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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 18, 2021 11:00pm-11:59pm PDT

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the heartbroken sikh community the heartbroken sikh community gathered for a vigil after this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. oh man... let's get you to this moment. is that it? yep, that's it of relief... protection... [joyfully laughs] hope... i just got vaccinated- i just got vaccinated! noah just got vaccinated... so that we can get to all the other moments. ♪ ♪ let's get you to the exhale you didn't know you were waiting for. ♪ let's get it... together. so we can be together. let's get to immunity. ♪ let's get to immunity. ♪ ♪ ♪ when it comes to your financial health, just a few small steps can make a real difference. ♪ ♪ ♪
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guidance on your terms. confidence feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. n, a verdict could me ytimesepar thd evenin and thank you
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>> boards going up in san francisco as well, this video shot on sunday in union square. closing arguments, expected from both sides in the chauvin trial monday, but as for a verdict -- >> there is no way to know how long deliberations will take. in the o.j. simpson case they just took a few hours. in other cases they could take days. we just don't know. >> dean of berkeley law saying even video evidence doesn't always make for a slam dunk
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case for the prosecution referencing the rodney king excessive force case 29 years ago next week where all four officers were acquitted on state charges. as for this case, there are three charges against chauvin, a second degree unintentional ut murder being the most serious. >> it's hard to know. obviously conviction on all counts would be seen by those who wanted a form of justice and acquittal on all counts would be a disappointment for them. what a mixed verdict would be seen as, there's no way to know. >> reporter: just a lop for those who run businesses that they won't be targeted during possible protests. >> probably one day that feeling is going to go away and we are going to have a happy life again. >> reporter: r.ty of san leand declared today a day of remembrance for a black man killed a police.
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april 18th is now known as steven taylor day. he was shot and killed last april inside of a walmart. san leandro police say taylor was waving a bat and scaring customers inside the store. his family says he was suffering from a mental health crisis. nearly 100 people gathered at marina park today calling for a greater appreciation for the sanctity of life. >> in this community i've seen something that is so inspiring for me. i've seen this community respond with love, unity and organization. it means the world to me. it means the world to the taylor family. thl so much. >>officer jason pld guilty to v mansjose dozens go ll iindian a fedex warehouse thuramong the v meof the who refer to themselve sikhs. abc7 news reporter luz pena spoke to city officials at the
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vigil was the message was clear. something needs to change. >> reporter: praying for unity members of the sikh community stood together asking for change. >> the responsibility is on the leadership at each level from city to all the way to federal. >> reporter: on thursday a gunman killed eight people at a fedex warehouse in indianapolis. four of the victims were sikh, an attack that sent waves of sorrow to all the half million sikhs in america. >> the families that have lost their loved ones and not only to this last weekend, but for the many that were lost in the many incidents that happened before this one. >> reporter: the shooting in indianapolis bringing flashbacks of 2012 when a gunman killed six people at a sikh temple in wisconsin. >> we immediately thought about where we were, what we were doing in 2012. the difference is wee here 2021 and e dience is the change we can make from here on
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out. >> reporter: san jose's home to one of the largest communities of sikhs in the u.s. with 25,000 members. tonight they saw allies coming together in support. >> i'm here to say enough is enough. it's time for all of us to stand together. >> prayer and action is love and love and action is service and we must be of service to one another. >> reporter: san jose chief of police confirmed they haven't received any reports or threats against this local community. >> we conducted checks to insure their safety, especially if they report any type of hate incidents. >> reporter: this community organizer hopes today's vigil reached deep. >> it's a healing process that's going to happen. >> reporter: in san san san sa pena, abc7 news. >> meantime officials reveal the shooter at the fedex
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facility legally purchased the two guns used in the attack despite of fbi agents seizing one of brandon scott hole's guns last year when his mother called to say her son might commit suicide by cop. it's not known if that case was ruled by a judge. if a judge had ruled hole incompetent, he should have been banned from buying another gun. in union city police held a conversation about ways to keep the aapi community safe talking with neighbors about hate crimes and let people also know about options and available resources. >> this is just an opportunity where we aren't going to be pulled from one call to the next and we could be here and engage in just good communication, answer questions and be a resource for those who we serve. >> community and nonprofit dictatrney fice the police chief says the department will host more community events after the pandemic.
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a few dozen people participated in a march for aapi solidarity and safety cio's great highway. supervisor gordon marr and other westside leaders were there. there was a resources table with ways to get involved and help build bridges across communities. part of building a better bay area is fighting for racial and social justice. while we don't have all the answers, we do have a lot of vetted local resources. to find out more about how you can take action and be an ally, just head to our website, turning now to developing news, california hit a milestone this weekend. more than 10 million people are now fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, about a third of people who need to get a shot. the state reports having 14 days worth of inventory even with johnson & johnson's vaccine on hold. on average more than 372,000 doses are being administered
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each and every day. in the east bay west contra costa county schools will reopen. families had to opt into in- person learning and one student who will be showing up to class is 8-year-old nolan wu. you've seen him before on abc7 because he kept a video diary during the pandemic. here he is today. >> i've been thinking about this so long. i've been waiting for this. i've worked to this and i'm ready to go back. i'm ready, ready going back. >> he is convictions. nolan attends terra hills elementary in san pablo and also stars in a video sent out to family showing the new safety procedures that will be in place. only students can get out of the car during dropoff. in classrooms desks are absorbly distanced and there are decals in the hallway as well. for the very latest on vaccine appointment openings or if you have questions about vaccine
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processes, you can ask the abc7 news vaccine team by heading to t ndr's mayor of now t office, the places activisted targeted today. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. after record heat today we've got cooler weather the next couple of days. usually the oscars is a pretty grand production with a memorable red i have the pleasure to present to you... dr. martin luther king.
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sometimes, this is what it takes. facing down hate. facing down bias. as we step out, bay area, lets step up our march towards social justice and health equity. join aids walk san francisco live at home, streaming on may 16. register today
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in the north bay calls for
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resignation are getting louder for the embattled mayor of windsor. protesters spent the weekend at some popular spots around town getting the word out about new recall efforts. >> recall foppoli! >> mayor dominic foppoli is under investigation after six women have accused him of sexual assault. organizers of the recall efforts say more than 1,000 windsor residents have signed up to receive information. foppoli who denies the allegations is refusing to resign, instead announcing he'll take a step back from an active role on town council. >> he's still just trying to maintain control of the situation without actually giving up any of his positions of power. >> his sense of entitlement is so deeply engrained that he can't see above that. >> a sheriff's investigation is underway into the allegations against foppoli. a recall effort could take months. an oakland restaurant owner
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is devastated after a car crash destroyed his parklet. take a look. this is the damage in front of the la frontera mexican restaurant on international boulevard. the crash happened just before 3:30 saturday morning. the owner says police tell him it was a drunk driver. he doesn't think he'll rebuild and instead will rely on indoor seating. >> it's definitely been used a lot the last couple months especially for our taco tuesday and the weekends. we have people out there all the time and so it's definitely going to be a big loss. >> yeah, those parklets are not cheap to build. the restaurant was one of the first businesses to take advantage of oakland's flex street program last year that allowed them to build the parklet. carrillo just opened a month before the pandemic. let's get to drew tuma now with a look at at at at hi, drew. >> hi, dion. depending where you were today
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you either saw record heat or cloudy skies and chilly temperatures along the coastline, so it felt like that true summer microclimate in full effect earlier today. look at these temperatures, 90 the record high in santa rosa earlier today. the average high for santa rosa this time of year is 69 degrees. you could see we exceeded that by more than 20 degrees today, hit 70 in the city, 75 in oakland, 83 in san jose, but half moon bay you got that cloud cover, that onshore breeze. we were sitting at 56 degrees for the daytime high. right now it is pretty mild as you move away from the coast. we're near 70 still in concord this hour, 75 in brentwood, still 60 in san ramon. we have the full on fog moving back in along the coast, that see breeze knocking us down to the 40s along the coast. we're at 52 in the city, 55 current temperature in san jose. the skyline of san francisco tonight, a live look showing you pretty calm conditions from this view as we look towards the east. your pollen and uv index, tree
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pollen is still running high. your main problems are oak, cedar, sycamore and juniper. your uv index is, too, is very high. without sunscreen your skin can burn in less than 15 minutes thanks to the high sun angle. tonight we're tracking the fog moving back in from the coast spilling in and around the bay where we have the fog we're dropping quickly into the 40s. away from that marine layer influence we'll hold in the 50s. so for some cities like concord, antioch, fairfield it's a pretty mild overnight period. future weather shows 7 a.m. tomorrow morning the fog over the city stretching over to oakland, parts of hayward, even in part of the inland east bay, but it pulls back to the coast quickly in the morning, so we do expect a lot of afternoon sunshine on our monday. monday is a mild day. it's not quite as warm as you were today but still above average for this time of year. a high of 76 in san jose for monday, 75 for santa clara, about 80 for morgan hill. along the peninsula 72 for palo
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alto, 67 in san mateo, much cooler, breezy along the coast, 56 the high in half moon bay. downtown san francisco morning clouds, sunshine, a high of 62, breezy and cooler, 59 for daly city, 82 for santa rosa tomorrow, 84 calistoga, 80 novato, 68 the high in sausalito. the east bay we're in the upper 60s, lower 70s, 69 berkeley, 70 oakland, 71 fremont and inland low to mid-80s, 83 concord, 82 the high in san ramon. here's your accuweather seven- day forecast, morning clouds giving way to sunshine, cooler afternoon tuesday. we bounce around temperaturewise throughout the week, but by next weekend the pattern looks to change a bit. we could introduce a chance of rain one week from tonight. we'll keep you updated. >> drew, thanks. we are one week away from
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hollywood's biggest night. putting the oscars together is challenging enough and that's before the pandemic hit. reporter sandy kenyon with our sister station in new york shows us the changes we can expect in this year's show. >> and the oscar goes to brad pitt. >> reporter: it's been more of the same for half a century now, the faces and their films may change but not the format at a show that grew ever bigger in scope with each passing year until now. >> it is unprecedented because we're nearing, knock on wood, the end of this pandemic. >> reporter: a pandemic that postponed the oscar show and forced a change of venue to a a historic iconic art deco masterpiece, l.a.'s union station. >> the set will be amazing because our shot at union
11:21 pm
station is just really cool. it's an amazing, very interesting venue. >> reporter: andra day is one of a record nine performers of color recognized in the acting categories. >> because she's strong, beautiful and black. >> reporter: she'll be part of history at an oscar ceremony unlike any other. >> i feel like the energy's going to be like it will be a precursor to what summer will look like when everybody loses their mind because they're like yes, finally. >> reporter: producers stress the safety of the event, but they want to avoid the glitches of the globes. so this year's oscar winners must accept in person or live via satellite with each nominee allowed to bring just one guest. >> this is the first awards show that's going to be really, truly in person. >> reporter: there will still be couture but no less people, dresses. >> reporter: they'll be
11:22 pm
reaching back into the past to take a step forward. >> it's going to be a bigger deal. it's going to mean so much more this year than it ever has. >> reporter: i'm sandy kenyon, abc7 news. >> should be exciting nonetheless. we'll see who takes home the oscar statue one week from today. you can watch the awards live next sunday, april 25th, right next sunday, april 25th, right here on abc welcome to jack in the box. hey, jack, i heard your chicken- who told you that? it was jimmy wasn't it? no, i heard your chicken comes with classic and spicy in the same box, so i don't have to choose. ah yes. best of both worlds. my 50/50 popcorn chicken. only at jack in the box. my 50/50 popcorn chicken. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ refuse to choose and get my $6.99 50/50 popcorn chicken with both classic and spicy for the best of both worlds. only at jack in the box. apple is holding its first product launch of 2021. they're calling it spring- loaded where this tuesday apple is expected to show off an updated ipad pro with a faster processer and 5g support. some analysts believe air tags could also be introduced. basically it's a bluetooth locator that attaches to and helps you find things like your keys, wallet or laptop. the event starts at 10 a.m.
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on tuesday on apple's website, youtube channel and apple tv. chris alvarez joins us now with a preview of sports. chris. >> coming up in sports mr. shark, patrick marleau, on the doorstep of history. and who remembers 0-6? not
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bottom of the eighth oakland down 2-1, sean murphy lays it to center. get up, get up, get up and out, first homer of the year ties things up, fans love it. bottom of the ninth tied at 2- 2. matt olson pops it to center, but detroit's victor reyes loses the ball in the sun. olson was hustling the whole way. so he's in with a double. that's why you put the ball in play, people. later in the inning two on, two out, mitch moreland, ground ball to left side, matt olson rounds third headed home and he's safe. a's win, 3-2. it's moreland's second walk-off in less than two weeks. that's eight wins in a row. >> throwing it in there, that was colder than last time. >> we feel pretty good about the way we're playing right now. we wton of 're, we we find a y wi > giants looking to avoid the sweep in miami. top three, two on, two out.
11:31 pm
alex dickerson base knock into right field. tommy la stella scores the first run. 1-0 giants. what an extension, pitchers always love that when they go all out with the glove, so nice we show it twice. what a catch in left left field. the 23-year-old flame throwing righty, three up, three down, former giant adam duvall looking, hug from the catcher. giants win 1-0 and open a three- game series tomorrow in philly. last night in minnesota a memorable moment for mr. shark. san jose forward patrick marleau tied gordie howe for most games played in nhl history. when patrick marleau takes the ice tomorrow night, he will stand alone in the record books.
11:32 pm
>> when you get recognized like that and not only your team stands up for you, but the other fans are cheering for you, it's home. i'm going to try to take it in as much as possible. the fun part g the actual game and all that. my family will there be to help celebrate, so it will be super special having them them them building. >> abc7 sports sponsored by your local toyota dealer. much more to come on abc7 news at 11:00. dr. fauci is giving his predictions about what's next for the johnson & johnson vaccine. he says we could get answers this week. an investigation is underway after a fiery tesla crash killed two people. investigators say no on
11:33 pm
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. building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. half of americans over 18 have received at least one covid-19 vaccine shot. that is according to the cdc. that's about 130 million people. dr. anthony fauci today predicted that the johnson & johnson vaccine could start to be used again soon and thinks a decision to lift a suspension might happen on friday, the day a cdc advisory committee is scheduled to meet. >> i believe we'll get back with it and it might be some restrictions, not sure whether they'll be age or sex or whether they'll just come back with a warning of some sort. >> there have been six reported cases of women who suffered rare but severe blood clots out of the 7 million people who received shots. this is one of the more unusual covid cases we've heard
11:37 pm
about. the asian small-clawed otters at the georgia aquarium in atlanta have tested positive. the aquarium says the animals have shown many of the symptoms that come with the virus and probably got infected by an employee who was asymptomatic. developing news now coming out of texas, authorities are searching for a former sheriff's deputy wanted in the deadly shooting of three people in austin. 41-year-old stephen broderick is accused of killing two women and a man today. police say he knew his victims. broderick is a former travis county sheriff's detective placed on leave last year and later resigned after being charged with the sexual assault of a child. thousands of people joined a peace march for 13-year-old adam toledo who was shot and killed by chicago police. the march was in the city's little village neighborhood where that shooting happened. you can see there are protesters that called for changes in policing and to an end to gun violence. a few days ago police released
11:38 pm
body cam footage that shows an officer shooting toledo less than a second after he dropped a gun, turned toward the officer and started to raise his hands. tomorrow is the 26th anniversary of the oklahoma city bombing. attorney general merrick garland is speaking at the memorial ceremony. here he is today visiting a church in tulsa. garland led the charge in prosecuting and investigating the deadly act of terrorism back in 1995 where 168 people were killed when timothy mcveigh parked a truck packed with explosives outside the alfred p. murrah federal building. two people died in a fiery car crash involving one of tesla's driverless cars. all of it happened last night in texas. firefighters spent hours putting out the fire and had to use 30,000 gallons of water. here's abc's gio bonitez with more on that and questions about who was driving. >> reporter: tonight mystery
11:39 pm
surrounding a deadly crash in houston involving a tesla model caur cera tetr d burst into flames. two men inside were killed. the tesla's high energy battery reigniting over and over again, firefighters trying to put the fire out for four hours with more than 30,000 gallons of water. the fire eventually put itself out. now tonight the question, was the tesla running on autopilot? firefighters found the men in the front passenger seat and c newswas in the driver's seat. authorities say the men had just dropped their wives off at home and wanted to take the tesla out for a test drive, evidence at the scene allegedly showing it was going very fast. just three hours before the crash tesla founder elon musk tweeting, "tesla with autopilot engaged now approaching ten
11:40 pm
times lower chance of accident than average vehicle." and we've reached out to tesla for comment but have not heard back and police are still trying to figure out exactly what caused this crash in the first place. a skydiver died this weekend during a jump at the lodi parachute center which has a history of fatalities. according to the san joaquin sheriff's office the parachute became tangled during the descent saturday. one death comes one month after the owner of the lodi parachute center was ordered to pay more than $40 million to the family of another jumper who died. according to the chronicle, de facility in the last five years. it's being called a first of a kind initiative in the bay area, youth leaders, community- based groups and bart joining forces to promote the
11:41 pm
#notonemoregirlcampaign to fight gender-based violence and sexual assault on public transit. 300 campaign posters are now up throughout bart stations. campaign organizers say bart is launching a new ambassador program and a policy action plan to support the effort. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00 it was a day that changed san francisco forever, the ceremony that paid tribute to those who died in the great 1906 earthquake that destroyed 80% of the city. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. certainly was a way. cooler weather moves in tomorrow. we'll
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for 12 months. plus, add xfinity mobile and you could save up to $300 a year. switch today. today san francisco is commemorating the 115th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake. mayor london breed held the ceremony early this morning at lotta's fountain on market street which served as a
11:45 pm
meeting spot for people to reunite with their loved ones after the quake. every year on this date a moment of silence is observed at 5:11 a.m. to remember those who lost their lives in the 7.8 magnitude quake. former mayor willie brown spoke about those who survived and helped rebuild the city. >> it was a very, very special breed of people who in 1906 actually started the process of the resurrection of san francisco. >> the ceremony also included 30 seconds of fire engine sirens at 5:12 a.m., the exact moment the earthquake hit. well, with the help of national geographic our abc7 news meteorologists are teaming up with abc-owned tv stations across the country for an earth day special, "our america climate of hope" which examines the impact of climate change around the country and the innovations to address it.
11:46 pm
when it comes to covering the bay area, you'll notice a familiar face. here's a sneak peek. >> when we think about agriculture in the bay area, a lot of people tend to think about wine country, the vineyards, the grapes. grapes are very sensitive to a changing climate. as our climate warms, our grapes can ripen even faster meaning we're harvesting them even sooner. add wildfires in the north bay, that smoke is now tainting the grapes. it can change the flavor entirely. >> if we keep going like we're going, the same amount of carbon dioxide being produced into the atmosphere, we could see temperatures eight degrees fahrenheit warmer than they are today. >> we know that we only have ten years to avert the worst of climate change. >> what can you do to create any change? the thing i think about is finding common ground and common values with people you're talking to when it comes to our changing climate.
11:47 pm
how can you make your community more resistant to heat, to fire, to drought and how can that have economic benefits for you and your neighbors? >> now you can watch "our america climate of hope" streaming on our abc7 news bay area connected tv app. it's available on roku or whatever streaming device you happen to use. drew, talk about a great project to be a part of, i know you guys were actually working on this well before the pandemic even started. >> yeah, we were. we've been working on it for more than a year and really last year gave us so many examples across the entire globe of a changing climate. i mean here locally just looked out your window last september and you saw orange skies for an entire day. i invite you to look at that documentary not only highlighting the problems we have, but people who are fighting for solutions to make our future not only fresher,
11:48 pm
but healthier for several generations to come. it's a really exciting document to work on. it's only an hour long. it's a great little video to watch to kind of understand the problems we're going through right now. tonight the issue will be cooling off. we're in the 40s and 50s now for the most part and will find the fog moving in overnight and first thing tomorrow morning. air quality more in the moderate range the next two days but no big issues when it comes to our air both tomorrow and tuesday. tonight we'll find that marine layer developing again in and around the bay shoreline away from the fog, pretty mild night, temperatures holding in the 50s first thing tomorrow morning. tomorrow it's a warm day above average but not nearly as hot as we were today. 83 in concord, 82 in santa rosa for a high, 76 in san jose, 70 in oakland, 62 and breezy in the city, still foggy in half moon bay with a high of 56 degrees. here's the accuweather seven-
11:49 pm
day forecast, morning clouds, afternoon sunshine the trend. what we are watching, though, is cooler weather next weekend, dion, and the chance of some showers moving back into the forecast next sunday. we'll keep
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sports on abc7 is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> the golden state warriors have always been committed to the community and recently they welcomed a former convict from san quentin to be their p.a. announcer for a night. aaron "show time" taylor had met several warriors players and executives while behind bars and when he was released, the franchise extended an offer that could be life changing. >> aka the baby face. >> reporter: aaron taylor had dreamed about this moment for years and he certainly had plenty of time to dream because 26 years for armed er at
11:53 pm
robbery. the path from prison to chase center started with a microphone behind bars. >> bob and i are speeding the ball over to the force. oh, he traveled and they didn't call it. bob meyers for three. oh, pass. >> reporter: we first man nicknamed "show time" taylor in 2017. a group of staff members came to play the convict and show time put on his own show. >> we just won, 103-102. >> i'm the rebirth of chick hearn. he came back to life as a 55- year-old black man. you're looking at him. >> reporter: show time's act got the warriors attention and just six months after he was released on parole came an invitation to be the guest p.a. announcer for a night. >> in here it's the pros, man. it's the pros.
11:54 pm
it felt like a dream, a dream come true, you know, and hard work behind it, but it's still a dream come true. >> reporter: rt of the dream few would have ever expected was the connection warriors players developed for taylor. >> you know, to see him get his second chance, that was a dope movement for sure. >> reporter: think about being locked up since 1994 wondering if you were going to die in jail and then getting this opportunity. it was emotionally overwhelming. >> the night i was getting on the plane i cried three times in the middle of the night because so it's fun to be be weig anthe pressure. ng look, i'm formerly incarcerated and i'm being given this opportunity and that was weighing on me. >> reporter: the weight did not show once the lights came on at chase center. showtime was right at home. as much fun as taylor had
11:55 pm
during the game, the postgame was even better. steph curry joined showtime for a postgame interview. >> i mean i worked hard, you know, in 26 years to rehabilitate myself and in the process of doing that i just embraced the attitude that i could be more than what i was, you know, and once i embraced that attitude that i could be more than what i was, then it was time for me to tell other people you can be more than what you think you are. ve yourm time perform answer and you heat up the building, we got ? so let's cool you down right now. >> reporter: it was one night with the spotlight on, one night of a dream coming true, one night that can lead to a new journey in life, but showtime taylor has not forgotten where he came from. >> in the end righnow i'm
11:56 pm
still an ex-con on parole visiting. i just happen to have the best two days of my life now, but when i catch the plane tomorrow, i'm going back to living in a transition home because i still have a responsibility to the state and i keep myself grounded that way. but i'm happy being aaron taylor, but i enjoy being aaron "showtime" taylor. i enjoy that because i get to talk to you. >> as e am, juan toscano-anderson out with a concussion for tomorrow night and curry questionable with an ankle. curry scored a game high47 last night, his tenth straight game with at least 30 points. >> you definitely appreciate what you put into it. it's not oh, i can't believe i just did that. netsofwhat goes into the that. it's a diffce with that. >> abc7 sports sponsored by
11:57 pm
your local toyota dealers. ncer st that's it for this edition of abc7 news at 11:00. úi'm dion lim. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5 a.m. for all of us here, thank you so much for joining us! we'll see you bright and tomorrow morning.
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