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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 11, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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distance learning. some san francisco students head back to the classroom tomorrow. the school board president talks about their reopening
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more claims of sexual misconduct surface in the case of windsor's mayor. thousands made their way to lake merritt today and strict rules were in place, but for only half the park. i'll explain. i'm tracking a mild start to the week tomorrow. we'll have the details in the accuweather forecast. after a year of remote learning preschools and elementary schools in san francisco are ready to welcome back students to the classroom. abc7 news starts right now. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions, this is abc7 news. it's extremely difficult for myself, my wife, my children. >> the brother of windsor's mayor is adding to the growing calls for him to resign.
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so far dominic foppoli has been firm that he will not step down even as more women accuse him of assault. with that we say good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm dion lim. in just the past hour the chronicle has reported a group of windsor residents looking to recall mayor foppoli will launch their effort tomorrow. they'll start to file the required documents. six women have now come forward accusing the mayor of assault, the latest just today. this morning a protest was outside the winery foppoli co- owns. abc7 news reporter cornell barnard was there and has more on reaction from residents. >> reporter: a small group of protesters stood outside christopher creek winery co- owned by winds or mayor dominic foppoli. >> i wanted to let them know that the community is paying attention and that we need him to be held accountable. we need him to resign. >> reporter: the mayor under
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fire after five women told the chronicle that foppoli sexually assaulted them. the alleged incidents took place over 16 years. sophia williams says she was assaulted by foppoli in 2006 after a night of drinking and dancing. >> i was like no, dominic, we're not doing this and like rubbing his groin against me and then eventually he started to put his hand down my pants. >> reporter: now a sixth woman is coming forward with claims. windsor council member ester lemus told the santa rosa "press democrat" she was drugged and sexually assaulted twice by foppoli twice in 2020. foppoli told the newspaper he denies those claims and accuses lemus of sexual misconduct after she coerced him into an alleged sexual situation threatening his political career if he told anyone. lemus did not respond to our request for comment. on saturday the mayor released this statement saying in part, "but now is the appropriate time for me to address in matter. i'm completely innocent of the conduct alleged and have not
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violated any of these women." the sonoma county sheriff's department has opened an investigation into the matter. >> victims in this case will be treated with the utmost respect. they've been very courageous and brave coming forward. >> he does not belong in office. he has no moral credibility to stand on. >> reporter: eight north bay mayors signed this letter calling for foppoli to resign. >> dominic. >> longer an employee of christopher creek winery. >> reporter: winery co-owner christopher foppoli said his brother is no longer on the payroll and should leave his job, too. >> i believe we should hold our elected officials to higher standards and for that reason i believe my brother should step down as mayor of windsor. >> reporter: there will be an emergency meeting wednesday at 6:00 to consider demanding foppoli step down. the mayor says he has no intentions of leaving the job. >> dominic foppoli's interest in politics started when he of
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2020. he was elected vice chairman of the sonoma republican party executive committee and became the youngest mayor in the history of windsor. in 2014 at age 32 he was elected to the town council. he was appointed mayor in 2018. he won the seat in an election in 2020 and last month foppoli was appointed sonoma county's newest representative to the golden gate bridge highway and transportation district. he is also the co-owner of christopher creek winery which was started by his family. now the bay area has several organizations working to support victims of sexual abuse. to find out more and review a list of vetted resources, you can head to a major milestone in san francisco tomorrow, after more than a year public schools will begin to reopen. up first are preschool and elementary schools. abc7 news reporter luz pena explains the plan to keep students safe.
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>> reporter: for more than a year this has been rashon's classroom and he said there's been some perks to it even though it's been difficult. >> it was kind of good because i got to stay in bed most of the time. >> reporter: starting tomorrow 33 san francisco public preschools and elementary schools will be back to in- person classes. what is something that you're looking forward to when it comes to going back to school? >> being in the classroom. >> reporter: by the end of this month sfusd will likely have 107 school buildings reopened and an estimated 22,000 students back. according to the board president of san francisco's unified school district teacher who wanted to get vaccinated is now fully vaccinated, but safety measures will continue to play a big role in this return. >> it actually starts at home. you'll be doing a short survey to check off all of any symptoms that you might have. >> reporter: now in addition
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to the at-home questionnaire, students are also required to do a second health screening when they arrive to school in person. as you can see, this school has these red dots ready for social distancing. parents won't be allowed inside schools and lunches will be served outside or inside depending on the school. when will middle schoolers and high schoolers have the opportunity to come back to the classroom? >> april 26th and that will be for a select group of middle school and high school students. >> reporter: a timeline that worries san francisco parent seva rag who is glad his 8-year- old will go back to in-person classes, but his high school- aged son won't be back until next school year. >> the longer he stays in distance learning the worse it's got. >> reporter: this week the school district is allowing high school sports to return. as to when all students will go back to in-person classes five days a week, san francisco unified school district says that won't happen until next
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school year starting august 16th. >> it really is a sign of hope to be able to open up our school buildings and we know that this is just the beginning. >> reporter: in san francisco, luz pena, abc7 news. >> schools reopening comes as california continues to make progress on vaccinations. nearly 50% of people 16 and older in california received at least one dose. state numbers today show more than 27% of them are fully vaccinated. california has administered more than 80% of its vaccine supply and covid-19 case rates in the state have remained steady. the state reports 105 deaths yesterday. the number of deaths based on the seven-day average, the lowest since early december. hospitalizations from the virus have continued to decline in the state. on thursday the state will dramatically expand vaccine eligibility to nearly 19 million californians. that is everyone between the ages of 16 and 50 years old.
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some counties are getting an early start. contra costa county has already expanded eligibility to 16 while alameda county will do the same thing tomorrow. san francisco is also expanding eligibility be early, but only for those living in eight underserved zip codes. check it out. we saw another long line of people today hoping to get vaccinated at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital. abc7 news was at the hospital this morning as people waited their turn. the line as you can see stretched all wait down the block. >> i wasn't really expecting to get it yesterday because i went at noon. so it was just to try and get more information because it's confusing online and the calls are all -- like the lines are all busy. so it was more to get information and if i could get a vaccine, that would be great. >> yesterday the hospital ran out of doses allotted for the
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day. for everything you need covid-19, you can always head to our website at still ahead on abc7 news at 7:00 police have promised a crackdown at lake merritt, but it was still packed today. some visitors say it seems like new policies could actually be making crowding worse. and i'm meteorologist drew we are wrapping up a sunny and breezy weekend. tomorrow mild temperatures make a comeback. we'll have the details in the accuweather forecast coming up. and the historic masters winner today and the san fran after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth.
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in the east bay today beautiful weather made for a very busy day at oakland's lake merritt. complained about trash and noise police have vowed to enforce rules at the lake. today that forced everyone to one side of the lake which some said was only creating a new problem. here's abc7 news reporter j.r. stone. >> reporter: huge crowds on the north side of oakland's lake merritt on sunday as vendors squeezed into this area. that's because they were pushed off of lakeshore avenue which as you can see looks like a whole different town. police are enforcing the rules on this part of the lake in response to complaints about trash, parking and noise. >> they had the whole other side blocked off because there's too many people, but all it's doing is making it a smaller space with the same amount of people. >> they're really congested
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there up front and as far as the pandemic goes, i don't think it was a safe thing to do at this time. >> reporter: yes, many believe the strict enforcement on the one side is now causing a safety issue by these vendors, but as busy as lake merritt was on sunday with people, motorcycles, backed up traffic and even horses many we spoke with were enjoying themselves and upset with the fact that complaints have forced any rule enforcements at all saying this is lake merritt. >> it's upsetting me and my home girl because we like where could you go? come on now. come out here and chill like i'm about to make chicken, hotdogs and links. come out and get yourself some chips and dip. >> reporter: one neighbor telling us more needs to be done and the extra enforcement on the other side of the lake has not helped his side. >> for me it's just the extra noise and kind of the lawlessness that seems to have gone on. >> we should be most importantly covid conscious, that people are just getting
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their vaccines, but we still need to be conscious and not lessen the area that people have. >> reporter: i did reach out to the oakland police department and the district 2 councilwoman to get their take on the park situation but have not yet heard back. in alameda county, j.r. stone, abc7 news. uc berkeley police are investigating a new bike robbery tonight. there have been several recently in the east bay hills, but this time police say a cyclist was assaulted and had a mountain bike stolen on grizzly peak boulevard and the thieves also had a gun. bike clubs are urging riders to go with a friend and let someone know where you're going. >> i wish they would, oakland or berkeley or someone, would put some patrols up here to kind of help mitigate some of ú >> bikes are expensive and a lot of people are having a hard time right now and i understand, but i just pray and hope i don't get robbed. >> several of the incidents have occurred on grizzly peak between fish ranch road and the
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team trains. others have happened along wildcat canyon. an asian man was stabbed several times late last night when he was attacked and robbed in san francisco's bayview neighborhood. the 53-year-old victim told police he was on exeter street at about 10:30. the suspect came up from behind, demanded money and pulled out a knife. that is when he was stabbed and the suspect stole a backpack, got into a car and escaped. san francisco police say right now there is no indication the crime was racially motivated. and race and social justice just one of five issues we focus on in our commitment to build a better bay area. today a rallying cry in support of the aapi community. a group of japanese drummers joined an anti-asian hate march in mountain view this afternoon. demonstrators marched from the city's transit center they say served as a processing point
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for japanese american internment in world war ii. their message was on calling out all the hate. >> all the senseless violence, people have to know about this stuff, you know. we have to get the awareness out. >> the group aapi mountain view says itspurpose is to uplift asians and pacific islanders and reckon with mountain view's history of racism. sunday services at san jose's grace baptist church looked a little different this morning a week after a racist rant interrupted their easter zoom services. service looked more like a town hall today. the church's pastor says the congregation was still hurting from november's deadly stabbing that killed two feel a church shelter. he said they had to take some measures to protect church members since. >> we had to secure our zoom a little. it also helps we had in-person armed security. we had participation from san jose police department. >> grace baptist is among the
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most progressive churches in the south bay. reverend oliver says zoom has been able to identify at least one person involved in the racist rant. shifting gears to weather, things feel very spring-like, drew. >> they really do, dion, especially today and yesterday. we had the sunshine and above average temperatures and the breeze. the breeze will continue tomorrow and eventually bring warmer weather by the end of the week. tonight we'll show you sutro today, a little bit of haze. our air quality will fluctuate between good and moderate over the next couple days, kind of an indication of the stagnant pattern we're in a week ahead. pollen and uv index, tree pollen is still running at high leveled, your main offenders, oak, cedar, pine and juniper and grass pollen at moderate levels now. so we have new pollens to deal
11:20 pm
with. the uv index is high. the uv index now is as strong as it can be in august. so we have to put on sunscreen if we're outside. breezy in spots, especially the delta, fairfield gusting to 24 miles per hour, but otherwise winds are on the light side as we approach the midnight hour. numbers falling into the 40s and 50s, 49 now in the city, the same in hayward, down to about 51 in san jose, 46 in santa rosa, 50 the current temperature in san ramon. overnight tonight we find mainly clear skies, a little patchy coastal fog, but the marine layer is pretty condensed as we speak. numbers again falling very similar to where we were last night, mainly in the hope to mid-40s across the board for your starting temperatures monday morning. let's go hour by hour showing you monday morning, we'll stop the clock at 8 a.m. you can see a little fog along the peninsula and parts of san francisco. that's about it. that marine layer is very shallow and we'll find a lot of
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sunshine on our monday. highs in our microclimate starting in the south bay about 75 in san jose, a lot of sunshine, warm temperatures for this time of year, some 10 degrees above average in spots. 77 in morgan hill, 73 the high in sunnyvale. along the peninsula it's breezy along the coast, cool in the upper 50s, 59 for pacifica, palo alto sunny and 70, 71 for mountain view. downtown san francisco, patchy morning fog, otherwise pretty sunny, breezy, 63 downtown to about 58 at the sunset. north bay it's a warm day, 81 in cloverdale, 78 in santa rosa, the same in sonoma, 71 in vallejo, 75 the high in san rafael. the east bay breezy, 68 the high in oakland, 70 san leandro, 72 in fremont and 78 in walnut creek the high, 80 in concord and brentwood, 84 the high in fairfield.
11:22 pm
here's the accuweather seven- day forecast, limited morning clouds tomorrow along the coast, a lot of sunshine. it's breezy on tuesday. that will knock our temperatures down just a little bit, but we're right back up to this above average temperature later in the week and a warming trend hits us again next weekend, saturday and even sunday widespread 70s and 80s away from the coast and we stay pretty dry the next seven days. >> not a drop ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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oh, boy, today's national pet day and we are using it as an excuse to celebrate our beloved animals. you just saw my 4-year-old weenie dog daphne and 13-year- old yorkie georgie, this cutie, 7-year-old dabber, belonging to drew tuma and these two furry friends tippy and chevy belong to our director douglas who has a treadmill for his cats as well. drew, i just want to say any excuse to put our pets on tv,
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i'll take it. >> totally and dapper for sure got a lot of extra treats today. >> not to mention dapper has also made an appearance in i think one of your forecasts or at least we heard him. >> totally. yeah, he definitely has. >> i love it. he loves the attention as well. but in all seriousness we should point out veterinarians say today is a great reminder for pet owners to double check their dog's health and that their id tags are up to date. for those who are not pet owners, the bay area has some great organizations working to place animals in need of homes with nice forever homes. let's get to chris alvarez with a preview of sports. coming up in sports the giants bring out the brooms against the rockies. and ready, set, augusta, drama on the
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it was championship sunday at the masters played the second time in the last five months. dustin johnson won the pandemic version in november. the drama kicked in on nine because hideki matsuyama on 14, bogeys the hole anananann opens the daughter for xander and this goes into the drink. it would be a triple bogey, just heart breaking for xander as he almost bites through his club. will zalatoris was born in san
11:31 pm
francisco, spent the first eight, nine year here and gets his par putt to fall on 18, so the 24-year-old keeping the pressure on finishes in second place in his first ever masters appearance, his third major. matsuyama finishes 10 under for a one-stroke victory to earn his first green jacket. afterwards he was asked if he's the greatest japanese golfer of all time. he wouldn't say yes right out but made a pretty good case. here's matsuyama and his translator. >> i can't say i'm the greatest. however, i'm the first to win a major and if that's the bar, then i set it. >> that is really cool. giants looking to sweep the rockies, mom letting dad handle the kids at oracle park, got the popcorn. bottom one, scoreless outs, dickerson to right center, the visitors bullpen, fans will love that. his second homer of the season. 1-0 san francisco. anthony desclafani was dealing
11:32 pm
on the mound, but the starter got in a little trouble on the sixth and just fools fuentes. it's always the bat's fault. six scoreless, eight strikeouts. bottom of the sixth brandon belt low liner to right and it's gone, first homer of the year, 3-0. the giants add another and sweep the rockies 4- 0 and improve to 6-3 overall. reds come to town tomorrow. a's were off. they begin a two-game set in arizona tomorrow. warriors may be without james wiseman the rest of the season. he went down awkwardly on a dunk attempt last night and underwent an mri for a right meniscus injury. it could be season ending. this abc7 sports report sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> thanks, chris. much more to come on abc7 news at 11:00. a silicon valley couple going viral after their go pro filled with memories was returned years after they lost
11:33 pm
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. protesters took to the streets in minnesota tonight after a police officer shot and killed a driver during a traffic stop in brooklyn center. moments later crowds gathered at the scene holding black lives matter signs and at one point people started jumping on a squad car while others were seen throwing concrete blocks.
11:37 pm
national guard troops arrived within the past two hours as looters targeted a shopping mall, all of this less than ten miles from where george floyd was killed. meantime prosecutors in the murder trial of former police officer derek chauvin are expected to wrap up their case this week. chauvin is the officer who knelt on george floyd as he was on the ground. over the past two weeks the jury has heard from medical experts testifying chauvin's actions were largely to blame for george floyd's death. the defense team is expected to call many witnesses to argue floyd's heart and drug issues led to his demise. >> they're going to try and call experts who are going to talk about the fentanyl in his system. they'll have an expert who will say that this could have been considered an overdose. >> before the defense takes the stand prosecutors will likely call george floyd's loved ones to tell the jury who he was as a person. observers believe the jury could get the case in little more than a week. huntington beach police declared an unlawful assembly
11:38 pm
this afternoon after an unruly crowd formed during an afternoon billed as a white lives matter rally. it was unclear who organized the event, but it appeared there were far more counterprotesters, many of them representing black lives there were some scuffles and a few incidents involving police officers. this was right across the street from the huntington beach pier. police arrested 12 people for various offenses. prince harry has touched down in london just as the uk enters a two-week period of official mourning for prince philip. the man being called the grandfather of the nation will have a small family funeral with just 30 people including prince harry due to covid restrictions. the royal family is gathering around the queen as she mourns her beloved husband. >> thinking of others before herself, she's amazing. >> as always, yes, but again, you know, it's just that wave of affection for him and just those lovely stories, they just
11:39 pm
mean so much. >> prince harry is back in the uk the first time since revealing the rifts in his family in an interview with oprah. his wife, meghan markle, is pregnant with their second child and has been advised by her doctors not to travel. experts fear a fourth covid wave is taking hold. according to johns hopkins university, the u.s. has reported more than 75,000 cases for three days in a row. nearly 20,000 cases of the uk variant have been confirmed in all 50 states and there has been a 21% increase in the number of americans testing positive for the virus, all this as more than 4.5 million shots were administered yesterday. >> it's certainly something we're concerned about. i think this is evidence of just how opportunistic and tenacious the virus is and further evidence that although there is a light at the end of the tunnel, we are not out of the tunnel yet. >> michigan is among the hardest hit states along with new jersey, new york and
11:40 pm
minnesota. some hospitals are are are prepandemic restrictions banning visitors and halting nonemergency procedures. las vegas is pushing for a first in the nation ban on grass people don't walk on. the southern nevada water authority estimates there are almost eight square miles of grass in street medians, housing developments and office parks. now the board wants the state legislature to outlaw about 40% of it. one commissioner calls the decorative grass dumb, but insists they are not coming after homeowners' yards. the city went a record 240 consecutive days without rainfall last year. and as chris mentioned in sports, hideki matsuyama won the masters and made history today as the first japanese male golfer to win a major championship. support from other golfers poured in tonight online including this tweet from tiger woods where woods wrote, "matsuyama's historic win will
11:41 pm
impact the entire golf world." tiger who won the masters himself in 2019 was absent today recovering from a car crash in february. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, a roving street celebration made its return today. do you remember this? coming up celebrating the restart of a program that has become a san francisco fixture. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we are tracking a mild start to your
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today marks the spring relaunch of san francisco streets program in chinatown, the starts of what's called the rise together season as part of the chinatown walkway weekend. grant avenue was closed to vehicles between california and washington from 11:00 to 5:00. people came to stroll in the streets, take in the sights and
11:45 pm
sample food at local eateries. the car free space also provides the perfect opportunity to visit the oldest chinatown in the u.s. the paintbrushes were out today in oakland's chinatown as artists put together murals with a message. these beautiful works at madison park were targeting the recent wave of anti-asian crimes. some focused on unity while others expressed support and encouraged people to take action to fight back against hate. all of the artists who took part were either asian or black. the warriors hosted an event called thrive city marketplace spotlighting 30 women-owned small businesses in san francisco today. customers checked out art boutiques, shopped for clothing and beauty products and sampled food and drinks outside chase center. all of it was an opportunity for shoppers to visit their favorite vendors and get to know some of the female entrepreneurs from around the bay area. richmond native michelle miller better known as deejay
11:46 pm
shellhart entertained the crowd. a silicone valley couple is going viral after their go pro filled with memories was returned years after they lost it. abc news anchor linsey davis explains how a tiktok video helped them get it back. >> reporter: it started as an ordinary hike. >> ill just see this silver looking thing and i look harder and i'm like that's a go pro. >> reporter: their trek near scenic san diego quickly turned into a trek to return the hidden treasure. >> he dropped it into the water. he found it again. i had kind of given up hope. >> reporter: just imagine their surprise when they turn the camera on and found of a couple from 2017. you could actually see the moment the camera was dropped and submerged in the water four years ago. rio determined to find the owners posted the video on tiktok with this message.
11:47 pm
found this go pro today lodged between water and a rock at three sisters falls in san francisco. help find them. >> my thoughts were thinking what if they aren't together anymore? do they even want to see this footage? >> reporter: the video viewed 3.5 million times including five hours by the long lost owners from silicon valley. not only are they still together, they're now married posting their own video to tiktok announcing we're the owners of go the pro. we got married. >> we're like so happy and so grateful for her. >> yes. >> reporter: just yesterday rio met with priscilla and alejandro. their go pro returned, all thanks to tiktok which can now be credited with preserving more than just dance moves, but also cherished memories. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> one of my favorite stories of the night. last check of of of
11:48 pm
with drew tuma and another spring-like week ahead. >> yeah. really the next seven days we're talking sunshine, mild temperatures and overall decent air quality. that onshore flow continues tomorrow and will bring in some pretty fresh air across the region. your air quality the next two days depending where you are in the bay area, most regions will see good, if not moderate air quality. so all in all, pm 2.5 levels will remain pretty low over the next 48 hours. tonight we're seeing temperatures drop into the 40s, clear skies, a little patch fog along the coastline, but that's about it. the marine layer is very compressive. that means we're in for a lot of sunshine tomorrow, breezy conditions along the coast where winds could gust 30 miles per hour. mild inland, 80s from concord, antioch to livermore, 75 in san jose with sunshine, 63 in the city tomorrow with breezy conditions, 78 in santa rosa
11:49 pm
half moon bay 57 degrees. next seven days, a dry pattern, some ebbs and flows in the temperatures, tuesday cooling off with wind, but thursday, friday and into the weekend warming back up above average. >> thanks. once again, chris with sports. >> coming up in sports we'll hear from aaron rodgers as his run on jeopardy as a guest host continues. plus on monday stephen curry can pass will we love our new home. there's so much space. we have a guestroom now. but we have aunts. you're slouching again, ted. expired. expired. expired. thanks, aunt bonnie. it's a lot of house. i hope you can keep it clean.
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the 2021 masters has come and gone and once again history was made at augusta national golf club. tiger woods wasn't playing as he recovers from his february car accident, but tiger definitely watching tweeting congratulations to the newest member of the
11:53 pm
club. hideki matsuyama bowing to the course itself in a gesture of itself. matsuyama a shot ahead will zalatoris playing in his first masters and major overall and he did not blink. his first round was a 71. that will keep you hanging around the top of the leaderboard nearly any weekend. zalatoris said afterwards he wasn't pleased he finished second which is a heck of a accomplishment at augusta but frustrated he couldn't find a way to win the green jacket. >> it hasn't sunk in. i think, if anything, it's the fact i'm one shot short. it's just kind of sitting right in front of me thinking where i could have found that one or two shots, but that's just golf. every single week you always think about those one or two, but, you know, like i said, the
11:54 pm
fact i put myself in contention and was able to handle it and be in the final group and my third major in my entire career is obviously really exciting. >> bright future ahead. stephen curry is 19 points away from passing the legendary wilt chamberlain for number one on the warriors all time scoring list. can he do that tomorrow night against denver at chase center. it began in 2009 at oracle arena for curry. here's some throwback footage, pick and roll action, bucket number one for steph. he scored 14 points on 7 of 12 shooting and fast forward 12 years later and steph sits on the doorstep of history passing wilt for the most points all time in franchise history. nchii steph recently asked about the significance of breaking that record possibly as soon as tomorrow night. >> it's surreal to be honest. i mean i don't know how many
11:55 pm
years he played here, but he's got a lot of buckets obviously and his legend the holy, but wearing a warriors uniform and having been here my whole career, it's just crazy, just a wild thought in general to know where it started and all this happened. obviously got a lot more to do, but that is a pretty significant milestone god willing when it happens, i'll appreciate that moment. the nhl trade line is tomorrow afternoon. the sharks may face a tough decision, patrick marleau four games away from passing gordie howe for most games played in nhl history, but he also might be the most tradeable player, playing 21 of his 23 years in teal while owning nearly every franchise record and should break that record in a sharks
11:56 pm
sweater. could they deal him a week away from history? we'll find out very, very soon. hey, did you see this? the pride of chico and legendary cal quarterback aaron rodgers in the middle of a two- week run as guest host on "jeopardy." the super bowl champ told me he grew up watching "jeopardy" in northern california with grandparents. that traditionenned throughout his nfl continued throughout his nfl career in green bay. >> there was obviously some moments where i could add in my own dry sense of humor and hopefully people enjoy that. there's a couple moments i think people will really enjoy from the two weeks. >> reporter: why are contestants so bad at sports? you see a lot of them that category goes bad. >> one of the questions seemed like a layup to me and it was actually related to my team and it wasn't -- and nobody got it. so it allowed for a nice little moment there. >> and you can catch aaron
11:57 pm
rodgers this entire week on "jeopardy at airing weeknights abc7 at 7:00. >> i almost didn't recognize aaron rodgers all dressed up with his comb-over and suit. looks pretty nice. that's it for tonight, everybody. i'm dion lim. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. for all of us here at abc7, thank you so much for joining us! we leave you with a live look outside as you can enjoy the rest of your evening. see
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