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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 21, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on "america this morning," where do we go from here? >> as to count one, unintentional second degree murder while committing a felony, find te defendant guilty. >> the conviction of former police officer derek chauvin in the death of george floyd unleashes a flood of emotion from coast to coast. the reaction on the streets overnight and the prison sentence chauvin could now face. plus, the renewed push for change when it comes to policing america. what's next for the massive movement sparked by george floyd's death and a closer look at what congress is considering. breaking overnight, another deadly police shooti. a 16-year-old girl gunned down in ohio. police releasing the body camera video overnight. what they're revealing. and this morning, new
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details on the johnson & johnson covid vaccine and the rare blood clots being reported. we hear from the family of an 18-year-old who they say had several seizures and multiple brain surgeries. plus, prices on the rise. why even more everyday household items are about to get more expensive. caught on camera, the bear versus the biker. te dramatic moments in montana. and slow-dino? >> must go faster. >> why scientists now believe jeff goldblum may not have needed a car to outrun that t-rex. good wednesday morning, everyone. we begin with the verdict in the murder that shook the country to its core. >> former police officer derek chauvin is now behind bars guilty of murder in the death of george floyd. >> in minneapolis, relieved crowds lingered late into the night at the intersection where floyd was killed celebrating the
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verdict while acknowledging the nation has a long way to go when it comes to justice and policing in america. >> and this powerful headline this morning from "the new york daily news," just three simple words, george floyd mattered. >> today we are able to breathe again. >> reporter: this morning, george floyd's family says they're breathing a sigh of relief after a jury found former officer derek chauvin guilty of floyd's murder. >> as to count one, unintentional second degree murder while committing a felony, find the defendant guilty. >> reporter: chauvin sat emotionless as the judge read the verdict, guilty on all counts including second degree murder, third degree murder and second degree manslaughter, chauvin led away in handcuffs. outside court cheers of joy and determination from floyd supporters. >> blacks lives, they matter. >> black lives, they matter. they need to matter across the city, across the state of
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minnesota, across the country, they have to matter. >> reporter: the celebration spilling into the streets of minneapolis. abc's elwyn lopez was there. >> we were outside the courtroom when that verdict was read. initially it was silence, and then all of a sudden people were erupting into cheers. they were hugging each other, and they were crying. >> reporter: floyd's family thanked the legions of protesters who voiced support since he died in may of last year when then officer chauvin pinned him to the ground, his knee pressed into floyd's neck while he was handcuffed. >> it was a motion picture, the world seen his life being extinguished, and i could do not nothing but watch, especially in that courtroom over and over and over again as my brother was murdered. >> reporter: floyd's family also getting a call from president biden who spoke about meeting floyd's daughter gianna. >> i think of gianna, my daddy is going to change the world.
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he's going to start to change it now. you're incredible. you're an incredible family. i wish i were there to put my arms around you. >> reporter: the charges he was found guilty of carry a maximum sentence of 40 years, but state guidelines suggest chauvin will spend closer to 15 years behind bars, although legal experts say prosecutors could ask for more time than that because a child was present during floyd's murder. >> prosecutors can ask for what's called an enhancement in the sentencing meaning to go beyond what the guidelines would suggest because a child was present, and so that 9-year-old girl was not just an emotional witness, but she could become a very important witness with regard to the potential sentence. >> reporter: overnight darnella frazier, the 18-year-old who shot the widely shared video of floyd's final moments writing on facebook, quote, i just cried so hard. guilty on all charges, thank you, god. and "the view" co-host sunny hostin getting emotional when talking about the verdict. a rare instance of a police officer convicted of murder.
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>> i am the mother of an 18-year-old boy who is now in south africa, and i feel that he is safer in south africa than he is in his own country. i am so relieved that this is what justice finally looks like for my community. >> derek chauvin is expected to be sentenced in june. as for the other three officers who were with him while floyd was being restrained, they're expected to go on trial this august. let's turn now to the push for police reform across the country. george floyd's family says the verdict in the chauvin trial is only the first step in a long fight for change. abc's ike ejiochi is in minneapolis with a closer look at the proposal congress is considering. ike, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, mona. now that the trial is over, the question this morning is what will happen to the legacy of george floyd?
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what about the movement his death sparked, and will that bring about any real change? as the trial over the death of george floyd comes to a close, questions this morning about the bill that bears his name. overnight democrats renewing their push for congress to pass the george floyd justice in policing act. the bill originally introduced last year would ban chokeholds and no-knock warrants, mandate that deadly force be used only as a last resort and set up a national registry for police misconduct. the bill passed the democrat led house, but republicans have blocked it in the senate. >> their complaint about this act is that it would weaken law enforcement and put officers at risk, but this clearly is something that the white house stands firmly behind. the question is whether there is a political appetite to move this out of capitol hill, out of the house, frankly, where democrats control the house and into law to get on the president's desk. >> reporter: the floyd family's attorney, ben crump, expressing his hope for the bill during a call with president biden just after the verdict was read. >> hopefully this is the momentum for the george floyd
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justice in policing act to get passed and have you sign. >> that and a lot more. >> reporter: the president and vice president addressing the legislation last night. >> this bill would hold law enforcement accountable and help build trust between law enforcement and our communities. this bill is part of george floyd's legacy, not as a panacea for every problem, but as a start. >> but it shouldn't take a whole year to get this done. we're going to continue to fight for the passage of the george floyd justice in policing act so i can sign it in law as quickly as possible, and there's more to do. >> reporter: now, despite the renewed calls for legislation, the bill faces an uphill battle on capitol hill. it will need the support of every single democrat including ten republicans. mona. >> ike ejiochi, thank you. well, sadly another deadly shooting is making headlines this morning, this time in columbus, ohio, where police
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killed a 16-year-old girl named ma'khia bryant. protesters gathered overnight after learning of her death, and police overnight releasing the body camera footage of the shooting, and we just want to warn you, it's hard to watch. police say officers arrived on the scene of a fight between three girls. they say bryant was shot as she swung a knife at the others, but bryant's aunt is demanding more answers. >> you ain't going to have her go out like that. either you report the truth or don't report nothing, okay? she was a good kid. she was loving. yeah, she had issues, but that's okay. she didn't deserve to die like a dog on the street. >> the mayor says an independent investigation is under way. bryant's family says she was actually the one who called 911 in the first place. we turn now to the pandemic and the rare side effects potentially linked to the johnson & johnson covid vaccine. we're now hearing from the family of a teenager in nevada. they say she suffered several
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seizures after getting the shot from j&j and underwent three brain surgeries due to the clots. this morning, this 18-year-old las vegas woman is fighting for her life. according to a family spokesperson, emily burkey is one of the cases they're investigating for blood clotting possibly linked to the johnson & johnson vaccine. >> we're very concerned. >> reporter: burkey's family says she received johnson & johnson's shot earlier this month. over the next few days they say she suffered multiple seizures, was hospitalized and then was placed in a medically induced coma. >> they realized it was getting more and more serious, her condition was deteriorating rapidly, and then they discovered that she was getting -- having blood clots in the brain. >> reporter: burkey's family says she's improving. a fund-raising website set up for her says, quote, the j&j vaccine has been put on hold because of these rare cases. unfortunately, emma is the one in a million here. last week regulators paused the
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use of the johnson & johnson vaccine pending an investigation of the six reported cases of possible side effects out of the nearly 7 million doses given. >> the risk of adverse effects from this vaccine is so small compared to many other medical interventions that we take for granted every day. >> reporter: according to a new poll, most americans say pausing the vaccine was the right call and one in five people say they're still unlikely to get a covid shot. that's a similar percentage to polls from back in january. >> we know the groups that are at the highest rates of vaccine hesitancy, whether that's political groups, age groups or minority groups, and we really need to target those individuals. >> reporter: this morning even burkey's family is urging americans to get vaccinated. >> they are 100% in favor of people getting vaccinated. in fact, both of them have been, and they see this as just a one in a million situation. >> reporter: the pause on the j&j vaccine could be lifted friday.
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europe already lifted its pause saying the benefits outweigh the risks. time for a look at your ra, d snow forcethe cie fid it's part of a storm system that will stretch from the midwest to upstate new york and parts of new england today, some areas could get 6 inches of snow. elsewhere rain along the east coast today and more snow for parts of the rockies, and checking today's temperatures, parts of texas and oklahoma could see record low temperatures this morning before they rebound later today. meanwhile, very mild across the pacific northwest. coming up, the new study on sleep and how it affects your brain. but first the shocking video. take a look at this. a bear chasing after a mountain biker. and what we're learning about queen elizabeth's birthday today and prince harry's whereabouts.
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back now with the high speed back now with the high speed chase in montana. take a look at this video, a black bear was seen chasing this mountain biker. it is in whitefish, montana. the cyclist was able to get away without being injured and someone posted a reaction, this is a reminder that montana is not disneyland. shoppers and workers with their hands up were escorted to safety on new york's long island after a deadly shooting inside a supermarket. police say the manager was killed and two other employees were wounded when a man who worked at the store opened fire. the suspect was arrested hours later.>> allere evacuate out of the back of the store. we're very grateful for that. this gun violence in this country has got to stop. >> police say the suspect had a history of mental illness. and a new warning for middle-aged people who don't get enough sleep. a new study finds fewer than six
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hours of sleep a night can actually increase your risk for dementia later on in life. researchers say you need at least seven hours of sleep a night, and they say deep sleep actually removes toxic proteins from the brain that can cause mental decline. queen elizabeth is marking a milestone. she is 95 years old today. the traditional celebration has been canceled as she mourns the death of prince philip. the queen is the longest serving monarch in british history. since taking the throne at 25 she's lived through 14 prime ministers, 14 u.s. presidents, and prince harry has reportedly returned to california and will not be in england for his grandmother's birthday. when we come back, paying tribute to a legendary songwriter. also ahead, attention shoppers, more items in the grocery store are about to get more expensive. are about to get. trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ it's a new dawn... ♪
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so you can enjoy movie night. and knowing your baby is getting the nutrition he needs, no matter how you choose to feed him. at abbott, we fight for these moments, developing life-changing technologies. because dignity demands it. ♪ ♪ ♪ i can barely recall but it's all coming back to me now ♪ that is celine dion's hit song written by jim steinman who has passed away. steinman wrote a number of hits including bonnie tyler's "total eclipse of the heart" and meat loaf's "i'd do anything for love." he was 73. we turn now to some unwelcome news for your wallet. more companies are raising prices due to the pandemic. here's abc's megan tevrizian. >> reporter: this morning, some popular household items will soon cost you more due to pandemic-related supply issues. procter & gamble is expected to
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hike prices between 4% and 9% on baby products, adult diapers and feminine care brands beginning in september. the company, which also owns tide detergent and charmin toilet paper, says some of those products will also be getting more expensive. it follows a similar price hike last month by rival kimberly-clark, which makes huggies diapers and scott paper products. >> what's happening is you have pent-up demand due to covid, and that's being combined with you don't have all workers back to work, so that's creating a classic supply demand imbalance. >> reporter: americans hitting the road this summer will also be paying more when it comes to rental cars. that's because of a shortage of vehicles. >> rental cars had a terrible business situation during the pandemic, so they sold off in some cases as much as half of their fleet. >> reporter: and auto companies have been forced to scale back production due to a shortage of semiconductor chips. the problem now trickling down
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to the car rental counter. >> in some markets like hawaii and florida we're seeing up to 300% increases, so the cost of your car can be way more than your flight these days. >> reporter: another industry under new pressure, video streaming services. after months of being stuck inside, americans are watching less tv. netflix stock fell sharply tuesday after the company reported a slowdown in subscriber growth. consumers are now dropping streaming services at a record rate. back to those prices at the grocery store, coca-cola has announced it will also be raising prices. another factor in all of this is rising transportation costs. gas prices are approaching $3 a gallon nationwide. faith, mona. >> all right, megan, thank you. coming up, surprising news about girl scout cookies. also ahead, batman to the rescue. the superhero helping homeless pets. we'll be right back. helping helping homeless ♪
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♪ time now for "the pulse," and we begin with a sharp drop in girl scout cookie sales. >> and it's being blamed on the pandemic. a lack of in-person sales this year has left tons of thin mints, samoas and other flavors unsold. >> troop leaders in atlanta say they have 7,000 boxes sitting in a warehouse placed end to end. those boxes could encircle all of interstate 285 in atlanta. that's 64 miles of cookies. next what's being called a delicate operation. >> take a look, and you'll see why. this is a 310-foot super yacht being maneuvered through the canals in the netherlands and it was headed to the north sea. >> the yacht is 44 feet across and had only two feet to spare at some points. next the surprising discovery about a prehistoric predator. a new study finds the t-rex walked much slower than we
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thought. scientists made this animation to clock the dinosaur's walking speed at just under three miles per hour, about the same as humans. earlier estimates failed to account for its huge tail. next batman is trying to help annals in need. >> and this real-life batman is chris van dorn of florida. he and his rescue dog mr. boots use their batmobile to take animals to shelters or even better, to find them new homes. >> they've transported dogs, cats, even rats so why the batman outfit? >> not only did he look super cool, he didn't really have any superpowers. you know, he was just a guy, you know, trying to make a difference in the world and try to rescue as many animals as i can when i have the time, and it's very gratifying. >> he recently traveled 18 hours round trip to north carolina to reunite a dog with its mother. and finally the return of the electric blue waves in california. >> check out the shining waters of newport beach. the phenomenon occurs when small organisms like plankton get disturbed.
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we the jury ijury i entighted matter find the defendant guilty. >> the reaction in minnesota, d.c. and right here in the bay area. and protests after the death of a teenage girl in columbus by police. growing concern over vaccine his tan sip and more on the johnson & johnson vaccine. apple revealing its newest tech gadgets. >> good it's tuesday, april 20th. >>february april 21st. a little bit of developing in novato.


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