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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 15, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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vaccines in california. everyone 16 and up now eligible. what you need to know if you are trying to get an appointment. the toddler trials and the vaccine eligibility expanding. when might our youngest get their turn. one bay area family giving their very first glimpse. >> and the pandemic restrictions easing in a matter of hours. it is thursday, april 15th. good morning to you. >> good morning, everyone. we will start with a look at the forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> hi there. let's talk about what is going on weatherwise. let's start off by showing you the winds are fairly light this morning, especially in fairfield, they are up with a stronger developing seabreeze
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today leaving temperatures this afternoon. by the afternoon mid to upper 50s along the coast and san francisco. south bay low 70s there. we will have low to mid-70s in the east bay and mid to upper 60s through the north bay. we will still have a warm surge of weather coming this weekend. i will that coming up next. bruins in the south bay. a shooting last night has turned into a standoff this morning with the suspect believed to be armed in the heart of san jose. the police officers surrounded a home on north 4th street off of east heading street where negotiators have been asking this man to surrender peacefully. neighboring homes have been evacuated. this all started just after 5:00 last night when police found a person shot with life- threatening injuries. this morning police are asking everyone to please avoid this area. we will bring you updates on
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this breaking story as soon as we get new information. as abc7 news works to build a better bay area, we are on vaccine watch, tracking every step in the push to get people vaccinated. as of a few hours ago, everyone 16 and older in the state is eligible for the covid-19 vaccine. amy hollyfield has more live from fremont where vaccination sites are gearing up. >> reporter: hi there. we talked to a teenager who planned to stay up until midnight. the minute she became eligible she planned to get online and get an appointment booked, if she could. there will be a lot of interesting today getting into these clinics. starting today, all californians over the age of 16 request get a coronavirus vaccine. those under 18 can only get the pfizer vaccine. the others are not approved for minors so sites need to organize their appointments
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accordingly. the team that organized the my turn site put a lot of planning into preparing the system for a lot of foot traffic. >> we upgraded the system to make sure we can handle capacity of 300,000 transactions per hour, more than sufficient for the influx of people seeking registrations through my turn. that is not what people say, usually, but i know we can do it. >> reporter: if your teen doesn't see eligibility at a certain clinic, it means they don't have the pfizer vaccine so they can't accept teens or minors, the 16 and 17-year- olds. this is largest age group to become eligible at one time, 16 to 49, so it could be a struggle at first to find an appointment. demand will be higher than supply. officials are asking everyone to be patient, not to give up, and it could take months to get everyone that want as vaccine a shot. reporting live in fremont, amy
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hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you, amy. a pause of the johnson & johnson vaccine remains at a stand til this morning. the cdc says a vote to lift that pause would be premature. now more from jobina the live desk. >> yes, of the known clotting cases all the women are white, aging from 18 to 41 years old. the cdc is specific risks more susceptible to the j&j vaccine. it is expected the warning
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be issued following the vaccination one woman was taking birth control and the others had pre- existing conditions. the cdc hopes to make a decision on the johnson & johnson shot in the next few days. there are six known cases of blot clotting. children in the bay area will be part of a pfizer vaccine trial that will ultimately involve kids as young as 6-month-old. stanford is launching the study. the first volunteer is the 3- ar-old s of a ncer researcher. >> i feel like it would be really difficult to completely evade getting exposed for little kids so it is really peace of mind to know that they are protected. >> the stanford researchers say children make up a quarter of the cup's population so it is
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important to include them in vaccination efforts in order to reach herd immunity. at 8:00 this morning indoor seating events and performances in san francisco can move forward at 35% capacity with approved safety plans and indoor meetings and conferences can come back and venues can create vaccinated only receptions. the rollback restrictions are in line with the state's orange tier reopening guidelines. you can track where your county stands with the abc7 reopening tracker on and it includes a color-coded grid for the bay area so you can find out what is open where you live. how upset, [null]ed and disgusted i am that mayor fapolly would out of this meeting. you all had a right to be ar and now he won't hear you. >> developing news in the north
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bay after hours of emotional debate, embattled windsor mayor dominic foppoli left the town council meeting after facing accusations of sexual assault from multiple women. now the details in the dramatic turn of events. >> i have my head held high because i know deep in my heart i have done nothing wrong and will be eventually cleared. >> reporter: dominic foppoli addressing sexual assault allocations for the first time since six women came gard with accusations, one involving drugging a woman. foppoli's attorney tells us everything was con sense equal and is refusing to resign. >> i am not at fault and i did nothing criminal. let the city attorney decide if i did anything wrong during these accusations. >> reporter: now they are calling for foppoli to step
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down. >> you can making me tear up. if you love windsor as much as you said you always have, you need to resign tonight refoppoli co-owned the christopher creek winery with his brother, joe, who is also asking his brother to step down as mayor. a move that won't change anything, but the vice-mayor tells us it will now look to recall foppoli, community members outraged and women and men demanding foppoli resign immediately. >> please, step down. if you don't, i hope to god that you hear my voice in head. >> resign you rapist. >> dominique, man up, my dude. >> reporter: you heard the comments and anger. at this point the mayor refuses
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to resign. reporting in windsor, j.r. stone. the calendar says april 15. it is normally tax day but this is not a normal year. the normal deadline is delayed to may 17. you should still send them as soon as possible to get that tax return in your bank account if you are owed a tax return. the irs is dealing with major pandemic delays of its own. >> that is being optimistic, that we will get paid this year. [ laughing ] let's take a look at what is going on. mid to upper 40s with increasing clouds across san francisco. temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 40s. san leandro is 50, pittsburg is 52. low 40s in palo alto, 41 in santa clara and saratoga 42 degrees. temperatures hovering in the mid-40s through the morning
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commute with clouds trying to spread to the east, but not completely covering everybody's neighborhoods. the south bay and inland east bay will be the least likely to see the clouds. they will quickly retreat back to the coast with the temperatures cooler, 52 to 53 at the coast. 61 to 65 at noon and the bay inland. 69 at 4:00 and low 60s as we head toward 7:00. here is alliable at what is going on with the activity planner. low humidity. on the bay it e dea. still looking at good to moderate, which is healthier even with the big time warming trend this weekend. i will show you the newest numbers and potential for records in the accuweather forecast. but now let's talk about the commute with jobina. good morning! good morning, mike. i like your sweater.
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hi, everyone. we have slowdowns only out of tracy at the moment. everything else is looking good. 880 at the coliseum in oakland, those headlights are making their way southbound. a nice change from the issues we had during our commute yesterday morning. live in emoryville, showing off 80 westbound toward the toll plaza looks great. california on the brink of a major climate disaster. now the abc7 meteorologists are joining forces with the national geographic for a earth day special. we have a peek. a much anticipated opening in the south bay. we will take you to top golf for a look at how it is bringing sports back safely. a
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east bay city acknowledges justice directed toward the asian-american community both past and present. >> we will be advancing a resolution that officially apologizes on behalf of the city of antioch for terrorizing chinese immigrants in our city. >> a list of proposals was announced designed to celebrate asian-american history like the building of railroads and levees and acknowledge the drugs or alcoholler realities like the
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burning of antioch's china town in 1878. they want to create a new china town district and a permanent exhibit at the antioch museum. the money from the proposals would come from antioch's general fund if the council approves the project. we don't have a lot of answers but we have a lot of vetted resources to help you navigate the biggest challenges in our communities. we gathered those resources and made them available in one place to take action and be an ally. it is action. it is no secret natural disasters are proving more devastating with costs regularly climbing into the billions. with the help of national geographic, you are abc7 meteorologists are teaming up
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with other abc stations across the country for an earth day special, reflecting on communities and what they could look like in the future. our american climate of hope examines the impact of climate change across the country and the innovations to address it. here is a sneak peek with one familiar face. >> it is an absolute river. >> it is coming up the step, terrible! >> what you are looking at taro quarter mile wide that fell into the ocean. >> reporter: first responders rescue two children from a second story window. >> the we managed to evacuate with just the clothes on our back. >> even if we fuels today, by 2100, over 420 towns and cities across america
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will be partially or fully flooded. >> you hear about coastal areas here in the bay area getting impacted more and more, so you see coasting erosion happening and homes being impacted. this is just the beginning of what is to come. >> you can watch "our america: climate of hope" this saturday night at 9:00 here on abc. you will see more familiar faces. it was really a neat collaborative effort between our abc and o & o meteorologists that got together two years ago to start working on this. because of the pandemic we could not roll it out so we tweaked it with the newest data and teamed up with the national geographic that always produces great climate documentaries. i think you will be impressed and maybe a little scared after you see it, but there is hope,
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change coming and more change we can do. >> i was scared looking at the promo. we have been through so much, but i am glad you added that there is hope and how we can be involved in that change, because it is a lot to look at, mike. >> i like to hear that, kumasi. we like to bring to light what is going on, and what we can do to mitigate it and continue to do in the future to mitigate the climate change and try to get us back on track to a healthier earth. join us at 9:00. i hope to see you then. all right, let's talk weatherwise. partly cloudy conditions in the south bay. afternoon sunshine just about everywhere. seasonal temperatures today. a surging summer spread this weekend as we get temperatures about 25 degrees from the coast to inland difference. it will be milder next week. temperatures will pull back a little closer to average but unfortunately it doesn't bring rain with it. the same two players on the map. the high to our west, the low to our east and the on shore
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breeze will bring our temperature down about 2 to 3 degrees. hardly noticeable today. 66 to 71, the spread in the south bay. san jose around 70. 62 to 67 on the peninsula today. most of us around the mid-60s. downtown, even south san francisco should reach 60. mid to upper 50s along the north bay coast to sausalito, 65 to 73 in the valleys. 62 at richmond, 65 at oakland, 69 inland in san ramon and 74 in brentwood. around the state today, no more valley rain and munn snow in the sierra. partly cloudy and mid to upper 50s in tahoe and yosemite. tonight you can see more widespread clouds and temperatures in the 30s in our deepest north bay valleys, most of us in the low to mid-40s. the breeze should back off a little tomorrow. a couple degrees warmer away from the coast, then look at that surge of warmth saturday,
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especially sunday, with near record highs. monday it holds on. then you can see tuesday and wednesday temperatures taper a little bit and get closer to average. a little bit of a roller coaster coming your way. >> thank you, mike. top golf san jose is finally making its much anticipated grand opening tomorrow. covid-19 delayed it for more than a year and social media has been buzzing about the bay area's first golf-based entertainment facility. yesterday staff on hand for a soft opening as guests got their first taste of the golf and safety measures there. the entire hitting bay is fully sanitized after every use. distancing measures are in effect and much of the indoor facilities are closed until later. reservations are required and we have a link to that on our website at coming up, the seven things to know this morning. >> avoiding covid exposure on planes. the one thing the cdc says airlines can do to keep
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a big day for california in the fight against covid-19. as of midnight anyone 16 and up is eligible to get a vaccination. officials say the appointment website has been upgraded to handle an influx of users. and number three, the use of the johnson & johnson is still paused this morning. a cdc panel says it needs more information about a possible link between the shot and reported blood clots. number four, san francisco is easing more pandemic restrictions today. indoor seated events can increase to 35% capacity. outdoor events can be at 50% capacity. and number five, if you don't like extremes, today is about as average as it gets. look at. this all of us, except for san francisco, within one degree of our average high. and number six, things are looking good on the traffic front. a live picture here now from
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the san mateo bridge, things are picking up. and number seven, today would normally be tax day but the irs and california tax board have delayed it because of the pandemic. the deadline for your 2020 returns now is may 17. this will be a little frustrating because in today's "gma first look" a new cdc report finds that keeping the middle seat empty on some airplanes may reduce passenger exposure to covid-19 by more than 50%. you know the middle seat that is now totally full? here is abc news with more. >> reporter: in this morning's "gma first look" the question in the mind of every air traveling. when it comes to filling the seats on a plane, how full is too full? the cdc is reigniting the debate over middle seats, releasing a report that having passengers sit further apart on planes could reduce exposure to
5:25 am
viruses like covid-19 from 27% to 57%. >> when people are in flight and they eat they remove their mask. they may not put it back on immediately. there in the the danger that they sit there, they may talk to their colleague or family and generate parols, so if we take this and actually mutt masks up and run the study, imagine what we could find here. >> reporter: we will have much more on the study, plus a closer look at the rising airfares at 7:00 a.m. with your "gma" first like, abc news, miami. there are three recalls that parents and little ones should know about. first, these bee attacks the firefly frank infant teethers, 55,000 were sold at sergeant and manufactures are saying the wings can come off. and this is a clip activity rattle. 18,000 were sold at california
5:26 am
and the manufacture says there could be loose parts here. and these cat ears were sold at target and reports about lining peeling. they all cause choking hazards. if you have any of these products you can return them to the store for a full refund. still to come, the rules changing overnight while you were sleeping as far as vaccine eligibility. and students returning to the classrooms and things looking different with covid measures in place. and a shake up at the highest court in the land? the future of the supreme court, coming up. and a live look at sfo. it is 5:26. we will be right back.
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so much goes... into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato—i did. now at 5:30, vaccine eligibility expands. what to know if you are still waiting for a shot. and the return to schools as parent, students and teachers look ahead to the next school year. shop small, shop local. the concept is not new, but it is now coming with urgency. the plea from the san francisco mayor. and let's hear it for team usa, and the official uniforms for the olympics unveiled as we count down to the games with 99
5:30 am
days to go. those are cute. >> do you like that? >> yeah. simple, a little sleek. what do you want, more color? >> something different. we have been doing thrall of lauren thing for a lot of years now, can we -- >> people need comfort. >> press refresh. >> familiarity. >> okay. >> good morning, everybody! it is thursday, april 15. let's start with meteorologist mike nicco showing us fashion this morning. i don't remember this sweater. >> i am trying to be more colorful. it is spring. trying tillich things up a thinn little trying to the liven things up a little bit. i have been wearing a lot of dark colors. that is it. well, you two do things so eloquently! well, it is low clouds in the coast and north bay today but it is not fog so we don't have a reduction of visibility.
5:31 am
some of the reduction in speed there is on the 880, you can see the clouds spilling in there. temperatures mid to upper 50s, coast to san francisco. mainly low to mid-60s around the bay, fremont and redwood city could hit 67. the north bay, east bay and south bay will have low to mid- 70s. it will feel comfortable compared to the weekend. i will have the heat coming up. today is v-day, vaccine day, when everybody 16 and up is able to book an appointment in the state. just because you are allowed to make an appointment doesn't mean it will be steve. we are on vaccine this morning and abc7 news' amy hollyfield is live for us in san rafael. >> reporter: hi there. yeah, demand is about to go way up. there will be a rush of people looking for appointments. this is largest age group to ever become eligible at the same time.
5:32 am
all californians ages 16 to 49 game eligible to get the vaccine. the team at the "my turn" website has been working hard to prepare the system for all this traffic. they upgraded it to handle 300,000 transactions an hour. the rush could have started right at midnight. we talked to one teenager about her plan. she was ready to get an appointment as soon as possible. >> i am going to stay up until midnight so i can get it right when it turns to the 15th and my mom will look in the morning. >> i think we will do some prep work tonight. i think "my turn," or at least these bigger sites, tend to have more appointments available. >> the influx of registrations through "my turn," people will do it, i know we can do it. >> reporter: tory is 17 and
5:33 am
can't wait to hang out with letter friends indoors. only the pfizer vainclinics without pfizer won't be allowing those under 18 to book appointments. demand will be higher across the state than supply. authorities say please be patient and don't give up. it will probably take months to get everyone vaccinated who want a shot. live in fremont, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you, amy. happening today, governor gavin newsom will be in the bay area and giving an update later this morning on the state's vaccination efforts. the governor will be visiting two vaccination sites today, one in alameda county and one in san joaquin county. san francisco leaders will be launching the fourth neighborhood coronavirus vaccine site later this morning, located at the local 261 union building at 3271 18th street in the mission. the site is being operated in partnership with the latino task force.
5:34 am
it when opened thursdays through saturdays from 11:00 to 6:00. appointments are recommended because there is very limited drop-in availability. the state superintendent tony thurman is leading a push to emergency members of california's black communities to get vaccinated. he held a town hall yesterday with a panel of state and community leaders and examining why some in the black community are hesitant to get the vaccine. >> we know there is history of seeing really poor treatment of african-americans by government and that may have created some distrust for legitimate reasons that may have existed, be you we know that these vaccines can save lives. >> panel members stress the importance of elevating trust in local health organizations which the panel says are in the best position to provide vaccination support in the community. some students in the south bay school district are headed back to class today. the -- is welcoming back third
5:35 am
through fifth graders for part- time in-person learning. there will be a number of changes like classroom desks being pushed further apart, masks will be required and there will be increased sanitation of high touch areas. many of schools in the district are in east san jose, an area of santa clara county hit hard by covid-19 and families there are looking forward to a return to normalcy. and next year, what should students expect? governor gavin newsom addressed this. >> reporter: governor gavin newsom got a short tour of the sheppard elementary school in santa rosa which welcomes students back to campus for the first time this week. >> this school represents the unique set of challenges. >> reporter: the governor was referring to the fact that the school is 95% hispanic, a community disproportionately effected by covid-19. >> here where our schools are at in 95407, this has been the hardest hit zip code in sonoma
5:36 am
county as far as virus transmission levels. >> reporter: that is lori biggers, the acting superintendent of the district, while many schools in the state have faced pressure from schools to reopen. bigger says her parents have been patient. >> i think my parents have been really, really supportive of the process and appreciative of us coming up with a plan that was going to work and keep everyone safe. >> reporter: but in order do all that requires money. money for testing, disinfecting and a continued focus on digital learning alternatives for students whose parents still don't want their children in school, which governor gavin newsom says is all possible. >> we provided the $6.6 billion to address the gaps and needs with the kind of flexibility that each school, not just each district and county and each community in the state deserve. >> reporter: he made clear his position for the fall is he expects all students from kindergarten to college to be bag on cam with us. >> the schools have never been more resourced and with a
5:37 am
resourceful mindset, we have a capacity to finish the job, to get all our kids safely back to in-person instruction. >> reporter: matt boone, abc abc news. a vigil and march is planned in san francisco today in honor of daunte wright, the 20-year-old black man shot and killed by a police officer in minnesota. the former police officer today is set to face the judge. >> yes. kim potter is expected to be charged with second degree manslaughter. last night violence erupted for a fourth consecutive night outside the police department in brooklyn center, minnesota, amid outrage over the death of daunte wright. demonstrators tried to climb the fence that now protects wi flash bangs and rubber bullets. the unrest came hours after the former police officer was released from jail after posting a $100,000 bond. family members and community
5:38 am
activists have called for potter to be charged with murder. >> that was not a mistake. that was murder. >> what the family really wants is dante back they felt will never get justice. all they can pray for now is accountability, and they want her to be held to the full extent of the law. >> the police department has called the shooting an accidental discharge. they say potter thought she was using her taser. her court appearance is set for this afternoon. kumasi. >> thank you, jobina. one block away from where kim potter will be in court, the trial of another police officer, former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin, continues. the attorneys trying to convince jurors that chauvin údid nothing wrong during floyd's arrest. a use of force expert took the stand yesterday saying chauvin's knee on floyd's neck was a control technique and
5:39 am
then backtracked when cross examined saying it could be a use of force. a medical expert testified, contradicting testimony during the prosecution's case that floyd died of asphyxiation. >> how did the heart and drugs contribute to the cause of death? >> it was significant. they contributed to mr. floyd having a sudden cardiac arrest, in my opinion. >> the jury will get the case some time next week. abc is providing live gavel-to- gavel coverage of the trial on te abc7 bay area connect to tv app. you can download it wherever you stream. house democrats are expected to introduce beral interest e s. cted the bi introduced for time. president biden has announced a commission to study the expansion. opponents are calling the idea
5:40 am
court backing. a community-driven plan to give small businesses a boost. what one bay area mayor is asking each of us to do to keep our favorite places going in the wake of the pandemic. and the red, white and blue gets the makeover. what inspired the look for team usa's new uniforms for the olympics. but first we check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> thank you, reggie. we are starting with local temperatures along the east bay. the warm spot oakland and alameda at 41. most of us in the mid to upper 40s. 41 in novato for a cool spot. a lot of mid to upper 40s along the peninsula whether it is the coast or bathbay. partly cloudy conditions and 50 as sfo. so far the winds are relatively calm. they will is why we have a min cooling trend angries couple degrees coage as we can be toda we will hang out in the low to mid-50s from noon to 4:00 to
5:41 am
7:00 at the coast. 61 to 65, then down to 64 in the bay. 65 to near 70 from noon to 4:00 inland, 62 at 7:00. let's take a look at what to expect in. san rafael cloud cover and 45 degrees. as far as the commute goes we have clouds but no real fog. sunshine this afternoon. make sure you grab the sunglasses. breezes a little more aggressive on the bay today, but there is no small craft advisory. we have gotten -- i can't even say it -- high amounts of tree pollen out there all the way through saturday. the uv index will be high and the grass pollen will be moderate. that, if you suffer, has not changed and will not change in the foreseeable future. take your precautions and good luck. let's get to jobina and see if there are hot spots on the road. good morning, jobina. >> hi, mike. hi, everyone. i am bringing you a picture from san rafael that appears to be frozen but if you are on
5:42 am
southbound 101 in the area of san rafael street, there are back up there is. san jose, 101 here on this camera that is actually working, very nice here. no crashes or blocking issues which is great. mostly green across the board, around the bay area except for coming out of tracy which is our usual slow spot. we will be right back.
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center,. 13 months after san francisco businesses with are forced to close for the first time, among the hardest hit small businesses were the establishments in chinatown. >> because of the expectations that lawmakers were floating around china town. >> reporter: the closures expanded to all neighborhoods in san francisco, forcing the city to dig deep to help
5:46 am
support them by giving out grants and loans and waving city fees and allowing them to permanently keep their parklets. >> total san francisco has provided about $75 million throughout the course of this pandemic, not including state and federal resources. >> reporter: the mayor promised more financial support in the up coming budget. today as the city begins to recover, mayor breed says it is these mom and pop shops that need our help the most. announcing a 30 day challenge to bolster sales. >> starting may 1, for 30 days, we will take this challenge. we will say to ourselves i will only shop and dine at my small businesses so we can have a fighting chance to survive the end of this god-awful pandemic. >> reporter: the challenge now for these businesses is finding employees. some left the city or moved on to another job. the term "we are hiring" will
5:47 am
now become a welcome phrase. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. let's take a look at team usa's olympic look for the 2020 olympics which are being held in 2021. so, here they are. this is what they will wear for some of the events including the closing ceremony and their time at the olympic village. ralph lauren designers wanted to go with something fresh and modern. there is an environmental angle, made from plant' based materials and dyed using a process that sheafs water. we will get a glimpse at the opening day uniforms in july. >> see, friends. good for the earth. >> it is tough to see here, but they tweeted the picture of the whole outfit, including the jacket that goes on top of all of this. to me, see, there, right? >> the white jacket with the belt? >> yes. when they are all wearing that and lined up and zipped up, it looks like they are at cape
5:48 am
canaveral. it is very weird, like 1984. so, that is -- it is giving me. >> oh, my! [ laughing ] >> mike, these outfits are good for the earth. >> and that is great. and good to go into space. >> i was thinking more of your local yacht club, but that astronaut angle really never hit me until now. i still can't get over the look kumasi was giving you, but i am sure it will show up on twitter like they always do! [ laughing ] there you go. loat is going on. hopefully this won't make you give that look. here is the forecast. we will use the roof camera with a little light wind, 3 to 6 miles per hour blowing across san francisco. sunny. even along the coast we will see sunshine today. temperatures as close to average as i have seep them. right on average or 1 degree on either side. in clouds and low fog tonight.
5:49 am
cool once again and the surging summer spread this weekend as a our inland temperatures are comfortable. mid-60s for most of us. redwood city 57. mid to upper 50s along the úcoa mid to upper 50s along the north bay coast to sausalito. san rafael and northward 65 to 70 degrees. along the east bay short a touch of haze. 65 in oakland, 67 san ramon, the san are momentum valley upper 60s, everybody else in the low to mid-70s. there is not much fog this morning at all. for the most part it will be mostly sunny at the coast. clouds will come back tonight and there will be more fog. so, visibility could be an
5:50 am
issue during tomorrow morning's commute. mid-30s to mid-40s. warmer tomorrow by 2 to 4 degrees as today's on shore breeze pulls off the accelerate a little bit. sunday we are looking at a 25- degree spread from mid-60s at the coast to a record high 90s inland. it will be more comfortable next week. enjoy the weekend warmth. >> thank you, mike. this morning the u.s. laborr department released the latest jobless report. >> 576,000 new claims were filed last week, a new pandemic low. that is a decrease of 168,000 from revised numbers from the prior week. economists forecasted 700,000. there are just over 3.7 million continuing claims. that is about 4,000 more than revised figures from the previous week. we will see how wall street reacts to all this when the markets open up in 45 minutes. new at 6:00, raise a glass
5:51 am
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5:54 am
will be camping in between along this this walk, just because. on instagram. i need to go see what the pictures look like. >> well, that seems like a very covid-safe outfit. >> i think you are right. he looks like ooh he is having a nice little adventure on instagram. >> can you imagine walk that distance? >> no. >> good for you, bear son! we will see you soon! >> i wonder if he has a message he is trying to spread, or just need as walk-about. who knows. go to instagram and find out! all right, here we go, south winds about 5 miles per hour and 45 degrees in the south bay. you know our weather how crazy it is. only san francisco is about 4 degrees away. the rest of us are within 1 degree of our average highs and that means mid-60s to low 70s. the coliseum, thursday night game, 6:40 is the first pitch.
5:55 am
it will be sunny and 58 degrees. it will be partly cloudy by the end of the game and 52 degrees. so, dress accordingly. have fun! reggie? a new campaign aimed at getting teens and young adults to stop vaping is getting social media influencers to take up the cause. the truth initiative is hiring tiktok influencers to share their own personal experiences of quitting vaping. the non-profit was founded as a result of tobacco civil litigation between the companies and several states. organizers are hoping to use the influence of social media celebrities to spread the word. >> absolutely. i was totally terrified of failure. i was terrified of not being able to quit or not being strong enough to quit. i think that sharing my story, one of the positives was definitely the support that my followers gave me. >> victoria says she has not vaped in nearly four months and has nearly 6 million tiktok followers. the cdc says nearly 20% of high school students reported vaping at least once in the last 30
5:56 am
the community's genros the i is about to make wishes come through for critically i will kids in the bay area. the evening of wishes hope and harm any gala was inside the ritz carlton san francisco for the bay area. it with us virtual this year because of the pandemic. the turn out was still great. there were more than 400 registered guests that raised more than $435,000. she tells us the money is enough to grant more than 40 wishes that. is awesome. >> i love that organization. >> yes. an update to the race to vaccine america. high profile nearly health officials scheduled to testify this morning. plus, the biden administration cracking down on russia. the sanctions that may be announced today. and more of robin roberts interview with former bachelor coton underwood who just revealed he
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. breaking news, we are tracking a hurricane situation. authorities say it is connected to a shooting. cracking down on russia over cyber attacks. the sanctions president biden may announced today.
6:00 am
everyone 16 up in california can make a covid vaccine appointment. how officials are preparing for a flood of new bookings. good morning, it is thursday, april 15th. we are going to start off by checking with meteorologist mike nico. hey, mike. >> i'm going to show you what is going on with the winds they are not very aggressive except for one place. that usually means the seabreeze is going to be more aggressive today. right now, the thickest clouds are across the north bay. as you look south, you can see a little bit of low cloudiness trying to develop. look for varying conditions in the north pay for sure. as we head into the afternoon, temperatures will be slightly cooler. mid to upper 50s along the coast. 62 to 67 into the north bay. low to mid 70s inland


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