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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 12, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the center of a sexual assault investigation and why the district attorney is saying there's a conflict of interest in the case. making his case, oaklands chief makes an appeal to the community about what some call an epidemic in crime. a man running down the street and dropping a gun perk it happen moments and months before and had us asking questions. the mystery of covid-19 infections even after getting a vaccine. health insurance could cost as little as one dollar a month. we will begin with new developments in the sex scandal
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that has in golf to county ( i am dan and i am, dates. the town of windsor has scheduled a meeting just about 48 hours from now to that mayor resigned because of six women who are accusing him of sexual assault. one of the accusers is deputy district attorney councilmember esther lee miss. that revelation over the weekend prompted sonoma county d.a. to recuse her office from the investigation today. california's attorney general office will takeover. more from wayne freedman. >> reporter: a relative calm between exploding bombshells are related to mayor dominic and calls for his resignation. >> it's a bit disgusting. >> the town council is reeling. >> is horrible, horrible
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has happened, and we need to fix it. >> reporter: last week an investigation revealed four women who accuse the mayor of sexual misconduct beginning in 2003. sophia williams was one of them. she said there would be more. >> to hear the other stories made me realize that there's probably a lot of the comes with stories just like mine or worse. >> moore have come forward including esther lemus who serves on the town council and for the county as a deputy district attorney. that office has sent its investigation to the state attorney general. in the meantime he has accused her of sexually victimizing him. i find it laughable that mr. foppoli is saying he's a victim. if i'd done anything wrong i would except responsibility and resign, but i have not work wednesday night the town council will ask for that. councilmember deborah fudge. >> we vehemently condemned the actions of our mayor and we are meeting on wednesday to call on
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him to resign. >> reporter: the town council can only ask for a resignation. to force the mayor out would take a recall. that movement has already started with signatures 500 households and accounting. >> he doesn't have the moral authority. he doesn't have the confidence of the electorate. he does not have the skills and leadership needed to lead windsor. the time has come for him to go. >> reporter: nor will mayor foppoli assumed a new seat representing sonoma county in the golden gate bridge district. the board of supervisors will resend that tomorrow. supervisor david rabbit. sent this is been an ugly chapter that needs to close. >> reporter: it remains open for now. a steaming controversy and usually what is the most quiet of towns. >> it shocking personally that we didn't know him to this degree. it's really shocking. >> reporter: in windsor, wade friedman, abc 7 news. in the east bay tonight a plea from oakland police chief
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for help in combating a spike in violent crime. take a look at the numbers. homicides up to hundred 15% so far this year with 41 reported compared to 13 last year at this time. carjackings have jumped 149 cases. 57 last year. and chief armstrong says officers responded to 340 robberies since january with robberies up in every district of the city. armstrong says the city council today is deciding on how to spend federal care act funding and he is employing councilmembers to allow some of that money to the police he says the violence has a lasting emotional toll. >> the city has to understand 41 homicides. that is 41 families. 31 families that are impacted by this violence. 41 families that are hurting. i hear the pain. i understand. >> armstrong says since last june $25 million has been cut from the department's budget
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a college football player from walnut creek is being credited for helping police catch a car break and suspect as dion lim found, that suspect despite being arrested was later caught on camera committing an even more heinous crime, targeting asian seniors. >> do not move! >> reporter: what you're watching are the moments sf pd approach a man named roman banks who according to police documents broke into the home of two asian seniors ages 81 and 87 in visitacion valley back in february. you can see banks running from the home on campbell street, drop a gun and hear it deploy twice. but this story really begins a couple months earlier when an organ out state his own run-in with banks while he was saving his family from a car break in at twin peaks. >> the person that broken broke the window right there and then
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took my mom's purse and tried to run. >> reporter: after his cousin tackled banks to the ground his quick moves on the foot field translated to holding banks until police could arrive on the scene. >> i'm just grateful everyone was safe and nothing happened to my family. >> reporter: he was arrested later for kidnapping, conspiracy and burglary in this case. as he continues living his dream playing hopes to one day make it to the nfl, he has these words of advice for banks who is only a few years younger than him. >> my advice to the youth is to believe in yourself that you can make it out and do better. no matter where you come from and what background you have, anyone can do it. you have to put your mind in the right place. if you want to make money, go to work, get a job and go to school.
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>> that was dion lim reporting. the district attorney's office says banks was released on his own recognizance for the twin peaks incident. in the home invasion the office filed 10 felony charges. despite asking the court for no bail he is now out on $100,000 bail. a hearing is set for april 15th. as of today anyone 16 and up in alameda county can schedule a vaccine appointment. this comes ahead of the state expanding it to everyone on thursday. they also got an early start on expanding eligibility to 16 and up a few weeks ago. san francisco is vaccinating anyone if they live in one of the eight underserved zip codes. a reminder not to let your guard down after getting vaccinated. there have been reports of breakthrough infections. reporter denise dador of our abc sister station in los angeles has that story. during spring break college freshman chelsea siefert received her first dose of the
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moderna vaccine. when she returned to the university of chicago she ate with her usual group of friends. a few days later she started feeling ill and tested positive for covid-19. >> the reason there's an outbreak on campus is because of spring brace. >> reporter: chelsea is isolating. >> i would say most people have gotten their first shot. >> it takes about two weeks for any immunity to begin to present itself. >> reporter: dr. florez tells his vaccinated patients to continue masking and staying apart when not at home. florez says even with both doses any exposure could still pose a danger. >> we have seen some reports of what are called breakthrough infections were someone has been fully immunized and they still get infections. what we suspect is there may be a potential for someone fully vaccinated to carry the virus to someone who hasn't been. >> the vaccine helps protect against severe illness. cases like this gives them a chance to understand how to lengthen immunity and protect against variants. >> there will be a need for a booster either annually
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periodically. >> reporter: in quarantine, chelsea cannot have outside food or visitor. studying has been difficult. >> i have to go on my computer every single day for several hours a day. it's significantly harder when you have covid. >> reporter: even with the vaccine, she's not invincible. >> do as i say and not as i do. you are not invincible. just because you are 18 does not mean your built different or stronger. meanwhile, california reopened enrollment today for health insurance coverage. michael finney is here with wife. >> reporter: this is an amazing deal. millions of californians can now get a huge discount on their health insurance. they announced today they received $3 billion as part of the federal rescue plan. that money will help cover the cost of people's health plans. about 2 point 5 million californians could see the lower premiums.
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the health insurance marketplace says some plans will cost as little as one dollar per month. while premiums will be decreasing for more comprehensive healthcare coverage. >> these are huge savings. this is truly making healthcare more affordable than it has ever been. to californians and americans across the nation. >> reporter: southern california says current subscribers get the savings automatically. you can see their premiums decreased by an average of $180 per household per month. those who want to enroll can go to the website, covered southern california has opened a special enrollment period that runs from april june. the discounts are not just for low income learners but are based on the percentage of income a person spends on health care coverage.
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covered california is our version of obama care and we do it right here in the state of california. we have the premier program in the united states. back to you. >> that is good to here. still ahead, the campaign to recall
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more.
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put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. the recall to replace governor newsom hasn't even qualified and yet already parts of it are read turning into a repeat of 2003 and gray davis. that and it was a circus. 135 candidates jumped into the race including a form star who tells us she is doing it again.
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>> reporter: 18 years after mary carey made a name for herself as the 23-year-old star ready to replace gray davis, tonight she tells us she's doing it again. she's officially running to replace get newsom. >> the last time i ran governor it was a publicity stunt this time i am no longer an adult film star. i'm ready to focus on politics. last time i was young, dumb and full of fun. this time i'm more experienced and i am not going to take this position laying down. i'm ready to be on top. >> reporter: she has a website and t-shirts, but it's hard to say if people will take her any more seriously. still, her announcement is another reminder of what a wild
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election-year could be in- store. caitlyn jenner is mulling a run and according to l.a. magazine so is model angeline who also ran in 2003. >> first it was brown and now it's gray. i think we need some pink. >> the capitol is buzzing over a new bill sb six 63 that could make it easier for targets of her recall to identify signers of the petition. although it would not apply to the current recall effort this morning the leader said he believes it's an intimidation tactic to get signatures. there's a 30 day period where people can withdraw. >> this is a dangerous and reckless bill. >> reporter: state senator josh newman once the target of a recall is behind the bill. >> it will have no impact whatsoever on the current recall effort against governor newsom. the recall will qualify. there framing the effort as an extreme right-wing campaign and believe they will win even if it does become another carnival. >> finally up politician you want to be screwed by. vote for mary carey. salesforce will reopen offices in the united states next month starting with its san francisco headquarters.
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the city's largest private employer will reopen its palo alto and irvine offices. employees will be grouped into cohorts of 100 or fewer people. the company will eventually allow a limited number of unvaccinated workers to return. salesforce has reopened more than 20 offices around the world. ac transit is reactivating several supplementary bus lines as east bay schools reopen including routes through contra costa county, oakland and newark. many east bay students use this transit to get to school so it's necessary. only 10 passengers allowed on the standard the longer articulated buses. writers can see real-time bus capacity on the ac transit app so they will know if they can board any of those buses. at schools across the bay area return to in-person learning covid-19 protocols are forefront for the staff.
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abc 7 news reporter shows us how a south bay custodian is doing all he can to create a safe and healthy environment for his work-family. >> reporter: when the coronavirus pandemic began the once busy campuses like frost and san jose to virtual learning. everyone except custodian ben marino. >> have you stopped working since this whole thing began? >> no. gets nonstop. >> reporter: he often goes unnoticed. they call him the unsung hero of the school. his work now is more important than ever to protect the students he cares so much about. >> every single custodian that we have in the district is very, very important and i do believe that we are all heroes. i don't have any children, but if i did have a kid i'd want them to know they were going to a school that was clean and safe and ready to go and learn. >> reporter: that requires
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constant work. oftentimes all by himself. while the school day goes on from the the sanitization of surfaces for students and teachers still teaching to the assembly of protective shields. >> toews will be on every student desk and also the teacher's desk. i feel like this is my family. i understand where the parents are coming from when it comes to having thoughts here and there about whether it safe or not. what i really have to say about that is i know i am doing my best and making sure my end is met so that everybody can come to work knowing that this is safe place to be. >> reporter: saw frost elementary and the district will return to safe and hygienic in-person learning thanks to custodians like ben with tk through first grades returning april 26. second through third returning on may 3rd and the rest of the grades returning on may 10th. in san jose, dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. >>
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hope you got to spend a little time outside today. a little bit breezy, but really lovely. it's very pleasant outside right now. >> absolutely. i want to show you what it looks like now from our mount tam cam. the fog that we expect around this time of year coming back in. looking toward sutro tower right now. it will be limited just like this morning. today's temperatures from the mid-fifth 57 in san francisco and 62 and oakland. if you are in half moon bay grab the jacket. we are looking at the port of oakland right now. those temperatures 70 in santa rosa. 77 in novato. concord and livermore are the mildest right now in the low 80s. people want to know about the rain. we've been talking about possibly seeing a pattern change later this month.
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right now it's not looking promising. the prediction center just reese released the precipitation outlook. showers for us in the bay area. it's a 40% to 50% chance of below average rainfall next week. it's looking like we will be seeing warmer than average temperatures in stead. not what we need, but i wanted to let you know. live doppler 7 tracking the fog. as you look at a live picture it's a little breezy along the coast. nothing out of the ordinary. here's a look at the forecast. the winds increasing tomorrow. and much weather warmer weather for the weekend. the hour i our of fog tomorrow morning. right along the coastline and around parts of the east bay. as we head into the afternoon it will burn off quickly. because of the onshore winds temperatures will come
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than today. here's a look at your numbers first thing in the morning. 40s and 50s. watch out for fog. it's breezy along the coastline. grabbed the extra layer for the afternoon. 61 in san francisco. mid 60s and oakland. 67 in san rafael. 74 in santa rosa. nice and comfortable around fairfield. 68 in san jose. here's a look at the wind forecast. tomorrow morning the winds begin to increase as we head into the afternoon. over 30 mile-per-hour winds along the coast. discovery bay even feeling the strong effects of the winds. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. breezy and cooler tomorrow. not a lot of change midweek lighter winds toward the end of the week. we will see a warmer pattern as you notice saturday through monday. low to mid 80s inlays inland and low to mid 60s co-side. we have rain and storms on the way, but nothing yet. at least not for them bay area. >> thank you very much.
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hi, i'm pat and i'm 75 years old. we live in the mountains so i like to walk. i'm really busy in my life; i'm always doing something. i'm not a person that's going to sit too long. in the morning, i wake up and the first thing i do
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is go to my art studio. a couple came up and handed me a brochure on prevagen. i've been taking prevagen for about four years. i feel a little bit brighter and my mind just feels sharper. i would recommend it to anyone. it absolutely works. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. finally tonight, hope and harmony. it's a hitting theme for the
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signature gala wishes. this year's event happening wednesday will be virtual, but just as inspiring as years pass. i'm honored to be hosting the gala and got to speak with the wish recipient. christian ramos is 18 years old. he was diagnosed with stage 4 hodgkin's lymphoma last april right at the beginning of the pandemic. >> it was pretty rough. i couldn't have no visitors in the hospital. it was just me and my parents the whole time. >> what was the toughest part about being sick? >> i would say probably not being able to be myself all the way. i wasn't able to function right. there was days before i got diagnosed where i wouldn't leave my house. i was barely able to do anything. i had to get put on an oxygen machine. i just had to stay in one spot and sit with the oxygen machine to even breathe properly.
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>> it has been a tough road for christian. to help tell his mind off of chemotherapy he wished for a home music studio. and of course greater wish it happen. making music gave him purpose and something to look forward to. i'm happy to report christian has finished treatments and is being monitored as he works to build back his health. there's no question wishes are so important for critically ill children and youth. you can help make these wishes come true. we have linked the gala site to our website so you can buy tickets to the virtual gala or make a donation. you'll find it all at it was such a pleasure to talk to christian. he's doing much better and wants to start playing football again. it's amazing. >> we wish him well. such a great program. you been involved with it for years. great job. >> thank you. that is it for us for now. world news tonight with david muir is next. >> for all of us here we appreciate them.
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we hope to see you half an hour abc news at 6:00.
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tonight, the police body cam and what authorities are now saying after that deadly police shooting of a young black driver outside minneapolis. authorities say the officer mistook her handgun for a taser. police releasing the video 24 hours after the shooting. daunte wright seen struggling with officers, trying to get back into his car. the officer is heard shouting, "i'll tase you," then "taser, taser," before firing a single shot from her handgun instead. the police chief today calling the shooting, quote, an accidental discharge. the family tonight outraged. a curfew now in place following protests and clashes with police. and what's now happened to the officer. just miles away, the trial of former officer derek chauvin today in the death of george floyd. emotional testimony from george floyd's brother. the other breaking news


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