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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  April 19, 2021 3:00am-3:59am PDT

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- chapter two. the hayworth siblings were settling in to their new normal. after being laid off, sarah was trying to make use of her time. everyone hoped she'd find a new job soon-- some more than others. for connor, being a newly separated, single dad was exhausting. and thanks to that loan from connor, tom had a financial cushion for a few months, allowing him to really focus on his novel. asking for a loan was awkward. but it would get really ugly once the whole family learned that this new book was all about them. [overlapping chatter] now that they all lived nearby, the siblings decided to host a weekly rotating brunch. - so first trip to oakland. everything you ever dreamed? - oh, yeah. so hip. - oh? - and your place is so, uh,
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so snug. - "snug"? - no, no. i think what connor's trying to say is that it's cozy. - yeah. cozy. cozy and snug. - and warm. - intimate. - comfy. - quaint. - okay, it's fine. the word that you are searching for is "small." - oh, i don't think i-- i wouldn't call it small. - small? with all this space-- - ooh! oh! [objects clattering] [children laughing] - it's kind of small. - yeah, but, you know, it doesn't feel small. [upbeat music] - next weekend, brunch at our place? i'm making chilaquiles. although, hearing myself say that sounds like a lot of work, so probably not. - we're not brunching. next weekend, we got spags' wedding. - do i have to call him spags? - the siblings had grown up across the street from a kid named spags. while tom tried to be a role model to connor, which usually meant doing connor's homework for him, spags connected with connor on a more primal level. and although she hadn't yet realized that she was gay, robl h a on tt ne
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tom and sah s had culous idea called drawerd'oeuvres, and connor invested in it, despite tom saying it was ridiculous. but, hey, what did tom know? because it was a huge hit. and connor added it to his already ridiculous fortune while tom could've invested in it, but didn't. not that that bothered him. - ooh, mommy brain. that's next weekend? - yep. and i'm supposed to give a toast. stand up in front of everyone and act all happy for the new couple. i can't do that. - because he's gross? - because he's a jerk? - it feels like you're losing a part of yourself? - it's impossible to find joy in anything?ys,. because how am i supposed to act all "yay, marriage" when i'm, you know... getting divorced? - oh, yeah. - right. right. - so sorry. - you still haven't told gretchen? - no, we're waiting for emily to get back from her business trip. god, here i am, heartbroken, trying to write an inspiring toast about love when i'm not a good writer.
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you know, i'm not skilled with such things. - uh, yeah, i could-- i could help you out. - really? you don't mind? - come on, connor. i won "most promising debut novel" at the 2009 nantucket book festival, non-fantasy or science fiction division. i think i can handle a wedding toast. - thanks, tom. i don't know what that is, but that's very cool of you. - aw, brotherly love. - that's so sweet. - not all heroes wear capes, right? - i am just so excited to go to a party for grown-ups-- open bar, dancing, bacon-wrapped dates. - spags will have b-wrapped-d's, for sure. champagne fountain. i think they're releasing, like, 100 doves. - do you know what happens to those doves after they're released? - oh, yeah. they get eaten by hawks. it's gnarly. - oh, my god. i am so glad we didn't do any of that at our wedding. - well, we barely had a wedding. - yeah, that was definitely the right choice. - [strained] yeah. definitely. anyone else need coffee? [mischievous music] ♪ ♪ - oh, my god! - gosh.
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phew. [overlapping chatter] ooh! - hey. - hey! - what're you watching? - i was just doing--my email. just sending, receiving. bcc, cc, lol. - are you watching porn? - no--yes. yes, i am. just hardcore sex content. - all right, well, there's nothing to be-- embarrassed about. - don't. i don't-- - oh, my god! what is this? - it's a custom dress with a mermaid silhouette. - i don't understand. - oh, that's where the skirt comes out mid-thigh to create a hourglass effect. - no. why would you watch this? - oh. well, going to this wedding, it's kind of reminding me of how we... never really had one ourselves. - well, we are married. i mean, we did it as soon as it became legal. - yeah, in, like, a quickie, city hall ceremony. i'm talking about one with, like, a reception. - we couldn't afford one. - i know. - and our parents were pretty lukewarm about the whole thing. - i know. - and we didn't want a big party. - no, you didn't want a big party. you said, "having a wedding reception was like celebrating money and patriarchy."
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- well, the father literally gives the bride away, i mean, like she's cattle. - okay, i just can't stop thinking about how nice it would be to wear gowns, and have our first dance, and have a video to show our kids on our anniversary. - right. i get that. okay, well, it's not a wedding cake, but there is a mushroom lentil pie in the fridge that we could slice together. - ooh, tempting. - it's gluten-free. - wow, you really know how to sell it. - [laughs] [upbeat music] ♪ ♪ - "and in the end, isn't that what matters? "not just that we find someone willing to accept us "and forgive our mistakes," but that we find someone who makes us want to be better?" - i mean... - i don't know. it kind of sounds like you. - do you mean thoughtful and in touch with human emotion? - it feels heavy, right? - oh. - like, i would never say, "marriage is a fire stoked by the coals of forgiveness." like, it's a marriage.
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can it even get...stoked? i don't know. that's just something i'm kind of bumping on creatively. - look, man. this is gold, okay? mom cried when i read it to her. - mom cried at the end of "jumanji." - okay, uh, you need my help? i'm here to help. i'll have another go at it, no problem. - do you mean, like, someone who uses the word "dope"? - swag. - what? - we should just work on it together. - oh, actually it's probably a little quicker if i kind of bang it out myself. plus, marina needs me to get home. - right on, i'll have lupe make some chicken nuggs. lupe! nugg time! - what is this? - together, we are going to work through your wedding envy. - by watching my favorite show? - we're gonna watch it critically. - of course. - because once we lift up the rock of the wedding industry and examine the cultural biases just crawling underneath, you will never want a reception again. - you are so cute when you use your women's studies degree. - aw! okay, let's watch this trash. - i could see the sun just hitting you, like, glowing.
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- i feel perfect. [giggles] - it's like we're programmed as women to want this spectacle, like our worth depends on it. - you are so right. - so i shouldn't get married? - no, no, sweetie. that's not what we're saying. you shldn't "want" to get med of a woman's life is not her wedding day. it's the day she becomes president. - sparkling face. [women laugh] - you know, it is so archaic. - and lookist. - but i really hope they nail that dance. - right? and it's the same song her grandmother danced to. - and the same gown! - i just want you guys to feel it like i feel it. - they overcame so much, you know, with the hurricane and the heart attack. - and they got their perfect day. - it's your day. - yeah. it is my day. - i think i have something in my eye. [all sniffling] - you know, it just restores your faith that love conquers all. - this didn't work, did it? - hey, did you get the twins down? - no, i'm just really into tiptoeing. did you finish connor's toast?
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- well, i tried to get it out there, but, of course, he insisted we "brainstorm" while doing sit-ups. - hmm. - medical question. can you break your abs? - hey, you volunteered for this, remember? heroes without capes? - i don't mind helping connor. i've been doing it my whole life. i can't waste my entire week on this stupid toast. i mean, he keeps changing it. i don't know what his problem is. wait, you don't think this is about that loan, do you? like, now that i owe him money, he owns me? - please, no fights at the wedding, okay? i don't want another scene like your parents' anniversary. - connor told me he was buying them a juicer. i show up with 20 pounds of oranges. i looked like a idiot. - well, he did buy them a very nice car instead. - that's not the point. - please! this is my first party in a year without a bouncy house. i have it all mapped out. drop the twins off at 10:00. take my first shower in a week. put on a dress. hair, makeup. pregame cocktail. maybe an edible. - marina. - okay, boomer. i'll stick to alcohol. and if i remember to eat enough while i'm drinking, i will get drunk, but not drunk-drunk, and i will peak right in time for dancing.
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- oh. [chuckles] don't forget to make some time for old tommy at the end of the night. - sweetie, it's not your birthday. - well, okay. - tommy boy? oh, hey, guys. marina, you mind if i borrow dean koontz over here for just a second? i got a new idea. - uh, connor, it's 9:00 p.m. - so i read over what we wrote, and it's fine. you know, but i'm thinking, what if the toast is in the form of, like, an investment report about their marriage? - uh... - i'm gonna go pump. you two have fun. [percussive music] - i brainstorm better when i plank. come on. plank with me. [grunts] thomas? - okay.
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♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ lusion, market conditions indicate "that the value of this merger "will only increase in the years to come. "my rating for this marriage: strong buy." huh. that's not bad. that whole run about volatility is actually pretty good. - yeah, but hearing it out loud, it's like npr funny, and i'm more howard stern funny. - oh, my god, connor! we have been at this all night. - you're right. let's sleep on it. do another round in the morning. - no. - no? - no, that's it. i'm done. i'm out. - but we're so close. - you're always doing this to me, just like when we were kids and you used to trick me into doing your homework. - you used to love doing my homework. - what? - and i wouldn't have gotten into college otherwise. i mean, really the reason that i'm successful and living in matt damon's old house, it's thanks to you. - well, then why don't you ask matt damon to help you out? - he does have an oscar for writing.
3:15 am
people forget that. - okay. - what--come on. i need your help, all right? you're the better writing-good person. - wow. look, you're taking advantage of me, okay? it was just supposed to be a favor. - this is just a favor. i do favors for you when you need them. - okay. - what? - oh, wow. - wait, why are you laughing? - you're calling in that loan, aren't you? that is so like you. you're always so transactional. - who even said anything about the loan? [scoffs] wow. and to think i was gonna invite camila on our ski trip. - she doesn't even know how to ski. - that's the point, tom. she needs to learn. - nobody needs to learn how to ski! - okay, well, now you just sound crazy! all right? tomorrow, i'm gonna stand up in front of friends and family and give a toast, and you know what? i have absolutely nothing to say. - i've given you at least three full versions. - absolutely nothing! i'm gonna look like an idiot. [scoffs] i hope you're happy. [door slams]
3:16 am
[guests chattering excitedly] [upbeat music] ♪ ♪ [silverware clattering] sarah, can you pass me the bread, please? - there's another basket ri to to i'od. ts nna be like mo and dad' is i'm no longer doing somebody's homework for them. - but you love doing connor's homework. - why does everyone keep saying that? - you had very good penmanship. - like a woman born in the '40s. - thanks, guys. hey. hey, hey, hey, hey. hey. you get it, right? every time i do something nice for him, he takes advantage of me. - honey, i hear you. i do. - but you're no longer listening. - no, i hung in as long as i could. i have a strict schedule to get the most out of this day, and i'm not gonna let anything ruin it. - fair enough. - yup. - [grunting] hayworths! [cackles] we're still bumping it out, right? boom, boom, boom! all: whoa! - hey, tommy boy! boom! - oh! - [chuckles] got me again. - still got it, man. [laughter]
3:17 am
sarah. - hey, spagsy. congratulations. - yeah, this is so crazy. - yeah, well, you invited-- oh, wow. yeah. [laughs] okay. this is my wife, denise. - wow. very nice! [cackles] why didn't you invite me to your wedding? - oh, well, we didn't actually really have a wedding, so-- - chandrasekharans! - it is a shame you two never had a wedding. i have no photos for facebook. every year, on your anniversary, i post a picture of ellen and portia. [laughing] - i'm gonna run to the bathroom. - oh, wait. denise, it's... - mom! - what? - when i got married, you wouldn't even say that it was to a woman. - oh, sweetie, everybody was homophobic back then. both: mom! - [scoffs] - oh, stop it. - sarah, i'm sorry. i'm just realizing now, i never even got you a wedding gift. - honestly, tom, that's the least of my problems. - sweetie? - yeah, dad? - is denise gonna finish her salmon? [rock music playing]
3:18 am
♪ ♪ - connor! - break your face. - ooh, good one. did you write that yourself? - someone had to. hello, everyone. i'm connor hayworth. spags and i made a little bit of money together. [applause] - pfft! [cackles] - you know, i wasn't quite sure what to say about spags and teresa today because, the truth is, i've been going through a bit of a tough time. yeah. i thought i could use some help. and that's one of the things i love about spags. he always helps. he doesn't get all weird about it. spags would definitely understand that if i ask him for help with something that he, spags, is particularly good at, that he should be flattered. that's why spags is like a brother to me. - okay. hey, everyone. tom hayworth here. i'd like to just kind of add on to that. - no, you can't add on. the toast floor's mine tonight. i don't yield my time-- - perfect. we'll double toast.
3:19 am
what i love about spags, is he never tries to manipulate you. you know? i mean, if, let's say, i ask spags for a loan, he'd never hold that over my head. spags would understand that i fully intended to pay him back. and i'm very grateful for the help, and i thought i made that very, very, very clear to spags. - what happened to the coals of forgiveness? - go sit down. you look like an idiot. - i look like an idiot? you're wearing a drink. [all gasp] [guests murmuring] [guests gasp] [both grunting] - stop! okay, here comes big papa. - nope, come on, not fair. - connor! - all right. that's enough! - oh, my god. they're so embarrassing. - give it up for teresa and spags! [scattered applause] - [sighs contentedly, gags]
3:20 am
i was supposed to eat more bread. [gags] - oh! - [retching] [guests gasp] - uh, let's keep those toasts coming! who wants to follow that? [upbeat music playing distantly] ♪ ♪ - you know, any of those toasts you wrote would've worked. - well, yeah. then why'd you keep asking me for more? - i guess 'cause... ♪ ♪ i like hanging out with you? - [dryly] ha ha. seriously? - don't make me say it again. look, i got no one at home right now. i mean, yes, i have a daughter, you know, i have a full-time nanny, and i have the sickest house ever, but i got no one to talk to about this stuff. - well, you could always talk to sarah. or spags. - but you're my big brother. why do you think i was always asking you to do my homework? it was just a way to get you to pay attention to me. - and to get me to do your homework.
3:21 am
- you do good homework. - yeah, i don't know. maybe i like doing homework. [both sigh] - truth is, i guess right now, i'm... i don't know. things are a little lonely. and you are the closest thing i have to a wife. [both laugh] - the only difference is, we can't get divorced. - yeah, no matter how hard we try. - aw, man. you know, now i feel bad. whole time, i thought you were using me. turns out, you were really looking up to me. - well, i don't know if i said it like that-- - truth is, i was kind of jealous of you and spags. i mean, he was your buddy, you gave him money for drawerd'oeuvres, which i think, let's be honest, is-- - awesome. yeah. - pretty ridiculous. - what? - i said "awesome." - yeah. hey, man, that loan? that's an investment in you. your next book's gonna kick ass. i know it is. what's it about, anyways? - uh-- - the book?
3:22 am
- oh, it's kind of hard to explain. it's a novel of manners, kind of how we live today, a look at our society-- - yeah. no, you don't have to actually explain it. i trust it'll be good. - okay. yeah, okay. okay. [both laugh] - come on! come on! come on! - hey, are you okay? - good as new. - are you sure? - of course. this is all part of my schedule. come on. we still got dancing and cake. - [chuckles] all righty. ♪ ♪ [sophie b. hawkins' "as i lay me down" playing] ♪ ♪ - ♪ it felt like springtime ♪ ♪ on this february morning ♪ - this is our song. - ♪ birds were singing your praise ♪ - oh, god. - hello. hi, everyone. um, i'm sarah.
3:23 am
i'm related to the two idiots from before. spags used to be super into me. um, thank you all for joining us on this truly magical day. and now, i would like to have a first dance with my wife. - ♪ and i will wake up happy ♪ - wh hniow? - [laughs] looks really good. - thank you. [chuckles] - wow. thank you. [both laugh] this is so stupid. - i know. thank you for being my wife. and for dealing with my really crazy family. - oh, it's gonna take a lot more than a dance to make up for that. [cheers and applause] - ♪ as i lay me down to sleep, this i pray ♪ - we are never inviting that family anymore again. - that's fair. - yeah. - let's hear it for the happy couple... who's stolen the spotlight for some reason. hey, get out and join them!
3:24 am
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bring the spring we have to cut the cake! - whoa, what are you doing? - that's our cake! [laughter] - sorry. i got a little carried away. - aw! - tom, this is actually, um, amazing. - yeah, it's the wedding video we never had. - the wedding gift i never got you guys. - whoo! i'm so happy for-- - sarah and denise. - you're a wonderful couple! whoo! - sarah and denise. - do we know them? - no. - to think you met at that kid rock concert. [laughter] - [gags, retching] okay. that's enough. - oh, oh! - all right, tom. - mom, mom, mom! [overlapping chatter] - that is a lot of vomit. [mellow electronic music]
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- this morning on "world news now" -- the city of minneapolis and the nation on edge. >> closing arguments get under way. today, the murder trial of former police officer derek chauvin in the death of george floyd. how soon could the jury come to a verdict? also this morning, new questions being raised in the shooting rampage at an indianapolis fedex facility. the gunman legally purchased the two rifles used in the attack after police had seized a shotgun previously. with flags across britain back to full staff, a hopeful sign for the two royal brothers brought back together to remember their beloved grandfather, prince philip. feeding fido. our gadget wiz will be here to share inexpensive pet gadgets. it is monday, april 19.
3:31 am
from abc news, this is "world news now." good monday morning. we begin with closing arguments in the trial of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin, now just hours away. >> the country on edge. worried that a verdict stemming from the death of george floyd could trigger a new round of outrage like we saw last summer. >> tensions already high. this was the scene last night in raleigh, north carolina. officers clashing with protestors rallying against the recent police shootings of daunte wright in minnesota and adam toledo in chicago. >> reporter: the city of minneapolis bracing itself ahead of a verdict in the derek chauvin trial. thousands of members of the national guard come in to assist local authorities. schools moving to remote learning for several days, following three weeks of gripping and emotional testimony.
3:32 am
the trial now nearing its end. both sides getting one last chance to sway the jury in their favor during closing arguments. jurors could begin deliberating immediately after. >> members of the jury, the evidence is now complete for this case. next step for you is to listen to closing arguments and then retire for deliberations. >> reporter: chauvin is facing charges of second degree unintentional murder, third degree murder and second degree manslaughter. he's plead not guilty. the defense has argued that drug use and underlying heart condition led to floyd's death. chauvin's attorney saying chauvin's actions were justified and he acted reasonably in his use of force. te prosecution says the cause was the 9 minutes and 29 seconds in which chauvin pinned floyd to the ground with his knee pressed into floyd's neck that made it impossible for floyd to breathe. nearly a year after his death sparked protests, the attorney for floyd's family says he prays for a conviction.
3:33 am
>> we believe that could be a precedence of finally making america live up to its promise of liberty and justice for all. >> reporter: diedra bolton, abc news, new york. >> stay with abc news for special live coverage of closing arguments in the chauvin murder trial beginning this morning on abc at 10:00 eastern. the focus on the indiana fedex plant mass shooting is turning to prosecutors and the state's so-called red flag laws. the gunman legally bought the weapons months after a shotgun was taken from him last march. it appears prosecutors never sought a red flag ruling, which would have stopped the purchases. a vigil was held to remember the eight people killed. the victim's friends want to know how the shooter slipped through the cracks. >> it's very concerning. we need to hold our leaders accountable. we want answers.
3:34 am
we want a full investigation. >> four of the eight people who tracked visas to allow relatives to travel from india to the u.s. for their funerals. now to the pandemic and the race to vaccinate more americans. this week, everyone over the age of 16 becomes eligible to receive a vaccine. and dr. anthony fauci expects the pause of the johnson & johnson vaccine to be lifted friday, saying it could be limited based on age or gender. six women suffered severe and rare blood clots. that was after receiving that vaccine. >> that pause in the johnson & johnson vaccine distribution is giving quite a few americans pause whether they should get vaccinated at all. i spoke earlier to dr. ali. good morning, dr. ali. thank you for joining us. beginning today, vaccine eligibility expands to everyone over the age of 16, ahead of joe biden's original goal. but do we have enough supply for this? >> yes, we do have enough
3:35 am
supply. in fact, last tuesday, the white house increased its weekly shipments to states by 1 million doses. so that's 14.5 million doses to states on a weekly basis. we have enough federal vaccinators. >> how has this setback with the johnson & johnson vaccine affected overall vaccine hesitancy? >> it has to some extent. a lot of patients are asking me questions over the last weekend and week. now we know that the number of cases of the blood clots are so minuscule. and we can't clearly find a link between the vaccine and the blood clots, but the pause is necessary to better understand if there are any other cases out there. >> and the obvious goal is to get herd immunity, when so many people are vaccinated, we can stop the virus from spreading. is that possible without kids being vaccinated, and where are
3:36 am
we in terms of kids getting vaccinated? >> we want at least 70% to 90% of the population in our country vaccinated to reach herd immunity. by the fall, i think we will see a good amount of vaccination among kids, maybe even the 12 to 15 range. it's hard to say about the younger children, we have to wait for the data to understand how the vaccine works in younger kids. >> thank you so much for your insight and your time. >> thank you, mona. joe biden is under fire for backtracking on plans to increase the number of refugees admitted to the u.s. to 62,000. even some democrats are calling the about-face shameful. the administration insists its long-term goal hasn't changed. but said the surge at the southern boarder is partly to blame for that decision. for the first time, we're hearing the president calling the situation at the border a crisis. nasa is mi to make history this m helipt irien feet upo
3:37 am
and then coming down to collect a treasure trove of data with photos and videos. it will take several hours for that data to get back to earth. two bffs from new jersey celebrating their close, close friendship. >> high school seniors ashley and miriam have both made it into the ivy leagues. each accepted to harvard, dartmouth and university of pennsylvania. ashley also made it into yale and brown. both are the daughters of immigrants and the first in their families to go to college. >> when we first opened our ivy league acceptance, it felt like all of our hard work from not just the past four years of high school led up to that one moment. >> we do virtually everything together. so naturally the college application process was hand in hand doing everything together. >> they say their success is due to supportive school
3:38 am
environment, family encouragement and each other. >> they've been friends for seven about shley surprising at all. congratulations to them. >> exactly. they haven't decided where they're going yet. >> they have options. coming up, the british woman who really loves pink and what she did to her house. and the new sign of hope for two of the royal brothers. the tender moments that they shared during their grandfather's funeral. and later, what you never knew you needed to get cat hair off your furniture. our giz wiz with his top handy pet gadgets. you're watching "world news now."
3:39 am
3:40 am
3:41 am
flags returned to full staff across britain after the funeral for prince philip. the royal family gathered saturday at st. george's chapel to bid farewell to the duke. he died last friday at the age of 99.
3:42 am
>> after that funeral, a hopeful sign for two royal sons. >> prince william and harry were spotted having a brief chat after laying their grandfather to rest. >> reporter: as the royal family said goodbye to one prince, a sign of hope f william and harry sharing a brief moment outside moments after their grandfather's philip funeral. kate, a peacemaker of sorts, speaking to harry first, then offering the brothers space. it's the first time they've been seen together in more than a year. >> those would have been the first steps, watching that with duchess kate by their side, it looked like things were stepping into the right direction. >> reporter: it was harry's first public appearance since that bombshell interview with oprah last month. where he opened up about his fractured relationship with his brother. >> i love william to bits. he's my brother. we've been through hell together. and we have a shared experience. but we, you know, we are on different paths. >> reporter: all that was put
3:43 am
aside as the family came together to honor philip, who was the epitome of duty over e moment milonito out side by side, separated by the oldest grandson. 23 years ago, it was philip who walked alongside his grandsons during their mother's funeral. now they walked for him and gifted him with unity and support for a mourning queen. her majesty looking back at her husband's casket, before entering the chapel. because of covid, she would sit alone, remembering her best friend and partner of more than 73 years. and this may be the most moving moment, the national anthem sung for the lone queen. ♪ god save the queen ♪ this is a chance for them to unite, especially for the queen. who needs their support now more than ever.
3:44 am
so we focus on the queen, she's all about duty first. i think it's likely we'll see her back at work very soon. she'll be supported in public by the royal family. just as she's being supported by them in private. >> our thanks to james. they talk about duty first all the time. the queen was out and about. but she's a human being just like the rest of you. and when you spend 73 years of your life, it's going to hurt and it's going to take a long time grieving. >> i saw a picture of her wiping a tear. that's the moment you remember. she's not just a queen, she's human, she's feeling grief. our thoughts are with that family, as well. >> definitely. coming up, handy and inexpensive pet gadgets. our giz wiz will be along with clever devices for watering your four legged friend. as well as reminding yourself when to feed him. >> we'll be right back. waterinr
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♪ ♪ welcome back. with the warmer weather approaching, the sunshine is enticing us all. this morning, we're checking out some handy gadgets when you're heading out with your four-legged friend. good morning, dick, how are you? >> great, mona. how about you? >> doing well. this first gadget, i swear it had to have gone through "shark tank." it's very multifaceted. break it down for us. >> as you said, i love gadgets that do more than one thing, and this does a lot. take a peek. it's the multipurpose pet bottle. it carries water, a container for food. there is disposable bags for doggy cleanup. something i don't think that is clever is a scoop. but once you use the doggy poop scoop, are you going to put that on the bottle? i don't think so. and a little drinking fountain.
3:49 am
if we only had a dog. wait a minute, is it poshidoggy drink of water? well, i think charlie does. >> we love it. but the scoop can go. >> you know, the scoop part can go. and charlie has been on the show before in the doggy backpack. >> every pet owner knows you have a pet, you're going to have pet hair everywhere. what do you have for us to remove that pet hair? >> this is great. my co-host found this. he has two cats and a lot of hair. take a look at how this works. >> all you do is go back and forth on the chair in short, little back and forth moves. that's all of my cat's hair. >> very effective. >> i know. and before he shot the video, he
3:50 am
showed me it was totally empty, and just that little bit pulled up that much hair. >> and you also have something to help you track at least your pet's eating schedule, correct? >> exactly. the question always is when there are multiple people, who fed the -- did you feed the dog? well, now there's no doubt, someone fed the dog. take a peek. >> it's simple. it's called, did you feed the dog? that's what it does. it sits on the refrigerator and multiple people in the family, if you fed the dog, just click that over. if you fed him at night, click that over. very inexpensive. and also, this is a little more versatile. did you feed your kid, have you walked the dog? did you take your medicine? this is good for pets and people who take medicine. every day of the week, morning, noon, and night. >> answers everything but who let the dogs out. >> that's right, exactly, exactly.
3:51 am
>> if you do take the dog out out and it needs to be washed, you have a gadget for that as well, right? >> this is great. a great use for a soda bottle. and it's called the doggy shower. and here's how it works. you bring to the park a two you bring to the park a two liter bottle of water. and in the dead of summer, this might be good for everybody. and then you push this down, and the -- oh, look at this. >> so creative, so unique. >> isn't that neat? and if you want, they make a mini version that can go on the dog leash or on your key chain. and this can fit on little water bottles. in the middle of the summer, you would want this just to cool yourself off. >> dick, for these gadgets, we can visit your website. thank you so much for joining us
3:52 am
this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you, mona. see you in the park. >> see you then. do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy, even a term policy, for an immediate cash payment. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly realized that we needed a way to supplement our income. if you have one hundred thousand dollars or more of life insurance you may qualify to sell your policy. don't cancel or let your policy lapse without
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time now for your monday mix. the best part of being an adult, aside from the bills you have to pay, is you get to at least make your own decisions, decorate your house however you want, for example. this woman took it to another level. she is in the uk and obsessed with the color pink. it started when her stepdad gave her some kind of kettle and toaster that was pink and she just ran with it. the best part, her fiance is on board. they spent about 10,000 pounds painting, redecorating, and making their own pink palace. and he even has a pink bike. >> oh, wow. >> to mark the occasion.
3:56 am
>> to be honest, when i saw this was coming up, i thought it was going to be ugly, like pink everywhere on the wall, on the floor. but this is tasteful. >> i was thinking like barbie pink, even on the outside. but yeah, this is subtle. girl, you're fine. okay. can you tell us the next story? >> how low can you go? >> my voice, pretty low. >> all right, so, in case you didn't know, joy chapman of british columbia, you hear her right there. she now holds the world record for the lowest note by a female. let's listen. >> yeah. that's pretty low. so apparently, this is a talent she's had for a while.
3:57 am
and her niece discovered that she could sing like lower than the female who held the record before, which was a d2, the second lowest d note on a piano. she said try out for the world record, why not? and she did it. >> listen, i can probably go make to e1 or something. i'm feeling very confident about this now. well, i'm looking up my eligibility options. let's take a look at what ed in north cali because you know, the worst part when you are driving sometimes ldd a bird poops on your but what about when it drops a fish on your windshield? right there, the bird lost its dinner, y'all. >> i feel more for the bird. >> did he stop to get the fish? it was still fresh. >> from one animal to another, though. >> this is horse play.
3:58 am
yeah, loves to play with the owner's ears. she thinks that means he likes her.
3:59 am
4:00 am
right now on "america this morning," first flight. a nasa helicopter set to lift off from the surface of mars. the challenges, the technology and what it could mean for the future of space exploration. this morning, a nation on edge. >> say his name. [ crowd chanting "george floyd" ] >> as the derek chauvin trial enters the final stages, security nationwide bracing for the potential fallout from a verdict. thousands of national guard troops deployed.ectingod aclosm nned bro daylight at a mcdonald's drive-through. the gunman at large overnight. details coming in. peloton fights back. responding to claims that their
4:01 am
popular treadmill is unsafe.


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