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tv   ABC 7 News 430 PM  ABC  April 17, 2021 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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next on abc 7 news, demonstrators marched through oakland, but leave quite a mark. damaging rumors, businesses, and even burning cars. frustration from some of the owners. california is about to hit a significant milestone this weekend with its vaccination effort. the royal family gathers for prince philip's funeral. this special edition of news starts right now. what started out as a peaceful demonstration with hundreds marching through the streets ends with windows being broken, fires being set, and cars being torched. with that, we say good afternoon and thank you for joining us. a big cleanup is happening
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today in one east bay city after a night of protest. hundreds of demonstrators were in oakland last night protesting the recent deadly police shootings across the country. that march ended in violence and some vandalism to local ha two >> reporter: cruiser cleaning up broken glass and volkswagen oakland were manager say most of the dealerships windows were smashed and a car was set on fire friday night. cars were also torched at the honda dealership on broadway where windows were broken. >> it is frustrating. it is more sad than anything. you can't blow on it. we need to get better. we have to come together as a community. we have to, you know, stop this pain. it is not one person. is everybody. >> police say about 2 to 300 demonstrators marched through downtown oakland friday night in protest of recent deadly police shootings across the country. lit fires.
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others broke windows at this target store on broadway. >> it really takes away from the message. >> chris owens, barrel restaurant in the uptown district. most of his windows were broken by some demonstrators. his security footage captured the march passing by. >> i would like to be talking to you about, you know, the reason that we need to be protesting instead of why we are cleaning up glass. >> city officials say they support the right to protest. vandalizing oakland businesses is not the answer. >> we cannot continue to build the city on one end and destroy it at the other. that has to stop. >> he says he plans to ask the police chief how oakland businesses can be better protected. in a statement, the mayor spokesperson tells abc 7 news the vandalism and attacks on our business, many of them small and locally owned, is reprehensible. the police will investigate and
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hold those responsible accountable. we will assist our community as we build back stronger. more demonstration could be planned over the coming days. in oakland, abc 7 news. in san francisco, a show of solidarity to unite the a api and african american communities. >> the bible says stand up in the presence of the elderly. >> city leaders launched what is being called a new campaign for solidarity to take a stand against hate, bias, and violence. 1000 solidarity toolkits were coer ce of to simula standing together in ally ship. the human rights commission launched a new initiative last year to connect both communities. part of building a better bay area is fighting for racial and social justice. while we don't have all the answers, we do have a lot of local resources.
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to find out more about how you can take action and be an ally, had abc 7 action. a man is dead today, shot and killed by county sheriff's deputies after authorities say he opened fire on them. one of those deputies was hurt, grazed by a bullet that investigators safely past his head. the terrified insured out happened at about 4:30 this morning. 3:40 on second street near campus drive. that is in the fairview area in the unincorporated hayward hills. sheriff's officials say neighbors called 911, reporting him and was threatening them with a gun. responding to peace set up a perimeter and found the man hiding behind a fence. >> the subject had a gun. they meet lisa drop the weapon. that individual did not drop the weapon. he has raised the weapon and fired multiple rounds at one of those bullets whizzed by the head of our deputy, narrowly striking him in the head. had he been hit, that would have been fatal.
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>> sheriff's officials say the man who was killed was a 26- year-old filipino man who had a long criminal history for shootings, assault, robbery, weapons, burglary, and auto theft. he was on parole. the shooting is under investigation by the elementary county district attorney's office and by sheriff's internal affairs. to oakland now, a suspicious fire overnight has left two people dead, including a one- year-old girl. the fire department chaired a short video showing the fire at a home on stearns avenue near 98th avenue. police say this fire may be part of a bigger crime spree. and linked to a recent deadly shooting and another fire at a business. alameda county is providing hundreds of covid-19 vaccines to senior citizens. today, the health department teamed up with wellspring pharmacy to administer 300 shots at the senior center in alameda. appointment's were required. organizers say it is important to bring the vaccine to the county's most vulnerable residents, who still have not
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been able to find a vaccine appointment. >> we were in the community, we were right here. they can take advantage of us being here. without trying to find a site that can provide it to them. >> the residents received the vaccine in place of the johnson & johnson shot, which remains on pause. right now, about 37% of residents, 16 and older, are fully vaccinated. california is going to hit a milestone this weekend. when it comes to vaccinations. just under 10 million people are now fully vaccinated against covid-19. the state reports having two- week supply of doses on hand at the moment, despite the pause with the johnson & johnson vaccine. on average, the state is administering 379,000 doses every single day. even so, there is one stat from today's headlines. the world past 3 million deaths because of coronavirus. for the latest on vaccine
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appointment openings, or if you have questions about the vaccine process, you can always ask abc 7 news vaccine team by heading to abc 7 looking ahead, quite a scene today at windsor castle as the funeral is held for prince philip. almost the entire royal family was there as the queen said goodbye to her husband of more than 70 years. all eyes on the top of the building at the uc berkeley campus where this is the scene. the exciting life event unfolding this weekend. >> a gorgeous day right now. i have this life picture showing the coastal clouds trying to make a comeback. they are not going to succeed.
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the funeral for prince philip to place this morning at windsor castle. with most of the royal family in attendance. meghan markle stayed home because she is pregnant and doctors told her not to travel. the queen, without her husband by her side. julie mcfarlane takes us through the service that included bugles, trumpets, bagpipes, and cannons. >> reporter: it began with a national minute of silence. planes stopped taking off and landing over heathrow airport. we can sporting events and races paused and families across the country remaining still to mark the death of prince philip. the long association with the royana of
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the ceremony at windsor castle. his coffin, caring the jig, making his final journey to st. george's chapel. a special classic british land rover, specially modified and partly designed by the duke for this very day. 24 years ago, he was there to walk side-by-side with william and harry behind them under diana's coffin. the brothers walked behind his coffin. joined with her cousin and fellow grandchild. no eulogy and no sermon. in line with his wishes. he chose the music. hymns associated with seafarers and the maritime armed forces. and royal marines bugler's sounding the call to action stations. just 30 guests at this covid compliant ceremony and very few crowds. the entire event taking place h think, tell us quite a bit about who he was. >> for the queen, leading her
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people in moments of mourning and remembrance in public has been part of her job for more than 70 years. now, she will no longer have her partner, her best friend, her beloved husband standing beside her while she does so. the prince gave up much for the queen. his family name, title, nationality, and a promising naval career, to always walk two steps behind the queen. today, she followed him for the first and last time. reporting from windsor. abc 7 news. we do have a look back at the life and influence of prince philip, including a royal wedding archive. you can find it through the abc 7 bay area connected tv app, available for roku and similar devices. today, we are learning more about the victims of a mass shooting at indianapolis fedex facility. the sick community says four of its members were among the eight killed late thursday. the gunman killed himself. please confirm he was a former
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fedex employee. the fbi says it investigated him last year after his mother told police she feared he was a danger to himself. today, the community is in mourning. >> not just for my community. probably victims who sanctified their lives in this, it is very painful for everybody. >> police have said the shooting was a hate crime. they are still investigating the motive. another ship joins the fleet. this is not only a big deal for the ship itself, but for the city of oakland as well. we will explain. the weekend warm-up is here. taking a live look outside at downtown san francisco.
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that is the sound of the newly commissioned uss oakland. the commissioning ceremony took place at the port of oakland today. the navy says antisubmarine warfare will be the primary mission of this warship. i can also deal with mines and swarming small craft. this is the third uss oakland. the first was a cargo ship in the second served in world war ii. >> it is with great pride that i stand here in oakland to commission a warship. a crew was committed to conducting the ceremony in oakland to forge -- >> i am proud to represent --
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>> connection with the namesake city as well as imbue the spirit and legacy of the former warships that probably bore the name oakland. >> what a monumental moment. that ship operates with 70 crewmembers and will be based out of san diego. today, there was a rare opportunity to explore the beauty of near woods for free. to mark the start of national park week, there was no fee to get in. the same story at the san francisco maritime national historic park at pier 45. keep in mind, this is just a one-day offer. if you do go tomorrow, expect to pay. the next free day will be august 4th. mark your calendars. mark youhis will be to celebrat great american outdoors act. happening right now, it is hatched a for the uc berkeley falcons. take a look, this is the live webcam from atop the campus there. from what we know, one of the checks has already emerged there it is. a little white ball of fluff. apparently, mama has been eating the shell.
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you know, the check periodically pokes its head from out under her. you might be able to see that there. it is hard to tell. he has been snacking on the egg. we are told the shell contains some important nutrients. a naming contest will be held for the checks next month. i mean, that makes a lot of sense. i'm glad we clarified why that was happening. i was so curious. there she goes. wiggling. on top of that check. very cute. it is a beautiful day to ring in the new year. people are showing their pride at a celebration on larkin street with a tenderloin. buddhist monks started the event with a blessing ceremony. there were kids activities, martial arts, and a market. the thai new year celebration, still going on, that will be until 6:00 tonight. going back to that egg, i know a lot of people are transfixed by the camera on that campus building. >> yeah. i could have watched it for a little bit longer as well.
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for today, if you want to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, it is a great time to do it. we also have even more gorgeous weather heading our way tomorrow. here's a look at life doppler 7. sunny skies pretty much everywhere. except at some of the acfew of clouds. as we look for looking south toward san francisco, you see a little wisp of the coastal cloud there. trying to make its way in. we have a battle with lampreys and sea breeze. right now, the land breeze is winning. in san francisco, is only 54 degrees. because of the clear sea breeze. in oakland, 63 right now. mountain view, 68. san jose, 69 degrees. half moon bay, only 50. check out this other live shot. now, we are in the east bay looking out toward mt. diablo. it is really clear out there and warm. these numbers prove it as well. santa cruz is 79. napa, 82. fairfield, 87 degrees right now. we have 82 in concord. and in livermore. quite a range from cool at the coast to very warm inland. 24 hours,
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warmer. even double digits warmer than we were 24 hours ago. especially in the north. notice, not that much difference at half moon bay. pretty much no change. a little bit warmer around the bay. tomorrow, it will be a great day to head into the beach. live shot in santa cruz. you can see these folks enjoying the sunshine there. mild and mostly clear overnight. tomorrow, sunny and even warmer . a clear pattern develops next week. not too cold. i will show you that with the accuweather seven-day forecast. los tonight, clear, inland. we will see some of those coastal clouds try to make its way into the bay. it won't be very successful. we will see mostly upper 40s to low 50s. very mild as well. n san 50 in oaand. highs mowill a tt t ee we have this sea breeze. but, we also have high pressure in place and that is giving us
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the land breeze. plenty of sunshine, especially in the north bay. we could see some breezy conditions overnight in the higher elevations. check out one of our warmest locations. fairfield, 90. san francisco, it will be a little bit warmer. the land breeze is going to win a little bit more tomorrow. 70. 83 in san jose. look for mid-80s in santa rosa. napa, 83. palo alto, 80 degrees. here is the gorgeous accuweather seven-day forecast. we have got sunny and warmer conditions tomorrow. inland areas, in the upper 80s to near 90 around the bay. upper 70s. at the beach, still upper to mid-60s. temperatures, moderate. we have the high-pressure weakening. notice, by tuesday, we will be about 10 degrees cooler. and
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the oakland, looking like the team we all expected. entering today, they are right in a six-game win streak. a perfect saturday for the drummers in the bleachers. matt hit a homer thursday night. how about saturday afternoon? a no doubter. 438 veto ride. his third of the season. 1-0, oakland. bottom of the second, man on. former jack, missed last season due to hip surgery. how about his first home run since june of 2019? 3-0. green and gold. next pitch, mark. see you later. his third of the season. is when 7-0. second straight shutout of detroit. they when seven in a row.
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they are a game over 500. they will go with a sweep of the tigers tomorrow. it shines in miami. there is gabe. bottom of the first. adam devol, remember him? to the gap in left center. his first triple since 2019. scores starley. miles, 1-0. giants offense has been missing the first two games of this road trip. one run last night. buster posey, 543 double play. one defeat marlins in the six. lawyers and celtics tipoff at 5:30 on abc 7. our pregame coverage begins at 5:00. yesterday, i caught up with our analyst. he had a preview of tonight's game. >> now, first step is to prove that he can not only be that mvp level performer, but also do it without clay. as he talks about, pushing things, and achieving things, it is being in the conversation of best players in the game. >> what you think the rest of the season outlook is?
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they're kind of putting in a bottom play situation. what kind of academic if they get the plants? >> if you're the warriors and you have encompassed everything you have accomplished, you kind of want to get him out of the season and not really tax him too much. the warriors will be a part of the playing. they're going to get competitive. they will have to ditch have the chance to upset somebody that has been playing so well they might end up losing to the warriors in the playoff situation. >> aaron rodgers is hosting jeffrey right now. what player would be a good jeffrey guest host in that realm? >> i got you. so, easy. malcolm brogdon. jaylen brown. would also be a good one. steph curry, would also be a good one. i have a job for klay thompson. price is right. clay is funny without trying. price is right. you think about bidding on items. a lot of money involved. stuff like that. he will tell them in a nice way
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that it was a dumb answer. he will be like watch the replay. >> fun with jaelyn. do you see the spring college football? daniel smith gets tripped up, throws it up and it is a touchdown. what just happened? as he is falling, he finds it up there and sometimes, miracles are answered. his team lost the game 27-20. i want to go back to the warriors. klay thompson, price is right, is that not spot on? >> that's what i was saying. i could totally see it. let's make it happen. wrong network. >> clay is our guy. warriors, celtics, we have a pregame at 5:00. 5:30 pregame. all of us are here after thomonwas so fuyour own run-ins with him. >> he is really, really funny. jaelyn, he outlined it right there. he doesn't even try and he makes people laugh. he has a great sense of humor.
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price is right, we will get him on jeopardy too. that would be cool. >> i think that is a little bit
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm
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when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. >> announcer: the following is a presentation of espn on abc. well, it's sat night, and i hope you have your popcorn ready. we have star performers coming your way. steph curry, all he's done is drop 49 pieces. he takes his squad to the garden to take on is celtics. we have a comment on the outfit? >> his outfit is fly. also, when she says possible corn, not microwave. >> although the offense for jayson tatum is okay. throw it in the microwave. he's going for 40. >> he'll get his haircut at halftime. >> the water is rising.
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nothing will stem the tide.


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