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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 17, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. protests over recent police shootings in minnesota and oakland, people marched in the streets, protesting the death of daunte wright. stores hit last year have to now clean up again after vandals targeted them in the aftermath of the march right here in the bay area. good morning. it's saturday, april 17th. we are going to have more on the protests and what police are saying this morning. first let's start with a quick look at the weather with lisa. good morning. >> good morning to you. it's a beautiful start to the day in our inland valleys where you have a little bit of fog and the sun is on the way. coming up at 6:31. there is fog in the north bay on the peninsula and parts of the south bay. visibility reduced to a mile
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santa rosa. bet america napa. four miles half moon bay and temperatures in the upper 40's to near 50. 48 in san carlos. there is that fog which will quickly pull back to the coast by eight or nine and that brings a warmer afternoon. we will have that costal sea breeze. it'll be limited to along the shoreline that. was a look at mount diablo. beautiful view with 50's to start automatic 9:00. quickly we will warm through the low 60's to low 70's noontime. we have 70's and 80's around the bay and the inland valleys. we will talk particulars when we see new just a few minutes. all right. thank you. hundreds of protesters took to the streets of oakland over recent police shootings last night. police say up to 300 people were there. officers say there was an assault on a community member and police officer, broken windows, spray painted buildings and a car set on fire. abc news reporter kate larson with the details. throughout the country and the
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bay area people have been protesting after deadly police shootings. all of this 11 months after george floyd died in police custody. frustration and anger continues after more black men have died at the hands of police in the past weeks and months. take a look. a crowd of several hundred people gathered at oscar grant plaza. the group marched through the downtown streets. video shows a group of vandals broke windows, grafittid and set fire to local businesses including this bank and a store. a flyer has been circulating on social media for the past few day that says abolish the police and asked for justice for daunte wright, dono lynch and tylell tyrell will so. wilson.
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i spoke to oakland city councilmembers about how oakland stops boarded up windows ahead of the demonstrations. >> i understand the people's frustration. the only thing that i would do is ask to respect the properties. we have a right to demonstrate, protest but at the same time we also need to keep those businesses open to keep our people employed. >> to me that's what it means is getting rid of certain types of policing activitying and putting in its place more humane , policing that in fact helps preserve the community instead of tearing it down and killing people when we should be protecting them. it's not just the shootings. those we all know. it's the day in and day out policing where people are subject to racial profiling. police officers stopping them, looking at them. represent hundreds of people along the lines. they are angry and they should be. >> this shows a group of people smashing the windows of a target and a car dealership
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and cars on fire. many of these businesses were damaged last summer after demonstrations against police violence. more families, people of color here in the bay area and beyond continue to be devastated by the actions of police in their communities. in the newsroom. i'm kate larson. >> thousands of demonstrators rallied in chicago as well demanding justice for adam toledo after the city released a video showg ic shooting the 13-year-old. some said they were there to protest a system of policing that's not working they plan to march to the mayor's house to deliver their message. closing arguments are set to start monday in the derek chauvin murder trial. jurors will get the case and start deliberations. they will have three weeks of evidence and testimony to consider as they determine whether the former police officer killed george floyd. ahead of the verdict schools closing over concerns of potential disruptions.
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the district said that all students will shift to distance learning next week. part of building a better bay area is fighting for justice. we don't have all the answers be have a lot of vetted local resources. to find out more about how you can take action and be an go to abc7 action. windsor mayor said he is not stepping down but he is stepping back from having an active role in the town council while investigators look into allegations of sexual assault. he are he leased a statement yesterday which reads in part, it has become clear that the town council won't function at the level expected by its citizens if i remain actively involved given the strong reactions to the allegations against me. i do not want my presence or participation to create a distraction or cause any additional hurt for residents. >> this is not a negotiation about if he stays or leaves. there is not a milledl ground here. he needs to resign.
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he is unfit to serve. >> he said is he innocent under the law but will stay away from the town hall and won't attend any meetings. now to coronavirus and a snap shot of where we stand as the state. the positive rate is down to 1.7%. moran 52% of people in california have received their first vaccine. at least been partially vaccinated. according to federal numbers california is 11th among all states in vaccinations. locally san francisco announced new guidelines for fully vaccinated people opening up small indoor gatherings without masks. and sky 7 was over levi stadium where more people were arriving for their vaccine appointments as more bay area residents get their second pfizer or moderna shot people are comparing notes about side effects. we are partwhat you need to know if you experience side
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effects. >> it's a second shot that will get us closer to being fully vaccinated. once that needle goes in and the shot is injected this is what you should prepare for. >> i play hockey and i play goalix i felt like i had played four games in a row. that's how much my body hurt. >> i got my second shot on wednesday and posted on social media about the side effects. in a matter of minutes many of you replied with similar stories. >> i just had a really rough night. i think i slept an hour maybe and i just tossed and turned because i had full body aches. >> the chief medicine said that body aches, a slight fever and chills are signs that your body is having an immune response. having side effects is not a bad thing. >> no. it's not.
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of course as soon as you say that people say, i didn't have side effects, does that mean it's not working? the answer is no. the two things turn out both to be through. >> many of you pointed outside effects 10 to 12 hours after that second shot? >> it's a code that gets your body to start producing the spike protein which then your body starts saying this is foreign. i have never seen i. i will develop antibodyies. >> a bad or allergic reaction happens between the first 15 to 20 minutes of getting vaccinated. >> those happen in about one in 250,000 people. they are easy to treat. >> he recommends going hydrated into your vaccination appointment and not taking anti inflammation medications before your shot, only after if you need it. even after one to three days of uneasiness many of you who have
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gotten the second shot agree on one thing. >> small, small price to pay compared to actually getting coronavirus. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. as for the one dose johnson and johnson vaccine distribution is still paused after six women developed blood clots after receiving the vaccine. the cdc said anyone who received the vaccine should watch out for symptoms. the risk to people who got the vaccine more than a month ago is low. a panel will look at next steps for the vaccine with in a week. happening today oakland's largest church is hosting a vaccine pop up. the site will be open from nine to four today. vaccinations available to those 61 and overruled. 16 and 17-year-old's must be with a parent and have an id. to receive a vaccine register
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at my for the latest or if you have questions about the process remember you can ask the abc7 news vaccine team byam going to abc7 i'm still exhausted 36 hours later after getting my second dose. totally wiped me out. >> that's horrible but i can't share those feelings. i had nothing. yeah. really a wide variety out there. everybody is going to experience a warm up today as we look live from our east bay hills camera. we are in the upper 40's to near 50. low to mid-80s's and we could see near 90 tomorrow. stay tuned. my accuweather seven day forecast is coming up. also the owner of the 49ers is backing the goveor's fight against a recall. the team is explaining why. good morning. in windsor and i will have all the latest on this unplugged device is protecting
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. over seas the final preparations have been completed for today's funeral for prince phillip. services will hopper his military service as well as his more than seven decades of support for his wife. we are taking a live look right now at windsor where there is a military mara heaved the funeral. the service will take police in about 15 minutes at sainat george's chapel. we are learning about how the pan democrat speck family dynamics have impacted plans. julia has a preview. >> good morning. just a few hours to go until the ceremony and after a week of official mourning, britains are joining the queen to say good-bye to prince phillip. nearly a century ago prince phillip started his life and
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exile but today his coffin be placed among kings. today he makes his final journey in a specially modified land rover that he helped design. his coffin will be in the royal vault. the small town is used to holding large scale royal events but today the mood is quiet and respectfully quiet. restrictions mean the public won't be allowed to gather to pay their respects but many have gone out of their way leave flowers and tributes. today's ceremony will be on television with the whole nation tuning in. not to mention the millions more around the world. instead of the 800 guests planned, just 30 people will be attending the service. the queen's closest remaining
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family and three of phillip's german families, all represented. his decades of service during world war ii and his years as captain general of the royal marines will be reflected in tributes. buglers will sound battle stations and troops will mark his commitment to duty and service. during worth war and peace. in military tradition, the playing of the last post shows the end of the day's activities for the 99-year-old duke who spent most of his life in active work for crown and country, the song marks the end of his very long service. its been a hard year for the queen and family. today they are projecting unity as the queen prepares to farewell to her beloved husband. in windsor. >> we will join an abc news special report on the funeral this morning. coverage starts in about 15
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minutes at 6:30 a.m. on abc7 and the abc7 bay area connected tv app. we hope you stick around for that. it's available for apple tv, amazon, and roku. meantime the 49ers are explaining jed york's support for the governor's campaign against the recall effort. the chronicle reports york donated $100,000 to the campaign early their week in support of the governor. years ago they were at odds over the 49ers decision to move from san francisco to santa claire a. the 49ers organization sent us this statement saying that the governor has been a constant leader and champion of our state in the bay area community. we support him staying in office and believe that he will help build california back even stronger than before. and amid the ongoing recall effort we went back to the archi ve to put together a documentary about the recall in 2003. you can watch total recalled
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the connected tv app. and the san jose sharks is getting ready back. how it'll of course be different. >> 14 months in the making. the san jose sharks will welcome fans back to the tank. >> i messaged three of my close friends and said we get to go back. >> tara understands it involves big changesful everybody two and older most provide proof of completed vaccinations or a negative test. digital tickets will be sold in pods of two our four seats and masks will muffle the normal cheers. >> just being able to take that step back upside a building with other people, with groups of people at a
6:18 am
sporting event is like almost -- like it's finally heading toward the end of all of this. >> another change, people won't be able to eat or drink in their seats or use cash to pay for items. the puck drops before fans in less than two weeks. sharks president said that capacity limits allow about 500 fans inside the tank at a time. >> we are starting on the first game opening up to the most tenured ticket holders and rolling through them. >> it's not impacting the excitement for michael boyd. he is ready for the return of fan favorites. >> the shark -- dropping in that first song, hearing the song playing. you know that first sharks goal and hearing the goal song. >> special moments only more specially distanced. fans understanding safety is important during the pandemic. >> there's a right way to do that and it sounds like the sharks doing it with the
6:19 am
testing. where it's different from the experience. it's worth it just to get in to the stands and see the team and cheer them on again. if san jose,. >> the war why ior also have their first game this coming friday. chase center announced it's first concert date since the start of the pandemic. they have scheduled kane brown to appear on january 20th, 2022. pink floyd singer roger waters is scheduled for september 23rd and 24th, 2022. and san francisco now has a guaranteed income task force that will work on a pilot program to give 1,000 residents $500 a month. the examiner reports this task force will meet six more times until november. the group has until december 1st to send in a report on how to make the program work. supporters say it's a way to address the inequality and poverty in the city. oakland launched a similar program last month.
6:20 am
and happening today on the eve of the anniversary of the 19406 earthquake the san francisco fire department will hold a virtual disaster response drill. the neighborhood emergency response team hosts the event. volunteers will demonstrate practice, search and rescue technique triage and other disaster response skills. they have trained tens of thousands to assist the fire department. and lisa let's get a check outside. kind of gray. >> yeah. it's gray. we have our deck of low clouds and fog reaching across our east bay at about 1200 feet. that will providwehetoday at the coast. we will see some clearing, the sun will come out but numbers there will be in the mid-60s's with that afternoon sea breeze. we will really run the gamut with the temperatures today. tomorrow the coast, temporarily is going to loose that sea breeze. warmer weather on the way each
6:21 am
day over the weekend. live doppler seven. the low cloud deck. across the bay. over in to the east bay. through monterey. pressure building in and as it does, it'll shdown on the marine layer. compress it and that will allow for quicker clearing then warmer air. those northeasterly winds in the upper elevations will bring a slight off shore flow above a thousand feet and that will aid in our warm up. here is mount tam. you can see the fog. 48 downtown. it's 47 mountain view with 50 in san jose. 46 in morgan hill. 48 half moon bay. from the east bay hill, beautiful view here. very summer like feel to this view with the mid-40s's in santa rosa, 41nevado, 48 by the delta. its clear there as well as concord and livermore in the upper 40's this morning. big jump in temperatures. anywhere from eight to 12 degrees today. we are looking at visibility down to a mile santa rosa, mile and three quarters in nevado.
6:22 am
its been moving at run for napa and at the coast we are at five miles. above a thousand feet those northeasterly winds are gusty. at the surface we will still have the on shore flow. in the meantime, warmer air and that is going to bring our inland valleys well in to the 80's today. fog at the coast and near the bay. summer like heat this weekend. a cooler pattern next week as soon as monday for the bay and the coast. here is a look at 7:00. as we go through about eight, nine the fog is gone. it'll be patchy at the coast. we will see sun there and then that afternoon sea breeze up to 20 miles an hour. if are you going to the coast, mid-60s's and nice afternoon. 7o's in santa cruz. it'll be warmer tomorrow. one of the rare san francisco days, beach days where temperatures will be in the 60's. maybe about 70 in some spots early on. then we will get the sea
6:23 am
breeze. 90's inland for sunday, monday we are still well in to the 80's inland but the cooldown arrives around the coast with a stronger on shore push as the system sets up off shore. as for today though san rafael. 81napa. 84 concord. 76 in oakland. a beautiful afternoon. well above average and the accuweather seven day forecast. we are in the 60's at the coast. 70 he around the bay. mid-80s's inland. another five to eight degrees of warming for sunday. little cooldown monday but more dramatic around the bay and at the coast and then by tuesday could wake up to subpoena drizzle. it'll be cooler with a wide -- with a range of temperatures which are near average for the middle of the week and then as we go in to the end of the week it's still dry and we are still looking for rain but the next seven days trending dry. >> all right. thank you. just ahead two local chefs try to strike a deal on shark tank. see who they reeled in to work with. coming up.
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americans are ready to travel and bookings are up. they are increasing which means the chance of getting a good deal on a hotel room is decreasing. michael explains that insiders tip on getting the best deal on hotel rooms. >> how do you book a hotel room? do you check hotel websites or online travel agencies? even if all your best efforts you can't know for sure you are getting the best deal. prices change after you book and there could be sites you haven't checked. mark is a respected technology writer. he travels for business and has a plan to get great deals. >> you can save run hundreds of dollars a year. why wouldn't you do it?
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it's effortless. >> he uses this website. you book a room, tell them what you paid and it starts looking for a better deal. >> all you do is forward your e-mail, your reservation confirmation. i think it's save at they watch that room for you. their tech follow guilty. form lass behind the scenes this are keeping track of that room. >> that exact room. >> once we find a better price we are e-mail you back alerting you, you can save so and so amount of money on your reservation. click here and see all the available offers. it's that simple. >> you don't have to do anything. rebook the room or ignore the offer. the company said that about 40% of bookings see a price drop. again, our technology writer,. >> it worked great. it all odds autopsy. at the end the year, you know why pay more than you need to? it can add up. it's a great idea. it works as
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a trio, of astronauting ar back on earth, two from russia and kate reuben. they undocked entered the atmosphere just before 10 time. the russian astronauts will return to russia while reuben will fly home to houston. she has spent 300 days in space. and a couple of bay area chefs made a pitch on shark tank and they made a deal. >> mark would love to that offer. >> let's go. >> co founders of truffle shuffle made a
6:29 am
cuban. it's a mail order meal kit service focused on meals with truffles and with the perk of weekly live cooking classes. they held a virtual drive in viewing party for their shark tank debut. all the proceeds went to the community food bank. you can watch shark tank friday night at eight here on abc7. congratulations to them. we told you we are standing >>i'm morgan, and there's moreg by now fto me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with dovato. prescription dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with... just 2 medicines... in 1 pill,... dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable. research shows people who take hiv treatment as prescribed... and get to and stay undetectable... can no longer transmit hiv through sex.
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6:31 am
more tolerable for people who have afterwards or even at the time -- >> "celebrating prince philip: the duke of edinburgh." now reporting, david muir. >> good morning, everyone. it is great to have you with us here on this saturday morning for the funeral of prince philip, queen elizabeth's husband of more than 73 years, a life spanning almost a century. he was 99. a life of royalty, a life of service to his country, and to his queen. today in keeping with prince philip's own wishes, he will be laid to rest at windsor castle where he will pass aaculhts r and for the uk comes at a time of great struggle more than a year into this pandemic. today will be a celebration of his life. because of the pandemic there will be only 30 mourners in attendance including, of course, the queen, their four children, prince charles, princess anne, andrew, the duke of york, edward, the earl of wessex.
6:32 am
all eight grandchildren will also be there this morning including prince william and prince harry. of course, a lot of eyes on them. they will be walking in the procession, not together but a lot of people wondering will there be any signals of healing amid the tension. prince harry having stepped back from his royal duties, he's flown back from california. without duchess meghan, whose doctors advised her not to travel due to her pregnancy. with covid protocols and so few attending, none of the ten great grandchildren will be there. we have an extraordinary team here and there with me this morning. debra roberts with me in new york, james longman in windsor, maggie ruly at buckingham palace. and our team of experts and us.ew minutell standing by with wille a prossn from windsor castle to of neargeorge's chapel. and then a moment of silence followed by the service. all eyes today will be on the queen who it's believed to be sitting wearing a mask and alone, given strict covid
6:33 am
protocols. she has lost her partner of more than 73 years. they married when she was 21, he was 26. what a life together. so many tests for britain, so many tests within the royal family, and so i want to start here this morning right here in the studio with my friend, debra roberts. we have reported from windsor together. at its core is a love story between a queen and her prince and a prince who was devoted to his country and devoted to his queen. >> that's right, david. the celebration of this enduring love story, and that's what i think is so remarkable, 70-plus years, as you said, i feel like my own is a drop in the bucket by comparison. when you think about what they have forged over the years, a marriage which wasn't always easy. think about it, in the beginning, he's this dash, sharp, naval officer. then sudden she she becomes queen and he's got to play second fiddle. he's got to walk two steps behind her and bow to her. it was not easy for them. and they finally had to figure it out. and over the years, they. and he became this prince philip that we knew, a man who was just
6:34 am
so devoted to her. and you would hear that oftentimes when she had to make a decision, she wanted to know what does my husband think, what does philip think. he would tell her. she was a wife, and she was his -- a woman before she was the queen, as far as he was concerned. they would bicker, and they were like any other married couple. but over the years, he had her back, and she had his back. >> there's no question about that, deborah. he was comfortable in public walking two paces behind her. we knew that in private they were equals. >> that's exactly right. >> he spoke the truth to the queen. >> he spoke the truth in the way that nobody else would. that's what i think made -- made this a companionship, such an enduring couple. she said he was her strength and stay for 70-plus neyears. she'll have to figure out how to go on without him. >> good to have you here, deborah. prince charles will be taking on an even greater role in the wake of his father's death. and of course princes william and harry. i mentioned a moment ago,
6:35 am
they've long talked of their love for their grandfather. he famously walked with his grandsons in the procession when they lost their mother, princess diana. prince harry's first time back in britain following that interview with oprah that made global headlines. some obvious tension to work on within the royal family. but this will be a day to celebrate their grandfather. and i want to bring in our foreign correspondent, james longman. james, a lot of eyes on princes william and harry. i'm sure many hoping for some signal of healing. as i said, this is a moment for prince philip. his service to his country, his queen. i'm curious what the mood has been like not just there at walt disneyor -- at windsor castle but across britain. >> reporter: there's great sadness, of course, for the queen. what struck me this past week really is the rediscovery of prince philip. you know, he didn't like talking about himself very much. that means that most people didn't know very much about him. he was a young, vibrant individual. he was one of the earliest
6:36 am
modernizers. it's really incredible this week all the pictures we've seen of this young dashing man coming into the royal family, trying to shake it up, trying to open it up to the world. we're going to see today tributes being paid to his extraordinary military service. he was in the navy and fought valiantly in the mediterranean against the nazis, protecting allied ships. i think that is really something that i've certainly taken away this week. of course, eyes will be on the queen, britain's hearts go out to her and her extraordinary loss. and in this year of loss, i think people will be thinking about their own losses. what covid-19 has done to their own families as they watch the procession today. what i'll be watching for, i think, is the moment the queen travels in her vehicle down to the chapel. there will be a moment, a moment where she pauses to look back at her husband of 73 years. that will be very, very moving. and at the end of the service, royal marine buglers will play the battle alert, which was the war alert sounded on naval ships during the war. that's by special request of the
6:37 am
prince himself. that will be a very moving moment. david, i am comforted by the idea that in this last year the prince and the queen shielded here at windsor and for the last year of his life, the queen got to spend this whole year with the love of her life. david? >> james, i loved what you said that britain and really the world has had a chance to relearn what prince philip did in service to his country, nearly paying with his life in world war ii. and of course all of his years of service not only to the commonwealth and to the royal family but to the queen. and robert johnson is an abc news royal contributor. robert with us also this morning. and the queen said from the moment she met him as a teenager that he was the only man i could ever love. and as james said there, robert, so many people will be watching the queen so closely. a stoic and always the symbol of strength. but you have to wonder what this is like for her after losing her partner of more than 73 years.
6:38 am
>> well, she's lost the husband of 73 years, but this is the only man she's ever truly loved. she fell in love with him at the age of 13 when she saw this striking viking-like blonde prince going around dartmouth naval college before he went off to fight in world war ii in the royal navy where he was mentioned was dispatched to service. in the last year due to covid, strangely, they had to isolate in a bubble at windsor castle. and actually it was a precious time for them because they were able to spend more time together than any time really during their life. before that, of course, they were both very busy. they were working for the crown, and they have the opportunity -- now of course what's happening, prince charles is taking on more duties. really the queen was able to spend time with her precious husband. that gives some comfort i think. people around her, people like
6:39 am
angela kelley and carmichael, her dresser, the hairdresser, comforting her. i'm told she's bearing up. this is going to be a terribly emotional day. today we've really lost a king without a crown. >> a king without a crown. but she worked from the very beginning to elevate her prince before her country. and victoria murphy also with us this morning. i love what robert pointed out there, that in this last year during this pandemic, you know, there has been so much suffering not only there in the uk, here in the u.s., but around the world. one of the things that we have all noticed is that in some small way we've had a chance to spend more time with loved ones within our bubbles. for her, that was prince philip. and that was a sort of gift in the end, that they would spend so much time together. talk about him as a grandfather and father. >> yes, you're absolutely right. because you've got to remember the royal family, they have these positions on the world
6:40 am
stage. they are still a family. and i think what's interesting about this, having been scaled back, is that it is almost becoming very much a family funeral. obviously prince philip was very much the head of that family behind closed doors. i think what's really shown through in the tributes that his family have paid him, they've really tried to do hisracter justice. and what i think has shown through is his sense of fun, his real zest for life. he had so many interests, and he really encouraged his children and grandchildren to take those up, as well. but also what i think that they have captured is his kindness, his sense of kindness, and the fact that he was a real rock for many family members. and he was the person who they really turned to for advice. he was a shoulder to lean on at times. and i think that is one reason he will be very, very sorely missed. >> victoria with us all morning long, as well. thank you for that. and as we watch the coffin for the first time, you can see on top of the coffin a wreath there. we're expected to see his naval cap and his sword at some point
6:41 am
throughout the day. there you see it. the naval cap, the sword, a closer image, and the flowers chosen by queen elizabeth herself. and we can't point it out enough this morning that it was prince philip himself who many, many years ago planned his own farewell. that's common within the royal family, that there would be such attention paid to these moments. royal weddings, royal funerals, and he did plan his own funeral. he wanted it to be hopefully a celebration of his life and his contributions, his military contributions. and he will make this short trip
6:42 am
with the coffin traveling on top of a land rover that he helped design. you saw a hint of it for a moment. a land rover he helped design many years ago. the back of it open. an extraordinarily moving moment. you have to remember in this pandemic, the people of britain are not lining streets. this is happening only at windsor castle. so so many of the british people watching just as we are here in
6:43 am
america watching it play out on television this morning. the deference and respect for prince philip. he worked on that land rover right up until 2019, a couple of years ago. chose the color, wanted it changed from their typical belize green to the military green that he remembered from his time in the military.
6:44 am
behind that land rover this morning, his children will be part of the procession. prince charles, of course, who now takes on a much greater role. princess anne. ♪ >> the arrival of queen elizabeth.
6:45 am
♪ in state bentley wearing a mask, i noticed through that window. and traveling with lady in waiting, lady susan hussey, chosen to escort the queen to the chapel this morning. ♪
6:46 am
there you see prince charles and his siblings, his sister princess anne, prince andrew, prince edward. this is a half-mile route. lined with military personnel from all services. and this is what prince philip wanted. ♪
6:47 am
♪ ♪ >> and you can see behind prince charles there prince william on the left, of course. and then the far right, prince harry, separated by their older cousin, peter phillips. but standing side by side as you can see right there. that is likely something they were aware of. things don't happen by accident
6:48 am
here. every step, every position well planned. the fact that they were walking side by side perhaps is a signal of unity there for their grandfather. and i'm sure for many watching at home, you'll remember one of the last moving processions when we saw princes william and harry, and they were with their grandfather, prince philip, was they walked behind their own mother, the late princess diana. those princes have long talked of their love for their grandfather. and they will likely mean a great deal to the people of britain and really around the world to see those two brothers there together to honor their grandfather.
6:49 am
♪ ♪ >> you know, it is royal traditions that in processions like these they would wear uniform because of their service or honorary links with military commands, but it was the queen herself who in recent days said all senior royals will wear
6:50 am
civilian clothes at his funeral. of course, that meant less attention for prince harry who alleged been stripped of his military honors, his rank within the royal family, given his service in afghanistan simply because he chose to step back from his royal duties. but the queen, sensitive to that, and the queen asking that everyone wear civilian clothes to the funeral, to the service today. and many of them likely with medals and certainly harry, too, marking his service to his country, something his grandfather was no doubt very proud of, as well. and prince philip -- you'll see this throughout the service this morning -- wanted to make sure that his service to country and that all of the men and women who have served would be celebrated and honored today through his service.
6:51 am
♪ ♪ ♪ there you see duchess kate. of course, prince philip there for her wedding to prince
6:52 am
william and also there for the wedding of duchess camilla, all members of the royal family wearing masks this morning. and there is strict protocol in the uk that you must keep a distance from people that you haven't been in a bubble with. so there have been questions about whether or not once we enter the chapel whether the queen will be sitting alone which is likely since her bubble is her staff and her team within the palace. and there we see the queen. ♪ >> looking back, and it sort of takes your breath away, doesn't it, deborah, this moment? >> it really does, david.
6:53 am
at the end, this is a family. this is a funeral. and this is an elderly woman who has lost her h lean you you watch this. it is a family saying good-bye to a grandfather and a father. >> prince charles leading the procession. of course remembering his dear papa. very loving words for prince philip. and prince charles heir to the throne, but he's been waiting for a long time with great respect for his mother, the queen. and she shows no signs of slowing down, holding her first sort of royal duties, engagement after the death of prince philip
6:54 am
already. just within four days or so if i recall. but prince charles will step up. he'll take on a greater role. ♪ ♪ >> and abc news royal contributor with us, too, and we were seeing there the queen as she enters the chapel. and the family behind the coffin. and we can't say it enough, that prince philip behind the scenes was the rock of this family. he was the person that so many members of the royal family turned to if they wanted the truth. [ whistle ]
6:55 am
>> we wanted to take in that moment. but talk about the power of what we're seeing this morning. the royal tribute and military honors for a prince who was so proud of his service to his country . >> yeah, this say day that we see prince philip's life and legacy celebrated.
6:56 am
of course, a man that wasn't born to this country but lived a life of service to this country. at a very young age he turned his back on his military career to give his life to this country as the consorts to the queen. also supporting her in the role that she had, but also in a very difficult position where he had to carve out his own role, his own legacy. we saw that in the recent years. his life being remembered after his retirement in 2017. people really still look back on the work that he achieved across the commonwealth, visiting over 229 countries, really focusing on that role. but also many young people across the country today are remembering his life, the impact on the youth community through the duke of edinborough awards has been something that has really struck a chord with many. >> thank you.
6:57 am
6:58 am
[ whistle ]
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now the national minutes of silence across the uk to honor prince philip.


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