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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 6, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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the governor speaking freely with phrases getting back to business as usual. he pointed out we have to remain vigilant as the variants are still a deadly threat. >> as california read reaches a significant milestone reaching quincy -- 20 million vaccines, the governor shared a glimmer of hope. >> we can confidently say by june 15, we can start to open up as business as usual. >> in 10 weeks, the state will be eliminating the colored tiered system to fully reopen the economy. this means large-scale indoor events like conventions could resume if testing or vaccinations are verified. most capacity limits would be lifted assuming there is sufficient vaccine supply, hospitalizations remain low, and safety measures are followed. >> it is imperative that we do not take our guard down, do not
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take your masks off, maintain your vigilance and accessing once your eligibility comes up. >> the governor is competent anyone who wants to get a vaccine will be able to edit by early to mid may as vaccine supply is expected to ramp up from the 2.4 million doses received this week. >> i anticipate those numbers to continue to go up. one very old bull remained j and j. destabilization of a pfizer and moderna, we have competence in. >> dr. mark galli's addressed the june 15 reopen date is subject to change of hospitalizations spike past low to moderate spread. >> if that is the case and we see a number of people hospitalized that have received the vaccine, that is a different level of concern. we will talk about that like the governor said with local partners. >> while the sedate has seen no evidence of that, newsom has a said it is clear that it is
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still a race between vaccines and the evolving variance. >> still prevalent, still deadly, still a challenge we need to tackle. >> the state has received an additional 600,000 doses over the past two weeks. governor newsom expects a that will ramp up once the state receives an additional allotment of johnson & johnson doses by early may. we will be tracking that. stephanie sierra, abc7 news. the colored tiered system will be retired as well. it is still in place right now. today, contra costa, napa, and sonoma counties moved to the orange tier. restaurants, movie theaters, and churches can increase to 50% and bars that do not serve food can open for outside seating. the only county in the red tier is a solano county. it is all very encouraging to hear, obviously. are we really ready to open? i know we are psychologically but what about in the real
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world? dr. patel is a part of our vaccine team. what do you make of the governor's announcement today? is it too soon or are we really ready? >> i think we will be ready by june. with the way we are going with public behavior it looks like with people really adhering to masks and other restrictions, i think from a scientific and data standpoint we will be ready. as of right now, we are about two months away from the june goal, we have a very low test positivity rate in the country. our death rate is low. i know people are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and we are in charge of that. what is really important is it is a tangible goal. people know the date and they know exactly how it will affect their lives. it is something we have been waiting for for more than a year. >> it seems attainable at this point which is encouraging. will enough people be vaccinated if we stay on pace to reach herd immunity by june? >> herd immunity is complicated. it can be a moving target. i know we said 75%-85%
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vaccinated but there are a couple of factors to include. on top of that two things will happen when we approach herd immunity. we will slowly seeslowly seesloe aspects. we'll see cases drop off but also, remember, even when we get to herd immunity we will still have people at risk. you and i talked about this yesterday. we have to be cognizant of that. from a numerical standpoint, about a month ago i said we may reach herd immunity by late summer early fall. i think we are on track to get there by june based on how many vaccines are being given out weekly in califor. >> with cases writing and a number of young people becoming sick with covid, and people relaxing their guards opening venues, are we at risk of
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falling backwards? >> of course. that is exactly why we have heard of these conferences today talk about the fact that the june date is a contingency based on vaccine supply but also a case rates and hospitalizations. we know a mask mandate will be in effect. that is really important to prevent the spread but also, these variants can have their own story. we see this play out in the midwest in michigan where he 117 is easily especially especially amongst young people. we are still in the driver seat. we know what to do to get to the june finish line. >> let's talk about the need to continue to social distance, wash our hands and wear masks even if you are vaccinated. is that correct? >> as of right now, it is. we don't have the clear-cut proof to show vaccination will prevent transmission. with suspected. with the a play out in a real- world data but we haven't seen the recommendations. that is what people should be
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working and looking out for.out. >> dr. patel, thank you has always. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> a very exciting day. hours ago president joe biden announced he is moving up the vaccine eligibility deadline. he held a news conference after visiting a vaccination site in alexandria, virginia. he is telling sates to make all adults eligible for a vaccine by april 19 instead of first. to contact the vaccine team, go to that is where you will find the latest headlines and the rules about who is eligible for a shot. that is all on the city of danville has a legal fight ahead of it after
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the shooting death of a homeless man. today, a lawyer for the man's family announced a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city. leslie brinkley explained how they will be using never before seen video of that encounter with police. >> reporter: this is a disturbing video of a danville police officer pointing his gun at a homeless man. the officer said he suspected the man, 32-year-old tyrell wilson has thrown rocks at cars on interstate 680. a witness driving by the intersection recorded the a cat encounter on march 11. wilson was shot once in the face and collapsed and died. >> this video was somehow -- the police waived the person who took it. they waved him by and told him to submitted. well, they submitted it to us. >> what we are doing from a civil rights case is a beginning. it is just the beginning. at the end of the day this officer should be criminally prosecuted. this man is a menace and has
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been a menace. >> john burris claims the officer shot and killed another filipino man in danville 2 1/2 years ago. now, this. >> the lawsuit was filed against the city of danville. they referred us to the contra costa county sheriff's department. today, the said no comment on the case. >> last month wilson was armed with a knife but wilson's mom and dad feel as though their son, who had mental health issues, was executed. >> i know one another parent father to go through what we are going through now.
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terminal 1 and oakland airport has reopen following an evacuation this morning. the sheriff's office said a man was near the baggage claim when he passed a tsa agent a note asking for help. he pulled out a knife and threatened to harm himself. crisis escalated to escalated the situation for hours before teasing the man and taking away the knife. he was taken to a hospital for psychiatric treatment. shifting gears from surviving to the pandemic to thriving. rising prices, getting groceries is getting more expensive. what is behind the hike? total recall. a look at the last time a governor was regarding california. california. the temperature ranges are people were afraid i was contagious. i felt gross. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. four years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections
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inspiring air wick to create our new spring collection. so we're partnering with world wildlife fund to reseed native wildflowers and grasslands. learn more at the changing workplace is one of the pillars of building a better bay area. companies are strategizing how they will shift gears from surviving the pandemic to thriving over the next decade moving forward. david lewis shows you the future will continue to be disruptive. >> going forward there will be a shift from surviving to thriving. >> when companies are actually willing to fail and fail fast, they are able to make strides
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to the new norm quickly. >> >> 85% of jobs that exist in 2030 do not exist today. >> that means disruption in career plans. >> we are seeing people should be hired based on potential as opposed to a prescribed tradition. >> there are three key takeaways to unleash human huma potential. purpose, potential, perspective. purposes where you are heading. it is a goal that will unite everyone to move in the same direction. >> it will create engagement, retention and in its changing environment. >> potential is the ability to adapt changing needs. they identified melanie euros
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and jancey being in tune with leading change as evidenced of their activism. they see themselves as purpose driven. perspective is challenging an organization to act boldly act the face of uncertainty. >> this may be the greatest challenge of all with early indications that a majority as expect to continue her remotely or to go to the office on the a few days per week.per week.per . >> san francisco has lost its status as the most expensive city in america to rent office space. the city's annual rent dropped 15% following behind manhattan for the first time in 5 years. san francisco's office vacancy rate soared from 4% meantime, sonoma county file criminal charges against
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pg&e accusing the utility of recklessly starting the kinkaid wildfire. the das office filed 33 accounts including five felonies related to the fire that burned 120,000 square miles near geyserville. it also destroyed 370 for homes and businesses and injured six firefighters. the charges come 10 months after pg&e pleaded guilty in its role of causing the 2018 fire. pg and e issued a statement saying in the spirit of working to do what is right for the victims we will accept the finding that a transmission line caused the fire. however, we do not believe there was any bay area water experts are saying it is not a matter of if but when. the pet mandatory conservation orders in place. there has been that little rainfall this year especially in the north bay. wayne freeman went to the to rock valley west of petaluma and heard from a rancher who has contended for droughts for day gates. he is not optimistic.
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>> in the dairy belt known as the to rock valley people comfort her spring garden.spring garden. >> normally we should be at 18 or 19 right now. >> how can that be? donna took a ride.a ride. looking out the window we almost missed it. >> that should be running over right now. >> winfield, it should have enough water to run the ranch and hundreds of calais for a year and a half. >> he has arranged this
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since 1919 he has never seen an april as dry as this. >> this is probably the worst one this time. >> already, he is buying paid tens of thousands of dollars for a water delivery truck. californians are fixated on covalent vaccinations. do they see what is coming? >> we are in a drought. >> most of us do not live on a ranch or rely on a pond. we have been talking about how we love this nice weather but it is sort of daunting. we know what it means. >> we can't change it so we may as well enjoy it. we are simply running out of
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time. >> we will be getting into what is our driest season. livermore gets about an inch. >> clouds high and low clouds. the result of combination of clockwise circulation around the area of high pressure to the south in a counterclockwise flow around the low pressure system. that is continuing to generate the onshore flow that pushed the clouds in our direction.our. nonetheless, today is a bit milder than yesterday was. seeing the 24-hour temperature change indicates it is three degrees warmer in seven cisco then and oakland.d oakland.d oa.
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enjoy it now because more clouds are on the way and it will be cooler tomorrow. right now we are looking at the clouds stacking up along the coast and over san francisco. it is 53 degre53 degre53 degre5e view. 72 in morgan hill. 52 half moon bay. and golden gate we see clouds increasing. that would be the pattern going into the nighttime hours. 63 and santa rosa. looking down at the closet as they continue to increase looking down forecast features. clouds are returning and will return tonight continuing to return. slightly cooler tomorrow by 2 or 3 degrees in most locations. warmth will be with us over the weekend. he was a overnight animation showing the steady flow of high clouds and low clouds as well. there will be periods of bright skies but the cloud cover will be enough to keep temperatures down a couple of degrees from
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today's level. lows will be in the mid to upper 40s. tomorrow ties will range from low to mid 50s at the coast to only about 60-62 degrees near the coast to maine the upper 60s in the inland areas. after that mix of clouds and breeze bringing temperatures down a bit it warms up a little bit on thursday or friday. then, we have more significant warming over the weekend. sunday and monday look for in then highs around 80 degrees. low 70s around the shoreline. >> and doesn't look like it. thank you very much. >> notice your grocery bill rising? you are not the only one. what you can do to save a little money at the market. >> there is more i'm susan and i'm 52 and i live in san francisco, california. i have been a sales and sales management professional my whole career. typical day during a work week is i'm working
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michael findlay is here with a look at today's headlines. hello, michael. >> there was a lot going on. let's begin with general motors. the auto giant is recalling tens of thousands of pickup trucks because a bad part can cause a power steering failure. it is 2015 chevy colorado and gmc canyon. more than 60,000 vehicles are in the recall. gm willow affected owners know
4:24 pm
starting next month. if the power steering goes out, a driver would need to use more force to steer the pickup. this would increase the risk of a collision. so far, there have been no crashes or injuries reported due to the problem. a new proposal calls for an extension on the federal ban on mortgage foreclosures until the end of this year. the consumer financial protection bureau says an extension would give borrowers more time and options when the bands came to an end. nearly 1.8 million borrowers are expected to exit the forbearance program in september. as life moved online during the pandemic in 2020, so did online shopping. the economics institute says consumers and spent $900 billion more
4:25 pm
sites when compared to the trends from the previous two years. it is not clear if this online surge will keep going. the report says businesses will likely remain brisk for groceries and discount stores. when it comes to retailers like clothing stores, it is expected shoppers will want to come in and try on close before they buy them instead of waiting for a package to arrive. the had to guess, a lot of people are when you're behind on buying work close. there will be money being spent on that as well. >> a lot of people have not needed those for last for the last year or so. >> it is the end of the line for yahoo answers. they are shutting down a may 4th after more than 15 years. users have until june 30th to download any content you want to keep. up next, total recall. the wild recall and erase it to replace gray davis. a look like i look
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this is abc7 s california heads toward a likely recall election of governor gavin newsom, we are looking back at the last big recall california governor gray davis was replaced by arnold schwarzenegger. we present total it is the story of america's wildest, largest, recall election. here is a portion of our documentary and a look at the race that at times looked more like a circus. >> i am gary coleman. i am the smallest candidate running. >> you have so many people putting their name on the
4:29 pm
ballot. >> out of all of them i probably would vote for larry flynt for the of it. >> angeline is considering jumping in. >> i think we need some pink. yes! >> i feel it is the precursor from what we fill from social media. >> the kardashians before the kardashians type of thing. >> i am mary carey. i am a former adult film star and former gubernatorial candidate in the recall election of 2003. >> the game show network did a game show called who wants to be governor of california. >> gary, you have 20 seconds beginning now. >> it doesn't matter my job is to entertain. >> gary coleman was considered the shortest candidate. we had an old guy who is the oldest candidate. the college kid, the youngest candidate. they called me the blonde is
4:30 pm
candidate. >> adult film star mary carey was talking about her agenda. >> the people swim, some people do aerobics. i personally recommend -- once a day. >> as it went along i got more serious about it. this was more to reduce gun violence. you get --. >> my big thing isisisisis marriage. that is my strongest feeling. i think the governo should be able to decide who gets married. >> the filing fee was relatively modest in california established a way to eliminate
4:31 pm
the filing fee if you could get enough signatures. there was also a poor group of citizen candidates who truly believe they could make a difference. >> in 2003 when i was a college sophomore i ran for california governor with money i want on will a fortune. i had a platform. it was lower student fees for college students. i was upfront and said i knew i was going to i was not going to win. all i want to do is make the real candidates, the ones who will win, pay attention to this. >> at the time when i started running no one was talking about tuition increases. by the end of the campaign everyone had except arnold, unfortunately. all of the candidates that got more than 5000 votes ended up talking about it. >> pulling the toughest decision since he decided to get a bikini wax in 1978, arnold schwarzenegger shocked the nation by announcing he
4:32 pm
will in fact ray davis. >> he was appearing on the tonight show with jay leno which tapes at around 5:00-5:30 on the west coast. >> on the tonight show is when he delivered the big move. >> i literally remember passing out almost passing out when he said he would rent. >> the man filling the people more than anyone is gray davis. this is why he needs to be recalled. this is why i am going to run for governor. >> i remember those days very well. in addition to these candidates, there were established politicians in the race as well. i know you spoke with ray davis for the opportunity. what did he tell you and how does he feel? >> it is the fund circus five aspect. governor davis is suchis suchish interesting guy. he seems to have come to peace with the outcome of the race. he was the only governor in the
4:33 pm
history of california and only the second to be recalled. he seems to know his downfall in part was he wasn't that exciting. you have a choice between running against another politician or a global celebrity don't pick the global celebrity. he thinks giving al given how overwhelmingly democratic the state is he thinks governor newsome will take it. >> he is fun, much more lively and energetic. >> at the same time we obviously can't forget the different people who throw their hat into the ring. mary carey had a lot of thoughts on the effort as well. >> we were having fun with that. she is sort of in on the joke. she knows she was in a serious candidate even though she
4:34 pm
certainly cares about some of those issues. she told us if it qualifies she is very likely going to throw her hat into the ring again. she says she is older, wiser and thinks she can do a better job. >> i think that is what everyone is wondering. i think we can brace for that. at the time the filing fee was about $3000. it is a little higher although it is not completely outrageous. and allowed some people to throw their hat in the ring. in more serious candidates getting in, katelyn jenner is mulling running in the election as a republican candidate. that will make it certainly entertaining. >> what is so interesting is we
4:35 pm
don't know exactly what will happen. it is going to be fascinating. no doubt, people will step into this vacuum period >> it is interesting to look back at 2003 and the lessons learned and see what we can expect this year. that was the sneak peak. that was the sneak peek of what is coming. you will be able to catch the abc7 originals documentary "total - hi, i'm steve. - i'm lea. and we live in north pole, alaska. - i'm a retired art teacher. i enjoy drawing, painting. every morning we do our exercises before we get into our routine. - as you get older, things just don't work as well as they used to. we saw a commercial for prevagen
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welcome to the 4 at 4:00. we have all my joining us. as three mile bay area counties move into the orange tier, governor newsome announced a plan to fully reopen california's economy june 5th. that is dependent on hospitalization rates remaining low and stable and a vaccine supply sufficient enough for all californians assuming that is june 15th. californians 16 and older who was to be vaccinated, everyday activities can resume and businesses can reopen with common sense measures. this is an a day we have all been waiting for. >> very encouraging news. once again the word of caution we are excited about
4:39 pm
need to practice the best measures to stay safe and aware our masks and sanitize. i am looking forward to going out to dinner and maybe be taking in a movie or baseball game or whatever. >> speaking of baseball games, masks appear in the audit seeing. masks were mandatory for fans except when actively eating or drinking at their seats. a scan of the stands show many people going mask lists and stadium personnel seem to be turning the of the way just not paying any attention enforcing the rules. that is the situation.the situa.
4:40 pm
there is a lot we don't know still. >> texas thinks the same about us. >> good point. >> all rightall rightall rightat all of us are going to be doing that anytime soon. i know we look forward to it.
4:41 pm
covid restrictions are remaining tight in many european countries including france. hidden camera video broadcast on french tv show to high and restaurant hosting private priv parties >> employees could be heard telling guests there wasn't any covid once they stepped inside of the restaurant. that is not great to see, spencer. >> not at all. very disappointing. >> it is interes. she has quite a number of friends who are hesitant to get the vaccine. in france there is a lot people hesitant to get it. i don't know if that is a factor in why they are having a slower return to normalcy. i am not sure. >> now, to a shortage of america's most popular condiment.
4:42 pm
catch up, there is a limit on it. there has been a need for more catchup packets. when they started running low, restaurants have turned to bulk bottles. now chain restaurants are running out. packets very popular with takeout delivery and delivery services. now, there is a run on catchup which is america's condiments. >> what is a hot dog without that? >> a hot dog should mustered. >> i put catch up on everything. >> i think we all right that's a fifth-floor problem... ok. not in my house! ha ha ha!
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relatively speaking it is hung in there very well given the circumstances. one of the unique aspects of the open symphony is the amazing role it plays in the community dynamic programs that represent diverse diversity and otreach. i sat down with michael morgan to talk about this.about this.a.
4:46 pm
>> michael it is great to see my friend. how have you been? >> i have been good. i have a pretty good time all things considered. >> during the pandemic tell me about how the oakland symphony has figure during the last 13 months or so. >> i have to say that because we have very understanding and generous donors people have really understood that in order for arts to come back and this is over people have to help us now to stay alive. i have been encouraging everybody. >> this has been terribly hard on musicians of every strike. has very -- it has been a very painful process. as an organization it is a challenge but he have done
4:47 pm
relatively well thanks to your understanding. individual musicians have had a hard time. >> a very hard time. we reach out to them. we have gotten some of the help like the ppp money from the government. we have gotten some of that. that has helped some but it doesn't replace what we were doing before. psychologically nothing replaces actual dealing conflict. now that there is a light at the end of the tunnel it is better for everybody. >> let's talk about coming out of the pandemic and what you hope to accomplish. >> i am hoping once we come back people will realize what they have missed while we were gone. that is for all of the arts. i am hoping -- i have heard from our subscribers in our audience that honestly we could put on anything and they are ready to come back and see get whatever we do it.
4:48 pm
they were saying that in the middle of the pandemic. we are looking forward to that so we can satisfy its need. >> one of the things i appreciate about the open symphony and one of the reasons i got involved as a board member is because as you know i am so pleased with the diverse nature of this symphony. in the last year during the pandemic there has been a huge movement and social justice in this community and this country you have played a role in that. you believe deeply in that as an artist. >> i think whatever our job is in the world, whatever job real job -- your real mission is to make your community a better place. make it a more harmonious place to bring people together. i have a symphony orchestra which is kind of an odd way of going about it but if you program with a variety of stuff you do -- we do with not only a
4:49 pm
lot of music we are bringing audiences together into the same room so we are actually creating a community in our building while we play concerts. >> that connection is so important during this divisive time in this country, >> absolutely! the great thing about the arts community in the east bay, we filled the rest of the world is catching up to us but the thing about it is we have always been very collaborative and we have been eager to see how our art could in fact serve making the community a better >> i am glad to know you have done well during the pandemic. the orchestra is ready to perform once we are back in person. in this an exciting time. >> we are aiming for october 15th for our first in-person concert. let's hope that comes to pass. >> outstanding! great to see you. >> fingers crossed. my thanks to michael morgan
4:50 pm
making sure the music is accessible to everyone. as he said the oakland symphony will begin a new season october 15th. we think and hope and person. the district is >> they have been so excited emotionally, exhilarating and and experience to be back in school. we are focusing and have been tutoring one on one for small group tutoring for students. >> you can donate through stimulus pledge.or. they will identify students with the highest needs and allocate funds that we. >> spencer you know it is spring when your allergies start acting up, right? >> that is for sure. it has been pretty breezy. it is breezy right now.
4:51 pm
that is whipping up all of the irritants that cause us to feel that as the allergies kick in. we are looking at this will be breezy near the coast and the bay. overnight lows will range from mid to upper 40s in most locations. it will be a little chillier in the north valleys were lows will drop into the low 40s. tomorrow it looks like the clouds are going to linger a bit longer than they did today. tomorrow will be a bit colder than today. once again it will be breezy. high temperatures will range from low 50s at the coast to maybe about 60 degrees around the bay shoreline. the mildest in the location were reached into the upper 60s. we may see one or two locations topping in the 60s. as he look at the 7-day forecast you can see temperatures will start to rebound thursday and friday as highs climb into the low 70s inland. on the weekend we have a nice warm-up going into sunday and
4:52 pm
monday. those two days will be around 80 degrees. will see some low to mid 70s near the bay shoreline. coastal highs not much of an increase there. in the upper 50s to near >> spencer, thank you very much. it is probably on everyone's wish list but it is no longer up for grabs. a locket that included strands of george washington's hair is sold for nearly $40,000. the hair was likely removed from washington's head around his death in 1799. the final >> how do we even really know? you can sell anything these days. that is interesting. you have seen a rise in your grocery bill, i am sure. you are not alone. what is behind the hike and how you can save, coming up.
4:53 pm
mom needs help but, she doesn't want to move. we're mostly concerned about her safety. she's already had a couple of falls. we had this joke, 'oh, that's a senior moment, right? but it wasn't. i'm driving her to the doctor, physical therapy... making sure that she's eating and staying hydrated. home care with an entire support team. mom could stay in her house, as long as she wants. that would be the perfect solution. she could live independently, and do her own thing. but with support, and transportation. i can focus more on my family too and be secure in knowing that she's happily looked after.
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follow my soul of the nation. don't miss abc7 news at 11:00 p.m. >> from vegetables to meet and even those little indulgences. the cost of groceries is climbing. >> we had a suspicion that prices would go up. but i don't think we realized how bad it will be. >> reporter: according to the latest government data at the price we pay for groceries is up 3.5% over the last 12 months. for a family of four that can add up to as much as $500 more per year. on top of the pandemic truck driver shortages and the winter storms are fueling the uptick in prices. >> the whole supply chain is
4:57 pm
increasing and nobody wants to absorb that cost. >> reporter: general mills announced they are increasing prices to offset higher freight manufacturing and commodity prices. or mail is also charging more prizes. the price of a jar of jif peanut butter is higher than a year ago because the cost is higher. to save at checkouts experts recommend trying apps give a cashback and to compare prices between stores near you. also stock up when the price is right. >> you have to think about what you routinely use and abuse it also buy it in bulk. >> reporter: the prices of everything but beef is expected to keep going up this year. it is not just a supermarket that is impacted but the cost at a restaurant is impacted as well. >> really interesting. i guess we will all make a run
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coming up next the big promise by the state as california is to fully reopen the economy in june. officials say the next at pages on two factors. the announcement comes at a critical point for bay area businesses. san francisco right francis talking about reversing a controversial decision to rename their schools. googles development deal in san jose and how this project could transform the bay area's biggest cd. the need for water. one man's daily grind to keep his ranch going and the worried this may just be the beginning. >> building a bay area and moving forward, finding solutions.


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