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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 14, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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thank you for joining us. tonight, breaking news as we come on the air on the johnson & johnson vaccine. late today, a cdc panel of experts leaving the temporary pause in place, saying they need more data. after reports of six women suffering rare blood clots after receiving the shot. one death, one woman in the hospital. the pause affecting thousands of vaccination sites. 1 in 4 locations in the u.s. using that vaccine. and what the head of the white house task force said today about the pfizer and moderna vaccines. also tonight, the former police officer kim potter has now been charged with second degree manslaughter for the deadly shooting of 20-year-old daunte wright. potter allegedly mistaking her gun for her taser. the 26-year veteran was training another officer as this all unfolded.
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the trial of former police officer derek chauvin tonight. a former chief medical examiner testifying for the defense suggesting underlying health issues were the cause of george floyd's death. news on u.s. troops in afghanistan tonight. president biden revealing today his plans to end america's longest war, withdrawing u.s. troops from afghanistan by september 11th, the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. and what the cia director said just today about the risk if u.s. troops leave. the desperate search under way at this hour to find survivors from a capsized vessel in the gulf. at least one person found dead. several others still missing tonight. the attack on the capitol. and the scathing new report tonight from the inspector general. did capitol police ignore intelligence warnings of an attack on congress? and why were officers told not to use the most aggressive force against the capitol rioters? bernie madoff has died in prison. so whatever happened to the billions stolen?
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did american investors get their money back? and the new cdc study tonight on the virus, airplanes, and the middle seat. good evening. it's great to have you with us on a wednesday night. we begin with the breaking headline from the cdc, an advisory committee late today leaving the temporary pause for the johnson & johnson vaccine in effect. saying they need to know more after rare reports of six women who suffered severe blood clots. one died, another in the hospital. this affecting about 1 in 4 vaccine sites in the country giving the johnson & johnson vaccine. the panel adjourning without a clear recommendation, saying
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they'll try to meet again in a week to ten days. the johnson & johnson vaccine using similar technology to the astrazeneca vaccine in europe. at least 19 reported deaths from blood clots there. and ethe white house saying there's more than enough vaccines to vaccinate all americans still. steve osunsami leading us off tonight with late news from the cdc in atlanta. >> reporter: a cdc advisory panel tonight says it needs more time and information to respond to the new concerns about the johnson & johnson vaccine. which means for now, americans should continue holding off using this brand of the covid vaccine. >> we do not have to arrive at a vote today or a recommendation today. if we need more time to think about this, we can reconvene later this week or this weekend >> reporter: a very small number of women who suffered blood
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clots after getting the shot caused health officials to put a hold on using the drug. health officials here worry that this potential adverse reaction looks a little too similar to what happened in europe with the astrazeneca vaccine. the astrazeneca vaccine is made using similar technology as the johnson & johnson, and in europe 19 people died. >> there are some rather strong similarities about this with regard to the time frame following vaccination. particularly importantly, the clinical syndrome of these clots together with low platelets. so there are a lot of similarities there that you just can't miss that. >> reporter: the scientists are looking for any link between the six women who got sick, and they're investigating whether the blood clots were an immune response. all six women were between 18 and 48 years old. they got sick within two weeks of getting vaccinated. some of the clots formed in veins of the sinus and prevented blood from draining out of the brain. one woman died. three are still hospitalized. the holdup on using the johnson
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& johnson vaccine has had a huge impact on these 7,000 locations where it was the only shot they were giving. 1 out of every 4 vaccine locations in america was only using johnson & johnson. >> i get why they're doing it, out of the abundance of caution. but the statistics were so low to get the blood clotting, i was willing to take the risk anyway. >> reporter: the race is on to find available shots from pfizer and moderna for appointments that are already scheduled. >> this is all the pfizer and moderna i have. of course it makes it very hard because i have hundreds of doses of johnson that i can't use. >> reporter: they're pretty frustrated at this clinic in los angeles that's already been struggling to vaccinate underserved communities. tonight, the biden administration is saying that there's still more than enough vaccine. >> i want to be clear that we have more than enough pfizer and moderna vaccine supply to continue or even accelerate the current pace of vaccinations.
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>> all right. steve osunsami live at the cdc tonight. i know the advisory committee plans to meet again on this. any idea how soon? >> reporter: david, this group's next meeting is scheduled for may 5th. but they're hoping to meet again in a week or so. there was a lot of concern about making a decision without all the proper information. they're also still watching about 3 million americans who have recently gotten the johnson & johnson vaccine within the last few weeks. they say it's possible we could see a few more of these rare cases that concern them. david? >> steve, thank you. the other major story developing, the former officer in the shooting death of 20-year-old daunte wright has been charged with second degree manslaughter. kim potter was training another officer when this happened. stephanie ramos in minnesota again tonight.
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>> reporter: tonight, the now former officer who killed daunte wright charged with second degree manslaughter days after this traffic stop. >> [ bleep ]. i just shot him. >> reporter: according to the washington county attorney's office, kim potter fired one round into wright's left side with her glock 9-millimeter handgun after yelling, "taser, taser, taser." you can see a yellow taser on her belt in this photo. the office adding in a statement, "certain occupations carry an immense responsibility, and none more so than a sworn police officer." today, the wright family's lawyer questioning how potter, a brooklyn center police veteran, appeared to have mixed up the two. >> at what point did you not feel that this was a gun in your hand, versus a taser? and so the family, obviously, they are glad she got charged. >> reporter: authorities say potter, on the force for 26 years, was actually training another officer sunday when wright was pulled over for an expired tag.
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as they tried to arrest the unarmed 20-year-old for an outstanding warrant, a struggle broke out. >> i'll tase you! >> reporter: moments later, potter firing that fatal shot. she resigned along with the police chief. for a third night in a row, protesters taking to the streets, outraged over the killing of the young father. the mother of his child remembering him. >> he was a good father. he loved his son, and he wanted to see him grow up. he just was a very active father. >> reporter: potter was brought to this hennepin county jail. >> stephanie, thank you. just a few miles from that scene, the trial of former police officer derek chauvin in the death of george floyd. today, the defense calling a former chief medical examiner who testified that underlying health issues were the cause of
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floyd's death. here's alex perez. >> reporter: today, the defense calling a forensic pathologist who testified that the manner of george floyd's death, officially classified as homicide, was actually undetermined, citing a series of potential causes including heart disease and drug use. >> how did the heart and drugs contribute to the cause of death? >> they were significant. >> reporter: the defense also floating a new theory that floyd inhaled carbon monoxide from the tailpipe of the squad car. >> there is exposure to a vehicle exhaust, so potentially carbon monoxide poisoning. >> reporter: prosecutors then demanding proof, and the witness admitting he had none. >> you haven't seen any data or test results that showed mr. floyd had a single injury from carbon monoxide. is that true? >> that is correct, because it was never sent to the laboratory for that test. >> i just simply asked you whether -- i asked you whether it was true, sir. yes or no? >> it is true. >> reporter: dr. david fowler conceding the officers should have tried to help floyd when he became non-responsive.
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>> are you critical of the fact that he wasn't given immediate emergency care when he went into cardiac arrest? >> yeah. as a physician, i would agree. >> reporter: david, we expect the defense will rest their case tomorrow. so far, they've called seven witnesses. the prosecution called 38 witnesses. david? >> alex, thank you. we turn now to news on u.s. troops in afghanistan. president biden revealing his plan for all u.s. troops to leave afghanistan by september 11th. the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. and what the cia director said just today about the risk if u.s. troops leave. here's mary bruce tonight. >> reporter: at arlington cemetery tonight, president biden honoring the lives lost as he announced he's ending the 20-year war in afghanistan, withdrawing all u.s. troops by
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this september 11th. >> it's time to end america's longest war. >> reporter: over the last two decades, 2,312 americans were killed. more than 20,000 wounded. and nearly $825 billion were spent. biden said the u.s. has succeeded. >> we delivered justice to bin laden a decade ago, and we have stayed in afghanistan for a decade since. since then, our reasons for remaining in afghanistan become increasingly unclear. >> reporter: on capitol hill today, the head of the cia with a sobering assessment. >> when the time comes for the u.s. military to withdraw, the u.s. government's ability to collect and act on threats will diminish. that is simply a fact. >> reporter: but he also said al qaeda, the group behind 9/11, does not have the capacity today to carry out an attack against the u.s. >> mary with us live from the
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white house. we noted while we were on the air that the president was speaking today from the treaty room, the same room where president george w. bush told the nation nearly 20 years ago that we were in afghanistan. now, president biden saying we must end this forever war. president biden saying he spoke with former president bush? >> reporter: yes, he spoke with him yesterday. he did not say how the former president responded. but he stressed they're absolutely united in their respect and support for the valor and courage of the men and women who served. >> mary, thank you. next to the inspector general report on the capitol siege. here's pierre thomas. >> reporter: tonight, a new inspector general report revealing just three days before the attack, capitol police intelligence analysts wrote that
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congress itself is the target, and that the stop the steal movement had the likelihood of attracting white supremacists, militia members, and others who actively promote violence. today, the intelligence failure drawing sharp criticism from the senator who chairs the committee overseeing the capitol police. >> in the end, they didn't do what they needed to do. >> reporter: the inspector general's findings, in sharp contrast to former capitol security officials who recently told congress they could not have anticipated the broad violence that left more than 100 officers injured and possibly killed another. >> no entity, including the fbi, provided any new intelligence regarding january 6th. >> reporter: the inspector general also finding stunning security failures the day of the insurrection. shields that easily shattered from the blows from the mob, some officers vulnerable without shields because they were locked away inside of a bus. and the inpector general questioning why officers were also told not to use the most aggressive force against the
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mob, like stun grenades, which might have helped push back the rioters. david, tonight we hearn learned that prosecutors have closed the investigation into the fatal shooting of ashlie babbitt. >> pierre, thank you. there's a desperate search under way in the gulf of mexico tonight after a vessel capsized. at least one person found dead. 12 crew members still missing off the coast of louisiana. elwyn lopez is in louisiana tonight. >> reporter: tonight, off the louisiana coast, a race against time to find survivors from this capsized vessel. >> we are saturating the area with available resources to assist in the rescue mission. >> reporter: 19 people were on board the seacor power when it capsized during unusually powerful storms. the 129-foot vessel has 250-foot legs that can raise it out of
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the water to work on offshore platforms. winds gusting to 75 miles per hour in the area. a good samaritan sending a distress message just before 4:30 p.m. the coast guard and good samaritans saving six people from the rough seas, finding one other person who did not survive. families of the missing anxiously awaiting word tonight. >> we're trying to be positive and stand on faith. >> reporter: the coast guard telling me moments ago, efforts will continue throughout the night. >> elwyn, thank you. we learned today that bernie ma madoff has died in prison. whatever happened to the billions? did investors get their money back? here's whit johnson tonight.
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>> reporter: the mastermind of the largest ponzi scheme in american history, dying behind bars in north carolina at the age of 82. bernie madoff's health deteriorating in recent months. in a wheelchair, suffering from kidney disease. >> he was an aging, debilitated man who was in many ways broken at this point in his life. >> reporter: madoff died 12 years into a 150-year sentence. the disgraced financier defrauding thousands of investors. pleading guilty to the scheme, the 2008 financial crisis. >> he nt only destroyed my life but he's destroyed the lives of thousands of people. >> reporter: madoff's wife ruth madoff, reportedly living quietly out of the public eye in connecticut and florida, always claimed she knew nothing. the fraud was ultimately valued at $17.5 billion. most of that has been recovered
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get decision tech from fidelity. tonight, prosecutors revealing more about the break in the case. the disappearance of kristen smart nearly 25 years ago. authorities charging paul flores with murder, saying he killed smart during an attempted sex assault. his father also charged, allegedly helping to hide the body. and a new study tonight about lowering the risk of covid when you fly. the cdc says keeping middle seats open could reduce passenger exposure by about 50%. when we come back, news about dr. jill biden, and also some news about us here at abc news. for more than 150 years, generations have trusted the strength and stability
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to an outpatient center this morning. and tonight, some news about abc news. kimberly godwin has been named the next president of abc news, making her the first black woman to lead a broadcast network's news division. godwin spent more than a decade at cbs, most recently serving as their executive vice president of news. she spent many years in local news before that, in communities across this country. peter rice, chairman of disney general entertainment content, saying throughout kim's career, she has distinguished herself as a fierce advocate for excellence, collaboration, and inclusion, and for the vital role of accurate news reporting. godwin saying she is honored to take on this stewardship and that she's excited for what we will achieve together. and we are too. when we come back, one of the best zooms we've seen. the surprise, "america strong." home is a feeling you live in and when your home is happier,
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finally tonight here, we're grateful to our teachers in this pandemic. and the students are, too. the teacher, "america strong." tonight, the surprise thank you for a teacher in this pandemic. >> we're going to look at probability. >> reporter: ms. wendy franklin a biology teacher at winston churchil high school in potomac, maryland. she asks why none of her students are on camera. >> ms. franklin? >> yeah? >> well, the whole class wanted to thank you for being such a warm and bright and happy person during this whole semester. >> oh, i'm going to cry. >> reporter: each of the students holding their own thank yous. >> aw, thank you, guys, that's so sweet. i very much appreciate it. >> thank you, ms. franklin.
3:58 pm
>> how am i supposed to teach now? geez, i'm teared up. >> we couldn't do it without you. you're such a great teacher. >> reporter: and the why they did it. and ms. franklin, too. >> what i can tell you, david, is that that thank you message nearly made my heart explode with gratitude. >> gratitude for ms. franklin and all of our teachers. i'll see you tomorrow. good night.
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the possible unlike our independent committee to review the safety and these events to determine significance. >> digging deeper into health concerns over the johnson & johnson vaccine and si effects. local and state officials continue to try to reopen the economy. we start with an encouraging number. as of a few minutes ago, 50% of all californians 16 and older have received at least of a covid-19 vaccine. that is more than 15 million people. tomorrow, eligibility across all california counties will
4:00 pm
expand. all residents 16 and older. however, covid cases are still increasing. more than 2000 cases were reported for a total of more than 3.6 million cases since the pandemic began. we will we are monitoring the latest development in the johnson & johnson investigation. right now, u.s. officials are weighing the next steps after a handful of unusual blood clots were found in people who received the vaccine. it is basically 1 in 1 million. stephanie sierra was monitoring ac/dc meeting. this just wrapped up. what did they decide? >> after hours of discussion the advisory committee felt there is not enough evidence available yet. must members healthy benefits of the johnson & johnson vaccine far outweigh the risks, many say there isn't enough data available for
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specific age


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