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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 8, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> now at 6:00, vaccine eligibility expanding in alameda county, people ages 16 and up can i get a shot, depending on where they live, the zip codes that qualify. we want to make sure that the rescue packagerescue package successful and what is set out to do. >> that is how speaker nancy pelosi in san francisco, talking about the american rescue plan. she explains how people can take advantage of federal aid. covid precautions at oracle park, the free testing for giant fans at the first home game of the season. for good morning, everyone cricket is thursday, april 8th. we will start this morning with a check of the weather and meteorologist mike nicco >> we've got a little bit of fog, and it's mainly up in the north bay and it's patchy. but where it is, it is very thick around in places like napa, american canyon, bleeding possibly into vallejo. and is also we see it's around santa rosa and points north,
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west, and eastward. san rafael, looking pretty clean. in fact, you can see a broken deck of clouds over top of you and the visibility of a mile, so it improving in places like napa and novato. look at the breeze, it's blowing from north to south. some of that could spell across the san pablo bay peer we will keep an eye on it. reasonable keep the coast in the mid to upper 50s, low to mid 60s around the bait, a little bit milder yesterday. warm we can weather on the way in your accuweather seven-day forecast. i will see you in a little bit, here is kumasi. thank you, mike. we are one week away from the state opening vaccine eligibility to ages 16 and up. this morning, there is no major concerns about how to get the shots to underserved communities. this morning abc7 news reporter live in alameda county with what will be changing there, good morning, amy. >> reporter: hi, good morning. we could start seeing some teenagers hanging out at vaccine sites like this one here at golden gate field alameda county is going to jump ahead of the state, going to
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open up eligibility starting today for everyone over the age of 16, there is a catch though. they have to live in certain zip codes. sully county has selected 12 the codes. this is alameda county. those are the zip codes the county has identified as being hardest hit by covid. they have decided to target them now. all californians 16 and older will be eligible in a week for the vaccine, but the county says there is no time to waste in the zip codes, so they are going to take action now. we've got the list of all 12 of those zip codes. take a look. see if yours is on the list. if you can go ahead and book an appointment now for anyone 16 and older these include areas of oakland, hayward, san leandro, and san lorenzo. officials say this is where many front-line workers live, people who have not been able to work from home. people who need to get vaccinated. contra costa county is another county in the bay area that's also opening vaccinations to everyone over the age of 16. that county did not do it by
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zip code, opening it up to the hall county. alameda, specifically targeting those 12 zip codes. so for a week, those people have an edge. got appointment now if you can, because it does open up to everyone in a week. reporting live in berkeley, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you, amy., european union and united kingdom will both still allow the use of the astrazeneca vaccine, despite a possible link to a rare blood clotting disorder. the union says most of the clotting cases occurred in women under 60 within two weeks of vaccination. the uk is advising adults under 30 to get a different vaccine. both health groups say that the blood clot disorder is extremely rare and astrazeneca vaccine benefits so far outweigh the risks. it has not yet been authorized for use here in the u.s. york giants return to san francisco for their home opener tomorrow. this team shared this video showing what you can expect as you get to the park for the season. today, candle tickets can be tested at no charge i going to
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the public health, right there at the stadium, from 9:00 to 5:00. results are expected to be available in less than 30 minutes. a negative test or a vaccine card is required to get into a game this season. for vaccinations, fans have to have all doses come at least two weeks before the game. the giants will have the capacity of 22%, that is just under 9000 fans. the first pitch between the giants and rockies set for tomorrow. another early study is giving us a better idea about the effectiveness of these vaccines against new variants. duke university released its findings and found that moderna vaccine works against what's known as the california variants. novak stood well also but has not been authorized for use here in the u.s. researchers didn't test pfizer's vacpfizer'c there are concerns this morning about the covid-19 variant, first discovered in the uk. the cdc is saying, it's now the most dominant strain of the virus in the u.s. covid hospitalizations are on the rise in at least 16 states, and nearly half of the nations new
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cases are in just health officials say, relax restrictions and increased travel could also be responsible for this surge. brown university dr. is telling gma vaccine the loan will not stop the spread. >> this was predicted. we inspected the uk variant to become dominant. and we are doing a great job on vaccinations. but vaccinations alone are going to be difficult to manage this pandemic work it would be helpful to have some public health restriction still for a few more weeks. >> despite the rises in cases, the cdc says covid-19 debts are down 20% and that is likely due to the vaccine. >> house speaker nancy pelosi was in san francisco raising the passage of the $1.9 trillion american rescue plan. she appeared yesterday at chinatown northeast medical services, which received met $11 million from the plan. she said the goal is to crush the virus. she urges people to take
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advantage of the legislation. >> we want to make sure that the rescue package is successful and what it set out to do. vaccines in the arms, money in the pockets of the american people, children safely in school, workers safely back on the job. >> she said the rescue plan provides $21 billion nationwide for vaccinations. new overnight, and exposing at a paint manufacturing plant in columbus, ohio, injured eight people and two of the victims had to be pulled from the rubble and are now in critical condition. right now, first responders are still searching for person missing. firefighters are letting the fire burnout itself, because of materials involved have been deemed safe. hazmat teams were called out as a precaution. violent riots are expected to continue in northern ireland today. they were sparked after 24 politicians were not charged for violating covid restriction laws. jobina is at the live desk with
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more on this. >> kumasi, they violated their own restrictions on gatherings to attend large funeral for a party member, but the prosecution, public housekeeping service decided they would not prosecute them. norman northern island has seen several consecutive nights violence. this is taken in west belfast, rioters attacked a double- decker bus. you can see there, it eventually caught on fire. several police officers have been injured over the last few days. the decision not to prosecute anyone over the funeral controversy is now under review, reggie and kumasi. >> thank you, jobina. a top official visits the u.s. border today, what we are learning about the government's plan to address the growing number of migrants. covid test and could be key in getting kids back to school. now new research has just revealed which tests could be the most effective. check out this beautiful view of the crescent moon over the bay bridge from our roof
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welcome back. about 10 minutes after 6:00 on this thursday, i want to start with neighborhood temperatures in the east bay valleys. the cool spot is about 42, the rest of us in the mid to upper 40s, 50 right now in brentwood. up north, that is where we have the most fog and the coolest conditions, mid 30s around santa rosa and napa. most of us in the mid-40s to around 50 until you get around mountain view and los gatos around 40 degrees. here's a look at san jose. we are going to hit the 50s and stay there at the coast throughout your day planner, near 60 with more sunshine at noon today, little bit milder
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this afternoon, mid to upper 60s at 4:00 and back to 60 at about 7:00. air quality is going to be fantastic today, tomorrow and saturday. the rest of the weekend forecast, coming up. your commute right now with jobina. thank you, we will start with an alert i'm falling right now in san rafael. i went out this crashing earlier, we now have more information. injuries have been reported here. at least two lanes are blocked right now and speeder down to around 31 miles per hour because you approach the crash site. chp has not confirmed for us when all of this will be cleared up. moving over to the fog, it's beginning to move out to some of our major commute quarters there, but especially moving through napa and american canyon and also vallejo on 80, 29 even highway 12. you will run into low visibility and also, if you're traveling north from santa rosa through windsor, hillsboro, geyserville as well. bringing you a live picture now from the san mateo bridge, traffic is building as you make your way toward the pin
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everything is moving at the limit in oakland, this is a 80 at the coliseum camera. thank you, joe bena. still unanswered questions this morning after an officer shot and killed a man in daly city. the police department said yesterday afternoon, the officer approached people in a car and at some point, the officer shot the man and he died. another officer was hurt, but will be okay. police haven't said how that officer was hurt or what led to the shooting, the san mateo county district attorney office is now investigating. stomach in east bay, oakland police announced a new community trust building officer. the goal is to help bridge the gap between the police and the community. chief armstrong introduced daniel mullins on social media. officer mullins will work with chinatown and rebel officers to bring community concerns to the chief's office. they hope this new trust officer will help build stronger relationships within the community. still ahead, a coca-cola controversy, why some lawmakers are removing coke products from
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it's okay that you don't want to be first: you aren't. second covid vaccine. it's okay to have questions: everyone deserves answers. i'm wary that there isn't enough information. it's okay to be excited, or worried, or both. it's alright for it to take whatever it takes for you to be ready. hi mom, ready for your shot? yes, i've been waiting for this day. we just got what? vaccinated. we just got vaccinated! let's get you there. let's get to immunity.
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today's secretary of homeland security will head to the u.s. mexican border texas. she will be in el paso to meet with organizations and local law enforcement, working along the border. then he will meet with redline dhs employees in mcallen. it is his third trip to the border since taking office this comes as a biden administration works on plans to handle the surge there it would include increasing humanitarian assistance to central american countries, and path to citizenship. coca-cola products are no longer available at some offices in georgia state capitol. eight republican lawmakers removed coke drinks from their legislative suite and replace them with pepsi. the move was made after coke slammed the new voting bill gop legislators passed here coca- cola, which is based in atlanta, said the law would deter access to voting. the company plans to support
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federal voting legislation. in a letter to state leaders explaining their decision, these lawmakers accused coke of caving to cancel culture. we have new details in the tiger woods crash investigation. the la sheriff says excessive speed was a main factor. was was driving nearly twice the speed limit when he crashed off of a small cliff south of los angeles last month. the black box of his genesis suv reported speeds of 84 to 87 miles an hour. sheriff's officials say that the posted speed limit was 45. the suv slammed into a tree and then it rolled and woods suffered serious injuries that now threaten to end his golf career. he is currently back home in florida recovering. regular rapid covid test could be key in getting kids back to in person learning. a new usc study looked at the effectiveness of rapid antigen tests, compared to pcr test. researchers say rapid test do occasionally come back negative, even if someone does actually have the virus.
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the key in using rapid test would be doing it regularly, like twice a a a a a a the idea is a second test would come back positive, as the child of the virus becomes more infectious. rapid tests are also more convenient, roles olds come back in 15 minutes, versus hours or days. happening today, the warriors are teaming up with j.p. morgan chase, to deliver 2000 hot meals, part of their home court is this program. this is the fifth meal distribution event here today, meals will be from brenda's soul food in san francisco. they will be delivered to the castro lgbtq cultural district, and tenderloin neighborhood development corporation. sam adams is giving out money to encourage people to be vaccinated. starting on monday, if you post your vaccination sticker or your bandage, the company will send you $7 through cash out, for a beer at your favorite bar. remember to include the hashtag though shot for sam, then tag sam adams on instagram or on
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twitter, and then, why did i feel like a lot, check for the message, you will get the beer. >> so many steps. >> so many steps. >> don't make me work so hard, i'm getting the vaccine. that hurts enough. >> i got lost halfway through those instructions. krispy kreme, you just walk in and they their ou to donut. >> every day. >> i like that. >> much easier process. yeah. yeah. i agree. i guess we won't be going out and having beers together anytime soon until one of us figures out those algorithms. here's a look at what's going on in the peninsula, still pretty breezy there,breez, westwind at about 20, shooting through the san bernardino gap. you can see the cloud cover it is bringing with it. it won't last very long, we can already see a break in the
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cloud cover, showing that beautiful crescent moon. this morning from the roof camera, we got the westwind of about 5 to 9 miles per hour at about 40 degrees. milder highs, faster sunshine today. repeat this morning's weather tonight into tomorrow morning. over the weekend, the coast will remain rather breezy and cool all our bay and inland neighborhoods start to warm above average. here's a look at the setup, same players out there. they have the same difference in pressure, and that is why we are seeing the same amount of onshore breeze is, but they are steering slightly drier and milder air mass. that is why we have the faster sunshine and temperatures a little bit above average, mid to upper 60s to most of the south bay. we will have low to mid 60s around the peninsula. look at those mid 50s on coast south san francisco. as you head to the north bay valley, 68 to about 73 degrees. only mid 50s along your coast. in the east bay shore, 64 to about 66 degrees. and as we had deeper into the east bay, we got 68 to about 74. let's take a look around the
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state and mid to upper 70s through central valley, little more sunshine, except for very windy conditions. that is pushing palm springs up to 96 degrees today. for tonight, yep, we got 30s in the north valleys again, while the rest of us are mainly in the mid to upper 40s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, cooler again tomorrow, then look at the 50s hug the coast while the rest of us will be in the 60s, 70s, and even possibly reaching 80 every once in a while
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residence in the north bay just received a potentially life-saving tool in the fight against wildfires. the city of santa rosa handed out 12,000 emergency weather radios. these battery-operated devices will warn people of dangerous conditions, like high wind and fasting moving flames. at the much needed tool in santa rosa, where wildfires had destroyed nearly 4000 homes since 2017. >> we lost our house in the
6:23 am
glass fire. we need all the information we can get. >> is there a need for this? >> absolutely. >> they are preprogrammed, ready to go, all you have to do is put the batteries in, plug them in, they are ready to rock. >> emergency weather radios are used in other parts of the country for tornado alerts, but the first time ever, fema is funding them on the west coast for wildfire protection. that is great to see that we are able to pivot there and fill a need, because you could have a ps ps have no power, and you need to know if that fire is coming your way. the reason why we are so worried, we stated earlier, fired or the season could be worse, but when you look at the rainfall deficit, you can see 39% to 41%, everything is going to get dry quicker and the fire season will start sooner this year. look at the southern half of the state from where we started, the rain season to where we are now, the drought has deepened considerably, while we have remained pretty much consistent. it is supposed to go away during the rain season and it
6:24 am
hasn't. now we are going to start watching the reservoir levels, which are going to take up a little bit, as we head to the next couple of months, thanks to filling due to snow melt. as we had deeper into the summer in the fall, those are going to rapidly drop, as we use more water and restrictions, voluntary, they are starting, mandatory, possible. reggie? mike, thank you. former vp mike pence has a book deal for his autobiography. the book, which is currently untitled, is inspected to hit shelves in 2023. the publisher simon & schuster said his book focuses on his faith in public service. they say pence will address the many pivotable months of the trumpet ministration from the time he was elected to run as vice president, through inauguration day, january 20th, 2021. yelp is making it easier for consumers to support asian american businesses. research company is teaming up with the advocacy group gold house, to provide his owners a way to identifyto identifyto idy
6:25 am
yelp users can select that attribute in the search. the company reported a 130% increase in searches for asian owned businesses in february, compared to the same time last year. some of those iconic british red phone booths that used to be for actual phone calls are getting repurposed. this one, visitors can get tiramisu on one side, espresso on the other. the boots are being sold for about $2. some of them have already been converted into mobile phone charging stations, many smart phone repair shops, and even an online bakery. how big is it? >> oh, okay. >> i mean, how big is it? a bakery? >> well, it looks like, yeah, i mean, let's face it, it's just a storage for food. but i mean, that is cute. better than getting rid of them, right? >> they jazz it up. >> give it a pua pua pua pua puu >> i don't know if i want to
6:26 am
charge my phone, my supposed to do, just hang out there? >> yeah, relax, take some pictures, while you are charging your phone, nevermind. next at 6:30, looking for a job? try working for bart. positions that may improve safety on public transit. plus, johnson & johnson doses on the decline, how it may affect people trying to make vaccine appointment next week. as we head to break, live look outside of 6:26 this morning, there it is, the sun is coming up. we will be right back. straight answers. >> we have received more than 1000 questions. >> to your vaccine questions. >> i thing my patients ask me all the time. >> access, risk. and what's happening in your community. >> when should we expect to know that there is truly equity? >> to ensure that those who are at highest risk are able to get access. >> the way we get through it is for all of us to prioritize the highest risk. >> we will [ sfx: ding ding ding ]
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. >> now at six:30, flashing lights and caution tape near san francisco's fisherman's wharf this morning, what police are saying about this incident. a dose decrease, threatening california's vaccination goals, to shorten supply from johnson & johnson keep you from getting the shot? president biden's new target is gun-control. the legislation he is set to reveal today. in morning, everybody. it is thursday, april 8th. we want to start with a look at our accuweather forecast with mike. good morning, mike. >> good morning,good morning,go, thanks for joining us on this thursday morning. i have good news, improving conditions across the north bay valleys, where fog was an issue and still is. especially around santa rosa, but places like novato and
6:30 am
highway 37 and over towards napa, darting to clear out just a little bit. you can see a little bit of fog around american canyon and really hope. the thickest fog is around santa rosa. look at that, that is our weather window, looking south down from san rafael, just how clear the sky is, even marine layer clouds are more absence than they were yesterday. this is going to drift just a little bit to the south and to the east, before it completely dissipates around say 9:00 to 10:00. here is a look at the south bay, where we have a little more cloudiness this morning, about 46 in concord. we will hang in the low to upper 40s to 7:00. the coast is going to stay in the 50s, while the rest of us near 60 at noon come in mid to upper 60s the 4:00 and back to 60th 7:00. warm weekend forecast, coming up. thank you. happening now, san francisco police on the scene of a possible domestic incident near fisherman's wharf. officers say a 32-year-old man locked himself in a building near bay and main streets, just after 1:00 this morning. police have not released any more details about potential victims in this incident, we will bring you more information if we get some into newsroom
6:31 am
this morning. at the very moment that we need more vaccines, california is about to see a major drop in doses from johnson & johnson. not just a few hundred, or even a few thousand, but we are talking about nearly 90% drop, compared to what we have been getting. trying to news reporter amy is live in berkeley this morning. >> reporter: what timing, ready. just next week, al californians over the age of 16 become eligible for this vaccine. sites like this one here at golden gate field will need to be serving more people, but they will have to do it with less supply, at least for now. we will seem an 85% drop in johnson & johnson vaccine doses next week, across the country. instead of the nearly 5 million doses of j&of j&of j& sent out this week, next week, the government will only send out 785,500 doses, less than 1 million. j&j said last week, one of their batches just did not meet their standards. the new york times reported
6:32 am
that workers mixed up ingredients at the faci ruining 15 million doses. so if you try to get appointments next week when eligibility opens up, and if you have trouble, this will at least help explain why, help you understand what's going on. so demand will be going up, as supply goes down. it will take some time to sort this out, but more doses will eventually come this way. we will have to ride this out, for now,. governor gavin newsom did announce that it coco eligible californians may be up to a month to get there appointments, to get into get there vaccine. more doses, more supply is expected in may. reporting live in berkeley, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> amy, thank you. nationwide, the country is close to a major milestone. the white house says, by the end of this weekend, nearly
6:33 am
half of all adults will have received their first shot. the cdc says, as of this morning, more than 40% of the adult population has received at least one dose. happening today, santa clara county will host a covid- 19 vaccine clinic for special olympics athletes, special olympics athletes, their families, and volunteer coaches will all be able to get the vaccine at levi this is an effort between the county and the 49ers, to get the most vulnerable vaccinated. people with intellectual disabilities are to have more times likely to be infected with over 19 down the general population and six times more likely to die. you can keep track of california's progress on our website. you will find our interactive vaccine tracker. the difference is, between each vaccine and a form where you can send us questions and we can get you answers. go to as of this morning, almost every bay area county is in the orange tier, allowing for more reopenings. you can see there is still one county that is still stuck in the red. solano county. villano was in danger of going back to the purple tear, before
6:34 am
easter. we talked to health leaders to find out why. county officials say the issue is hyper regional. solano county is sandwiched between the bay area and the sacramento valley, where most of its neighboring counties are still in the red deer. >> the bay area region has demonstrated a higher degree of willingness to comply with social distancing, and with masking. they have a higher degree of desire for vaccination, for example. >> majority of solano county cases are among younger people. they have lower hospitalizations and death rates, but they still spread the virus. california's top of genealogist are cautiously optimistic about the bay area will avoid a fourth wave, but they say the next two weeks are really critical in stopping the slow rise in case rates. an expert we spoke with explains it all comes back to the rate of transmission. according to abc7's analysis, over the past week, most of the bay area reported a less than 1% increase in case rates per 100,000 people. napa and solano counties
6:35 am
reported around a 2% increase. >> there is not a admission going on right now, but there is a fair amount, 2500 cases a day in california. but, you know, we want it to be zero. >> experts say, the next two weeks are critical as the state is between vaccine shipments, but they are hopeful that more vaccine and the easing of eligibility restrictions can stop a fourth wave. we asked to find out more information this morning about a mass shooting that left five people dead in south carolina. two children are among the victims. shooting happened at a home in york county. victims are identified as a local dr., who is 70 years old. is 69-year-old wife, their two grandchildren, and a 39-year- old man, who was working in the home. authorities say a six person was also shot. the suspect is in custody. he was found at a nearby house. we don't know a motive. today, president biden will unveil a series of executive actions, aimed at stopping gun violence. abc news reporter faith abubey
6:36 am
tells us it will be his first major move on gun control, since taking office. >> reporter: after three mass shootings in three weeks, president biden this morning, following through with his promise, to take on gun violence. >> i don't need to wait another minute, let alone an hour, to take common sense steps to save the lives in the future. >> reporter: the president is excited to announce six executive orders on guns today, they include asking the justice department to crackdown on so- called ghost guns, firearms assembled with a 3-d printer from parts purchased online. >> the internet has plans to 3- d print any kind of weapon anybody wants, with printers that make the incredibly easy for someone to do, in only a few hours in their garage or in their living room. >> the president will also call for investments in community violence intervention programs. and report on firearms trafficking, which hasn't been compiled since 2000, and he will encourage states to adopt red flag laws, which allow police or family members to
6:37 am
petition courts, to temporarily remove guns from people in crisis. there will be no legislative proposal from biden today. senate majority leader chuck schumer has vowed to take action overhauling gun laws, including trying to pass stricter background checks. >> this time, it is going to be different. a democratic majority in the senate is going to act. i have committed to put legislation to expand background checks on the floor of the senate. >> reporter: or pumpkin leaders say the focus should be on mental health. >> the focus ought to be on identifying people in advanced who have the capacity and the interest in carrying out these atrocious attacks. >> reporter: gun-control advocates and some democrats pushing for more regulations, join president biden. faith abubey, abc news, new york. day nine of the derek chauvin trial is excited to begin in just a few hours. more witnesses are expected to take the stand in the murder
6:38 am
trial of the former minneapolis police officer. attorney questioning has returned to the topic of george floyd's drug use. at the live desk with the latest, jobina fortson. they raised questions about what floyd has heard thing about drugs and body camera footage. eric nelson suggested floyd said the words, quote, i ate too many drugs during his struggle with police last memorial day. he played several seconds of unintelligible police body cam audio, to chief investigator james ryerson. but then the prospros showed what happened earlier in the same footage. >> is there discussion about drug use by the officers attempting to speak to mr. floyd? >> yes. >> have you heard in context? were you able to tell what mr. floyd was saying there? >> i believe mr. floyd was saying, i ain't do no drugs. >> that is a little bit different than what you were asked when we saw portion of the video, correct? >> yes, sir. >> use of force expert testified his actions were
6:39 am
deadly and unnecessary because floyd didn't appear to be a threat. we could learn today is the man who was in the car with george floyd when the incident started, will testify. he is seeking to invoke his fifth amendment rights on grounds that testify could incriminate him. ready and kumasi? >> jobina, thank you. coming up, job opportunities with bart that can help improve public safety, what it takes to become a transit ambassador or crisis intervention specialist. taking alive look at the big board at the new york stock exchange down right now by about 50 points. another update on the market, next. >> he was with new version of her fearless album comes out tomorrow. her new interview with gma. before that, we want to check in with mike. >> thank you, kumasi, ready. let's look at temperatures in north bay on the south bay, little bit cooler to significantly cooler than we were this time yesterday . in fact, double digits across the north bay, where we been dealing with fog, even that is starting to let up a little bit. for the rest of us, we are
6:40 am
pretty close to where we were yesterday. let's going to san francisco. that means about 45 in the valley to about 50 in ocean beach. just not as much cloud cover yesterday. enjoy the earlier sunshine. 39 right now in santa clara, and also american canyon, 37 in palo alto, 36 in hillsboro, and petaluma. everybody else in the mid to upper 40s. for our kids, yep, they might want to dress a little warmer in those aforementioned areas. look what happens, sunshine by 11:00, 51 at the coast, mid to upper 50s bay and inland. we will stay in the mid-50s at the coast to 3:00 with our fastest wins. it'll still be a little breezy but sunny, 55 to 68 after school for the bay and in the neighborhoods. as far as the commute goes, dense, foggy areas for the morning, and a small craft advisory for the afternoon. the usual north selfridge's are going to be buffeted by a crosswind that is going to be a little aggressive. watch out for that. right now, we don't have to worry about that as we look at south beach western span of the
6:41 am
bay bridge. very high, the uv index today, and high in the tree pollen. careful if you're going to be outside in those bother you. they will stay pretty high through the weekend. so will our temperatures. i will show you that, coming up in let's get ted jobina and talk more about that commute. hi, jobina. >>, thank you. good morning, everyone. a new crash in san francisco, there are two connector ramps actually block right now we will get an idea of how this will impact everybody. but so far, the sensors are not picking up any slowdowns in the area. look at that. american canyon come all cleared up on my maps for the fog we have been tracking all morning long. if we move a little further up north, santa rosa, windsor, hillsboro, geyserville, traveling along 101, be aware of the low visibility. as we look at the live picture bringing you brave bridge toll plaza, metering lights came on at 6:22. moving right to san francisco,
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6:43 am
6:44 am
racism against the aapi community is spreading tospreado is an issue we are committed to solving as he build a better bay area. transportation officials they targeted attacks against asian american rioters has increased at an alarming rate in the last year. assault against asian bus drivers jumped more than 50% in just two years. officials say pandemic related issues are partially to blame, but the violence started well before covid-19. san francisco police are now adding more securitymore securiy risk bus lines. >> volunteers have been showing up to protect the asian community in san francisco's chinatown. a group called united piece collaborative has been patrolling the streets for the past year, but since the recent violence, more people are signing up. the volunteers are trained by professional security guards, to de-escalate potentially violent situations, watch for suspicious activity, and
6:45 am
quickly contact . >> asians are stressed-out. they are in despair. they, you know, they are wondering why the country that they love doesn't love them back. >> we are all minding our own business. we are not going out there to hurt anybody but we don't understand why people are trying to hurt us. >> the collaborative says it's volunteers include military veterans and civilians. of course we don't have all the answers for issues surrounding race and social justice, but we do have some embedded resources. to find out more about how you can take action and be an ally, go to /take action. now for your money morning report, semper cisco-based twitter reported they held us discussions about requiring clubhouse, a popular live dropping platform. there thing the potential deal was valued around her billion dollars. talks were held over the last several months that are no longer taking place. twitter has sent, they have slowly launched spaces, a competitor to club.
6:46 am
let's take a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway this morning. you can see we are down by about 90 points. there is some disappointing numbers for the second straight week in the latest weekly jobless claims report. 744,000 new claims were filed last week, which was an increase of 16,000 from revised numbers from the week before. the economist forecast 680,000 continuing claims decreased slightly to more than 3.73 million about 16,000, lower than the preceding week. economists were expecting about 50,000 fewer claims this week. at abc7, we are committed to building a better bay area. that include the impact the pandemic is having on our economy. and in our weekly segment, hunting with jobina, she is finding open rolls for you. what you have? >> all right, ready come our employer today is bart.
6:47 am
a reminder, these segments are not sponsored. agency is working on answered more unarmed staff. they are actively hiring for positions under the new bart pd progressive policing and community engagement bureau.eng. >> reporter: 2020 data shows while bart responded to lots of calls last year, almost 40% of them were related to well-being and medical assistance. not crime, which was only 8% of overall dispatches. >> we took that national conversation seriously on what reimagining policing would look like, moving forward as a result of some of the incidents that happened across this country? we start looking at, how can we do things better at bart, to help with the crises that are going on? the mental health, the drug use, and homelessness. >> reporter: the idea is to boost the unarmed presence within bart, so the agency is hiring transit ambassadors and crisis intervention specialist. ambassadors have been patrolling trains and stations and offering brighter customer service since last february.
6:48 am
the crisis intervention specialists are 20 new positions, graded for outreach. >> police officer might not be needed to handle that call, could be somebody looking for a resource, a shelter for that night, for that week. that possibly needs medication, things like that. so why not bring in the professionals to know about that, into our system, to help take care of those calls for us? >> the starting salary for a crisis intervention specialist is between $80,000 and $100,000 a year, based on experience. for transit ambassadors, is between $55, 55,070 $5000 a year. they hope to have the position filled by mid-to-late summer. >> we have some more information on the qualifications for the crisis intervention specialist. you need a bachelors degree and at least two years of experience in social worsocial r is required. for transit ambassador, a high school diploma and/or a ged, and customer service skills. ready? >> those are some good jobs, jobina. very interesting, thank you. taylor swift surprised her
6:49 am
fans on gma by cracking open her musical vault. >> i wanted to give you guys a thank you, an exclusive first glimpse of one of the songs on the album, the title track, fearless. >> ♪ i don't know how it gets better than this, you take my hand and dragged me headfirst, ♪ >> fearless, taylor's version, drops tonight at midnight. swift first released the album in 2008, and features both pop and country influences. it went on to top the billboard charts for weeks. swift is we recording her first six albums to regain ownership of her music. now you can ask spotify to play your favorite songs. the music streaming site has quietly launched a voice command feature on its app. all you have to do is say, hey, spotify, and make your request. like hey, spotify, play up by cardi b. >> yes, all day. >> you can also play it again
6:50 am
and again. you can also control playback with commands like stop, pause, skip, go back, all kinds of stuff. so far, it appears it mainly rolled out on androids. but some iphone users also say they have it. >> oh, okay, i was going to try it but i realize, i need to really be careful what i ask spotify to play. >> yes, be very careful. >> maybe during the the the the >> smart move, very smart. >> let's take a look at what's going on. i will show you a gorgeous picture from our exploratory in camera, it is 47 degrees. west-southwest wind, it's a little aggressive, 9015. i know some of you would like to jog on the embarcadero. just know that there is a little bit of a chill in the air. let's talk about what's going to happen today, little bit milder, even at the coast, as our summer cloud pattern is really breaking up early. you can see, just a few clouds
6:51 am
out there. even the coast is going to see more sunshine. april showers still lacking. we've got extended period of dry weather and above-average highs, away from the coast. even warmer than today's highs, which are maybe average to a little bit abovebit abovebit abe let's just call it that, mid to upper 60s through most of the south bay, 70s possible in morgan hill in gilroy. 61 in san bernardino. 66 on redwood city. that is the bayside of the peninsula. 55 to 56, not much of a change along the coast. near 60 in downtown, south san francisco, and mid-50s northbay coast, 62 in sausalito. san rafael, northwood, 68 to 72 degrees through the northbay valley's. along these bay shore, 64 to 66 with oakland checking in at about 65. 68 in san ramon, 69 in pleasanton and livermore. anybody else, low to mid 70s in east bay valley's. here's a look at the fog forecast, and what little there is. you can see, easily by noon, it's even dissipating quickly along the coast. so it's going to be a breezy
6:52 am
day so with brighter conditions at the coast. now if you are going to be out and about, for dining, 50s at the coast. 60s around the bay, 70s until 6:00 for our inland neighborhoods. you drop into the 50s and 60s rapidly. 40s are the highest for lows tomorrow morning. lowest temperatures are going to be paying inland above- average, starting saturday all the way through wednesday. reggie? thanks, mike. taking a live look from the sfo camera, where authorities are managing a new travel scam as more americans take to the skies, the better business bureau says there are cyber criminals creating phony websites mimicking legitimate travel programs like tsa pre- check global entry. the fake sites are taking people's private information and promising to process their travel applications, only they don't follow through. >> the most dangerous parts of this scam is that the information you have to share them in order to get a global entry path, is everything that a scammer needs. everything they need for identity theft.
6:53 am
your name, your address, your birthday, your social security number, even your passport number. >> better business bureau says to avoid the scam, double check that you are visiting the correct website. look for signs that the link is secure, and ends la lakers legend shaquille o'neal is larger than life. apparently he has a heart to match. he was recentlywas recentlywas y store, looking for some jewelry, some earrings when he spotted a man asking an employee how much it would cost to pay off an engagement ring. the nba hall of famer overheard it, stepped in, broke out his credit card, paid for it. shaq says he has done things like this before and is just trying to make people smile. rides are back in action for a bay area institution. children oakland. the jolly trolley started carrying its very first passengers at lake merritt yesterday. dairyland reopened last month to about 1000 guests limited a day. at that time, you could only get on the slides and the
6:54 am
animals, feed the animals. yesterday, staff was able to fire up the carousels, ferris wheel, and of course, jolly trolley for some very eager and important guest. >> we are going to go here and are moms might have >> so, another surprise is in store for later this month. that is when the life puppet shows and musical performances are set to come back. happy birthday. 39th birthday to brock. this is brock, squawking along with some of the musicians at the oakland zoo. brock is a yellow nate amazon parrot. he is the victim of a illegal wildlife trafficking but was able to find a home at the zoo,
6:55 am
thanks to u.s. fish and wildlife. rock is actually just middle- aged, hitting his prime now, because yellow native parrots can live to be up to 80 years old in captivity. you are still not moved? >> brock seems like a lovely parrot, i just don't want to hear that noise. >> it's his birthday. >> you hear parrots and they can actually like sing-along did things. >> do people hate on you when you are kind to turn up for your birthday? we just let you be. >> i'm not going to jesting one note over and over again. >> that is what he wants to do. let him be. okay, coming up next, seven things you need to know today.
6:56 am
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it is 6:57. if you are just joining us, here are the seven things to know this morning. number one, former 49ers and raiders defensive back philip adams has been identified as a person who shot and killed five people in rock mills, south
6:58 am
carolina. the victims include a doctor, his wife and two grandkids. he later than killed himself. his parents reportedly lived near the dr. and adams was a former patient. >> san francisco on the scene of a domestic incident on fisherman's wharf. and then locked himself in a building near bay and mason street just after 1:00 this morning. number three, california is expecting about 90% fewer johnson & johnson vaccine doses next week. this comes at the same time that the state is expected to expand eligibility, which could cause a shortage. number four, vaccine and ability has been expanded to everyone 16 and up in the hardest hit zip codes in alameda county. just a week, all adults will be eligible statewide. check out this beautiful sunshine from our exploratory in camera. the extra sunshine today means to to 7 degrees warmer than yesterday. 60 in san francisco to santa rosa and convert it
6:59 am
the crash we were following in san francisco on northbound 280 just before 101 has cleared, so i'm giving you the thumbs up there, but there is a slight slowdown. number seven, giants fans with tickets tomorrow's home opener can get a free covid-19 test from 9:00 to 5:00 at the public house. a negative test or vaccine verification card is required if you want to go to a game this year. >> mike, are you excited about baseball stephen being back? >> i am. i am i enjoy baseball. i kind of liked last year's 60 game season. 162 games seems like quite a bit but, yeah, hopefully. are you guys going to attend some games? >> yes. for the atmosphere, yes. it's a whole vibe. >> that's what it is for me too. >> social event, let us know what's going on. >> i see a day game in our future. >> i would love that. >> perfect. >> i love watching the giants play. i haven't been to an a's game
7:00 am
yet. >> oh, yes. >> i love the elephant. >> different experience. >> good morning, america. the new wave. a highly contagious uk variant now the new dominant covid strain spreading across the united states which is believed to be more deadly. this morning, growing fears that it could be fueling another surge as five hard hit states including florida account for almost half of the new cases in the u.s. this morning, inside a hard-hit hospital icu with the healthcare workers still fighting after more than a year. george floyd's own words taking center stage at derek chauvin's trial. the arguments over what he really said while he was being pinned down and the debate over the drugs found at the scene. taking on gun violence. president biden set to announce his first gun safety measures in the wake of those recent mass shootings. now the propos rule to stop


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