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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 10, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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a former mayor arrested. what sabastopol police are saying about the local politician now being charged with sex crimes against a minor. i am tracking a easy finish to the week tomorrow. anyone 16 and older can get vaccinated in california, but three bay area counties are getting ahead on the expansion. abc 7 news starts right now. building a better bay area, moving forward, finding úsolutions this is abc 7 news. are shocked tonight. in windsor, the mayor is responding at length for the first time after several women have accused him of assault. now, in sabastopol, a former mayor is behind bars accused of crimes against a child.
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good evening, and thank you for joining us. i am j.r. stone, dion lim has the night off. the former mayor has been booked on suspicion of having sex with a minor. matt boone spoke to police tonight about the investigation. >> police say they is received a tip and quickly began the investigation findings, finding enough evidence to arrest him for sexual assault crimes against a minor under 15 years old. police say the crimes may have begun in december 2019. at this time, police have only heard from one victim, though they are asking for anyone with information to come forward. given the victim's age, police could not release information about them or the details of the crimes. the investigation has sent
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shockwaves through the town. >> it is dramatic for survivors of sexual assault and for everyone. >> reporter: jacob was the mayor from 2012 to 2016. according to his linkedin profile, he works as a consultant in the cannabis industry. he has booked in the sonoma county adult detention facility and is being held without bail. live in sabastopol, matt boone. in the meantime, a fifth woman has come forward with sexual assault accusations against the mayor. a 38-year-old woman says she was sexually abused during a three-year-old relationship in the early 2000's. not tonight, a statement was released saying, anyone who believes they have been
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victimized should have the opportunity to be heard. i did not want to cloud my accuser's stories with an immediate response and therefore decided to give them time to be heard. now, it is the appropriate time for me to address the matter. i have not violated any of these women. the sheriff's department has opened an investigation into the matter. tomorrow, a rally is planned at the crystal creek winery. if you are a loved one in need of resources, the bay area has several organizations working to support victims of sexual abuse. to find out more and review a list of fetid resources go to /take action. in five days, california will expand vaccine access to everyone aged 16 and over. most counties, eligibility is limited to 50 or older or those with certain health or
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employment categories. tonight, we spoke to county officials from three bay area counties that are moving ahead of the state and starting a wider vaccination process, now. >> where five days away from the vaccine eligibility expansion. on wednesday of last week, alameda county expanded its vaccine eligibility to residents in 12 to colts hardest hit by the pandemic starting monday, they are opening vaccines to residents in the entire county 16 and older. >> right now, residents who are 16 and older can make an appointment to be vaccinated at the coliseum. >> san francisco is getting
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ahead of the state and expanding eligibility to everyone 16 and older. now, what is concerning the deputy director is supply. >> as we are expanding, there is less vaccine coming in. part of this is due to johnson & johnson having a bit of a delay. the hope is that in the next couple weeks the vaccine will start to flow more freely. >> alameda county is struggling with supply. last week they got over 40,000 doses. next week --. they are expecting 120,000 doses. that is 29,000 more than last week. a large part of the reason we have been able to do so well is that contra costa county has federally qualified health clinics. there are federally qualified
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health clinics in all kinds of counties. hours are mostly run by the county. >> reporter: contra costa county has been ahead since march 31 in san francisco. as mentioned, san francisco is getting a jumpstart on expanding vaccine eligibility to everyone 16 and older. they are offering free vaccinations to those in priority zip codes. today, thousands had to be turned down due to supply. cornell bernard was at san francisco general hospital. people were lining up for shots early this morning. >> we came to check it out. we did not expect this long line. drug thousands of people showed up early and got in this long line at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital. the weight was painful for some. >> we have been waiting around for 3 1/2 hours at this point >> reporter: they opened early
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ahead of the april 15 expansion to those living in eight priorities of codes. both reservation and walk in appointments are available, but nobody knew how big the demand would be. >> we had a little over 6000 individuals that showed up today before 9:00. >> reporter: with 2000 doses per day, upwards of 4000 people got turned away. >> i was a little surprised. i had friends who told me, i had been scouting this out, they were saying the end time is the best time to come in. that is why i came now. i guess they were wrong. >> i apologize we cannot vaccinate everyone who shows up. >> reporter: lake west is not giving up on getting the shot. >> are you going to try again tomorrow? >> yes, definitely.
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the best advice, get here early to make sure you get the vaccine. >> reporter: in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. facebook opened a park for vaccinations. hundreds of people lined up. the first four consecutive saturday events to receive the vaccine. it is being run by the ravenswood health center. they serve low income residents address in east palo alto. >> i have a friend who is in icu with covid. to be able to know that i am protecting myself and others by getting the vaccine, it is pretty awesome. >> reporter: the team administered the johnson & johnson and moderna vaccines. the goal is to vaccinae 5000 people within the next month. to track vaccine progress go to abc 7 news -- go to
11:09 pm you will find our vaccine tracker as well as where you can submit your questions. the drop in the number of people being tested for the coronavirus has local health officials worried. santa clara county says it is handling around 5000 tests each day which is only about 35% of its capacity. at its peak, the county is processing nearly 20,000 tests daily. we spoke with the county's testing officer about the decline. and, the possibility that vaccines could be driving numbers down. >> i think people are looking toward vaccine and are excited about it. that is fine. while you are waiting your turn, because we don't have enough vaccine yet, it will take several more weeks. while you are waiting for your turn, go to go get tested.
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>> variance are another reason people should continue to be getting tested. some san francisco public schools will reopen to students monday after a year of distance learning. 22 pre-k through second grade schools will welcome students back into the classroom for in- person instruction. 11 early education sites will also open. by april 26, every student through fifth grade will be on campus five days a week. distance learning is still an option for families. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, today, a prayer service calling for an end to asian hate. why the archbishop says it was his time to send a message. i am meteorologist drew tuma. we are tracking a breezy end to the weekend tomorrow.
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welcome back. today, dozens of people gathered to protest after the death of 100 rare elk week the national park service announced 152 elk in a fenced preserved died in 2020 because of overpopulation and drought conditions. the drought has reduced the amount of water in the area leading to limited access and malnutrition. >> this has been here since 1978. for the last 25 years it has
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been going up and down. >> protesters billy, blame the park service for mismanaging the situation and block attempts to help. they demand the fence be removed. more than 250 elk died from similar drought conditions. four dead gray whales have washed ashore in the bay area over the last nine days. the most recent or on thursday. one was found in marin county. another at angel island state park. the marine mammal center says that two of the four died from ship strikes including the one in marin county. and investigation is underway. experts say the one in tiburon may have died from some sort of disease. an issue we focus on in
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building a better the area is race and social justice. the archbishop of san francisco called for an end to violence and racism against asians. he says he decided one of the best things he could do was to come together to pray. >> to know how much i esteem them. they are a great blessing in the city and the bay area they are a vital, integral part of the area since the beginning. >> he says as catholics flee be gone, belong to a multicultural institution. a 75-year-old grandmother defended herself from an attacker last month, got to see the giants play yesterday. san francisco's supervisor matt haney and the giants arranged to get the woman and her family tickets to the game. she was attacked near, on march
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17 before she found a stick to defend herself. a gofundme page raised $1 million on her behalf. she is giving it away to help support the fight against racism, hatred and violence toward asian people. i am joined right now by meteorologist drew tuma. he is waiting to talk about this beautiful weather . what is it looking like on sunday? >> you know what, we will keep the breeze that we had today, those dry conditions. unfortunately, they do continue over the next several days. let's go outside with a live look. you can see the tower there way off in the distance. we have really good visibility right now thanks to the onshore flow. it is keeping the air pretty fresh. we look at air quality over the next two days. tomorrow and monday. depending on where you are and what you are doing throughout the day, it will fluctuate anywhere from good to moderate.
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you will see some haze in the atmosphere from time to time, the air quality does remain pretty well over the next couple days. temperature is getting to the 40s and 50s right now. we are down to 49 in the city. 51 in oakland, 52 in san jose. 48 in santa rosa. 53 is the current number in concord. overnight tonight, we will keep clear skies, a little bit of a breeze, waiting for the immediate coastline. as you move inland, it is pretty calm. it will basically fall into the 40s first thing tomorrow morning for your starting temperatures on our sunday. winds tomorrow, they are active, not superstrong but you will notice the breeze from time to time. similar to today. we expect the race to be similar where you could see wind gusts at 20 miles per hour, keeping a little bit cooler on the coast. tomorrow it is a pretty mild day no matter where you live. looking at the climate on
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sunday, a lot of sunshine, 73 degrees in san jose. morgan hill at 76, 72 the high. along the peninsula, we will see 74 palo alto, cool and breezy along the coast. you can see half moon bay, 56. a lot of sunshine in the city tomorrow, but you will feel the breeze, 61 downtown, cooler in daly city. into the north bay, 76 in santa rosa, 74 in novato, 79 in --. in east bay eight gets breezy. 67 in oakland, 70 in union city. 71 the high in fremont. inland it is pretty comfortable. mid to upper 70s. 75 in walnut creek, 79 the high in antioch. the pattern we have been in for the past week continues with dry conditions. you will get a rainfall potential across the entire west coast. this goes out until
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next weekend. you can see, it is pretty dry across the entire coastline. we will keep rain out of the forecast over the next several days. here is the 7-day forecast. sunny skies tomorrow with morning fog returning. a little bit breezy and cooler midweek, but all in all, the dry pattern continues. holding steady friday and saturday with temperatures mainly in the 60s and 70s. >> it looks pretty identical each day. >> yes.
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welcome back, it was a very special night for a great cause as abc 7 news anchor hosted his annual rock the casa charity event. because of the pandemic, it was a virtual event. the annual event raises more
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for bay area children in need. kevin cronin of reo speed wagon performed. the headliner was --, music director for the rolling stones. >> tell everyone what music has meant to you. >> everything! [ music ] what a pleasure it was listening to that tonight. the event was a big success and abc 7 news was a proud sponsor. for more information go to dan ashley's rock the casa online. we now have a preview of sports. just when you think you have seen it all from steph curry, a new feet.
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good evening, steve keeveni said he would have a hard time sleeping after the agonizing loss last night. he is sleeping better tonight. thanks to steph curry, the warriors hosting the rockets. >> they years. he was great. this is not great. second quarter, james wiseman did walk off on his own. he would not return, being evaluated, mra on sunday. anderson with the deflection, pull up, splash.
11:29 pm
in the third quarter, it is vintage curry. to the hoop, where you going? he is running up stands? the handle, the job step, knocks it down. he was feeling it, clearly. 90 seconds left in the quarter. just pull up from way out! it's the three, 18 straight, he is loving it. nearly loses the ball here. gets it back, the spin move, yes! 20 straight points. we are not worthy! curry would finish with a game- high 38. it is rick barry in 1974. the warriors get a much-needed win. to the ice, sharks and kings. sharks had won six of their last seven meetings with la. he thinks he has got the puck, but no it is loose.
11:30 pm
gambrell says i have that! andrea's on the redirect. 2-1 kings in less than a minute later, --. he scores in the kings go on to win 4-2. how about baseball? the a's and astros. up 2-0. we have lift off laureano. has first of the year, a two run jack. top eight, seth brown going downtown. this is his first major league home run. they are 3-7 after that 0-6 start. the giants and rockies, fans and funky hats. buster posey still has a cannon for an arm.
11:31 pm
brandon crawford will come up. here it comes, there goes. a three run homer. second straight game he has come up flush. the giants win. and, -- leading at the masters heading to the final --. much more to come on abc 7 news. not just the bay area. states nationwide are preparing for a drop in supply of the johnson & johnson vaccine. some say they will not be using as much is expected. salutes and tributes pouring in today for prince philip. we will tell
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it's okay that you don't want to be first: you aren't. second covid vaccine. it's okay to have questions: everyone deserves answers. i'm wary that there isn't enough information. it's okay to be excited, or worried, or both.
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building a better bay area, moving forward. this is abc 7 news. good evening, in tonight's headlines, contra costa county residents 17 and older can now book appointments at the oakland coliseum. this is days ahead of the state which will expand eligibility on the 15th. alameda county, where the coliseum is located have allowed those in certain zip codes to be vaccinated. zuckerberg general hospital ran out of doses after san francisco opened eligibility early to those living in certain priorities of codes. officials estimate upwards of 4000 people were turned away. facebook opens it's menlo park
11:36 pm
location for vaccinations. ravenswood family health center, which serves low income residents rest delivered more than 1200 doses. as cases of covid-19 are on the rise across the u.s., americans are bracing for a major drop in supply of the single dose. supply is expected to be at 85% this week. and not, number not expected to rise. four states temporarily halted the vaccine after a small number of people experienced minor reactions. the cdc insists it is safe. >> it is individualized. you're going to have people úwith different effects from it >> this all comes the same week california will expand
11:37 pm
eligibility for the vaccine to anyone older than 16. meanwhile, los angeles, the largest city in the state opened appointments to everyone 16 and older. developing news, outrages growing over a video of police in virginia pepper spring and pulling guns on a black army lieutenant during a traffic stop. he is suing the office for everything that happened once he was pulled over. >> reporter: tonight, two windsor virginia police officers are being sued by an army lieutenant for everything that happened during a traffic stop. the officer attempts to stop the driver for a missing license plate. he pulls over and started his cell phone camera. he picked a well lit place to stop for safety. he does have a plate.
11:38 pm
a temporary plate is on the window of his brand-new car. as seen, the video, the situation go south. more than 20 times they ordered him out of the car. >> get out of the car! >> i am honestly afraid to get out. >> you should be! get out! >> i think officer gutierrez backs that up. >> one of the pepper, officers pepper sprays the man. >> he was released with no charges. windsor police have not responded to a request for comment. they are suing so these incidents do not happen in the future. >> british armed forces fired guns in honor of prince philip,
11:39 pm
the duke of edinburgh. they fired one round each minute with a total of 41 rounds. tributes continue to pour in, in honor of prince philip who died yesterday at the age of 99. >> you heard the shot there, buckingham palace has announced the funeral will take place next saturday at windsor castle. it will be held at the historic st. george's chapel and will be scaled down due to the pandemic. prince harry will be attending. however, his wife, meghan markle, will not. she is pregnant. doctors have advised her not to travel. mourners continue to pay respects leaving flowers outside of windsor castle. prince charles had this tribute today for his father. >> my father was a very special person. above all else he would have
11:40 pm
been amazed by the reaction and the touching things said about him. >> wrens philip was married to queen elizabeth for 73 years. she described him as her rock. we have a look back at the life and influence of prince philip including a royal wedding archive you can find through the bay area connected tv app available for roku and similar devices. still ahead -- >> we are here to clean house! >> remember this. this was california's last recall election. we might only be months away from the next one. we are digging into the abc 7 news archives with a fresh perspective of what we went through. meteorologist drew tuma, we
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welcome back. as california heads towards the second ever recall election of a governor, digging into the first. the secretary of state's office is currently working to verify petition signatures to see if a recall of governor newsom will get on the ballot. it has been decades since california went through a recall election removing governor gray davis and electing arnold schwarzenegger. are news anchor just finished work on the abc 7 originals about that time. tonight, we give you a sneak peek of a section showing the power of a celebrity. >> he is loved by a lot of people. he is the terminator. >> join arnold, change things! >> arnold schwarzenegger became the 800 pound gorilla. he brought fame, celebrity,
11:45 pm
unlimited wealth, he was married to a famous liberal democrat. his campaign promises were total recall and writing man the names of two of his movies. >> i knew it was a challenge. if you have a choice to pick a global celebrity or a normal politician, don't choose the global celebrity. >> initially, nobody from the democratic party jumps in. everybody stays out and we defend gray davis. >> democrats say they will unite behind governor gray davis. >> he had a summit or that was decided. >> i had virtually all of the officeholders at a dinner at the restaurant here in san francisco. one of the waiters said to me, i wasn't eavesdropping, but i have to tell you, your pitch was a good one.
11:46 pm
but, there was one guy in that room whom i don't know. his right leg never stopped. it was always moving. he says, in my world, my italian world, if you are not sincere, you keep moving one of your limbs. so whatever he told you, you ought to be suspicious of it. that was --. >> lieutenant governor? >> the lieutenant governor became the first prominent democrat to throws his hat into the ring. >> this recall is a reality. i think it is important that we have a serious democrat on the ballot. >> the lieutenant governor -- >> in 2003 i was the lieutenant governor for the state of solid, telephone he. first latino elected statewide
11:47 pm
in over 100 years. >> we had arnold jumping into the race, i don't know at that point if gray davis could survive the election. >> -- who has a frosty relationship with governor davis says he is against the idea of the recall but was alarmed by poles which showed davis was going down. >> what he ultimately made the calculation on and got some encouragement, if the recall happens, there is no democrat. or at least no mainstream denim, democrat. >> it was a very odd very he is basically saying, vote no and vote for me. >> we thought was a mistake, we said it was a mistake we said there is no way on earth that the public is going to elect another democrat if they are not happy with what is happening. >> it seems like the davis people feel that you jumping in is the wrong thing. >> that is what they say. >> again, i wasn't running
11:48 pm
against the governor. >> i am in this race to the end. we are doing well and we expect to win on october 7. >> i guess i wasn't good enough with the broom. >> sweep out sacramento. i should have brought a mop. >> we are here to clean house! we are here to clean house! >> by the time arnold got in, he was in such a zone. >> i had a guy who guy who guy tom brokaw of friends begging me to get on the bus and do an interview. we just didn't have the time. we didn't have any voters in france! but the interest was over the top. >> you can watch the originals total recalled streaming now on our connected at. now the forecast the foreca tuma. >> i am meteorologist drew
11:49 pm
tuma. we are tracking a clear night on the way with numbers dropping into the 40s first thing in the morning. 47 in san francisco and oakland, 46 in san jose. future weather, it does turn breezy again tomorrow afternoon. we find those winds strongest along the coasts. all in all, tomorrow is pretty similar to today. a lots of sunshine with a bright and breezy and to the weekend. up to 67 in oakland, 73 in san jose, warmer in the north they. santa rosa, 76. 75 the high. here's the 7-day forecast, it is sunny tomorrow. we will bring back the fog first thing monday morning. breezy and cooler midweek but the drive pattern continues. we are holding
11:50 pm
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as the covid-19 vaccines become available you may have questions. and that's normal. so, for the latest information, visit it's up to you. sports on abc 7 is
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sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> let's talk some golf. rain would not stop. --, would not stop -- from taking the lead. it looks decent here but there was a delay of than an hour because of rain. corey conners in sixth place at six under. he just became the sixth player ever to hit a hole in one on number six. jordan spieth in the hunt in seventh place, five underpar chipping in nicely for birdie. how about --, born in san francisco playing on a temporary membership. his first masters. he is at seven under. -- had a four shot lead and was the favorite to win. he has been even par ever since. three boeings kept him at seven underpar.
11:54 pm
765 on the day after birdies on 16 and 17. looked like he might drop a shot on 18. look at the approach. pulling that toward. trying to become the first japanese player to win a major on the tour. after 10 years at the home, -- is stepping down as president of the warriors at the end of the season. he is already in the hall of fame after a 46 year career. i spoke with him about his decision to step away at age 68. >> there is a time that passing a baton, you do it with a smile on your face as opposed to trying to hang onto it i am at that time right now where passing the baton is going to be really satisfying. i can see nothing but greatness going forward for the organization. >> is there anything you are most proud of if you had to say, here's the one thing. >> i cannot pick one, i will
11:55 pm
pick two. just is something personal that i never could imagine happening, getting elected to the hall of fame in 2018. it was an unimaginable dream, for being part of the nba and the warriors. and and looking out at a sea of pure joy, as far as the eye could see in downtown oakland. fans who had stuck with this team for so long, through so many downs and not very many ups, finally had the ultimate moment where their team win a championship. that, there is nothing like seeing the joy that creates amongst fans. the best news for fans today is that steph curry is not retiring. and i think there is just huge optimism around our whole building that this season will play out the way it will play
11:56 pm
out, but the future opportunities for us on the court, this ain't over yet. >> i have to say, raymond did not ask me to apply. on a personal level, i have some misgivings about this. >> i would say you weren't on the shortlist. may be the medium list. but i guess the call didn't come, so i apologize for that in advance. but not revealing too much, i think as i said, one of the reasons i feel so comfortable leaving is, we have such great leadership within the company. i personally would be disappointed if my, if selection on this doesn't come from somebody in the family. >> first class all the way. as is --. first time world surf champion.
11:57 pm
she pulls off the amazing 360 spin move. are you kidding? got a 9.9 on the ride. abc 7 sports sponsored by your local toyota dealers . jr, back to you. >> rick wells is certainly going to be missed. that is it for tonight, though. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 . for larry and drew, thanks for joining us. have a great
11:58 pm
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