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tv   Nightline  ABC  April 16, 2021 12:37am-1:07am PDT

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>> as promised four democrated introduced a bill to expand supreme court -- >> this is an abc news special report >> i'm kenneth moton with mona at headquarters we're coming on air with breaking news, there's another deadly mass shooting in florida. >> eight peopl kill in a fedex facility near the east eht p dead and multiple others injured and at least four were hospitalized, including one with critical injuries. two others were treated at the scene. no law enforcement officers were injured. we understand police have said
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the gunman shot and killed himself. >> one employee said he had just sat down to eat with a co-worker when the shots rang out. . >> i got my chips and sandwich about to take a bite and heard two loud clang after the first two and then my buddy levi stood up as he was squatting at the bench and looked over out into the parking lot, didn't see anything yet, then we heard three more shots. and then my buddy levy saw someone running out of the building and then more shots went off. somebody went behind their car to 9 trunk and got another -- got another gun and then i saw one body on the floor. >> when officers arrived at the te building just after 11:00 p.m. they say the gunman was still firing. right now police say there's no longer an active threat.
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>> again this happened just after 11:00 p.m. in indianapolis near the airport, thursday evening. indianapolis police respondsing quickly to the fedex center where shots were fired. officers came in contact with the active shooter who died by suicide at the scene. eight people dead from gunshot wounds. the gunman not included in that number. investigation trying to determine the motive and why or how this happened at that facility. we understand from our a fffilie in indianapolis that increased security at the main facility this is not the main one this is the ground plane operation center but we understand in the main facility 234 that -- in that city there's increased security, precautions after this latest mass shooting here in america. >> we're just getting a statement from fedex who say quote we're aware of the tragic
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shooting at the ground facility near the airport, safety is our top priority, our thoughts are with all those effected. we're working together, more information and cooperating with investigative authorities we do know more than 4,000 work there and more than 100 may have been present as you can imagine concerned family members have been arriving at that scene. they've been told to go to a near by hotel where they are gathering there's reports out of that hotel obviously a very emotional scene as they try to learn more information about their loved ones at that facility. so many people who work at that facility even at that late hour because they work all different shifts there, we don't know how that gunman entered the facility, entered the building, we don't know much about the gunman at all besides the fact the gunman died by suicide and police have not released the shooter's identity.
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again, multiple injuries at different hospitals four transported with gunshot wounds three others with various injuries, three treated at the scene and multiple other walk ins. once the shots rang out it was chaos at that facility. >> a very emotional scene at a local holiday inn where family are hugging, watching the news looking for answer, those answers and details coming in as we speak. this is coming on the heels of two recent mass shootings, one in boulder, colorado and the other atlanta, georgia. loved ones looking for answers watching this unfold on live television. >> and investigation looking for as much information as possible from those who saw and heard the
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shots, we understand there's a large-scale widespread investigation with multiple agencies on the scene assisting indianapolis police. just a short while ago police briefed reporters. here's some of what they had to say. >> as officers arrived they came in contact with an active shooter incident. pr p employee 3w4r57 prelim napiery we don't feel there is an active threat to the community at this time. we have multiple people with injuries. consistent with gunshot wounds. we have others that have been transported to various hospitals throughout the area. if you have family members that work at fedex and you are unable to make contact with them that
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you go to the holiday inn express located at 8555 stanstead drive. impd chaplin's office and several others will about he at that location to assist. >> you can just hear the raw emotion in her voice as she shares those details. it's important to reiterate right now this is not an active scene. that wasn't the case when police arrived on the scene around 11:00 p.m. they did hear gunshots fired as they approached the scene. currently the situation is not active. >> we know when police encounter these mass shooting incidents before they are told to march right towards the threat to stop the threat. we've seen unfortunately in this country so many mass shootings where police they know the routine, they know what to do when there is a mass shooting and the fact those shots were still ringing out there, they rushed in apparently, we're
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still getting more details again about the scene and exactly how many people are injured. but again, eight people dead at that mass shooting at this fedex facility, that gunman opening fire just after eleven p.m., that facility near the indianapolis airport and also we're getting witness statements in, we understand a witness who works at the facility saw a man with a gun after hearing several gunshots and said he saw someone with a some machine gun of some sort, automatic rifle and these are preliminary reports we don't have official information from police and we understand another man said his niece was in a car in the driver's seat and was wounded. so we understand this happened not only in the parking lot but also in the facility. again, only one gunman we understand firing indiscriminately hitting a number of people.
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>> to set the stage, the witness that was describing the scene said he was sitting to eat a sandwich with a co-worker, they were working late into the night taking lunch breaks working at this fedex facility where we believe more than 100 were present when shots rang out. we don't have a possible motive, witnesses are interviewed as we speak. family members on standby waiting to hear back on the condition of some of their loved ones, they're told to hang tight as the information comes in, as we're speaking to you the information is coming in. they're being held at a local holiday inn. as you can imagine this is a very emotional scene there. more than 4,000 people work at that facility but more than 100 were present and eight people have died. . >> as you would imagine with a mass casualty scene like this we have a large investigation and there are a number of people for
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investigators to speak with, surveillance video at the facility, when it comes to fedex or any type of large shipping company like fedex there's a number of cameras on that scene. so that will aid investigators as well. we understand even though the active shooter threat is soever it is a very large crime scene because the multiple injuries we're hearing from people who survive this latest mass shooting in america we're hearing people were hit in the arm, they were able to get themselves to the hospitals and did not wait on the paramedics, they jumped in their cars, you see the large parking lot there, they were still able to get to their cars, many people got themselves to the hospital. you can imagine the chaos unfolding at local hospitals as they treat multiple victories here. >> this morning fedex is responding, they say they're cooperating with authorities adding their thoughts are with all those effected.
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they just sent out a statement a short time ago that says, quote, we're aware of the tragic shooting at the fedex ground facility near the indianapolis airport. safety is our top priority and we're with all of those effected. we're working to gather ermore information and are cooperating with investigating authorities. that statement coming in moments ago. they're also monitoring the facility in indianapolis. it's not clear the connection the shooter to that facility but he did shoes k450uz he did choose to go into that facility around 11:00 last night. as more witnesses share, we hear more details on the ground what is happening. police are saying it is not an active scene, as in the shooter has taken his own life, allegedly, you can see that they're on the ground there interviewing witnesses, investigating, trying to figure out what unfolded in the late hours of thursday night.
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>> again this happened near the indianapolis airport. we understand flights have not been impacted by this mass shooting here. again, flights have not been impacted but we understand there's still a very large scene there as investigators get to work in these wee hours of the morning, because of the time it happened just after 11:00 p.m. information is coming a little slowly out of there, that's understandable because of the time it happened, the investigators reaching the scene and getting assistance from potential federal agencies as well as they investigate the shooter. again, we don't know much information about the alleged shooter but we know this is a workplace shooting that happened leaving eight lives lost and multiple injuries. again, multiple people shot in this. getting themselves to the hospital. paramedics rushing them to the hospital as well. fedex facility there on lockdown. we also understand the main fedex facility according to our abc affiliate has increased
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security as a precaution at that other facility as well. >> a lot of questions remain, what we do know the priority for authorities when officers first arrived on the scene was to deactivate the situation. gunshots were being fired when police arrived on the scene but now their main objective is to investigate and figure out what unfolded on thursda night and of course we will stay on top of this breaking news throughout the morning. >> yes and indefinitely this is all coming on the heels of other mass shootings here in america. we'll have the latest on this throughout the morning on abc news and "good morning america" and on the streaming channel abcnews live. incredible scene there. we mentioned the other shooting, boulder, colorado, grocery store and spa shootings in atlanta. >> while we still have you we'll bring in abc news contributor brad garrett who is on the
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phone, can you hear me? >> i can hear you. >> can you explain to us in situations like this when the scene is still active when police arrive can you explain what their priority is or what protocol is. >> so in any mass shooting you want to make sure whoever the shooter or shooters might be, is contained. in other words, were there other people involved? it's not likely because typically mass shooters either do it alone or in rare occasions will do it with a partner. secondarily, did the mass shooter create any other hazardous devices, in other words, did they rig bombs some place, either at the location where the shooting occurred or if they know the identity of the shooter, where he lives. and so those are the immediate things that you do, obviously. and so police will be moving in
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that direction beyond that obviously it's containing the scene. what occurred there. obviously dealing with people that are injured. clearly once you make it safe that's what you're gonna be doing. so motive, weapons used. all that stuff will come together at some point. that's sort of the immediate steps >> all right, brad garrett there, thank you so much, we appreciate it. again, eight people dead in a mass shooting in indianapolis fedex facility. we'll stay on top of this 3 breaking story on air and online. >> we return now with regular programming,
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♪ as america confronts renewed cries for racial justice, we take you inside one unique program with a very different approach to training law enforcement. here's my "nightline" coanchor byron pitts. >> reporter: in brooklyn center, minnesota, a community still raw with grief and anger, mourners and protesters coming together to honor the life of 20-year-old daunte wright, killed by police officer, kim potter on sunday. after she fired her gun instead of her taser. daunte's heartbroken family demanding accountability. >> can we get a conviction? can we get something? y'all see the difference? this is a taser. my nephew was killed with this. a glock. >> reporter: with the nation's focus once again on policing and use of force, some experts say training officers to control
12:55 am
their fear might stop more incidents from ending tragically. in 2019, "nightline" headed here, the maryland eastern shore, to see a program that helps law enforcement officers better control their stress in tense situations. it's called "close quarters defense." once mostly reserved for u.s. special operations and federal agencies. >> they have no idea what they're going into. which is valuable because we want them to do exactly what they would do on the street. >> hi, how you doing? >> reporter: duane dieter is the site's founder, guru, expert in tactical training. on this day a group of police officers and sheriff's deputies will be his students. >> we all love you, it's all about making you better, so all those trainees, come with me. >> reporter: his program is all about subjects cops rarely share with the public or their families. stress. and fear. >> stress, not controlled, can make a person be aggressive to
12:56 am
someone that's not necessary to be aggressive to. >> reporter: jackie dalton, a u.s. coast guard veteran on this day a rookie cop, fresh out of the academy. >> i adore my coworkers and my chief, i don't want to let them down. >> reporter: one of the key tools in duane's training, this simple cloth and rope called "the hood." each time the hood comes up, the trainee encounters a new unknown scenario. inches away could be a gunman. or a pedestrian asking directions. >> so the hood teaches students to do what? >> to be able to react quickly, an ability to be aggressive, ssertive, or passive, compassionate. all has to be within split seconds as it applies. >> reporter: dalton suits up. >> there's ways to help build the stressors. in this you want stress, we need it. >> stress is their friend? >> it will become their friend.
12:57 am
at first it is not their friend normally. >> reporter: dieter observes her. >> she is verbalizing. de-escalating. >> put the knife down! >> reporter: getting a baseline on how she performs under stress before his training. >> she's getting her gun, which is very common. >> put your hands up! >> that would be a bad situation that happened. her energy was high enough that she eventually shot the person. >> even though the person was moving away? >> exactly, was not a threat. though he attacked her initially, he moved back. that's where we do not shoot. he's no longer an active threat. you can relax, just relax. please just describe why you shot that person and used lethal threat. >> i used lethal threat because i felt fear for my life, and they could have threatened either the person off to my left or myself or any other citizensfy let them get away. >> did you see that he had any
12:58 am
weapon or not, the person to your right? >> he had a gun. >> did he shoot at you from that position? or what did you see? >> he was aiming it towards me, he did not shoot. >> what she thought wasn't reality. >> not even close. she actually saw a gun. >> many of us were raised to believe the truth is always the truth. what we saw today, under stress, the truth can look different. >> the perceived truth, that's right. it's because they are not used to this level of stress. so their truth is very different, sometimes, than what truthfully happened. and they will say what they believe. right off the bat. because that's what they saw. >> reporter: dieter says dalton isn't the only student perceiving things differently under stress. >> he was taking my gun, he actually had it. >> reporter: sharing these videos with us of others on day one. >> can you train it out of a person? >> absolutely, we do it every
12:59 am
single time. >> you all right you did good, you did good. >> reporter: dalton is exhausted, drained, distraught that she shot an unarmed man. >> all right, way to fight, way to fight. you did great. have you ever felt that before? no. in a little bit of training, this will be a comfortable thing for you. you'll feel it. you'll feel you have the energy to respond to it and react to it. have a seat, relax. >> all right, thanks. >> what do you think? >> it's stressful. it's emotionally draining. >> i sensed from him, you did a hell of a job. >> well, i appreciate that, but sometimes it's not enough. >> you're shaking. why? >> it's an important job. and i put a lot of pride in it, doing what i do. >> get down! >> reporter: dieter's program
1:00 am
can take weeks. >> i want you down on the ground in front of you! >> reporter: even after just one day of training -- >> she did better. >> reporter: we witness a transformation in dalton. >> get down on your stomach! get down on the ground! >> now the person was complaining, they went for the gun, she was able to pick that up. >> reporter: she aced it. controlling stress, dieter says, improves decision-making. >> you're smiling this time. >> yeah, i'm smiling this time. it was -- it felt less stressful, even though i was still going through kind of the same thing. i was able to focus a little bit better. >> what i saw from you this time is confidence. >> right. >> get back! >> reporter: building confidence for those split-second decisions beween life and death. >> and stop. that's good. >> reporter: a vital step in america's long journey towards justice for all. >> great work. great having you. super job. super job. be safe out there, everybody.
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finally tonight, the life-saving call friends and family honoring fifth grader damian sepedra of austin, texas. this past january, his quick thinking potentially saved lives. a fire breaking out at his apartment complex. >> i called 911 straight away when i saw the big flashing lights. the firefighters put out the fire. that's when i forgot we left our turtle there. the good thing, it was okay. >> and this week at his elementary school, damian awarded for his courage. heroes among us, big


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