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tv   Nightline  ABC  April 20, 2021 12:37am-1:06am PDT

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. tonight, the murder case against former police officer derek chauvin now in the hands of the jury. here in minneapolis, after a year of protests, a city on high alert. it's the cases that become a symbol for race and justice in america. we're in the neighborhood where george floyd died. >> the emotions are between rage and anger. >> now after three weeks of testimony, impassioned pleas from the prosecution and the defense. >> this wasn't policing. this was murder. >> the state has failed to meet its burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. >> as the nation waits on edge. plus, "minari." in this year of awakening, a look at what it means to be
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good evening from a chilly
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minneapolis, minnesota, where the warm glare of the national spotlight is now on this american city. the murder trial of derek chauvin now in the hands of the jury. tonight in the heart of minneapolis, a city waiting with baited breath. residents hunkered down, businesses boarded up for whatever comes next. >> very worried. the intensity right now is heightened. the world is watching this. so this is a world event. >> what will you be doing? what will you be thinking as you wait for that jury to come back with the verdict? >> people were already on edge. a lot of us have seen this before. >> from the intersection of 38th and chicago, the place where he took his last breath now a shrine to who was lost and what was learned. >> the space is a memorial not just to george floyd, but it's a memorial to all the names that as a community we desire to acknowledge and uphold because we believe that their deaths are
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unjust. >> to the courthouse on south sixth street, now the epicenter of a local murder trial with national implications. >> this wasn't policing. this was murder. the defendant is on trial not for being a police officer. he is on trial for what he did. >> beyond the reasonable doubt, it is the highest standard in the law. i submit to you that the state has failed to meet its burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubtd up in the murder trial of george floyd by former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin. all eyes now turn to the jury room. >> the power is now all in the jurors' hands. they have to consider not just is derek chauvin innocent or guilty, but also if they do think that he is guilty of a crime, what crime should that be. i would not expect that this would be a very quick deliberation.
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>> this court case, one of the most awaited since the rodney king trial nearly 30 years earlier. >> we went through the crucifixion of floyd. give us a resurrection with this jury so that people will know that justice can happen. >> reporter: in the courtroom today after three weeks of arguments, both sides making their final pleas to the jury. prosecutor sleeve schlesser imploring jurors to trust their eyes. >> that 9:28 that killed george floyd. >> defense attorney eric nelson reporting. >> a reasonable police officer would understand this situation. that mr. flayed was able to overcome the efforts of three police officers while handcuffed. the failure of the state's experts to acknowledge any possibility, any possibility at all that any of these other factors in any way contributed to mr. floyd's death defies medical science and it defies
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common sense and reason. >> but prosecutor jerry blackwell, in a scathing rebuttal -- >> you were told, for example, that mr. floyd died because his heart was too big. and the truth of the matter is the reason george floyd is dead is because mr. chauvin's heart was too small. >> reporter: during closing arguments in court today, it was the first time for a prolonged amount of time that the jury got to see derek chauvin without his mask. there was sort of an audible gasp when he took his mask off and all the jurors did look at him. chauvin face at least charges for the death of george floyd, second degree unintentional murder with the maximum 40-year prison sentence. third-degree murder, 25 years maximum, and second degree manslaughter, ten years maximum. judge peter cahill giving very specific instructions. >> during your deliberations, you must not let bias, prejudice, passion, sympathy, or public opinion influence your decision. >> i would be stunned if there
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was an all-out acquittal. i would just be shocked if 12 jurors were unanimously deciding that there was reasonable doubt in this case. >> reporter: regardless of what the verdict is, the impact is already being felt here at george floyd square. blocks barricaded, traffic cut off, violence on the rise. >> it was such a sense of lawlessness going around. people carrying guns and things like that. and it's very, very frightening for customers and business owners as well. >> reporter: sam willis jr. owns just turkey, opened in the wake of george floyd's death just down the street from where he was killed. >> this neighborhood was a flourishing neighborhood before all this happened. we have elderly people trying to come and get our food, which is hard for them to get into because of the blockage of the streets. >> reporter: willis and several other business owners in the area formed the 38th street black collective. these stores are lost more than 75% of their revenue over the past year. >> have a good day.
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>> you too. >> wasn't receiving any funds. we weren't receiving any security for this area. the police wouldn't come in this area at all. ambulance wouldn't come in this area. fire department. things like that, it was very overwhelming not to receive the services that our tax dollars are paying. >> reporter: authorities have vowed to increase law enforcement's presence at the intersection. an despite the city council's approval of forgivable loans and a $500,000 donation by the floyd family to local businesses, some are now praying more will be done. >> god had this happen here. >> reporter: pastor curtis farrar leads worldwide outreach for christchurch. how has the church changed since george floyd was killed across the street? and how much has the neighborhood changed? >> i've noticed the change as far as a lot of people, the church has grown as well as everybody else is on edge. >> on edge why? >> a lot of us have seen this
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before. >> in many way, the derek chauvin trial has been personal for pastor farrar. like floyd, he too moved to minneapolis from texas years ago in search of a better life. floyd's death triggering memories of his own encounter with police decades ago. >> i remember myself being beaten within an inch of my life. and they cracked my skull and my brain was swoll up. so i remember this one cop, he just didn't particularly like me. but boy, they started to beat bt me. >> change your life? change the direction of your life? >> it really did. that experience led me to ministry. and boy, am i thankful. i look back on all of that now, and i understand what people are
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going through, george floyd, his folk, the people out there in the neighborhood. and that is why i believe that god has allowed me to that same kind of a situation. i could have been gone years ago. >> saved by grace, sobered by grievances generation old. pastor farrar believes the jury's verdict will signal either a step forward or spark a new season of unrest. >> i think people are on the verge of rage any way. the emotions are between rage and anger. and people are losing faith in the justice system. >> is it fair, though, pastor, to put the burdens of the racial divide and intention with policing on the backs of one trial involving one police officer? >> no.
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but i think he should be on trial. the justice system, when we all have looked at it, we see exactly what happened. we saw that this man was already handcuffed. and he was already -- he wasn't resisting. >> and now like his parishioners, all he can do is wait and pray as the jury will reurn to continue deliberations tuesday morning. >> if we're going have the communities that we're looking for and desiring, the love for one another, then aat all aroune world is looking for, it is going to take the power of god to change our heart. >> fortunately, unfortunately, all we have this week is the legal system. >> you're absolutely right. and what i'll be doing on a monday night is praying for the legal system. that's all i got left. that's all we got left is god. nothing else has worked in years past.
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>> reporter: they're the unlikely dynamic duo attracting oscar spotlight. >> pretty boy. >> reporter: 73-year-old korean legend and then 7-year-old newbie allen kim stealing scenes. >> i'm not pretty. i'm good-looking. >> reporter: the low budget indie film pierces through with the story of korean family that moves to arkansas, toiling in a chicken hatchery to pursue their vision of the american dream. >> he doing things right. >> yes. >> reporter: "minari," a metaphor for the korean herb that can sprout in the most difficult conditions. >> my character doesn't like at first, but throughout the movie she starts growing on him. >> reporter: the film nominated for six oscars including best picture, best director and best supporting actress for yeun. >> strong boy. >> reporter: but the portrayal is already winning awards around
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the globe. >> allen kim, "minari." >> little allen with zero acting experience melting hearts at the critics choice awards. >> is this a dream. >> reporter: meanwhile, yeun has earned accolades over her 50-year career in south korea, but her blunt humor went viral after the baftas, known as the british oscars. >> british people, known as very snobbish people. and they approve me as a good actor. i'm very, very happy. >> i admire them very much. and i was kind of 3:00 in the morning. i was think of lack of my english. i was saying it like that. >> every piece of emotion smushing together into one. >> what are you looking forward to most about going to the
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oscars? >> winning! >> reporter: alan isn't nominated for an oscar, but his director lee isaac chung is nominated for director and screenwriter. he wrote the script based on his own experience in arkansas and his own grandmother, hoping to reframe the american dream. >> it's not about the hard work and success, it's about the sacrifice that everybody makes. i wanted to highlight my grandmother and my mom and even my dad in the factories, the sort of work that they did when they were very much invisible, the work that they were doing out of love. >> i'm curious if you think about sort of representation and the asian american experience. >> i'm wary of creating films that are merely about representation. it's a story about family. it's a story about redemption. it's a story about many different things. and this family happens to be asian. but that's not the reason why the story has to exist. >> reporter: written in 2018 as his sort of farewell to
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hollywood, chung was preparing to leave the industry after a modest decade in film. >> i didn't know if it would do anything for my career. so i was trying to put everything i was feeling into it, so i would feel like i didn't leave anything behind. >> reporter: did you have any idea it would become this big a deal? >> of course not. no. there was just a part of me that thought this screenplay is going to sit on my computer. and one day i'm going let my daughter read it when she is older so she can see what i was working on when i was younger. >> reporter: that all changed when his crypt landed in the hands of producer christina oh, a fellow korean-american who's partners include brad pitt, didi gardner and jeremy garner at plan b. >> it's like the power of his script. we read it and were so moved. >> reporter: what makes it so powerful? >> feeling like oh my god, somebody understands how i grew up. from like the grandmother visiting and bringing like bags of korean spices and dried anchovies.
12:58 am
i've had a lot of people reach out to me and my grandmother was the exact same way. just replace the dried anchovies with x. >> reporter: oh also insisted the korean dialogue stay in the script. and with that green light, oh and chung hit the ground running, scrambling to start production in three months. >> we had less than $2 million. there is something about making something with very little money and very little time. you're there because you love the material. because by no means did anyone get any sort of payday on this. >> reporter: the film was shot in 25 days under the hot tulsa, oklahoma summer sun, much to the distress of its biggest star. >> your first day, the ac went out. and just a mess. so, but looking at isaac, he was all sweating, and i'm over 70 years old lady. i'm very temperamental. but he was always calm.
12:59 am
and he always say i got it. that was too me was most beautiful sound from the director. >> if i lose my cool, then the ship is going to sink in some way. so i just knew that i had to keep it together and keep it in control. i grew up seeing her in a lot of tv shows and movies. she herself is so lovable, unpredictable, funny, irreverent. so there was just nobody else who could do this. >> youn has two sons and is a grandmother herself, which may be why she instantly connected with alan, who plays her grandson. >> you are literally, you don't understand. you are very ignorant. >> reporter: even in her 70s, she can't forgive herself for how she treated her great-grandmother, a korean war refugee. >> she used the water, reuse it again because of water shortage. then to me she was dirty. so i don't like her. she passed away a long, long
1:00 am
time ago. and now it's breaking my heart. every time i talk about my great-grandmother,. >> reporter: that empathy and humanization so desperately portrayed on screen has made her a front-runner for best supporting actress. it is rewarding your instincts to go with your gut and not go with the biggest paycheck. >> i'm old enough. the money or fame is not important. people, my friends is important. >> oh, it's spectacular! >> reporter: as for her young co-star, he'll be turning 9, just before sunday's ceremony. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ safe to say we all know what he just wished for. >> our thanks to juju. up next, remembering former vice president walter mondale, one of minnesota's native sons.
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walter mondale passing away today at his home here in minneapolis. he served in the senate for 12 years, later becoming jimmy carter's vice president. he made his own run for the presidency, losing in a landslide to ronald reagan, but making history, selecting representative geraldine ferraro of new york as his running mate. the first female nominee to run for vice president. walter mondale was 93. from minneapolis, that's "nightline" for this evening. you can watch our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you back in


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