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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 19, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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right now on "america this morning," first flight. a nasa helicopter set to lift off from the surface of mars. the challenges, the technology and what it could mean for the future of space exploration. this morning, a nation on edge. >> say his name. [ crowd chanting "george floyd" ] >> as the derek chauvin trial enters the final stages, security nationwide bracing for the potential fallout from a verdict. thousands of national guard troops deployed.ectingod aclosm nned bro daylight at a mcdonald's drive-through. the gunman at large overnight. details coming in. peloton fights back. responding to claims that their popular treadmill is unsafe.
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what the company is saying this morning. later what would you do for a year's worth of free burgers at your favorite restaurant? what one chain is offering. and gnome laughing matter. the story behind a shortage of garden gnomes. nasa is about to do something it's never done before. >> it's flying a helicopter on mars, the goal of the flight is to develop research to change how we look at the universe. >> it's being called the little helicopter that could and could set the stage for a whole new way to explore other planets. this morning, history being made more than 100 million miles away as nasa's ingenuity helicopter attempts the first controlled flight on another planet. >> it all starts with that one flight. we need that one first sccessful flight.
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>> reporter: the chopper, which was brought to mars on board the perseverance rover in february, weighs only four pounds built to withstand the frigid temperatures dropping to 130 degrees below zero. earlier this year, abc news got a firsthand look at some of the technology used on the helicopter. >> this is one of the earlier test builds of one of the blades. >> wow. oh, my gosh. >> you see? >> i mean, this is like paper. >> exactly, yet it is strong enough for you to spin it through this very thin atmosphere at 2,400 revolutions per minute. >> reporter: ingenuity's first flight won't be a long one. the $85 million craft will ascend to just ten feet above the surface where it will hover for up to 30 seconds before descending back to the ground. but in that short time nasa hopes to collect a treasure trove of data from the copter as well as photos and video.
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>> there will, of course, be the first aerial images taken from that point. >> reporter: while nasa expects to fly it up to four more times, it says this flight as the most important to set the stage for a new way of exploring other planets. >> that's the critical wright brothers moment from mars, all four feet on the ground, the whole thing will be happy. >> reporter: a piece of fabric from the original aircraft has been placed on the helicopter. a link from the past to the future as a new chapter of spaceflight takes off. nasa expects the first data and photos from the helicopter later on this morning. closing arguments are expected this morning in the trial of former police officer derek chauvin charged in the death of george floyd. crowds gathered in minneapolis this weekend as police and the national guard made last-minute security preparations ahead of a possible verdict. police say someone fired shots early sunday at members of the national guard and other officers. demonstrations are being held in several cities to demand police reform. in raleigh, north carolina, some
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people threw objects at officers and vandalized buildings. here in new york, police have reportedly been told not to take any unscheduled days off until further notice. abc's ike ejiochi joins us live from minneapolis for a look ahead at this morning. ike, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, mona. it's possible jury deliberation begins after closing arguments. this as the city prepares for more demonstrations. this morning, anticipation in the streets of minneapolis. crowds gathering at the now infamous corner where george floyd was pinned to the pavement under chauvin's knee for over nine minutes. tensions rising while 2,000 national guard members line the streets on the eve of closing arguments. so far three weeks of testimony from 45 witnesses including george floyd's loved ones, medical experts and more than a dozen members of law enforcement. chauvin is facing three charges, second degree unintentional murder, third degree murder then second degree manslaughter and he's pleaded not guilty. >> the outcome that we pray for
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in derek chauvin is for him to be held criminally liable for killing george floyd. >> reporter: the prosecution arguing chauvin's actions killed floyd when he pinned him down to the ground for 9 minutes and 29 seconds. >> a health person subjected to what mr. floyd was subjected to would have died as a result of what he was subjected to. >> reporter: the defense claims it wasn't chauvin's knee that ended floyd's life, rather his drug use and untreated heart condition. >> remember, all the defense has to present is reasonable doubt. they don't have to prove that it occurred a certain way. in fact, their own expert in this case says it's uncertain as to what the cause of death is. >> reporter: the city and a nation facing a racial reckoning. a week of protests following the deaths of daunte wright and adam toledo. coast to coast, preparations for unrest, san fran off for all officers are called off. the same in new york city. in the nation's capital,
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officers begin around the clock 12-hour shifts. here in minneapolis, public schools are moving to remote learning starting wednesday. now, minnesota lieutenant governor peggy flanagan releasing a statement ahead of closing arguments. she was commenting on the recent police shootings saying minnesota is a place where it's not safe to be black. mona. >> ike, thank you. abc news will bring you live coverage of today's closing arguments at the chauvin trial beginning at 10:00 a.m. eastern. this morning, anger in chicago after a 7-year-old girl was shot and killed while sitting in a car at a mcdonald's drive-through. jaslyn adams died on the way to the hospital. she was with her father at the time when dozens of bullets were fired into the car. no arrests have been made. police reportedly believe the shooting was gang related. >> you pump 6 1/2 bullets in that baby. that don't make you a man. it don't make you a gangster. something wrong with you.
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>> her father was injured in that shooting. he is now recovering. a prayer vigil in indianapolis honored the victims of laswesa at fedex. friends and fa quonout how the shteceay the kit them months after a shotgun was taken from him last year when his mother said he was suicidal. the police chief says it appears prosecutors did not follow the state's red flag laws which could have stopped the gun purchases. turning now to the pandemic, a new step towards vaccinating children against covid. and when it comes to adults, some new progress to report. this morning, a milestone in the fight against covid. every state now has expanded vaccine eligibility to all people 16 and older. and doctors hope to extend that option to younger people soon. pfizer says its vaccine is now being tested on children as young as 6 months old. >> weigh the risks of getting the vaccine versus the virus it's clear, let's do the vaccine. >> reporter: this california
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couple's 7-month-old son will take part in the trial this week. his brother was the first to start the trial. >> he had a sore arm for like -- for a day and a little low on energy for like a day but that's it. >> r the meantime, the cdc now says more than 50% of adults have received at least one dose but a pause on johnson & johnson's single shot vaccine could hamper progress. six women suffered rare but severe blood clots out of the 7 million people who received the shots. according to "the wall street journal," the fda, quote, came close to simply warning about a blood clotting risk from johnson & johnson's vaccine but ultimately recommended a pause concerned that doctors would improperly treat the condition. doctor anthony fauci says he expects the pause to be lifted this week, although some restrictions may still be required. even if the j&j pause is lifted this week, doctors fear the damage may already be done with more americans growing hesitant to get any shot. >> patients are asking me a lot of questions over the last weekend, but the pause is necessary so we can better
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understand generally this vaccine is definitely safe and the cases are so low and there's really not much of a link that we see. >> new data shows that southern states are falling behind with vaccination rates with tennessee, mississippi and arkansas ranking among the lowest. police in columbus, ohio, involved in a massive party, os- about 2,000 people gathered near the ohio state university campus saturday night flipping over eight cars and lighting fires. several windows were also smashed. the biden administration has abruptly shut down an emergency center in houston that was housing migrant girls who crossed the border alone. more than 400 teens were transferred from the center amid reports of unsuitable conditions. reports say the church group awarded a contract to run the facility may not have been properly vetted. the white house says the record surge of migrants is partly to blame for president biden's decision not to raise the number of refugees admitted to the country, something he had promised to do.
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and time now for a look at your monday weather. parts of north and central florida will see more rain and hail today. this was the scene sunday as a storm hit near daytona beach. today storms could trigger flash flooding. elsewhere rain across the plains today and more snow for the rockies. denver could see 5 inches by tonight. higher elevations could get over a foot. checking today's high temperatures, only in the 40s in upper midwest and northern plains. 60s from d.c. to boston. 80s in southern california today. coming up, the father and son video that will make you smile. the little boy who really wants to mow the lawn. but first celebrating the life of america's oldest resident. her remarkable 116 years and her key to longevitity. and up next, new details about a deadly crash involving a tesla.
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back now with the investigation into a deadly crash involving a tesla. police says it appears no one was driving raising questions about the company's autopilot system. here's abc's megan tevrizian. >> reporter: this morning investigators looking for answers into what caused this fiery crash near houston. >> the calling party advised that they did hear a boom and now they see a fire in the woods approximately 20 to 30 feet tall. >> reporter: video capturing what's left of a tesla model s after it slammed into a tree kiintwme.thium io battery reigniting over and over again. firefighters battling the flames for more than four hours using 30,000 gallons of water before the fire put itself out.
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>> with these electric vehicle battery fires, they're different than your combustion engine fires. you're dealing with gasoline as the source of the combustion in those. >> reporter: firefighters found one man in the passenger seat, the other in the backseat. police say there's no indication anyone was in the driver's seat and they're investigating whether the car's autopilot system was activated. saturday's crash is the latest in a series of incidents that sparked several safety investigations against tesla. the national highway safety traffic administration is looking into 23 crashes in which drivers were suspected of using autopilot technology, but advocates for tesla say the company is being unfairly targeted. >> it just happens to be that teslas often end up in the headlines for whatever reason but for many, there's cars that crash every day. >> reporter: three hours before saturday's crash, tesla's ceo elon musk tweeted, tesla with
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autopilot engaged now approaching ten times lower chance of accident than average vehicle. tesla has not directly commented on the houston crash. it's also facing at least one federal investigation into post-crash battery fires. faith, mona. >> thank you, megan. in north carolina the woman who held the title of oldest american has now died. hester ford was born in 1904 when life expectancy was only 47. well, she passed away peacefully at the age of 116 and lived through 21 u.s. presidents, two world wars and the civil rights movements and lived to see 125 great grandchildren. she credits her faith for her longevity, not her diet. pancakes and bacon were among her favorite foods. >> i don't know about that one but coming up, a heartfelt tribute as fans remember an actress from the harry potter movies. also ahead, how peloton
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few days. she repeatedly said quote thank you so much. she was 52. we turn to pushing back after a federal agency urged parents to stop using the treadmill. the company calls the warning misleading and inaccurate. >> fighting back. claiming the popular treadmill is safe when used properly. it comes after a federal watchdog urged americans with children to stop using the tread plus. the consumer product safety commission seds the high end treadmill poses serious risks to children who could be entrapped, pinned and pulled under the rear roller. it's documented 30 is incidents involving children being injured by the machine. an stint in february a 3 year-old boy died. >> injuries happen with treadmills. not like this. being sucked underneath it. >> the disturb video shows
4:20 am
another boy playing around the tread plus. he gets stuck and breaking free. his 6 yoerld daughter was walking on 3 miles per hour. and slipped and dragged under the treadmill. >> it was trying to pull her under and climben top of her. my older daughter was there. and she turned the machine off. and we were able to get her out. >> his daughters incident is not part of the 39 incidents reviewed by the safety commission. this morning they say quote there's no reason to stop using the tread plus. as long as all warnings and safety instructions are followed. the company adding that kids under 16 and all pets should be kept away from the machine. >> the safety commission recommends parents use it in a locked room and hide the key when it's not in use. >> aan made the catch of the day in major league baseball. this man snagged the foul ball at sunday's royal games holding
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help saying, quote, they always want to help until they're actually old enough to do so. anderson cooper takes over as guest host of "jeopardy!" >> he admits being nervous even though he's been a contestant four times in the past. >> in high school i became a "jeopardy!" fan. i'm a two-time celebrity champ and this week i'll be the newest "jeopardy!" guest host. that's what i call triple "jeopardy!" >> cooper will guest host for two weeks. sportscaster joe buck will reportedly guest host this summer but some fans are outraged that "reading rainbow" host levar burton has yet to be chosen. more fallout from the recent traffic jam in the suez canal. there's a gnome shortage. >> the statues and garden items have become scarce. the pandemic led to an increase nally ce to win free hamburgers for one year. >> all you have to do is get a tattoo. california based will give you the burgers if you get a permanent burger bearing the restaurant's name. you can get one free burger if you get a temporary tattoo.
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so, do it with cascade. the surprising way to save water. checking the top stories, nasa's mars helicopter is set to make history. its brief flight this morning would be the first on another planet. it says it can set the stage for a new way to explore deep space. closing arguments set for today in the trial of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin charged with killing george floyd. tensions were high ahead of the verdict as law enforcement braces for what could be a new round of national unrest. we're following two mass shootings from over the weekend. in kenosha, three were killed at a bar early sunday. an arrest made and in austin, texas, the person who shot and killed three people at this apartment complex was still on the run overnight. investigators call it a domestic situation. today's weather, warm on the west coast, snow in the rockies. rain in the plains and tnas and florida today. finally, a young golfer
4:28 am
making his way across america teeing off in all 50 state. >> will ganss has his story. >> day one of hitting a golf ball in every state in america. i'm in vegas. >> reporter: from vegas to california to new york city, jake adams is on a mission, from tee to shining tee. the lifelong golf enthusiast and stand-up comedian trying to hit a golf ball in all 50 states in just 30 days. jake hitting the road solo in his subaru meeting people along the way like these state troopers in oklahoma. >> every state has something beautiful in it except for mississippi. there's nothing -- don't go there. why would you? >> reporter: his travels bringing him to the grand canyon and to snow covered mountains in colorado. >> i've just been blown away by how beautiful this country really is if you take time to go check out all the national parks and everything. >> reporter: aside from mississippi? >> right, yeah, please don't go
4:29 am
there. >> reporter: he is currently working remotely getting paid to make memes for a popular golf account so he can rest wherever his travels bring him. hotels usually and his car once or twice. since the pandemic began, jake's been known to do a weird internet challenge or two. but this challenge has a bit more purpose. >> my mission for golf as a whole is it gets so stuck in like its patriarchal and kind of like traditional values of this stuffy country clubs and, you know, kind of my message is there's so many more people, you know, my age or, you know, who don't believe in those traditional values that love and enjoy the game. >> reporter: the last couple of days will see him driving to seattle leaving his car at the airport to fly to ago a. staying there for a few hours then catching a flight to hawaii. good thing jake is so driver -- i mean driven, mona and faith. >> thank you, will. mississippi has a lot going for
4:30 am
it. has two ss, two ps, a lot of is. >> a morning," first flight. a nasa helicopter set to lift off from the surface of mars. the challenges, the technology and what it could mean for the future of space exploration. this morning, a nation on edge. >> say his name. [ crowd chanting "george floyd" ] >> as the derek chauvin trial enters the final stages, security nationwide bracing for the potential fallout from a verdict. thousands of national guard troops deployed. what we're expecting today as closing arguments begin. delopi rht ttle girl gued dhtth the gunman at large overnight. details coming in. peloton fights back. responding to claims that their popular treadmill is unsafe.


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