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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 19, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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from attending a baseball game to flying to going to work. the vaccine passports could soon play in our every day life. >>
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as more and more people get vaccinated, the idea of a vaccine passport is becoming more of a reality. marin county could go into the yellow tier and that means that bars like this could only sell alcohol inside. could microretailer business model. rain on the way, the weather is coming up. covid has certainly changed
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many aspects of our lives and so could vaccinations. you might need vaccine documentation to experience many things we once took for granted. traveling, going to a sporting event or a concert. with that we say good even i'm dion >> and i'm anna daetz. as kate larson found out, the bay area is leading in a different direction. >> reporter: the idea of vaccine passports has become politicized. >> this isn't republican or democrat, this is public health. >> reporter: uc berkeley's dr. wortsworth is a policy expert
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and says proofs of vaccines will allow the economy to reopen without compromising health and safety. >> restaurants, concerts, baseball games, basketball games, a lot of the things i enjoy doing with other people i would do if i knew that they were vaccinated. >> reporter: some counties like san francisco are requiring vaccine documentation in certain spaces. on friday for the first time in more than a year the wrar kwrors will welcome back fans but in order to get into the chase center, people will have to show that they're at least two weeks out from their second dose, warriors will welcome back fans but in order to get into the chase center. >> we're communicating this ahead of time with our fans at as many points as possible to make sure people understand what they're walking into. >> reporter: will you turn people away on friday if don't have a negative vaccine
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test or their vaccine card. >> yes, and we will extend that program everyone longer. >> reporter: how about passports beyond sports in san francisco. >> i think other than international travel, they're going to be a permanent thing in california. if we do really well, we can get people vaccinated. if we may change things. and globe will not be raised to the highest travel advisory level four which means do not travel. johnson & johnson has suffered yet another set back
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with its covid-19 vaccine. a maryland plant has temporarily stopped production at the request of government regulators. the fda is looking into a missation in the facility that led to the disposal of millions of doses. all of this comes less than a week after the vaccine was paused to investigate possible links to a rare blood clotting disorder. and we will need a booster shot or will we not after we are fully vaccinated: our vaccine team went to the experts to get some answers. monica gandhi says the key to deciding whether a booster is needed is by monitoring those who are vaccinated to determine if a variant can penetrate the vaccine. >> anyone who received the vaccine shots in the vaccine trials actually received them in the summer. july 2020, and we are not seeing breakthrough infections even in the setting of surges and per sis at the present time cases in the united states. >> reporter: though dr. gandhi says it's not looking like
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boosters are necessary both pfizer and moderna plan to have them on the market by the end of the year. >> for the very latest on vaccine appointment openings or if you have questions about the vaccine process you can always ask the abc 7 news vaccine team. by heading to abc 7 in the north bay, tomorrow, marin county will learn if it will become the next county to move into yellow. even if marin county get it is green light to go yellow, some people are not sure they're ready to come inside. >> reporter: this is the inside of a bar, a sight that many of us have not seen for a very long time but a sight that might become more common to many if marin county goes into the yellow tier on tuesday. >> i'm very excited to going inside. >> reporter: andre shumway
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the owner of bar. shumway says they opened indoors a couple of days ago with food but the demand has not been initially as high as they had planned. >> we were surprised with how limited the desire to come back inside. >> reporter: some are still a bit hesitant of being inside a bar. >> because you know people get close to each other in a bar. >> reporter: the lack of demand to go inside is being seen in restaurants as well. a move to the yellow would keep them at 50% indoor capacity but everyone getting that is a challenge at los moles. >> people they don't like to sit inside. they like to sit more outside than inside. >> reporter: there's a hope that will change with vaccination rates high and covid cases low in marin. s h humway says they're now doing what they can to try to reassure their patrons fe to go
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>> we're putting in our hvac system ultraviolet lights that purify the air coming out. keep all the doors open. following all the safety procedures. >> in addition to bar, county goes into the yellyell tier on tuesday, gyms could increase from 55 to 70%. developing news now, a jury spent four hours today deliberating the fate of former police officer derek chauvin. rena roy has a look at the last chance effort from both sides to prove their case. >> derek chauvin's future is officially in the hands of the jury with deliberations now under way after arguments from both sides. >> his name was george perry floyd jr. >> reporter: prosecutors walking the 12 jurors through
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george floyd's life story, blaming chauvin for cutting it short. >> what the defendant did to george floyd killed him. it was ruled a homicide. >> the prosecution reminding them of the painful viral video seen around the world. >> use your common sense. what you saw, for 9 minutes and 30 seconds he begged, george floyd begged until he could speak no more. >> reporter: nelson arguing chauvin's actions were justified. >> a reasonable police officer would understand this situation. that mr. floyd was able to overcome the efforts of three police officers while handcuffed. >> reporter: chauvin's team also zeroing in on floyd's heart and drug issues. >> for the medical expert to minimize the timing and the
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amount of elicit drugs that were found in mr. floyd's bloodstream, it is just simply incredible to me. >> reporter: both sides explaining the jury's responsibility detailing exactly each element of the law's they should consider when deliberating chauvin's three charges of second degree unintentional murder, third degree murder or second degree manslaughter. there's officers standing by in anticipation of any protests and schools will be remote starting wednesday. reena roy, minneapolis. concerns of possible violence has led the city of oakland to issue about potentseto the
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verdict and to provide a designated space for demonstrators. >> we will be bringing you complete live coverage of the derek chauvin trial including the delivery of the verdict here on abc 7 news and on our abc 7 news bay area connected tv app. you can find it for roku and other devices. new at 11:00, the former oakland a's tony la russa is cutting ties with arf. they found that the group corralled a stray cat from the oakland coliseum during a game. the family wrote, until we see a significant change, we are stepping away from arf and will dedicate our passion time and resources to aid other organizations. small businesses reimagined. the push in the south bay that
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could change the postpandemic economy. and the immigration message some bay area lawmakers want ve person. yes tomorrow is 4:20 but san francisco has a strong message for those thinking about coming for a cannabis celebration. don't even think about it. drizzle tomorrow and rain is in the forecast later week. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. this coming up after jimmy kimmel. >> mondays are great. who are you taking to the oscars with you? >> i'm going to be taking my wife. you are expecting me to
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tomorrow get your oscar's on. walter mondale has died. he was 93 years old. mondale has a long career in politics. he would represent the state in the senate before resigning so e he could serve as vp under jimmy carter. mondale would serve for president in 1994 nomination. abc 7
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small businesses could the businesses. owner fractal flora just moved from a small business to a larger space. >> at least with a microspace you can test the waters out. >> reporter: with the help of a night foundation grant, this microcenter dubbed moment launched in 2018. each space is just big enough to serve during the pandemic. >> we are going to be seeing a lot of these people want to take their, you know, shops or their businesses that they started in their homes to the next level to see if it's
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actually sustainable. >> reporter: chris johnson says it's a space to offer smaller entrepreneurs to bring new life into public spaces. >> i think what we will see is part of the build back strategy is thinking about retail and experiences at the street differently. and trying to connect those spaces with the spaces around them so that there's an experience that's stronger. stronger together sort to speak. >> reporter: he says a recent study uncovered success dependent on these smaller businesses during the pandemic. >> we move that has and we're now seeing it. over 1,400 migrant children are being housed at the san diego convention center where a
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rally took place. it included speeches, songs and prayers. activists say it's important to help young migrants heal from the trauma they've been through. >> they have left situations of poverty, of corruption, of violence, and so, we need to welcome them and we need to make them feel whole and that's going to take resources and that's going to take care. >> reporter: san francisco supervisor, hillary wonan and hillary benton were part of that caravan. san francisco will not look hill. crews put up fences around the hill. the event has been canceled because of restrictions. so don't do it tomorrow. but maybe you can get outside and do something else if it's
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not too breezy, too hot or too cold. i feel we're everywhere. >> just wait a few hours and things will change right sandhya. >> that's what makes weather so interesting here in the bay area. don't you think anna and dion. how about some rain. saturday there's a possibility the bay area will see some wet weather sunday night. the last time we had measurable rain here was well over a month, march 19th. so we need that rain. take a look at doppler 7 tonight. we do have fog and low cloud right along the coast. that will become a little more extensive as we head to tomorrow morning. temperatures are in the 40s, 50s. but the winds still gusty around parts of the bay area. 37 in san francisco. 21 in hayward. 26 in fairfield. it's that on shore wind that helped to drive our temperatures down a good 10 to 15 degrees today compared to what we were yesterday with
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some 80s and 90s on our warmest spots. all right hour by hour we're going to look at the wind. tomorrow morning it is going to be over 35 to 38-mile an hour winds at 8:00 a.m. gusty winds will continue into the afternoon. topping 40-miles-an-hour. and even into the evening we'll be seeing some gusty winds along the coast. breezy conditions in our inland values. be prepared for that a live look from our golden gate bridge camera. you can see a little bit of hazing view. air quality will be good as a result of the strong wind. so you can get outside and get some fresh air. explore train cam is showing you a lovely view of san francisco tonight. breezy to windy even cooler weather expected tomorrow and the wind returns this weekend. breezy in the morning. you see those little specks of green primarily along the coast and could be possible around the bay. 8:00 a.m. if you are commuting in the morning watch out for that. fog and low clouds will be increasing again tomorrow
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evening. so our typical pattern will be back in the forecast. windy along the coast in the morning. 30s. it's mostly 40s and 50s with that drizzle then in the afternoon you're looking at mid- 50s to upper 70s for your tuesday. so the cooling continues tomorrow. then we bring in the possibility of rain. late saturday night going into sunday, is when we'll see the wet weather and really sierra is going to be seeing the snow with lingering showers on monday. people want to know how much rain. this is an early look where basically we're looking at .2 to .6. there could be a few spots that are less and a few that are a little more than that. stay tuned the accu weather forecast, windy with the cooling continues tomorrow. temperatures don't change a whole lot wednesday through friday and then much cooler weather with increasing clouds saturday leading up to our storm impact scale and much needed wet weather for our parched area. level one for sunday and monday. that's what we should be seeing around this time of year.
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prominent american women will be appearing on the ck of quarters. the u.s. mint announced the first two will be astronaut sally ride and writer maya angelou. >> this is part of the mint american's quarters program. and many more are scheduled throughout the next year. the program runs through
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i have the pleasure to present to you... dr. martin luther king. sometimes, this is what it takes. facing down hate. facing down bias. as we step out, bay area, lets step up our march towards social justice liidt me register today
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more games than anyone. today he passed gordy howie by appearing in tonight's game. >> with his appearance in tonight's game, patrick marleau has played in his 3,668th nhl game. >> his family there, a number of shark fans as well. marleau was drafted second and the next active player on the all times list is the man was drafted first, t, t, t, t, teammate thornton. marleau's teammate. and how nice would it have been if marleau got a goal but he was stopped there. the man of the hour still that guy. patrick marleau. >> i think it's very meaningful.
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i think it's huge having played the majority of my games here in san jose and being drafted by them and it's just been a great organization over the years for me and my family. my phone has been blowing up the last three or four days. it's all very humbling. >> to basketball now. stephan curry taking on his both seth in philly. philly starts with a 13-0 run starting off. it's steph with the advantage. the triple to end the first quarter. he had 20 at the half. 55-55 at the break. warriors down two. steph from the turnpike. his 11th straight game with at least 30 points and he was not done. he's on another level right now. 4th quarter, more steph how about his 8th game with 40 this seasonment and we have another splash, curry hit 10 from downtown. the 6th time he's done that tying his own season record, he scores 49 in the game.
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a game high 96. baseball kapler his first series. home run his third of the year. watch the fan here going after that baseball. went down hard. kevin gosman through 3 scoreless innings. giants win 2-0. former 4-9ders quarterback alex smith announced his announcement today. san francisco drafting smith number one over all in 2005. he earned the come
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someday, looking back on the pandemic, you'll want to be proud to say i did everything i could. i found the strength. i looked out for everyone. i did what i could to keep my family safe. i will say, i did my part. while covid-19 is in the air, please, protect yourself and others. wear a mask, keep your distance, and get vaccinated when it's your turn. santa clara county. stay strong. spread hope.
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from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!." tonight riz ahmed and andra day. and now jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: oy, thank you, thank you. hi, everyone. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for joining us on what was one of the least productive days we've had here at our office in quite some time. because mike lindell, the mypillow guy, with whom i am obsessed, launched his new website and is now about a third of the way through a 48-hour live yell-a-thon. he's planning to broadcast live for 48 straight on his new
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