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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 21, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> while the verdict prompt meaningful police reform across the country? in california, several police reform bills are making their way through ing proposed. >> last summer after the killing of george floyd bills the legislature. a handful past including one that banned the chokehold that many democrats had hoped for. >> i was frustrated too. >> chris holden from pasadena is reintroducing what he dubbed the george floyd law which would require police officers intervene if they see another officer using excessive force. it would prohibit retaliation against reporting officers. >> there has to be this feeling of when you see wrong being perpetrated against another human being there needs to be a recognition of that and a desire to want to step in and do the right thing. >> his bill is one of many police measures.
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it is a process known as decertification. there is a b1 18 which was a community-based organization to send and respond to 911 calls. he believes it will take more than legislation for real reform. he believes change needs to coming within police agencies. scott spoke on cnn about the department's training efforts. >> it is a perishable skill. you have to keep at it. to make sure we refocus on de- escalation and compassionate response. >> today armstrong says he wants to see real reform. >> and is about how we can take the verdict from yesterday and move forward together. you have my commitment as the chief of the oakland police department to be at the table with the community coming up with solutions. the derek chauvin verdict is an important step toward
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accountability but is it justice? julian glover is joining us live.:again, some don't believe justice was served in this case. >> so many people i have spoken to in the black community and allies alike agree that what we saw yesterday, the conviction of the former minneapolis police officer, derek chauvin, that was accountability. true justice would be changing the systems and dismantling the things that allow these brutal things to happen. it has already happened again just showing what needs to be done. >> somewhere today in the united states of america the cops killed somebody else we just don't know their name. >> activist x speaking moments after the chauvin guilty verdict came down tuesday. >> bryant, 16 years old shot and killed by officers and columbus, ohio as the verdict
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was reached in minneapolis. the black teen threatens to girls with a knife before an officer fatally shot her. shot h >> by nightfall, protests broke out in columbus. then, the sinking feeling for so many black people, here we go again. >> and a small amount of progress that is made is immediately taken back away. >> daniel morgan, english professor at santa clara university road laughing to keep from dying. it deals with the traumas of living while black. >> there is never enough evidence to prove you are in the same. there is never enough evidence to prove you merit survival. the trauma feels personal. >> the new york times reports at least 64 people were killed by police in the u.s. since the chauvin trial started three weeks ago. more than half of those killed black and latino. the letter profile victims were
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kids themselves 13 years old and 6 years old. >> children are very observant. they are feeling what we are feeling. they can feel it. >> tanisha booker child therapist. she offers this advice for spotting if your child is having a difficult time processing the onslaught of police killings. >> inability to pay attention. anxiety. concern and worry about their safety. but they may look like in your child depending on their age maybe they are withdrawn? maybe they have is high in sense of wanting to stay inside. you may see their want and desire to stay close to you increasing.
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>> reporter: want more words of advice from the child therapists there, don't be afraid you may scare your children by bringing up the topic. and they are younger she says provide them the language to be able to express what they are feeling. if they are older give them more context. the bottom line don't avoid speaking to them about it altogether just allow the space to process that. i think we can all use that right now. beef can be very difficult conversations. you can contact julian through social media and twitter and facebook. you can -- >> now, to the pandemic.: cases are creeping up in california. there are over 2000 new cases today from more than 3.6 million since the again. 55% of all eligible californians have released at least one dose of the vaccine. today president joe biden announced a tax credit to help small and medium-size businesses offer paid time off to workers getting vaccinated. >> san francisco opened a new vaccine site in visitation valley. and neighborhood that has been hit hard by the pandemic. >> visitation valley neighbors and leaders have spoken and talked about the fact that they wanted to make sure we had the
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support and the services that they need. this is another promisanother ps fulfilled. we are going to continue to let the community know that these sites exist. we will continue to push for vaccinations for all. that is the way we get to herd immunity. that is the way we combat this virus. >> san francisco is opening up with roles that can keep us stave and staying inininininin they reveal just how well businesses are complying with the covid regulations. stephanie sierra spoke with the city's compliance team about how enforcement will change as we move move move move move mov
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>> according to these records from san francisco county, the overwhelming majority of businesses across the city and county have complied over the last year. there are still problem areas the county health department is keeping a close eye >> >> he is the proud owner of chinese cuisine. a hawaiian barbecue lunch spot in san francisco's financial district. over the past year he lost 70% of his business but never lost sight of safety. >> the customers come in and i tell them to get a mask and hand sanitizer and stay 60. they follow the rules. it is really good. >> that was the case for most business owners in san francisco but not everyone. records obtained shall more than 1400 notices of violations were cited to restaurants, bars, or other food facilities across the city and county over the past 7 nt. f those neescite multle most of e viations re sh oversees the county's
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community education and response team. they investigate complaints of covid violations. she explains the violation hotspots are the marina, north beach and mission districts. >> there were earlier businesses the we educated maybe 10 times. we created a new standard operating procedure to ensure you are not going out more than twice. >> we requested a list from the san francisco department of public health for every businesses cited multiple times but the county only provided the names of select businesses and declined our interview request. the businesses that did get back are located in the cities marina district. they are a part of the
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lumberjack group. combined, the two entities received 10 verified health order complaints. it is important to note governor newsom placed his ownership into a blind trust so he doesn't have any knowledge or role in the business decisions. however, records show he is profiting from each of the companies cited. we reached out to the group for further comment and received the following statement." we already addressed by adding more security and staff to strictly enforce social distancing protocols in our parkland and the areas adjacent to the business. we aren't perfect but take these concerns seriously. we will continue to adjust protocols as san francisco reopens and the weather gets warmer and more people gather in groups." >> everybody needs to comply with the requirements. >> some businesses are in dean preston's district. mmer right a
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corner he is concerned about a potential fourth search. >> look at the restaurants. by and large most folks are complying. if they are not, it is a problem. >> since last march, 22 businesses across san francisco were forced to temporarily close for repeated health order violations. a majority has since reopened. >> it would be a huge mistake for folks to let their guard down now. >> especially for owners who are playing by the rules and just trying to survive. >> in the beginning of the pandemic, ryland and her team received around 90 complaints about health order violations per week. now, that is down to 15. the city team has started to reduce its operations at night and on the weekends but is still assisting the county during the week. >> you can go to for the latest on covid testing
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now to california we -- with oscar sunday right around the corner we look at the golden state's film and television industry which is more than just a dream factory. it is a vital part of the california economy. >> hollywood in the entertainment industry is a part of the big california dream. the entertainment content that is made here in the state of california is all over the world. it inspires them. it is such an
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it is what represents the cultural values that are such a big part of the state. >> hollywood is a major employer in the l.a. region and across the state of california. that is one of the reasons i see concerns about places like atlanta which is a major hub for black productions. think it is really important for us to reclaim and to double down on kind of capitalizing off of the diversity and some of the benefits of bebenefits associated with a diverse workplace. of course, as california goes increasingly that is where the nation is headed. >> entertainment production is a very important part of the california economy. it is big businessbig businessbs employees hundreds of thousands of people. so many businesses. it also impacts tourism. film tourism is based in california.
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people want to travel to california so they can see where their favorite movie was shot. that has a posiposiposi the economy. it draws people here to our beautiful state. i am looking forward to the academy museum. it is a beautiful building, a cultural history here. i am so excited for the official opening. >> i have been living in new york and i moved to l.a. with the idea of what else is out there and what else is available. california in los angeles in particular is one of the cities that anything and everything is possible. i am one of the producers of the oscar-nominated short film. they are in the short live action category. filling through is the first thing they said. i still work at a restaurant. the california dream -- the fact that i am here
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dream event at. >> people really want to stay in california. there is a lot of competition out there. everybody wants a part of entertainment production. other states and jurisdictions here in the united states and also internationally. california we continue to even improve our competitiveness. we have got the most diverse landscapes and topography and locations. the experienced and crew our program is working as intended to deliver significant value. we are just getting started. we are the entertainment capital of the world. we still hold that title. this will continue to be our legacy in the golden state.. >> you can stream all of our california dreaming stories on demand including our 30 minute california dreaming special. you can do that right now.
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you will find it on our connected tv app wherever you stream. a reminder, you can watch the oscars this sunday night right here on abc 7. governor gavin newsom declared a drought emergency for sonoma. you can see it is dry. it is historically low for this time of the year. just 43% of normal according to gavin newsom. the governor says the state needs to change the way it manages the water supply due to climate change. >> we need to think, act with a sense of urgency. think differently and approach the challenges it is not a one size fits all solution. >> with that, governor newsome took new executive action to bolster california's resilient to drought and support local
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economies, communities and ecosystems. kristin, that shot tells it all. obviously they picked that location for a reason. i know we will get a little bit of rain this week but there is no way we are going to make up 40 feet of water in that location. >> that is true. we have such a severe rainfall deficit. you can't possibly put a significant dent in the deficit with one store. nonetheless, we welcome that one storm. it is dry and breezy out there. we have surface wind speeds up to about 25 miles per hour across much of the bay area. it is a little milder in most locations than it was at this time yesterday. here is a view looking at low clouds getting thicker and thicker in the golden gate and pushing out over san francisco and over the bay. oakland 59. 66 at mountain view. san jose 65. 50 at half moon bay. a nice view looking northward from the golden gate despite
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the presence of clouds. it is 67 degrees right now in santa rosa. 62 in napa. 68 at livermore. the view from our rooftop camera looking across the embarcadero have a mix of sky and low puffy clouds. these are the forecast features with areas of fog and patty drizzle. it will develop into the early morning hours. dry and mild tomorrow and friday. then, the storm arrives early sunday morning. it will probably give us a pretty good dose of rainfall. overnight this is what we will see. the expansion of low clouds and fog pushing locally across the bay. there may be a patcher to have drizzle. tomorrow in the daytime look for sunny skies except for the lingering low clouds of the cosine. overnight will have low temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. a similar range to what we had a this morning. tomorrow afternoon look for highs at about 54 to 63 at oakland and 69. low to mid in the in the
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67 in napa. south bay-70-71 degrees.bay-70-. was the storm impact scale giving you details of the approaching storm. it will be coming in sunday morning continuing into early monday. it ranks 1 on the highs will reach 60 degrees mildest inland locations.inland.
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zens le lined up for the grand opening of san francisco's new h mart. if you don't know that happens to be the largest korean grocery chain in the united states. they are for japanese, chinese and korean cuisine. spoke with the company president about this new >> have prepared prepared prepa >> the market is located on alameda boulevard near the 19th avenue to 80s 80s 80s 80s 80s 8 sase has to h marks. if you are wondering the letter h, that is a korean phrase. it roughly translates to one arm full of groceries. if you are interested, the store says it is hiring. >> things are starting to pick up for retail. david louis learns from retail experts that the year ahead looks promising. there could be some challenges. >> changes in the air.
4:26 pm
people are back out shopping. stimulus checks hope to fuel a nearly 10% of retail sales last month. consumers are anxious to move on. >> if that means a need to update their work attire consumers with renewed -- may be in for a >> one of the thing consumers have to be prepared for is when they go to the stores they are not going to find abundant inventory particularly in the apparel category. inventory is so. >> major retailers spent the pandemic closing their stores and reducing orders for new merchandise to max consumer demand. they also laid off sales staff. now that business is picking up, hiring them back could be a difficult process. >> as longas longas longas longg
4:27 pm
checks are still there and the unemployment benefits are still there for people who lost their jobs, i think people will still wait somewhat to get back into the workplace. >> that can mean less than ideal levels of customer service. still, consumers are sitting on a huge cash stockpile. economists project american save $1.6 trillion, more than they would have normally. pent-up demand would do wonders to stimulate the economy. he could also lead to investment it could also lead to inflation. star trek if you're looking to buy a new car you better be ready to spend. the average new-car price is now more than $37,000 per vehicle. prices are spiking as people are starting to buy more cars and dealers have more/-- less inventory to to to to to to to vaccine hesitancy. vaccination rates are dropping.
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too many younger americans may still think they'dthink theh need to get vaccinated. hundreds of americans are still dying from covid every day. the data could not be clear at this point. if you are fully vaccinated, two weeks be on your last shot, you were nearly 100% protected against death from covid, no matter what your age, no matter what your health history.
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until you are fully vaccinated, you are still vu >> all americans to get the vaccine. there is still hesitancy among people. it shows vaccine rates are dropping. you see that on the far right of this chart. you can see the drop off in recent days. joining me now dr. mike wasserman who is a member of the state advisory team. why do you think these numbers are dropping? >> larry, first, thank you for having me on this. thank you for calling attention to this issue. people continue -- to have their concerns about their vaccine but they really shouldn't at this point. the data is abundantly clear that just a few months ago, people were dying by the thousands from this virus.this .
4:32 pm
now that we have gotten the folks who are most susceptible to dying vaccinated, those numbers have dropped dramatically. i think it is just time we have to continue to educate folks in terms of the value and the safety of the vaccine. this is how we are going to get our country back to normal. >> we heard of the president singling out young peyoung peyoe are not the only ones who seem to be avoiding the shot. is that correct? >> yeah. there has been politics around the vaccine which is unfortunate. >> we are all americans. this is a war against the virus. as a country we need to come
4:33 pm
together to fight this war into feet the virus so we can go back to normal. >> do you think the johnson & johnson vaccine scare --ccine s some people away? we don't have, as individuals, the ability to say i would take moderna and i will take pfizer. you get what you you you >> some people who already have their concerns will use the johnson & johnson as an excuse. keep in mind, the risks from the johnson & johnson vaccine are almost negligible. you almost have as great of a chance of getting struck by lightning. the primary vaccines that are out there right now are moderna and sizer. if you are alreadalreadalreadald are looking for an excuse, you can use the johnson & johnson as an excuse but there's really no reason to.reason to.reason t.
4:34 pm
>> that is another layer of this. people think maybe, i don't know. i don't know if we want to go down this rabbit hole but what are the consequences if we don't reach herd immunitherd imn >> we are going to struggle. we are not going to get our economy back to where it needs to be. people will continue to be afraid. i used to own a people have been concve been well, you have got to get back to normal to open the restaurants. if people are still afraid, if the virus is still is rampant, restaurants aren't going to get back to full occupancy. there is a great example to exa really get the economy back and businesses back going we have got to get everybody vaccinated. i will make one comment about the side effects.side effects.s.
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>> the battle of covid-19 has thrown a lot of heroes into the spotlight. increasingly, the faces we see informing us are women. for some of them it has been a lifelong journey. here is kate larson. >> dr. maldonado of stanford began her journey into medicine as the daughter growing up in los angeles. >> my parents moved to the u.s.
4:36 pm
from mexico. a young couple moving to find a better life for themselves. >> to immigrated herself after falling in love with her native -- with medicine in her native germany. >> she was a very hungry girl who grew up on the countryside and always wanted to become more urban. >> they both share in the early days of hiv. maldonado spent her career with the cdc eventually leading efforts to vaccinate vulnerable pop lesions around the world. she earned an advanced degree she needed to become a researcher instead. both rose steadily in a world of science and medicine led mainly by men. >> 80% of the workforce in global public health are women. it, you rarely see women in leadership positions. it is the same thing in public health. we have just been invisible. >> i remember when it was at the gladstone, starting at the
4:37 pm
gladstone. at the time when there was no female principal investigator. there were only male pis. it was a long process. >> press forward to several decades to one of the greatest crisis of our time. they have joined a highly accomplished and highly visible mix of bay area women hoping to lead the fight against covid-19 and perhaps as importantly, becoming the public face of it. >> i think this comes with the territory that you are more exposed. you will be asked to be commenting on certain things. before, if you were not in the position and it is only a male person in that position, then, of course, you don't see female faces. >> as director of her own lab at gladstone, she is often called on to explain the frightening nuances of the coronavirus. dr. maldonado shares updates on
4:38 pm
the vaccine trials she directs at stanford. while they may be pioneers, they are also mentors paving the way for up and coming women. >> really, i felt like in my career it has been important to have someone in your corner who understands what struggles you are going through. syndicate has been inspiring. it really suggests things are changing so medicine is changing to be more representative for what it should be. >> you know something is wrong with the system. @ while improving the benefits are becoming more visible than ever. seor associate dean for the diversity and faculty development at stanford.
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time now for the four at 4:00. proof of vaccination for covid- 19 may be required to attend burning and if the -- if the festival is held. the back of an earlier statement indicated they already decided to make the shots mandatory. a decision on whether to hold this event expected by the end of the month. last year's canceled because of the pandemic. we could do an hour on this topic alone when you start to get into vaccine passports. i am not sure what you do. i have a feeling states will do that. florida and texas, come on down. california will be strict. dan, in this case, we are talking about thousands people in the middle of the desert potentially the ultimate super spreader event in the middle of nowhere. >> potentially is a great point.
4:43 pm
you are talking about a huge number of people if it goes on as it normally does each year. the good news is more people will have been vaccinated by then and it is outdoors so that may help. of course, anytime you get people together in those kind of numbers it is a concern especially it is a pretty wild event and people may not necessarily be paying close attention to the protocols. >> we'll see. one of the other concerns as young people like teenagers have gotten it. >> okay. no cash, no card, no problem. amazon rolled out paid by palm technology at a whole foods in seattle of his palm? i hope you did. the technology got amazon one likes shoppers scan the palm of the hand and connected to a credit card or amazon account.
4:44 pm
after the initial set up shoppers can scan their hand at the register to pay for groceries. there is no skin contact. eventually the technology may be rolled out to whole foods stores nationwide. what you think about this? would you feel secure about that? amazon having that information? >> i think i would. there so many interests that have our online information anyhow. you have facial recognition on your phone that can connect you to your checking account and baking account and credit card accounts. this is seems to be an extension of that. i don't think i would be more upset or concerned about that than i would about an invasion of my privacy and the theft of my information from all of these other sources. >> one step closer to when they put chips in our brains. we are moving in that direction. >> soon we will be born with them. >> i think there are some
4:45 pm
managers that would like a chip in my brain. >> you would rather have it in your brain and on your shoulder. >> totally kidding. soon i just a cheap shot. >> i can't wait to see you in your next job. >> i just paid for your latte right there. >> a new shortage to tell you about. you know the cargcargcargcarg was stuck in the canal? there were worries about shortages. nobody saw this coming. a shortage of the cute little gnomes. they are hard to find. expert to say it could take as much as six months to get back
4:46 pm
on track. this is big. >> i don't know. kristin, what are we going to do about no gnomes? >> oh my goodness! i am more concerned about the boba sure. >> i guess i can live with that. i will put a voodoo doll of larry on my lap how about that? >> oh my! sorry. >> no r. >> what do you think? dan, you're not worried about the shortage? >> i didn't realize i can't imagine how many of those they sell every year. >> i am so concerned i will have to see my therapist. >> in the meantime get ready for some new faces on jeopardy. today jeopardy revealedthe future lineup of guest hosts. the new host announced today includes robin
4:47 pm
they signed a petition for him. they are all good ones. it as on abc nights. >> i still thinthinthin be on there. >> i think the lineup is great. i think it is a very . i am making this up but it is a clever idea because alex trebek was so iconic in that role. just to announce a new host it wouldn't feel right. the time you get people used to having a rotating group of hosts, it somehow becomes less alex's show in a way and it makes the inevitable permanent transition a little more palatable. i think it is clever in that regard. >> all of the people that have >> all of the people that have been mentioned are where can a healthier heart lead you? for people with heart failure taking entresto,
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narrator: covid-19 has changed how we show up ask your and show out entresto fwith our family.. now it's time to take the first step that lets us get back
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to talking smack with a side of mac and cheese. before we can safely come together, we need the facts. as covid-19 vaccines become available, you may have questions. man 1: should i get it? man 2: is it safe? woman: should i wait? narrator: it's smart to question. now get the facts at so you can make an informed decision when vaccines are available to you. theywill use the same space craft at the tesla used. it has been refurbished for reuse and the booster for the launch.
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>> there will be 11 astronauts aboard the space station. four of the crewmembers will return home. they will remain at the station for 6 months.6 months.6 months. >> we are looking at some clouds that will bring us some rain. >> you have some low clouds and fog overnight and maybe some patchy drivel. low temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 40s. tomorrow a day similar to today. the fog lingering at the coast. ranging from mid-fifth days to mid 70s and then. storm of light intenslight intes we will wind down monday morning. we have two mild dry days leading up to the bay rain event sunday. then, it starts to clean out
4:52 pm
and get milder again the middle of next week. thank you, spencer. >> disney and the nfl has teamed up to -- for a collection of disney, marvel dia and star wars star wars star wars is broken down into two groups. the shares are sold at nfl i am going to do the disclaimer in the darth vader voice. "disney is the parent company of abc 7. we are your father." >> i doubt that worked. [ laughter ] >> just about everyone is excited about oscar sunday. >> you are invited to a big oscars
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>> why is the mayor so excited. it's called hoosivik and it's involved in euro vision song contest, the story of fire saga. sabin kotecha is a behind the scenes pop music super star and one of the oscar nominated song writers of hosevik. >> at this point in my career i wanted to invent something that was fun and unexpected. and you know will ferrell, it's hard to say know. >> there's such a sense of pride in that song. it's fun to see it play out. >> it's fun to see it play out in real life in hoosevik they're so proud and so
4:57 pm
excited. >> how excited? the town's main street has been painted red for citizen's to create their own red carpet moments. even the children of hoosevik are committed. >> ♪ ♪ >> they're closing schools the day after the oscars so families can stay up late and watch it. for a kid from texas who was supposed to be a doctor or lawyer. to be nominated for an oscar is something i couldn't even have imagined in my wildest dreams. the hoosevik song is the only nominated song that won't be performed at the new academy museum of motion pictures, instead it will come to us from iceland. in los angeles, george ponachio. >> nice song and actually really fun movie. you should check it out.
4:58 pm
you can watch the oscars right here at 10:00 a.m. and the 93rd academy awards airs at 5:00 p.m. speaking advanced non-small cell lung cancer can change everything. but your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread, tests positive for pd-l1 and does not have an abnormal egfr or alk gene. opdivo plus yervoy is the only
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a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about chemo-free opdivo plus yervoy. thank you to all involved in our clinical trials. next at 5:00, graphic body cam video from a danville police officer. a confrontation in the middle of an intersection ends with a man's death. now that same officer is facing new charges for another killing. plus police reform after the derek chauvin verdict and what lawmakers are doing to address the issue here at home. also ahead here police tactics in san francisco, we'll talk with the police chief live about what it might take to gain the public's trust. and bone dry, today's water emergency declarelation and why some say it's just a canary emergency declaration and why some say it's just a canary in the coal mine. >> our


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