down there. >> reporter: the grays are throwing a hail mary. they just want to save their home. they've installed a 550-foot steel wall with their neighbors. it's reinforced by boulders and sand but the installation cost about $2,200 per foot and this
8:33 am
type of erosion protection is not covered by most homeowners insurance. >> because it's water based, it's more under a flood and called a natural event which is the reason you can no longer buil. >> reporter: let me break it down. the great lakes have cycles, high and low water and happens every 30 years. but in the last seven years lake michigan and lake huron have gone from their lowest water levels on record to the highest, an unpresen unprecedented swingt scientists say is the result of climate change. >> when you look at all the evidence, temperature, hydrology, hydrodynamics and that's a fact of greenhouse gas emissions and the human impacts we're having. >> reporter: steinman and so others calling for a global carbon diet. we have to reduce our reduction of greenhouse gases. >> fresh water is right here,
8:34 am
right that we're looking at and it's gorgeous, it's beautiful's want to protect it and preserve earth for us and future generations. >> reporter: these are the beaches that i grew up on. this is the lake i fell in love with weather on and you can see right here, the wall that they put in, you know, for the folks who have the money to try to protect this is an effort. the lake levels are thankfully down but the erosion has not stopped. they will do everything they can to make sure that their generations long home -- some have five generations of families -- preserved. they also have another option, even more expensive and that is to actually move your home and this is what some structures are being done. you can see the video there as they take them back. i'm telling you, though, erosion not just on the great lakes because it is cyclical but nothing like we've ever seen before. this rapid change costs the u.s. $500 million each year to deal with coastal erosion. guys? >> i tell you in looking at those before and after images, just so eye opening, ginger.
8:35 am
you said it. you're from michigan. you spent a lot of time right there on the lake. so what does it mean see the people you grew up with in the place you call home hit by this climate change? >> reporter: yeah, i mean this is a story that hits really close to home. my parents have a house about 40 miles north. that house is their dream retirement home. they saved. my mom worked two jobs my entire life so she could have that little house she could retire in. now she bought it three years ago and now they just hold on every day and hope it's still there. that's the kind of reality, you know, this coast as you see it is not all vacation homes. people actually live here. they're actually being changed by this and so, yes, i know this is a part. i grew up here. i understand sand. i understand lakes. they're powerful but if we can do any part in reducing carbon emissions and support companies that treat the planet right, ly on someinautifuarth d. uress.
8:36 am
ginger has much more to share tonight on "it's not too late" earth day special streaming at 8:00 p.m. on abc newslive. coming up, bindi has a baby. our exclusive look at her journey to motherhood. ♪ oh how i need you ♪ oh how i
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♪ baby love ♪ back with a "gma" exclusive.
8:39 am
bindi irwin's road to motherhood. the new special "crikey: it's a baby" showing intimate details of bindi and her family getting ready to welcome her baby daughter. erielle reshef has all of that and more. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning, to you, amy. as you might expect with the irwins, the anticipation of the arrival of baby grace was truly afamily affair and now we're getting that exclusive sneak peek as they welcome her into their wild world. >> we're going to be parents. >> reporter: bindi irwin daughter of famed zookeeper and conservationi conservationist, the crocodile hunter, steve irwin. >> my daughter bindi is the light of my life. >> reporter: now soaking up baby bliss alongside husband chandler after welcoming daughter grace in march. >> you hear that? i love you so much. >> my heart is soaring. >> reporter: their journey to parenthood chronicled in the upcoming discovery plus special it's baby"aring iime m
8:40 am
new family. >> grace is so lucky getting a standing ovation for being born. >> how special is this. >> hello. >> this is grace warrior irwin powell. she is gorgeous. >> reporter: in this new clip their extended australia zoo family meet grace for the very first time. bindi's mom teri and brother robert sharing in the excitement. >> it's wild. >> 7 pounds, 7 ounces, 20 inches long and is perfect in every way. >> i think my first words were she was our graceful warrior and we just went, that's -- that's her name. that is perfect. so we decided that grace was really special and her two middle names are warrior owen as a tribute to dad. chandler's super diaper man. >> diaper man, there you go. >> here to protect this earth. >> reporter: bindi's brother robert relishing his role as uncle-to-be who alongside husband chandler --
8:41 am
>> three, two, one. >> oh, my god. >> how good is it. >> isn't this awesome? >> what is that? >> had one dino-size surprise in the nursery ahead of grace's arrival. >> it's bruce. >> it's bruce the dinosaur. >> just gave me the biggest heart attack of my life. >> initial reaction from bindi, she's speechless. >> pretty great. she can't even articulate how much she loves it. >> if she grows up with bruce she won't be afraid of anything. >> oh, my gosh. >> she'll be so happy. >> reporter: of course, that's quite the nursery and the special also includes sweet memories of bindi's legendary dad, steve irwin. "crikey: it's a baby" streams this sunday on discovery plus live.
8:42 am
never thought i would say crikey. >> first for me too. i'm glad we could have that share the experience. now back over to ginger in michigan. hey, ginger. >> reporter: part of the story i told was how wet they were, the wettest in five year, so much water, the opposite of what you see here, lake mend seen novelling severe drought. governor newsom was standing there where there should be 40 feet of water declaring his first emergency declaration of the season. it looks like there will be more. there's some extreme doubt in many of the states out there. you're not safe from utah to nevada down to arizona, california certainly developing good morning day, we will have slightly slower sometime than yesterday and slightly cooler conditions, especially along the coast intoi ♪ you spin me ♪ time for more "deals & steals."
8:43 am
tory johnson is back with products from small businesses to celebrate earth day. point your cell phone camera to the bottom of the screen, your qr code gets you right to the deals. first up let's start with beauty products. why is this skin care collection unique? >> because one ocean beauty has clean ingredients and clinically proven results. their formulas are based on high performance blue biotechnology and really what that means is proven ingredients from the sea in plain terms. there are a variety of products. two stand outs i want to shout out. the deep sea moisturizer keeps skin hydrated and firm then they make a really great eye cream called their eye revival marine cream clinically proven to reduce tllre a, stuff we don't like. a great collection for you to try today. especially if you are -- you hear about clean beauty.
8:44 am
interested in upgrading. they don't make it fussy. they make it easy. today a good day to try it because products are 50% off starting at $19 and free shipping from one ocean beauty. >> great. up next we have these bracelets and i understand this is a fun way to learn about wildlife and conservation. >> yes, so wildlife collection bracelets are beaded and each have a little animal on them. they're cause related that help you look cute, celebrate in style and then they all come with a qr code, a little card that's packed with them and you can use that code to help track an animal. so they have a variety of partnerships with organizations that are focused on animal conservation, conservancy, sea turtles, elephants, polar bears, a delightful way to engage with
8:45 am
animals, celebrate your love of animals. each bracelet, $7.50. >> we have food containers here. something every household needs but these are special. >> these are great from u-konserve, durable, use esasplastic wrap, foil, you can use these that come with leak resistant lids and help food fresh longer. they're great for at home for meal prep. portion control, leftover storage as well as taking food out on the go. big, big assortment from them today that you will find online. their prices start at just $2.50. >> i love that the lids are flexible too so they don't break over time. that's great. okay, next we have a woman-owned business taking on plastic pollution. tell us about these. >> this company is called teal meal and they use premium food grade silicone in really stunning colors, i might add, to make feeding solutions for kids. we've got plates, bowls, cups and bibs, but they're elegant enough that parents kind of love having these out on the table. very often you don't see these
8:46 am
beautiful colors in that kind of soft silky silicone feel. microwave and dishwasher safe packaged with zero plastics so they're really concerned even down to the way that they will ship you their products. all of these today range from $6.50 to $10.50. lovely assortment. >> love that. next we have some special cell phone cases. tell us about these. >> this is from pela case, the world's first compostable phone cases. they feel like leather but instead of animals it's plant based materials. it's naturally soft and grippy. we've got a big assortment of wallet cases, phone grips, air pod holders, big assortment wallet cases, big assortment. ending on a bright note, roma boots turn any rainy day into a bit of sunshine with these bright boots. they have a buy one give one model. for every pair sold they donate a pair, over 200,000 pairs have
8:47 am
been donated to people in need. crafted out of natural rubber, quick drying cotton in the inside. very comfortable for women and kids, your choice today $20 to $35, whit. >> especially with this wet and messy spring we've been having, these are perfect. tory, as always, thank you so much. we partnered with these companies on great deals. you can get them on or website,, plus, you can check out tory's deals for mother's day. coming up here a special look at the secrets of the whles and what we have in common with them.
8:48 am
8:49 am
we're back now on earth day with a special look at the we're back now on earth day with a special look at the secrets of the deep blue and never before seen footage of the majestic whales who rule our oceans. it's all part of a new disney plus series from national geographic. gio benitez is back with that. hey again, gio. >> reporter: hey, michael. good morning again and happy earth day.
8:50 am
you know this is an incredible beautiful four-part series, more than three years in the making, 24 different locations around the world and, of course, those incredibly fascinating animals of the sea. orcas, they're some of the most fierce and majestic animals on our planet. they're also among the most intelligent giants swimming in our oceans. in national geographic's "secrets of the whales" explorer and renown photographer brian skerry captures some of the social rituals these whales have been practicing for centuries. >> only now are we beginning to understand their secrets. >> reporter: narrated by sigourney weaver and executive produced by james cameron. the docu-series follows five species of whales, including belugas who seem to give individual names to one another. this baby beluga shares its mother's call.
8:51 am
here a lost narwhal swims amid a pod of beluga whales. >> the first time we saw the narwhal we wondered, oh, what kind of weird beluga have we seen? >> it's not in a good position. >> reporter: the young narwhal won't survive unless it acclimates to the new sounds and is fully accepted by the belugas. if they adopt it, it will be the first long-term cross species among whales ever recorded. >> these are not just big fish swimming around the there's a lot more cognition. there's social behaviors and they work cooperatively. >> reporter: skerry spent three years capturing behaviors never seen before. >> what i saw with these orca was off the scale. this one female adult orca came in and was checking me out. it was kind of looking at me checking out -- are you going to have that because if not i'm
8:52 am
going to grab that. how they feed or what they know about their local water, how they socialize, their parenting techniques, these animals have culture. >> reporter: just stunning and, you know, national geographic and disney plus are calling this a love letter to our oceans, our planet and, of course, those beautiful whales. just remarkable images right there, michael. >> you said the perfect word stunning and all four episodes of the disney plus original series "secrets of the whales" from national geographic streaming on disney plus and visit to learn more. we will be right back. to learn. we wil
8:53 am
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it allows me to live my life. >> announcer: love oscar? so do we. tomorrow, the biggest preparty in countdown to oscar is on -- >> "good morning america." >> whoa, let's go. oscars. >> announcer: in an oscar year like any other we've got the fashion, the surprises and we even have a 12-time oscar nominee popping in live. the oscar preparty is on, abc's "good morning america" tomorrow. too much coffee. >> somebody is excited. >> happy earth day, everybody. we want to thank you for wa have a great day.
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good morning, everyone. let's get right to jobina with bay area traffic. >> yes. we are taking you right to richmond. there is a crash right before 180 at cutting boulevard. you can see the back up. and we want to show you the toll plaza. look at this. it is so clear! looking great! it has been a problem since a little before 6:30 this morning. same thing at the san rafael bridge. hi, mike. hi, jobina, hi, everybody. cooler along 60s, the coast 50s.
9:00 am
we have rain coming sunday. thank you, mike. it is time for "live! with kelly and ryan". with kelly and ryan". we will be back it's "live with kelly and ryan". today, a chat with film superstar gal gadot. and from the new series debris, jonathan tucker. also exclusively for our amazing viewers, green bargains in honor of earth day. plus, the hosts share their movie love memories of their special time at the academy awards. all next on "live". and now here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. hello, deja. oh, good morning. morning, deja. morning, ryan. morning, kelly. it's thursday, april, 22nd, 2021. it is earth day. happy earth day. yes, celebrating the planet earth. - yes. - and also celebrating, as we just showed there, the oscars coming up. we've been working very hard on the performances you'll see soon,


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