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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 17, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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new heartbreaking details about the father and his one-year-old daughter killed in a suspected arson in their home in oakland. >> as more people are getting vaccinated, doctors are noticing women and young people are having more side effects to the pfizer and moderna second shot. but why is it happening? >> many oakland businesses assessing the damage after friday night's protests. >> more sunshine, and even warmer temperatures tomorrow. he said he went upstairs to save his wife and daughter. >> a father and young daughter killed after a fire tore through their oakland home.
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other family members barely saved. investigators are investigating whether the fire was set on purpose. good evening, and thank you so much for joining us. new details about that investigation. and the families devastated by this fire. it destroyed their oakland home early this morning. >> reporter: not much was left in the home on sterns avenue. he got his tuxedo for his wedding in june that he custom ordered burnt to a crisp. >> it took, like, two months. >> reporter: he just left work when the house caught on fire. his family reported seeing a group of people throwing molotov cocktails at the house. >> he went upstairs to save his wife and his daughter. >> reporter: that man was his cousin and his daughter, alia, who would have durned two this
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month. >> his daughter, she died. and the police said they were together. >> reporter: his pregnant wife survived but was hospitalized with significant burns. police are now investigating this as a double homicide. it may be connected to a faith shooting that occurred at a liquor store less than a mile away last saturday. >> the first homicid triggered other incidents. >> reporter: that also included an arson at the liquor store on wednesday. possible gang retaliation. >> other people may retaliate on their behalf or begin to behalfg other people. >> reporter: a man related to the shooting turned himself in on thursday. mohammed says his family owns the building but does not operate the liquor store. he believes they were targeted nonetheless. >> i believe they did the same thing with the liquor store.
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the same method. >> the oakland police department and crime stoppers unit are also reporting in the case. the reward amount could be up to $40,000 if your information leads to an arrest. moving out in the north bay, police say troubling acts of vandalism in santa rosa overnight are connected with a key defense witness in the derek chauvin trial. the images are pig's blood spattered in front of a home an home an home an hon statue. vandals splattered blood on the home today and left a pig's head on the 41 porch. it used to belong to former santa rosa police officer barry broad, he testified on behalf of the defense, saying chauvin was justified in pinning george
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floyd to the ground. police believe the incidents are connected. >> broad no longer in santa rosa. he left the force in 2004. the city's police chief this week said his testimony does not reflect the values and beliefs of the department. a big cleanup was underway today in one east bay city after a night of protests. hundreds of demonstrators were in oakland last night protesting the deadly police shootings across the country. that march ended in violence and some vandalism to local businesses. >> reporter: crews were cleaning up broken glass at volkswagen of oakland, where ms say most of the dealership's windows were smashed and a car was set on fire friday night.
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cars were torched at the honda dealership on broadway where windows were broken. >> it's frustrating and more sad than anything. but you can't dwell on it. we gotta get better, come together as a community and stop this pain. and it's not one person. it's everybody. >> reporter: police say about 200 to 300 demonstrators marched through downtown oakland friday night in protest of recent deadly police shootings across the country. some hit fires. others broke winds at this target store on broadway. >> i think it really takes away from the message. >> reporter: chris bestina owns a restaurant in the uptown district. most of his windows were broken by demonstrators. >> i'd like to be talking about the reason we need to be protesting instead of cleaning up glass right now. >> reporter: some city officials
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say they support the right to protest but vandalizing oakland businesses is not the answer. >> we cannot continue to build a city on one end and destroying it at the other end. >> reporter: he plans to ask the police chief how oakland businesses can be better protected. in a statement, the mayor's spokesperson tells abc seven news the vandalism and attacks on our businesses, many of them small and locall them sl is rep, locally owned, is reprehensible. a man today shot and killed by sheriff's deputies after authorities say he opened fire on them. one of those deputies was hurt, grazed by a bullet.
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it happened in the fairview area. sheriff's officials say officials called 9-1-1 reporting a man threatening them with a gun. responding deputies set up a perimeter and found the man hiding behind the fence. >> the subject had a gun. they immediately said drop the weapon. that individual did not drop the weapon. >> the man who was killed was a 26 years old filipino long criminal history. california reaching a milestone with vaccinations. just under ten million people are now fully vaccinated against
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covid-19. the state reports having a two-week supply of doses on-hand at the moment despite the pause with the johnson & johnson vaccine. on average the state is starting to 379,000 doses a day. but there is one sad note from today's headlines. the world passed three million deaths due to the coronavirus. as more people are getting their second pfizer and moderna shots, medical experts are realizing women and younger people are having more side effects. >> i had a high fever. and my bones felt like sandpaper was sanding my bones. >> reporter: dr. rutherford says these side effects after the second shot are normal because
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the immune response is stronger. >> it's a protein that the mrna is being triggered. that's what we want it to do. >> reporter: at 14.7 million americans vaccinated during december and january, reports of side effects were higher young women. >> why is it that women and young adults are having more reactions to the second shot? >> women should have stronger immune responses because they have to protect pregnancies, they have to live to have babies. it probably has to do with sex hormones. we also know that the system ages and collects problems. as you get older. but it's not at all surprising that the reactions are more common in younger people than older people. >> reporter: these side effects are mild and tend to last
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between two to three days. they are headaches, body aches and fever in some cases. >> there's nothing wrong with them. they just have a better regulated immune system. >> reporter: she felt the side effects of the first shot. they were hospitalized a year ago with covid and was given a 50% chance of survival. >> it mentally brings you back to having fever. it's psychological. but it's nothing compared to covid. as for the johnson & johnson vaccine, distribution is still paused after six women developed blood clots after receiving the vaccine. the risk for people who got the vaccine more than a
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month ago is low. a cdc advisory committee will meet on friday to potentially vote on the recommendation for next steps. alameda county has provided hundreds of covid-19 vaccines to seniors. today the public health department teamed up with wellspring pharmacy to distribute 300 shots at the center in alameda. appointments were rired. organizers say it is important to bring the vaccine to the county's most vulnerable residents. >> in san francisco, a show of solidarity to unite the aapi and
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african-american communities. >> a mostly clear night ahead with mild temperatures. tomorrow more sunshine and warmer temperatures. >> quite a scene today at windsor castle as the funeral is held for
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a show of solidarity to unite the aapi and african-american communities. city leaders this afternoon launched what's being called a new campaign for solidarity to take a stand against hate, bias,
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and violence. 1,000 solidarity toolkits were distributed to stimulate conversations about the importance of standing together. the human rights commission launched a new initiative last year to connect both communities. and it was a pretty gorgeous day out there to ring in the thai new year. people showed their pride in the tenderloin. buddhist monks started with a blessing ceremony. the funeral for prince phillip took place this morning at windsor castle with most of the royal family in attendance. meghan markle stayed home because she was pregnant and doctors told her not to travel. julia mcfarland takes us through the service. >> reporter: it began with a
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national minute of silence. planes stopped taking off and landing over london. sporting eens and races paused. and families across the country remaining still to mark the death of prince phillip. the duke's long association with the royal navy with whom he served during world war ii a focus the ceremony at windsor castle. in a special classic british landover, specially modified and designed by the design for this day.
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>> reporter: the entire day's events taking place behind the walls of windsor castle. >> the things that remain in the service. tell us quite a bit about who he was. >> reporter: for the queen, leading her people in moments of mourning and remembrance in public has been part of her job for more than 70 years. now she will no longer are her partner, her best friend. her beloved husband standing beside her. the prince gave up much for the queen. today she followed him for the first and last time. >> we have a royal wedding archive available for roku and similar devices.
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getting to the weather. what a lovely day today. >> temperatures in the north bay, we hit some 80s inland. here's a look at live doppler seven and the radar image. what you'll notice is the lack of cloud cover. the marine layer is really condensing. this is going to kick into gear tomorrow and bring us even warmer temperatures. a live shot in snoerz as we look out toward the clear skies. san jose 54. morgan hill 57. half moon bay cooling down to 46. out toward san francisco, you can see clear across the bay with all the sparkling lights becaur'rngintof the northnta rosa and
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novato, 48. livermore still in the upper 50s. compared to 24 hours ago, we are quite a bit warmer in some locations. and only half moon bay is showing cooler right now than it was yesterday evening. this is what you can expect for your forecast, mild and mostly clear overnight. and tomorrow another sunny day. we'll start off sunny. temperatures are really going to jump up in some areas by even as much as 15 degrees. and a cooler pattern develops next week monday into tuesday. enjoy the sunshine and the warmth tomorrow. you can see rat midnight, just a little bit of cloud cover there.
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and tomorrow morning when you wake up, not much fog, just off the coast. and plenty of sunshine throughout the day, lingering into the evening as well. lows will be in the upper 40s to the low 50s. oakland 50, san jose 49. fairfield also clear at 52 degrees. but still we'll get those clouds at half moon bay. 43 your low for tonight. highs tomorrow, check out san francisco. today a high of 55. even with the sunshine. tomorrow as the offshore flow picks up, san francisco will jump up by as much as 15 degrees. hitting 70 tomorrow. oakland 76, san jose 53. near 90 degrees for some interior locations like fairfield and antioch. sunny and warmer tomorrow. temperatures range from the mid-60s to upper
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80s and near 90. and temperatures moderate a little on monday as a system brings in, us much cooler weather on tuesday. a little change for saturday. and i almost don't even want to mention a 10% chance of drizzle maybe on saturday. but we'll keep an eye on that. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill.
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today was hatch day for the uc berkeley falcons. at least one of the chicks has already emerged. you can see the little fluff ball right there. you can also see part of an egg. annie has actually been snacking on the egg. we're told the shell
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does contain important nutrients for her. chris alvarez now with a preview of sports. >> coming up in sports we saw an absolute thriller right here on abc seven. warriors and
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less than a month remains in the nba regular season. warriors fighting for a playoff position in the west. steph curry would continue that streak saturday night. andrew wiggins spinning and winning. this is a great play. watch curry get off the
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bench and then ride the motorcycle. late second quarter, this is steph curry and steph curry. oops. connects the three. boston went on a 28-5 run to start the second quarter. jayson tatum, the dunk there. warriors in transition. curry, hook trigger. one of 11 threes in the game. we got some new dance moves. curry tweaks that left ankle. clearly in pain but he would tough it out. you want to check out the replay. warriors player diagnosed with concussion. warriors go up six. jayson tatum had fair for boston. he led the way for them. and kemba walker put things
11:31 pm
at 26. celtics win 119-114. >> we can't hang our heads. we fought, like -- i know to get back into it, we gave up the u lead. but we fought. >> i feel like the team got better tonight. they understand the young guys, especially, good a lesson. and now understand what it feels like. and why everything matters. on the ice, history for mr.r shark. most games played in nhl history. he'll break the record monday in las vegas. sharks led 1-0. the wheels fall off in first one minute 12 seconds. slides it underneath martin jones. refs couldn't find the
11:32 pm
puck. ends up being the pad of jones. sharks lose 5-2. much more to come on news at 11:00. with the oscar nominations more diverse than ever, some are hoping this is real progress. we take a look at some of the historic eneminations. and in the wake of another mass shooting, the president is under mounting
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i have the pleasure to present to you... dr. martin luther king. sometimes, this is what it takes. facing down hate. facing down bias. as we step out, bay area, lets step up our march towards social justice and health equity. join aids walk san francisco live at home, streaming on may 16. register today
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in tonight's headlines now, a father and his young daughter were killed in a suspected arson fire at their east oakland home. police say this overnight fire may be part of a bigger crime spree and linked to a recent deadly shooting. and another fire at a business. business owners are cleaning up after a night of vandalism and violence following protests in downtown oakland. several car dealerships along broadway's auto road were targeted as were numerous businesses in uptown. people in indianapolis are coming together tonight to share their pain and grief after eight people were killed in a mass shooting. candlelight vigils were held half of the victims belong to the city's sikh community. >> we must support one another not just in freef but in calling
11:37 pm
our grief but in calling our plsz makers and elected officials to make meaningful change. >> the gunman in the shooting shot and killed himself. his family released a statement offering their apologies to the victims and saying they tried to get him the help he needed. the flag at the white house has been lowered to half-staff in honor of the indianapolis shooting victims. tonight president biden is under mounting pressure to move on gun control. >> reporter: as gun violence surges, president biden sounds increasingly frustrated. >> this has to end. it's a national embarrassm. >> reporter: biden also sounding defensive when asked if he should be prioritizing passing new gun laws. >> i've never not prioritized this. no one has worked harder to deal with the violence by individuals using weapons than i have. >> reporter: on the campaign trail, biden promised to take the issue head-on. >> my first day of office i'm
11:38 pm
gonna send a bill to congress closing the background check loophole and waiting period. >> reporter: on day one of the biden administration, there was no big push for gun control. and with 29 mass shootings so far this month, the white house now saying it's on congressional republicans to come to the bargaining table. >> reporter: there is more you can do right now, cracking down on dealers that have violations, limiting private sales and trying to coordinate the federal response to gun violence.
11:39 pm
it was night seven of protests in brooklyn center, minnesota, over the shooting of dante wright. jesse jackson met the family, and demonstrators gathered throughout the night in front of the police department. an officer shot and killed wright sunday. she is facing second degree manslaughter charges. preparations are underway in minneapolis and around the country ahead of closing arguments in the derek trial and a possible verdict. fencing and barricades have gone up in 41 of government buildings and police stations anticipating of possible unrest. schools in minneapolis hav
11:40 pm
transitioned to remote learning this week. >> stereo still ahead, a a a a a for parents about a treadmill. the dozens of safety issues documented. >> some inland areas warming up into the 90s. temperatures well above average.
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silicon valley the loss of adobe charles deshke. he launched adon't be ne1982. in 1992, he made national news after he was kidnapped at gunpoint from the adobe parking lot and held captive for four days. he was 81 years old. a consumer agency is warning about telecom treadmills. the popular product has been linked to nearly 40 incidents, two involving children. >> reporter: shocking new video of a terrifying treadmill incident. a two-year-old plays with a ball when suddenly the ball and his arm get stuck under
11:45 pm
the moving machine. he struggles getting himself out. ed if the consumer product safety commission releasing that video and issuing an urgent warning. telling consumers with children to stop using the treadmill flex immediately after 39 reported incidents. 24 involving kids. one child was killed. a commission spokesperson tonight demanding pelaton recall the treadmill. >> a lot of issues happen with treadmill but not like this, being sucked underneath the treadmill. we're talking about 39 incidents where people, children or objects have been sucked underneath the treadmill. >> reporter: resisting calls for a recall, releasing a statement calling the commission's accusations inaccurate and misleading. they say the product is safe when guidelines are
11:46 pm
followed and urges users to keep pets and children away from the machine at all times. the oscars are already breaking barriers before the big night. >> viola davis is making history with her fourth nomination. she is now the most nominated black actress in oscar history. and for the first time , there were asian-american and muslim best actor nominees. >> i am happy that we get to see a business and a reality now where we can see eclectic points of view. >> the first woman of color ever nominated for best director. this is the first year two women received nominations for that honor.
11:47 pm
you can watch the oscars live right here at 5:00 pm on sunday. april 25th. the commissioning ceremony took place at the port of oakland today. the navy says antisubmarine warfare will be the primary mission of the warship. it can deal with mines and warming small craft. this is the third uss oakland that first was a cargo ship and second to serve in world war ii. >> it is with great pride i stand here in oakland to commission our warship. a crew was committed to conducting the ceremony in oakland to forge a connection with the ship's main city and imbue the spirit and elections of the former warships that proudly bore the name oakland. >> it operates with 70 crew members and will be based out of
11:48 pm
san diego. a final check of weather now. >> in addition to the sunscreen and sunglasses tomorrow, don't forget your allergy medicine. tree pollen is still high. here's a look at live doppler seven. and we just have clear skies out there. it is going to be a clear and mild night as we look out over the calm waters. mostly clear. tomorrow lots sunshnd even warmer temperatures. d a cooler pattern developsex week, monday into tuesday. here's a look at lows for tonight. temperatures will be in the 40s and low 50s. half moon bay will still be on the cool side with the fog there, 43. around the bay, near 50 degrees. highs tomorrow will be jumping up for some areas. we'll still get some breezy conditions at the coast. half moon bay at 66. san francisco warming uparming i
11:49 pm
oakland 76. near 90, some inland locations like antioch and fairfield. plenty of sunshine. lots of warmth tomorrow. temperatures moderate a bit on monday. then tuesday we'll be much cooler. and then we'll see fluctuations throughout the rest of the week. and keeping track of the system may be headed be way next weekend. >> all right, francis. thanks. let's catch chris now with sports. coming up in sport, we've got more warriors coming from the game you saw right here on abc seven.
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just 15 games remain for the warriors in the regular season. golden state
11:53 pm
that play-in spot. >> i keep thinking about the warriors that won us five straight trichs to the finals. and every time steph steps on the floor, he's amazing. even in a losing effort. if you're kerr, how do we play this ankle situation? >> in the next 24 hours, you're pretty much gonna tell steph where he can play. right now he's playing in emotion. but we gotta feel how is the afshgel responding. no doubt this was an incredible performance. and there's no justice because they should win this one. >> the next game is in philly on monday. >> clearly what they're doing is going up against the best team in the eastern conference.
11:54 pm
and a fellow team is having it, joel embiid. history points toward giving steph that decision but letting him come off for this long roadtrip. phil sethe best in the east right now. >> how about the effort to go over the scorer's table now he's got stitches, a laceration and perhaps a concussion. >> one effort tonight. sometimes you look at the score sheet and you see numbers are really meaningless. because tonight huge effort. what he did to keep the ball in play. this type of shot was incredible. now he's gonna have to go through concussion protocol. see what's happening. and i pray that he's okay. >> the last thing the warriors can afford at this point is to lose another big guy. >> not just a big guy but he's
11:55 pm
become the glue guy. he's the guy they rely on making those type of plays and staying healthy to boot. they need all hands on deck. especially if steph is gonna be questionable. you gotta make sure you have every possible body. and one of those bodies they're relying on. >> we'll see what happens on monday. shifting gears. giants on the road in miami. san francisco back on track. they lost on friday night. game two of a three-game second set. giants down 3-0. brandon belt leads off the inning with his second home run of the year and the giants are on the board. buster posey gets plunked on the elbow. being called a left elbow contug right there. x-rays were negative. giants explode for five in the sevth. three-run pinch hit
11:56 pm
center to dead center field. that was far. closer jake mcgee, he coughed it up we are gonna head into extra innings tied at five. top-10 now. gloves it, throws, and called out. aguilar barehands it. and the bottom half of the inning, the can't hold the lead. marlins walk off with a 7-6 win. a perfect saturday for the drummers at the coliseum. matt olson hit a homer thursday night. and how about a no doubt 438 foot blast right
11:57 pm
his third of the season. bottom two on for armissions garcia. 3-9 oakland. next pitch, see ya later. his third of the year. aids win 7-0. second straight shutout. they'll go for the sweep on sunday. >> thanks so much. that's it for tonight, everybody. for francis and chris and all of us
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