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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 8, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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yet. >> oh, yes. >> i love the elephant. >> different experience. >> good morning, america. the new wave. a highly contagious uk variant now the new dominant covid strain spreading across the united states which is believed to be more deadly. this morning, growing fears that it could be fueling another surge as five hard hit states including florida account for almost half of the new cases in the u.s. this morning, inside a hard-hit hospital icu with the healthcare workers still fighting after more than a year. george floyd's own words taking center stage at derek chauvin's trial. the arguments over what he really said while he was being pinned down and the debate over the drugs found at the scene. taking on gun violence. president biden set to announce his first gun safety measures in the wake of those recent mass shootings. now the propos rule to stop
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the rise of so-called "ghost guns" using his executive powers. explosive fire overnight. the ohio paint factory up in flames, still burning at this hour. right now, the search for the missing and the investigation under way. tiger's high-speed crash. what the car's black box revealed about the moments before the horrific accident. how fast was the golf great driving as we get the first look at the full report, what was found at the scene and new details about the extent of tiger's injuries. wrongful arrest. >> help, help. >> newly released polic body camera footage showing los angeles police responding to a a black man into custody in front of his home. >> what are you doing? >> this morning, what he and his girlfriend are telling "gma" about the incident as they sue the city of los angeles. severe weather wreaking havoc in the south overnight. at least three reported twisters in louisiana. this morning, the tornado
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warnings for the gulf coast and the dangerous new storm on the move. and heartbreak for the hannas. the beloved animal expert who brought the wild into our living rooms. >> hi, everybody, i'm jack hanna. >> now battling dementia. what his family is sharing about jungle jack's fight this morning. and good morning, america. we are all thinking about our friend, jack hanna this morning. what a man he's been. we'll have a lot more on that coming up. but we begin with our top story, the fight against the pandemic. right now, about 110 million americans have received at least one dose of the vaccine. that is over 42% of the adult population. >> but there are new concerns this morning about the contagious uk variant which the cdc says is now the dominant source of infections and its victims are younger than before. >> according to the cdc, five states are now accounting for almost half of the new cases in the u.s. one of those states is florida and erielle reshef joins us from
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miami -- from a miami vaccination site with the very latest. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning to you, michael. florida now has the most confirmed cases of that concerning uk variant, surpassing 3,000. we're here at this mass vaccination site, one of the busiest in the state. if you take a look at our drone cam, you can see the lines have already been forming. people here as early as 3:00 a.m. eager to get that shot. experts say it is a race against time to stop these variants and stop the spread. this morning, the cdc saying as predicted months ago, the highly contagious variant of covid, b.1.1.7, also known as the uk variant, is now the most dominant strain of the virus spreading here in the u.s. the cdc saying while vaccines are effective in fighting it, the variant which is believed to be more deadly could be fueling what some experts fear could be the start of a new surge. experts saying lifted covid-19 restrictions and increased travel also to blame. >> the virus still has hold on
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us, infecting people and putting them in harm's way and we need to remain vigilant. >> reporter: and like all the prior variants, experts warn b.1.1.7 can also infect children and unvaccinated adults. >> it's been estimated to be between 50% and 100% more infectious than the previous strains of virus. >> reporter: according to authorities at one wisconsin day care at least 16 children age 6 and under tested positive for the uk variant this week, along with five daycare workers and 14 of their family members. >> i think we were kind of all stunned by the news. >> reporter: the cdc saying five states are now accounting for almost half of the new cases in the u.s. >> i'm going to take you inside and show you how we care for our patients. >> reporter: one of those states is florida. icu nurse jesse bozill giving an inside look at a covid-19 unit in penbrook pines. >> all of our patients are here on the ventilators. >> reporter: now more than a year after it was first declared
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a global pandemic, frontline workers still pushed to the brink fighting the deadly virus. >> we're beyond tired. we are exhausted. >> reporter: 38 states have now opened vaccine eligibility to people 16 and older and despite the rise in cases the cdc says deaths are down 20% likely due to the vaccine. amy? >> all right, erielle, thank you so much. let's bring in dr. ashish jha, dean of the brown university school of public health. dr. jha, thanks for being with us. yes, now we know the uk variant is the most common source of the virus here in the united states, and what are you anticipating in the weeks ahead? is it possible, can we actually vaccinate our way out of this? >> yes, so good morning, thank you for having me on. it's going to be tough. this was predicted. we expected the uk variant to become dominant. and we're doing a great job on vaccinations, but vaccinations alone are going to be difficult to manage this pandemic. it would be helpful to have some public health restrictions still for a few more weeks. i think by the time we get into
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may we'll be in much better shape, but the next few weeks are going to be pretty tough. >> something especially troubling especially to parents is hearing this news that younger people, even children, may be more affected by this uk variant. what can you tell us about what this is doing in our younger population and how concerned should we be? >> yeah, so, it's more contagious for everybody, but the good news is we have managed to vaccinate a large chunk of older americans. that's terrific. it's what's leading to fewer hospitalizations and deaths, but that means that this pandemic is now starting to really rage among young people, including children. this is why we got to keep going, keep going on vaccinations and keep going on public health measures until we get this under control. >> you said, dr. jha, a few weeks ago that you believed that we were possibly going to avoid another surge. we always talk about these surges. do you still believe that? do you believe that the worst of the pandemic is behind us at this point? >> yeah, there's no doubt in my mind the worst of the pandemic, the horrible days of december
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and january, so many hospitalizations, so many deaths every day, i do believe that's behind us largely because we vaccinated so many high-risk people. we may still see a surge in cases and we may see a lot of young people get hospitalized and sick, and unfortunately some of them will die. but i don't think we'll get back to december, thank goodness, and we just got to keep going on preventing as many infections and hospitalizations as we can. >> i want to talk about that astrazeneca vaccine, because european health officials saying there is a possible link between that vaccine and a rare and potentially deadly blood clotting. do you expect that the u.s. will authorize that vaccine usage here, and do we need it? >> yeah, two good questions. first of all, it's a very rare side effect. we use lots of medicines that have side effects that are just as serious all the time, and so i wouldn't let that side effect slow me down if i were in a country where this vaccine was authorized. in terms of whether we need it or not, we have three other vaccines that are highly effective and very safe. so i think the fda will take a
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long, hard look at this and decide whether it makes sense for americans to have a fourth one or whether we can make due with the three that we have. >> dr. jha, always a pleasure to have you on. we appreciate your time today. >> thank you. >> michael? >> thank you, amy. now to the latest in the trial of derek chauvin. that dramatic audio of george floyd playing out in court and the moments right before he lost consciousness. the defense also raising questions about drug use based on new forensic evidence. alex perez is at the courthouse in minneapolis. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, michael. a lot of legal sparring happening here in court. the prosecution trying to get ahead of the defense who's arguing it was drugs and health problems that killed george floyd. forensic investigators testifying as prosecutors show the jury images of items recovered from the scene. their initial report did not include pills later found in the backseat of the police squad car and in the center console of floyd's vehicle.
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tests confirming those pills contained methamphetamine and fentanyl. the defense arguing floyd spit them out in his tussle with police. >> the swab collected from that pill i contained a single source male dna profile that matches george floyd. >> reporter: chauvin's lawyer trying to use the match to bolster their claim it was the drugs in floyd's system that killed him. the defense also zeroing in on some of george floyd's last words while chauvin was pinning him down and playing this clip from body cam video for the state's lead investigator, special agent james reyerson. >> did you hear that? >> yes, i did. >> did it appear that mr. floyd said, i ate too many drugs? >> yes, it did. >> reporter: but the prosecutor not buying the argument, playing an earlier more extended portion of that same tape for the investigator who then had a different answer. >> having heard it in context, are you able to tell what mr. floyd was saying there?
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>> yes, i believe mr. floyd was saying i ain't do no drugs. >> reporter: 11 current and former members of law enforcement have now testified against chauvin, including use of force expert lapd sergeant jody stiger who reviewed all of the videos and determined floyd posed no threat once he was handcuffed and on the ground, telling jurors chauvin should have reduced force. >> you could see that mr. floyd's -- his health was deteriorating. therefore, you have responsibility to take some type of action. >> reporter: and we could learn today if the man who was in the car with george floyd when the incident began will testify. he's threatened to invoke fifth amendment rights on grounds that testifying could incriminate him. the judge is expected to hear more on this later this morning. george? >> okay, alex, thanks. we go to the white house now where president biden is taking on the issue of gun violence set to roll out a number of safety measures today after this new spate of mass
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shootings. chief white house correspondent cecilia vega has the details. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hi, george, good morning to you. te white house has been under increasing pressure to do more on guns in the wake of those mass shootings. officials say real gun control will have to come in the form of legislation on capitol hill. that's not what they're doing here today. they're not releasing many specifics. we know the president is expected to sign a series, half dozen or so of executive actions, including one that has to do with these so-called ghost guns. these don't have serial numbers. they're sold in home kits or they can be assembled at home. they're not subject to background checks. the white house wants the justice department to issue a proposed rule that would curb the proliferation of these guns. the administration also wants to regulate what's being called a stabilizing brace. these are accessories that can turn a pistol into a short barrel rifle. the president, george, is also expected to nominate a gun control advocate to run the atf,
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david chipman. the president has promised gun control legislation would be a day one priority, george. that hasn't happened yet. the white house, though, is calling these initial first steps. >> part of the reason they're doing that these measures that are being announced today while they may do some good are limited and the chances of getting more far-reaching legislation from congress still quite dim. >> reporter: yeah, that's the reality check on this. and, look, the orders that are being proposed are likely to be held up in court and republicans are already speaking out about them. but, look, gun control measures that on capitol hill that passed in the house are currently stalled. the democrats just don't have the votes to move this forward right now, george. > cecilia vega, thanks very much. amy? >> all right george, thank you. turning to that explosion overnight at an ohio paint factory. trevor ault has the latest on this massive fire and the investigation under way. >> sounded like maybe some kind of explosion. >> reporter: overnight, first responders searching for victims after an explosion at a paint factory in ohio. >> we see the flames. we're in the fairgrounds now. >> reporter: the moment the columbus building exploded caught on camera from a nearby home. >> looks like there are injured
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people out here. >> reporter: rescue teams arriving on the scene, finding injured employees evacuating the building. eight people now being treated for injuries this morning. >> because of the explosion, the rooms structurally were damaged and we had to go through fallen ceiling and, you know, furniture that had been blown across the room. but we had a couple companies get in there and they did a thorough search and were not able to find anybody. >> reporter: one person still missing as the flames continue to burn. and a hazmat crew has responded to the scene because of potentially hazardous chemicals inside the building. investigators still haven't determined the cause of the explosion. george? >> trevor ault, thanks. new revelations now about the car crash that left tiger woods severely injured. authorities say woods was driving nearly twice the speed limit, more than 80 miles an hour, and matt gutman has the latest. >> the return to glory. >> reporter: this morning, those new details six weeks after tiger woods' nearly fatal car accident. police releasing the full report. concluding speed caused woods to
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lose control of that suv. >> the primary causal factor for this traffic collision was driving at a speed unsafe for the road conditions and the inability to negotiate the curve of the roadway. >> reporter: the report reveals woods did not appear to be driving erratically, seen in footage appropriately using his blinker, merging at lanes at comparable speeds. that changed on hawthorne boulevard. the investigation revealed he speeded up to 87 miles per hour in a 45-mile-per-hour zone and the car's so-called black box revealing tiger woods never touched the brakes, instead slamming all the way down on the gas pedal. >> it is speculated and believed that tiger woods inadvertently hit the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal causing the rating on the accelerator. >> reporter: the four collision points as woods' vehicle went rocketing over a median across the road through brush then slamming into a tree at 75 miles
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an hour. first responders say they used an axe and pry bar to yank woods out the windshield and pull him to safety. the police report feeling woods had lacerations or bruising on his head, nose and chin and an open fracture on his right leg leading to emergency surgery. police are calling woods' driving unsafe, but did not cite him for speeding, and they've ruled out impairment. >> there was no odor of alcohol. there were no open containers in the vehicle and there were no narcotics or any evidence of medication in the vehicle or on his person. >> reporter: the police report did note that investigators found a backpack in the brush next to the crash and in the front pocket was an empty plastic pharmaceutical container. the container had no label and there was no indication as to what, if anything, had been inside. police said they didn't do a toxicology report to check for presence of drugs because they
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said there were no signs of impairment. tiger woods tweeting his thanks to first responders for helping me so expertly at the scene and getting me safely to the hospital. he said he is now focused on his recovery and his family. george? >> okay, matt, thanks very much. let's bring in our chief legal analyst dan abrams. dan, this is kind of a head scratcher to me. 84 to 87 miles an hour in a 45-mile-per-hour zone. why no punishment? >> some people will be surprised to hear that that's actually standard operating procedure when you don't have a police witness or an eyewitness. meaning, if they had clocked him on radar going that speed, i don't think there's any question that he would be getting at least a ticket here. if there had been injuries apart from his, i think you'd probably talk about something further here. but without injuries, without the police having been there, et cetera, it's not unusual at all to see no ramifications in a
7:17 am
case like this apart from, you know, i assume increased insurance premiums, but certainly not with regard to police activity. >> now, this was a confidential report by law but woods' team gave permission to make it public. why do you think that is? >> i think they wanted to make it clear that this was speed and it wasn't related to any intoxicants. i think that he wanted to rule out in the court of public opinion any sense that there might have been alcohol or drugs involved and the authorities coming out and saying that there was no evidence of that whatsoever i think was the goal for tiger woods in releasing this and trying to put this behind him. >> dan abrams, thanks very much. a lot more coming up on "gma" including this just released body cam footage of a black man arrested without explanation by police as he was taking out the trash in front of his own home. they're now speaking out. and the new travel warnings with bookings on the rise. first let's go to ginger.
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>> hey, good morning, amy. this cold front responsible for 46 severe reports from texas to wisconsin. the video you're seeing there is from louisiana. that would be a potential tornado. that was not just the three tornado reports, but of the 46 severe reports there were actually most of them, many of them damaging wind. today from new orleans to atlanta and even to toledo a chance for a general thunderstorm. but by tomorrow, we see the atmosphere really dig in, a trailing warm front attached to another system that's going push and get the atmosphere fired up and lifted anywhere from dallas to jackson. let's get those rainy cities now, sponsored by ancestry.
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if your financial situation has changed, we may be able to help. building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. >> at morning, i'm reggie aqui um abc7 morningstar alameda county is opening up vaccinations to 16 and up residence, but only in certain areas. the counties selected 12 zip codes that have been hit hardest by the pandemic, and they include areas in oakland, hayward, san leandro, and san lorenzo. you can find a full list of the chosen zip codes on our website, by the way, all california residents 16 and up will be eligible in one week. divina? good morning, bringing up live picture from the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see, the backup is not very bad. traffic has really improved so far this morning, bringing you a live picture here in san
7:24 am
jose, showing off 101. very clear at the limit and an overall view of the bay area here, our slowest plaintiff coming out of tracy, and the fog we were following in the
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the lack of clouds this morning means there's michael eye mites from 34 in santa rosa to nearly 15 oakland and also in hayward. some areas, you definitely need to dress warm in the north and south they. a lot of clouds residing, quickly dissipating. this afternoon, small craft advisory to north-south bridges, going to have a little bit of a crosswind. air quality will remain healthy through at least saturday. that is when temperatures start to take off after our coolest day tomorrow. reggie? thank you for coming up in gma, newly released body cam video of a black man arrested by two police officers as he was taking out the trash in
7:27 am
front of his home. he is talking this morning. another abc7 update in about 30 minutes. you can always find us on great party carly you must of blown your budget. not exactly. you have great wine name brand snacks tons of meat, and where did you get this imported cheese? hello? grocery outlet bargain market. oh, more bubbles? more bubbles for less benjamins our amazing 20% off wine sael is going on now until april 13th at your neighborhood grocery outlet
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with 24-hour test drives and a full 30 days to return and get your money back. the way it should be. carmax. ♪ welcome back to "gma." amy is getting her groove on, taylor swift performing "love story" right here in times square. can you believe it, almost a decade ago? >> wow. i know my daughters were there and they were so little. i remember that day. >> so were mine. that was such a big day in our house. that was huge. >> bringing back memories. look at these smiles. when they were babies. >> takes you right back. >> takes you right back. this morning, we are excited because taylor has a big exclusive for us. that's coming up in our next hour. >> that was such a happy day at "gma." >> it really was. following a lot of headlines. the u.s. now vaccinating an
7:31 am
average of 3 million a day as the cdc warning that the contagious uk variant is now the dominant source of new infections in the country. health officials are finding a possible link between the astrazeneca vaccine and rare blood clots especially in young people. also right now, the big debate between republicans and democrats over president biden's american jobs plan. how he plans to pay for it is the big question. he wants to increase the corporate tax rate. the president says he's open to debate but will not be open to doing nothing. inaction he says is simply not an option. two people sitting next to me are looking forward to this, the masters tee off today. golf fans gearing up for the first round of the first major tournament of the year and dustin johnson is gearing up for a possible back-to-back champion title. i have to listen to these two talk about golf all morning long and i zone out. >> lee elder is going to be the honorary leadoff. >> great. you wearing the green tie this morning. >> yes, wearing the green tie not for the masters.
7:32 am
>> we do have a lot more ahead as many are booking travel, we have the new warning about online schemes to get your money and personal information and, of course, we have that news about our friend jack hanna, what his family is saying about his dementia diagnosis, so much more on our dear friend, jack, coming up, michael. >> thank you, amy. we continue with that newly released body camera footage of los angeles police arresting a black man who simply is taking out the trash. t.j. holmes talked to antone austin and his girlfriend about the incident. he joins us now with more. >> good morning, stra and add now to the lexicon of hashtags, taking out the trash while black. we're about to show you video of an incident that took place nearly two years ago but only seeing it now as part of a racial profiling lawsuit against the lapd. many parts of this you will find disturbing and chilling to hear police admit as they're arresting this man that we don't know who we're looking for. >> help, help.
7:33 am
>> reporter: you're hearing the desperate screams of antone austin, a black man simply taking out his trash when two los angeles police officers approached to arrest him. >> relax. >> reporter: this newly released body cam footage shows part of the disturbing incident from may of 2019 responding to a domestic violence call. >> have your hands on me for no reason. >> reporter: they spot him from their vehicle taking out his trash and listen as they decide to approach him. >> roger, this dude? >> probably. >> turn around because i told you to. turn around. >> what are you doing? i live here. >> we got a call. >> okay, man, i don't know who i'm looking for yet. turn around, man. what is your problem, dude? >> reporter: you hear the officer admit he doesn't have a suspect description but continues to arrest austin who continues to question the police. tensions rise. >> shut up. what are you doing? >> reporter: austin yells for help. his girlfriend says she heard
7:34 am
austin's screams from the shower and rushed outside trying to intervene and ends up in the struggle and is disrobed in the process. >> stop. >> for what? what are you taking him in for? >> reporter: both were arrested. the couple is now suing the city of los angeles. >> what was your reaction once you went back and actually saw it all play out and you got to actually hear the officers in the car before they got out? >> in your mind you want to say this happened because i'm black and you don't want to be that petty. you don't want to believe that. people's thinking is really that low of a scale, right, and then when you watch the footage and hear the guy in the car like the girl in the 911 call told them to go to a restaurant that was three blocks away from my house. >> reporter: austin's neighbor who initially made that call about her ex-boyfriend did not give a description of him to the dispatcher. that neighbor can be seen in the video telling the officers austin was not the man she called about but they continue
7:35 am
to the arrest. the attorney for austin calls this a clear case of racial profiling. >> police should not immediately think this person is a criminal and, unfortunately, that's exactly what the lapd did. >> reporter: neither los angeles police nor city attorneys are commenting to abc news. austin fought for the release of this footage and says he's relieved the public now gets to see what he went through. >> it's crazy that they can just convict you and they're supposed to be there as mediator, there to serve, protect, find out what's going on. you know, they in their minds are the judge and jury and they're going to convict you on the spot based on what you look like. it's really eye opening, you know. it changed the way i look at a lot of things. >> reporter: the city of los angeles did fight the release of that video saying it would have a chilling effect on investigations, police investigations down the road and it was against policy. antone and his girlfriend have moved from that neighborhood and seeking $3 million in damages but they also simply want an
7:36 am
apology which they have not got and, guys, one other thing, their attorney says that the suspect, the police were actually after, was a white male. >> bo, can you see why they didn't want that tape out. amazing. >> that's why body cams are so important for a lot of reasons but that is a very specific one. >> exactly. makes you shake your head. >> thank you, t.j. we move on now to that travel alert as more americans take to the skies, the new warning from the better business bureau about websites preying on people making those plans. transportation correspondent gio benitez is at laguardia airport with those details. good morning, gio. >> reporter: amy, good morning. the better business bureau is telling us that they're seeing more of these websites and they're sounding the alarm because your information could be at risk. this morning, as millions take to the skies with more and more people traveling, an urgent warning from the better business bureau saying some fraudulent websites are either impersonating government websites or are claiming to process your tsa precheck or global entry applications only to instead access your personal
7:37 am
information and money. >> the bbb has noticed a real uptick in government impostor sites that look like global entry or one of the other trusted programs. >> reporter: tsa precheck lets you go through shorter and faster security lines. global entry expedites border crossings when traveling internationally. both programs are managed by the department of homeland security. but according to the bbb, the problematic websites on line are charging top dollar to allegedly help process your applications, only to not follow through with it. >> one of the most dangerous parts of this scam the information you have to share in order to get a global entry pass is everything that a scammer needs for identity theft. your name, your address, your birth date, your social security number, even your passport number. >> reporter: diane herrera says she went to one of those websites which she thought was real.
7:38 am
the website says in several places that they are a private company. but take a look at global entry's official website on the left and the website she visited on the right. they look similar. >> i design websites for a living. everything was very convincing. >> reporter: she says she paid $230 and handed over five years' worth of her personal information like former addresses and employers. but later she discovered the website simply disappeared. she says she still hasn't gotten her money back. >> basically they have all my information so they can open any credit card they want, can make transactions with my name. >> reporter: and officials say giving that information to a third party really puts you at risk so they urge you to go through the official dhs website to sign up for these programs, amy. >> that's so frightening. there are several government sites that will get you there officially. >> yeah, you could use the tsa website, but that application will always live on so look for the dot gov address.
7:39 am
when you're signing up for this. it's the trusted traveler program, that's what you want to look for, and you can use that application to sign up for an in-person interview and make an appointment. >> dot gov, very important to remember. coming up next, jack hanna's new fight. why our beloved friend is retiring from public life.
7:40 am
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we are back with sad news about our friend jack hanna.
7:43 am
the family of the director of the columbus zoo revealed he's been diagnosed with dementia and will no longer take part in public life. deborah roberts is here with the details. good morning, deb. >> reporter: good morning, george. yes, this is a sobering reality for a man who really personified joy and knowledge and passion. jack hanna essentially taking his final public bow after four decades of making animal lovers out of so many of us, captivating us with a never-ending parade of unusual guests. >> hi, everybody, i'm jack hanna coming to you from the columbus zoo. >> reporter: with his love of animals, infectious personality, and those signature khakis and matching safari hat, jack hanna became a star and warrior in the fight for wildlife conservation for more than 40 years. now, the 74-year-old in a different kind of fight, dementia, which may have progressed to alzheimer's disease. the family releasing a statement to abc news saying, his
7:44 am
condition has progressed much faster in the last few months than any of us could have anticipated. sadly dad is no longer able to participate in public life as he used to. hanna now joining more than 6 million americans living with alzheimer's, a number projected to double in the next three decades. named director of the columbus zoo in 1978 jungle jack hanna with his menagerie of animal ambassadors became a staple on late night and daytime tv. his easy rapport leading to his own shows including "animal adventures," "into the wild" and "wild countdown" and it all started right here on "good morning america." in jack's first tv appearance in 1983, he showed the first twin gorillas born in human care in the western hemisphere. >> they're doing real good. >> reporter: it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. >> you did notice there is something on the back of your neck. >> reporter: jack hanna never disappointing.
7:45 am
>> don't move. >> they mark their territory by urinating. that's why you have a hat on. >> are you kidding me? >> they also carry certain diseases that -- >> well timed, jack. >> reporter: sharing his passion for wildlife with all of us. >> i hope you enjoyed seeing the world through the eyes of animals. it's an amazing perspective. >> reporter: so many families realizing now what it is to cope with this disease including my own. but many of them also managing to find joy in this journey, hanna's family talking about his trademark humor is still there and he still likes to wear his khakis, guys. >> i'm sure. he lit up this studio every time he was here. >> every time. joy, perfect way to describe what he brought every day to us. >> absolutely. dr. jen will join us in our next hour with more about dementia. >> and make sure you guys stay right there. coming up we have our "play of the day."
7:46 am
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7:50 am
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7:54 am
deck seeing at least pea size drop there. flash flood threat. there are some warnings up. when you get this type of spring thunderstorms those drops the farther south you are can just be giant so look for some of that, three to four inches in some of the target areas right down to the panhandle but even parts of michigan will pick up rain. coming up, some serious star power. katey sagal and john stamos joining us to talk about their new shows and then our ultimate pasta week continues. the secret to
7:55 am
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7:56 am
building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> good morning, i'm reggie aqui from abc7 mornings. we will start with a look at the traffic. hi, jobina. >> good morning, we have an alert in denver to and right now, outside of fairfield. a big rig has overturned. there is feel across the roadway. this is west town 12, before denver 10 road. moving to a live look at the bridge, that is very slow until you get about halfway if you are traveling westbound toward the north bay. lastly, wrapping up with a live picture sowing the san mateo bridge, busy as you make your way toward the peninsula, mike? thank you, jobina. most conditions will be very nice for outdoor activities. good morning, everybody. everyb
7:57 am
the only issue will be the pollen out there, once again. uv index running high to very high. temperatures a little bit more mild away from the coast, stuck in the 50s there, low to mid 60's around the bay, upper 60s to low 70s inland. will is tomorrow, warmest starting saturday. thank you. coming up, gma singer and youtube star opens up about coming out. her message about why majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the highly contagious uk variant now the new dominant covid strain spreading across the u.s. this morning, growing fears that it could be fueling another surge as five hard-hit states including florida account for almost half of the new cases in the country. george floyd's own words taking center stage at derek chauvin's trial. the arguments over what he really said while he was being pinned down and the debate over the drugs found at the scene. beloved wildlife expert jack hanna now one of millions fighting dementia. this morning, the early signs to look for and how to handle the dsease as a family. superstar jojo siwa's coming out -- >> i think it's the first time i felt so personally happy.
8:01 am
>> this morning, her game-changing message for the lgbtq community. ♪ you need to calm down ♪ never fear, taylor swift is here. >> good morning, america. it's taylor. >> the pop superstar sharing an exclusive first listen to her brand-new album dropping in just hours. ♪ miss independence ♪ from "married with children." >> you are not going anywhere. >> to "sons of anarchy." >> i can't say i'm surprised. >> now katey sagal is a rebel with a cause. >> now call me rebel. >> rebel. >> rebel. >> that's right and rebel joins us live. ♪ and welcome to my house ♪ and john stamos is in our house. he's calling the shots in his slam dunk new show -- >> we're just getting started. >> and he's saying -- >> good morning, america. ♪ welcome to my house ♪ and good morning, america. great to be with you on this very busy thursday morning. we are very much looking forward to that sneak peek from taylor swift. plus, we've got john stamos, katey sagal. very cool.
8:02 am
>> you know, speaking of katey sagal, since it's thursday, we got an amazing throwback of someone who channeled the actress a couple of years ago on halloween. now, who would that be? [ laughter ] >> i had way too much fun with this. i think this was my favorite halloween costume ever, peg bundy. i hope she appreciates it. >> i'm sure she does. i loved that show. >> that's all coming up. a lot of news as well. we begin with the fight against the pandemic. right now about 110 million americans have received at least one dose of the vaccine. that's over 42% of the adult population but there are new concerns this morning about the contagious uk variant which the cdc says is now the dominant source of infections. we want to go back to erielle reshef in miami at a mass vaccination site. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning, again, george. florida is the state that has the most confirmed cases of that concerning uk variant now surpassing 3,000. we're here at this mass
8:03 am
vaccination site, one of the busiest in the state. if you take a look from our drone cam we've seen people arriving here as early as 3:00 a.m. and the crowds growing since 7:00 a.m. and we know that experts are saying these vaccines are key to stopping the variant. this morning, the cdc saying five states are now accounting for almost half of the new cases of covid-19 in the u.s. one of those states is florida. icu nurse jesse bozill giving an inside look into a covid-19 unit in penbrook pines. >> all of our patients are here on the ventilators. >> reporter: the highly contagious variant of covid, b.1.1.7, also known as the uk variant, is now the most dominant strain of the virus spreading here in the u.s. >> the virus still has hold on us infecting people and putting them in harm's way and we need to remain vigilant. >> reporter: according to authorities at one wisconsin day care, at least 16 children age 6 and under tested positive for the uk variant this week, along with five daycare workers and 14 of their family members.
8:04 am
earlier this morning, amy speaking to dr. ashish jha about the variant and children. >> it's more contagious for everybody. but the good news is we have managed to vaccinate a large chunk of older americans. that's terrific. it's what's leading to fewer hospitalizations and deaths but that means that this pandemic is now starting to really rage among young people including children. this is why we got to keep going, keep going on vaccinations and keep going on public health measures until we get this under control. >> reporter: and experts say that the vaccines are effective against the uk variant. you heard dr. jha there saying that the darkest days of this pandemic may be behind us, but we have to get more people vaccinated and we have to stay vigilant. michael? >> we sure hope they are, erielle. thank you so much. and now to the latest in the trial of derek chauvin. the defense raising questions about george floyd and drug use. let's go back to alex perez with more at the courthouse in minneapolis. good morning again, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning,
8:05 am
once again, michael. the trial just resumed. the prosecution has called a medical expert to the stand, a pulmonary doctor who focuses on breathing. >> have you formed an opinion on the cause of mr. floyd's death. >> yes, i have. >> would you please the jury what that opinion or opinions is? >> mr. floyd died from a low level of oxygen and this caused damage to his brain that we see and it also caused -- that caused his heart to stop. >> images of items recovered from the scene. the initial report didn't include pills in the center
8:06 am
tests confirming those pills contained methamphetamine and fentanyl. the defense arguing floyd spit them out in his tussle with police. >> the swab collected from that pill, i obtained a single source male dna profile that matches george floyd. >> reporter: chauvin's lawyer trying to use the match to bolster their claim that it was the drugs in floyd's system that killed him. the prosecution is expected to call other medical experts including the medical examiner at some point. michael? >> all right, thank you, alex. we are covering all the latest on the trial. watch our streaming channel, abc newslive starting this morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern. amy? well, coming up next on "gma," jojo siwa getting candid about coming out. why this is the happiest she's ever been and what she wants to say to all of her supporters out there. and tory johnson bringing some incredible "deals & steals." everything this morning is $20 or less. and our ultimate pasta week is taking on vodka sauce. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ shake it for me girl ♪ welcome back to "gma" on this thursday morning. tomorrow on "gma" you're hearing him there, luke bryan will join us live with the latest on "american idol" and he also, i love this, will bring us a very special performance. exciting. >> that's going to be great. now it's great because it's time for "pop news" with lara. hey, lara. >> hey, good morning to you, guys. we're going to begin with taylor swift. as her fans gear up for the release of "fearless: taylor's version," we have the first clip
8:12 am
of her title track along with a special message from taylor herself. take a look. >> good morning, america. it's taylor. i just wanted to say first of all you guys have been so supportive at "good morning america" since day one of this entire process of me re-recording my music. and i'm so ecstatic that my album "fearless: taylor's version" will be out tonight. it's crazy that it's finally here. i wanted to give you guys as a thank you an exclusive first glimpse of one of the songs on the album. the title track, "fearless: taylor's version." >> so now without further ado, here's taylor with "fearless: taylor's version," listen up. ♪ i don't know how it gets better than this ♪ ♪ you take my hand and drive me head first fearless ♪ ♪ and nice to know why with you i dance in a storm in my best dress fearless ♪ >> like taylor just told us, that song "fearless: taylor's version" and album by the same
8:13 am
name dropping tonight at midnight. the perfect way to head into the weekend. riva, all of us, so very excited. also this morning, amanda gorman, the 23-year-old poet who dazzled with her words at the presidential inauguration is "vogue" magazine's next cover star. shot by the one and only annie leibovitz gorman will appear on the may issue of "vogue." inside is interviewed about her rise to fame and incredible journey. gorman says, quote, i've learned it's okay to be afraid and what's more, it's okay to seek greatness and she sure has found it. gorman's book, "the hill we climb" debuted number one on "usa today's" best-seller list, historic first for a book of poetry. if you want to read more from amanda, pick up the may issue of "vogue" on newsstands on may 20th.
8:14 am
it's shaq the softy. listen to this, you guys, the nba legend happened to be shopping at a jewelry shop in atlanta when he overheard a younger man who was also at the store asking about whether he could do a layaway plan to buy an engagement ring. that's when shaq jumped in, handing over his credit card to the store clerk, saying to charge him for the full price of the ring. shaq did not disclose the price he paid. and he told the young man, don't worry about it. i got it. it's my pleasure saying, quote, i'm just trying to make people smile. well, he sure did. what a nice gesture from shaq. we love you, shaq, and i will send it back to you guys in the studio. riva, out. >> that makes you smile. >> big smile. >> i mean, a big guy with a big heart. >> yeah. >> got to love shaq. now we'll turn to our "gma" cover story. jojo siwa, the singer and youtube star recently made headlines when she came out as a member of the lgbtq community. now she's opening up to "people" magazine about her decision to come out and the response she didn't expect. will reeve has her story. hey, will. >> reporter: hey, michael, good
8:15 am
morning. jojo siwa is living her best life. she's a role model to millions. she's got a girlfriend and says she's never been so personally happy. she gets into that and a whole lot more in her interview with "people" magazine. take a look. ♪ it's time to celebrate ♪ >> reporter: she's the bubbly and glittery 17-year-old singer, dancer and youtube superstar, jojo siwa. opening up for the first time about coming out lgbtq. >> i knew since i was little. you can ask anyone in my family. i never ever would have said like i am straight. i only like boys. all right. i found my human and my human's a girl. i was like all right. now it's time to come out. let's do it. >> reporter: siwa came out like any social media star might, over a series of posts on tiktok, twitter and instagram declaring her love for her 18-year-old girlfriend kylie. >> never mattered to her what the internet thought about us and which is really nice.
8:16 am
it's really nice to have somebody like that. >> never before has someone with such a massively young fan base publicly identified as lgbtq. >> jojo's coming out is a game-changing moment in the culture of our country because more young people today than ever before identify as lgbtq. >> reporter: jojo shying away from labels right now. >> technically i would say that i am pansexual because that's how i have always een my whole life is just like my human is my human, but you know i still really don't have a final answer on that. >> young people today often defy labeling. their orientation or their gender identity, they love who they love and they present how they want to present. >> i think it's the first time that i've felt so personally happy. like my career has always made me super happy. performing has made me super happy. but for the first time personally i am like, whoa, happiness, it's so cool. it's so awesome. >> reporter: jojo did tell
8:17 am
"people" magazine that she did google herself after coming out ad was surprised to receive some negative comments. she said she couldn't sleep for three days, but then realized, quote, i don't want people to watch my videos or buy my merchandise if they aren't going to support not only me but the lgbtq community. for more video go to michael? >> all right, happy for her and, will, never google yourself, ever. >> no, definitely not. >> just make sure you know that. okay. george? we want to talk more now about our friend jack hanna. jack's family announced he has dementia and alzheimer's disease and dr. jen ashton is here to answer our questions about that. and, jen, let's start out by talking about this path from dementia to alzheimer's. >> well, first of all, dementia, there can be multiple types. alzheimer's is the most common. it tends to be a diagnosis of exclusion if the other types aren't at play. but if you take a look at these brain images i think it really speaks to what's going on in the
8:18 am
brain. you see on the left a healthy brain. then in the early stages of alzheimer's disease you start to see a shrinking or atrophy, and then as the disease progresses, you see a marked loss in what we call gray matter. this is important not just for memories and cognitive function but for overall function as well. >> one thing his family said his condition progressed much more quickly than they expected. is that common? >> it's not common. most cases of alzheimer's actually progress more gradually and more slowly. but, of course, there are always exceptions and individual differences. you know, people can have a life expectancy from 3 to 20 years after an official diagnosis. but i think it's important for also people to remember the signs and symptoms that could be warning signs. so they include things like memory loss or trouble with what we call activities of daily living, could have mood and personality changes or increased
8:19 am
anxiety and/or aggression. so if the person or those around him or her start to notice these things, it's always a good idea to get a formal evaluation. >> so many people suffering from this have so much distress. how do caregivers help them deal with that? >> yeah, big focus on caregivers. there are about 16 million of them in the united states and the key for them, because they're often thrust into this environment is to set a routine, to try to stick to a schedule, to ask for support and professional help and remember, self-care for the caregiver is essential. they won't be able to help the person suffering with the disease if they're not helping themselves. and just finally, on a personal level, of course, jack, a big part of the "gma" family. i've had the pleasure and honor of meeting him several times over the last ten years and sending him and his family all my best wishes. >> yeah, we certainly all are. jen ashton, thanks very much. ginger? thank you, george. i have to go ahead and take you
8:20 am
straight to iceland. they've had thousands of earthquakes and a lot of activity with one volcanic explosion, a bunch of fissures that have broken out, really stunning to see that contrast from the snowy peaks to that bubbling lava. so we wanted to share that with you. then you go to falcon, colorado, where you had a really decent-looking dust devil, right. dust devils do not form like a tornado. don't have a parent thunderstorm. just with the contrast of temperature and the rotation starts up and it grabs the dust there. and we're going to see more dry for sure. relatively humidities could be down as low as 5%, red flag warnings from far west, texas, to nebraska, into eastern montana, and wind gusts could go up to 50 miles per hour. that fire danger is up. so please be ware. let's good morning. check out this beautiful shot from our exploratory him, showing the faster sunshine will lead to milder highs
8:21 am
today. still pretty breezy, april showers lagging in the seven- day forecast, but above average highs for bay and inland neighborhoods, that is kind of more dominant. 50s along the coast today, low to mid 60s around the bay, upper 60s to low 70s inland. tonight is going to be t ♪ i got bills ♪ and now to "deals & steals" with fabulous finds for $20 and under. so you can point your cellphone camera at that code on your screen and head straight to the deals. tory johnson joins us to tell us all about it. so let the savings begin. we'll start here with some glamour at a great value. >> yes, amy, stylish, comfortable, perfect fit, the promise from vanity fair lingerie. we have a huge assortment of their best-selling bras from their beauty back collection. this one promises a flawless look under any outfit and have their beyond comfort collection that does not sacrifice support. a size inclusive assortment in a
8:22 am
big variety of colors at an unbeatable price, these are $15 and free shipping from vanity fair lingerie. >> next up we've got a fashionable way to stay organized. tell us about this deal. >> yeah, k carroll accessories. you can carry just what you need hands-free with the phone, wallet crossbody bag. it comes with two straight straps which i love, the colorful and star strap as well as a matching vegan leather strap. just a delightful assortment of colors to go spring that summer. your choice today, $16. >> next we have some glasses that look great for a good value. tell us about these. >> that is from gabriel + simone and that is exactly what they promise. high quality readers, sunglasses, sun readers that are accessibly priced. we have a huge assortment from them. what i particularly love about
8:23 am
this company is that their readers come in quarter steps which is often difficult to find so you can choose the power that is precise for your vision needs and we also have from them their face shields and anti-fog cloths. these are great if you are out and about wearing your face mask and you wear glasses, whether it's readers, any kind of eyeglasses including sunglasses, and they fog up sometimes, this prevents that. huge assortment that you will find online, all of these pieces range from $4.50 to $20. >> wow, that is amazing. all right, and i also have to say that the studio smells incredible this morning, tory. tell us about these candles. >> these are from wakeheart. it is their crystal candle collection. crafted in los angeles, it's a soy/wax blend with delightful scents, as you mentioned. each carries an uplifting word, courage, healing, relax, positivity, self-care, and they all have a crystal inside that's revealed as it melts. your choice, $18.
8:24 am
>> okay, we've all been using a lot of hand sanitizer these days, but this takes it to another level. tell us about it. >> this is from distill. hand crafted in america at a micro distillery. what i like is that it's a silky liquid, not a gel, and it does not leave a sticky residue. it's a pure essential blend of rosemary mint. it's a really invigorating scent. the bottle looks great on any countertop anywhere. plus, we have their sanitizing wipes as well as their to-go elixirs, great assortment from this company, $12 to $16. >> i've got to say i really, really like this. it smells so good and feels great too. now we have a way to keep our food fresh. tell us about this. >> food fresh longer. that is the promise of gripstic. we have two distinct collections from them. we have their little sliders that go onto any kind of snack bag, food bag, you know, you open the bag and then it sits
8:25 am
there and your food gets stale. this prevents that and seals it instantly and silicone bags are perfect for portion control, heating, freezing, it can do so many different things. you can steam and reheat right in the bag. they're freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe. we have a big assortment from this company. all of these are terrific and they range from $8 to $19.50 per set. >> impressive, tory. as always we want to tell everybody we have partnered with these companies on all these great deals. you can get them by heading directly to our website. coming up, we have john stamos joining us live plus lara and dan pelosi stirring up his favorite vodka sawce. for our ultimate pasta week. did i get that right? >> announcer: when you're luke bryan making new music and "american idol," how do you do it all? tomorrow, it's luke live on "gma" plus a performance you won't see anywhere else only on -- tell them, luke. >> good morning, america.
8:26 am
8:27 am
building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. good morning, everyone. i'm kumasi aaron with mornings. let's get right to jobina for a look at our road conditions. >> we have a major crash right now in denver 10 which is outside of fairfield. a big rig has overturned. there is fuel across the roadway. this is on westbound 12 before 10 burton road. traffic is being diverted. you can see the purple line. that means all lanes are blocked. moving over to walnut creek, showing you a live picture of 680. also in emeryville right now, things are picking up nicely for people traveling
8:28 am
8:29 am
we are back. how about some good news? fog coming less and less of an issue. you got a nasty crosswind for the evening commute on the bridges. here is a look at san jose where it is mostly sunny. like the rest of the bay, you are going to have good air quality through saturday. tomorrow is our coolest day. i warmest day starts saturday. we will have another abc 7 update in about 30 minutes. you can always find the latest on our app and on
8:30 am the news continues now with ♪ good vibrations ♪ hello again, everyone. we are very happy to welcome our next guest, john stamos. >> yes, we loved him as uncle jesse on "full house" and "fuller house" and now playing a coach on "big shot." good morning, john stamos. john, always great to see you. > good morning. hi, michael, hi, amy. >> hello, hello. it's thursday. we want to do a little throwback and go back to one of your breakout tv roles on "general hospital." it's been nearly 40 years. we got to say, look at that hair. >> did you just say 40 years? >> yeah but you don't look -- you look the same but the hair is fantastic. >> boy, i haven't seen that in a
8:31 am
long time. that was a great start. i really -- you know, i'm so appreciative of that show. >> your hair just in case you missed it. >> i needed that reminder at 5:30. >> you look the same. it's really remarkable. you're starring in "big shot" and play a basketball coach. curious how your skills are on the court? >> terrible. i was never an athlete. i grew up a band geek. still a band geek. i know nothing about sports. sort of like michael. can't play, nothing. [ laughter ] >> i get it. >> it was -- that was the biggest challenge. i knew i had to pull off the coaching thing and, michael, i spent sometime with the great jerry west and went down to hang out with the guys and said, jerry, mr. west, thank you for letting me come to the rehearsal. he said, son, stop. first of all it's called practice. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> so you play a former ncaa
8:32 am
coaches who's got to take a job at an all girls high school and after throwing a chair to the referee. you open up about your own father calling you an embarrassment. >> those words drove me more than any other words to not be that but the irony of those words is that they made me lose myself. i'd throw tantrums, chairs. but at the end of the day after every game i could look in the mirror and i could say to myself that i -- i did everything i could to try to win, that i tried my best and that's all i'm asking of you. try your best. >> pretty intense character right there. what does your family think of the show? >> how about that david kelly writing was beautiful. you know, it's taken me a while to sit back and trust the writing and, you know, let go and just sort of focus in on the character.
8:33 am
this was a tough one. there was nothing -- i read the pages, he's unlikable, he is a bully, he's this but looking back at it now, i mean it's really sort of its time today. we made it almost two years ago but the idea of having a show with this many women in it, right, and the reality of my character, you know, releasing his assumptions and connecting with these girl, i think it breaks down stereotypes we should be doing right now. >> yeah. it looks great. your son billy is almost 3. a lot of us grew up with you or a lot of people feel like they were raised by you in some way so what kind of father are you in real life? >> oh, well, you'll have to ask him and i smell smoke so i think he's awake and the house could be on fire. these kids are out of control. you know, no one told me. it's a lot harder than i ever -- my wife does 90% of it but i've been around kids. i have nieces and nephew, tv shows, it's a lot so my hat is off to all the parents out
8:34 am
there. he's fantastic -- he's the light of our life and during the pandemic it's the only silver lining for us just to hear him -- he loves to laugh. he loves bits. he loves to do shtick and bits. i push him on the swinging, i'm just a dad not paying attention, he kicks me in the butt. look at this bit now, dad. >> silver linings of quarantine and having the pandemic is getting to spend so much time at such an important age. >> yes, right, yeah, how many -- george, how many do you have. >> two girls almost grown up now. >> i'm at four. three girls and a boy. >> you're crazy. amy. you have five kid, amy? >> well, i gave birth to two of them but, yes. >> okay. that's a lot. well, i admire all of you for all that. i ran into someone the other day, now you're finally going to look old with your hair. >> prove them wrong.
8:35 am
prove them wrong. >> watch the show. i hope you like it. i'm so -- this is one show you wait for your whole career. i think it's really going to be -- perfect for disney plus too. i think all the stars so far are lining up and i really feel that people are going to -- you know, people need this show. we had no idea the pandemic was going to come, right, and, you know, or any idea that this week, you know, women's basketball, college basketball is getting so much attention because of the inequality so i think timing is pretty good with this one. >> yeah, we are really looking forward to it. thank you, john. streaming friday, april 16th on disney plus. coming up, lara and home cooked dan pelosi getting ready for ultimate pasta week and next
8:36 am
some climate experts say, time is running out to prevent disaster unless we seriously change our habits. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ small decisions make a world of difference. ikea.
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. your heart valves are endangering people and you know this. >> i can't live like this.
8:38 am
♪ don't walk alone ♪ >> innocet people are suffering and you have the power to stop it. >> okay, let's do this. >> you really know these people, just let it go. >> can i just watch 3,000 people die? no, i can't. >> don't give up. ♪ walk alone ♪ ♪ bad girls ♪ we're back now with the queen of the small screen. starring in our favorite shows like "sons of anarchy," "married with children" and more. now we're getting a double dose from "the conners" to her new show "rebel." good morning, katey sagal. thank you so much for joining us this morning. we can't wait to talk to you about "rebel" but first, it's throwback thursday here at "gma." been almost 25 years since "married with children" aired its final episode. so many people like myself fell in love with you as peg bundy. so is there any chance of a reboot and how would peg and al
8:39 am
be handling quarantine? >> well, you know, every year that question comes up like possible reboot and for some reason it -- oh, my god. look at her. that's some big hair, man, whoa. i think they would be spending quarantine -- i think al might have parked himself in the garage and, you know, i think she is watching a lot of television like a lot of us did during quarantine. >> yep. i agree with that. >> i don't think she was breaking bread. i don't think that was peg's deal. >> peg was not a baker without a doubt but we'll talk about your new show, "rebel," an erin brockovich inspired drama. she is a legal advocate but doesn't have a law degree and we heard you didn't want to play an actual lawyer because you didn't love their wardrobes. >> well, i've played a few lawyers or been in legal
8:40 am
situations on television and, yes, i don't like all the clothes and the high heels and -- you know, so, yes, that was a consideration if somebody was going to ask me to play a lawyer i might not have done that. >> you deserve to call your shots. we'll take a look at a clip of your work so let's check out "rebel." >> i'm annie bellow. had too many husband, picked up too many names so most folks she's days just call me rebel. >> how did you get in? >> bought enough stock to land an invitation then sold it because we both know when i do what i do it'll be worth next to nothing. >> how dare you, the audacity. >> sir, there is a problem with your mechanical heart valve and you know it so i'm giving you one last chance to do the right thing quietly before i get awfully loud. >> whoo, rebel, does not hold back and i can see the character never misses her chance to tell someone off if they deserve it but for you how was it to shoot those scenes? >> i'm sorry, say that again.
8:41 am
>> how was it for you to shoot those scenes where your character gets to tell somebody off when you know they're wrong? >> you know, it's very liberating actually because rebel is a character that, you know, she believes in what she believes in and she fights for social justice and so she -- she doesn't like to take no for an answer and she really has very little filters when it comes to what it is she believes in. so it's very liberating actually to be able to voice some -- that's my daughter. you're showing a picture of my daughter who is also in episode 3 of "rebel" and -- oh. there's my sarah. >> family affair. a family affair. >> sometimes, yes. >> sometimes. nothing wrong with that. so thank you for joining us. i know it's early so thank you for waking up and we cannot wait to see "rebel." it premieres tonight at 10:00
8:42 am
p.m. eastern right here on abc. katey sagal, everybody and now we go to ginger. hey, ginger. >> michael, hey there, i don't know if you remember we used to do a segment called extreme zee and i'd be rappelling down a building. now i'll do zee's extremes and talk about extremes in weather. new york city, we have been so warm, 72 was the high yesterday, average is 58 but go back to yellowstone and they are deep in that spring snow. about four to eight inches falling so why not check out different parts of our country and how different it looks where we all wake good morning. we are starting off with more sunshine that will lead to slightly milder temperatures away from the coast. it going to be a little breezy again n n n n n n n n n n n n n after 11 seasons the finale
8:43 am
of the hit show "shameless" is airing this sunday. the hilarious scene stealer shanola hampton is joining us in just a moment. let's take a look at a clip. >> is there anything you want to specify in the listing, exclusion, disclosure, things a buyer would need to know. >> not that i can think of. >> you can't change the taps and no cubs game. >> white sox and bears only. >> are you writing this down. >> kevin, we are selling. the new owners get to decide which taps to use and which games to put on the tv. >> all right and a big good morning to shanola. thank you for being with us and tell me what it's been like playing your character all these years. >> it's been amazing. it's been life changing, truly. i've really been able to dive into a role and watch it evolve and grow for 11 season and in such a rarity to have that opportunity to play a character for so long. it's been really, really a gift. it truly has.
8:44 am
>> you like being called a scene ste stealer -- i said it wrong, a scene stealer. >> when you said it, i was like, i like this introduction. keep going. >> more, please. so your cast understandably has really become like a family. what was it like filming that last episode? >> oh, my goodness. it's so crazy. you do something for over a decade. we were one of those shows -- we never walked off our set thinking it's the final, we're not coming back, we've never been on the cusp of not coming back so every time we've left in seasons past it's been because we know we're coming back so when we knew we were wrapping out the set, it was like this is the last time we're going to do this and this is the last time we're going to see this and watching the gallagher kitchen be closed down, it was really, really tough and the feeling -- we have such a family unit so we had lots of laughs and i'm not a big crier but jeremy gave a gift
8:45 am
of our pilot episode in this beautiful binder and i teared up just a little bit so it had all of the emotions, everything you could imagine. >> that's beautiful. and you got to direct, by the way, this season for the first time and it was an episode that included a car crash and your own character's wedding. what was that like? >> well, usual eye they give first-directors scripts that are a little diluted. mine was not. i had everything. i got to kill a character, one of our main characters, terry, with a bag over his head. i got to direct my wedding which was the perfect closure to kev and v and that was an honor to do and the car crash so everything, i was like, check, check, check. i did that. so it was really a pleasure to go from where i started on this show to end as a director in the final season, what a gift and to be able to direct our scene, it
8:46 am
meant so much to kev and v to finally have their wedding and got to create that moment so it was really beautiful. >> making it was extra beautiful. your daughter took part. she did the slate? >> she didn't really take part on set. but she thought that she was my little director off set so she just slays and she's my little actress. they call her my mini-me. she likes to slay. she'd say cut. >> shanola hampton, the series finale of "shameless" airs this sunday night on showtime. thank you. coming up next we have our ultimate pasta week. how to make dan pelosi's super popular vodka sawce.
8:47 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ back with our ultimate pasta week. joining us dan pelosi, his twist on italian recipes helped him
8:49 am
rack up 66,000 followers and this morning we'll test out his vodka sauce that started all the hype. how are you doing today? >> amazing. i mean, thanks for having me. you just showed a picture of me and my grandfather on national television and my heart is just in pieces so thank you. >> that makes us happy as well. i have to say, vodka sauce is -- my girls' absolute go to. what's the secret? >> this vodka sauce, it's a sawce which you've all been saying sawce so correctly. it's got a lot of energy. >> i haven't been saying it quite as correctly as you have but that's okay. >> i have to say i've been listening and i've been really proud. it's a sawce. i mean i grew up in a big, loud, italian family surrounded by a lot of italian people. we don't make sauce, we make sawce, you know, this is it. >> you're making amy laugh here all morning long. >> sawce. >> so i mean -- >> it's a sawce.
8:50 am
>> let's get cooking. lara has been working on it as well. tell us what to do first. >> all right. so the first thing that i've got here is i've been whisking a super fragrant and delicious olive oil, butter, tomato paste and red pepper flakes. it smells incredible and now we'll get to my favorite part of the recipe which i like to stop and really, really, i know you have shown video, two cups of heavy cream and just watching that two cups of heavy cream which is just a little teeny bit of cream, you know, just sort of get into that -- it's just gorgeous the way it kind of gets into the tomato then we whisk it until it's nice and combined so we whisk that for about five minute, get that going, it's sort of a bright and delicious orange and then we cook it a little bit more -- i'm going to show you this pot here. until it's about, i like to say it's kind of a pumpkin spice so it gets a little bit darker in
8:51 am
color here and then this is where about five minutes into that we add our vodka which is the best part. >> we should explain to everybody and it's okay for kids to eat vodka sauce because all the alcohol burns off. >> i have to tell you something. so many moms have thanked me because kids are just like buried in this. they're covered in it, they're so happy. i get so many videos of kids tearing into this. there's no alcohol left. we do six tablespoon, five minutes later you've cooked all the alcohol out and you have the most delicious and robust flavor that kind of is the hallmark of -- >> how does the vodka do that if all the alcohol burns off? >> because what's left from all the really strong and intense sort of alcohol flavor is this like really lovely rich and robust flavor that is just sort of the result of the vodka -- the alcohol burning out of the
8:52 am
vodka. >> what's your big secret? you call it inappropriately thick and illegally gloss si. what's the secret? >> so, yeah, i also say i have an ambulance waiting outside for you because you don't know what's going to happen so here's the thing, now, my vodka cooked for about five or six minutes then you add about a half a cup of your pasta water so cooking it on the stove, this pasta water is extremely starchy and it's going to make it super, super, super thick and glossy so i add that in here and i've already added it so i'm just going to give this a little stir and i'm going to add my pasta in, stir it up and you're going to see, i'm going to show you quickly how this comes together and show you on a little piece of rigatoni, it's just so glossy and so -- do you see that? >> i see, it's gorgeous. >> look at lara's as well. >> lara's? >> how did yours turn out? >> oh, dan, you taught me so
8:53 am
much this morning. riva and i want to say that we've loved every pasta thus far but this is -- this takes the cake. if i may use a baking term, it is outrageous. >> literally licking her lips. >> that's all i wanted to hear and safe for animals too so i just hope everyone makes ■itand loves it and gets lost in the sauce. >> we loved it. thank you, dan. get the recipe on and tomorrow a healthy twist on
8:54 am
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>> announcer: when you're luke bryan juggling family life, making new music and doing "american idol" how do you do it all. plus a performance you won't see anywhere else only on, tell 'em, luke. >> good morning, america. >> looking forward to luke, a programming note. time for the masters. see all the action live on espn airing from 3:00 to 7:30
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building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. good morning. i'm kumasi aaron from trying to mornings. let's get to jobina with a look at the road conditions. >> we do have a major crash that i am following outside of fairfield right now. a big rig has overturned. there is fuel across the roadway. this is before denverton road. traffic is being diverted it denverton road. a heads up to anyone going to that area. a live look here showing the san mateo bridge. traffic is moving smoothly. i will wrap up on a beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge. i am going to try to match that with my shot of the exploratory in camera. a great day for outdoor activities. it is still pretty breezy especially the closer you are to bodies of water. high amounts of tree pollen.
9:00 am
temperatures mainly in the 60s today. even warmer this weekend. now it is time >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, star of the new drama, "rebel," katey sagal. plus, and honor of national empanada day, guess what the house are making? empanadas! and we are surveying up our "good news story of the day." all next on "live!" ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> ryan: good morning. good morning. you all right? are you having a flash? tell me what's happening. >> kelly: no, i was just trying on clothes backstage. >> ryan: i was like kelly, kelly. >> kelly:


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