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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 8, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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you are changing the world. red flags before our eyes. >> it makes doing
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>> why does charity need on the property? that is the problem with the fact that is the whole thing. coming together she one at a time. >> the revelations keep getting worse and worse. >> we apologize. >> how did we get here? let's go back to 1995. we charity formally known as we the children was founded in canada by two brothers. >> we want you to >> it started as a club to ban child labor but transformed into the world's largest international nonprofit aimed to empower youth around the world. >> all of these people who can make a change in this world, we make it the same as you. gavin newsom who with lieutenant governor at the time tweeted on march 26 of the year to welcome the charity's first
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statewide fundraiser posted inside of the oakland arena. you can hear 16,000 students from hundreds of schools across the state packed inside to watch celebrities perform and sharing inspiration. >> you are changing the world and that is amazing. >> look at what you can achieve. >> if you do enough good things you get to see me for 4 minutes. to me, it doesn't seem like a good reward but it has been working. >> students needed to do global acts of service. úa common one to build schools for underprivileged schools -- kids in kenya and ecuador. >> it is all subjects and all ages. >> the kept the amazing reputation up until june of last year. that is when justin trudeau's government awarded we charity more than a half billion dollar covid contract to oversee a student service camp in canada and threatened to help students with volunteering. a similar program already existed. >> we are asked what they were
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doing. >> i spoke with charlie angus and pierre. they represent two of canada's political parties. he sits on a committee investigating we charity for the past eight months. >> what was even more shocking was the fact that they were hiring the prime minister's mother and brother using the prime minister's wife as an and bacitracin for the organization. that is all reallyreallyreallyry a few weeks ago on march 12th, the brothers testified under oath. they paid trudeau's family close to a half million dollars in speaking fees for "vide" events. >> in the contract was canceled last july after a huge public outcry prompted to parliamentary committees to launch an investigation. >> the one thing the group is really, really good at is and
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betting themselves with very powerful politicians. >> no one is given a ticket >> know some who with lieutenant governor at the time became cochair of "vide" california with his wife jennifer from 2014-2016. newsom encouraged all school districts and administrators to attend the inaugural year. >> coming together and making a difference in making the world a better place is thrilling to me. >> newsom spoke at "vide" california in 2016. >> to transform the world in san jose. >> they said the office record of payment from we charity from the speech made in 2015. according to public finance where records, a couple of weeks before he spoke for 2015 records indicate newsom made a payment which means he requested comcast to donate to the nonprofit for more than
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$242,000. records show the following year, another organization founded by the kill burgers sent the new sims baby gifts worth $110. we reached out to the governor's office for comment úbut have yet to hear back. >> certainly, there has been a huge shift in california is a big market in terms of the superstar status. the donors, there is a lot of donor money. >> $490 million has been raised across the u.s. since 2011. where is it all going? >> we are told it is to do with helping children but actually tracking and figuring this out has pretty much stumped a parliamentary committee. >> they claim on their website that 90% of donations from u.s. and canada support programming while only 10% goes toward
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administrative costs. >> since the brothers appeared on oprah in 2000, the charity claims 1500 schools and schoolrooms have been built across the world with funds but the nonprofit has been unable to provide a list of each location to the parliamentary committee. >> they can't tell us where the schools are and who the students or the teachers are and how we can prove they exist. >> here today to on behalf of this guy here. >> you testified to be a zoom. >> this is wesley cowan. >>'s son wesley died in an accident and cohen honored the legacy by raising money to build a school in kenya in 2009. the plaque was inscribed with wesley's name but he learned years later that the charity replaced his plaques with other donors several times.
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>> why would a plaque be taken down? i can't figure out the answer. >> i agree. it should have never happened. we made a mistake. >> allegations have surfaced a that multiple donors have seen the same projects. >> someone said these plaques to honor donors may as well have had a velcro on them because they were being removed and replaced so rapidly. >> we publicly apologize. we know that is something we need to get to the bottom of. >> the organization has since apologized again and said they have no basis of accusing the charity for front. the i team contacted we charity requesting a list of all of the schools are built with money donated by californians over the last eight years. the charity did not answer the question stating, "we cannot
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provide answers to the questions as they pertain to private individuals. the nonprofit did provide us the following statement saying that over the years they have provided youth volunteer programs to 18,000 schools in canada, the united states and the united kingdom empowering young people to more than 9000 causes. >> they may be doing some good work. we actually haven't gotten a picture of who owns what and how the money flows. without that, how can you say you trust it? the canadian parliamentary committee investigating the charity authorized issuing for subpoenas to get any executive leaders of the charity to testify. all the but the organization's chief financial officer victor lee have done so. the answers are due to the committee tomorrow.
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we know you will stay on top of it. thank you, stephanie. if you have a story you can submit a tape also where you will see where our prior investigations have been reviewed on new video provides context to an attack on market street in san francisco. the effect them with an asian woman. as you will see, her attacker was also a victim. matt boone joins us live to explain what we are about to see. >> this attack received a lot of attention in mid-march where an elderly asian woman was randomly attacked amid a wave of violence across the country against asian and pacific islanders. the video is being provided to us by the public defender's office. it shows some of what led up to the attack helping to answer the question why someone would do this. just a warning, this does show some physical violence that the that some people may find disturbing. it begins on the morning of
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march 16th showing the suspect in he is seen reaching over to grab something when confronted by someone in a red jacket then someone else comes and keeps him from behind. a minute or so later you see people piling on him striking him multiple times. the cameras will eventually follow him as he walked several blocks away. this is market and seventh street. chased by someone in the yellow streaks screaming and he is seen striking the 75-year-old. it is an attack that was highly publicized as an example of targeted attacks. public defender eric bernie now argues the narrative was all wrong. >> it is important for the public and especially members of the community to know that this is not racially motivated. we have a situation where somebody is in a diminished
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capacity and disoriented. >> what the video doesn't show is the attack on this 83-year- old asian man who was also allegedly struck by jenkins. the public defender is investigating the alleged involvement in that attack but so far only has witness statements. jenkins has pleaded guilty -- not guilty to all of the charges. thank you so much. still to come, vaccine hesitation. if you get a shot but your coworkers won't, what does that mean for your office? we'll have that story next. breezy and a bit chilly but a nice warm spell is coming our way. i will have all of the details coming up on abc 7 news . you could see something potentially similar
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building a better bay area means focusing on our health and protecting it during pandemic.
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and look at what senior managers should do reluctance about the vaccine. >> it will not be long before companies need to address hesitancy or opposition to vaccines. the workplace is sharply divided according to a survey conducted by a human resource administrative firm. at one end of the spectrum are hard-core anti-boxers and on the other side are hard-core program in between is a large middle group made up of people are unsure, people who distrust vaccines but say they are worth the risk and people inclined to get vaccinated because of family care responsibilities. bosses are being urged to use vaccine ambassadors to provide reliable information and provide time off to get the shots. >> if they allow people some time off when they have their vaccine or if they have some sick time that the person could
6:16 pm
avail themselves of, if that is a concern. >> a psychological tactic may persuade others. >> reminding others that people that get covid have long-term health effects want to risk back? >> a study found almost 6 in 10 workers say they don't trust senior management to act in their best interest. a trusted third-party may be enlisted. >> your union leaders may be a better -- better able to break through that mistrust and a sure people that i have checked this out and i have talked to experts. i believe this information to be reliable. >> there isn't much time to act as companies try to safely. santa clara county teamed up with the san francisco 49ers to help vaccinate special olympics athletes. >> they put smiles on many
6:17 pm
people's faces. the clinic was organized by the county board of supervisors the health department and the niners. many families is a getting their loved ones vaccinated is a step toward normalcy. >> she likes going out and she likes to go to the store. she has missed out on that a lot. this vaccine was important for her to go into the world. people with intellectual disabilities are 2 1/2 times more likely to become sick with covid than people in the general population. to see how much progress california is making with the vaccines go to you will find a vaccine tracker as well as a place where you can submit your questions. again, that is on without a lot of blue sky. check out this stunning view. sky 7 artist this afternoon. spencer
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the governor unveiled a million-dollar plan to help california prevent future fires. show you what is being done now to help help help help help hel with an unusually dry
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winter, experts are bracing for another devastating season. >> we could see eventually to 2020 or 2018. >> the sjs you fire research lab is hosting hundreds of experts from around the world as they discuss the latest science and fire weather and wildfire prediction. it is absolutely critical for california to get a head start on reducing virus. >> we are operating the most advanced fighter behavior prediction system the world. california should be assured that we actually have the technology to predict of these conditions in the future. >> sjs you is working with techno-silver ink to promote software. the modeling will provide relevant real-time data to better understand fire behavior and could also help the public predict when smoke may arrive in their area. >> you need to include
6:22 pm
information about the weather, vegetation, the terrain and the risks and mix all of that together and try to predict what will happen. >> and fresno county governor unveiled a $536 million plan to help the plan for future fires. this aims to improve forest health as well as dispensable place. >> something is happening as it relates to the issue of climate. that is exacerbating conditions and making the challenge of wildfire suppression and prevention that much more ominous. >> the proposal comes as they slip further into more serious levels of drought. last year 4.2 million acres burned throughout the state which was the most in modern times. chris mentioned the drought
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is getting worse. practically 100% of our state is in some category of drought. now more than one third is classified in extreme or exceptional drought. is shown in red and dark red colors. those are the worst two categories. the bay area is mostly catholic classified in moderate drought. almost the entire state is facing some level of drought at this point. we are out of time to get any significant rain. >> anything coming down the pike spencer? we will natalie next 7-10 days. let me give you a look at the rainfall deficits. this is as of two or three days ago. santa rosa and sfo and san jose are below 40% of average for this time of the year. san francisco and oakland are well below 50%. you can see we are very dry in the bay area.
6:24 pm
we are at the time of the year where we can expect much in the rainfall. it is breezy outside with surface wind speeds up to about 20 miles per hour. with some gusts occasionally it will get even gustier again tomorrow. right now blue skies over san francisco. current temperature readings 57. there is a some the temperature readings right now are 68 in santa rosa. napa 69. novato 64 degrees. 70 in concorde and livermore has the temperature reading of 67 degrees right now. here is a view from the rooftop camera looking toward the ferry building. these are our forecast features a little cooler than today. the wind gusts wind gusts wind
6:25 pm
of this weekend. this dry pattern continues through next week and perhaps even beyond. overnight we'll see mainly clear skies for a while and then the passages some high clouds and maybe some patchy low clouds in the early morning hours. they will run out giving us a mainly sunny day for the remainder of the day but it will not be warm. overnight we will have partly cloudy skies breezy at the coast with low temperatures in the low to mid 40s. tomorrow look for highs of about 55 at half moon bay and 58 in san francisco. across the bay 65 down in the south bay. the inland a space a spay and concorde 71. 70 in napa and 70 at vallejo. off to the giants home opener tomorrow at oracle park. they take on the colorado
6:26 pm
rockies. it will be sunny. it would be breezy. it will be cool. temperature only about 56 degrees when the game gets underway. it may warm up to 50 a. who can tell the difference? here is the 7-day forecast. the warm-up starts saturday. from saturday through the weekend and through all of next week we can expect sunny skies, dry conditions, inland highs raging from 78 to 80 degrees and maybe a couple of locations above 80. along the bay shoreline starting early in the week with highs up to about 70 then mid 70s around the bay shoreline tuesday or wednesday of next week. the coast will remain relatively cool until tuesday or wednesday of next week and finally highs will break the 60 degree mark.
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our amazing 20% off wine sael is going on now until april 13th at your neighborhood grocery outlet building a better bay area. moving forward finding solutions. this is abc7 news. he is claiming innocence while others call for him to quit. we are talking about the mayor of windsor who faces multiple sexual assault allegations.
6:30 pm
>> they span a number of years. they were first reported by the san francisco chronicle. wayne friedman followed up on the case today. >> on what would appear to be a quiet day in winter, but. at least in terms of its mayor. >> we will watch the potential lightning storm tonight. >> the mayor is in the midst of another storm. is cisco chronicle detailed sexual assault allegations against him from 4 women during the span of 16 years. he did not respond to abc 7 when we reached out for comment. he does have defenders in community. karen is the only person who spoke on camera. >> have you ever seen anything questionable? >> know. never. i have never felt or anything that i felt was inappropriate. if i did, i would have said something to him. >> the mayor has been a rising star in california politics.'s supporters decide this attack as being politically motivated set around a vacant seat on the
6:31 pm
town council that they cannot explain the charges for his alleged victims. those acclaims have brough criticism from both inside and outside of windsor. >> he does not belong in office. he has no moral credibility to stand on. he has no trust with the community and he needs to go. >> from mike mcguire, given these severity and and and and there is only one option, he needs to resign immediately. from esther lemus of the windsor town council, i am saddened for the victims and disgusted by the al against him. in order for our town to continue to function properly, i request his immediate resignation. >> he owns a winery outside of town. wednesday, an attorney representing him told the chronicle that he denies having engaged in any of the abuses described. still, it amounts to a
6:32 pm
promising political career now in question. >> we are bigger than this. we are better than this. >> in the midst of this, rain windsor. >> there is my testimony in the derek chauvin a pulmonologist described how he believed derek chauvin's knee made it impossible for george floyd to breathe showing x-rays and walking through the process in detail. >> he remained on the neck for another three minutes and two seconds after we reached the point where there was not one ounce of oxygen. >> half of his body weight and his gear weight coming down that is 91.5 pounds coming down directly. derek shelton's actions would have killed even a healthy person with no underlying health problems pick they also also also also also a that floyd died of a sentinel my witnesses to
6:33 pm
the stands tomorrow. we are streaming gavel to gavel coverage on our tv app available for roku and similar devices. president joe biden formally announced executive actions that he said will help combat gun violence mariella sparks explains the order stopped short of some of joe biden's biggest campaign proposals but fulfill a pledge he made after last month's shooting massacre in colorado. president joe biden in the rose garden called gun violence in the u.s. an epidemic and an international embarrassment. >> our flag was still flying at half staff for the victims of the horrific murder of 8. 10 more lives were taken and in a mass murder of colorado. between those two incidents, less than one week apart, there were more than 850 additional shootings. >> joined by survivors of gun violence and those who lost loved ones the president announcing new actions pick he wants the department of justice
6:34 pm
to regulate ghost guns. kids that kits that can be purchased online and turn into a fully functioningfully functig a serial number and limiting stabilizing braces used in the shooting in boulder, colorado to turn a pistol into a short barreled rifle. the president admitted these are far from sweeping measures. as a candidate he called for a ban on assault weapons and new laws to hold manufacturers accountable. he is calling on congress to do more. >> they have offered plenty of thoughts and prayers but they passed not a single new federal law to release gugugugugugu enough prayers. time for some action. >> the house passed several bills expanding background checks but those have stalled in the senate. lindsey graham this week leaving open the possibility compromise. >> i am willing to have a conversation with my democratic colleagues about how we can make sure people are a danger
6:35 pm
to themselves or others that we deal with that issue in terms of having a gun. >> they also named david chipman to leave the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms and explosives. he recently worked as an advocate on gun safety reforms. the oakland police chief is in washington tonight. the only law enforcement official invited to be a part of president joe biden's announcement on expanding measures. he said he was humbled by the invitation but also brought along a wish list for the feds. >> our department is in need. i hope grant funding can support that. i hope it can support fire to increase the number of cease-fire officers we have. >> chief armstrong says the biden administration is aware of the uptick in violent crime in oakland and is hopeful the city will get federal grant
6:36 pm
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education is a part of building a better bay area. you may remember the controversy over a mural at george washington high school. and depicted the oppression of native americans and african- americans. found it offensive and voted to have it removed which was met with a lawsuit. the matter was never resolved because of the pandemic. now, it is back in court. leon melendez attendedmelendez d hearing. >> it is caught five of washington. as students entered george washington high school they come across a mural with colonizers stepping over the dead body of a native american. and other shows enslaved african americans. >> it is important to confront history, not a racist or he. >> that was john rothman from the alumni association. amy anderson, a native american parent and others asked for its removal. >> he would put his head down
6:40 pm
and look at the ground at the floor when he was entering the school because he didn't want to see a. >> the school board decided to have him painted over but then changed its mind because it was too costly. is about $800,000. they then voted to use solid panels to cover them up. that is when the alumni association sued the board and the school district to have the boat rescinded. no environmental report was ever requested. that brings us to today. it is a year after covid to discuss whether or not the votes to remove the mural should be set aside. >> the lawyer argued the school board made up its mind to remove the mural before any input from the public. >> i was aghast at realizing everything that was said was
6:41 pm
driving it to don't worry about this. by the fall it will be all painted over. they actually said this. >> the attorney with the district argued that in reality they voted to consider removing or covering up the mural. the judge struck down that argument stating the vote was to remove them, no question. >> to date the murals remain untouched, uncovered and heavily guarded pending the decision of this this this thiss we are expecting warmer weather for the weekend. spencer has the weather for you next. anytime you want to see what looks like outside heads to the bay area app. we have these tower cam's streaming 24/7 next to you can streaming 24/7 next to you can poke around the ♪ tex-mex. tex-mex. ♪ termites.
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6:45 pm
since he was a young man in the philippines. just ask his family. >> playing music and for all hours of the night -- >> i told myself it was just in my blood. i enjoyed doing it. >> several months ago the music suddenly stopped. covid-19 invaded not just his body but his lungs. the wind he once used to push out those notes was now dangerously week. it is the beginning of a months long battle at stanford hospital. >> i feel like i am in prison. >> he was not expecting that to happen. none of us were. >> both staff and ruben sammy worked to keep his spirits up while doctors worked on his condition. as the weeks turned into months, the weight of his struggle through. at one point he texted his family say he told his doctors if necessary he wanted to go peacefully. >> the text put meput meput mepe u
6:46 pm
never felt feeling like that ever before. >> while communicating daily kim also asked doctors to add to something to his room. a cd player with recordings of his music. >> i asked the nurse to please play the cd far away from him so he is not able to turn it off. they said for some reason his oxygen got really good. i believe it was from listening to his own music. >> slowly ruben began to regain strength building one note on top of the other. even though doctors told him returning to instruments like the saxophone may be a difficult challenge. >> i think that was a defining moment where he pulled in all of his intrinsic qualities as a survivor and a fighter for his family, not for music. >> after a total of 114 days, ruben returned home to his family in san jose.
6:47 pm
they say it is important to rebuild his endurance with a strain on his lung and is. still, the man obtained audiences around the country is determined to find a way to keep going with his craft. >> absolutely! thanks for giving me a little chance to feel that i am ready to play for you.for you.for yo >> isn't that great? what a nice ending.nice ending.. among his honors and ruben is the first filipino american to play as a member of the united states naval academy band at annapolis. just great to see a happy outcome. he had quite a struggle as you can tell. >> absolutely! let's get to our weather. spencer christian has what is coming our way for the weekend. >> we have a warm-up coming our way but we have to get through another cool day tomorrow. here is a view. i love sulove this is our current sunset
6:48 pm
looking from the east bay. this is the forecast future. it would be gusty tomorrow with a little bit cooler pattern than we had today. we will have sunny and warm warmer weather for the weekend an the drive pattern content continues for next week. a lot of lovely weathlovely weah o overnight low temperatures will be in the low to mid 40s and even down to the upper 30s with some inland locations in the north bay valley's. tomorrow sunny and breezy at the coast. highs will range from mid-50s to the main the low 60s right around the bay shoreline to upper 60s and low 70s and then. it will not be a warm day but warmer days are coming as you look at the accuweather 7-day forecast. the warm-up continues through the weekend and basically do all of next week. i temperatures during the six day period will range from upper 70s to 80 and maybe slightly above 80 from time to time. on the bay shoreline highs will get into the mid-70s by midweek next week. the coast will not begin to
6:49 pm
warm-up much until about wednesday of next week when finally we'll see some highs in the low 60s at the coast. it is certainly warm in the inland areas. >> inching a little closer. thank you, spencer. national geographic is hosting an earth day even virtual celebration. it will feature performances by willie nelson, yo-yo ma, and ziggy marley . they will perform from places of importance from around the world. it was stream on the net to jail youtube channel wednesday at 5:30. disney is a parent company of nat geo and abc7. it is worth tuning into. it looks cool. let's turn things over to casey pratt to talk about sports . kind of a difficult goodbye for the warriors. a little bit of a mixed emotion r
6:50 pm
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both an exciting and bittersweet day for the warriors. first, fans will be allowed back in chase center 30% capacity starting april 23rd. demand that was instrumental in getting the arena built is announcing he is retiring at season's end. delivered a dynasty, a new home
6:53 pm
and helped turn the warriors into one of the most valuable franchises in sports. a 2018 inductee into the basketball hall of fame he believes it is turn it is time to turn it over to capable new hands. we caught up with welt after the announcement. >> there is a time where passing the baton you do it with a smile on your face as opposed to holding onto it. i am at that time. passing the baton will be really satisfying. i can see nothing but greatness going forward for the organization. >> is there anything you are most proud of if you had to say here is the i can't pick one. i will pick to. as just something personal that i never ever could have imagined happening getting elected to the hall of fame in 2018 it was just an unimaginable dream. for kind of being a part of the nba and the warriors writing in that parade and looking out and seeing pure joy as far as the eye can see in downtown oakland fans who had stuck with this
6:54 pm
team for so long so many downs and not many ups, they finally have the ultimate moment with their team had an nba championship. there is nothing like seeing the joy that creates amongst fans and we all felt. >> i have to say they did not ask me to apply. on a personal level i have some misgivings. >> maybe on the i guess the call didn't come so i apologize for that. >> congrts on an incredible career. in 2020 the masters back to november. this year, it was right on time. rory mcelroy heads a spectator.
6:55 pm
even worse, the spectator was his own dad. he was okay. this shot from tommy fleetwood equally as rare and far more impressive. a t shot on a par three. it bounces for a 32nd hole and went. he finished tied >> you have a four shot lead at 7 under. the a's were outscored 35-9 in the opening series. not the start they were hoping for. carlos correa with a solo shot. he also had an rbi double on the fourth. right now it is 2-0 in sixth. segment if you order tickets seven days in advance they will ship you a covid test you can take it home. you take it 48 hours before the
6:56 pm
game. get your results. if you are all clear you can show up at chase center. i never even knew they did that. >> that is great! making it easy and accessible for anyone who wants to go. >> it is innovative. this whole process as difficult as it has been it is so interesting. >> the warriors having an epidemiologist as their owner. have a lot of advantages. and, labs at chase center. >> that is true. coming up tonight, it is station 19 followed by gray's anatomy. you can catch the premier of rebel at 10:00. stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. watch all our newscasts on live and on-demand through the abc7 news bay area app. it is available on apple tv, roku and amazon td. that is it for us for now. thank you for watching. from all of us here, we
6:57 pm
appreciate your time. we hope you have a nice evening and that we see you again tonight at 11:00. i'm not sure if there's anything i can say to my family members to convince them to take the covid-19 vaccine. i'm not even sure if i'm convinced. hi darius, i think that people respond more to what we do than what we say. so after looking at all the data and the science about these vaccines, i got the vaccine. and i made sure my mom and dad got the vaccine. because these vaccines are safe. ♪ ♪
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants-- a professor and scenic designer from north haven, connecticut... a financial services professional from hawthorne new york... and our returning champion, a student from long beach, california... ...whose 3-day cash winnings total... and now here is the guest host of "jeopardy!"-- aaron rodgers. thank you, johnny gilbert. i have truly always wanted to say that. welcome to "jeopardy!" you know being here is really personal for me. i truly am a "jeopardy!" fan. and the people who know and love me understand not to call me at 6:00
7:00 pm
because that's when "jeopardy!" airs in green bay. i'm so happy to be here and i hope you're enjoying this as much as i am. brandon's got a great streak going three in a row, but welcome to abbey and pasquale. good luck to the three of you and let's start the "jeopardy!" round with these categories. ...followed by... ...and... brandon. places in texas for $400 please. abbey. - what is paris? - correct. i'll take heavy metal for $400 please. pasquale? - what is lead? - that's right. uh, heavy metal for $600.


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