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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 15, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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california can get a vaccine. but there is a hitch, you still have to find one. governor newsom touts the state progress in beating covid-19 the white uses the race is far from over. oakland daunting homelessness problem, why after dozens of programs, millions of dollars, the situation may only be getting worse. plus the new sign that the drought is very real in the north bay and why it's prompting steps to ensure thousands of people maintain their drinking water supply. in the bay area company that's part of the painting project to target climate change. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. let's take this moment seriously, it's an exciting and proud day, today marks three milestones of sorts. >> in those three milestones are these, no more counties in the most restrictive purple
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tear in california, nearly 50 ast reiv one shot anes aropen t ag16 and up. say >> thank you so much for joining us, south a residence wasted little time jumping at the chance to get vaccinated today. check out the huge crowds at levi stadium, around 2:30 this afternoon, the big group will be its way to the parking lot lines, the stadium shares with great america. county health officials say they were prepared for the influx doubling the capacity to accommodate more than 10,000 people a day. every appointment they made available was taken. in the states vaccine supply isn't making up for the millions of californians became eligible today, the states my turn site upgraded overnight. stephanie sierra has been tracking this all day for us,
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any update? >> we have an update, in the last 15 minutes we saw about 60 appointments open up on the oakland coliseum sites, adam here has been searching for us and he has found 60 appointments again this was about five minutes ago, and now it's down to 45, and as we click on one appointment you will see it just says it's already booked, and this is what we've been seeing for the last six hours. >> the only constraint in the state of california in terms of administering more doses, is manufactured supply. >> s 16 more million californians become eligible for the vaccine, the state's limited supply has left a slim opportunity to snag a spot. abc 7 news has searched resources like vaccine finder to find appointments in every bay area county. we've had no luck. >> i'm concerned that the people who need the vaccine the most, may now get trampled over by the rest of the population.
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>> california's vaccine advisory committee. the committee met this week to discuss the states progress, prioritizing equity. the goals are falling short. >> the issue of equity, it's been stubborn and hard but it's foundational. and we are not going to take our eye off the ball. >> its talk. >> according to california's latest the healthiest populations are fully vaccinated, whereas that percentage for the state's poorest populations is only 23%. >> vulnerable, the folks in the most underserved areas, they have been lagging behind. >> the only real solution relies on vaccine supply. >> how confident was the discussion that supply was increased by may? >> i think there's still good
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confidence we are going to have a good amount of vaccine. there's been concerns that johnson & johnson pause might have an impact but it is only really representative of 4% of the vaccine here in california. >> according to the white house, no additional doses of pfizer or moderna are being purchased. >> there's no further procurement underway moment, we are doing everything we can to accelerate the delivery of those doses. >> the governor anticipates doses of pfizer and moderna will be widely available by early may. lindsay just found an appointment here at the walgreens site in oakland, there are two facilities in oakland but have appointments available. we tried scheduling and it requires you to make a walgreens profile but justjust heads up, there are certain appointments that are becoming available sporadically here, we are also finding appointments available at the walgreens on spear street and kearny street here in san francisco.
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we will continue to track this and have an update for you in about 30 minutes. >> stephanie, thank you, as you've seen and possibly experienced, it can be difficult to get an appointment. we talked to a 17-year-old from san carlos, she started checking the states website and others, right at midnight but what was but wasn't able to find an appointment immediately. >> i've been checking every hour and going through all the websites checking as well. just to see if we can get any appointment. they have appointments coming out all the time and you just have to be there at the right time, so keep trying. >> persistence is the key. governor newsom says getting the vaccine is critical to reopening the economy, and doing so requires highlighting hard-hit zip codes. abc 7 reporter leslie brinkley spoke with the governor at a small catholic church in union city. >> the familiar white vaccine tense pipe popped up in the parking lot in union city as
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the governor spoke with those in line with vaccinated is with local officials, about the challenges of talking people into getting a shot. >> now we have lifted that burden and that age and conditions and a failed every californian 16 and older the opportunity to get these vaccines. >> the governor said 49%, virtually half of californians have already gotten at least one shot. and he said the key to getting more shots and arms are small community clinics like this one. the folks here on the ground told the governor's not so easy to get people past their vaccine hesitancy or indifference. >> the experience we have knocking door by door, some people don't want to hear about the vaccine, you know? and some people aren't grateful that we go to give them the information. some people just want the johnson & johnson because it's one does. >> even though the j&j vaccine is on hold as report of a possible lead disorder are
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vetted, the governor stressed the ongoing urgency. >> 20% of all the march cases that we have currently sequenced, 20% of them, are the uk variant. if you 3% are the west coast variant, these vaccines are a race against these race against those mutations. >> officials said they would intensify their campaign. >> to make sure people get the message at the pulpit or at home at the front doors. i think that will convince people to get the vaccine. >> contra costa county is planning several walk-in vaccination sites over the next few weeks. the sites will be at antioch community center on lone tree way, and the veterans memorial hall richmond. anybody over 16 who lives or
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works in the county can go and up to 700 vaccinations per day will be given. meanwhile, the head of pfizer said people will likely need to get a third job of his vaccine or the pfizer vaccine, within a year of their second dose in fact he says all of us may need to be vaccinated annually, in order to stay immunized against covid-19 so similar to the normal flu shot that many of us get. if you have questions about any of this you can ask her abc 7 news vaccine team, just go to the vaccine page and click on the big blue box. all 7 article on how you can register for a vaccine , it may not be that easy as you've seen but you can do so in every bay area county. now to sky mac 7 showing you the growing problem of oakland's homeless encampments. this is a quarter-mile wood street. the on housed are butted up one against the other, for the entire length. a new audit finds the city was not prepared to deal with these encampments. we spoke to the auditor today. >>
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know how much money it was spending on dealing with encampments. >> the city is not yet doing what it needs to do. >> oakland city council president bass commissioned the report. >> the audit confirms our assessment of the magnitude and complexity of this crisis. >> the audit found that the city spent over $12 million the past two years of unbudgeted money just on dealing with encampments. including paying out worker's comp. claim for a city employee. >> city workers are being threatened, being threatened with guns, axes, aggressive dogs, exposed to covid, feces, needles. >> the city auditor who wrote the report, her main take away -- >> it's of the city didn't have a strategy. it was an intense crisis and they were overwhelmed by the crisis. >> political analyst phil material put it simply. it
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>> in a nutshell it's that oakland is trying to deal with the flood by using a dixie cup >> one of the biggest encampments in the city is here on wood street in west oakland and extends for several blocks and even under the freeway. one person who lives here said he thinks there's over 200 people living out here. he said he tried to apply for housing programs in the city but is still living on the streets. >> i'm supposed to be finding a place pretty soon here. but it's still homelessness. >> ohio smith said without enough housing, clearing encampments doesn't solve anything. >> where'd you go? you go somewhere under another bridge. you find another bridge to sleep under. >> the issue of affordable housing and service contracts much larger extent expenditures will be analyzed in an upcoming audit. new developments, state regulators are directing pg and e to improve its safety performance and better protect powerlines. they placed pg&e in the first
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step of an enhanced oversight process, the agency said pg and he didn't sufficiently utility must now submit a corrective progress reports every 90 days. in a statement, pg&e said it takes the feedback seriously and has already implemented improvements. with every passing day we don't get more rain, our odds of a severe drought intensify, and that is especially true in north bay where communities, they rely on rainfall, not runoff, for the water, already the sonoma county water agency has taken a drastic conservation step, they are inflating a rubber dam near the waller bridge on the russian river. >> the old waller bridge in sonoma county has seen more than a few one-way cars and it's 100 years and even more russian river water passing beneath but if the old rust could talk it would say it's
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never seen a winter or spring as dry as this. the evidence is just downstream in the form of an inflatable rubber dam now serving as an early last resort. >> we are putting it up early because we are in a drought. >> that's pam with note her use of the present tense, already this year we've shown you ranchers with winter ponds that never filled and grape growers whose wells have already run dry. rainfall this year has been roughly 1/3 of normal, now the consequences. >> currently, water conservation is not mandatory, but if the situation continues the way it is right now, it may become that later this year. >> which is where this key role because most of the water for 600,000 sonoma county residents comes from here and when the like now, that's a problem. the purpose to behind the device is not to keep the water
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on the surface, from here, they move it around into ponds and it goes underground. that is a little-known fact. the overflowing water fills ponds, every day of the water percolates underground, eventually to be pulled out by giant pumps. think of it as a fast underground sponge, serving as a reservoir. >> the i dia is to get the ground soaked and then we can pull water from the wells for customers. >> this year it so dry they are getting a head start.
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a san francisco company called carbon mapper is launching two satellites over the state to sniff out
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greenhouse gases, the satellites would hunt out super in matters of methane and carbon dioxide, comfort and oil and gas operations, they already satellites like this one but the company claims none is as precise as this. once the data is collected, it can be used to speed the repair of leaks or help with disaster response. the first satellites will be launched in 2023 with more to follow. meanwhile the saturday night, we are airing our america climate of hope. it examines the impact of climate change across the country and the innovations to address it. the navy is set to commission the newest uss oakland this saturday, it's at the port of oakland tonight. we flew over to get a look at it, the navy said anti- submarine warfare will be the primary mission. we spoke with the ship's
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commanding officer about why it's special to bring this vessel to oakland. >> that uniqueness of having a commissioned ceremony in the city is very special so we are eager to celebrate with the city and we are eager to off our ship. >> and the ship operates with only 70 crewmembers. aside from taking on submarines the ship can deal with mines and small craft that can be swarming and can operate close to shore and it's fast. >> it has these water jets, they are very powerful and they make it go very fast. it goes upwards of 40+ not. >> that translates to about 46 miles per hour on land and this happens to be the third uss oa
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stephanie sierra who is seeing if there any vaccine appointments available, and it's pretty challenging? >> it really is, larry, in fact a few minutes ago we talked about the oakland coliseum site having 60 open slots and right now, there are only 4 left, we will show you exactly what adam is seeing on the site, upon clicking on it, this is an april 16 appointment and you will see a lot more that have become available but that allotment is now down to 4 a point is, it shows you how quickly lindsay here has found those two walgreens appointments in oakland have now disappeared as well, so again these are flying and it's really check quickly possible, we will check back with you later. >> so stephanie, thank you. all right it's time to get a check on the weather, it's going to heat up this weekend, i think. >> i think we are going to be finding larry poolside this weekend as temperatures soar. the maximum was have to work.
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>> oh, nevermind. let's get to the forecast, from our kgo roof camera i want to show you a lovely view, there's a gentle breeze so if you are stepping out for a nice walk after wrapping up whether you are working from home, it should be nice weather out there. 60 in oakland, mid-sixties around san jose, morgan hill, 68 degrees. there are a few clouds passing through. our warmest spots, places like fairfield, 75 degrees in livermore, 68. the fog we had has peeled away but look what showing up, we have the fog off the coast and it will be pushing in as we had towards the overnight hours. san francisco reporting 25 mile an hour winds
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view from our golden gate bridge camera seeing nothing but blue skies right now, foggy areas in the morning, summerlike warmth is coming your way this weekend and a color pattern set up for next week. the forecast is showing you the fog pushing over parts of the bay at 8:00 tomorrow, if you are commuting, visibility will be low and the fog will hang around, near the coast, for parts of the coastline, well into the afternoon, temperatures primarily in the 40s in the morning with the fog around 39 in santa rosa, afternoon highs, 56 in halton bay, 69 in san rafael, 65 in oakland up to 71 in san jose and 76 in concord with the sun shining. i know people are wondering how warm are we talking about? saturday we ease you into the warm-up with 50s and 60s co- side, 80's inland but sunday is the day we are going to see
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some 90's and land, mid to upper 60s along the coastline, and as we check out our prospects for rain, tuesday morning, might be a little drizzle but we are going to have to wait until we head into maybe april 25. that system looks like it may hold together, these systems have been falling apart as they get closer, the accuweather 7-day forecast, morning fog, afternoon son, summerlike warmth for the weekend, mid 80s to low 90s along the coastline, we will keep it in the comfort zone and just a reminder, our climate of hope, abc and national geographic teaming up, that airs at 9:00 on sunday. >> definitely worth checking out. still ahead, talking about how he was rescued with help from a gps sleuth and his phone, that's next.
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a reminder that you can get our live newscast, breaking news, weather and more with their new abc 7 bay area up, it's on a apple tv, fire and roku. now to an incredible rescue story, a man's cell phone battery was running out while he was at the top of a mountain and stranded for 24 hours, until one photo posted online help to track him down. >> it basically saved his life. will reeve picks up the story from there. >> this is the moment a hiker is lifted to safety, nearly 24 hours after getting lost. and it's all thanks to this photo and the power of social media. >> i said help, and it just echoes in the mountains. >> renc angeles national forest when he got lost, bears and mountain lions wandering nearby. >> i was like i need to come over here, so i shoved some rocks next to me. just in case,
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>> he snapped this picture die. i'm lost, 2 to 3 miles away in the canyon, east of buckhorn. i think. >> i was able to get to bars and i took a picture and i sent that. and >> police releasing the photo on social media where luckily and rocky location. >> i started going to the process of looking at the photo and figuring out where it was and i said i think i know where this guy is and found some gps locations and gave it to the search and rescue guys. >> with the help of that tip, alec upper making its way to the 45-year-old, rescuing him. the man, thankful for all who played a part in his rescue. >> fortunate. we've all been there, 3% left on the battery going oh no! world news tonight with david meares next.
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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. the mayor of chicago calling for calm tonight. the police body cam just released, and it's difficult. it appears to show a 13-year-old boy turning and raising his hands before a fatal police shooting. you can hear the officer demanding to see his hands. the boy turning. the officer fires a shot. the officer says the 13-year-old had a gun. what was found at the scene. our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas standing by tonight. also this evening, the coronavirus here in the u.s. hot spots now flaring up. new cases in the u.s. climbing more than 30% in a month. in michigan alone, in some places they are now setting up outdoor triage centers again, running out of room in hospitals. also tonight, the ceo of pfizer now suggesting americans will need a third shot,


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