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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 8, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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i am happy to get it heret in venetia where it is >> local firefighters. >> we truly feel this is going to be the change that helps as as a state and country that gets past the pandemic. for us to do our small part it feels really good. >> the event comes as california announces vaccine supplies will be 15% smaller next week driven by a 90% reduction by johnson & johnson dose is. the shrinking supply comes a week before the date is set by governor gavin newsom to
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broaden eligibility to everyone over the age of 16. the supply issues make it hard for counties and cities like venetia to plan. >> we only learned this a few days ago. we are hopeful we will be a partner at any time whether they ask us whether it is pfizer, moderna are johnson and johnson. >> many of these folks are aware they may be among the last few to get the johnson and johnson vaccine at least in the coming weeks. >> i am excited about that. my timing was perfect. >> the shortage of the vaccine comes after the company reported production issues that prompted it to discard 15 million doses.
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>> these zip codes include hayward, hayward, san leandro and san lorenzo. all californians 16 and older will be eligible in a week but the county says there is no time to waste in these areas. sourdough sam helped lighten the mood had a vaccination clinic today for special olympics athletes and their families. the clinic was organized by the santa clara county health system in the county board of supervisors. everyone from athletes, coaches, and family members were eligible for a shot today. >> people with limited access to wi-fi or computer have an advocate in the bay area when it comes to finding a vaccine appointment. a group of tenacious uc, berkeley students have stepped in to help with a new phone line. cordell bernard gave a call to shut mine. >> i feel good. i feel more confident. then, i can go places. >> evelyn turbine from san leandro is now vaccinated. >> i have johnson & johnson. >> evelyn tried for weeks to get an appointment but navigating the internet wasn't easy until she spotted this flyer with a number offering help. >> a volunteer run covid-19
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hotline. >> is it even the jet? >> there have been a people who said i saw the flyer. >> shut line started only weeks ago by a group of fellowship students with one mission. >> our goal is really to eliminate mainly the technological barriers to covid- 19 vaccination registration. >> please keep in mind you are speaking with a volunteer who is trying their best to get you a vaccination vaccination bridging the divide is why the students are digging into help at no charge. >> we really go search everywhere to find an appointment. we didn't want to have any steps where the internet is needed. >> shot line was born after a conversation she had with her 93-year-old neighbor.
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>> shot nine will even provide free transportation if you need a ride to your appointment thanks to a funding grant. and two weeks, 60 people have gotten appointments. >> they called me back and i got an appointment three or four days later. >> more volunteers. organizers say they will keep going as long as vaccination appointments are needed. >> they are due doing a beautiful job. segment the workplace is sharply divided according to a survey conducted by buck, a
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human resource benefits and administrative services for. at one end of the spectrum our heart they are hard-core anti- vectors. at the opposite end are hard- core probe actors. in between is a large middle group made up of people who are unsure, people who distress vaccines but say they are worth the risk and people inclines to get vaccinated because of family care responsibilities. to overcome resistance, they are being urged to provide reliable information and to provide time off to get the shots. >> if they allow some people some time off when they had a there vaccine or if they have sick time that the person could avail themselves of if that is a concern.
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>> a trusted third-party maybe enlisted. >> your union leaders may be better able to break through that mistrust and assure people that i have talked this to this about experts. i believe this information to be reliable. >> there isn't much time to act as companies try to reopen. you can keep track of california's progress on abc 7 you will find our interactive vaccine tracker differences between the vaccine and a forum to ask your questions. >> you probably remember the controversy over a mural at george washington high school that depicts the oppression of native americans and african-
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americans. the school board found it offensive and voted to have it removed which was met with a lawsuit. the matter was never resolved because the pandemic put it on hold but now, it is back in court. leah melendez attended today's hearing. segment it is called life of washington as the students entered george washington high school and they come across a mural with colonizers stepping over the dead body of a native american, another shows enslaved african african africa >> it is important to confront history, not erase history. >> that was john rothman from the alumni association. amy anderson, a native american parent and others asked for removal. >> he would put his head down and look down at the floor when entering the school because he didn't want to see it. >> the school board decided to have him painted over but then changed its mind because it was too costly. it was about $800,000. they then voted to use solar panels to cover them up. that is when the alumni association sued the board and school district to have the
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boat rescinded. that brings us to today. it is a year after covid and it is to discuss whether or not the votes to remove the mural should be set aside. set the lawyer representing the george washington alumni association argued that the school board made up its mind to remove the mural well before any input from the public. >> i was aghast at realizing everything that was said wassais dragging it to don't worry about this. by the fall this will be painted over. they actually said this. >> the attorney for the district argued that in reality, the school board voted to consider removing or covering up the mural but the judge struck down that argument stating the vote was to remove them, no question. today, the murals remain untouched, uncovered and heavily guarded pending the decision of this cothis cothis
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another dead whale has been found washed up in the bay area. three others have been found in recent days. when it christie field, when at the brooklyn marina and another along the san mateo coast. this is video of a well first spotted. the experts from the marine mammal center necropsy on the well. >> president joe biden has unveiled a new executive actions on gun control. they include new investments in intervention programs in violence prone communities and tightening restrictions on ghost guns. those are put together with parts purchased online often with no serial numbers or any identifiable feature. >> the president is pushing congress to pass further legislation on gun reform. >> police chief armstrong was the only member of law enforcement to attend
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he is hopeful his visit to washington will bring federal funding to find violent crime in his city. >> our department of violence prevention is in need of additional resources. i hope grant funding like that can support that. i hope it can support our cease- fire program to increase the number of cease-fire officers we have. >> chief armstrong says it is about building those communities . >> he says he welcomes the presidents action on regulating guns. intervention. how to help when you see
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california heads toward a likely recall election of governor newsome. we are looking back at the last big recall ever in california ús replaced by arnold schwarzenegger. we are excited to show you another portion of our new documentary streaming right now, total recall. the story of america's loudest and largest recall election. election officials report
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29% of l.a. counties 4 million eligible voters have cast ballots. officials have predicted voters continue flocking to the polls and it could become reality. some voters flooding this polling station in pasadena and find the recall embarrassing. >> the dislike for gray davis justified or not and the bad behavior of arnold schwarzenegger. >> how does that make you feel? >> disgusted. >> who will be governor when the polls close? >> election day we know we are
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going to win. we have the last pole and everything looks fantastic. >> the actor candidate in 13 out of the last 21 municipal and state elections didn't vote. he had to be reminded to check for --. >> >> larry flynt showed up in a gold wheelchair to vote at the same polling
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>> i think it is bad democracy. it is ridiculous. >> this is abc 7 news at 11:00. >> that night, you had media all around the world. i think we had 100 camera positions in the ballroomthe bam at the century plaza. >> everybody's eyes started bugging out. it was like trump winning the presidency. struck may be governor of the great state of california, arnold schwarzenegger! >> he announced his rent on jay leno's tonight show. it was fitting that he introduced his speech. he immediately thanked the states voters. >> california has given me the greatest gift of all, in voting for me. thank you to all of the people
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of california for giving me the great trust. >> we all lost our jobs. we were out with relatively short notice. it was tough. >> suddenly they are off with their heads. >> it was unfortunate because believe me, gray was a talented individual. he was not marketable as a personality. he was just not like anything other than --. >> tonight i stand before you with a heart full of gratitude and appreciation. i am so grateful to all of you into the people of california. >> i remember he came to the governor's office looking around and saying my humidor is bigger than this office. to his great credit governor davis said no funny business we are going to handle this perfectly and well. we will make this transition work. if you want to see more of this you can watch the
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total recall on the connected 7 apps wherever you stream. take a live look outside from sky 7. what a beautiful sparkling day. an absolutely stunning day. >> i felt it. hopefully wins continue to die down. >> wins. allergy sufferers are not living today. it is certainly beautiful but it is so breezy it is whipping up all of the pollen and the other irritants for allergy sufferers. we are looking at wind speeds at the surface generally 20 to about 30 miles per hour near the coast and around the peninsula. it is beautiful. here is the view looking down at san francisco and along
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ocean beach. current temperature readings along the cool side but mild and some other places. we have 68 at mountain view and san jose. a cool 54 at half moon bay. mainly blue sky over the ocean day. 77 in napa and fairfield. 73 concorde, 71 in livermore. here is the view from our rooftop camera looking across the breezy embarcadero. these will be slightly colder tomorrow by a couple of degrees. a warmer pattern begins this weekend. that will continue through next week. there is no rain in sight for the week ahead. >> maybe a patch
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clouds. that remains until midmorning and then skies start to clear out giving sunny skies for the remainder of the day into the evening hours. look for main temperatures mainly in the mid-40s. it will be on the cool side. a little chillier in northbay locations where lows will drop into the upper 30s. tomorrow, sunny and breezy at the coast. coast. coast. again mid 50s at the coast. low to mid 60s near the bay shoreline. a high of 58 in san francisco. 71 in santa rosa. low to mid 70s down in the south bay. upper 60s to low 70s. tomorrow marks the home opener. it is the home opener for the giants as a take on the colorado rockies. gametime 1:35 in the afternoon. it will be breezy and mainly sunny. the game starts and rising up about 61 before the game ends or before the sun comes down. here is the
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with start to warm-up on saturday. saturday all the way through virtually next week we can expect mainly sunny skies. it will be breezy from time to time but it will certainly be warmer than tomorrow with high temperatures in the and raging from about 78-80. we will see some low to mid 70s. finally it will show up on the coast. it will be mainly a cool week on the coast. spencer, thank you very much. big news for worriers fans. when can you return to the when can you return to the when can you return to the i have the power to lower my a1c. because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it. once-weekly trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. most people taking it reached an a1c under 7%. trulicity may also help you lose up to 10 pounds and lower your risk of cardiovascular events, whether you know you're at risk or not. trulicity isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. it's not approved for use in children. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have an allergic reaction, a lump or swelling in your neck,
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trailblazing president and ceo rick welch is retiring. this afternoon he told our colleague larry beale that the time is right for him to move on. >> i think the best is yet to come. that light at the end of the tunnel is a spectacularly bright future. i think we have a clear path to full buildings and business as usual. it is perfect time. we have a great young talented group and it is time for some other people to get to take those rains and show what they can do. they are going to do amazing things. the 68-year-old has led business operations for 10 seasons. he was inducted into the hall of fame and became the highest- ranking executive in men's professional team sports to
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publicly acknowledge being . he stays with the team until the end of the season. we certainly wish him well. he had a huge impact. >> the worriers are welcoming fans in the chastening. capacity will be limited to a small percentage of about 6300 fans. the team will will will will wi negative covid vaccine test before the game. >> tomorrow is the giants home opener at oracle park. >> the giants home opener have 8900 fans in attendance. that is 22% of the ballparks capacity. they will be spread out, tested and face some numerals. the team has worked hard
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a safe experience. >> this is the very first major event that will happen in san francisco since everything shut down in mid-march last year. >> the major thing fans need to do is get tested for covid and show their negative tetetete at the gate. there is an app to help simplify the process. >> they can download the clear health path that is linked to a number of testing facilities and healthcare providers. >> here is a list of places where you can get the test and downloaded. you don't have to use these providers for a covid test. this is for the clear health path. >> you can go anywhere and tested. you can get a paper copy of test results. they can take a photo of it. >> they have divided the ballpark into 9 zones. you will use the gates, restrooms, and concessions in your zone. >> on your your your your your
4:28 pm
you which gate we would like you to enter. we are trying to spread out people coming to the game. >> fans will order their food from their seat on their phones and pick it up when they have a text saying it is ready. it will be different but team executives say they can't wait to see it all in action. >> we haven't had fans in the ballpark for 18 months. so much has changed changed. this is how long ago it has been. it is absolutely worth it. >> if you have been fully vaccinated for at least two weeks you don't need the negative covid test. you do need to show proof of your vaccination. we have certainly reported many times about the rising hate crimes targeting americans.
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racism is it is an issue we are committed to solving as we work to build a better bay area. targeted attacks against asian american writers has increased at an alarming rate over the last year. assaults jumped more than 50% in two years. officials is a pandemic related issues are partially to blame but the violence began before covid-19. police are adding more security to high-risk bus lines. >> a well-known bay area restaurant group announced a
4:32 pm
new record. >> they are partnering with the oakland chamber of commerce any san francisco police officers association to create the reward fund. the goal is to encourage victims of anti-asian violence and crimes to report what happened to us us us us us us u we have seen so many horrible videos like these lately and the attacks have only been increasing. what do you do if you see harassment or an attack taking place? thank you for joining us. tell us about your bystander intervention training situations. >> thank you for a lot of people don't intervene because they don't know what to do in the moment. in the training we provide five tangible and actionable tactics that people can do to take care
4:33 pm
of those being harassed. the first one is to distract. that is to create a distraction to de-escalate situations. the second is delegate to ask someone to help you. the third is document. you can videotape. you can take a picture. you can write some notes down. the idea is to get the information to the person being harassed and they can decide what to do with the information. the fourth one is --. that is something we can all do. it is to check in with the person experiencing harassment to make sure it is okay to do so. the last one is direct. confronting the harasser saying or asking what you're doing. throughout the training we emphasize safety. you should always prioritize your own safety first before you decide to intervene. for the less direct methodology
4:34 pm
i mentioned only do so if it is safe to do it. also, if you can help de- escalate the situation. >> this is great information and great advice but it sounds like getting involved in any sort of physical way as a last resort tactic. you walk through five different actions when people can take. when someone sees harassment or an attack on the street, what would you say is the most important thing in that situation? >> i would say you should assess the safety first. again, your own safety on whether you should intervene or not. what other services do you offer? >> the mission is to and harassment. we have different services with different types
4:35 pm
of harassment to do if you are being harassed. we have resiliency training and also we have training for online harassment as well. >> have you seen lately, given the attention we have seen in the streets not just against asian americans but everybody. there has been an anxiousness. have you seen interest in your programs increase at all? >> we launched the five center intervention training to stop harassment about one year ago at the beginning of the pandemic with our partner asian americans advancing justice. in the first year i think we had about 15,000 sign up. since what has happened in the last couple of weeks we have actually seen registration go through. we have 45,000 people registpeot
4:36 pm
>> before i let you go, give us the website for people who want more information. >> you can sign up for more training and look for any type of bystander interventionbystann all right that's a fifth-floor problem... n ok. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! no no no!
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we have alma and spencer
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joining us for the conversation. did you know a new budget airline is coming to the bay area? they're offering routes between burbank and 11 destinations including santa rosa and reading. they are offering introductory one-way fares starting at $19. flights start taking off on 28th and the airline claims to be america's first new mainstream airline in nearly 15 years. spencer, what do i am always concerned about them being great. i am concerned about what safety record and what planes
4:40 pm
and maintenance. that sort of of of of of of the founder was on the 3:00 news and mentioned they have very experienced pilots who are familiar with the aircraft. they did say prices will go up. $19 introductory but he wouldn't say what he will settle on. >> yup! the prices always go up, don't tey? i think budgetthink budgetthinkg budget are we talking. as long as we are completely safe that is my top concern. i will pay for safety. we'll see. >> we wish them well. of course the prices will go up. we can't sustain that further. sports illustrated is breaking ground in the driver for inclusivity. the 21-year-old says he
4:41 pm
actually has no idea where his gender falls right now but he says he wants to be open about conversations about inclusivity that he says are not taking place. he says he hopes he hope his selections will help others who may be struggling with identity issues. this is a parcel of a big change happening in so many aspects of our society where were you really are recognizing and celebrating the differences among us. spencer, compared to when you and i were kids things have changed so dramatically, thank goodness. >> they have, indeed. i think this cover photo will achieve what he is hoping for. segment it is to get people talking about things and get people in the category of people to feel like they are represented. >> i can't help but notice i was deliberating out of the swimsuit competition. >> i am not going to make any comment on that. in recent years we have started to celebrate different
4:42 pm
sizes and colors. it is all good. that is a great thing about people. we come in all different types. that is the beauty of it all. a texas man being held as a real-life forrest gump. he reached his goal yesterday completing a 3000 mile run from newport beach all the way to melbourne, florida. in the process he became the first person to ever run from disneyland to disney world. the ironman athlete began the john/february open to finishing 100 days. then, the pandemic had so he stopped once once he reached texas. he began running last fall traveling about 32 miles per day. he made the rent to inspire people with type i diabetes. that is amazing. as far as mom would say, life is like a box of chocolates. you never know where you are going to run. >> he was running!
4:43 pm
>> i sure hope he got to get on some of the rights. >> complementary, of course. >> that is inspiring. calling attention to it disease that is so serious. strict now, to something you never want to happen to you. 105 foot crane being used to cut back branches in a tree did a bit more damage than that. it happen in louisville, kentucky. a lost balance, tipped over and crashed into the roof of this home next-door. a little or a lot of repair work is still in order. nobody was hurt that we know of. cranes are a little like forklifts. they are a little top heavy. [ laughter ] >> yeah. i was going to say at least we are only talking about damage. things that can be replaced and fixed and things like that.
4:44 pm
crazy! >> i don't know the physics person is but i don't know how when they designed it it could be so they can extend that far and be at such an angle that it can actually topple like that. it should be made so it can't get into the position where the weight and the angle gets in that. >> they are counterbalanced but it is a tricky balancing act. >> i think the office physicist was off the day that went through the assembly line. >> i don't know if they say but i feel like i don't want to walk underneath the crane or anything. i walk around it.nd it.nd it.nd >> i pay close attention and >> i pay close attention and i'm not sure if there's anything i can say to my family members to convince them to take the covid-19 vaccine. i'm not even sure if i'm convinced. hi darius, i think that people respond more to what we do than what we say. so after looking at all the data
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and the science about these vaccines, i got the vaccine. and i made sure my mom and dad got the vaccine. because these vaccines are safe. ♪ ♪
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now to a bay area family truly speaking from the heart. they started cable heartbeats foundation to promote the importance of early detection of heart issues after losing their father. >> it is all about what my husband would have done. have d my husband michael passed away suddenly at age 38 due to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. it was something we were unaware of he had a. it happened very suddenly one night. he passed away from sudden cardiac arrest.
4:48 pm
gables heartbeat him because of the type of person he was. he would want to try and save lives. we were doing kind of what michael would want us to do. i know he is super proud of what cable heartbeats has accomplished today. gables heartbeat mission we are all about early early early early e issues. we do heart screenings that we sponsor to try and detect any child or young adults that may have an underlying heart condition they are unaware of. we also place aeds aeds aeds ae an emergency. cable heartbeats has screened about 100 kids. normally an echocardiogram is not given unless there are signs possibly of something wrong with a hard. that is why it is so important
4:49 pm
that we do the echocardiogram and the ekg for free to find something before it is too late. michael was a very loving and caring person always wanting to help people. he never had any signs that something was seriously wrong with his his his his his his hi the kids are kind of the heart and soul of the cable heartbeats. they have been involved since day one. they are actively volunteering on talking to the kids that may be scared. i know there dad is super proud. >> it is a great honor to be a part of it it it it it dad's legacy. i know if he survived that, he would want to help other people not have to go through this. >> it is a really great feeling. we want to help as many people as we can. that is so itititititit
4:50 pm
something bigger than what it was. >> for gable heartbeats to be able to sponsor these screenings it is something that is dear to my heart. i don't want another family to have to go through something we had to go through. if we can help prevent and detect a heart issue in i know we are doing the right thing. it has been a blessing to be able to have so many people believe in what we do. >> gable heartbeats foundation doing great work. >> fantastic! right now, we want to turn our attention to the weather. spencer i know we have been complaining about the pollen and the winds. what am i looking at? give it to me straight. >> understand why you are complaining because it is especially the trio pollen that allergy sufferers don't like.
4:51 pm
it is beautiful and breezy. sunny skies with wind speeds between 20-30 miles per hour in the windiest locations. overnight we will have accused few clouds. tomorrow mainly sunny sunny sun after some early morning clouds. highs will arrange for him on the mid-50s at the coast to upper 50s and low 60s around the bay shoreline to upper 60s and maybe a few low 70s and then. warmer weather is on the way. it will begin arriving saturday. from saturday through next thursday we expect in the and highs to arrange from 78-from degrees around the bay shoreline. upper 60s to low 70s early on. by midweek, mid 70s around the bay. on the coast mainly upper 60s but we will see 60-62 degrees on the coast
4:52 pm
thank you, spencer. national geographic is hosting an earth day even virtual celebration. it will feature performances by willie nelson, yo-yo ma, and ziggy marley just to name a few who will perform from places of importance to them all around the world. it will stream on the nat geo youtube channel on wednesday, april 21st. it is at 5:30 p.m. actress katie stegall is back with her own show. she is a rebel in more than just name. we have a sneak peak coming up next. - hi, i'm steve. - i'm lea. and we live in north pole, alaska. - i'm a retired art teacher. i enjoy drawing, painting. every morning we do our exercises before
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coming up on abc7news staying 19 and followed by grey's anatomy and then rebel at 10:00. stay with us for abc7news at 11. katie sagall has been on the conners but back with her own show called rebel. loosely based on erin brogovitch.
4:56 pm
sandra canyon has more. >> i bring the ceos knees. >> rebel is a character that is viable for being a woman in her 60s and doing what she is doing. so that to me is refreshing and when i read it i thought right on. >> at work she is a consumer advocate. >> brought a few folk that would have a word with you. >> andy garcia co-stars as a lawyer that is armed, rebel frequently twists to get him to fight the battles she once fought. >> we can find solace even though most of the time it is perfect comfortable. >> she works on you, andy, to convince you to do a particular case. have you ever had that in your own life where somebody close to you just worked on you and worked on you maybe to get to you do a movie and you didn't want to do it and you did it
4:57 pm
and it didn't work out? >> this television show. >> andy credits his wife with getting him to sign on. >> this was kind after perfect storm. katie and great writing at home. and i'm all in. >> katie and andy are the stars. but their part of a large cast. >> i have three different kids with three different husband and i try not to judge. >> a messy mess and messy group. >> make rebel more com perking. >> i am giving you one last chance to do the quietly before i get loud. >> you will want to check out katie sagall called rebel premiering at 10:00 right here on ab c 17 followed by ab c 7 news at 11:00. it is great to see her back. you can get our like newscast and breaking news and weather and more with our new ab c 7 weather app on apple tv
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it's okay that you don't want to be first: you aren't. second covid vaccine. it's okay to have questions: everyone deserves answers. i'm wary that there isn't enough information. it's okay to be excited, or worried, or both. it's alright for it to take whatever it takes for you to be ready. hi mom, ready for your shot? yes, i've been waiting for this day. we just got what? vaccinated. we just got vaccinated! let's get you there. let's get to immunity.
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next at 5:00. a bay area mayor accused of sexual assault. what we are learning about years of sexual assault and the calls for him to step down. the growing drought raising concerns about a fire season. the governor spending half a billion dollars on fire prevention. perfect timing. the people that got a johnson & johnson vaccine before it becomes hard to get. >> the line designed by students of cal and how it is helping people in realtime. the music man. how some beloved jazz helped him beat covid. building a better bay area and moving forward and finding solutions.


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