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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 9, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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starting today anyone 16 and older can get vaccinated in san francisco if they live in one of eight zip codes. we'll tell you which ones up next. the push by business owners along a popular stretch in downtown san jose. back to the theater. we'll take you inside the historic orinda theater as they welcome patrons back inside. a breezy pattern, when the winds will relax and temperatures will rise. the weekend forecast is coming up. abc7 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward finding solutions, this is abc7 news. we really want to sure that there's equitable access and, in fact, priority access given to these communities. >> we are less than a week away
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now from california opening up vaccine eligibility to everyone 16 and older, but tonight there are still serious concerns about making sure the hardest hit communities have access. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. >> reporter: 46% of san franciscans have been vaccinated so far, but as the april 15th date approaches when everyone in the state 16 and older qualifies to get vaccinated, san francisco wanted to give seven neighborhoods a head start. >> we really wanted to insure that there's equitable access and, in fact, priority access. >> reporter: on the list eight zip codes, the
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tenderloin, bayview and portola. they know there will be a big rush thursday and didn't necessarily have to wait on the state. >> the state of california has provided discretion to those providers serving high impact areas on who to vaccinate. >> reporter: several weeks ago assembly member chu signed a letter with 20 legislators urging state officials to change their vaccine strategy. today he's glad san francisco is getting a head start and that the state is listening. >> since then governor newsom has committed almost $8 million to the bay area to increase vaccination access. >> reporter: in the excelsior 152 people were vaccinated today at this community hub. the latino task force is glad the city made this expansion today, but there's a big need for more community hubs like this one it's said. >> because with these particular sites you can have that conversation. you can answer the questions. >> reporter: and supply is what's concerning san
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francisco's dph. this week they received 16,000 doses of the vaccine. next week that will go down to 10,000. >> within the next 10 to 14 days the hope is there will be enough vaccine. >> reporter: if you live in one of these neighborhoods, you can go to san francisco general or southeast health center from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and get vaccinated. if you're 16, you will need to go with a parent or guardian. in san francisco, luz pena, abc7 news. also today berkeley announced that first dose vaccination appointments are now available for berkeley or alameda county residents who are at least 16 years old. california is warning of another vaccine supply shortage in the coming weeks. next week's delivery will be short 15%. that's 2.4 million doses than were expected, but california will only get 2 million. another 5% drop is expected the week after next. healthcare providers say the news is certainly disappointing because all along they've been told vaccine deliveries will
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only grow, not shrink. >> disappointing because we've been told for many months that oh, don't worry. by mid-april you will have as much vaccine as you need and that's not the case. >> an estimated 18 million residents will not have yet received or have not received their first shot. on the peninsula facebook is converting part of its menlo park headquarters into a coronavirus vaccination clinic for underserved communities. ravenswood family health center will administer the vaccines starting tomorrow morning. the goal for the next month is to vaccinate 5,000 people who live or work in the communities of east palo alto, bell haven and north fair oaks. facebook plans to offer transportation to and from its campus for people who want to get vaccinated. >> it's a good way of demonstrating that all people are valuable and facebook sees that and believes in it and has put a lot of effort. >> appointments must be made through ravenswood. the food and drug
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administration says it will evaluate a request for emergency authorization from pfizer to vaccinate young people ages 12 to 15 against covid-19 as quickly as possible. pfizer highlights recent clinical trials that found the vaccine is safe and 100% effective for that age group. >> so that's really good news. it means we should be able to have a vaccine for 12 to 15- year-olds very shortly. i'm thinking maybe weeks at the very most. >> the agency currently allows the vaccine's use in people 16 and older. in the south bay keeping cars away after covid-19 is the goal for a group of restaurant owners along san pedro street in downtown san jose. owners are asking city leaders to consider making the popular stretch between santa clara and st. john car free permanently. >> reporter: it could be some time before visitors catch another vehicle along this stretch of san pedro street in downtown san jose perform
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restaurant owners here are pushing the city to pump the brakes on car traffic so businesses can continue outdoor service in pandemic. >> we need to get back to 150% for many, many years to recoup all the losses we've had. >> reporter: sushi confidential owner says he and other restaurateurs have done a number of pilot studies uncovering interest in what he calls an urban feel, in this case a pedestrian mall of sorts. >> the high rise and residential and corporate and restaurants, this is exactly what downtown san jose needs. >> reporter: before any decision is made collin hanie with the city's department of transportation says there is much to consider, for instance, the type of closure that would be most appropriate, impacts to surrounding traffic and more. hanie says the idea is in its infancy. >> it would be a significant change to our downtown street network. it would require funding for engineering and implementation and we don't have any funding identified in the budget. >> reporter: another big issue
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surrounds maintaining access to the parking garage, a 1,200 space structure in the middle of san pedro. prepandemic it supported large community events. >> when we get back to precovid levels of traffic and business for that part of downtown, we may see some significant demand on that garage that we would have to deal with. >> reporter: but traffic issues won't detour business owners looking for a more permanent solution, a stable setup they believe that would benefit the downtown core. an east bay movie theater is welcoming patrons back inside and will soon start hosting live events as well. abc7 reporter matt boone spoke with the owner of the orinda theater that said the closure allowed them to discover things that have been hidden for decades. >> reporter: candy, popcorn and a movie, a friday night ritual that's almost been forgotten. do you remember the last time you saw a movie in a theater?
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>> not really. >> reporter: sophia curran came with a small group of friends and family including her dad chad. >> it feels a little normal, which is wonderful. >> reporter: though not normal enough to wear this. >> this i have hanging in my closet. the pants are for zoom. >> reporter: the art deco lobby which sat empty for a year finally getting the chance to show off. >> we haven't been to a movie in like a thousand years. >> reporter: the theater opened last week for private screenings up to 25 people which feels like nothing inside the 750-seat main theater. >> we always wanted to take it slow. >> reporter: derek zinrack runs the show here and said as far as theaters go they've been lucky. >> we had a very successful gofundme campaign and it really helped us through the hard times. >> reporter: they were able to do some restoration including this panel of neon lights which had been covered over more than 30 years as well as this phone booth that was converted into a storage closet and forgotten about. by the end of the month he says they'll open it up to the
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general public and they've started booking live music acts in may. even though they're allowed to have 50% in the orange tier, they plan to keep capacity at 25 for now. >> i think that's the fear, period, is that we'll get started and something will happen and we'll have to stop again. >> reporter: taci jenkins has worked at the theater for three years. she says there will be some hesitancy for people to return but says they're ready. >> yes, i do think the people will come back and yes, i hope they'll come back stronger. >> reporter: in orinda, matt boone, abc7 news. >> while we're talking about opening up a little bit, san francisco giants fans are thrilled to be able to attend games this season. so are the businesses near oracle park. the scene south of market today looked a bit more like prepandemic times. look at all the fans! bars were back open. the giants dugout store was open and people were out and about. today was a good day for many people who depend on a
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earn a living. >> it's really good. i see old faces. we welcome each other back, so it's good. >> fans didn't seem to mind the strict protocols to get about into the ballpark to see their team play. they had to show a recent effect covid test or proof they had been fully vaccinated. >> you get to see other humans excited about the same things you are. >> now we get to appreciate it a little bit more. >> capacity for games is limited to 22%, about 9,000 fans per game. tributes pour in after the passing of prince philip. a north bay mayor is facing accusations of sexual assault. you'll hear from one of his alleged victims. a long time east bay police lieutenant suddenly fired, the surprising reason he lost his job.
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it's alright for it to take whatever it takes for you to be ready. hi mom, ready for your shot? yes, i've been waiting for this day. we just got what? vaccinated. we just got vaccinated! let's get you there. let's get to immunity. tonight britain and the world are mourning the loss of prince philip. he passed away at windsor castle earlier this morning. >> it will be an enormous loss. the best way i can think of putting it is that he wore the trousers in the family in order that the queen could wear the crown. he was there to deal with all the family stuff in order that she could be the monarch. >> palace officials say there won't be a state funeral partly because of covid, but also in line with the prince's wishes.
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here at home only on 7 for the first time the fired vallejo police lieutenant is telling his story to the iteam. he's been with the department for decades and is one of two lieutenants fired last week and now as abc7 news iteam reporter melanie woodrow explains, he's fighting to get his job back. >> reporter: lieutenant william robinson has been with the vallejo police department 47 1/2 years. >> i've worked with half the people that have ever worked with the police department and i've seen three generations of police officers come through that building. >> reporter: robinson said last week the department fired him for forwarding five emails to former vallejo police captain john whitney. the department fired captain whitney in august 2019. robinson said after whitney no longer worked for the department he sent him one email from his work account and forwarded four to his personal account that he then sent to whitney. >> it was just to keep john informed of high profile incidents occurring within the
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city of vallejo. john is still connected with the vallejo police department. he has a lot of friends here and liked to know what was happening within the city. >> reporter: in august an internal affairs investigator told robinson his emails were being looked at due to a suspected leak to the media. >> while they were searching my city cell phone they found where i had been forwarding emails to my personal yahoo account. >> reporter: he was put on paid administrative leave in january. >> they stripped me of my badge, gun, id card and escorted me out of the building. >> reporter: then fired april 1st. >> a lot of people in the building feel my best years are behind me and i should have retired years ago. age obviously is a factor in my termination. >> reporter: he and his attorney julia fox also suspect a support letter he wrote for captain whitney that is now part of whitney's lawsuit against the police department is also a factor in why he was fired. >> i felt that i had come forward and voiced my opinion that john was a decent
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individual that should not have been terminated. >> this is a termination to either punish herman as collateral damage for his relationship with john whitney who has fallen out of favor with the department or to put him out to pasture because he will not go quietly on his own. >> reporter: robinson whose father also worked for the vallejo police department says he has no timeline for retirement. >> the support from within a community has been overwhelming. i still live in this town. my heart, my soul is in this town. i still believe police work is a people business and i still think that treating people fairly is the right thing to do. >> reporter: spokespeople for the vallejo police department and the city said they could not comment on confidential personnel matters. for the iteam, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. calls for windsor's embattled mayor to resign are getting louder. dominic foppoli is accused of
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multiple counts of sexual assault. protesters gathered at lakewood drive in old redwood highway this afternoon. four women detailed allegations of sexual assault over a 16- year period to the san francisco chronicle. today sophia williams told abc7 news about an alleged incidents in 2006 when she ended up at dominic foppoli's house after an evening with friends. >> i was like no, dominic, we're not doing this. he kind of like kept scooting closer and closer to me so i was kind of against the wall and like rubbing his groin against me and then eventually he started to put his hand down my pants. >> williams managed to get away. the sonoma county sheriff's department opened an investigation into the claims and eight mayors in sonoma county are calling for foppoli's resignation. for now let's turn our attention to the weekend, dan. >> it is here and it sounds
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like it's warming up. >> it definitely is. temperatures will come up a few degrees tomorrow and even more so as we head towards sunday. i want to show you a lovely view from our santa cruz camera. some people were out enjoying the sun and beach today, although i have to say it was pretty chilly along the coastline, highs today in the 50s and 60s for the entire bay area, but it's going to be better weather to hit the beach and get some clean fresh air. certainly the breeze is still going along the embarcadero providing us with the good air quality for most of us, sunny and warmer this weekend, breezy tomorrow but lighter winds expected sunday and our dry pattern continues into next week. live doppler 7 will show you fog along the san mateo coast heading in towards the east bay. it's going to be limited tonight going into tomorrow morning and part of the reason is the wind is turning over the atmosphere still. a look at the gust of 38, 37 in san francisco, calmer conditions in parts of the north bay.
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you look at the hour-by-hour forecast at 8 a.m. tomorrow 25 to 35-mile an hour winds along the coastline. in the evening still going to be gusty along the coast primarily with the strongest winds, breezy elsewhere and then sunday the winds really start to back off. hopefully you can enjoy the weather without having to deal with the horrible allergies if you are allergic to tree pollen because it's running high now. temperatures in the 40s now, 50s. here's a look at the fog forecast. as we head into tomorrow, you'll notice the fog is right around parts of the east bay and peninsula coast and then by afternoon it clears away nicely. do enjoy the sunshine tomorrow. tomorrow morning 30s, 40s. if you heading out the door and have early plans, give yourself a little more time, especially for the southern end of our viewing area and parts of the east bay because visibility will be poor across the region. 71 in san jose tomorrow afternoon, 74 gilroy, 69 santa cruz. on the peninsula 68 in redwood
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city, 58 in half moon bay, breezy near the coast. downtown san francisco 64 degrees. if you like the sun, you'll enjoy the weather in the north bay, 71 in san rafael, 74 napa, 76 in santa rosa. temperatures in the east bay 68 in oakland, 67 berkeley, bright and sunny inland, 76 concord, 74 livermore and walnut creek. today was cooler. tomorrow we're going up. it will be a nice mild day especially away from the coastline. it's going to be milder for the giants game against the rockies at 1:05, 59 degrees and warming to 64. it should be a nice day for a ballgame. the accuweather seven-day forecast, warmer weather pattern for the next couple days and temperatures will come down early next week but stay in that 50s, 60s, coastside 70s inland. dry through friday, but beyond friday possibility that we may be seeing a change finally in
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the pattern which would allow some rain to get in here. we'll see. >> fin
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after about 30 days of taking it, we noticed clarity that we didn't notice before. - it's still helping me. i still notice a difference. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. sports on abc7 is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> entering the game against washington just 21 games remain in the regular season for the warriors. the push for the playoffs are on. it is klay thompson in the dub
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hub. kelly oubre jr. the vicious slam, hard landing, ouch, but he stays in the game, scored 23. golden state trailed by seven at the break. under 40 seconds to go, down one, stephen curry, what a layup. bradley beal the corner three and he makes the free throw and the wizards go up one. timeout. perfect play drawn up, damion lee throws it away and the wizards add more free throws and win, 110-107, crushing loss for the warriors. golden state falls to 28-24 with 20 games remaining. fans were back at oracle park and no offense to the cardboard cutouts, i'll take the real fans any day. johnny cueto with six strikeouts. bottom seven bases loaded for the bay area kid brandon crawford in a big spot and he comes through, to the gap
11:30 pm
right center. one hops the wall,7,390 fans sounded more like 41,000 in this game. giants up 2-0. cueto struck out seven. giants win, 3-1 in front of the hometown fans. >> it was definitely special just beak out there and, you know, with fans back in the crowd, being back at home and being able to get a big hit in a big situation, you know. it was a lot of fun. a's in houston, oakland yet to beat the astros this season. the stanford man jed lowrie has liftoff solo oakland. shawntop of the eight, two on, game tied until he goes deep, a no doubter to right and the a's go on to win, 6-2. padres were the only team without a no hitter in their franchise history until friday
11:31 pm
night. in texas padres starter joe musgrove grew up in the san diego area, made history tossing a no hitter against the rangers. padres win, 3-0. sharks hosting the kings, won four of their last five. more sharks, brent byrnes pass off patrick marleau's skate, 2- 1 sharks. third period,
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thanks for watching. >> for all of us >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- jamie foxx. lauren graham. and music from ajr. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi there, i'm jimmy, thank you. i'm the host of the show. thank you nor watching. thank you for joining us on another major news day. and when i say "major" i am again talking about president biden's dog. [ laughter ] who last night, i informed you, bit an employee of the national park service. this was his second attack this month. and then today we learn, via the a.p., that major, or his colleague champ, has defiled the hallway -- [ laughter ] outside the reception room just off the white house south lawn. what a scoop that is. [ laughter ]


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