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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 14, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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sorting these out in just a moment. this is abc 7 news. tonight it could all come to a head to -- for a small town whose mayor faces a fight for survival against sexual assault accusations. thank you for joining us. for weeks we have bhave b reporting on the sonoma county town of windsor. it's mayor, dominic foppoli has been accused of sexual assault and denies. >> they have targeted the winery he owned and there are more and more calls for his resignation. tonight, town council will make a formal request for him to step down. j.r. stone is live at that meeting which is happening right jr? >> reporter: dan, i just spoke
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with the the vice mayor a little while ago. he wants the mayor to resign and step down. they will officially vote on that but also telling me tonight they don't have the power to make that actually happened.'s lawyer is telling me that within the hour, he has no plans to step down. we want to go live to that meeting right now. the windsor city council meeting is about to start. i am told told told told told t foppoli will be in attendance and running this meeting. six women are accusing him of sexual assault. at least one says she was drugged.'s lawyer tells me that what happened between the accusers and dominic foppoli was consensual. this was the first time we heard from the mayor since these women came forward. dominic foppoli co-owns the christopher week creek winery with his brother. dominic foppoli has already been moved from the winery payroll and his brother is calling for him to step down as mayor as well. at least 8 northbay mayors have do not demand it dominic foppoli resigned. we spoke with the vice mayor within the hour and this is what he had to say. >> we would really like for the mayor to step down. that is the first thing. if that doesn't hadoesn't hadoea
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the recall petition -- i don't know. i haven't verified they have been pulled yet. i suspect -- i assume >> this is another live look at the city council meeting happening right now in windsor. we are told the chief of police will also speak and address why charges have not been filed and why they weren't filed in the past because all of this is alleged to have hahave hahave ha period of 16 years. this is an open investigation and also an active investigation and the public comment will be allowed tonight as well. it should be an interesting meeting. we will be covering it and have the latest of what is said in this meeting tonight
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>> interesting an intense, no doubt. we are on vaccine watch. california is at a significant point. half the state has gotten at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine. our vaccine tracker puts the current number at 50%. about 30% of californians over 16 are fully vaccinated. >> tomorrow, anyone over age 16 can get vaccinated in california. it is the final step in expanding eligibility statewide. >> all of this progress amidst a pause. the johnson & johnson vaccine is not being administered anywhere in the united states right now because of a very rare issue with severe blood clots. today, a cdc committee met to decide the next steps in process. stephanie sierra is in the newsroom with us. stephanie, what was the decision? >> the committee unanimously decided to extend the pause of the johnson & johnson vaccine siding there wasn't enough data or evidence to make a specific recommendation. despite all of that, most
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members agree outweigh the risks. >> and advisory committee voted to extend the pause of the johnson & johnson vaccine siding there needs to be more time to effectively review the safety data involving the six rare cases of blood clotting. of those six cases, all of the women are white ranging from 18- 48 years old. three remain in the hospital. one woman died. >> i think we may be able to work this out in a few days and come back with a hard recommendation like we don't give this to women or we don't give this to women under the age of 60. >> they discussed the specific risks that apply to women who are more susceptible to the rare blood clot that is in the brain. it is call cvst. >> condition to begin with. women are three times as likely to have cvst than men to begin
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with. >> infectious disease physician dr. philip grant who led stanfords johnson & johnson trial expect a warning to be issued following the investigation. >> we will look at whether any of these women women women wome factors like being on contraceptives or smoking. >> the cdc confirms one woman was taking birth control and three others had pre-existing conditions like high blood pressure, asthma, and obesity. the cdc director says they expect marquesas to be be reported. we are also not yet certain we have heard about all possible cases. this syndrome may not be easily recognized as one associated with the vaccine. >> two of the six women had blood clots in their abdominal cavity or the veins in their gastrointestinal tract. >> i think what she is pointing out is for clinicians to be aware of severe abdominal pain. >> the risk the people who got the johnson & johnson vaccine more than a month ago is exceptionally low. >> for people who got the vaccine within the last few weeks, they should be aware of their symptoms and immediately seek medical assistance with any symptoms of of of of of of
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>> among those six cases, the most common reported symptom has been headaches. aside from the women, the committee plans to further discuss other risk factors in men and young children of all ethnicities. a final decision on a recommendation is expected in the coming weeks. >> staff, the concern with the johnson & johnson vaccine has been described as similar to concerns surrounding the astrazeneca vaccine. what did the doctor say about the comparison? >> an interesting question. he had some great prospective. he said based on a rough calculation the johnson & johnson vaccine increases the risk of experiencing this rare condition caused cvst by a factor of 2 to 3. he says the astrazeneca data has shown that risk increases 20 times more. in context of millions of millions of vaccines we are talking about even that likelihood is still very rare. >> it is important to point
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out. >> they may grab and they may grab an appointment through another methodology and then see which one works out better and they don't cancel their appointments. >> it can also lead to vaccines spoiling and go to waste. >> tomorrow, anyone over the age of 16 is eligible to get a vaccine in california. it is already possibl and for bay area counties in alameda, contra costa, san francisco, and santa clara. tonight starting at midnight, you can go to my to look for a vaccine appointment anywhere in the state. >> definitely a prepare to
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patient. >> if you have questions about the vaccine process you can ask the abc7 news vaccine team by going to w click on the big blue box right there. >> our health of course is critically important but it is not the only area where we are focused on building a better bay area. there is the importance of the economy supporting local shops and restaurants that give us a sense of community and so many ways. san francisco's mayor is calling on residents and visitors to spend their money only on local businesses. no amazon or chain stores for 30 days starting may 1st. leeann melendez explained that in addition, the mayor announced more support for small businesses is on the way. >> we survived. we made it. >> that is the owner of mayonnaise. a small business owner in the mission district and is statement were san francisco
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small businesses can now say 13 months after they were forced to close for the first time. among the hardest hit were establishment in chinatown. >> because of the expectation that covid was going around chinatown. >> disclosures expanded to on neighborhoods in san francisco forcing the deep to help support them by giving out grants and loans and waving city fees and allowing them to permanently keep their places. >> san francisco has provided about $75 million throughout the course the course of the pandemic not including state and federal resources. >> the promise more financial support in the upcoming budget. today, as the city recovers, mayor brady says it is these mom and pop shops that need our help the most.
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they announced a 30 day challenge to bolster sales. >> for 30 days starting may 1st we will take this challenge. the challenge for these businesses is finding employees. some left the citycityci to another job. the term "we are hiring" will now become a welcome phrase. >> a year ago, as you well know, many small businesses had to shut down while many business big businesses were able to stay open. we asked film a tear if officials went too far when those businesses were told to close. >> it was a real question back then about whether this was being done because of health reasons or because they didn't want us out on the streets. it may have been okay to go in the store but they weren't oing to go from't
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>> another pillar when it comes to building a better bay area? education. some students are just now coming back to the classroom. what should i expect for the next school year? governor gavin newsom address to that while visiting a school in santa rosa. abc7 news reporter matt boone was there. >> reporter: governor gavin newsom got a look at welcoming back students for the first time. >> this school represents the unique set of challenges. >> the governor was referring to the fact that the school is 95% hispanic. it is a community disproportionately affected by covid-19. >> here where our schools are at this have been the hardest hit zip code.
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>> i think our parents have been really supportive of the process and appreciative of us coming up with a plan that was going to work and keep everyone safe. >> mney. students -- parents don't want their children in school which governor newsome says it is all possible. >> we have provided the $6.6 billion to address those gaps and the needs with the flexibility that each school, not just each district and each county and each community in the state deserve. >> he also made clear his position for the fall that he expects off students from kindergarten to college to be back on campus. >> the schools have never been more resourced. with a resourceful mindset is to get everybody back in
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person. >> i am lori anthony in antioch where the mayor is proposing ways to honor the asian community. he wants to apologize for the historic "terrorizing" of chinese ♪ tex-mex. tex-mex. ♪ termites. go back up! hang on! i am hanging on. don't mess up your deck with tex-mex. terminix. hi. the only way to nix it is to terminix it.
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it is being caught a historic step in in in in in in over the environment and the health of san francisco bay. an affiliate of cargill inc. has withdrawn its appeal of a federal judges ruling that the salt ponds are protected by the clean water act.
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>> this is a great victory for the bay and the clean water act. it opens the door to protecting these ponds permanently. they should really be a part of the san francisco bay national wildlife refuge and protected for wildlife. >> it had fired under the administration. environmentalists are healing the decision to withdraw and it doesn't mean development is prohibited it is just more difficult to accomplish. >> let's turn to the weather forecast. warm but no rain coming. >> it sure is windy, >> windy even as we speak or as i
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speak. here is a look at wind speeds around the bay area. 25 miles per hour in san francisco. in fairfield, gusts in other locations in san mateo and up north in ukiah. the winds are not quite strong. it is is still breezy everywhere. the pattern will stay with us for a while. nonetheless it has warmed up a bit. must locations are reporting temperature readings from 2-5 or 7 degrees warmer than at this time yesterday. despite the breeze it is getting a little milder. here is a look over san francisco under under mainly blue skies. we offer you these readings. 67 in mountain view. oakland 68. 65 in san jose and morgan hill at 64. 55 at half moon bay. the beautiful sunset is shipping out right now. this is
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it is just a beautiful western sky. the temperature readings 63 degrees in santa rosa. 66 at napa. fairfield 69. 63 at concorde and 65 at livermore. i review looking across the breezy embarcadero, these are the forecast features. we'll see foggy area of developing. sunny and seasonable for the next two days. a maybe cooler tomorrow than today. warming will begin today friday. over the weekend, summerlike heat will move into the bay area. overnight, this is whereis where will develop. mainly clear skies above but we will see some areas of of fog developing down the coastline and pushing out locally across the bay. that may reduce visibility just a little bit for some early morning commuters but it will burn away quickly giving way to sunny skies throughout the rmainder way and across the entire bay area. >> skies will be clear so it will be a little chillier in those areas especially in the north bay where the temperature will drop to the mid to upper 30s. we'll see lows down to about degrees
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riound thshoreline mid 60s. we'll see low to mid 70s in the. let's skip ahead to saturday as the warming trend begins. we will see some mid 80s in the. sunday we will probably see 90 degrees or higher in the warmest spots. temperatures moderate a bit monday. there is the accuweather 7-day forecast. a seasonal range of temperatures for the next two days. then the big summerlikebig summi saturday sunday and monday. temperatures will drop a few degrees and will settle back into a more seasonable range with steady temperatures tuesday and wednesday. still no end in sight but it is beautiful weather. if you have a chance get out and enjoy it. >> with the help of national geographic our meteorologists are teaming up with tv stations across the country.the country..
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>> a lot of people tend to think about wine country, vineyards and grapes. grapes are very sensitive to a changing climate. as the climate warms, our grapes can ripen even faster. we are harvesting them even sooner. at wildfires in the north bay and the smoke is now tainting the grapes. they can change the flavor entirely. >> it looks like by the end of the century, if we keep going like we are going, the same amount of carbon dioxide being produced into the atmosphere, we could see temperatures 8 degrees fahrenheit warmer than they are today. >> you can almost new york city's climate zone. we are really starting to behave more like a climate especially in the city. that is going to have
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implications for everything whether it be the wildlife you observe in central park or the trees that flourish during season or when things bloom. >> we know we only have 10 years to avert the worst of climate change. the good news is we already have the the the the the the th we have developed the technology, the knowledge, the science we need. now, we have to take the same energy that was put behind the covid-19 vaccine and put those toward climate solutions. >> what can you do to create any change? the thing i think about is fnding common ground and common values with people you are talking to when it comes to our changing climate. how can you make your community more resistant to heat, toto fire, to drought, and how can that have economic benefits for you and your neighyour neighyouh
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>> you can watch our america, climate of hope this saturday at 9:00 p.m. right here on abc 7. you can find it streaming on our bay area connected tv app. >> coming up next, putting >> coming up next, putting te attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance.
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the road to recovery for stroke patients can be long and challenging. a patient from the south bay says her recovery was accelerated by the use of virtual reality. health is a pillar of building a better bay area. david louis introduces us to a woman on a mission to support other stroke survivors. >> the turning point was cutting edge virtual reality therapy. >> it was thrust animated world. anything was possible. it gave me hope and inspiration. >> they created a website and a nonprofit foundation to provide support. >> i am takingam takingam taking
6:26 pm
the last 3-4 years, consolidated it into information that is quick and fast and nimble you can use everyday. >> it provides a way to share the experience with virtual reality that accelerated her recovery. the institute for creative technologies has been a leader for developing vr. >> epperson after a stroke they may be making progress but they don't see it with their own eyes in terms of how far they can move their hand or how strong their grasp is. >> they can measure and track their process. it may not be suitable for every stroke patient but deb shaw's website is valuable. >> i think it is good to show the world that some people are benefiting from it. that is so they are at least are aware. >> still to come,
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a dramatic decision in the hands of the windsor town council. they are waiting to decide whether they should demand the resignation of dominic foppoli following several accusations of sexual assault. >> for the first time, mayor dominic foppoli address to the accusations the same to the council minutes ago. we want to play it in its entirety. >> first of all, having spoken with a few of the individuals who initially renounced me following accusations of the media i understand why so many people are upset in support of those accusing me.accusing me.a. the reason i am not stepping down is that in this case i know the truth of those experiences. i don't blame those who are angry suggestive as they were not there in do not know what i know. i want to take this opportunity to say how incredibly sorry i am to my family and my) for
6:31 pm
them having to go through this. thank you for standing with me. i have also had dozens and dozens of people reach out offering support. have been telling them what i am going to tell you. i have my head held high because i know deep in my heart i have done nothing criminally wrong and i will eventually be clear. i am not without fault but i am not a criminal and i, along with the rest of the council members on this call i worked tremendously hard to build the town in which we live today. let the attorney general and the justice system decide if i did anything wrong when it comes to these allegations. i ask you, the residence, judge me on the job i the past three years. do you love the well-maintained streets? do you love the great parks and are amazing parks and recreation programs? do you love that we live in a town where we are fortunate to feel safe walking where you want with your families? windsor is ranked the highest in the region.
6:32 pm
that is not an accident. let me continue to do my job. it is time to get back to work. >> as soon as the council votes on whether to demand the resignation we will let you know. that statement just a short time ago for mayor dominic foppoli. the leaders of one east bay city are proactively trying to make amends with their asian community members present and past. this includes a direct apology. it is for the terror imposed on chinese immigrants over the past century. laura anthony has the story from antioch. >> 10 the pain of not having a government acknowledge and reconcile through forgiveness. >> it is a strong statement from the mayor of the small east bay city. an effort to acknowledge not only past wrongs but also current injustices. >> will be advancing in a resolution that apologizes on behalf of the city of antioch for terrorizing chinese immigrants in our community. >> the mayor announced a list
6:33 pm
of proposals designed to celebrate asian american history like the building of railroads and levees but also exposed darker realities like the underground tunnels where families took refuge or the burnings of the chinatown district in 1876. >> antioch has chosen to rise from the ashes past into a more inclusive future. >> leaders want to include historic district in this empty square perhaps in the image of another delta town. >> one is to get young people involved by helping them build murals. >> i hope we can treat each
6:34 pm
other equally and we can all enjoy and feel safe. >> the money for the proposals would come from the general fund of the project is approved by the city counccity counccityc >> to be an ally to communities in the bay area you will find ideas and support at the latest in our series, "california dreaming." we are looking to the future of food. >> indoor food has significant potential to be more
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now to our special series, "california dreaming where we examine the issues of threatening the california dream and the people working to keep it alive. >> we are going to look at farming in the golden state. it is going high-tech. >> when you walk into a farm, it will feel like you are in a high tech manufacturing
6:38 pm
facility. >> these machines are essentially tractors. we call them row row row row ro >> agriculture in california is one of our most important economic sectors. we produce over 400 different crops. it produces over 50 billion, with a b. in economic development each year thatthattt a third of the nations vegetables and two thirds of the fruit and nuts are going to california. these crops are threatened by climate change. tech companies in the state are working on some unorthodox solutions. >> it is and indoor vertical farm. we bring the farm outside in. then, we flip it on its side so we can condense about 700 acres of farmland into the size of a
6:39 pm
big box retail retail retail re >> we use robotic technolgy and precision agriculture to precisely measure how we feed our plans. then, we transplant those seeds onto a really tall vertical tower. in our indoor environmental use about 1% of the land of traditional farming. we save about 1 million of gallons of water per week. we can grow anywheregrow anywhee currently in the process of building a farm in compton, california. that farm is going to be the biggest vertical farm in the world. into a food has the potential to more 70%-90% of global water resources go into agriculture irrigation. in these closed systems, we have the potential to savto savv
6:40 pm
incredible amounts of water. suddenly, we can control the environment in ways we never thought possible. >> technology is really big right now. over 73% of our crops are already grown on micro irrigation. we are using a lot to do field inspections. we have increased our yield by 45% in the last 20 years and reduced our water consumption by 15%. we are very much driven by technology. it gets more and more sophisticated every year. >> this type of machinery, artificial intelligence, we call them robots. it is weeding. the blaze are oscillating around the crop and getting everything in between. >> this is the aii was talking about. >> the system is identifying that this is romaine. so, the blade open around it. it is getting all of the weeds in between.
6:41 pm
>> 5-6 acres will acres will ac crew to cover that amount. it can take them up to 2 days. our machine can do that in 1 day. >> our engineers are developing a grower dashboard to better understand what they need to be doing whether it is better pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer, more water. >> it is a clash of two worlds. it is a clash of farmers and engineers. we are all kind of coming together to help better understand how to grow and how to grow in >> really interesting. you can stream all of our stories on demand including our 30 minute california dreaming special. right now, you will find it on our abc7 bay area connected tv apple river you stream.
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there's a perfect chevy to take you anywhere. find your perfect chevy and get up to 17% of msrp cash back on select 2021 models. that's over fifty-four hundred dollars cash back on this equinox. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. president biden made it official today. the u.s. military presence in afghanistan is coming to an end. >> end america's longest war.
6:45 pm
it is time for american troops to come home. scenic the president made the announcement were in the same room 2001 president george w. bush informed of the first u.s. airstrike in afghanistan in response to al qaeda attacks. after that, the president went to the national cemetery planned drawdown will begin on may 1st which had been the deadline for full withdrawal under an agreement within the trump administration and the taliban last year. resident joe biden expects all 2500 american troops to leave afghanistan by the 20th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. >> let's move now and talk once again about forecast. >> it looks so nice and clear
6:46 pm
out but it is actually quite chilly. >> it has been chilly the last couple of days. today was warmer than yesterday but still a little on the chilly side. it feels chillier than it actually is because it has been so breezy. we had a rather strong gust. during the overnight hours the wind will relax a little bit and skies will be mainly clear. you will see development of patchy fog over the coastline. overnight lows will generally be in the upper 30s and some of the north valleys. right around the bay shoreline look for lows in the low to mid 40s. it will be pretty cool and crisp overnight. tomorrow, look for high temperatures under sunny skies reaching mid 50s on the coast and mid-60s around the bay shoreline and low 70s and then. however, warmer weather is coming our way as you see in the forecast. starting friday the big warm-up occurs over the weekend. by sunday, we expect inland highs to be 90 degrees in the warmest spots up to aboto abotoa mid 60s on the coast. then, there will be a gradual drop off or a slight drop off for temperatures monday and further cooling will occur the middle of next week. if you're looking for warmth, the weekend is your opportunity.
6:47 pm
>> top golf san jose is finally making its much-anticipated opening this friday. covid-19 delayed it for more than one year. it is the first franchise to make its way to the bay area and only the second one in california. dustin dorsey shows how the opening is bringing a boost to the local economy and local residents. >> reporter: with the home of the red and gold in the background, a golden opportunity open for south bay visitors to swing through the covid blues. >> what a fabulous way for me to get out here with my son and swing a little bit and hit the ball. that is all you have to do. >> i like how there are multiple games you can play instead of just hitting a ball. it is more fun. >> the idea of playing golf with food and it is kind of like bowling but in a golf sense. >> it is known as top golf. >> reporter: social media has been buzzing with the grand opening of the bay area's first golf based entertainment facility. 120 hitting days, a first of its kind kind kind kind kind ki
6:48 pm
location with food and has been coming. >> reporter: more than one year, in fact. they were set to open in early 2020 until -- you know. the grand opening in 2021 couldn't have come at a better time. and i did something fun to do but jobs to our local economy. >> we are able to bring 600 new jobs to the local 10. we are looking forward to continuing to grow our community presence. >> reporter: staff was on hand for a soft opening and guests got their first taste of the golf and safety measures. the entire bay is fully sanitized after use. distancing measures are in full effect and much of the indoor facilities remain closed until a later date. after the anticipation, the staff and guests are excited to be here. >> they are happy we are up and going. we are happy to be able to get things started off the right way and moving forward. >> reporter: reservations are
6:49 pm
needed for the time being. i was able to get myself in a few swings before i left. for full information visit >> nice shot, justin. not bad. let's move it over to sports director larry dustin looks pretty good and so did the giants, larry. >> surprisingly so. actually, in both cases. we were not expecting the giants to look this good. 8-4 to start the this is a no-nonsense message from three.
6:50 pm
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now, abc7 sports larry beil. >> johnny cueto was not able to finish what he started but the giants did as a team. now, the concern is with johnny cueto's a lot of muscle. let's check out the bleachers. this is my kind of distance learning. scoreless in the fifth. austin slater gets the giants on the board. opposite field to the gap for a double. brandon crawford coming around to score another. a ground ball. slater beats the throw to the plate in the giants are up 2-0. as for johnny cueto, that is a next castellanos. there, you can see him motioning to the dugout. he leaves with a sore a lot of muscle. that is in your mid to upper back. to the ninth we go and jake
6:53 pm
mcgee on for his six save. 3-0 giants is your final score. to the nba, the long frustrating ricky season of james wiseman. they will have surgery-- he willave surgery on his injured knee. ot hurt when he l awkwardly going to the basket. the worriers had a team of specialists looking at the mri results and the consensus is an operation is required to prepare damaged cartilage. started with covid before the season began. missed 11 games with a wrist injury and never able to get comfortable. depending on the severity of the tear, wiseman could be out 7 weeks or longer. likely his rookie season is over. >> steph curry a little soccer themed pregame warm-up using the melon. warriors early on -- staff is on fire. you let the ball movement it is draymond green to curry. the passing display will
6:54 pm
continue. damien lee right now. warriors up in okc 54-40 in the second quarter. >> more news. draymond green took steph curry out to celebrate when staff became the all-time leading scorer in franchise history. draymond green with the assist from the team owner who paid for the 2015 [ indiscernible ] which goes for like 4000-$5000 a bottle. >> as long as i am around it will be celebrated. that was a very expensive bottle of wine. >> here is you are billed. the nfl draft over a couple of
6:55 pm
weeks away. no one really has a clue what kyle shanahan will do with the third overall pick >> this has got a ridiculous throw. feel like a strong-armed quarterback who goes 6-3. fields could be the pick. they are all rumored to be going to the 49ers with the third pick. we will see how it turns out. dan, i might test out "call the boss" as he ordered a $5000 bottle of wine. let's do it together and see how it works out. >> i was going to say the boss always buys $5000 of wine for liz and i. have you not have
6:56 pm
one? >> i am a need to text a certain person about this. that is good to know. >> ask spencer. spencer, that is -- that was awfully nice. >> that was nice of him. pretty cool. >> for sure. >> coming up tonight at abc 7 at 8:00 catch the goldbergs followed by home economics, the connors, and call your mother. at 10 it is 1 million little things and then stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00 . >> you can catch all of our newscasts live and on-demand through the app. it is available for apple tv, android tv, amazon fire tv, and roku. download that right now and start streaming. that is it for this edition of abc7 news. >> where is our wine?
6:57 pm
prepare spencer christian, and larry beil and all of us here, we appreciate your time. we will see you again tonight at 11:00.
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants-- a project manager originally from stoneham, massachusetts... a retired homeschooler from willmar, minnesota... and our returning champion-- a pastor from northridge, california... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the guest host of "jeopardy!"-- aaron rodgers. thank you, johnny gilbert. and welcome back to "jeopardy!" yesterday's game was a very tight match and came right down to final jeopardy! our champ erick was in the lead at the end of double jeopardy!, but made a small wager in the final.
7:00 pm
it worked out for him. we'll see how things play out today. kari and patrick, welcome. great to have you. good luck to everyone. here are the categories for the jeopardy! round... followed by... and finally... - erick? - let's go with batman for $200. patrick. - what is joker? - yes. batman, $400. [ beep ] that is a penguin. patrick? uh, batman, $600. erick. - what is scarecrow? - yup. uh, batman, $800. patrick. - what is an egghead? - yeah.


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