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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 14, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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expand. all residents 16 and older. however, covid cases are still increasing. more than 2000 cases were reported for a total of more than 3.6 million cases since the pandemic began. we will we are monitoring the latest development in the johnson & johnson investigation. right now, u.s. officials are weighing the next steps after a handful of unusual blood clots were found in people who received the vaccine. it is basically 1 in 1 million. stephanie sierra was monitoring ac/dc meeting. this just wrapped up. what did they decide? >> after hours of discussion the advisory committee felt there is not enough evidence available yet. must members healthy benefits of the johnson & johnson vaccine far outweigh the risks, many say there isn't enough data available for specific age groups, genders,
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and ethnicities. >> a cdc advisory committee voted to extend needs to be more time to effectively review the data. of those six cases all of the women are white ranging from 18- 48 years old. three of them remain in the hospital and one woman died. >> i think we may be able to work this out in a few days and come back with a hard recommendation. >> the committee discussed specific risks that apply to rim and who are more susceptible to the rare blood clot syndrome known as cvs t. >> women are three times as likely to to to to to to to
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with. >> dr. philip grant, who led stanfords johnson & johnson trial expects a warning may be issued for women following the investigation. >> maybe a warning is given to women but still, even this population is still incredibly rare. >> the cdc director says they are expecting more cases to be reported. >> we are also not yet certain. we are we are not certain we are aware of all >> 2 of the 6 women have blood clots in their abdominal cavity or veins in their gastrointestinal tract. >> what she is pointing out is for clinicians to be aware of severe abdominal pain. >> the risk for people who got the johnson & johnson vaccine more than one month ago is exceptionally low. >> for people who received the vaccine recently >> the most common symptom has been headaches.
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the committee plans to further discuss symptoms and other risk factors and genders and other ethnicities. >> several committee members highlighted the lack oflack oflf according to this committee only 50% of those who received the johnson & johnson vaccine in the u.s. have identified race or ethnicity. dr. grace lee with stanford says even without the data, ultimately, a decision will need to be made with what they have in the coming weeks. just to be clear, are we on halls? >> we are on pause for the next coming week. i expect to have another meeting which will be decided at some point next week. we will see what happens come.
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>> how about dr. brandt and the comparing paris and he made with johnson & johnson to problems with the astrazeneca vaccine that we have seen as well? >> it is an interesting point. dr. grant says based on a rough calculation, the johnson & johnson vaccine increases the risk of experiencing this rare condition called cvst by a factor of 2-3. data shows that risk increases 20 times more. again, in the context of millions of millions of vaccines, even the likelihood is still very rare.very >> stephanie sierra reporting live. thank you. as americans continue to line up for vaccines, doctors in the bay area hoping to extend that option to younger children as well. stanford is launching a pediatric vaccine trial that will ultimately include kids as young as six months. the first volunteer was -- a good. he is the three-year-old son of a stanford researcher. his family hopes it is just the beginning for folks in the bay area. >> he is three
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>> zena good has a full house these days. a cancer researcher at stanford, she felt it was important to volunteer for the new pediatric covid vaccine trial and part to inspire families but also to speed the process. >> i hope all of families can participate in the trial. this vaccination is available as authorized vaccines kids very soon. >> children 5-12 will receive the pfizer vaccine in a phase three study. that is to gather final data for a potential authorization in that age group. the principal investigator says they are also conducting earlier phase trials and younger children ages 2-5 in one group then, eventually 6 months of age and up. an important goal would be to determine the optimal doses. >> you want to work your way down in age and see whether the
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children, as they get younger, tolerate higher doses of vaccine overtime. >> she says the trial is similar to the way researchers test familiar childhood úvaccin for participants this will not be much different than going in to get a routine shot. ultimately, making the vaccines available to the country's 85 million children could have a profound impact in the battle against covid. >> that is a quarter or a little under a quarter of the u.s. population. is a little important if we want to get include children. >> especially with parents returning to work and kids returning to school, daycare, and just being kids. >> it will be difficult to getting away from exposing little kids. >> it is one she hopes other families will want totototo >> very sweet. >> the trial is known as open label which means all of the kids will get the vaccine and not a placebo.
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>> moving on. governor newsome want all california schools to prepare for full in prison instruction this coming fall. he says 9000 of the 11,000 schools are already open or have a plan to reopen. >> hundreds of schools are reopening every single day. mark my word. that number is much more closer to 11,000 than 9000. there are outliers. we have to work through those issues. there is too much at stake. the bell has rung on those that want to hold back the progress. >> the governor made those comments at shepherd elementary school in santa rosa. he says california's future depends on getting kids back into classes. he did not issue a a requiring school reopenings. >> tony thurman led an all-out push by state and local leaders to raise awareness and also encourage members of california's black community to get vaccinated. >> i want to tell you straight up it did not hurt. that was the first thing i was
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worried about. it did not hurt. it was quick. it was easy. the side effects were very, very minimal. i am just am just am just am there. maybe someone else's like me thinking to i want to do this? i think it is a life-changing situation for all of us.of us.of >> in addition to vaccine hesitancy, panel members expressed the importance of elevating trusted local health organizations which they say are in the best position to provide vaccination support in the community. i had to all you have to do is head to and you can get the latest updates. we have a form where you can submit your own questions to our panel of experts. a minnesota district attorney has charged that the officer who shot and killed 20- year-old daunte wright with second degree manslaughter. the officer who shot daunte wright was was was was was was officer kim potter said she mistakenly fired her gun thinking it was her taser.
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the chief of police also resigned. police say officerspulled daunte wright for an expired registration and discovered there was a warrant for his arrest on a misdemeanor charge. the family of a redwood father killed by police in 2018 are filing a lawsuit. carl hart familyhart familyharty conference. he was in the throes of a mental crisis so she called police for help saying she had been using a knife that made it clear he was only harming himself. >> i don't know who they thought they were there to serve and protect that day but it was not my family. >> the suit says all within 30 seconds one officer apparently fired a taser. before she could fire it again, the other officer fired his gun. the lawyers and fafafafafafa officers should have attempted de-escalation. we reached out for comment but have not heard back yet. according to mercury news, the da office clear to the officers involved of any criminal
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liability. >> a maserati crashed after a high flying accident in oakland. the chp says an officer tried to stop his maserati suv for speeding. the driver took offtook offtookf accelerated to over 100 miles per hour. the driver got off the freeway and drove up an embankment colliding with the underside of an overpass. you can see the car wedged in. the driver is facing reckless evading charges. >> pulling the troops. president joe biden announces his plan to pull troops afghanistan.
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the leaders of one east bay city are proactively trying to make amend with community members present and past. that effort includes a direct apology for the terrorthe terror on chinese immigrants. >> we know the pain of not having your government acknowledge and reconcile through forgiveness. >> it is a strong statement from the mayor of a small east
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bay city. an effort to acknowledge not only past wrongs but also current injustices directed toward asian americans. >> we will be advancing in a resolution that -- >> they announced a list of proposals designed to celebrate asian american history history building of railroads and levees. they also exposed darker realities like the underground tunnels where families took refuge or the burning antioch's chinatown district inw 1876. >> antioch has chosen to rise from the ashes of a horrible past and to a more inclusive future. >> city leaders want to create a new historic district in this empty square. perhaps in the image of another delta town which has preserved its historic districts to this day. another proposal would fund a permanent exhibit at the antioch museum.
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>> and moralizing difficult times in times of great celebration should be a part of our story. >> one of the proposals involves getting young people involved by having them help to paint murals on the sides of buildings like this one to commemorate the history of the asian community. >> now, i hope we can treat each other equally and all enjoy and feel safe. >> the money for the proposals will come from the general fund if the project is approved by the city council. >> a change for the city of placerville. the el dorado county town dropping logo. plaster ville was known as old hang town during the gold rush era. in january the city decided to look at some other alternatives. the decision became official after a city council vote that came last night.
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>> the city of oakland is ready to pay you to help them stop illegal dumping. officials announced they are ready t get serious about cleaning up piles of junk. amy hollifield explains how you can be rewarded for helping them out. >> the city of oakland is asking residents to use this in their fight against illegal dumping. essay if you take someone illegally dumping garbage and send it and it could really help the city. they could use the video and you can get a reward as a part of their new rewards program. just upload the video to their 311 app. the mayor says the problem of illegal dumping in oakland have gotten worse especially during covid. the city announced they have hired more people to dedicate to patrolling and picking up garbage. >> we count on you to be our eyes and our ears to tell us where to go. to pick up illegal dumping. to address the cleanliness of this city. everyone deserves to live in a clean city. >> people coming from other cities to use oakland as a dumping ground. that is the environmental enforcement part of this piece
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of the puzzle that we want to turn around. we want to stop the thinking that oakland is a place to come and dump. >> the problem is you can clean it up and it comes he says you need enforcement. you need cameras in the hotspots to catch the people doing this. i asked the city about that and they now have a for enforcement officers can patrol the city. they hope to educate people about illegal dumping and will give citations when necessary. when it comes to those cameras, they are not cleared to use them yet because of privacy concerns. >> more announcements about the effort to clear out illegal údu they say it is time to do some spring cleaning. the environmental side over the redwood city ponds appears to be drawing to a close. an affiliate of the food giant cargo has withdrawn
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. this decision comes two months after the epa, which is led by a biden appointee also withdrew the appeal which it had filed under the trump administration. this is a little hard to gather in but essentially environmentalists like the decision but the withdrawal does it mean it is prohibited forever it just makes it more difficult to proceed. >> with that, we turn to the forecast. >> i am trying to keep it pretty simple. right now it is breezy. here is a look at the current surface wind speeds. it is more thbreezy. it is windy. we have gusts ranging from 20 to 25 miles per hour.
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the exceptions would be napa, santa rosa and ukiah which are four degrees colder than they were this time time time time t 64 in morgan hill and 55 at half moon bay.moon bay.moon bay. >> summerlike heat will develop this weekend. overnight this is how things will develop. mainly clear skies above but some low clouds and fog will develop the coastline and out over the the the the the the th h
4:20 pm
burn away and give us a mainly sunny day tomorrow. much like today and on we go to a look at overnight conditions. under clear skies inland it will get chillier than it did last night especially in the north bay. livermore will drop down to 40 degrees. lower 40 degrees at morgan hill but other locations will be in the low to mid mid it will be breezy again. low to mid or mid to upper 60s near the bay. low to mid 70s and then. let skip ahead to fto fto fto ff saturday we get low to mid 80s in the. 70s around the bay shoreline. sunday brings the summerlike heat with high temperatures inland in the upper 80s to at fairfield maybe above 90 degrees. upper 70s around the bay. here is a wider view of the seven days ahead.
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look at this warm-up over the weekend. that is significant. it starts to moderateto moderate bit on monday. then, we get sharp the cooler weather on tuesday and wednesday. some interesting changes ahead but no rain. that would be even more interesting. >> we really need need need nee advanced non-small cell lung cancer can change everything. but your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination
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topical san jose is making as much anticipated opening this friday. this is the first franchise in the bay area.bay area.bay area.. >> with the home of the red and gold in the background, a golden opportunity opens for south bay visitors to swing through the covid blues. >> what a fabulous way for me to get out here with my son and swing a little bit.little bit.l. >> instead of hitting the ball it is more fun. >> the idea of playing golf and food it is kind of like bowling in a golf sense. >> it is known as top golf. >> social media has been buzzing up about the grand opening of the entertainment facility. 120 hitting base, a first of
4:25 pm
its kind wine bar, food, drinks and more. >> has been a long time coming. >> more than one year. the location was set in early 2020. the grand opening could not have not come at a better time as it not only as something fun to do >> we are looking to continue to grow our community presence. >> staff is on hand for a soft opening. the entire hitting bay is standing by for use. after all the anticipation the staff and guests are excited to be here. >> they are happy we are up and going. we are happy to move forward. >> reservation some are needed
4:26 pm
for the time being. >> for full reservation information visit abc 7 the parent company is making a push for inclusion. the new policy lets park employees transfer cultural expression and individuality. that includes allowing jewelry, differing now styles.
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san francisco is about to expand its reopening guidelines. starting tomorrow performances can move forward at 35% capacity. indoor meetings, conferences and receptions can come back and venues can create vaccination only sections.only . they will be able to reopen at 50% capacity. is rolled back restrictions are in line with the orange tier reopening guidelines. >> san francisco's mayor is challenging residents and anyone to spend money on locally owned businesses. is a 30 day challenge starting may 1st. >> we survived. we made it. >> that is the owner of mayonnaise, a small business
4:30 pm
owner in the mission district. it is a statement that only half of san francisco's small businesses can now say. this is 13 months after they were forced to close for the first time. among the hardest hit were establishments in chinatown. >> because of the expectation that somehow it was morning up chinatown. disclosures expanded to all neighborhoods in san francisco forcing the city to >> total san francisco has provided about $75 $75 $75 throughout the course of this pandemic not including state and federal resources. >> the mayor promised more financial support in the upcoming budget. today, as the city begins to
4:31 pm
recover, mayor london breed says it is these mom-and-pop shops that need our help the most announcing a 30 day challenge to bolster cells. >> starting may 1st, for 30 days, we will take this challenge. we will say to themselves i will only shop and i met my small businesses so we can have us a fighting chance to survive the end of this pandemic. >> some left the city or moved onto another job. the term we are hiring will now become a welcome phrasewelcome e >> glaring let's roll the tape back to -- larry, let's roll
4:32 pm
the tape back to about a ago. big chains continue to do good business while the small places that sold clothing and other things had to close up. it was a real question about whether this was being done because of health reasons or because they didn't want them out on the streets. the idea of us of they weren't going to go for that. small businesses really disproportionately suffered. >> what do you think? is this really going to help small businesses? it is certainly a positive step. >> city has been helping small businesses are trying to.trying.
4:33 pm
they have taken away a lot of the fees that they have to charge. we spread this $12 million around with thousands of small businesses and it is not a lot for everyone. even if it is interest free we have to start turning this around. that is where this comes in. i spoke with carol. she owns a small children's clothing store in know we valley. her business is is is is is is now of what it was pre- pandemic. you need the other 25% if you are going to make it through this. they need the customers. that is what they're looking for right now and that is with the mayor is saying. the big stores got the break early on in the big stores possibly have the money to get through this. let's concentrate on the small
4:34 pm
ones. >> how long do you think it to whatever normal really is? >> that remains to be seen. one of the things is they are keeping the outside dining opening. people are still hesitant about getting inside. look outside. it is nice and sunny. it is warm. hopefully that keeps people coming out and being willing to dine out. as far as inside goes, they can only take on so much. and carol was telling me about her store she has applied and applied for state and local help. when i know what that can be. the grants are thare thare tharh the office workers are instilled in the downtown. that has a
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our chances of getting covid-19 or exposure to it when airlines leave the middle seat open. this cdc studied this and found it reduces your risk of exposure by 23% if nobody sits in the middle see. early in the pandemic, airlines blocked passengers from booking middle seats. most have begun allowing full capacity as long as masks are worn. delta is the last with a ban on passengers sitting in the middle seats. i just flew to hawaii and back in the plane was packed. i was not on delta but this news may get me on delta in the future. >> i am actually flying tomorrow.
4:39 pm
>> spencer you are a frequent flyer. what is your take? >> i am not looking forward to getting on a packed aircraft even though more people have been vaccinated. i did fly recently. because i had its own and so long to see my family back east i splurged and went firstclass going out. there was no one near me. on the way back i was on the way back i was in coach with extra legroom. there was no one in the middle seats so i thought comfortable. >> delta has really good cookies too. i will say say say say say say >> right now many of us are tired of videoconferencing. it appears women feel the impact more than men. stanford researchers are out with what they are calling the first large-scale study on zoom fatigue. they have interviewed more than 10,000 people and found that 1 and 7 women, roughly 14% reported feeling very to extremely tired after zoom
4:40 pm
calls. just 5.5% of men felt the way. spencer, you have been doing a lot. you have been working from home a lot of this time. are you fatigued? how are you feeling? >> i would have described it as fatigued. i prefer face-to-face in-person communication but i wouldn't say i have zoom fatigue. i would rather get back to face- to-face meetings and conversations. >> you do wonder with women if it is because they have a burden? >> i think that is exactly right. i have done a ton of zoom meetings, board meetings and i did a charity event that i host every year on zoom. i think we have an advantage. working in television we are used to staring at this camera. i have heard from more and more people who are really tired of zoom. i don't know we can tap but i know a lot of people who
4:41 pm
really do feel the fatigue. >> i get tired when i know that i have a zoom call coming up. does that count? >> >> today for coin base. cuevas is a crypto currency exchange used to buy, sell, and store digital currency. just for its first trade so that $384 a share. it already has a market value near $100 billion. it closed trading at $328 a share. coin bases fortunes are closely tied to bid coin which has exploded and is now around $63,000 per coin. about ago it was under 5000. it gives you a little bit of perspective. if you are not into crypto
4:42 pm
currency, basically, the role of coin base is like the new york stock exchange or nasdaq. they handle all of the trade. you want to buy bid coin? they take a piece. they are the house. just like the casino. they are the house.the >> who knew you were so into crypto. >> i don't want to invest in anything i don't fully understand. i must confess i do not fully understand what they are saying. >> same here., a dinosaur but i am still trying to wrap my mind around it. >> larry, i will >> give me your money dan and liz and i will take care of it, trust me. >> also, my phone -- my connection is a little bad. if you can't reach me, don't worry about that. i got you guys. >> reception isn't great in the islands, is it? >> exactly! >> if i am underwater how can i take your call? >> we will think about it larry. a hiker became lost
4:43 pm
in a national forest and is saved thanks to a map, and a single photo. >> you don't think looking at a computer and saying that looks like there may be will result in a rescue. >> a hiker text is location to his friend saying his phone was about to die. it made the rounds on social media catching the attention of satellite map enthusiasts. using a map, he pinpointed the coordinates. rescuers used the information to find the hiker and pull him up to safety. that is incredible. wow! >> that is really clever. what a smart use of the technology. how clever was that hiker as that phone was dying and he
4:44 pm
realized he had one last chance to reach out. very smart. >> a happy ending to the story. i love that. >> yes! really cool. >> i would like to
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now to our special series. california dreaming. we examine the issues and the
4:47 pm
people working to keep the dream of california dreaming alive. >> >> when you walk into a farm it will feel like you are in a high tech manufactur facility. >> these machines are essentially tractors. we call them robots. they use ai to identify crops and actually weed. it is the wave of >> agriculture in california is one of our most important economic sectors. we produce over 400 different crops. it produces over 50 billion in economic development ea year.ea. >> these crops are threatened
4:48 pm
by climate change. tech companies in the state are working on some solutions. >> we flip it on its side so we can condense about 700 acres farmland. >> we use robotic technology and precision agriculture to precisely measure how we feed our plans. then, we transplant those seeds onto a really tall tower. is about 1% of the land of traditional farming. we save about 1 million gallons of water per week. we can grow >> we are currently in the process of building a farm in compton, california. that will be the biggest vertical farm in the world. >> endorses has significant potential to be more
4:49 pm
environmentally sustainable. 70%-90% of global surface resources go to agricultural irrigation. we have the potential the poten incredible amounts of water. suddenly, we can control the environment in ways we never thought possible. >> technology is really big right now. over 73% of our crops are already grown micro irrigation. we are using a lot more drones to do field inspections. we increased our yield by 45% and reduced reduced reduced red consumption by 15%. we are very much driven by technology. it gets more and more sophisticated every year. >> this type of machinery we call them robots.
4:50 pm
this is the ai i was talking about. the system is identifying this is romain. each machine can do 5-6 acres. it is going to take you a crew of 10-50 people to cover that amount and it could take them to 2 days. our machine can do that and 1 day. >> our machine is developing the grower dashboard. >> this is to better help them understand what they need to be doing whether it is better president to set pesticides, herbicides, water. >> it is a clash of farmers and engineers. we are coming coming coming com >> hydroponic farming is really the future. it is unbelievable to watch. you can stream all of our california dreaming stories on demand cloning our 30 minute california dreaming specdreamin
4:51 pm
right now. you will find it on our connected tv app wherever you stream. liz, all we need is some water. >> should we do a rain dance, spencer? >> i am looking at the clouds and i see nothing coming our way. we need it so badly. weather is lovely but we desperately need some rain. we will see a few low cloud that otherwise: chilly in line with temperatures ranging in upper 30s. low 40s generally around in the bay area. tomorrow sunny and breezy with highs in the mid 50s at the coast to mid 60s at the shoreline. here is the accuweather 7-day forecast. look at the summerlike warm-up coming our way this weekend. it is just amazing. mid-80s on saturday. sunday may be above 90 in some in the locations. ow 80s around the bay shoreline. there will be a little bit of a drop off in temperatures. it is still more of a summer light range. we get more of a seasonal
4:52 pm
pattern. this is just not there yet. >> thank you. >> a giant mural calling attention to the united nations efforts to end world hunger is just about finished in downtown oakland. the piece by artist victor ash is going on the side of the marriott hotel. he and his crew began working eight days ago. when it is finished tomorrow it will be the tallest mural in oakland. a story with a very big heart. >> his energy and his charisma and his heart were so apparent the moment he walked into the room. >> the doctor appearing in his first role in a movie up hearing -- nominated for an oscar. how he got to the big screen is straightahead.
4:53 pm
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"filling through" is the first movie featuring a blind and deaf man in the league. >> reporter: he makes history without saying a word, robert stars in a movie even though he is legally blind. to find out how he did this requires >> this is robert speaking, i think, the first time i saw it on the big screen, my heart burst. i could not believe that this was the first time in deaf, blind person was on screen. i just sat back and thought, wow. >> reporter: before his lost inside, he dreamt of being an actor. inspired by morley matt wintz, who was the first and so far the only performer ever to win an oscar. when she saw the movie, she signed on as an executive producer. >> i had to get it out there
4:57 pm
about this film. to anyone who would be willing to watch it. on my behalf, because it was so touched me. >> reporter: the film is based on a real encounter the director had with a deaf, blind person years ago. doug rowland found his start washing dishes at the helen keller national center. >> his energy, his charisma, his heart was so apparent. >> reporter: alongside stephen prescott, an authentic story of human connection is told in less than half an hour. >> what i want, more than anything, is for people who are blind or shearing or cited or deaf, or whatever their disabilities are, that we can all work together. >> you can watch the oscars live right here on abc7 at 5:00 p.m. sunday, april 25th.
4:58 pm
that looks incredible. that looks incredible. that is it for abc7 news welcome to jack in the box. hey, jack, i heard your chicken- who told you that? it was jimmy wasn't it? no, i heard your chicken comes with classic and spicy in the same box, so i don't have to choose. ah yes. best of both worlds. my 50/50 popcorn chicken. only at jack in the box.
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only at jack in the box. a small northbay wind tunnel weakening to claims of their own mayor's sexual assaults, the city council choosing to act. the push for peace taking a new step forward, a rally against asian violence, asian- american violence coming right up to the san francisco courthouse steps, the suspect inside as we speak. with vaccine eligibility expanded, when might our youngest get their turn? one family giving us the very first glimpse. the governor makes a visit to the small school district in santa rosa. what he is saying the state is to drop school districts like this reopen safely. building a better area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news.


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