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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 16, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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scheduled thousands of appointment on thursday, on friday, 7000 appointments, what a difference a day makes. >> i was expecting 2 to 3 hours. but when i came in, i was surprised to see that the wait time was not too long. i hardly waited for about 15 minutes. >> i got here right on time for my appointment, which was at 11:15, and by 11:18, they had given me my first dose. i was on my way to the observation area. >> reporter: easy to park, easy to check in for 16-year-old ian chacon. my mom made me. >> reporter: most of the people i talked to said they booked their appointments two or three days ago. the county has more than doubled its capacity. >> reporter: last week that they were doling out 5000 shots a day. now they are ramping up to
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10,000 or more per day, eventually hoping to top 15,000 a day as the supply increases. >> i can get to see more people, like people at school. >> reporter: vaccines are rolling out at gospel gospel go near oakland. they have appointment over the weekend, but they are taking lockups, snagging appointment online can be tedious work. that's why ian's mom called into the county to schedule. >> i know a lot of people had a hard time making the appointment. so i gave them the number i had to make an appointment. >> reporter: people are asking, will i stand in line for 3 hours as i did for the first shot, and, so well-organized, in and out in under an hour. those who have gotten shots say, come prepared for anything. in the south bay, i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. sam liccardo rolled up his sleeve this afternoon to get his first covid-19 vaccination. he got it at the santa clara county fairgrounds by a member
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of the fire department. he said the fairground site will be open for the first time to the public starting, tomorrow. he is encouraging everyone to get vaccinated. meantime, san jose hopes to vaccinate on housed and marginalized people, today, and they are setting up to make it more accessible. contra costa county has created its first walk in vaccine clinics. ages 16 or older, people who live in the county are eligible. they are focusing on areas hardest hit by covid-19, that includes richmond, concorde, and parts of east county. the san jose sharks are finally ready to have fans back in the tank. the center will open up to a number of fans on monday, april 26, when the sharks host the coyotes. everybody two years and up will need to prove for the negative covid test or proof of receiving a complete covid-19 vaccination. the chase center just
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announced the first concert dates. everything was canceled when the pandemic started. so far, kane brown has been scheduled january 20th of 2022, roger waters is scheduled to perform the 23rd and 24th. that is also 2022. chase will beginning -- be welcoming fans maybe you have your own questions about the vaccine process, you can ask our own abc7 news vaccine team. all you have to do is go to our website, windsor mayer, mayor foppoli, announced that he is not resigning, instead, will step back from his duties as mayor while investigators look into six allegations of sexual assault. foppoli released thththththth
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it is clear to me that the town council will not function at the level expected by its citizens if i remain actively involved. given the strong reaction to the allegations against me -- it continues on to say, i do not want my presence or participation to create a distraction or cause any additional hurt for our residents. >> this is not a negotiation on whether he stays or leaves. there is not a middleground, here. he needs to resign. he is unfit to to to to to to >> foppoli says he is innocent under the law, but will stay away from the town hall and not attend any more meetings. it has happened again, a mass shooting late last night, this happened at the fedex warehouse in indianapolis. eight people were killed, several others wounded. the gun fire started in the parking lot before moving inside. >> our officers went towards danger, as they typically do, and when they arrived at the scene, they found something that really no one should see. we have all been shaken by this heinous act.
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>> reporter: it was all over in a matter of minutes when the gunmen took his own life. he is a 19-year-old, a federal form ex employee. -- former fedex employee. president biden was was was was the situation. congress was asked to act. video coming to light shows the brutal attack on an asian woman who is held to the ground at gunpoint for her jewelry and handbag. as i discovered, the neighborhood where it happened is what many would expect. it's a story you will only see on abc7 news. >> reporter: what you are hearing is the scream of terror as an asian woman in her 50s who only wants to be identified as miss lee, the moment she arrived at a relative's home after having lunch with friends in october. you can see a white suv come speeding down the street, completely ignoring two people walking, and that goes back to target miss lee. she is held at gunpoint and robbed of her handbag.
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one suspect returnssuspect retus jewelry, including a $16,000 rolex. >> it changed her self-worth, every time she talks about it, she cries. >> reporter: one of the friends who was with her at the restaurant was kathy mar. she says, after nissley left the restaurant, was unknowingly followed for miles to the sunset neighborhood. >> everyone in the neighborhood thinks, you know, sun set richmond is for more like families, so, you know, there is no crime, here. what we hear more and more so this past few years. >> reporter: at a community weeding, sf pd showing citywide results with the most serious rise in violent crime since 2020, up more than 70% from 2019. reports show violent crime in the area, which includes the sunset, up 10% from 2020 to this past january. in richmond, robbery is up 67%. kathy also lives in the sunset.
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she wants towants towants towant asian americans won't speak out, especially during this time of increased attacks, so she is giving her dear friend of voice. >> whatever i can do, yeah, to let the neighborhood know that san francisco knows knows knows >> they are so brave, speaking out does create change. miss lee told me one of her attackers was actually arrested in georgia, this week. she describes him as an asian man. she and kathy are hoping her attackers get serious jail time. turning now to the weather, a live look at the east bay hills and a san francisco tower camera, it is really clear looking out over the city. it is hazy elsewhere. overall, it is beautiful and getting warmer. spencer is here with a look of the forecast. >>
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today. that is an appetizer for what is coming. you can see the 24-hour temperature change indicating it is 2 to 4 degrees warmer in some bay area locations than yesterday. it will be warmer everywhere, tomorrow. look for highs in the 60s or some coastal locations right around the bay shoreline, 70s inland, we will see mid-80s near the inland valley locations, tomorrow, then on sunday, we will see highs near 90 degrees in some spots, maybe even 80 degrees around the bay shoreline, not much changed, because there will be a warm-up on the coast, we will surely see it, we have some inland spots getting warm, is the rain in the forecast? i will check it out and let you know in just a few minutes, back to to >> i will gas, not imminently, unfortunately. as the weather starts warming up, fire crews are gearing up for fire season. cal fire gave us a look at the main space will -- where they will be working on battling these fires. as wayne freedman found out, there are some new additions,
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this year. >> reporter: you can still hear the birds sing at cal fire headquarters in sacramento, though his fire season approaches, some larger birds will drown out their songs. it is music to this man's ears. >> they are going on a new training plate -- -- -- -- -- - new pilot. >> reporter: he is talking about the newest addition to their arsenal, the same kinds of helicopters made famous in iraq and afghanistan, soon, they will deploy over this state. and some of the same men who kept them flying for the military do so now. >> these aircraft are very dependable. >> they are faster. they carry a bigger payload. >> reporter: cal fire's basic budget for the 70 plane air force is roughly $160 million before emergency funds most of these planes came from somewhere else. some need more work than others, but combined, they will fly 14,000 air attack hours, this summer. it is down and sometimes
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flying take this for granted. >> it's unusual flying, because you are not locked into flying by your instruments. you are basically seat-of-the- pants flying. >> that's good. >> reporter: here is something that will make it easier. california's next evolution in firefighting -- >> reporter: they call these planes the hercules, and with good reason. they are like flying trucks. they will be able to drop 4000 gallons when they are ready. >> this plate right here -- >> reporter: he showed us where a large tank will fit. cal fire will have seven of these planes. they will be on the lot of airp hopefully, for not a lot of fires. in sacramento, wayne freedman, abc7 news.
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there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. ♪one more bite.♪ ♪just give me one more bite.♪ ♪cause i can't wait forever.♪ mac & cheese, now in a tasty bite. part of my new $4 mini munchies. only at jack in the box. a group of youth climate activists is championing social and environmental change not only during earth month, but every day, leading the charge in the bay area is isha clark, with equitable and sustainable
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planet. she is building a better bay area. this month, she is the abc ally in action. >> we have been ignoring climate change for over 50 years. we are at the point where no one can ignore it because it is impacting every single person. every person has been watching the natural disasters on tv. the climate crisis is the physical manifestation of all the systems of oppression which are the foundation of our society? >> this belief and practice that people are disposable, and people can be exploited for the benefit of one group of people -- that is what white supremacy is. that is what colonialism is. that's what patriarchy is. that
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one of my earliest memories is probably listening to my grandpa telling stories about his activism, going down south when he was in college to be part of the civil rights movement. i think he was one of my
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earliest influences. that really became a part of who i am very overy overy overyo the moment really brought me to this climate justice movement, when i was a freshman in high school, i was invited into this action targeting photo gummy who was a prominent developer in oakland, who is trying to go to cold terminal, in west oakland, a community that is mostly black class working people and has been that for decades. this fight isn't about saving the rainforest and the polar bears, it's about people. and it's about people in my community, and people who i love getting years taken off of their lives because of this practice of racism aneconomic exploitation. in that moment, moment, moment, power of speaking truth
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with that same group of younger people, all color, from oakland, group 'slely reimagthway we live in this world, moving away from this idea that people are disposable, and in order to do that, we have to dismantle the things that are keeping us from that, the things that are keeping us all conditioned in society to hurt each other, to exploit each other, and so, we started to organize the climate strikes. in action, allie ship looks like we are supporting the leadership of people who are on the front lines, people who are experiencing these systems that are quite literally causing the destruction of our planet. we can and will win. and we have been able to create
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such a beautiful movement. and this is only the beginning. >> what an incredible force, and so articulate, and obviously, driven. this is brought to you by dignity health, recognizing local people who are building a better bay area. if you know someone who is working to create real change, tell us about them at action. >> a new mural lane opened, today. it is the tallest mural in all the city. it is 190 feet took 10 days, it is called zero hunger. the artist says the young girl with the sunlight on her face is a sunlight of hope. >> when you see pictures or advertisement on the girl and stuff like that, and the water
4:19 pm
is very much for me sad pictures. it was important for me, this is why i made this girl with a smile and happiness around her. >> what an undertaking, look at that. this is one of the others will be new orleans, houston, d.c., battle creek, and detroit. if you look at the street art mankind app, you will get more information about world hunger and what you can do to help. >> that's amazing. the warriors and the second harvest food bank teamed up for a drive through distribution. they called the for dishes. they have provided half 1 million people a month with food sense
4:20 pm
d e eri upone e thlong ju ndi heartbreaking. it's still a year into the pandemic, there is so much need. >> a nonprofit called the athletes corner in this event, they work with professional athletes to fight hunger and strengthen athletes through sports. >> they are doing >> absolutely. >> i applaud everyone involved. does anyone have big weekend plans, here? >> i'm working. let's not forget, larry. >> spencer, you are off, right? >> i will be enjoying the weather. it will be almost summerlike. it is breezy once again. this pattern has been with us all weekend long, especially breezy right now in san francisco where the wind speed is 55 miles per hour. you can see a little bit of a wimpy marine layer push out
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through san francisco. we have blue skies above right now, 53 degrees in the city, this is one of the coolest spots in the bay area. it is 73 in morgan hill. it's a cool 50 degrees at half moon bay. here is the view, you can see that marine layer building along the coast. it is 65 degrees in santa rosa and novato. napa is 69, 78 in fairfield, and the view of the golden gate , where the sky was blue a moment ago, but now we see tuffs of low clouds moving through the golden gate, these of the forecast futures, summerlike warmth will be with us this weekend and into monday. record highs are possible on sunday. that will be the warmest day in the next three days. a cooler pattern continues to build on tuesday and will be with us through the remainder of next week. the oakland a's will be in action during the tigers game time. it'll be 6:40.
4:22 pm
it will be sunny until the start of the game. we could see low clouds developing. it will feel cool like a ball game in or 52sp eaki later, dur overnight hours, we will see patches of fog near the coast and over the bay. overnight low temperatures will be in the mid to upper 40s, tonight. then down to the south bay, sunny skies in the 70s about 79 in morgan hill, 77 at san jose, it will be mild along the peninsula as well. look for mainland mid-70s near palo alto. it is cooler than that on the coast. temperatures will rise over the weekend because of the cooling marine influence. we have low to mid 60s on the coast. downtown san francisco, high of 67, 83 in santa rosa, 82 in sonoma. oakland will top out at 66 as well as castro valley and union city. the east bay will have highs in the 80s, tomorrow. as we are looking ahead, low
4:23 pm
90s are possible in the warmest inland locations. monday, not much change, then we see a cooling trend begin. i will go to just a quick look at the forecast animation for will approach the bay area, but it doesn't look like precipitation will hit us. the earliest chance for rain we will see is a week from sunday. here is the accuweather seven- day forecast. once we get to the heat of the weekend, we have a cooler pattern for all of next week. >> spencer, thanks. just ahead, the government cracks down on fake covid cures, michael finney has details. dei'm morgan, and there's more remeto me than hiv.ior -- more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with dovato. prescription dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen.
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time for consumer now'sconss >> this one is very interesting. the federal trade commisson has taken its first act against a company for the deceptive marketing for covid treatments. the ftc has charged the st. louis company with violations of the covid-19 consumer protection act. quick work sold vitamin a and zinc supplements, saying they could prevent or treat the virus, and neither is true. flying from one country to southern california is getting
4:27 pm
easier. there will be daily nonstop flights from sonoma county airport in santa rosa and the hollywood burbank. the airport is starting in june. the airline is planning on flying between santa rosa and san diego in the fall. attention bay ant usape pawos with lipper cards. cardholders can transport their phones through apple wallet, allowing them to ditch the card and pay with their also -- iphone or apple watch. one thing, the note -- the card will be deactivated. it won't work as a backup. there will be a similar system using google pay. it's about time for all of this. we are getting everything at the end of the pandemic. we quit using cash, so we are shrinking everything up. >> cash, people carry it and hardly use it anymore. it's crazy. a member when cash was king? that is over.
4:28 pm
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 with the help of national geographic, our meteorologists are teaming up with abc owned
4:31 pm
tv stations across the country for an earth day special. our america, climate of hope, examines the impact of climate change across the country and the innovations to address it. >> we can't protect our planet without fixing the food system. fixing the food system isn't just about moving away from animal consumption. >> it's about about about aboutt plants, it's about vertical farming, it's about culture. >> it requires all these different things. >> our team searched the nation for the most innovative solutions to reduce our dependence on animals and water, re-addition and imagine traditional animal culture, like this company that is turning farming on its head. >> this is our our we are in san francisco, it is a high-tech manufacturtoow rit to one of the largest cities in the country. we bring the farm outside in. then we flip it on its side so we can condense about 700 acres of farmland into the size of a big box retail store.
4:32 pm
we use robotic technology and precision agriculture to precisely measure how we feed our plants, then we transplant those seeds onto a really tall vertical tower. we use about 1% of the land of traditional farming. we save about 1 million gallons of water per week. so we can grow anywhere, we can put a farm next to a city. >> reporter: plenty is currently building a large indoor farm to provide fresh lettuce and produce to los angeles area grocery stores. >> to have a vertical farm that has the ability to produce fruits and vegetables is incredible. their mission to combat food insecurity is right in line with the vision. >> if we are trying to feed 9 billion people in the future, indoor cropping will be part of that solution. 70% to 90% of global surface water resources go into
4:33 pm
agricultural irrigation. so, in these closed systems, we have the potential to save incredible amounts of water.of . >> our food systems, including agriculture and methane emissions, mostly from cattle, account for a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions. among the solutions to reducing them, a more plant-based diet with less meat consumption. alternative meat burgers like the impossible burger less emissions than a ground beef patty, and take less water and land to produce. >> if my mom was to bring this home or something, i would be able to tell the difference if it was real meat or not. >> reporter: one bay area tech company is re-creating chicken and egg in the lab. >> we created a company that is called just egg. it is egg and looks and feels like eggs made from chickens, but it is much
4:34 pm
>> reporter: we got a taste. >> this magic bean makes it all work. >> this will turn to scrambled eggs. >> let's do it. >> it's fluffy, it looks like a scrambled egg from a chicken. >> reporter: this is really good. you guys have something that is really close, if not exactly like an egg. >> this chicken didn't require killing a single animal, it didn't require all the land and water -- is required i really brilliant science and ambition based company to say, what if we sell the nutrients to the cell, then manufacture me in the cleanest possible way? >> reporter: innovators are looking for ways to reduce the methane produced by cows, mainly through cow burps, which account for one third of methane from agriculture in the u.s., by feeding them seaweed for easier digestion. >> the study was to figure out if seaweed has reduced emissions by cows. what we found was over the 21
4:35 pm
weeks., there was admissions from 50% to 80% depending on how much it was said. >> people have the idea that sustainable food is a sacrifice, but i think it's a real opportunity to engage with the way food is grown. if we can use healthy soil practices to drawdown co2, it actually makes it more nutritious, more delicious, and more resistant to climate change. >> this san francisco chef is creating a movement to bring food created through regenerative agriculture into restaurants. >> we want to create a change in the way we buy and sell food, that market needs to send a signal that people are interested in this, then farmers will change their practices. >> as our climate changes, it will have a direct impact on not just what we eat, but the things we love to eat, things like chocolate, like coffee,
4:36 pm
what give us smiles in the morning, and how we celebrate. all of those crops are going to be devastated by climate change if we don't invest in changes of how we invest in agriculture and where we are getting food. - hi, i'm steve. - i'm lea. and we live in north pole, alaska. - i'm a retired school ever.
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it is time for the four at 4:00. spencer joins us working on learning from home. it has had a big impact on the entire family. that includes your pets. when schools and offices are reopening, pets will have to adjust. nobody will be home with them. dustin dorsey takes a look at how to prepare your furry friends for the upcoming change. >> as more californians receive their covid-19 vaccine's, and he will soon return to their pre-pandemic lives. while that is exciting for some, not everyone will thrilled. pandemic organizations like the humane society of silicon valley saw a massive increase in pet adoptions. >> the only life they know is being home during shelter in place or during the pandemic
4:40 pm
where the family is there 24 hours a day, seven days a week. they don't know a life pre- pandemic where people have to go to work. so that can be a really difficult transition. >> reporter: pets in general face -- might face separation anxiety. it is difficult with dogs. practicing that separation and associating it with something positive is a great way to associate with their anxietietht >> anytime i leave the room, they get a special toy. it is one of those puzzle toys with treats on the inside, you know, peanut butter or jerky type treats, something that is really how you you you you you highly valued, but it's a treat that you get when you're not
4:41 pm
there. >> you can also increase your time when you are not away, hiring a dog walker or speaking with your vet for medical options. because if your dog has continued anxiety, it could lead to future issues. >> you might not know until they are having an issue until your neighbor comes and tells you that your dog is barking for 15 minutes after you whavco >> reporter: for more information on a return to work plan, visit in san jose, dustin dorsey, abc7 news. >> i feel so sorry for the puppy when dustin left. you have a couple dogs, right? >> i have a wewewewewewe i have a yorky. they are seven pounds. they are so dependent on me now. i feel like whatever i do leave the house, they are like, how come mom is leaving? so i totally get that feeling of abandonment. spencer, i don't know if you can relate at all, if there are any animals in your household? >> none in my household -- i am the animal.
4:42 pm
i love it. toss me a doggie treat, i will be happy -- and a glass of wine. i can relate. i have lots of friends who have pets. i see the attachment. i understand that pets miss you when you are away. i wish i had someone who missed me when i'm away. >> yeah, silence. >> we are going to move on, now. speaking of animals, we have the perfect gift for pet owners. fancy feast has released a cookbook for for for for for fo that is right. it is inspired by the company's singleserve cat entrces, it looks good, actually. there are a dozen recipes including chicken and ramen with tomato honey sauce, fancy feast says the meals are meant to accompany your cat's food, not be made of your cats food. listen, i think it's a great marketing ploy. chris, you would totally eat this, right?
4:43 pm
>> yeah, real food i will eat, i thought i would get fed again. last time i was here, i was eating an impossible sandwich and a cup of coffee, where the samples? >> that would be nice, though. >> suggestion? suggestion for the producer? >> our producer says she will bring us some fancy feast. >> it will be the actual cat food. >> it serves you all right for asking for too much. >> yup, yup, anyway. you have too much money? here is one way to waste it, the first ever yeezy first worn by kanye, they are valued at $1 million. they are my sneakers, maybe not $1 million, but the sneakers were displayed in hong kong before being auctioned later this month. spencer? what's your appetite -- >> what makes them worth that
4:44 pm
much money? the fact that they were on kanye's feet? >> apparently. >> i will pass. >> it's whatever the market dictates, if you push it up, you can inflate it. >> i want one person to like this idea. >> yeah, that's all it needs. we have another idea, a jesus -- adidas is bringing fungi to footwear.t they are working with both threads to create a new version of the stan smith shoe. they are actually made from renewable my selenium, the roots of mushrooms, adidas says the material is soft and supple, similar to leather. this part of the sneaker is made with milo. the souls are made with natural rubber. i mean, look
4:45 pm
be more eco-friendly these days. they are actually snazzy. you wear white sneakers all the time. >> i wear white sneakers right now, dion. but they are not $1 million. i wonder what the price point is. based on what i saw, i would wear those. >> i think they are much less than the kanye ones. the fact that they are sustainable and renewable, and spencer, that seems to be the trend in a lot of things. >> i might try a pair of those, not the yeezy ones, but this i would try, for sure. >> when you said fungi, i used to have a buddy back in hawaii, and is license plate said guy. if you have to advertise that, maybe you are not a fun guy. >> you guys, this isn't good. these are moldy jokes. >> i will sit this out. >> maybe i should
4:46 pm
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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tejano music star selena has left behind a legacy that goes far beyond her music. today would have been her 50th birthday. to celebrate, a longtime journalist created a podcast doing more of a deep dive into how she still impacts latino culture he. we have the story. >> she was part of my life since i can remember.
4:49 pm
truly, the first memory i have of selena was when i was seven years old. what selena's music does for me is remind me who i am, remind me where i come from, how did she become the symbol american -- what it sounds like to be latino in the u.s. -- it is a quest to understand that. the name of the podcast is anything for selena. it is a podcast that combines rigorous journalism, decisive cultural analysis, and deeply personal, deeply vulnerable storytelling to really, really do selena's legacy justice, and to give us a picture of how she changed coulter -- culture on everything from body positivity in the u.s., to
4:50 pm
look at her legacy not just from a musical standpoint, that what she came to symbolize in society, and how she is connected to our own understanding of ourselves, and how we figure out how and where we belong in the world. there were multiple years with a podcast was sort of this glimmer in my eye, the ultimate project, i knew that we had gotten into the bottom of why selena still mattered. the podcast really is the culmination of this lifelong quest to understand why it is i kept back -- coming back to this artist. we grew up reading and watching everything selena, i knew there was a lot out there, but there was nothing that really unpacked her legacy that told us in detail why it was she was
4:51 pm
such a culture of force, and that really explained how she changed culture. that's what it has to do with the podcast. this is for selefor >> yeah, even after all these years, so many fans love selena. >> all right, let's turn to the forecast. the weekend is upon >> that is the headline for weather, for sure. i will show you how warm it will be over the weekend. tonight, we will see low clouds near the coast over the bay, temperatures will be in the mid to upper 40s. tomorrow, look for temperatures soaring into the mid-80s. we will see mid-70s around the shoreline, mid 60s around the coast, if you are looking for more, you can move away from the coast. it will be even warmer on sunday. there is a chance of record high temperatures on sunday. we expect highs near the 90
4:52 pm
degrees. around the bay shoreline, again, mid 60s along the coast, there will be a gradual drop off in temperatures on monday and tuesday. here is the accuweather seven- day forecast tuesday through friday, we will be back at a more seasonable range of temperatures. >> 90, spencer, thanks. just ahead, going for austin -- oscar gold. >> i didn't know she could sing. viola davis transforms her role as marv rainy and the person who helped her transform into the role.
4:53 pm
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struck coming up tonight on abc7 . 8:00, shark tank followed by 2020 at 9:00. myai's but 's but 's but 's the story. the movie included five oscar nominations.
4:56 pm
in the title role. those who did her makeup and hair were also recognized and made oscar history as a result. here is abc7's sandy kenyon. >> reporter: she is one of the most glamorous stars in hollywood, but you wouldn't know it to look at viola davis as my rainy. >> she was to be truly authentic. she wants to know everything about the character. she doesn't care about the ugly. she doesn't care about being glamorous. >> reporter: to make a wilson has taken care of viola's here since 2008. >> she is true to who she is. she is very low we'll. now wilson is making history alongside me o'neill as the first black american women to be nominated for an oscar in the makeup and hair styling
4:57 pm
category. >> you shouldn't have taken this long, but i am happy. >> reporter: happy to be part of history. >> i thought it was unreachable because he never thought about it. i am saying that because i never did see anyone that looked like me who have received an award so prestigious. >> reporter: she credits performance of color with opening up opportunities for hairstylists of color. >> we are seeing more of us on set because our actors are speaking up and saying they want hairstylists that can do their hair. >> reporter: today, tamika wilson is in the vanguard. her oscar nomination, an indication. >> every young kid woman who desires to be a hairstylist in the industry, they can go higher. >> you can watch the oscars live right here on abc7 at
4:58 pm
5:00 on sunday.
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oh man... let's get you to this moment. is that it? yep, that's it of relief... protection... [joyfully laughs] hope... i just got vaccinated- i just got vaccinated! noah just got vaccinated... so that we can get to all the other moments. ♪ s les geyoucan get to al to the exhalements. ♪ let'e can be tet
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struck a terrifying robbery and he normally quiet neighborhood. prince say this victim was targeted. reaction from the mayor of windsor amid sexual assault allegations. it's been closed to the public for more than a year. now a favorite gathering spot in the space preparing to reopen with new restrictions. building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. developments in the wake of sexual assault allegations. dominic foppoli announced he is stepping back. >> he is accused of sexually
5:01 pm
assaulting six women. we found this group of people in windsor making


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