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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  April 22, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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number one fan, the officers gifting the young trooper a pair of steph curry sneakers. the golden state superstar inspired, inviting josh to a game, handing over his jersey. a show of love for a neighborhood hero. that's curry for the win. that's "nightline." you can watch all our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you right back here, same time tomorrow. thanks for staying up with us. good night, america.
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>> dave: more than 100 people remember a young man who died
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in alameda police custody and now community members are demanding answers. >> with vaccines beginning to plateau around the country. where are we with vaccine hesitancy it has with vaccine hesitancy, are people still rushing to get their vaccine. >> i'll rain this weekend. being here in alameda, walking around as a brown male should not be the reason to get killed by cops. tonight a family is demanding answers from the alameda police department. they want to know how their loved one died while in police custody on monday. good evening i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley.
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darrelle stone is in where they attended a vigil. >> what she's saying is she's terribly dismayed, thrown off, in disbelief of the unexplicable news she received from her son about her son. >> reporter: officers responded to a possible theft in the area. and a call of a disorderly and possibly intoxicated person. they soon came across gonzalez and at one point there was a scuffle as they attempted to place his hands behind his back. wednesday night more than 100 people showed up to not only remember gonzalez but demand that body cam video be released. >> because they decided that a brown man in alameda looks suspicious. a brown man in alameda looked suspicious, mario is dead. >> the alameda police
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department needs to understand why a perfectly healthy man who has never been charged with a crime was killed in their custody. >> reporter: officers with the alameda county sheriff's office says the body cam video will be released as interviewing individuals. they say no force was used. >> we don't need arrests. we're ready to fight. we're locked and loaded. we're coming at them. >> body cam expected to be released early next week. new developments, a danville police officer is facing felony charges after shooting and killing a man while on duty. the contra costa district
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attorney made the announcement today. saying andrew hall used unnecessary and unreasonable force responding to a pursuit. happened in november of after neighbors reported arboleda acting suspiciously. his lawyers claim self-defense. he felt not only was his life in imminent danger of by virtue of this car approaching him but he felt his sergeant's life was in danger >> attorney john boroughs respects the family. boroughs is referring to wilson. body cam video today shows hall confronting wilson after arriving a -t the scene. wilson can be seen taking out a
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knife and he fired h develongnews now, anger, frustration and fear motivating people in columbus ohio to protest tonight after the death of a 16-year-old girl. it is the second death in this country after someone being shot by police. >> reporter: moments before derek chauvin was convicted of murdering george floyd in minneapolis more than 700 miles away in columbus ohio. >> what's going on? >> a police officer shooting and killing 16-year-old measuring akaya bryant who was caught on police body camera charging at two women with a knife. >> she had a knife. she just went at her. >> reporter: the officer has been taken off patrol and state officials has launched an investigation. >> the video shows there's
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more to this. it requires us to pause and take a close look at the sequence of events. >> reporter: carolina. >> it is indeed a tragic day. >> an emergency city council meeting triggered by another police shooting. >> so we just want to let our citizens now that we are here and we don't like it reason rea andy brown jr. was killed by police executing a warrant. another investigation by state authorities is under way. >> we do have body cameras yes, and they were active. >> at which time all interviewse and case roads are completed. we will turn over the investigation at which point they will make a determination of any charges. tonight former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin is
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in solitary confinement. yesterday chauvin was found guilty in the death of george floyd. it comes as the department of justice announced a sweeping investigation into the practices of the minneapolis police department. >> the justice department has opened a civil investigation to determine whether the minneapolis police department engages in a pattern or practice of unconstitutional or unlawful policing. >> the probe will also whether the defendant e defendat in discriminatory conduct. we did it. today we hit 200 million shots. >> that's double his original goal of 100 million shots. now the challenge as the rate of vaccination slows down. kate larson is part of our
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vaccine team and she talked someone on one. >> is that your >> he joins me for about of my meetings i apologized. >> i myself, my family we've lost seven family members. >> 130 million people in america. 40% have now received at least one covid vaccine dose as a result dr. murphy believes thousands of lives have been saved. but, vaccine rates seem to be plateauing nationwide and according to the society for human resource management, 289% of employed americans say they won't get the covid vaccinva even if it costs them their lives. >> too many younger americans may not think they need vaccine. vaccines can save your life but can also save your families
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life. >> reporter: 19% will depend on americans. >> you may think i don't have a medical degree, how can i help? you have power, you have people that trust you and you can help them understand that these vaccines are healthy. that the downside of getting covid is serious then you can help save lives. >> dave: access to vaccines is key as well as incentives. >> no working american should lose a single dollar from their paycheck because they chose to fulfill their patriotic constitutety to get healthy. >> paid time off to get a vaccine or need time afterward to recover. kate larsson, abc 7 news. the entire bay area ranks very low in vaccine e hesitancy. some areas are seeing a slow down in interests for vaccination slots
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>> reporter: for such a long time, vaccination now in places like napa county, numbers are showing there may be more vaccine than people who want it. >> thursday and friday we have still over 200,000 appointments available each day. so 4,000 total for the remaining week. >> reporter: public information officer janet upton says that does not reflect potential walk ins at the large vaccination clinic. she's hoping the appointments are filled as the end of the workweek fills. the entire bay area low in vaccine. unfortunately politics around the vaccine can impact public health. >> this is a war against a virus. and as a country we all need to come together to fight this war and defeat the virus so we can go back to normal.
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>> father south cdc data found about 8% of santa clara residents are hesitant about getting the covid-19 vaccine. about 3% are strongly hesitant. san jose recently hosting this vaccination clinic for its unhoused residents. the city urging. >> we started finding ways to help other providers to help the vaccination efforts. >> reporter: back in napa county there's a call for action for hometown heros of sorts. >> i think we may be at that point in this effort where people need to be encouraged by trusted friends or family members instead of hearing the call to action from the governmental amnesty. >> abc 7 news. a new study says mrna covid- 19 vaccines are likely safe for pregnant women. that's the type of vaccine made
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from pfizer and moderna. a preliminary report was published today. researchers looked at data from vaccinated pregnant women and found no negative reactions. hoping to knock it out of the park. what's just been added park's. and what today's water emergency declaration means for the state. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. we do have a storm under way. i'll let you know how much rain we'll get. tonight it's 43 and me. do you remember the nuclear
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developers are plugging a new energy plant as part of the deal. the a's plant lithium battery. most comments were against the report includeing the one. >> how our land is liquifies does not perform a plan to drill down in support to development or prevent the toxic dust, cancer causing carcinogens that will kraoeuz rise from the ground and impact the air quality. >> reporter: this was the last scheduled public hearing for comment. people can still comment in writing or online. while in the north bay, governor newsom declared a drought emergency for sonoma and mendocino county. the governor traveled to mendocino and stood on the
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ground that should be covered by water. the state needs to change the way it manages the water supply due to climate change. >> we need to think, act with sense of urgency. think differently and approach the challenges with a laser precision that you can't approach this statement as a one state changes all solution. >> and we are in a drought situation. 99% of the state is in a drought. we need rain and some is coming. >> unfortunately it's not enough. but we will take anything. >> absolutely dan and ama. at this point the tkrou doubt is so bad we cannot get one storm to make up for the month of deficit we're now facing.
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san francisco just over 8 inches of rain. it's the fourth driest water year to date on record. when you take a look at the entire state pretty much everyone in california in a drought with the exception of the far northwestern corner of the state. so yeah it's pretty bad here and as you take a look, locally not much better either. moderate to extreme drought. that storm is coming and that will help to delay the start of the fire system which actually is good good good good good goo extploritorium coming from san francisco. it will continue to spread even more. it is breezy in concord. at this point visibility is low. watch out if you're going to hit the roads in the morning. temperatures are in the 40s. and the 50s. here's a live look from our golden gate camera. you can see a little bit of a
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hazy view. morning overcast and patchy drizzle. our storm arrives this weekend which is going to a welcomed sight. first we're going to deal with the drizzle. if you're commuting watch out for the slippery roads. be prepared with dust and drizzle. those temperatures will be in the 40s, 50s as you go into the afternoon we're still going to hang on to the cloud cover near the coast. breezy conditions just like it was today. 50s coast side. 70s inland. mix of sun and clouds. and as we bring in our storm impact scale exclusive to abc 7 news. sunday, monday is when we're expecting the rain. it's a level one storm. widespread sunday, linger chance on monday. best in the morning. saturday afternoon if you do have plans outdoors on saturday you're fine. but afternoon evening be prepared for maybe a shower or two. and then we go into sunday. that's when everyone right
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around the time the sun comes up and shortly after will widespread rain. mountain snow in the sierra. could see an isolated shower or two on monday as well. as far as totals, it's going to pressure .25 to .75. we're getting a lot of question, what about san jose. are we going to get mist? no this time around everybody whether get rain in the bay area. looking at mild inland cool coast friday. then the system lingering showers on monday. oscar sunday it's going to be raining. good day to stay inside and enjoy. >> good point. that's what we will do. sandhya thank you. >> yes. >> out of state tourists can now attend concerts and visit theme parks in california if they're fully vaccinated. state officials offered the
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next guidelines. some venues are remaining cautious. disneyland representatives told the l.a. times with tickets. and legoland is scheduled to open before schedule. >> mark your calendars, the oscars are this sunday. live coverage is on sunday beginning at 10:00. after the last award is handed
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this weekend in the north bay you can enjoy live opera under the stars. the sf opera is beginning a production of the barber of seville at the marin center drive in. this one is all live. a final dress rehearsal is held tonight and if you like what you see, tickets are available on the opera's website. wow that will be cool. the young woman who captivated the nation at president biden's inauguration will be making an appearance at the professional businesswomen of california. she inspired so many people with the hill we climb. abc 7 is a proud founding sponsor. that is going to be something to see, dan. >> absolutely. going to be exciting to have her participate. she's incredible. all right and brought the house down at the inauguration. larry beal is here with sports. >> dan and ama we have two walk off finishes for the a's and a
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sports sponsored by your local toyota dealers. good evening disturbing trend for the warriors. up in the 4th quarter lose in agonizing fashion. happened again tonight in washington. if his name is beal he's a problem. i've heard that. bradley beal goes for 29. green fouls out on that play. late 4th quarter. wizards up two with left. beal draws all the defenders. steph curry string of 40 pohere the warriors steal the ball with second left. andrne off the rim and the warriors fall 118-114. on to baseball, a's trying to ride the winning wave make it 11 in a row as they host the
1:36 am
twins. matt olson homered twice. launching a 2-run homer. his 6th of the season. many more runs to come. fast forward to the 10th. 10-10 tie. two run homer and a's win streak in serious jeopardy down 12-10. last outcome, cana ground. ramon loreano said he could smell the victory coming. throws it away and two run score. a's win their 11th straight in the 10th. 13-12 is your final. how about giants trying to sweep the phils. chilly in alwaysun to ur old team. giants would go ahead 5-4.
1:37 am
bottom 7th. bryce harper deep to right. fans braving the elements and they would like the ending. bottom 9th. andrew knapp singled to left. that's your ball game everybody. phils avoid the sweep and walk off victory. can you remember the last time you were this excited. and it seems like jonathan marchessault always kills the sharks. two goals, two assists in this contest. vegas wins 5-2 clenches a play off spot in the process. abc 7
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all rights that it for tonight. thank you so much for watching. i'm ama dates. >> and i'm dan ashley. for all of us here we appreciate your time. hope you have a nice rest of the evening. stay tuned now for jimmy kimmel, former president george w. bush. good night.
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