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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 6, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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reopening. >> good morning to you. welcome to do that, april 6th. >> yes, we are going to start here at the accuweather forecast and mike, good morning to you. good morning, jobina, reggie, francis, hi, everybody. let's talk about how we are switching from definitely early spring to late spring.late spri. it starts with our wind flow. what you are seeing is a definite onshore breeze. the winds are not very strong until you get to fairfield, that is what we always look at as we transition into the summer. they are coming right out of the northwest, and into and across the day and into and int the neighborhoods but because of that, we are definitely seeing a lot of cloud cover. i mean, look at all this cloud cover right now. right there. right across san jose. sold me to even that depict what that is going to do is keep the coast in san francisco in the cold to mid upper 50s, 62 to about 67 around the bay. will push into the 70s and most
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of the south bay, in the east bay and northbay neighborhoods. a little bit warmer than yesterday, jobina >> reporter: thank you, governor newsom should could be announcing a green tier as californians are getting vaccinated and covid cases draw. here's a map of where counties currently stand in the states reopening plan. today, we expect another sonoma county here, joins the tier. amy hollyfield is live in downtown petaluma with more on that for us. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, jobina. know who is watching this carefully? restaurants, movie theaters. this means they will be able to allow more people inside. it means businesses will get to reopen a little bit more. restaurants will be able to double their capacity in orange tier, filling up half of their dining rooms, instead of the current 25% that is allowed. gyms would be allowed to welcoming 25% of their capacity. movie theaters would be allowed to have 50% of their capacity, bowling alleys and cardrooms would be allowed to reopen. the next year, after orange, is
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yellow. but governor newsom is expected to announce a new tier, green. that would allow most activities to resume as normal, as cases continue to drop. >> we are now moving through these tears. we had 13 counties this week moved to less restrictive tears. we are seeing businesses reopen, over 9000 of our schools have either reopened for in-person instruction, or have announced a date to reopen for in-person instruction. >> reporter: here in sonoma county, even as they move toward that orange tier, health officials are still encouraging caution, saying they would hate to have a surge this close to the finish line. the orange tier announcement is expected today, and would go into effect tomorrow. live in petaluma, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. news. ne >> reporter: amy, thank you. are new details about the
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future of the oakland coliseum vaccination site. is excepted to stay open past sunday. that is when it was initially scheduled to close. now fema is in talks with the state on how to hand over control to alameda county, we are still waiting to find out more information, including where those vaccines will be coming from. the fbi is warming of a new scan including fake cbc vaccine cards for sale. they are highly concerned about this. they sent a letter to the ceos of twitter, ebay, and shop if i come asking them to prevent the selling of fake cards on their website. officials say this could lead to a wider implementation of vaccine passports. >> we know people have been selling fake vaccine cards. it'll make people less safe, and it will make this covid-19 pandemic last longer. i expect there will be some form of digital signature. >> the fbi has abides against posting photos of your vaccination card, because scammers can use that person
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information. we know travel is picking up as more americans are getting vaccinated, but masks are still required. this policy led to a woman getting removed from a southwest flight a flight attendant told passenger to get off the plane after she apparently refused to wear a mask. passengers cheered and applauded as she got kicked off the plane. southwest requires travelers over to go to wear a mask that is at all times, including boarding and deplaning. new this morning, educators oakland school fight district helping low income students of color with learning loss this last year. they are raising money to provide academic intervention and tutoring. learning loss, increasing in march in 2020, as students did not have access toaccess toacceo learning. even after students received devices and hotspot, there were still some that missed months of instruction. former vice president kamala
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harris is moving to chicago today to talk about vaccine equity. this comes after her first trip to oakland, since taking office. she visited east bay mud water treatment plant, with governor newsom yesterday. harris was touting president biden's $2.3 trillion in for structure plan which includes modernizing aging water systemw >> we must understand how precious this resource is. we must understand the equities and inequities of distribution and access to clean water, especially clean drinking water, and address it. >> the vice president also met with small business owners at red door catering and promise more financial support for businesses and underserved communities. for my civil rights attorney expected to announce a lawsuit against the city of danville today. this comes after a police officer shot and killed a man last month. police say officer andrew hall fired at tyrell wilson come after they say wilson pulled out a knife and moved towards hall, while being questioned at an intersection. he said wilson was homeless and skip the phrenic. abc7 news has confirmed the same officer shot and killed a man while on duty in 2018. the family of the most recent
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victim in this case will appear at a news conference at noon today. developing news in the murder trial of derek chauvin, maurice hall, the man seen in the passenger seat of george floyd's suv, who allegedly sold floyd opioids, is affected to plead the fifth amendment today while testifying. it comes after the most high- profile witness to the stand yesterday. the minneapolis police chief testified what chauvin did to floyd violated the policy and values of the department. >> i disagree that that was the appropriate use of force for that situation. >> floyd dad also testified yesterday. he believes the primary reason for cardiac arrest or lack of oxygen, not a heart attack or drug overdose. you can watch the entire trial, gavel to gavel, on our abc7 bay area tvr. you can download on roku, fire tv, apple tv, or android tv. investigators are still looking into what drove a man to plow into police officers outside the u.s. capital, killing one of them.
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yesterday, police confirmed the attack was intentional. they are digging into the background of 25-year-old noah green. he was shot and killed following a crash, as he got out of the car and lunged at officers with a knife. capital police are asking congress to increase security, especially since the ranks could be depleted by a wave of retirements. >> there are those you made snarky comments about, they've got all these police to protect one building. yup, it is the most important building in america, because it is the seat of our democracy. if that building and the people in it don't function, we no longer have democracy. >> the other officer who was struck in the attack was released from the hospital over the weekend. coming up, masks for meals, the mission underway in the south bay to keep businesses up and running during the pandemic. three, two, one, go. >> nice shot. this kid could someday become a basketball star. the player he is looking up to.
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that is fun. here's a look from the roof camera, you can see we have a west wing, a lot of cloud cover and about 49 degrees. we eventually will see some sunshine, but we will have to deal with pollen and cool, co
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this tuesday. we will start with our peninsula temperature, mainly mid to upper 40s, like 40 in,. right now, 51 in san bruno for the warm spot under mostly cloudy sky. temperatures in the mid-40s from 45 to about 50 degrees. oakland, hayward, fremont, all the way down to san jose. all of those neighborhoods, 50
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degrees right now. 47 walnut creek. of the low clouds have made their way into parts of the east bay valleys, 43 to 49 through 7:00. look at those 50s at the coast. even around the bay at noon, while inland we will see sunshine a little bit quicker and hit 63. in the mid to upper succeed away from the coast at 4:00. everybody back into the 50.7:00. as far as any issues with our air quality, no spare the air. green everywhere, good air to breathe today, tomorrow, and thursday. i will have your weekend forecast, coming up. here is francis with a look at the morning commute. hi, francis. hi, mike. good morning, everyone. here is a site we haven't seen in a while. there is quite a bit of a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights turned on at about 5:55 this morning. so you see, it is backed up for the foot of the maze, about 15 minute wait right now as you make your way toward the metering lights. after that, it's looking good into san francisco. install has been reported at the san mateo bridge, approaching the toll plaza. is live shot in westbound direction on the right-hand side is a little bit more
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crowded, but things are flowing well, as you make your way toward foster city and into san mateo. a bicyclist has died after a crash in the south bay. this is the 11th deadly traffic collision in san jose this year. it happened near broke haul road and 80 in san jose around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. investigators a man was writing and wasn't in the crosswalk when a pickup truck take him. drivers cooperate with police. still ahead, staying up with the popular coffee gin, alleys right here in the bay area, we have a look at the new trend. mario has never looked so good. the jumbo nintendo switch kids will actually be able
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in the south bay, a recently launched masks for meals effort is helping to keep locally owned businesses in business and employees said. 80 6019 launched late last summer, carl and his business partners started to put that branding on reusable masks and selling them for every $500 in mask sales, 100% goes to purchasing meals from a customer nominated. a randomly selected local restaurant. >> in some cases, restaurants matched what we were doing and gave double. >> b's prepaid meals feed those who are furloughed, underemployed or under unemployed due to the pandemic, today, more than 400 masks have been purchased, and raising more than $2000. here is a tasty street, see's candies has paired with pete's coffee for chocolate covered coffee bea.
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they are covered in see's dark chocolate. see's said they are the perfect afternoon pick me up. the chocolate coffee beans are available in trend 21 stores or on its website for $5. i can 100% behind this. >> i will try, but why not milk? what do people have against milk chocolate? >> dark chocolate is for adults. >> i'm youthful forever than. try me. >> that was a good one. >> all right, now we're talking about youth here. stanford students are salvaging the woman's fastball team get the school held a socially distanced victory parade after winning the national championship. >> we are so proud of them. the cardinal beat arizona in a thrilling game that went down to the wire on sunday. this is the third time the women's team has won the title. stanford now has 127 ncaa titles, amazing. it's the most ever any school in the country. as you can see, fans lined the streets to congratucongratucongu
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>> we haven't been able to gather like this in over a year. it's just so important that we are able to come out and celebrate, not only them being the road warriors, but a championship and, you know, i'm really excited to see the student body cannot have a good time. >> i'm trying to figure out what she has. >> i need her to turn around. >> you know what i'm wondering? i'm wondering if she is the tree and we are just like not seeing the full, like if we were to zoom out, because of the colorful version of the tree. >> very colorful version, i'm here for her spirit though. >> me too. this was the woman's fastball team first championship win since 1992. baylor bears are the ncaa men's national champions for the first time. they feature the top two teams all year, and zagat went undefeated the season before last nights title game, but the bears started off hot and they never let up, winning by points. >> players for the ncaa tournament are inspiring young kids across the country. >> three, two, one,
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go. go. >> this little guy, his le guy,, jaelyn from thousand oaks. he is replicating his namesake, gonzaga i say thatsay thatsay tt jaelyn suggs who made a three at the buzzer to advance his team to the title game. after making that three in overtime, he jumped up on the table and in celebration, so is this little boy. you are so lucky that you have a high ceiling. >> right? that is cute. >> so cute. >> i was thinking the same thing. he looks just like jaelyn suggs. >> did you watch, mike? >> oh, yeah. that's one of the reasons i went to carlsbad over the weekend is, my friend that is in the bubble is a ucla grad, so we watch the game at his house and had dinner. the switch of emotions at the end of that game cut like a knife. oh it was just like ecstasy to
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-- >> ecstasy? >> it was like, oh my goodness. while they tied it on it's like we were going into overtime and ucla is going to pull this out and then all of a sudden suggs hits that took my breath away, just beach was afterwards. let's talk about what's going on in the sutro tower, weather-wise, you can see the marine layer clouds are back, but eventually they will become a partly cloudy day at the marine layer clouds alleys around the bay and inland. it'll be taken over by high clouds as those lower clouds pulled back to the coast. that's why it's going to be milder around the bay and in the neighborhoods, bringing the clouds will again tonight, kind of stuck in that pattern until thursday. than a warming weekend, but dry all 70s of the forecast. 65 to 72, that is spread across the south bay with near 70 in san jose. 60 to 66 on the bay side of the peninsula, but significantly cooler. look at that, only mid-50s with the cloud cover along the
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coast. and near 60 in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. mid-50s north bay coast. look at that, 67 to nearly 73 degrees through your valleys pick along east bayshore, 62 in richmond to 67 fremont. now as you head into the valley, 69 in san ramon to brentwood at about 74 degrees. here is a look at what's going on around the state, high clouds just about everywhere with mid-70s to the central valley, 72 in la, to 60 in tahoe's afternoon. tonight, you can see the cloud cover coming back and temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 40s, little bit cooler from santa rosa northward. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. depending on the cloud cover, will be shifting a couple degrees here and there through at least friday, then you can the temperatures take off away from the coast saturday, sunday, and monday. 70s, possibly even a few 80s by the time we get to sunday and monday. that is several days away. all right, jobina i was here, i was about what you are about to talk about over the weekend. it was spectacular. tell us more about that. >> you give us all the t earlier.
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it is gorgeous. coronavirus restrictions are loosening across california, just in time for a spring full bloom. gorgeous. the same color carl glad flower field drawing visitors. they were closed most of last year, due to the pandemic. more than 70 million flowers draw people from across the country, including some visitors who haven't been out in months. >> i do love seeing that. for my good morning america is coming up in 7:00 right here on abc7. >> we have a look at what's ahead. >> reporter: good morning, reggie angelina. coming up here on gma, we'll start with the latest in the fight against the pandemic. the cdc has an urgent warning saying that young people are now fueling the latest surge. and the travel industry is really hoping for a comeback. when will one of the biggest cruise lines look to set sail to mike apparently with everyone on board, fully vaccinated. is that safe? dr. fauci is going to join us to discuss.
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also ahead, skyrocketing prices at the grocery store, why food and household staples like toilet paper, even diapers, are seeing a huge increase in price. the expert tips to help keep your grocery bill down. we have a gma exclusive, this is wild. the medical breakthrough with the world's first successful trachea transplant. it has changed the life of a mom who nearly lost her life to an asthma attack. this morning, we are not only going to go behind the scenes of the procedure, but we are going to meet a woman at the center of it all. she is revealing what it feels like to breathe on her own again. cannot imagine. then, history making march madness. baylor bears are dancing this morning after taking down powerhouse and i got. it was when she started forgetting things.
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you see by keeping their vacation in california they're supporting our local businesses and communities. so you could say every juice box enjoyed on our beaches is also bringing nourishment to our state's economy. that's the taste of recovery. calling all californians. keep your vacation here and help our state get back to work. and please travel responsibly. temperatures swinging back closer to average today after being so raw yesterday. mid-50s to mid 60s. how about temperatures today near 62 near 70 check that's about 5 to 9 degrees warmer
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than yesterday afternoon, and look at this, by friday, the summer spread is starting to develop in the afternoon hours, and some of the morning hours. that is definitely a sign that we are transitioning into late spring type weather for mid-50s the coast to mid 70s in length, then saturday, we go for mid- 50s along the coast to near 80 inland, and those 80s start to spread just a little bit, while we still stay in the upper 50s to near 60 along the coast. jobina? thank you, mike. bringing back program to recycle car seats and boosters. you can drop off your old seats, even if they are damaged or expired and exchanged. we will do the digital coupon for 20% off baby gear. targets that a recycled nearly 18 million pounds of car seats since launching the effort in 2016. buyback program runs through april 17th. san francisco has lost its status as the most expensive city in america to rent office space. according to brokerage cb re:, the annual rent dropped 15%,
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following behind manhattan for the first time in five years. san francisco overtook new york in 2015 as companies like uber and twitter ushered in the tech boom. san francisco's office vacancy rate soared from 4% to 19% in the last year of course because of the pandemic. you are looking at the world's largest and fully operational nintendo switch. there, and i can see how big it is. it's more than six times the size of a regular switch, measuring 30 inches tall, and 70 inches wide. it weighs 65 pounds. the engineer who created it also made a pro controller, that you can use to play it. it was the for a good cause. to be given to children's hospital in alabama. fun. >> yeah, love that, okay. next is a:30, mysterious circumstances following
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disappearance. head of the san francisco school board meeting tonight for a surprise announcement from the school district superintendent. the controversies he will continue to guide the district through. for my california is a milestone in the fight against covid-19 get the statewide positivity rate is now the lowest in the country. what doctors say as we continue to return to classrooms... parents like me want to make sure we're doing it safely. especially in the underserved communities hardest hit by covid. trust me, no one wants to get back to classroom learning more than teachers like me. using common sense safety measures
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saving made easy. can your internet do that? this place can fix it. thanks. get started with xfinity internet for $19.99 a month for 12 months. plus, add xfinity mobile and you could save up to $300 a year. switch today. building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 >> now at six:30, and the names of more than 40 public schools in san francisco are back up for debate. the issue the school board is scheduled to discuss tonight. >> i'm a bit concerned about that. they are taking a chance. it is risky. the nation's top 19 expert explain what's driving covid
6:30 am
cases across the country. and a major victory in california's fight in the pandemic. we now have the lowest positivity rate in the country. the question of course, can we keep this going, as spring marches on? >> good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, april 6th. >> we will start with the forecast and meteorologist mike nicco is back. hey, mike. >> good morning, reggie, jobina, hi, everybody. this tuesday is starting off a lot like yesterday. we've got sun onshore breeze. we've got increasing clouds. but, unlike yesterday, we are going to see more sunshine and feel a little bit warmer, especially around the bay and more so inland. here's a look from the east bay health,, little red white and blue for your morning, 42 degrees up there. at about 1800 feet, the breeze out of the south, southwest up to 11 miles per hour. most of us in the mid to upper 40s 7:00. notice inland, breaks off as we reach the 50s around the base and the coast inland, 63 at noon as you will see sunshine faster and then the babe rate
6:31 am
joins neighborhoods at 4:00, everybody is back into the 50s as we head into the evening hours. we will take a look at a warmer seven-day forecast, coming up. here is reggie. we were expecting an update as it is today on california's tier system for reopening get the governor has been teasing a new green tier that comes as the states, 19 positivity rate is the lowest in the country. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is in petaluma this morning, and there is news about sonoma county moving to another tier. hi, any. >> reporter: hi there, reggie. yes, sonoma county, headed toward the orange tier. you know who is watching that carefully, restaurants, movie theaters. that is good news for them. they will be able to allow more people inside. after orange is yellow. but now we are hearing about a possible new tear from the governor, that is the green tier. he is saying, we will get there sooner than many people think. now doctors say they are still closely watching the cases though, across the country. they are very concerned about some states that are seeing a third.
6:32 am
now doctors here in california think the state has done a good job of being cautious, and could avoid another surge. they say could come down to young people. that is the group where officials are seeing the largest searches across the country. >> until we can vaccinate the population that is continuing to have high rates of infection, for the early adult population, is going to be really hard to prevent the spread or transmission of covid- 19 infection. >> reporter: governor newgovernw showing his competence in california's rate of spread, by talking about this new tier and the reopening plan, the green tier. that would list lift most, if not all restrictions on businesses. he said, it is coming soon. we are hoping to hear more details about it, possibly today. we also inspect today, to hear at sonoma county, we will move into orange tier, another step toward returning to normal.
6:33 am
that announcement affected today, then it will go into effect tomorrow. live in petaluma, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. thank you. a new study is revealing a huge inequity among a specific group in california, that has been impacted the most by the pandemic. according to usc researchers, hispanic immigrants ages 20 to 54 are nearly 12 times more likely to die from covid-19 that american-born men and women, who are not hispanic. the death rate in that group is a and half times that of whites. these numbers are higher than those released from the cdc, which say that hispanics are just over two times more likely to die from the virus that white people. markets are going back to school in the south bay. cupertino schools welcome back grades two through fifth. they are starting with a hybrid model. kids will be on campus for two days a week, to start. working up to four days a week. abc7 news spoke with a second- grader who was excited and a little nervous at the same time. >> there's a few changes, and i'm not sure what type of changes they are, so i'm a
6:34 am
little nervous. >> why are you excited? >> and excited because i get to be in second grade for the first time. >> that is awesome. according to the cupertino patch, about half of students return, the other half will continue. happening today concentra cisco unified school board could reverse its decision to rename 44 schools. in january, the board voted to move forward with changing the names of any school associated with slavery, colonization, and other forms of racial oppression. there is backlash, as people pointed out, historical inaccuracies with some of the interpretations. they criticize the board for focusing on school names, instead of reopening for in- person learning. the school board is set to meet at six clock tonight. make a surprise announcement from sf usd superintendent, vincent matthews that he is now going to stay on the job for an extra year, to help the district deal with a number of issues. matthew said initially, he
6:35 am
planned to retire this year. condition to the controversy over renaming schools, they may also deal with a lawsuit that allison:filed. she is suing the district and five fellow board members over the decision to strip her of the vp, and her committee positions over past tweets, regarding asian americans. a video showing police beating up a man in new kia is way raging a lot of questions. the video shows officers dealing with a man walking naked down south state street. family members say gerardo magdelano is a 25-year-old homeless man. he is also bipolar. they say a local hospital refused to treat him, so he self medicated on lsd, got hot, took off his clothes, and went for the walk. >> he was not coherent. he could not follow directions, because when you are sick like that and you are under the influence of drugs, you really can't understand. he was in his own world. abc7 news reached out to ukiah police, but we have not heard back yet. they did release a statement
6:36 am
that reads in part, quote, use of force incidents like this are rare, and this is under investigation the investigation is underway regarding the incidents exclamation. formica family in southern california is urging nonstop for a mother who hasn't been seen since january. today, we are learning new details about the woman's troubled marriage. abc news reporter has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: this morning, a family near san diego, desperate for answers, as the surge search for a missing must mother of three intensifies. >> bring her home. her kids, they need their mom. >> reporter: 39-year-old maia millie at a when missing on january 7th. that same day, according to her family, she filed for divorce from her husband, larry. and attorney for the family said, he noticed warning signs before she went missing. >> all the windows were open,
6:37 am
the fans were on full blast, other than the fact that he was obviously airing the house out. >> reporter: the attorney, build little, also set a freezer had gone missing from the garage, which was later discovered at the home of larry's relative. it appeared the lock on the couple's bedroom door had recently been repaired. larry acknowledges, he and his wife had troubles, but adding, he has faced false allegations and latent lies surrounding her disappearance. >> bring my home. >> reporter: in the meantime, they continue looking for answers, organizing search parties, hanging flyers, even posting billboards, desperate to find maia. >> we are very info for that, very, very grateful for everyone. >> reporter: chula vista police say leads are pouring in and they are aware of a reported murder for hire plot, connected to the case. they did not elaborate on that alleged plot. still ahead, santa clara county signed shined a spot on small businesses.
6:38 am
the new life and is offering to help them survive the pandemic. you are looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange, another update on how the markets are doing, next. the new push to decode data science. sometimes that means focusing on the youngest among us. now if you check on your accuweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco, back from the flowers. >> back from carlsbad and san diego. we have so much news out of that area. it was a nice time, let's just say, that was really neat and i can't wait to go back. 46 in the valley, 51 in ocean beach, under cloudy conditions. that is the spread across the san francisco. most of us in the mid-40s to around 50 degrees. let's talk about more and more of those students going back to school and the faculty. mid to upper 40s as 7:00, mainly cloudy conditions. clouds will start to open up, but i want stuck in the 50s, that's where we will stay at 3:00 after school at the coast. mid to upper 60s with more sunshine than yesterday, and is slightly less aggressive
6:39 am
breeze. that's why it's going to feel warmer today. here's a look at south beach, where it's cloudy and 49. at least not foggy for your commute. it is cool this morning, but it will be pretty comfortable this afternoon, if you are taking mass transit. here is something that is maybe not comfortable. high amounts of tree pollen, a few new players out there that you have to contend with. theater, juniper, oak and sycamore. and the uv index is very high, which means burn time to 20 minutes, if you don't protect the skin, especially for those that don't tan very easily. we will talk about some warmer weather, coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast, just in time for the weekend. i'm going to transfer over to francis. >> hi, mike. good morning, everyone. it's an extra busy at the bay bridge, to almost look like a normal backup this morning.
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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youth sports are driving up cases of covid-19 among younger people. that is according to the white house chief medical advisor, dr. anthony fauci. >> it's the team sports, where kids are getting together. you know, obviously many without masks, that are driving it, rather than in the classroom spread. when you go back and take a look at the track, where these clusters of cases are coming from in the school, it is
6:43 am
that. >> the cdc currently allows youth sports, but in a limited capacity, it is still unclear if it's a more transmissible variant behind the outbreaks. one solution is vaccinations, but trials for kids under 16 are still underway. you can watch the full interview with dr. fauci at the clock on gma. abc7 news is making it easy to get all your vaccine questions answered anytime. go to, and you will find a blue box saying submit questions here. you will also find the information on california's vaccination process. more relief could soon be coming for small businesses in santa clara county, hit hard by the pandemic. supervisor cindy chavez is cosponsoring a proposal that would provide a boost for smaller grocery stores and gas station operators under this new plan, the county would waive registration and inspection fees related to weights and measures for 2021. the seeds fall between 100 dollars and $500 for business every year. >> any assistance that we can provide, we should be providing. and i think what's good about this is that, it is something
6:44 am
they would've already built into their budgets that they have to do, so this really adds a little more relief to them. >> county officials estimate nearly 1000 small businesses could benefit this would cost nearly half $1 million from the general fund. a san francisco institution is serving diners once again. they are back at 50% indoor capacity. the dining room has been closed since last march. the restaurant tried getting by on take out a loan, but they stopped doing in july. now the owner says things are looking up. >> in the middle of lunch hour, we have had about 120 reservations on the day, about half of those lunchtime, and we probably had another 30 walk- ins. so, we are doing >> if you visit, you will find a condensed menu. you can make reservations for parties of 2 to 6 people, or if you are by yourself, you can walk in and have a seat at the counter. now for your morning money report, there's been a
6:45 am
courtroom victory for google and a decade-old dispute with oracle, the court said, google's use of code copied without permission from oracle's java program constitutes fair use and does not require compensation. that code was used to create the android smartphone operating system. some startup companies fear the decision could harm their ability to turn a profit of giants like google, to swoop in and copy without compensation. salesforce paid no federal income tax in 2020, despite making $2.6 billion in profit. according to a report by the institute on taxation and economic policy, san francisco's largest private employer was among 55 major u.s. companies that paid no federal income taxes last year. instead of paying around half $1 billion in taxes, the company is expected to get a $12 million refund. taking alive look at the new york stock exchange right now, as trading gets underway
6:46 am
this morning, you can see we are up about 373 points. uber could soon be getting rid of the policy that is supposed to give drivers more flex ability. right now, uber allows drivers to see the right destination, before picking a passenger. this is part of an effort to prove that drivers are in fact independent contractors. now, uber tells the chronicle, the policy is bad for business, because so many drivers are cherry picking lucrative rides. uber no longer has approved that, because they passed prop 22. if you are seeing higher prices at the grocery store, you are definitely not alone. prices are going up on food and other products like toilet paper and even diapers. government data shows the price consumers pay for groceries is up 3.5% over the past year. that could be as much as $500 more a year for you. on top of the pandemic, truck driver shortages, severe weather, and the ships stuck in the suez canal are all contributed to the climbing
6:47 am
costs. >> we had a suspicion that prices were going to go up, but i don't think we realize how bad it was going to be. i don't think anybody realized, you know, the magnitude of issues we are seeing within the supply chain right now. coming up on gma, learn more about new cashback apps, and i can help save you money. that is at 7:00, right after abc7 mornings. we love krispy kreme around here. the donuts just became even sweeter. the company is teaming up with oreo for two new flavors. there is the oreo cookie glazed doughnut, wow. it is covered in an oreo flavored glaze and filled with cookies and cream. then there is the over-the-top doughnut, which is drizzled with chocolate icing, and finished with an oreo cookie wafer. krispy kreme says, this is the first time it's collaborated with another brand to create an all new glaze. do we try? >> we try. i want the one on the right, the one it looks like an oreo cookie. that's the one i want. >> that was good. so that would be the oreo cookie glazed doughnut, not the
6:48 am
over-the-top. over-the-top has the drizzle. >> oh, yeah. keep the drizzle. i kind of need that in my life right now. >> by two of them. >> i'm with reggie on that one. >> wises so nice behind jobina? look at this. >> in morning, sunshine. >> she is in the clouds this morning. >> hello. hello, angelic jobina. >> oh, thank you. >> thank you. now that lent is over, i'm going to maybe have one of those donuts. maybe not. all right, let's talk about angelic once again. jobina is not in this picture, i am, i apologize. it's 42 from the east bay hills, but you can see a gorgeous sunrise as the marine layers are coming over top, trying to fill in the state always. here's another look at it from downtown. it's 53 right now. you can definitely see signs
6:49 am
that late spring to summer pattern is already starting to fill in. it's like, didn't we just and the rain season? when it didn't really rain? i mean, it's all too soon. we need more rain. we need more snow. milder around the bay and and lynn today, the nurse partly cloudy conditions, cloud return, seasonably cool tonight and brighter and warmer away from the coast this weekend. temperatures will be warmer than average. here's a look at the fog. watch as it retreats back to the coast in the coastal valleys, such as the san bernardino gap and around the golden gate. that is where we will find the fog trying to push through around noon. high cloud will be taking over for the rest of us. even that will start to dissipate a little bit during the evening hours, as the low clouds started to come right. so that pattern is already starting. 65 to 72 degrees across south bay, near 70 in san jose. 60 to 66 on the bay side of the peninsula. on the coast side, mid-50s, near 60 downtown, south san
6:50 am
francisco. 67 to 73 across the north bay valleys, with 62 to 67 along the east bay shore. modem and 74 out in the east bay neighborhoods, thinking about dining out, it'll be in the 50s at the coast. it is going to be cold air. we will fall into the 60s everywhere by 6:00 and 50s by 8:00. here is a look at tonight's temperatures, mid-40s to upper 40s with all of that low cloud cover. not much of a a a a a several days. by the time we get to saturday and sunday, monday, away from the coast, that is when temperatures will be above average, nearing 70 to nearly 80. let's talk more about the morning commute and get back to francis. good morning, francis. in morning, mike. at morning, everyone. a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza come almost looks like a pre-covid backup, metering light turned on if i:55 this morning. apparently there was some police activity on the upper deck of the bay bridge the blocks the right leg. there may have been a pedestrian and an ambulance on the upper deck. you can see traffic is backed
6:51 am
up all the way into the maze this morning. slow ride getting into san francisco. if you want, the san mateo bridge has been looking good, as well as other spots. the bay bridge is the slow spot, and the second lowest spot as the altamont pass, there is a high wind advisory, traffic is jammed from westbound 205 out of tracy. we will toss it back to jobina, looking lovely, like the sunrise right now. >> thank you, francis. thank you. from a data analysis has been critical to tracking and understanding the spread of covid-19. data sciences is a fast-growing field, but it's really hard for a lot of people to describe it. now a new children's book is trying to demystify it for young people, and maybe even some adults. abc7 news reporter david louis gives us an inside look at the book. >> reporter: marketing executive brian calley has a daughter, be. he works at a data analytics company but realized, he didn't know how to describe data science to her. >> how many actual data scientists can describe what they do to their friends and
6:52 am
colleagues as well? so that is where the idea came from. >> reporter: over a seven month period, kelly wrote this children's book titled, the data scientist and her medical bookmobile. the idea emerged from a session at san francisco bay's domino data lab. in the book, library and florence asked strategic questions to find out what kinds of things books characters like to read about. then she can suggest just the right. the illustrations provide visual interest, reading out loud, providing engagement. >> the dragon licked her cheek, smiling and laughing and making her shriek. >> reporter: it is aimed at young readers, ages 5 to 9. they plan to go with the book was developed for classroom use with help from the national science teaching association. >> it's really about getting kids passionate about stem and problem-solving, because this world is full of problems, as you know, david. and we need the next generation equipped and willing solve them.
6:53 am
>> the e-book version can be downloaded for free during april, which is math and statistics awareness month at domino data the paperback version can be ordered on amazon. she is getting her dad's book a favorable review. >> there is a writing pattern that pops up again and again. she gets excited every time that i read that to her. >> reporter: david louis, abc seven news. >> very nice there. also, it's going to be a great day at fairyland, because children is reopening all of its rides, starting tomorrow. last month, fairyland reopened its gates to a reduced number of visitors, activities were limited to slides and animal visits, life puppet shows, and performances are expected to return later this month. the san jose earthquakes will be playing their home opener later this month in the newly renamed paypal park. the quakes and san jose-based paypal agreed to a tenure partnership. paypal park will be outfitted with digital payment technology, for a tax-free experience. the home opener is coming up in
6:54 am
about two and half weeks on april 24th. now to a different arena, preparations underway at the chase center to welcome back fans. warriors in their arena announced cleaning with clorox. the high-powered disinfecting products will be used throughout the building a daily basis. sanitizing stations will be involved for fans. last week, health officials announced indoor live event can resume. april 15th, the chase center has not officially announced when it is going to reopen. here is a more big news, hamilton coming to san jose. though award will run fraught the center for performing arts. all 2600 feet will be available for live shows. masks are required. season-ticket packages go on sale next month, with tickets to individual shows becoming available at a later date. you know, i already text my hamilton contact. >> i was going to say, are your hamilton carjacks part of the show? do we know that yet?
6:55 am
>> i think that they are. >> in that case. >> let's get on these tickets. >> let me get on these tickets. i slept before, i will not do that again. >> don't sleep on this. >> they are amazing. >> not this particular cast, if you know what i'm saying? >> i do. on picking up what you are dropping, all the way. >> up next, seven things you need to know today. from a reminder, you you can watch all of our newscast live and on-demand on the abc7 bay area connected to the app, available for apple tv, android tv, amazon fire tv, and roku. download the app now and start streaming. as we head to break here, so beautiful this morning. same shot behind me i think. 6:55 looking for the camera right now, we will be right back. i know many of you are waiting for your on a plane or covid-19 payments, so i asked the edd what's going on, why
6:56 am
can't our viewers get their money? >> there is a number of different things that could impact someone's eligibility. >> 7 on your side got your emails, hundreds of emails, all about the edd, and you deserve better. that is why i promise to keep
6:57 am
6:58 am
it is 6:58. if you are just joining these are the seven things to know this morning. from a number one, could enter the orange deer today. officials are excited to announce sonoma county will advance. we could also be learning new details about a new green tier and as soon as today. number two, lawsuit is exhibited to be an estimate against the city of danville. comes after a police officer shot and killed tyrell wilson last month. his family's attorney said wilson was homeless and get the front. >> number three, san francisco school board could reverse its decision to rename 44 schools today in january, the board moved forward with a plan to change school names associated
6:59 am
with slavery, colonization, and other forms of racial oppression. number four, the oakland coliseum vaccination site is expected to stay open past sunday. that is when it was initially scheduled to close. fema now in talks with the states on how to hand over control to alameda county. number five, check out the blanket of clouds over the bay and the beat full sun rise above it. temperatures today, about 5 to 9 degrees warmer than yesterday, back into the 60s to near 70 for most of us. and number six, traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up toward the foot of the maze, due to earlier police activity on the upper deck. expect about a 10 to 15 minute wait to the pole toll plaza. number seven, super bowl mvp and san mateo native tom brady finally got to visit disney world two months after his big win. he's out by star wars galaxies edge. you can see he then had an encounter with chewbacca, built his own light saber and wrote the two main attractions. disney is the parent company of
7:00 am
abc7. and i the only one here who has written those rights? >> i think so. >> mike, you have too? >> you went good morning, america. the baylor bears are dancing this morning. gonzaga goes down. in a historymaking march madness finale the bears shut down the bulldogs' undefeated season winning the school's first ncaa championship ever. sending fans into a frenzy. the baylor coach cuts down the nets. >> we're bringing it home, baylor. we're bringing it home. >> this morning, baylor's superstar and the tournament's most outstanding player, jared butler, joins us live. the derek chauvin trial. the minneapolis police chief taking a stand. >> it is contrary to our training to indefinitely place


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