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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 13, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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hiv mecidine is one paroft it. ask youroc dtor ouabt dovato—dii d. if you t gothe johnson & johnson vaccine oushld you worry. wh wate know about the rare oblems ivan ccine recienpits. what chea bay area cococo indog about e thj j&vaccine. >> how it's expanding ccvaine elibigility efctfeive mediatel y. >>an> d new results about allegations agnsait a north bay mayor and how th'reye putting a spotlit ghon an d olletter to local leaders. and who's robbing ttleer rriers in kloaand. a push to find e thculprits and put an end to ne worke. rs and we begin with the ste at
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pausg inthe johnn so& johnson gornveor newsosam ys this will not set licafornia back in the long term. jj represtsen about 4% of r weeklyll aocation inthis state. we wilnol t delay our efrtfos latethr is week to op enup vaccine igelibility to all calirnfoians. 16nd a over. >> the federal govemernnt today recommdienng the temporary ho ld after porerts of six mewon geinttg serioubls ood clots that out of 6.8 milln iogetting the ccvaine so that amount is ssle than 1 in a million. >> i beevlie the j&j ccvaine is ryve safe. these e arvery ra creases. but we n'dot know if there are othecar ses out the eratth isext. what's your acretion to thoswhe o recently receiv ede th j&j vaincce. first of l aldon't t gean anxietrey action cabeuse remeermb it's less than one in
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a miiolln. >> und ersce oratth imrtpoant put pepersctive onth e number s. >>nd a we look at the hethal d ansafety expes rtfor that we tu trno kate laenrs. teka. i>>'m hearg inomfr a lot of oppele toda y. molyst women o whare now nccoerned ouabt their health afterer cently reiecving the johnn so& josohnn ccvaine. meanwhilthe e cdc is expect ed ma dkeecisions in the comi ng da ysouabt who if anyone oushld t the j j&vaincce. >> just because bld ooclots are alrely coerncning espiaeclly as a >> rorepter: arnaia got the johnn so& hnjoson vaccine six days ag o. >> you hear l althese medical visers y,sa it's saf e. ta keit whefrár you can. and then getting news from evywerhere is a litt le coerncning. >> repoerrt: the health departme ntstoppethd e j & j
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vaccine especially in women. one patient eddi. >>i feel like if i were going to have any efctfes, y an gative feefcts i would have d hathem alrdyea. r>>eporter: oakland resident santmaha floyd got the j&j vaccine. stmo reaioctns happ enwiinth three weeks. >> i know x sipeople ha vethese veadrse reacontis t,bu i personally am elfeing fine. myfamily is feeling nefi. i'm t norrwoied about me. >> rertpoer: it's relyal unyoger women atth seem toe b at highest ri skand there e ar other risks in atth age ougrp r explame that'swh en toau immune disseeas start to peapar. at's when birth contl ropills are beg inedus. sothere may be otr hefacts or inlvvoed. reporte r:dr. maldonado is is aison for the commite tewho e arplanning to meet tomorr ow go over j&j data. we need to go rothugh the informioatn and kema sure
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there's no link to the vaincce. clrleay the benetsfi outwei ghthe risk. we'rtae lking abt oua once in a million chance of getngti a rare sidefe fect. >> aaron: dr. grant s wathe investigorat for the trial. he yssa taking a few days to uspae and veinstigate shows the moniritong stsyem is rkwoing. >> the mbnuer e onioprrity is toha ve the puicbl havi ng nfidceen in the ocpress. >> reporte r:for woods, she's re atgreful than coerncned at e shgot the vaincce. >> the chances e arlo w, hopefully remo peopleju st st ay sa feand enth it can be rolled ouagt ain soon. >> rorepter: so one we wa ntto ntinue emasphizing how ra re th iscondition is. the docts orvei' spoken to and the a fdsay people who recently got e thj&j vacce inn calo ok out for abdomen inpa, leg pain d anshortnesofs breath this is portant u yomust tell your ovider atth you rewe recently
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vaccatined becau sethat changes the treatmt enoptions. dan d analma back to you. >> cabeuse that 'ssomethg inyou would want to tell yo urdimecal ovider a nyy waif you had the ossymptomsma ke sure you te tllhem you got that vciacne. the asaztreneca vacce ins ha beenau psed outside of the unit edstates bauecse of concnser. i>>t may be that the part of the spike preiotn th'sat inbeg targeted by the vaincces could lead to slhtigly different clotti ngrisks. but rembmeer thatac tually getting covid increases uryo skri of clotngti substaiantlly re. ch more anth y another vaccine. sohe tre's th issort rofisk- nefit cal calculus. i'm su reall the instveigators and doorcts will give a lot more foinrmation inthe micong
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ysda. ckba to you. >> a llright, ka. te thk anyou so mh.uc > >>and then erthe's this. top ucsf expe rtrutherfo srdays e johnson & johnn soglchit could colimpment the foefrt. hangvi a one doze vaccine is grt eain ceairtn situations wheryoe u might have a hard me getting people ckba. but thi ink we y mabe able to wo rkthis out in a few days and comeba ck with a hard recoenmmdation like we don't gi tvehis to will. or we n'dot give ts hito women under e thage of 60. that 'swhat the euroanpe agency has recommend defor the astra neca vaincce. we may meco down on somethg in li keatth which wi llstill allow usto use this in certa in situatio. ns >>aa ron: heah ltofficials say ly the pfizer vacce inwill now be ovprided at e thoakland coliumse. they expt ecto keep up with appointmtsen despite the hold the johnn so& johnson vaccine. e colise umis the most
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fective sidong vaccine site. all 9 bay area cotiunes have temporilary stopd pe adnimistering e thjohnson & johnson ccvaine. matt bneoo looks at how theye 'r halindng the ddsuenloss of ppsuly. mike: at the vainccation sitein san pao bltheups seem rmal. the siteha d been administerg in johnso& n johnn sosites but d ha oughmo derna to cover the peop lemicong in. >>i gotht e shot, it's obprably fine. >> reporr:te only 4% of the vaccineswe re hnjoson and johnn soand did not have to caelnc any poapintmentsod tay. me in man ricoun tythough theyre a being forced to change eithr homele ssoutreachpl an. unfortunelaty now 'rwee having to sht if topfiz erfor ose mobile operioatns. we're ingog to contuein that pace t buit's going to be with differenprt oduct th'sat just not easasy to work wit h. >>ep rorter: n safrancisco jomar recent lygot r hedose of e thj & j ccvaine. but today she sa idshe had not ltfe any negative symptoms thou ghshe call edthe news worrisome. >> if i d hato do it all over
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again. i woulstd ill t gethe ccvaine and you know in light of the new infoatrmion, obprably wod ul chseoo anotherpt oion. >> repoerrt: sky 7 was over the oakld ancoliseum icwhh had transitioned to usi ngthe j & j site. but cociunl officis alsaid they were abltoe change to pfizer this rnmoing saying th eywould not expe ctancay ncellatis.on >>reporter: they're also working to make su rethe anch ge don'est disrt uptheir vaccinioatn goals theier. >> wree' certain lyswitchg in out all ofhe t johnson & hnson vaincce making the prop aerrrange ments to make sure any dose we vegi be it modea rnor pfizer will followedy ba. oppele who wo rkin santa clara that are 16 years of m ai anold der to sign up for an pointmen t. atim te we're hearg innccoerns aboutht e supplyth at's t nothe seca in the bay area's most
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pulous uncoty. the county system is cereiving a t loof vaccines, significanint crea sein vaincce ppsuly that 'scoming redictly fr tomhe federal vegornment. combin edwith the increase from our stat e,we now ha veenghou ccvaine real lyto quicy klreach our goal of protecting our enreti community. >>ep rteorr: san anfrcisco also annoceund today it would be openg inup vaccinations to everyone. however the city cautioned its vaccine supply is limited. >> still new developments night in the sealxu misconduct allegaontis surroundg inat large yomar windsor california dominic polli. the town is w notryi ngto distcean themselves from the yomar, and acceinptg that they d been warned. >> reporter: d anif anyone in
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local gornvementas w looking the other way. chief of police ruben mainrtez. if we would ha veknn owback then what we know w noit would have be entotay lldiffenert. this did co meas a complete surprise. mayor fopolli now stdsan accused sofexual misconduct by 6 women. they recveeid o twe-mails accusing the mar yoof impropetriies. the fit rsarverid an ciindent in 2013. it dcresibed follpoi otque llfiing up people's glasses wi mthore wine so that we had lo cstount of how nyma drksin we had.
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was choreographed so llwe that make us think it d ha haenpped befo. re >>e wdndi't know m hito this degree. >> repteorr: that e-mail along with athnoer in 20 20has led to sperceptnsio at wtneown manar gethe ken mcna. bb >> i think there's a sconceptn ioout there th at thtoe wn was aware of nyma of thale legationths at have been reveedal in the prs esthis month. and atth is t nothe case. >> rorepter: today the to wnof ndwisor admiedtt ingog to fopolli ouabt thosche arges in 1720 d an20. 20 it sa ysthe mayor deni edthem. meanwhe ilthe lipoce investatigor spoke t.ou w>>as the erany red flag s? >> at that time, no. >> rertpoer: hindsight is 2020. wayne frdmeean, c ab7 ne. ws >>an> d a tatol of four mail carrie hrsave been robb sedince
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november. threofe them at gpounint. two with inthe last week. crimes agait nsletter carriers are fea deral ofnsfee of urcose. security and law foenrcement unit isoffering 0,$5000 rerdwas for thare rest and convtiicons o ofth e suspects in ea chof esthe cases. e thpost alinsptiecon rvice consids erthe prottiecon of poalst carriers its firsprt iority. >> the stpoal insptiecon itun aissking the public to be vigilant and report any suspicious behavior or anyone following a letter carrier. more to come here, still ead. the cera to spd enmore than lf a billion dollars before th yisear's wildfire season reallyet gs going. and w homesothing we're dumping into the bay ulcod actulyal be a powerful weonap inthe war against climate
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majesticou mntains... enscic coastal highws.ay..
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ferte ilfarmlands... erthe's lo ttso love ab out california. so put off tho csehores and use ssle energy from 4 t9 o pm enwh less cln eaenergy is availab.le cabeuse tha''s power wndo time.
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> today governor neomws signed a ldwifire prenevtion plan. the governor said they will increase vegetation and terrn ai nagement. $199 milonli will meco from the greeounhse reduioctn ndfu. e threst will come from e th regular fund. >> e thhots are getting tthoer, e dries are geinttg drier. thisbo at laun chis supposed to launch a atbo. there's no tewar behind us. in a reservoir that's a 40 year low. the vegornor al so thorized morthe an $80 million einmergency fus ndto hire ndhureds more calfire refifighters. today bay are ggsuesting a new
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streoration anpl. >> reporr:te sea leve lsare expeedct to riseby a otfo or mo reerov the next few dedeca s. ovwherelmi lngevies and sea walls. one ofhe t most porfweul weaponwes ha veto fight back is being literally thrown aw. ay >> there e arthese giant machin esthat go out and basicalldry edge out the anchnels so the big ships can meco into oakland and stoconkt and other parts of the estuarsoy all that temarial can be reuse d. >>re porter: she's tainlkg about the tons of sediment that e dredged out of the y ba erevy year d andumped in de ep ter. ineastd the grp ouargu esthat sedintme could be the rfpeect lution tobolster e th wetldsan around e thbay. the tlweands play a critalic lero, but to survive they need to literally ri sealg onthwi the selea vel. >> atwh you really want is over time r foall that shorinele protecti tonhat the tlweands are provinidg to beui blding up
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tunarally. relevalynt at no cost to you if they have enoughed siment. >> reporte r:changes in the aces like e th ltdea have slowed the buildae bl flooring for wetlands. they are llcaing to begin using sedime ntr fotlweands. >> we need the wetland to prott ecour shorinele. reporter: and has focud se on thmoe st cost effecte iv disposalpt oions. but e thnew rertpo are guthose cost ineacrses will be needed r ler vesreu buildi. ng aiorrpts, freeways, tewar eatrtmenplt ans that are now certaiy nlat risk. reporte r:th eybeevlie we ulcod potentlliay turn an expensive waste product into a luable tool to precott san francisco bay. >> d anwhile the thres atmit gh se emslow movingto some, some models suggest atth the calirnfoia coast cod ulfa ce
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remo than a 7-foot rise in a se level tbyhe end of the centur y. >>st> ill ahead here, the ambitis ounew plan to amatical lyreduce the number of homels esoppele in the bay area. plus, a littleit b of ground ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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ohmo, re bubbles? more bubesbl for less benjamsin our amazing 20% off wi sneael is gngoi on now until riapl 13th ayot ur neighbhoorod groce oryutlet > a new ushoing pl anreleased tonight s haa goal of reduci ng the number of homeless people by 75% in three year's time. the regional uncocil made up of payors, sibuness leaders and housing advocates came up thwi this ueblprint that inudcles nancial assistance and lel ga seicrves for at risk families. bssuidies to ensureou hsing stabilitany d reinthking how soreurces e arused. e thcounl cisays it's important that the community takes an active role. >> i think we all look to others to find the solution when we alsoha ve to look thwiin ourselves and what kind of skills d antools n cawe give to suppo rtthe next peonrs who
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is bei ngdriven by this tuation. t>>he regional action plan includesan initl iafocus on extremely low income people with racially eitquy a main mpcoonent ofhe t effort. >> a lot of sun wase ta kea lookou tside. you see cloudsth ere too. t'les get a check on the atweher with c ab7 news meorteologist ndsahya patel. breezy. >> yh.ea fidenitely stguy out the erdan and alma you saw itro fm that jam wai nt to show you a diffenert rspepective omfr our san raelfa mecara. e trees veha been blowing around ithn e wind th is afrnteoon. we he avhad strong winds ov er thhie gher elatevions and along the ascot and it has brought into so meof our inla ndareas as well. right n ow42-mil-aesn-hour san frciansco. hang on toou yr hats 30 at sfo, 24 innccoord as we take a lo ok at what's brinnggi the ndwi 'sit the high pressure over the cific welor pressu reto our northeast. wee 'rsandwich edin betweeson
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atth's y whwe're sengei those gustwiy nds. i wa ntto show you wh atatth's doing tothe pollen, 'sit owbling it around. the eetr pollen is runng inhi gh angrd asses are moderate so th'veye been coming up erov the stla few days. oak, cer,da pine and juniper y be yo urculprits if you have bn eesneezing, itchy, running, nose, eyes. the wi ndreally irstred upthe g fowe had this morng inand th latow presresu system that i just tkeald about bringingno sw sherows to the sierra vaneda ght now. truckee riseporting some light ow. no cha rinestrictis onat this hour. same steysm droppi ngour mpteeraturesdo wn 16 degrees in neva, to16 degrs eecooler in concd.or re's our liveic pture from the concorcad mera. san fransccio, oakla nd63 in n sajose. grab a sweater or jacketif u'yore going out because you definite lywill need th atextra layer. 63 san tarosa.
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66 in napa. 70in fairelfid. r warmest spots in the w lo s and today in the w lo70s. here's a live lo okfrom our cameras. weav he a much warmer pattern coming your way r fothe coupming weendke. soet l's look at the hour by hour wis.nd nitoght still very gusty. 7:00 u yowill noti ceover 30, -35mile an hour wind as we go to tomoowrr mornin g,they alrely lighn teup and as we go to tomorw roafternoo n, pickg inup agaiann d into the ening but nonet arly as strong atos day. morning mpteeratureswi ll be primary ilin the s.40 tcwah out for so meeaars of g. afternoohin ghs any where from uppe50r s to the d-mi70s. it's goi ngto be a mainly suy nn day for you. the cuac weather 70 forecast. a eebrzy afteoornn motorrow. lighter ndwis on thursday and enth the warming begi onsn idfray as those ndwis relax. temperatesur are gog into soar over the weekend mi d-to peupr s 80lainnd. d- to low 60s coast side.
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still no rain in the accu weathefor recast. at least with the wind. i mean the brig htside is you do get decent aiqur ality. right m i'just trying to look at the brig htside. that's uetr. whnoy t. thanks, sandhya. >> l alright micong up an extra special litt lefr eebrliary. thisne o may be onofe a ndki.
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>>an> d just a reminder th at u can get our live wsnecast, breaking news, weheatr and remo thwi our new abc 7 bay eaar app on apple , tvandroid , tvfire tv and kuro. l alyou have to do is search ab7 c bay area and wndoload it. 'sit thasit mple. w>>e are wheverer you are so eck it out. >> befo rewe go, mesotimes the
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litt lethgsin can have a big pact. >> they alrely can and you may have se enthe oslilett librars iein varis oubay area ties therey' fun right. they actually inspedir an actor in berkeleyo tcreate mini t ar gaerllies. all the art is miniature and keli the free librars ie enoscled in a odwoen display bo x. everneyo can corintbute. the tsar are essential and the mini gaerllies are a y wato spadre joy and share a sense of communit y. >> iknow there's azaming tists in my nehbigorhood and in berkel. ey ansod the idea is to just take and leave d analready vei' had some amazing inthgs in erthe. those aminazg inthgs inclu de hamandde jewey lrand erthe are two mini beelrkey. ry catreive. neat id. ea >>ye ah. >> and it looks grea t. >> doesn't it. more world wsne tonight.
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aweppreciate your time. f>>or all of us here thank you for injoing us. we'll see u yoagain at:0 60. vaadnced nonma-sll cell lung cancer c canhange evyterhing. buyot ur firstre tatment cldou be ahe cmo-free mbcoination ofwo t immunotrahepies th watorks difrefently. citould meaa n chance ltoive op divo pluyes rvoy is for adults newly diagsenod with n-sonmall cel l lung cceanr atth has sprd eaand thates tts potisive for pl1d- d andoes notav he anbn aormal eg ofrr alk opdivo plus yervoy tishe firstnd a only fda-prapoved combination of two immunheotrapi
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ask yo duroctor abtou chemfro-ee opdivo plus yervoy. th ank u yoto all iolnvved in o curlinical iatrls. toghnit, the moraj vaccine mpteorarily lthaed here tinhe s. e johnso& n johnson one-shot vaccine now on pseau. e cdc anfdd a callinfog r it out aofn abundae ncof cauti.on hethal officia rlseviewing porerted cas oesf rare and severelo bod clotsn isix women here in e thu.s. th'sat out of arnely 7 milonli vaccinatnsio. meso governo arsngry theac vneci has enbe halted. dr. anonthy fauci tonit gh defending thdee cision, sayinghe t cdc didot n pull the trigger tonhis too icqukly. sowh, at do yoneu ed to kn iowf yoveu' had thipas rticular vaccine? the stli of symptomso tbe aware of andhe wn someone shouldal cl eithr doctor. anifd you alrdyea have an poapintment r fothis oneho-st vaccine,ha wt now? dr. jha is here answering your questis ontonight. alsoev deloping tela today, e thwoman poceli offeric


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